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The story I am going to tell happen when I was 14. My name is Jack and I was living and working on my parents farm. When you live on a farm you have to work and in most cases work hard. You do everything from ploughing fields to cleaning stalls and the work seems endless. The only time you get a break is when it rains, and that’s what happened this day.

Jerry a friend had come over to the farm to visit and help me feed the stock which was the only job that had to be done on a rainy day. When we finished we went up in the hay mow to talk about things that we were doing or what was happening around the area.

We were not there very long when we hear a hello and looking down we see a girl looking up at us. She asks “Can I come up there.” I said “Sure but you have to get up here by yourself.” She did not hesitate and started climbing the ladder just like a tomboy. When she got up to where we were, we could see her hair and blouse was wet.

Her blouse was tied under her breasts and you could see her nipples showing in the wet material. Her belly was bare and she was wearing short shorts that were very tight on her.

“Hi guys my name is Jenny and I am staying with my uncle Jake down the road. I am babysitting his kids for the summer and I heard there was a young guy over here. I guess I am in luck as I find two of you. The kids went to visit their aunt Molly and I had nothing to do this afternoon.”

I could tell she was older than us by three or four years and she stood at least three inches taller. I said “Hello Jenny my name is Jack and this is my friend Jerry and we were just hanging out with nothing to do because of the rain.”

“Well boys there are lots of things to do on a rainy day and most of it is a lot of fun.”

What she said intrigued me so I asked her what she had in mind. “Well there are lots of things to play like train or garage.” I said “I don’t know how to play train or garage how do you play them?”

“Why silly its easy to play train or garage, you just come over here and take off my shorts get me naked and then you run your train in my tunnel or park your car in my garage. Of course we could play hide the salami its one of my favourites.”

Well I could not believe what I just heard, this girl wanted us to fuck her. Any girl I was to ask for a fuck would slap my face, but she said it as if asking to go for a ride in a car. At first I thought she was putting us on, until she says, “Come on boys help me get my clothes off.”

Jerry looked at me and then walked over to where she sat on a bale of hay, she turned sideways so he could get at the button and zipper on the side of her shorts. When he had them undone she stood up and said “Pull them down and look at this hot pussy.”

I was still in shock of what was taking place in front of my eyes but Jerry pulled down her shorts and her pussy came into sight. She had only a little hair on it and it seemed to be shaped like a heart. I said is your hair normal. “No silly I shave it myself to make the heart shape on my pussy.” “Oh I did not know girls shaved their pussies, and I was wondering how old you are?” “I am sixteen and will be seventeen next month.”

Then she unties the knot on her blouse and takes it off. Wow I have never seen a girls tits in person, although I have seen lots of naked girls on the internet. She says “Come on boys lets get your clothes off and have some fun.” “Wait I will go down and get a blanket from the tack room, the hay can be scratchy.” After laying out the blanket me and Jerry strip off our clothes, and we get on the blanket with her.

I have no idea what to do next and I think Jerry is the same way, so I said “What do we do now I don’t have any experience in having sex.” “You too Jerry, both of you have never fucked a girl. I can’t believe I get to do two virgins, this is a first for me.” Then she says “Well I think you two should come up here and kiss me and lick and suck on my tits, and get me hot and my pussy nice and wet so we can have a good fuck.” She laid back on the blanket and Jerry started to kiss and suck on her tits and I moved up and kissed her lips which were very passionate and soon turned to French kissing.

After a few minutes of that, she told me to come closer as she wanted to suck my cock. The second my cock got in range she closed her mouth over it. I could not believe the sensations in felt of having my cock sucked. Playing with myself did not even come close to the feelings she was giving me. She was sucking on my cock like there was no tomorrow. I could tell it was not something she had to do but something she loved to do like a drug addict needing drugs. She was eating on my cock and grunting and moaning like she could not get enough of it. I had to push her away or I would have cum down her throat..

My cock was as hard as rock and if she wanted to fuck I was ready to do it. Meanwhile Jerry moved up so she could suck on him and I moved between her legs and lifting them up put my cock at her cunt hole and with a big shove buried myself in her to the balls. She was hot, wet and nice and tight, I started to fuck her slow. I wanted to feel all the sensations of being inside a soft, hot and wet pussy. I could feel a climax building and I started to move faster. She was moaning around Jerry’s cock as I gave it to her hard and fast. My orgasm was building and I knew I would not last long and with a groan I pushed myself into her all the way. Holding still I pulsed my cum into her tight hole. Exhausted I pulled myself out of her pussy and rolled unto my back to catch my breath.

Jerry pulled his cock out of her mouth and moved between her legs saying “I need some of that pussy too,” and immediately pushed himself into her. He did not go slow like I did but moved into high gear right from the start. They were both moaning and her arms went around him and was kissing him. She was fucking up to his down strokes. Then she said “Yeah oh yeah fuck my cunt I need it bad” and she started to moan and her body tighten and she made two of three hard pushes up to Jerry’s cock and yelled “I am coming” and her legs were trashing and her arms were pulling on him. She went real stiff and then dropped down still.

Jerry was still fucking her then moaned and said he was coming. Pushed himself into her as far as he could go and started to spasm, pumping her full of his cum. He pulled out of her and sat back on the blanket. Looking at Jenny he said “Girl you were right you can have a lot of fun on a rainy day, but that was the most fun I have ever had.” I nodded as Jerry looked at me, we both smiled and knew we were not through with this young hot girl yet.

Exhaustion slowly left us as we all sat on the blanket. I looked between Jenny’s legs as she lay on her back and I could see cum running out of her pussy. The sight of it started to get my cock hard again. Jenny looked over at us and said “I hope you guys don’t think you are finished, I need at least another round like that.”

She pushed herself up in a sitting position and said “If you are not ready to go again I can give you another suck to get you hard again.” With that she reached forward and took hold of our cocks, one in each hand. She started to jack our cocks and mentioned what nice cocks we had. As she jacked us she leaned forward and sucked on one of our cocks. Then she would switch after a few seconds and suck the other cock. In no time she had us nice, hard and horny all ready to fuck again.

Turning to Jerry she said “I love to fuck doggy and you can have first go at me in that position.” She told me to move up a bit and got on her hands and knees. She moved over to me and told Jerry to get behind her and to put his cock in her. You did not have to tell him twice, he was behind her in a flash. His cock was sticking straight out from his crotch and he was ready to fuck.

With one push he buried himself in her cunt, and she let out a grunt from the fast insertion. She said “Oh yeah baby fuck the shit out of me.” Then she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me. There was a wild time going on up in that hay mow that afternoon. A half hour later Jerry pumped his cum into her hot pussy and I emptied mine into her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

We rested for a bit and then I fucked her doggy and Jerry got sucked off. An hour later she got dressed and said we had done her real good. She asked if we would like to fuck her again sometime. Jerry said he would and gave her his phone number and said call him anytime. I said I was always around and free in the evening. Just drop around anytime she felt the need and I would take care of her.


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I wish my guy cousins touched me.. Instead it was my older f cousin.. Finger me first n went to licking my Lil mound.


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Ouhhh yum, made my pussy wet.. I'm new here.. Horny secret slutty wife.. Shhhhh I love these stories..


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My second girlfriend was the first one interested in sex. She was a just turned 12 yo farm girl. I was 14. We spent a lot of time in a fort we built from hay bales in the hay loft. She was just starting to get her tits and said it hurt for me to touch them but I could do anything I wanted with her pussy. She had learned by watching all the different animals on the farm and she knew more than I did then. Hi Karen.

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My first girlfriend was a 13 yo farmgirl. She knew more about sex than me even though I was two years older because she watched the farm animals fucking. We spent a lot of time up in the hay loft. We arranged the bales to make a private little room for ourselves to go and play. Fond memories!

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