I was pretty busy for next few days and did not see Jenny. It was in the evening after supper, I was sitting outdoors just enjoying the night. I look up and see Jenny coming down the road from her uncle’s house. I said hi why don’t you sit down. She asked it I was angry at her. I told her no I was just real busy the last few days. “You said if I had a need to just stop by in the evening and you would take care of it. I was wondering if the blanket is still up in the hay mow.” I said “No but we can take it up with us.”

Ten minutes later we were up in the hay mow. Jenny was stripping off her clothes and I was taking off mine. Soon we were kissing and feeling each other up and I laid her down and got between her legs feeding my cock into her hot pussy. It felt good being back inside her and I started to fuck her with nice steady strokes. She was moaning and saying I felt real good fucking her cunt. I fucked her faster burying myself I her full length with each stroke. I felt Jenny start to cum and she pushed her pussy up to me as her climax came. I continued to fuck her until my cum pumped into her fuck hole.

I rolled onto my back resting and trying to get my breath back. I said “How long have you been doing this? You look and act like you are really into it. I am curious to know how you got started.”

“Yeah I really like to fuck. From the first time I did it I knew I would always want to have a cock in me. It gives me a feeling like being charged with electricity and when I cum its like and explosion of beautiful feelings. I absolutely love a cock stroking my pussy. It’s the best feeling ever. Do you really want to know how I started to have sex?” “I would love to hear you story” was my reply.

“Well I was eleven when my mother left us and ran off with another man. My brother Jack was fifteen when it happened. My dad , brother and I seemed to survive without her. I know it hurt my dad real bad when it happened. You could easily see he was very unhappy and moody. My brother and I were very upset by it all but there was nothing we could do about it. In time we seemed to adjust to it.”

“It was just before I turned twelve I came across dad’s stash of adult magazines and I looked at all the pictures and read all the stories. This got me interested in sex and I wanted to know more. I went on the internet and watched all kinds of sex. I watched people doing it and having all kinds of fun. After seeing people doing it I got a hunger to try it myself, but did not know how to start. It all happened by accident. One day I was reading one of dad’s magazines and fingering my pussy when my brother walked in.”

Jack made a noise and that’s when I saw him looking at me. I tried to cover up and hide the magazine. Jack just said “What do you have there and what are you doing.” “I was not doing anything,” was my reply. He put his hand out and I handed him the magazine. “Looks like its one of dad’s and you were definitely doing something. It looked pretty good from what I could see. Why don’t you show me what you were doing.”

When I said no, Jack just reached down and lifted up my dress and put his hand on my pussy. “It was something like this” said Jack. I tried to move his hand but he started to rub my clit. I just froze as a wave of nice feelings washed over me. Jack just continued to work on me as I lay there with my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes I could see Jack looking at me in a strange way. “Gee sis I thought I would grab a feel to embarrass you I did not think you would love me doing you.” “I liked it a lot and will you do me some more,” was my reply. Jack just smiled and said if I loved being rubbed I would really love being licked.

I had seen some pictures in the mags of women having their pussy licked and sucked. I pretended that I did not know what he was talking about and asked what he meant. Jack said “we could take your panties off and I will get between your legs and lick and suck on your pussy. You will really have some wonderful sensations when I do that.”

“Ok lets do that” was my reply. Jack immediately lifts up my dress and pulls down my panties. He says I have a very pretty pussy and gets down between my legs and starts to kiss and lick the inside of my legs. He works his way up to my pussy and then he puts his whole mouth over it and I feel him moving his tongue in and out of my pussy. He starts to move his head up and down as he sucks and licks my slit.

If I thought his fingers felt good it was nothing compared to his mouth on my pussy. The feelings were out of this world and I was moaning as he continued to suck me. I also could feel his hands holding onto my ass cheeks. The feelings became so intense I began to lift up my ass to his mouth. After about fifteen minutes the sensations became so intense that I thought I was going to pee myself . But instead I felt a half dozen spasms happen and then I went limp.

My brother stopped licking me and said “you sure had a good cum there sis. I guess I did a good job on you.” My reply was that he had made me feel wonderful. He said maybe I should do him. Then he began to take off his pants. When he pulled his underwear down his cock came into view. The ones I had seen in the magazines looked bigger but his was about five of six inches long. Even though it was not as big it still looked pretty big.

He kept taking off the rest of his clothes and when he was completely bare he climbed up on the bed and laid down. His cock was sticking straight up. He said “come on sis give it a lick and a good suck and do me till I have a cum.”

I thought fair is fair he did do me and I had a really nice climax. So I moved up on the bed beside his and bent down and took his cock in my hand. It felt very warm and hard and the skin seemed to slip as I moved my hand up and down. I stuck out my tongue and took a lick. It tasted a little salty and smelled of pee. I licked it a few times and then decided to take it in my mouth and suck it. The smell seemed to go away and I started to suck it in earnest. I liked the feel of it in my mouth and was happy to suck on it. Jack was making all kinds of sounds and then said “oh I’m going to come, swallow it all down sis.”

With that remark he pushed his body up at my mouth grabbed my head to hold me on his cock. I felt his cock start to pulse and then warm liquid started to squirt into my mouth. It didn’t taste like pee so I swallowed it like my brother said. The taste was a little salty, and it was slippery but I liked how it tasted and how it felt going into my mouth. I kept on sucking his cock even after he finished coming to get all of his juice.

After a couple of minutes he pushed me off of his cock. He said I sure could give good head. I lay down beside my brother on the bed. He said “girl if you liked that I’m sure you would like to fuck. I have done it once with another girl and if you want to I could show you how.”

I had seen men and women fucking on the internet and was interested in wanting to try it but I didn’t think even my brothers smaller cock would fit in my pussy. And if he did get it in it would really hurt. I told my brother my concerns about it. He said the girl he had done before wasn’t much bigger than me and she took him with no trouble. But he said there is a little pain the first time a girl gets her cherry busted no matter how old.

I liked the idea of having my brother fuck my pussy but was still scared of the size hurting me. I told my brother I would try it but if it hurt to much he would stop. He promised to stop it I told him too.

I still had my dress on and my brother told me to take it off. When I was nude he had me lay down on the bed again. He said the last time he had done this the girl was not wet enough and it had hurt him to go into her pussy. He said to lay there and he would find something slippery to make his cock go into me easy. He came back with a jar of petroleum jelly and said this will work. He put some in my pussy but before he put any on his cock he told me to suck on him again to get his cock hard so he could fuck.

He moved up to my head and I took hold of his soft cock and put it in my mouth. I didn’t bother to lick it and went to sucking on it right away. It only took a few seconds and I could feel it start to get hard. When it was hard he told me to stop and he put some jelly on it. Then he got up on the bed and between my legs. He looked at me and asked it I was ready. I just nodded and felt him move his cock into my pussy lips. He moved his cock up and down and sideways a few times till he found my opening. Then he pushed forward and I felt the head of his cock go into my pussy.

I felt a little discomfort as nothing had ever filled my pussy as big as my brother cock. He had only gone into my pussy about an inch and commented about how tight I was. He asked if it hurt and when I said no he said he would push more cock in me. His next push put more cock in me and I felt it come against something inside.

My brother told me he was at my cherry and the next push would hurt as he went through. He asked if I was ready for that. When I said ok he took hold of my ass and pulled me to him at the same time pushing his cock into my cunt. I felt his cock tear something inside me and then the pain hit. It really hurt and I told my brother to stop and take it out. He stopped but did not move. He said the pain would stop in a minute and when it did to tell him and he would start to fuck me.

A minute passed and slowly the pain let up and when I told my brother it was easing up he move his cock back out of my pussy. He was still inside me when he pushed himself back inside. With his next push he said he was all the way in. He did not stop moving and continued to pull and push himself in and out of my pussy. He kept telling me how nice and tight my pussy felt and that I was a really good fuck.

The pain was just about all gone and my brother was pumping me faster. I could feel good sensations building in me and was pushing my cunt up to my brother down strokes. My brother said he was going to come and his strokes got faster and faster. He pushed and held himself still as spasms started in his cock. I could feel his cum shooting in me and then my climax hit and I started to spasm. The feeling was very intense and a lot stronger then when he used his mouth on me.

We laid locked together and let our breathing return to normal. Slowly my brother lifted his weight up off me and slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy. He said “you are a great fuck sis and I will be fucking you from now on.” I said “you better believe it brother, I want that cock in me every chance we get.”

We laid there resting and talking. Then my brother turned to me and started to kiss me. The feeling I felt from the kiss were amazing and then he pushed his tongue into my mouth and I returned mine to his. When the kiss ended he smiled at me and said “I think I have one more fuck in me how about it.” I just smiled as he moved between my legs and his cock found its way into me.

Jenny smiled at me as she finished telling me the story. She looked down at my erect cock and said “I think maybe you have one more fuck in you and would you like to give it to me.” I smiled as I moved over and into her cunt. She just sighed as I went all the way in and started fucking.

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