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Taken to meet an older man in a toilet block and sold for sex
PLEASE don’t complain about my typo’s and grammar this is a porn story site not a university site.
I hope you enjoy the stories.

By now I’d been used about 10 times by my ‘friend ‘from across the road and I was getting to like the attention he was giving me. I liked being touched and even more I liked when he put ‘it’ in me it made me feel ‘funny ‘but nice all over. This particular day I went over to his house. His parents would be out in the cemetery doing gardening.
He pulled me into the kitchen and sat on the edge of the table and pulled me to him. We started kissing as we’d done for a long time now and looking back I know now it turned me on and so did he. It was another thing he played on without me knowing.

He knew my weakness even at that young age. He slid his hand down the back of my shorts and his finger soon found my tight bum hole. I started groaning and his tongue nearly came out of my ear he was kissing me so hard. Still kissing I groaned inside his mouth as the hand moved to the front and started playing my penis that was hard. He rubbed it for a few minutes and I was squirming around.
“Take your pants off” he commanded which I did without question.

Taking me in his hand again he said to me “this is called being horny or aroused and boys get like this when they want more sex…do you want sex”. I nodded my head thinking he was going to put it in me.
“Take my pants off as well”. I quickly pulled then down of course he was bone hard. I went to touch him but he grabbed my hand.

“Stand with both feet on the chairs next to me” he’d moved the chairs to the table next to him before I got there. I stood on them and my penis was near his face but he didn’t touch me…I was ‘horny ‘.
I looked down and his penis was pointing to my bottom I was shaking thinking he was going to as he called it ‘service ‘me. He grabbed my bum cheeks and told me to sit down but as I did he quickly reached down and pushed his cock under my balls.
With my arms around his neck and him clutching my bum cheeks I started moving up and down and basically fucking the upper side of his shaft.

I started groaning because the shaft was so hard it was rubbing against my tight bum hole as I bucked on him. Within a few minutes I remember having a feeling I’d not had before.
“IAN…something’s happening” and I started grinding my hips faster.
Ian moved his position and grabbed his cock. I was pushed back and I felt his cock at my bum hole. He dropped me down and the head of that cock just slid past my bum muscles and parted me.

“OHHHH SHIT” I shouted as I felt warm fluids around my balls and belly and when I looked down I saw juices running out of my penis.
Ian was still inside me and he was grunting and groaning. He had a tight grip on my thighs and because I was only half his size he easily lifted me up and dropped me down quickly many times.
“FUCKKKKK BITCHHHHH” he called out this time as I sat on his cock.
He jerked a few more times and I felt that feeling of his warm juice spurting inside my bum.

My whole body was tingling, my balls were aching nicely and I looked to see white stuff coming out of me.
He had sat back on the table edge and was still up my bum.
“JESUS Barry…you just had a man orgasm and that’s man juice or its real name is semen or spunk” looking down. “How does my cock feel inside you right now” he asked.
“It feels great why”.
“That’s because you have the entire length of my cock in your bum”.

I sat on top of him feeling the length and then I dawned on me I did have his full length deep inside my bum hole.
“CHRIST Barry I’ve never felt ANYTHING as tight as your asshole”.
He’s used a new word now.
“From now on it’s not penis it’s cock and it’s not bum hole it’s ass or asshole….you’re not a boy anymore”.
“AND this is called fucking… nothing else…I’m fucking you’re asshole”.
“IAN”I mumbled then kissed him.
“I want more”.
“OH SHIT I think I’ve unleashed something”.
“Get dressed we have to go and meet a good friend of mine he’s much older than me but my best friend”.

THIS is the story of how I came to meet the man that was the Sea Cadets commander in Liverpool back home, I’ll call him Michael. After Ian had me at home and I’d had my first man orgasm as he put it we got dressed and he drove me to a toilet block near the beach. I was to learn that toilet blocks were to become part of my life back then.
Ian took me for a long walk and we ended up at a toilet block near a disused estate where I’d never been before.

We walked to the back of the toilets and into the shower area and I saw an older man sitting on a bench. He waved at us and Ian waved back. We stood next to him and Ian told him my name was Barry. I was pushed closer and the old man put his hands on my waist but it didn’t worry me. I remember at the time I was wearing football shorts and a t shirt that Ian had bought for me.
“What does he like” the older man asked quietly.
“He’s just had his first man cum this morning so he’s pretty happy about that” and the old man looked at me and smiled.
“He lOVES his bottom being played with and licked” again he looked at me and this time his grin was huge. I felt the hand on my waist move to my bottom and start playing with it.
“AND he absolutely loves sitting on top of a hard cock” the hand had moved under my shorts and was openly fondling me.

To this day I remember another man walk past and rub himself as he watched the old man groping my bum.
“MMMM “I moaned to myself well as quietly as I could as a finger pushed against my bum hole through my shorts.
“You can see he likes it” Ian told the old man and nodded to my shorts…I was getting hard.
“I’ll take him”…I will never forget that statement. Leaving go of me he pulled his wallet out and took some money and handed it to Ian.

“1 hour and I’ll be back” and it was then I understood that Ian was leaving me with him.
As Ian left the old man stood up and took my hand. He was so tall I only came to his chest.
He pulled me into a large room and pushed the door closed but didn’t lock it.
He sat on a bench and pulled me between his knees and said “HELLO LITTLE BOY” more words I’ll never forget but didn’t understand the meaning for a long time.
“My name is Michael but you can call me Mike or Uncle if you like…I prefer Uncle”.
“OK Uncle” I wasn’t scared…if Ian had left me here it must be OK.
“Can you kiss your uncle” and he pulled me to him, his hands groping around my bum but not touching them, he just wrapped them around my lower body.

I put my hands on his shoulders and we started kissing he was making funny noises and his tongue kept going in and out of my mouth like when Ian kisses me so I was used to it.
As we kissed I started getting ‘horny ‘as Ian calls it. His hands moved down my legs and slid under my footy shorts and squeezed and played with my bum he was breathing very hard now. He stopped kissing me and looked down at my shorts. I felt them being pulled down and soon they were around my knees.

“OOOOHHHH MYYYY… are you always this hard so fast”.
“Sometimes I can stay hard for a long time” I told the old man and he groaned.
“How big are you”.
“Ian tells me I’m 4 inches” and felt his hand circling my small cock.
“Take those shorts off and stand on the bench in front of me” so I stood up after I dropped my shorts on the floor I felt totally at ease not knowing it was wrong.

I stood there and put my hands behind me on the wall my cock was right in front of him.
“OOOOHHHHH” moaning as he licked my balls then moved his tongue up my shaft and then slipped his mouth over me and started sucking gently.
As he sucked me he pushed my t shirt up as far as he could, I lifted it and dropped it on the floor I was now naked and from an early age I liked being naked I liked the feeling of no clothes.
“Take uncles shirt off” he ordered.
After it hit the floor with my shorts we heard a noise behind us and a man had moved in and closed the door he and stood against it he was rubbing his shorts.

“Stand down” and I stood in front of my Uncle’ who stood up and whispered “Take my pants off”. I unbuckled his trousers and let them fall to the floor. Next I pulled his underpants away from his body.
“He’s big” I said looking at a thick hard cock standing there”.
“Believe me…you’re going to enjoy it and I promise I won’t hurt you”.

Trousers and underpants gone he was naked from the waist down and I heard moaning from behind me.
Sitting down and leaning back uncle’s cock stood fully upright. He took my shoulder and dragged me down to my knees. I knew what was expected so I wrapped my hands around him and started rubbing them up and down the shaft.

“OHHHH GOD BOY” he moaned as he closed his eyes. I wanted it in my mouth so without being asked I lowered my mouth on him.
“HHHHHHHHUUUUUU…YESSSSS god boy you didn’t even have to be asked to suck my cock” I bobbed my head up and down and licked like I’d been taught by Ian.
“OOOOWWWW better stop before I cum” and he pulled me to my feet and dragged me to his body and kissed me again. I felt his hardness touching under my balls and I moved them around over his cock head.

“You want to sit on me…you want my cock inside you’re bum” he asked me, I was slightly red faced.
“UH HU”I moaned simply.
Turning me to face away from him he forced me over bent in half. He moved his body pulled my bum cheeks apart and started licking my asshole “FUCKKKKKKKKK”I called out as his tongue pushed hard against the muscle and parted it.

“BADDDDD BOY” he groaned out loud and turned me back to him. He reached over and took a tube from a small bag and told me “rub some on your bum then on my cock”.
“Can I rub it in him please” the man behind us asked.
“If you want” Uncle replied.
He walked over and I saw his cock straight up and bouncing as he walked he’s taken it out of his long pants.
“Bend over” I was instructed by the new man so I bent over facing Uncle who started kissing me.
“OOOOHHHHH SHITTTTTTT that’s nice “I moaned as he rubbed it on my bum hole and slipped two fingers inside.

“CHRIST I’d love to have a go at this” he grunted.
“It’ll cost you two pounds” my uncle told him “but not until after me I’m not into second helpings”. I watched yet another man opening his wallet and handing over money to have sex with me.

As I bent over and had the gel rubbed into my bum I took the cock under me and massaged it.

“You certainly like sex young boy” and groaned.
I was pushed forward slightly and his fingers started playing with my anus “OOOOOHHH UNCLE”.
“CHRIST HE’S HOT” the other man whispered as he stripped naked.

He was holding his hard on and shaking it me. I looked at uncle and he gave me a kiss.
Turning around to face Uncle I trapped his erection between my bum and his stomach.
I moved my hips and my bum hole slid over the tip of his cock.
Gripping my hips harder he moaned out loud “dear god you’re a natural”.

I rested my hand on his thighs and began moving my bum up and down the full length of his cock.
I was moaning and he was groaning and I turned to him after a few minutes and told him “Uncle I have a funny feeling”.
“You’re horny and you need my cock inside you”.

He gripped his shaft and I moved back this time my hole made contact with his thick head.
“Just rub it until you want more”. I moved my bum in circles and I felt the muscles in my bum clenching and relaxing.

“Fuck this I have to watch” and the man masturbating in front of me lay on the floor with his head under the two of us still rubbing himself.
“I WANT ITTTTTTT”I groaned and pressed hard against the tip “FUCKKKKKKKK”I screamed as the thickest cock yet parted my asshole muscle.
I stopped and panted and uncle told me to deep breathe the same as Ian had told me. I took deep breaths and the feeling got better.

Suddenly the door opened and another man walked in but at that moment I didn’t care.
“UNCLEEEEEEE”I screamed as he pulled my hips sliding me down his thick shaft.
I sat there gasping and shaking taking in the feeling but before I could think one of the men stood over the one on the floor and took his erection out and shoved it in my mouth.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKINGGGG HELLLLL” I’d learnt to swear from the men that had abused me.
“SHIT she likes cock” the one who had his hard cock in my mouth groaned.
I’d never been called she before.
I was turned around quickly by Uncle and bent forward to lean on the bench he’d been sitting on.
“UNCLEEEEEE…slow” I pleaded as he slipped the end of his thick cock inside my bum again as he started thrusting in his balls banged hard against mine as they hung under me.
“You love being fucked” but I think everyone in the room knew was right.
“FUCKKKKKK I’m going to cum” my uncle called out.

“Don’t forget I’m next” said the man who paid him 2 pounds.
Uncle thrust hard and shot his semen inside; he stayed there for a minute then pulled out.
“Put her over the end of the bench it’s a good height” one man said.

I was pulled by the hand and bent over the edge of the bench “SHITTTTTT” screaming as another cock slid all the way inside me but it was a bit thinner than the one just pulled out.
Someone was on the floor with my cock in their hand “look how fucking hard she is most men go limp when a cock goes in”.

I was being bashed against the hard surface of the bench by the man fucking me and because it was smaller than uncles and he was going harder and faster.
I was enjoying the feeling around my bum and started groaning “She fucking loves the whore” and he just started thumping my bum with his belly I had feeling in my cock like I had when I was getting done by Ian at home.
Suddenly he stopped and groaned and I felt his penis inside me throbbing then the familiar feeling of his hot ‘cum ‘squirting inside me.

” Her cocks running I think she wants to cum” the man inside me told the group.
“Not before I get my turn said another. Yet another rammed inside and took his turn. He soon blew inside me and when he pulled out I fell on the floor.
“Look his she-man cock is dripping” and he fell to the floor and started sucking it like nobody had before it was amazing.

Another man was standing over my head and masturbating I don’t know where he came from he didn’t take long before he let out a loud grunt and I felt hot man’s cum hitting my face and chest. I looked up to see his semen dripping out in a long strand and falling onto my chest.
“AAGGGHHHHH”I called and grabbed the man’s head sucking me.
“She’s cumming” and I bucked against his mouth this was the first time somebody had sucked me off until I orgasmed. I blew hard and I made all kinds of noises and he swallowed everything I shot out.

After they all finished they simply dressed and left Uncle and I alone.
He helped me dress and as I’d been busy he’d also dressed as he watched me getting abused.
Then he asked me have you heard of the sea cadets….I’m the Officer in charge down at the docks.
I told him I’d heard of them and he asked if I was interested in joining and I remember thinking about boats and me as the captain in charge that still remains in my mind even 40 years later.

We walked out hand in hand and the man that had left me was outside smoking.

“He was beyond expectations “Michael told him “and I know dozens of men that will gladly pay for his services” and smiled then bent down and kissed me tenderly on the mouth.
“He wants to join the cadets” and Ian told him he would arrange it with my mum

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My wife loves kissing me with cum in her mouth and I love kissing her with my own cum or anothers cum after she just finished sucking one off.

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