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I did not write this. Thickwil from John Persons did


The computer screen flickered to life with the image of a blazing sun. A small caption appeared in the lower left corner of the screen: “The Wrecker (EXPLICIT) / Artist: Black Phallus / Label: E&I Records”.

There is no music at first, just the occasional pluck of a lonely guitar string. The picture whites-out then refocuses on a road in the desert. A car drives down the road, smoke wafting from under its hood. Finally, the car’s engine sputters and it pulls off to the side of the road. The camera angle cuts to the interior of the car, showing a white family. A dorky white dad is driving the car with his beautiful white wife sitting at his side. Sitting in the back seat, reading a college orientation brochure, is their pretty white daughter. The daughter is wearing daisy dukes and a bikini top, and listening to her MP3 player. An aggressive rap beat can be faintly heard on the girl’s earbuds. The girl looks up from her brochure and sees that their car is pulling of to the side of the road and she rolls her eyes. The wife doesn’t look happy either.

The husband gets out of the car and opens the hood. Vultures circle overhead as the sun continues to blaze. He looks at the engine, panicked, scratching his head. He reaches for the radiator cap and burns his hand from the heat. The daughter sees her father shaking his hand and prancing around the front of the car. Again, the high school graduate rolls her eyes, but then she looks down at her MP3 player, then at her cell phone. She picks up her cell phone and starts entering a phone number.

The camera cuts to mom, fidgeting in the front seat, watching her husband, seemingly concerned for his injury. Suddenly, the daughter’s hand taps mom’s shoulder and then hands mom the cell. Mom looks at the phone and sees “THE WRECKER” on its screen. She looks at the daughter, a bit alarmed, and shakes her head. The daughter tilts her head at and nods toward her father. The mom sees him still prancing around in front of the car like a dope, then turns back to the daughter. The daughter shakes her head and again offers mom the phone. Mom takes the phone and puts it to her ear.

Cut to the blazing sun and circling vultures again. The family now has all the car doors open, and are all sweating. The husband has stripped off his jacket and shirt, revealing a thin-but-flabby, pasty-white frame. The wife sits beside him, several blouse buttons undone, and fans herself with a magazine. The hood of the car is down now, and the daughter is lying back on it, on a towel, boldly sunning herself in her bikini top and daisy dukes. A large pick-up truck with a winch drives up beside the family and parks in front of their car. Cut to the pick-up’s cab door, labeled “WHITE KUNTZ WRECKING”. The door opens and a large black mechanic gets out. The music for the video finally starts properly now, a heavy aggressive rap beat, the same one barely heard on the daughter’s earbuds earlier in the scene. The black mechanic is tall and very muscular, wearing some loose fitting jeans and a tight tee. The daughter watches him walk toward the family car and smiles. Daughter slowly rolls off the car hood as her father and mother get out of the car to greet the mechanic. The husband opens the hood and tries to examine the engine again, but the towering black mechanic gently pushes him aside, taking his place in front of the car.

The mechanic glances over at the daughter, who is leaning over the engine, pretending to be interested, her arms stretched over her head, clutching the car’s hood and showing off her lithe, scantily clad body. The stud smiles, then looks over at the pretty brunette mother, her blouse still unbuttoned revealing her inner cleavage of her ample breasts and her bikini top. The mother suddenly realizes how much skin she’s revealing and turns away, blushing from embarrassment. She begins to button up her blouse, but then glances over her shoulder at the mechanic and bites her lower lip. She shrugs and rather than re-buttoning her blouse, she choses to lift the bottom hem of the blouse up, tying the front bottom of her blouse together, revealing her own flat midriff. The mechanic looks back at the daughter, admiring the curve of her tight little ass in her denim short-shorts. The camera slowly rises up the girl’s tiny shorts, over her flat tan belly, her firm sweaty breasts, pouting lips, and ice blue eyes. The stud makes eye contact with the girl, making sure she watches as he pulls the dipstick out of the engine and checks the oil, running a rag up and down the length of the stick. Mom turns back around and sees this too, her ample cleavage enhanced by the way she has tied her blouse together. Once the mechanic is satisfied with the oil reading, and that he has the mother and daughter’s attention, returns the dipstick to the engine, making sure to make a couple of extra suggestive thrusts as he drives it home. The mother gasps. The daughter giggles. Dad is woefully oblivious to all of this.

The rap beat continues as the lyrics are faintly heard. The sound quality on the video is poor, but lyrics can be made out:

“When he can’t get yo’ motor runnin’
Cause his ride is old and busted,

The mechanic looks over at the mother and daughter again, then down at the radiator cap. Flexing his powerful black arms, he pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his dark, powerful torso, rippling with muscles. Mom’s big blue eyes widen. Daughter licks her lips, ever so slightly. Wrapping the tee around his hand, the mechanic takes the cap off the radiator. The husband looks down at the mechanic’s pocket and sees the pair of gloves he COULD have used to open the radiator cap. Hubby scratches his head.

The mechanic looks the engine over and shakes his head, then walks to the back of his truck and begins to operate his hook and winch. The mechanic bends down and attaches the hook to the bumper of the car. His muscles flex, the sweat making his black skin shine in the sunlight. He returns to the cab and activates the winch. The car lifts a couple of inches, but hook comes loose, dropping the car to the road. The mechanic walks back over to the car and looks at the hook. He looks back up at the wife and daughter who are watching him with wide eyes and rapt attention. He smiles, then begins to unbutton his belt. With one swift motion, he yanks the belt from his pants and whipping it into the air, making a *CRACK* sound. The husband jumps in fright and covers his head for protection. As this happens, the camera angle changes to show the black mechanic in the foreground facing away from the camera and toward the wife and daughter who are standing in the background looking at him. As the mechanic violently yanks his belt off, his baggy pants fall down a few inches, just enough so that any viewer of the music video would know that he is wearing no underpants… then they fall down a bit more. The camera cuts to the wife and daughter, eyes wide, jaws dropped… obviously seeing the mechanic’s cock. The camera returns to the previous camera angle within a second, and the mechanic is pulling up his pants. The husband, still cowering from the belt’s noise, has missed all of this. The lyrics continue:

“When yo’ engine’s overheated
‘cause you been mistreated

The mechanic bends down, wrapping is leather belt around the hook and bumper, apparently securing the connection… at least for the purposes of the music video. The mechanic activates the winch, lifting the front of the car from the road, then motions for the family to join him in the truck’s cab. The mechanic opens the passenger door for the family, helping the daughter up into the truck first. She crawls over the bench seat, showing off her ass as she does so. Then the mechanic helps the wife up, giving her round ass a little push up into the seat. Next, the husband climbs into the cab and the mechanic leaves him to take care of himself. The mechanic then walks around the front of his truck and climbs up into the driver’s seat, but as his massive black frame squeezes into the cab, it is apparent that not all four people will fit. The husband/father realizes that his eighteen-year-old daughter is eyeing the mechanic’s lap. Seeking to avoid an inappropriate situation, the husband motions for the wife to sit in his lap and make room for the daughter. The wife declines the offer, and before the husband can insist, it’s too late. The daughter hops into the mechanic’s lap, her ripe, bikini-clad breasts mere inches from the mechanic’s broad black face. The daughter turns around, facing the windshield, her back resting against the mechanic’s bare, black torso. The mechanic starts the truck and begins to drive as the white teenager squirms and giggles in his lap. The lyrics continue:

“If he ain’t got the juice to you started,
Call me for a jump and don’t be broken-hearted,

The husband and father looks ill as he watches his teenage daughter squirm in the black mechanic’s lap. The mechanic moves his head left and right, trying to see around the daughter’s head so that he can drive. The daughter continues to squirm in the mechanic’s lap, until he finally puts a muscular arm around her shoulders from behind and pulls her close, forcing her to lie back with her head resting on one of his broad black shoulders. The mechanic glances downward, getting a bird’s eye view of the teenage daughter’s ample white cleavage. The mechanic seems to have trouble steering the truck, and the husband glances into the truck’s side mirror to see his car swerving back and forth as it is towed behind the truck. He shouts something at the driver who glances in the mirror, then at the husband. The mechanic sneers briefly, then looks at the white teenager in his lap and the pretty white wife sitting next to him. A smile slowly spreads across his face. Suddenly, the mechanic slams the brakes. The girl in his lap clutches the dashboard and the driver’s arm to keep from slipping off his lap. The mechanic looks over at the husband and nods toward the family’s car, quickly making it obvious that there simply is not enough room in the cab for him to drive safely. The husband hesitates for a moment, looking at his daughter, trying to compose herself as she sits in the black stud’s lap. Clearly he is worried about what might happen if his daughter is left alone in the truck’s cab with this brooding black stranger. The husband then looks at his wife. The two parents exchange fretful looks, the husband glances again at the mechanic and his daughter, the wife following his gaze. The husband furrows his brow in worry, and the wife smiles at him, as if to tell him that she won’t let anything untoward happen to their daughter. The husband takes a deep, exaggerated breath and opens the truck door, climbing out of the cab. Before closing the door behind him, the husband pats his place on the truck’s bench seat, indicating the wife should scoot over and make room for their daughter to get out of the mechanic’s lap.

“So if you just lift up your hood,
I can fix you real good.”

As the husband gets into the family car’s driver’s seat, he can see that his wife is scooting in the truck cab, and attempting to get their daughter to move to the middle of the bench seat. The mechanic begins to drive away sits back to ride in his car. He looks ahead, seeing his wife and daughter in the large rear window of the truck cab. A worried look creeps across the husband’s face as he sees that in spite of the extra room in the cab, his daughter is still sitting in the mechanic’s lap! She is squirming around more than ever before, and the truck is swerving all over the road, giving the husband a very rough ride in the towed family car. He looks to his wife, hoping that she will intervene, and obviously she is aware of the issue. He can see that his wife, sitting at the far end of the cab’s bench seat is saying something to the mechanic. She is glancing back at the husband, then back at the mechanic and her daughter. The husband can see that his wife’s face shows distress and fear! He begins hitting his car’s horn, trying to get the truck driver’s attention. Finally, he sees his wife moving to the center of the bench and physically grasping his daughter’s arm, tugging at her, pulling her away from the driver’s lap. Suddenly, the truck swerves violently and the husband falls forward in his seat, his glasses falling to the floor of his car. He leans down, pawing for the lost spectacles, finally finding them and putting them back on his face. When the husband looks up again, he can see that his wife is freaking out about something, yelling, and waving her arms. Whatever she’s saying appears to be finally working, as he sees his daughter is not only out of the mechanic’s lap, but is climbing over her mother, and taking a seat on the far side of the truck’s cab. The husband is about to breathe a sigh of relief until he sees that his daughter is still squirming. At first, it seems as if the daughter is trying to get back into the mechanic’s lap and that his wife is trying to keep her back. The husband sees his wife looking at him from the truck’s rear window, she waves at him frantically, as if trying to signal him, but their daughter grabs her hands and forces them down, under the truck’s rear window, out of view. The husband looks at his daughter, a strange wicked smile is on her face. She is not trying to climb over her mother to get back into the mechanic’s lap... no... she is trying to push her mother closer to the mechanic. The husband watches, confused as his wife shakes her head and their daughter continues pushing her closer to the mechanic and holder her hands down. He can see that his wife is looking down at something, and their daughter is saying something to her... his wife is calming down. The wife looks at the husband again, mouthing the words “I’m sorry” just before their daughter pushes her head down, below the rear window.

“Just tell me that you want it and I’ll give you a jump
Or if you need a little more, I can take you to my PUMP
my pump… my pump…
I can make your motor purr again!”

The mechanic seems distracted by something and the truck begins to swerve violently again. The husband, worried about what is happening begins frantically blasting his car horn. He sees his daughter looking at him from the truck’s rear window. He mouths the words “WHAT IS GOING ON?” The daughter laughs and waves at her father. She then hold her hands up, palms facing one another, about a foot apart, obviously indicating that ‘something’ is big. Then she point down, indicating where her mother is, then she makes a fist and waves it in front of her mouth, making a ‘blowjob gesture’! The husband doesn’t quite understand and starts hitting the horn again and again until he sees his wife’s head pop up from below the rear window of the truck. His pretty white wife is gasping and wiping her mouth. Their daughter shoves her mother out of the way, clambering back toward the black mechanic. As the daughter does this, her father briefly glimpses her bare white ass and realizes that she has shed her shorts and panties! The father watches, mouth agape, as his daughter climbs back in front of the driver, facing him this time, and slowly lowers herself down into his lap. Again, the truck begins to swerve violently and the hubby starts blasting the horn again. Then he sees his daughter’s pink bikini top fluttering out the truck’s window then whisked away by the hot desert wind!

“I’ll fix you up, so you can go
You need a real man,
and I could use another ho

Desperately, the husband blasts the car horn yet again, trying to protest what he is helpless to stop. He sees his pretty white wife looking at him from the rear window of the truck. He shakes his head at her... ‘No!’. The wife looks back at him, her pale blue eyes full of pity... she smiles sweetly and shrugs... then nods. Suddenly, she grabs the front of her blouse and violently rips it open, revealing her ample, bra clad breasts. Like her daughter’s bikini top, the wife’s blouse flies out the window and up into the bright desert sky. Looking out the window at her husband, she lifts her ring finger up at him and slips the wedding band from her white hand, tossing it too out the window! The husband frantically, helplessly, blasts the car horn again and again as he watches his wife smile at him one last time, blowing him a kiss with one hand and waving goodbye, before reaching up to the ceiling of the truck cab and hitting a switch. With a sickening *CLUNK* the tow truck’s hook releases the family car which drops to the highway at seventy miles an hour, with a loud crash. The husband frantically steers his car to a safe stop as he watches the wrecker drive off into the distance, with his once-loving wife and daughter.


The video ended abruptly, displaying a 1-800 number and the slogan... “Call the WRECKER!”

Again, the caption appeared in the lower corner of the screen: “The Wrecker (EXPLICIT) / Artist: Black Phallus / Label: E&I Records”.

Two high school seniors turned away from the screen after watching it with such close attention.

“Oh my GOD! Wasn’t that HOT?” Lauren giggled. She was a petite but athletic 18 year-old with a golden tan, smoky green eyes, and red-auburn hair that she wore in a ponytail.

“Wow!” Becky Davenport gasped, still staring wide-eyed at the computer screen. She was the more innocent of the two girls. Like her best friend Lauren, Becky was eighteen and beautiful. She was tall, slender, with long red hair, alluring green eyes, and a light sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. “I’d know you said the video would be racy, but that was… I mean….well… explicit!”

“Explicit?” Lauren chided. “You barely saw that girl’s butt in one quick shot, I’d hardly call it explicit! Then again, I’m not some religious prude with religious prude parents!”

“Lauren, stop it!” Becky giggled! “I am not a prude!”

“You are practically AMISH!” Lauren teased. Both the girls laughed.

Becky Davenport wasn’t Amish, though her family was very religious. Becky’s father was a very conservative man who attended church meetings twice a week. Her mother was a “Born-Again” Christian. Both Becky and her older sister Sarah had been raised with conservative Christian values. They were not to dress provocatively, use foul language, enjoy ‘inappropriate entertainment’ etc. Sarah had always obeyed these rules with no problem. Becky however, was a bit rebellious and considered to be the ‘wild child’ of the family. Her parents had deep concerns about the fact that Becky had done things like worn mid-riff baring tops to high-school, occasionally broke her curfew, and went out with lots of boys.

What Becky’s parents didn’t appreciate was that Becky’s least-conservative tops covered more skin than did most of the other tops worn by her peers. Becky’s parents didn’t realize that the three times Becky had ever broken her 8pm curfew was because she actually was out studying at the library and lost track of time. They ‘hoped’ but didn’t ‘know’ that Becky had carefully guarded her virginity in spite of the number of boys who desperately tried to seduce her. Maintaining her virtue was no trivial feat for a high-school senior as pretty as Becky. Becky even wore a purity ring, a symbol of her promise to her family that she would remain a virgin until she was married. The fact was Becky Davenport wasn’t nearly as wild as her parents thought she was... save for one thing.

The one wild streak that Becky did have, secretly, was her taste in music. Becky loved rap music, and her friend Lauren had sent her some MP3’s of an ‘underground’ rap group called “Black Phallus”. The songs were good, though pretty risque. Becky began looking for more of the songs on the internet, but had some difficulty. The few links that she found for “Black Phallus” MP3s were frequently located on porn sites for some reason. This meant that the porn-blocking software that her parents had installed on Becky’s computer prevented her from making any downloads from those locations. Black Phallus CD’s seemed impossible to find in local music stores, so Becky had to make do with the MP3s that she got from her friends. Some of the girls at school were surprised that conservative Becky Davenport had become a fan of Black Phallus. She explained that while the lyrics were shocking at first, she found them amusing... and the strong rhythm and beats made her want to dance. What she didn’t mention to her curious friends was that the songs were stirring stronger urges than just dancing... and that on the rare occasions that conservative Becky Davenport ‘touched herself’ she always had to listen to a Black Phallus song to achieve the best climax. More and more, she wanted to hear their music and learn about their group... so naturally she was thrilled when her friend Lauren came over to visit, and brought a CDR of what was supposedly one of their music videos that had been leaked online.

“Are you sure this is really their video?” Becky asked. “I mean, its not just one of their songs mashed up with clips from a porno movie?”

“Of course not!” Lauren laughed. “Don’t you recognize B-Love in the video?”

“I dunno.” Becky pouted. “He was so dirty.”

“Yeah he was!” Lauren smirked, making an obvious insulation.

“No!” Becky blushed and laughed. “I meant he was grimey, oily... the whole ‘mechanic’ get up.”

Lauren laughed. “Yeah, I know dork, I was kidding. Look, it’s a legitimate video, I got it from their website. It’s the first one they ever did, and it got banned from VH1 and MTV after one showing.”

“That doesn’t surprise me!” Becky said, “I can’t believe they’d show something like this on VH1 or MTV. I mean... the whole running off with a man’s wife and daughter...”

“Wild huh?” Lauren retorted, then added quietly. “Doesn’t it make you wonder if the rumors are true...”

“What rumors...” Becky whispered, awkwardly, knowing the rumors about black men’s endowment.

“The rumors about their songs being based on actual events.” Lauren said casually. “A mom and daughter together! Can you imagine what kind of guy would pull that off! It’s so HOT!”

“Oh...” Becky said, almost disappointed that her friend wasn’t going to talk about the other rumors, before realizing what Lauren was implying about the video they’d just seen. “Oh! Ew! The mother and daughter thing?”

“Yes!” Lauren said, her eyes lighting up with excitement. “Just imagine those guys with you and your mom Becky! She’s still pretty hot for her age!”

“GROSS!” Becky squealed.

Lauren laughed. “I’m kidding! Of course it’s all just bullshit! All these rappers are like that! They talk themselves up like some kind of super pimps. Still, I’ve heard that this video is tame compared to the others they’ve done.”

“There are more?” Becky said, almost too eagerly, “Can you download them too?” Becky tried to contain her excitement, afraid that Lauren would think her interest was less than healthy. “I mean… I’d like to see them, but you know my parents’ software blocks the site.”

Lauren didn’t seem to notice Becky’s over-enthusiasm. “No, sorry, that’s the only video they have available for download. The site says they’re saving the others for that interview.”

“What interview?” Becky asked.

“WHAT INTERVIEW!!” Lauren gasped. “Becky, are you fucking kidding me? How do you not know about the interview? I thought you said your older sister works for Jessica McFarland at KNEN?”

“Yeah, she’s her personal” Becky said, her eyes widening, not fully believing what her friend was saying.

“So?!” Lauren rolled her eyes. “So Black Phallus is going to appear LIVE on KNEN and be interviewed by Jessica McFarland and she didn’t mention it?”

“OMG, they are!?” Becky’s big green eyes widened. She was stunned. “No. Sarah… Sarah didn’t tell me!”

“Oh my God, what a bitch!” Lauren hissed playfully. “I can’t believe that she knows they’re your favorite group and didn’t mention that she’d probably be meeting them! Maybe she can get their autograph for you!”

Lauren nodded towards a few photos of celebrities on Becky’s wall, all which had been autographed, including one of celebrated television journalist Jessica McFarland. Sarah’s sister occasionally met celebrities at the studio, and had gotten signed photos for her sister. Becky had even met a couple of them herself, thanks to Sarah getting her a VIP pass to the studio.

“Well…” Becky bit her lower lip. “She doesn’t really know I listen to that type of music. I doubt she’d approve. You know how religious and conservative my parents are… Sarah is almost as bad.”

“Oh my God, Becky!” Lauren whispered. “You HAVE to tell her I bet Sarah will meet them! You have to tell her you want their autographs! Maybe she can even get you into the studio and meet them! Oh my God!” Lauren gasped, breathlessly before adding, in a whisper. “That would be amazing! Do you think you could get me a VIP pass too?”

“I… I don’t know… I think my parents and Sarah would flip out if they knew I listened to Black Phallus.” Still, Becky’s mind was reeling from all she was learning from her friend, and the thought of possibly meeting Black Phallus! “Wow… I just can’t believe they’re going to be on that show! It’s supposed to be like a serious news program.”

“Yeah, I know.” Lauren explained eagerly. “They’re going to go on ‘The Whole Truth’ and talk about their music being so popular in the clubs, but like how they can’t get the exposure they need to hit it big because of racism and censorship. They say they’re anxious to go on television for a ‘live no-holds barred, exclusive interview and show America and the rest of the world what Black Phallus is all about! I read all about it on their website. I suppose your web filter blocks it?”

“Yes.” Becky pouted.

“Too bad!” Lauren sighed. “Their site says the interview will be live and uncensored, and there’s some kind of special on-demand pay-per-view kind of deal. There’s supposed to be some kind of streaming video thing on their website, probably one on KNEN’s website too, but you have to pay to see it.”

Becky frowned. Her parents didn’t let her have a credit card, and certainly wouldn’t agree to pay to access a television interview with a rap group that sang almost exclusively about sex.

Lauren continued. “The site said that Black Phallus is planning to show some of their other music videos and they’ll be uncensored too! Just think, if you thought this “Wrecker” video was explicit, just imagine what the uncensored ones will be like! ”

“Oh…oh my!” Becky muttered. It was difficult for her sheltered mind to imagine how much racier the Black Phallus music videos could get after seeing the one for “The Wrecker.” Her mind began to wander, thinking about a just how sexually explicit Black Phallus might make their music videos. The thought of seeing erotic scenes unfolding while their music played excited Becky deeply. She began to blush, her face turning almost as red as her hair.

“Of course... that’s just the videos.” Lauren said, seeing her friend’s eyes widen with wonder, she decided to tease her sheltered friend a bit more. “You KNOW what supposedly happens at some of their live shows! I wonder if the interview will get wild.”

Becky shivered. She knew what Lauren meant by ‘wild’. On another occasion, Becky had listened intently to Lauren's story of orgies and sex parties that the rappers supposedly threw on tour, or in recording studios, or on the film set of their music videos, or onstage at concerts in front of crowded clubs. They were just silly stories, neither girl completely believed them, but nevertheless, Becky found them very exciting… her thoughts were completely carried away by her hormone-fueled imagination. Becky was getting incredibly horny. Lauren was still talking, but Becky wasn’t really hearing her.

“So,” Lauren asked, “Do you want to come?”

“Wha…what?” Becky said, embarrassed.

“I said I thought you could come over to my place that night, sleep over and watch the interview on my computer.” Lauren asked more explicitly. “Unless you thin you can get us those VIP passes? What do you think?”

Becky smiled at her savvy friend. “I...I think I should call my sister!”



In the two years since her college graduation, the beautiful Jessica McFarland had become one of most recognized and respected young women in American television journalism. She’d graduated from UCLA with the highest scores of anybody in the mass communications field, and immediately found employment with a cable news network. It was a good job too, as an “Entertainment Correspondent” she would be an on-air personality! In truth, the job probably should have gone to somebody with more experience, but Jessica had the youth and personality that the network executives had wanted, and her inexperience made her salary affordable. It also didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous, with a killer figure, flawless white complexion, dazzling smile, and big blue eyes. Her beautiful face was framed by a thick mass of wavy, silky, blonde hair that she kept cut above her neckline. Her voice was slightly high-pitched, but at the same time had a kind of soft huskiness.

With her ‘girl-next-door’ face, ‘not-so-innocent’ voice, 36c/d-28-36 figure, and her sexy outfits, everybody was tuning in to see the sexy Jessica McFarland’s entertainment news reports. Her popularity skyrocketed and within a year of her first appearance on television, Jessica McFarland was a household name. Before long, her picture graced the cover of dozens of magazines, and she received many lucrative offers for modeling and advertising work. While Jessica loved the attention, she was disappointed that it seemed to focus so much on her appearance. Money and exposure were positive, but Jessica didn’t want to act or model, she wanted to be a journalist. She started to try and play down her youthful image, and began to dress a bit more conservatively. Abandoning her famous form-fitting silk blouses and mid-riff baring shirts, Jessica began wearing designer suits in dark colors. Little changed. Jessica felt more professional, but still the media, including her own network, seemed only to see a pretty face who reported on light, fluffy, entertainment news. On top of that, in spite of the fact that her presence had increased the network’s ratings ten-fold, Jessica was underpaid. If she wanted more money, she could take the various modeling and advertising offers that she received, but she felt that would just further damage the journalistic integrity that she desperately wanted to build.

When her contract came up for renewal at the end of one year, Jessica tried to negotiate for more money and more say over what stories she covered. She wanted to do more in-depth interviews, with edgier, more controversial celebrities. The network however, being rather conservative, steadfastly refused. Popular as Jessica was, they still looked down on the young ‘entertainment correspondent’. Jessica was trapped. While it was true that she could resign, and seek greener pastures, she didn’t dare leave the network without another job lined up. Popular as she was, she knew her public was fickle and had a short-term memory. With her husband Billy out of work, and the economy being what it was, Jessica didn’t like the idea of being without a job when she’d been so close to making it big. Just when it seemed Jessica would be trapped in her job for another year, she received a phone call from a rival network, KNEN.

KNEN offered Jessica a million-dollar deal as the host of a news program for their new entertainment-oriented news network. In addition to a hefty new salary, Jessica would get a personal assistant and perhaps eventually a full staff at her disposal. What’s more, becoming the main anchor of a show would give Jessica the opportunity to propose story ideas, and to do in-depth interviews with controversial entertainment figures. It was still technically ‘only’ an entertainment news program, but nobody at the network would be looking down on her for reporting on that subject because the whole network was dedicated to covering the entertainment industry. There was little risk in taking the job. The network was going to pay her half of a year’s salary up front, no strings attached, so even if the network didn’t survive, she’d still have that money, and the experience. The incentives were countless. They wanted her so badly that she even managed to get them to hire her husband, Billy, for a cushy job with their network. That clinched it. Jessica could tell that this network, unlike her current employer, would give her the treat her like the valuable asset she was. Jessica McFarland ditched the network that made her famous, and took the offer from KNEN, King Network Entertainment News.

KNEN had appeared on the media scene fairly recently, but was a surprisingly wealthy and powerful network. They targeted what some perceived to be an audience often neglected by the news media… minority and youth markets. To appeal to this audience, KNEN combined serious current affairs reporting with an edgy youthful image, and employed a youthful, minority-oriented staff to support that image. Indeed, Jessica had noticed that black males seemed to comprise the majority of the chief executive staff. Jessica was happy to be working for such a progressive network. On top of this, KNEN treated Jessica like a queen. She always had fresh fruit and bottled Caribbean spring water in her dressing room. Jessica felt invigorated by her new job, and her public popularity remained quite high. The only thing that wasn’t going well for her was her sex life. Strangely, in the year they’d been working at KNEN, Billy seemed less and less interested in making love to his beautiful, successful wife.

Billy McFarland, too, always had a healthy supply of bottled water in his office, but unlike his wife, Billy was not happy at KNEN. First he didn’t understand what his new job was supposed to be. All he knew was that he was going to be making more money, and that the work would be ‘easier’ since his employment was basically a gratuity to his wife. Then there were his co-workers. Billy hadn’t realized that he’d have to work with so many blacks! Billy had always thought of blacks as lazy, and his employees were no exception. He tried to console himself with the fact that he was their supervisor, but whenever he tried to delegate jobs to his staff, he was ignored. Because of this, Billy was tied to his desk day after day, often working late nights, doing the work that he was unable to delegate, yet responsible to see done.

Billy wanted to complain to his supervisors, but they were all black men. He couldn’t even bring himself to tell Jessica. Billy felt completely helpless, inadequate, and exhausted. To make matters worse, Jessica’s happiness with her new job seemed to make her more and more sexually aggressive. She seemed to want sex almost every night, and Billy’s exhaustion and stress kept him from keeping up with her demands. He hadn’t been able to make love to his young, sexy wife more than twice since the move to KNEN six months ago. Billy knew that he was the only thing that wasn’t working out for his wife, and he hated himself for it.

Jessica, meanwhile, went to bed every night confused and saddened by her husband’s sudden lack of interest in her body... confused, saddened, and unsatisfied. She could tell there was something wrong, but as much as she loved Billy, and as eager as she was for their sex life to return to normal, she didn’t have time to find out what the problem was. There were other matters on her mind. Namely, her upcoming interview with the controversial rap group, “Black Phallus”.

“Black Phallus” was incredibly hot on the club circuit and among teens and college students, but it was never heard on the radio or seen on television because the group’s controversial nature. This wasn’t particularly unusual for some gangsta rap artists whose lyrics created images of extreme violence. What was unusual was that Black Phallus’s lyrics weren’t controversial because of violent imagery, but because of their sexually explicit nature. The few music videos the group made were rumored to be practically pornographic. Only one of their videos had ever been aired on television, on one of the cable music networks, and was aired only once, and only then after being heavily censored. After that debacle, Black Phallus refused to allow any channel to air their videos unless they were uncensored. The music video channels refused to air the videos without some edits for explicit content, and thus, the other Black Phallus videos were never aired. They didn’t even make their videos available on their own website, with the exception of “The Wrecker”, the video that had aired (in censored form) on television.

In spite of all the controversy and inaccessibility of their music, the group had managed to become very popular in underground circles, and beginning to have an impact on popular culture. Thus every magazine, television program, and news network remotely connected with the entertainment industry wanted an interview, yet nobody could ever seem to get one. And then, as the story went, KNEN scored the impossible. Black Phallus agreed to an exclusive interview.

From what Jessica had been told, the agreement with the group had been reached after weeks of extensive, secret negotiations with KNEN executives. The negotiations were so secret that even after weeks of wrangling Jessica was taken by surprise when she was told that they’d agreed to an exclusive interview. She was even more surprised to discover that she would be the one expected to conduct the interview, and that she had only three days to prepare! Jessica knew that this would be her first, best chance to show that she could be a truly provocative journalist, rather than just some desk-bound eye candy. As exciting as this prospect was, Jessica felt incredibly nervous about the interview. Aside from this being her first major ‘news’ interview, she’d had very little time to do any research on the group. Information was limited, since no interviews had ever been granted, and Jessica had quite a bit of trouble tracking down a copy of the group’s CD and videos, before one was finally provided to her by Black Phallus’s record label, Ingredient X.

Then of course, Jessica was worried about the concessions and agreements that KNEN had been forced to make, before the controversial group would agree to be interviewed. The network wanted an exclusive, no holds barred interview with the rap group, a live studio performance, and the right to show any or all of the never-before-seen music videos that the group had produced. In exchange for this, the group demanded that KNEN dedicate a whole ‘prime time’ evening to “Black Phallus”, whether or not the whole of the evening was used by the interview. In addition to this, the group demanded that there be absolutely no censorship of any kind on the interview, nor on the music videos. Further, the group also wanted their own engineers to man studio’s equipment, so that much of the normal KNEN studio crew would not be present. What was more, due to the controversial and inflammatory nature of some of their lyrics and political views, the group insisted on extra security measures, including security control of the studio for members of their own security team. Finally, the group demanded that the interview be conducted by a certain date, due to their tight schedule. This last condition had resulted in Jessica McFarland having only three days to prepare for her interview. Being a hip, edgy, minority-oriented cable news network, KNEN was in a position to satisfy the group’s demands. The major sticking point the network had supposedly had was the censorship issue. To avoid any possible FCC obscenity violations and issues, the network had suggested the idea of the pay-per-view interview with a ‘possible explicit content’ warning that the content may be of a “graphic or sexually explicit nature, and inappropriate for those under eighteen years of age, and some other viewers”.

There was also to be a web simulcast, on a pay-members section of KNEN’s site, and Black Phallus’s website, with the same obscenity warnings. Of course everybody knew that by guaranteeing that the controversial group an uncensored broadcast, KNEN was practically inviting the rap group to perform some kind of outrageous publicity stunt. Even if the avoided FCC fines, they risked millions of dollars worth of lawsuits and sponsor losses. In spite of all this, KNEN had apparently decided that the exclusive interview would be worth the risks involved. So it was that all of the group's conditions were met, and the interview was set up.

At least, this was the official story of how the deal was reached.

The truth was that both Black Phallus’s record label, and KNEN were secretly owned by the same organization, Solomon King’s Ebony & Ivory Enterprises, Inc. To help obscure this connection from the journalistic prowess of certain reporters, the only interview that Black Phallus would be able to do would be on KNEN. E&I secretly owned several businesses, all with one major agenda, the sexual dominance of black men over white women. For the most part, E&I controlled businesses were very subtle in their advancement of the agenda. E&I produced the chemical, “X-serum”, to enhance black men’s physique and sexual power.

E&I also produced the dual-purpose chemical, “Xcite”, to cause an almost uncontrollable sexual arousal in women, and cause impotence among men. The bottled water with which Jessica’s refrigerator was stocked was laced with Xcite, as was Billy’s water. This was standard operational procedure. Over the years E&I had used these chemicals to quietly conquer individual women and even whole businesses, and then use them to produce interracial pornography or other materials to advance E&I’s agenda. For security purposes, none of the apparently ‘legitimate’ businesses that E&I created or controlled could be directly connected to E&I. As a result, E&I businesses operated with thousands of employees, many of whom had no idea who they were really working for, or that they were advancing E&I’s agenda. The only connection between these businesses and E&I was that their topmost executives were all X-serum-enhanced black men, and trusted lieutenants to Solomon King. This way, all of the businesses could be directed for E&I’s collective benefit.

Black Phallus’s record label, IngredientX, fit into E&I’s agenda by releasing sexually explicit rap music, with interracial themes. The plan was that the angry young black males and rebellious white youths that listened to rap music would hear this message over and over through the music, and would be psychologically conditioned to believe every word of it. Black males would become more sexually aggressive, and be encouraged pursue sexual encounters with white women. White males would begin to see black males as sexual superiors, and feel embarrassed about their sexual inadequacies and small penises. White girls who heard the music would begin to see white males as unworthy and black males as the most desirable sexual specimens.

Black Phallus was the anchor of the Ingredient X label. The group was comprised of chemically enhanced black men, part of E&I, who also happened to be talented performers. Every song on their CD, “Only Natural”, was dedicated to promoting the sexual power of black men, and subverting white male sexuality. The philosophy that the group advocated was that black men were the sexual alpha males of the human race. As such, black males had the right to fuck and breed any woman, every woman, they wanted… even married women, and especially white women. What better way to prove their claims than by seducing a beloved, married American icon on television? So it was that Black Phallus’s first exclusive interview would be granted to fellow E&I subsidiary, KNEN, and its star reporter, the beautiful Jessica McFarland!


"Ms. McFarland?" Sarah Davenport smiled as she poked her head around her boss's open office door; "I have those unedited copies of the “Black Phallus” CD and music videos you wanted to see. Where should I put them?”

Jessica looked up from her young assistant and smiled, mutely saying 'thank you' and pointing to a pile of documents on the left of her desk. Sarah put the material on top of the document stack. Before Sarah left the room Jessica motioned for her to stay.

Sarah Davenport was Jessica's personal assistant. Jessica had personally hired Sarah immediately after getting her job at KNEN. At a glance, Sarah looked a bit bookish or geeky. She was slender, in her mid twenties, with long dark-blonde hair that she usually wore tied back with a large bow or ribbon. She dressed conservatively, wearing dark colors, buttoned-up collars, and a rather unfashionable style of glasses. Although she might have behaved and dressed in conservatively, her beauty and figure were very noticeable to the men around the office. Sarah never gave their attentions a second thought though, as she was very conservative and engaged to be married. She was kind of an innocent, but quite bright, with an excellent disposition and a knack for anticipating Jessica's needs. They had formed a close, sister-like bond in the few months they’d worked together. They were on first name terms, though Sarah thought it important to refer to Jessica as “Ms. McFarland” while they were at work. Anything less might undermine Jessica’s authority, and Sarah was very loyal to Jessica, and wanted to make sure she never harmed Jessica’s career that way. Sarah took a seat and waited attentively while Jessica McFarland continued her telephone conversation.

"Yes... yes that will be fine.” Jessica spoke into the phone, “Just so you understand, I won't be here myself, I'm in a meeting for the rest of the day, but I'm sure Sarah can accommodate you. Okay, that will be fine then. Bye."

Jessica put the receiver down and turned to her lovely young assistant.

“I just wanted to let you know,” Sarah said, “that I’ve taken care of everything else on today's 'to-do' list.”

“Thank you Sarah.” Jessica smiled, “Have you had any luck in your problems with the computer?"

Jessica had been listening to her assistant moaning in frustration for much of the day. It was funny to listen to her. Sarah was a religious girl and never swore. She never used the Lord’s name in vain either. She didn’t even say “Darn” or “Heck”. So, whenever Sarah got angry, she just made incoherent groans, sighs, moans, and grunts of frustration.

"No, not yet.” The pretty blonde assistant smiled weakly. She felt lucky to be an assistant for somebody who was understanding and appreciative of their assistant's problems. “I'm sure I can solve it on my own. I don’t like calling tech support... those big guys messing around under my desk while I’m working makes me uncomfortable. I'll have time to work it while you’re at your meeting... which reminds me... isn't it about time for you to get going?"

Jessica glanced at the clock. "Yes, just about, but before I go I need you to do one more thing for me today.”

“Yes?” Sarah asked.

“You know the interview with Black Phallus is tomorrow night? Some of their representatives are coming by to check out the studio. I need you to show them around. I promised them personal attention by a valued employee, and not some intern."

Sarah paused for a second. "Yes, I can do that.... but... well... do you know who, exactly, will I be dealing with?"

Jessica saw the strained expression on Sarah’s face. "I think it’s just a couple of their producers. Why?"

"I'm sorry Ms. McFarland," Sarah interrupted, "I don't mean to be's just...that group. They have a reputation... I’m a little worried about who I’d be meeting with...”

Jessica leaned forward and took her assistant's hand. "You know that this is a very important coup for our network. I need you to support me here Sarah. Put on a brave face, flash them that winning smile of yours, and you'll be fine! Besides, you know how these groups are, it’s probably all just a bunch of shock value hype and image anyway. It's okay, honestly, it will be fine." It was easy for Jessica to say. She hadn’t listened to the CD yet, or seen the videos, and she’d been unable to acquire copies until late in her research.

"I guess so,” Sarah said. “I can’t believe they only gave you two days to do research for this interview though!”

Jessica shrugged, “That’s the way it goes sometimes. Sometimes, when an interview is as big news as this one is, we have to make sacrifices to get the first crack at the story. The group had only had a couple of evenings free to dedicate to this interview, so this is when it has to be! I’m just glad I had two days!”

The story about Black Phallus’s limited availability was a concoction made up by E&I. The real reason that Jessica was being limited to two days of research time was a security precaution. Jessica was a good journalist, and Solomon King wanted to make sure there was little or no chance for her to find a connection between her own employer, and the controversial rap group.

“It’s still not a lot of time,” Sarah added. “Have you listened to any of their so-called music yet?”

“No, I haven’t had time yet.” Jessica responded. “Have you heard anything?”

“Yes, just once. I was with my sister, and we were listening to some MP3s that a friend of hers had given her. One of those... songs...came up. It was obscene! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, what would our father say if he knew she liked music like that?”

Jessica knew that Sarah was very sensitive about vulgarity and sexually explicit material, and had always attributed it to her religious upbringing. But hearing that Sarah’s younger sister grew up in the same household and enjoyed this controversial music genuinely surprised Jessica. “You said that your sister actually liked their music?”

“Yes, she did!” Sarah exclaimed. “She denied it at the time, said that the MP3 was included with the others by mistake, but she called me the other night and told me that she’d heard about this interview and asked me if I could get her and her friend into the studio that night! As if I would be a party to her listening to that filth! Then she begged me! She whined that they were her favorite music group! She actually wanted to meet these disgusting thugs and get their autographs!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Sarah!” Jessica said, “With all the delicate negotiations around this interview, I doubt we can have a VIP guest in the studio that night. Security is going to be extra tight when these guys are here, and the group will have their own security as well.”

“Oh no, don’t worry about that, I already told her no!” Sarah interrupted. “I know we’re airing their videos during the show and those things are supposedly almost pornographic. I don’t want my sister seeing that filth, or meeting those creeps. I can’t believe she asked me to do that. My parents would never forgive me if I helped expose her to any more of that filth!”

“It’s probably for the best you refused to let her come.” Jessica said. “Did you know that group’s demographic bracket is expanding exponentially to include white females age 18 to 25.”

“Yes, I saw that in the research too!” Sarah huffed. “I can’t believe the garbage that girls her age listen to!”

“I don’t understand it either.” Jessica admitted, “All the research I’ve done so far talks about how explicit their music is, and there are rumors that some of the videos are practically pornographic. I’m not looking forward to reviewing them, but I know the network agreed to air them uncensored.”

“It’s disgusting!” Sarah shook her head. “I can’t believe they agreed to that!”

“That’s not the half of it!” Jessica sighed. “The studio’s agreement with Black Phallus allows for nudity, profanity, and sexual acts during the whole broadcast. In fact, the whole broadcast will be completely uncensored with the exception of the mature content disclaimers and a hand full of commercials, and those are being strictly scheduled. That’s why we have to have it on pay-per-view and a webcast. The network makes no guarantee of the nature of the broadcast’s contents. Anything and everything that happens on camera during the interview will be aired!”

“But...” Sarah said...”what if they try something? The research I gave you said they like to stage publicity stunts. They expose themselves at concerts... sometimes they bring women from the audience up on stage and... and...”

“I know,” Jessica interrupted, “I know. The network warned me that they might try and pull something. In fact the network is counting on it. They’re even airing disclaimers in the pay-per-view ads. It's all about sensationalism. An uncensored television broadcast would give these guys the perfect opportunity to stage a very visible stunt. The bosses assured me that I won’t be in any real danger, so they asked me to play along for as long as I could."

Like the reports about Black Phallus’s limited availability, the reports about their demands for uncensored airtime was also a cover story. Solomon King was the one who wanted the uncensored broadcast. It was E&I that decided on the pay-per-view television format and the web simulcast. Such broadcasts, with strong disclaimers, would allow them to broadcast sexually explicit music videos, free of FCC intervention. Of course, it would allow them to broadcast any sexually explicit content... not just from the music videos, but also anything that might transpire in the news studio. Even if the FCC did get involved, any fine they levied would easily be paid by video sales of that very broadcast!

“And you’re okay with this?” Sarah asked incredulously. "Aren’t you worried? What will you do if they... you know?"

“Not really,” Jessica drew a deep breath. The truth was, she was a little worried, but was forcing herself to remain calm. “But I’m a professional journalist, but these guys are getting to be a BIG, and landing the first IN-DEPTH interview with them is a HUGE opportunity, for all of us! An interview with a group this controversial could really put us on the map! Don't worry, I’m KNEN’s star reporter, the network is not about to let me come to any harm!"

"I hope you’re right. Still... after all you’ve told me, I’m really relieved that Becky won’t be there!”

“Your parents and little sister are lucky that you’re so good at looking out for her.” Jessica smiled. She suddenly noticed something glittering on Sarah’s finger. "Oh! I is that your engagement ring? I’ve been dying to see it ever since you told me!”

“Yes!” Sarah beamed, happy to change the subject from those awful black rappers to her recent engagement. “I finally got it back from the jewelers. It took them forever to fit the ring to my finger!”

"It’s so beautiful!" Jessica gasped, studying the ring. It was not a typical engagement band. It was a stunning family heirloom in gold, platinum, and diamonds. The platinum band was etched and inlaid with a delicate gold pattern. This delicate pattern had been the cause of the ring's lengthy fitting adjustment. "How long did you say it had been in Brad’s family?”

"He said about a hundred and fifty years!" Sarah exclaimed excitedly. "He was going to wait until the wedding to present it to me, but he said he was just that certain that I was the one! It’s so gorgeous! I’m never ever going to take it off!"

"He must love you very much!" Jessica grinned. She was so happy for her assistant. It was so nice to see a sweet girl so in love with a nice man. “I’m sure you’ll be very happy together!”

“I hope so.” smiled Sarah, “I love Brad. I hope I can make him happy. He’s been so patient with me... with my beliefs I mean.”

Sarah didn’t believe in pre-marital sex, and Brad had very patiently respected her beliefs. Sarah and Brad had been dating for four years, since college. The one and only time that Sarah had ever considered letting Brad take her virginity was the night he proposed... and even then she decided against it. Brad had to settle for a hand-job instead. She’d given him a few more hand-jobs since their engagement, but she never went any farther than that. She never felt the urge to do so... until recently.

Recently the natural sexual urges that she’d so easily suppressed since her teen years had grown incredibly strong. She didn’t fully understand why, and could only imagine that it was because she truly loved Brad, and was anxious to give herself to him. Sarah counted herself lucky that he’d had to go on a business trip to Europe for a few months. She would have hated to give in to her urges so close to her wedding day! Still, Sarah’s desperate horniness had only gotten worse since Brad’s departure two months ago... and it would be another two months before he returned! Every night she went to sleep thinking about her wedding night. What she would do to him... what he would do to her... what they would do...together.

“It’s been difficult for me sometimes...especially lately,” Sarah continued her mind wandering to her recent desires and recently frequent thoughts of sex. “But as hard as it is for me, it must be worse for Brad. As difficult as it is to follow them sometimes, these are my beliefs. I mean, believe that my body is a temple, and that my virginity is a gift to precious to be given away before marriage. I’m not having sex before marriage because I believe its wrong. The only reason Brad’s not having sex before marriage is because I refuse him. I won’t have sex... and he can’t because I can’t. It must be really difficult for him. But he’s going to be so thrilled that we waited!”

Jessica was barely listening to Sarah’s. She was gathering some documents for her meeting.

“I know how he feels! I’m in the same boat right now with Billy.” Jessica absent-mindedly responded, reflecting on her husband’s impotence.

“What?” Sarah turned to her boss, furrowing her brow in confusion. “What did you say?”

Jessica realized too late what she had said. She couldn’t believe she’d been that careless! Billy would be humiliated if he knew that she’d told anybody about his recent ‘problems’. No matter how frustrating her husband’s impotence had become, she shouldn’t be mentioning it to her young secretary!

“Oh,” Jessica blurted, quickly trying to cover her indiscretion. “Nothing! I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“Is something wrong?” Sarah asked, innocently. She had no clue why Jessica had suddenly become so flustered.

“I’m sorry Sarah,” Jessica said, grabbing up her briefcase. “I’d like to continue our chat, but I’m going to be late for that meeting.”

“Maybe we can talk afterwards...” Sarah suggested.

“Actually,” Jessica said, “the meeting could run a little long. I might not even be back in the office today.” There was no way Jessica wanted to continue the conversation. She didn’t want to risk re-opening the subject she had barely closed. Billy’s impotence had become a source of creeping and intense frustration for Jessica. She had just avoided letting the secret slip. She wasn’t about to take that risk again.

“Okay,” Sarah shrugged. “I guess I’ll just go back to working on that computer problem then. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jessica approached the door, but briefly turned back to her assistant. “Sarah, I know you’re concerned about those guys from Onyx Records coming tonight. Don’t worry about it. Just behave professionally, and I’m sure they’ll behave and treat you appropriately. If they don’t let me know! Answer any questions they have, help them out anyway you can, and lock up afterwards. Okay?”

Sarah smiled brightly. “Thanks Mrs. McFarland... Jessica! I’m sure it’ll be okay.”

With that Jessica was out the door and on her way to her meeting.

Sarah really looked up to Jessica. The two of them had grown quite close, working together in their few months and long hours at KNEN. Jessica was a mentor to Sarah. Sarah looked up to Jessica, hoping that one day, she might be able to anchor a news program, and just like Jessica did! Jessica had a great career, and a great marriage…

Of course... things weren’t quite as they seemed. Thanks to Billy’s impotence, Jessica was just as sexually frustrated as her virginal assistant, Sarah. And none of them knew that all of these problems were caused by the same thing... The bottled water they drank every day, supplied by KNEN, was tainted with Xcite.


Sarah was in her small office, adjacent to Jessica’s, running diagnostic programs on her computer for much of the day. Nothing she tried seemed to work, and she was becoming increasingly frustrated. She was still groaning at her computer when there was a knock at her door.

Sarah opened the door to find two very large, very muscular, very black gentlemen towering in front of her. One wore a black suit, the other was wearing a silky black shirt and baggy pants outfit, almost like pajamas. He also wore a pair of mirror-finish-sunglasses and a strange chain necklace made up of delicate, somewhat asymmetrical links. As intimidating as they were, Sarah couldn’t help but find both of the men very handsome. In addition to their height, the men were both very muscular. Their skin was a flawless, rich, warm, chocolate brown. Their cologne was intoxicating.

“Excuse me,” the man in the suit said smoothly, “I’m looking for a Miss Sarah Davenport, is that you?”

“Y..yes.” Sarah stammered, her bright green eyes darting from one dark face to the other. The other man stood, silent and expressionless, his eyes hidden by the stylized sunglasses he wore. Sarah stared up at the two men towering over her. There was an awkward silence until the man in the suit finally spoke.

“My name is Tom Watkins, I’m a representative for Black Phallus. I believe you were expecting us.”

“YES! Right! Of course… um…” Sarah babbled. She winced at her own strange behavior. She suddenly felt that familiar lonely longing for her fiance that she’d been feeling over the last couple of months. What was coming over her? There was an awkward silence while Sarah tried to gather her thoughts. She absent-mindedly began to fidget with her engagement ring.

“Nice ring.” The formerly silent giant finally spoke! He kept his voice low, quiet, but it was very deep… and somehow, it sounded almost malevolent.

“Oh!” Sarah blushed, holding the ring up for the men to see. “Thank you! I just got engaged a few months ago.” For some reason, Sarah felt almost ashamed to admit to these two beautiful men that she was engaged to be married.

Silently, the giant slowly reached out and gently took Sarah’s tiny white hand in his giant black palm. Firmly, he held her hand while he examined down at the ring on her finger... at least he appeared to be looking at the ring. Sarah couldn’t tell, thanks to his mirror-lens glasses. He turned to Tom and nodded slowly, then turned back to look at Sarah’s ring.

Tom spoke now. “It certainly is lovely. Just as lovely as you Miss Davenport!”

The giant didn’t let go of Sarah’s hand. He continued to hold it up, gently stroking her palm with his strong fingers while he continued silently admiring her engagement ring... Sarah was hesitant to pull her hand away, and was afraid to speak to the giant man holding her hand. She just looked at him...looking at her ring... The three were silent for several seconds before Sarah worked up the nerve to speak to Tom Watkins. Still... she couldn’t take her eyes off the jewelry-admiring giant holding her hand.

“Ms. McFarland asked me to show you guys around the studio. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?

“Yes.” The giant said, letting go of Sarah’s hand.

Sarah shivered, but kept smiling brightly as she lowered her hand. It was shaking. She waited for the man to elaborate, but he didn’t, so she was forced to ask for clarification. “What is it that you need me to show you?”

“Everything.” He responded simply. Again, he did not elaborate. Sarah shivered, she felt a tingling in her groin... the same one she’d felt the night Brad had proposed. The same one that had been building up over the last few weeks. The same...but stronger.

“We need to inspect your equipment,” Watkins interjected, smiling, “ We have to make sure everything you have is compatible with Black Phallus’s needs, for tomorrow night’s studio performance.”

“Certainly…” Sarah croaked. “I’m sure you’ll find everything you need here. If not, I’ll be happy to try and satisfy any requests you might have.”

“I’m sure you will, Ms. Davenport.” The man with the sunglasses said quietly.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” Sarah bit her lower lip gently... Her eyes were glued to the blank black lenses on the blank black face of the second man. He smelled so good!
“…Anything at all?”

“Most definitely,” the second man moved towards Sarah, causing her to involuntarily step backward into her office, “I have a large piece of gear that I need you to help me test tonight. It could take much of the night, but I trust I can count on your complete co-operation.”

“Of course,” Sarah smiled, almost as if in a trance, still staring into the highly reflective lenses of the second man’s sunglasses. She was captivated by her reflection... her delicate white features framed and overwhelmed by his masculine black features. “I’m here to see that all your needs are met. I want to help you in any way that I can.”

“Of course you do!” The man said, placing his large black hands on either side of Sarah’s soft white face. He continued moving forward, gently compelling Sarah to move backwards into her office. Tom followed the two of them inside, the door closed behind them.

That door was still closed 3 hours later, when Jessica returned from her meeting. In her rush to get out the office that afternoon, Jessica had carelessly left the “Black Phallus” videos behind. She picked up the box with the videos and was walking past Sarah’s office door, and heard the unmistakable sounds of her young assistant moaning and swearing, coming from inside. Jessica shook her head and smiled at her assistant’s stubborn streak. No doubt, Sarah was still having problems with her computer and was still trying to fix it herself!

Jessica briefly thought about popping in to say hello, but quickly changed her mind. Sarah sounded busy, and Jessica didn’t want to risk picking up the awkward conversation she’d nearly started that afternoon. She’d come too close to talking about her husband’s very personal problem!

Jessica hated finding herself fixating on Billy’s recent inadequacy again, but she couldn’t help it. It had been months since the two of them were intimate, and researching Black Phallus’s sexually explicit lyrics had only heightened Jessica’s sexual tension. Even talking about sex in vague terms seemed to make her long for a fucking that she hadn’t been able to get in months... and wouldn’t be getting in the foreseeable future. She knew there was something causing Billy stress, but he wouldn’t tell her anything. Damn him! Why couldn’t he perform? No… no that wasn’t fair. Billy was her husband, and she loved him very much. They would get through this… together.

Jessica put thoughts of her marriage out of her head and started to thumb through some of the research as she waited for the elevator. She continued doing this as she stepped onto the elevator and let the doors close behind her. Seconds later... in that darkened hallway... at the end of the day... another scream of pleasure erupted from Sarah Davenport’s office!


If Jessica HAD opened Sarah’s door, she would have been shocked by the sight. The office was a mess. Papers had been thrown around the room. The computer, that had been giving Sarah so much trouble throughout the day, had been swept from her desk and lay in pieces on the floor. On Sarah’s desk, in place of the discarded computer, was a writhing, sweating, swearing, naked mass of black and white lust...

“OH.....OH GOD...OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST...YES!! FUCK YES!!!” screamed Sarah Davenport as she felt the massive black cock pushing deeper and deeper into her recently virginal white pussy. She would have been virtually unrecognizable to anybody who knew her.

Gone was the demure, young, virginal bride-to-be. All that was left of *that* Sarah was a red velvet bow in her sweat-matted hair and a pair of fogged-up glasses on her pretty white face. Her beautiful white body, normally so-carefully covered by her conservative clothing, was now covered only by a thin layer of glistening sweat that caused her smooth white skin to shine like wet alabaster.

Sarah’s naked white body was bent over her desk, with Watkins laying beneath her. Watkins was laid back on the desk with his erect black cock between Sarah’s full, soft, white breasts. He pushed her tits together around his thick black shaft, using her soft white flesh to pleasure himself... as she kissed and sucked the swollen black cock-head sticking up between her breasts. Behind Sarah, the big black in the sunglasses (whose name Sarah still didn’t know) had his big black hands on her tiny white waste, and was mercilessly thrusting inch after inch of his massive black cock into the pretty white assistant.

Just five hours earlier that day, Sarah Davenport was touting her beliefs. Her body was a temple. Her virginity was a gift to be given only to the man she would marry... Brad...the man whom had patiently respected her beliefs for the four years that they had been dating. Now, Sarah Davenport was happily and voraciously servicing the two massive black studs she’d met only hours later that day...letting them use her body as a plaything for their amusement. It felt so right... truer than any belief she’d ever held.

“OH DEAR FUCKING GOD!” Sarah swore. “OH SWEET JESUS...FUCK ME...FUCK ME!!!” This was another ‘immoral’ behavior that the previously prim-and-proper religious girl had learned to appreciate in the last few hours...

“SHIT THIS BITCH IS FUCKING TIGHT!!” The nameless big black in the sunglasses said as he continued relentlessly pounding Sarah’s pussy.

“I...” Sarah gasped between thrusts...”!”

The blacks laughed...

”And tell us again,” Watkins asked. “how recently was that baby?”

“Just... today...” Sarah gasped... sucking on Watkins cock while the cock in her pussy pushed deeper and deeper...harder and faster...

“And...when were you gonna get married?”

“THIS...” Sarah screamed during another invasive thrust...”... this JU-OOH-OOH-UNE!”

The blacks laughed again...

“How long have you been dating your fiance?” The nameless stud asked. “Tell me... how long has that poor dumb whiteboy been waiting to fuck THIS pussy that I’m FUCKING RIGHT NOW WITH MY BIG NIGGA COCK?

“Four....YEARS....” gasped the sweating white slut.

“Four years WHAT?” the black demanded.

“FOUR....YEARS.... SIR!!” Sarah added.

“And how long after we met you did it take us for US to get our big black cocks in you? Four MINUTES?”


“How long you been saving yourself again?”

“Twent-EEEEE” Sarah squeeled as the black in the sunglasses increased the pace of his thrusts. “TWEN-TEE-FOUR...YEARS!” she gasped.

“So tell me, Sarah,” Watkins asked, “were we worth the wait?” The blacks laughed again...

As the blacks laughed at their own joke question, Sarah Davenport let out a blood-curdling scream of orgasm. She had waited twenty-four years to give herself to the man she would marry. Her fiance had waited four years to be that man. Just about six months before the big day... she gave it up to two black men in barely four minutes!

“YES!!! IT WAS WORTH IT!! I’m glad I saved myself!.... FOR YOU!! AND YOUR BIG BLACK COCKS!!”

“Then tell us slut!” The black pussy-fucker ordered, “tell us again what you were before you met us, how long you waited, FOR US to take your virginity months before your wedding!”

“Aww yeah... say it again baby!” Watkins told her.

“I....was... UNGH...” Sarah grunted as the big black cock bottomed-out in her cervix... “OH GOD... I...was...a virgin... saved... myself for... twenty... five years....OHHHHHH-waiting for my wedding... six months to go... I met you...fucked me... with your!

“AGAIN!” the black fucking her pussy ordered.

“I...was...a... virgin... before... your... big... black... cocks!”

“LOUDER BITCH!” the black fucking her yelled... “I want to cum in your pussy while you scream that shit!!”

“OH FUCK YES!!! YES SIR!!f” Sarah cried...somehow, that was the sexiest idea she’d ever heard in her life. “I...WAS...A ....VIRGIN BEFORE YOUR BIG BLACK COCKS!!!

Sarah screamed it again and again while the nameless black stud fucked her pussy, and Tom Watkins fucked her mouth and tits. As they wanted, she was still screaming the first thick jets of Watkins’ hot cum blasted her pretty white face. She was still screaming it through cum-covered lips when she felt the nameless stud’s cock shooting its hot, potent seed into her no-longer virginal white pussy.

As Sarah basked in the afterglow of her intense deflowering, the two studs filled her in on a few details of what they wanted to do for the interview broadcast. Sarah was shocked by their plan, but felt compelled to cooperate.

“Help us out with this,” Watkins said, “and you’ll get plenty more black cock...starting tonight!”

“I’m in!” Sarah smiled weakly, her face smeared with cum.

“Good girl.” Watkins smiled. “My boy and I are going to get some friends to help us set up some equipment tonight. We’ll be back later to get some more of that sweet white pussy. You might want to clean this room up a little bit.”

“Yes sir.” Sarah gasped, breathlessly.

The two black studs threw some clothes on and left the room. Sarah lay on her desk, sweating and panting for a minute before she rose on weak legs and surveyed the chaos of her office. She saw a photo of her herself, her parents, and her sister, lying on the floor. She stared at her sister’s smiling face. She thought about how Becky was so desperate to meet the Black Phallus rappers. She thought about how Becky had begged for a VIP pass to the studio the next night. Then she thought about what would happen to Becky if she had granted that request, and that thought turned her on!

Sarah now knew exactly what the group had planned. This was why studio security wasn’t allowing VIP passes that night, they didn’t want anything to risk disrupting the plan. Sarah dared not do anything to jeopardize her new friends’ plans, so she realized she probably couldn’t get her sister into the studio that night. Still, the was something she could do for Becky... something she felt compelled to do for her sister.

Sarah picked up her phone, laying on the floor with the receiver off cradle and emitting an obnoxious beeping that indicated the line was disconnected. She reset the disconnect button, and punched in a phone number. Becky’s voicemail answered, so Sarah started to leave a message.

“Hi, Becky. It’s your sister. Look, I just wanted to apologize. I was wrong.” Sarah paused for a moment. Sarah didn’t want to just come right out and say why she changed her mind... she didn’t want to say that they’d fucked her senseless, turning her from a virgin to a black-cock-loving-slut in a matter of hours. “I met with some representatives from that rap group you like. I learned a lot about Black Phallus that I never knew before! They made me cum… come to the conclusion that I was wrong about them. I understand now...why you find them so...fascinating. Security is just too tight for me to get you a VIP pass but I really want to make sure you see this interview so I’m going to e-mail you my credit card number so that you can order it on pay-per-view or watch online. I’ll try and get their autographs for you too.”

Sarah thought for a moment longer. She really wanted to do better for her sister. She wanted to get her some black cock. “Becky... make sure you keep your phone on you that night. Maybe I can arrange something else for you. Bye for now”

Billy McFarland wanted to cry. He’d been home for 2 hours, sitting up in bed, watching some softcore porn on satellite, fumbling uselessly with his limp dick. It was rare that he ever got home before Jessica these days, so he wanted to take advantage of the time alone by trying to get his cock up for her. He’d been fumbling with himself for over an hour, but couldn’t manage an erection. He gave up and switched over to some network television. He was still watching it when Jessica got home. She smiled at her husband, lying in bed. She did a little strip tease for him, slowly taking off her business attire and getting down to her bra and panties. She sat on the bed, kissing him on the cheek and giving his dick a gentle squeeze. Soft and limp.

“I want you so badly…” she whispered in his ear, squeezing again. It stayed soft, no response.

“I’m sorry…” Billy muttered, turning away, humiliated, unable to face his beautiful wife.

“It’s okay honey.” Jessica sighed, trying to hide her frustration. “We’ll get through this. She threw on a casual shirt and slacks, then left the bedroom. If she couldn’t work on her disintegrating sex life and marriage, she could work on her interview questions and research. Jessica went to her home office, powered up her computer and began studying her research and questions that Sarah had compiled for her. She went over questions again and again, thinking of second and third lines of questioning. She thought of different ways of phrasing her questions, in case she needed to rephrase anything. Then she moved onto the CD and the music videos. It was getting late, so she wanted to consolidate her time as best she could. She looked at the track listing on the CD, and marked the tracks that were on her music DVDR. She could skip the those tracks and watch their videos later, thus saving a little time... and saving her the trouble of having to sit through any unnecessary ‘filth’. It was close to midnight when Jessica put the copy of “Only Natural” into computer and plugged in a pair of headphones. Putting them on, she played the CD and began to take notes on the lyrics. She shivered at what she heard.

Jessica knew that the CD contained sexually explicit material, she’d read some lyrics from some of the songs, but hadn’t procured a copy of the full material until that day, when she received the CD and a DVDR music videos. Every single song on the album was sexually explicit. It wasn’t just a collection of bad words though. The songs on “Only Natural” described detailed acts of sex. More specifically, the songs were all about black men having sex with white women, all kinds of white women; younger, older, single, married… mothers…daughters…sisters. Jessica was shocked when she heard this. She was even more shocked when she read the CD’s liner notes. The group contended that all of the songs on the CD were based on true-life experiences! This was a particularly shocking claim, considering the stories told in some of the songs, particularly the some of the stories that the songs told.

This first song was called “Size DOES Matter”. “Whiteboys cry boo-hoo” went the refrain, “but your ladies know it’s true, SIZE DOES MATTER!” It was about all the stereotype of black men and abnormally large penises. The song underscored the whole philosophy of the group, and demonstrated why every track on the CD was about interracial sex. Jessica immediately dismissed the song as the perpetuation of a ridiculous myth.

“Reparations” was about a black history project in a college class, where white students had to become ‘slaves’ for black students for two weeks. The white female students end up becoming sex slaves for black men, while the white male students were forced to watch. At first, Jessica thought the song was ridiculously aggressive and racist, but the outrageous story continued, Jessica began to see the rap as a brilliant political satire about race relations and the fear that many whites have of integrating with the black community. Maybe these rappers weren’t just talentless shock-happy thugs?

As Jessica continued listening to the outrageous stories the songs told, the explicit lyrics slowly started to grow on her. Many of more the songs seemed to be tongue in cheek. Jessica decided that the songs must intended as some kind of racial satire, and that the ‘true story’ claims were just part of the act, made to generate controversy and word-of-mouth. That was why the songs were so outrageous.

“Honey, I’m Home” told the story of a white man who comes home early, only to find his wife in bed with the black neighbor. Jessica saw this song as a commentary on the prejudice fears that white people have of living in the same neighborhood with blacks.

“Higher Learning” was about an suburban High School that has to adjust to an influx of African-American students when an inner city school closes. The PTA protests that the ratio of student to teachers will be thrown out of balance... but really, they just don’t want blacks in their mostly white school. The song goes on to describe how the black male seniors seduce all the white girls and the hot white teachers. Jessica again saw this song as an exploitation of racist fears and social comment on white flight from the inner city.

“Big Boss Man” told the story of a white man vying for a promotion. He invites his black boss home for home-cooked gourmet dinner. When the boss meets his employee’s sexy white wife, he tells the couple that he’ll give her husband the promotion, if she lets him fuck her. The husband wants to say no, but before he can, the wife quickly agrees! The giant black man fucks the white wife on the dinner table, not bothering to eat any of the food or clear the table first. The next week, the boss gives the promotion to another black man... whom the white wife also happily agrees to fuck! Jessica interpreted this song as a mocking indictment of those who wanted to discontinue affirmative action.

“Spirit Stick” was about a white college cheerleading squad throwing a victory orgy for the black basketball team. There was a ‘humorous’ twist at the end, when it is revealed the cheerleaders are knowingly ‘entertaining’ the rival school’s team! Jessica had never liked jocks and air-headed cheerleaders in high school and college. Jessica was unsure what the song was trying to say, politically, but she couldn’t help but smile at the idea of the dumb jocks’ cheerleaders ditching them for the opposing team.

Not only was Jessica now finding the satirical lyrics to be insightful and amusing, she had to admit that the music itself was quite good. The heavy bass rhythms were strong and coursed through her body, making her want to dance, or at least move with the music. Jessica burned the remaining songs to her MP3 player and then switched over to listening to them on it, so that she could get up out of her chair and move around the room.

Jessica let the steady, relentless rhythm overtake her, and began to dance as the music continued. It had been a long time since she’d been able to go out dancing. She felt exhilarated… maybe even… a little aroused. The lyrics still played through the music, but Jessica was enraptured with the pulsing bass that she barely heard them…at least not on a conscious level. The lyrics barely mattered any more, Jessica was concentrating on the rhythm of the bass coursing through her body. She barely noticed the more lurid tone the songs began to take. In fact, Jessica was becoming so enamored by the music that she missed the fact that the next song was featured as one of her music videos, and that she’d wanted to skip it.

"Nigga In The Wood Pile", the next track, was an even more humorous song than the previous ones. Using music samples from the old sappy love song, “You’re Having My Baby”, It told the story about a man witnessing the birth of 'his' first child. When the baby is born, its black, and the husband discovers that his loving wife has been fucking a black man!

“Black-Cock-Pit” was about an airplane flight that turned into an interracial orgy.

“Dear John” was about a white girl writing a break-up letter to her high-school sweet heart... explaining that she’s discovered BLACK MEN at college!

“Hot White Momma” was about the plight of a “sweet young white wife” to have a baby, and how she finally realizes that if she wants to be bred properly, she has to take a black lover!

“The Wrecker” is about a family on vacation when their car breaks down. A black tow-truck driver shows up and seduced the mother and teenage daughter, then drives off with both of them, abandoning the father/husband in the desert, with the broken-down car.

“Soccer Mom” was about a white woman who finds herself compelled to entertain her high-school-soccer playing son’s black teammates.

"Who You Daddy Now?" About a snobby, racist white college girl who is angry that her parents’ marriage is ending because of her mother’s affair with a black man. The black man moves into the house and has to assert his authority over the girl showing her just why her mother left her father for him.

“Man Of The House” told the tale of a black drifter who is taken in by a good Christian conservative family, and how within a week he seduced both of the family’s twin daughters. When the parents walk in on the sud doing both girls at once, the father is outraged, but the wife is so turned on she joins in!

The last track was the title track, “Only Natural”. Again, Jessica was enjoying the music so much that she failed to notice that this song was featured in one of her music videos, and that she’d intended to skip it. The song underscored the philosophy of black male sexual superiority and potency, from the angle of ‘natural selection’. Black men were the alpha males, and had the ‘natural’ right to breed any woman they wanted. The song contended that deep down, every woman knew, accepted, and wanted this... especially white women. Every woman, even married women, even if they had to be forced into it, wanted to be fucked by black men. It was ‘only natural’.

By the end of the last track, Jessica was sweating, and her entire body was tingling. She realized that after weeks of being untouched, the sexually explicit lyrics of “Black Phallus” had aroused her. She needed Billy, and she needed him…immediately. She threw open the door to her office and went to her bedroom. Billy was asleep. She kissed him deeply, rousing him from his slumber, and slid her hand down the front of his pants… nothing. She gently bit his earlobe. Billy muttered something about being too tired… Jessica fought back tears. She needed satisfaction, and she needed it… immediately!

Jessica walked quickly back to her office, unsure of what to do with herself. Her head was swimming with confusion…and lust. She glanced at her research... no…there was no way she could concentrate…she was just too wound up… but she had to try. Jessica saw the music videos on her desk and grabbed the title that attracted her attention earlier… something called “White Wedding, Blacked Bride”. It was the one track that she’d skipped while listening to the CD. She put in the DVDR of the music videos into her computer. Not wanting to wake Billy, she plugged her headphones back into the computer and sat down at her desk to watch the video. Within seconds, the heavy pounding of the bass coursed through her body, again igniting a fire that no cold shower was going to dowse…

Jessica’s big blue eyes locked onto the screen as the first images flickered to life. What happened next was like an out of body experience… Jessica couldn’t have stopped what was happening, even if she wanted too… or realized she was doing. The “White Wedding, Blacked Brides” music video seemed to be a series of vignettes about brides ditching their grooms on their wedding day, so they could be with black men. The video opened with chimes playing Mendelsohn’s Wedding March, before being broken into by a throbbing percussive bass beat, and a female chorus chiming the words “I Do” repeatedly.

The opening scene showed the rappers standing on a stage similar to those one would see in a strip club, complete with provocative exotic dancers. The backdrops were of backlit stained glass ‘walls’, evocative of church windows. The dancers were all young white women, wearing assorted skimpy outfits evocative of a bridal motif. All the girls were slender, with full breasts and long, lustrous hair. Each girl wore a bridal veil of some sort, white high-heels, and some skimpy white lingerie. One girl, a blonde, was wearing a lace bustier and panties. Another girl, a brunette, wore a lacey bra and panties and long, white satin gloves. A third girl, a redhead, wore a lacey bra and thong panties, with a garter belt and fishnet stockings. The other girls in the background were similarly attired.

The girls danced with the aid of 'stripper poles', similar to those scene in strip clubs. Jessica noted that the poles were painted a rich, dark mahogany brown and were highly polished. As the girls danced, gyrated, and slid up and down the polished brown poles, they mouthed the words to the "I Do" refrain. As the refrain ended, the camera cut to a close-up of one of the blonde. She turned her big blue eyes directly into the camera and sang the lyrics "I Do... I Do Black Men, And Only Black Men"!

Jessica shivered when she heard this, and started to make notes about the lyrics. But as the song continued, it became apparent that this video, unlike the others, had almost no lyrics. The music was almost entirely a dance-mix instrumental. The only lyrics came from the female chorus. Again and again: "I Do... I Do Black Men, And Only Black Men"!

The screen cut to a beautiful blonde bride walking down the aisle, then standing, facing her groom, looking up at him adoringly, and smiling sweetly. Jessica recognized the bride as the dancer that had closed the preceding scene. As the music continued, the camera shot showed that the bride was in fact looking over the groom’s shoulder, at the best man… a handsome, bald, black man... obviously portrayed by one of the rappers. The bride smiles adoringly, looking into the rapper's face. The stud runs his tongue over his lips slowly, the bride nods, hypnotized… We see her fiddle nervously with her bouquet.

The scene changes to the sunny exterior of the church as the bride and groom emerge to a shower of rice or birdseed from all many of the wedding guests. They rush to the limo, where the groom gallantly opens the door for his wife and lets her in... but before he can climb in, the car suddenly pulls away from the curb. A large black hand reaches out, and closes the door. The groom and the wedding guests stand, stunned, on the church steps, as the limousine speeds away with the new bride. The usual “Just Married” sign has been replaced with a sign that says “Just Blacked!”

The camera cuts to the interior of the limo, to a close up of B-Love rapping while riding in the back. The camera pulls back to reveal the beautiful bride on her knees, between B-Love's bare black legs. She is apparently giving him oral sex. Her head bobs up and down in his lap, and blonde tresses and veil bounce gently with her movements. Her head bobs are timed perfectly with the music's beat.


A shiver went up Jessica's spine when she saw that scene. She wanted to be offended by such a blatant disrespect of the institution and spirituality of marriage. Instead, the boldness of the video excited her, and she found herself continually enraptured by the action on the screen, and the steady pulse of the bass that vibrated through her body. So captivated by the events on the screen, she’d stopped taking notes. Unconsciously, Jessica dropped one hand under her desk, and between her legs, resting her hand on her groin.

The refrain began again, and the scene shifted back to the 'stripper' setting. This time it ended on a close up different dancer, the redhead. Like the blonde, she looks directly into the camera, unblinking, and mouths the words "I Do Black Men, And Only Black Men".


This time, the setting is a large and expensive looking reception hall. It's a different wedding, with a different groom, and this time the bride is the redhead. We see the bride and groom in the reception line, greeting their guests. A large black man comes up to the bride and smiles seductively, taking her hand and kissing it, the pulling her to him and kissing her deeply, running his large black hands over her white-satin-clad breasts. Her eyes widen in shock momentarily, before she closes them dreamily. The groom stands, staring, shocked at this behavior. He puts his hand on his wife’s shoulder and tries to pull her away... but she slaps his hand, without stopping the kiss. He tries again and the black man, still kissing the bride, grabs the husband’s face and shoves him backwards, knocking him to the floor. Then, as all the guests stare in shock, the black stud picks up the bride and carries her away. She tosses her bouquet over his broad shoulders and a petite, tan blonde bridesmaid catches it. The girl holds the bouquet and a look around confused... then sees another black stud. This one is grinning at her! She smiles shyly as he approaches, takes her hand, and leads her out of the room behind the bride and her black stud! The bouquet falls to the floor, and the scene cuts back to the dancing-brides, again ending with a close-up on yet another bride, mouthing the lyrics "I Do Black Men, And Only Black Men".

Jessica almost instinctively let her fingers snake down the front of her slacks... inside... and began to gently rub herself in time with the music. It was such a natural response, she didn’t even notice she was doing it.
Jessica's rubbing became more frantic as she watched the next vignette begin...


This vignette shows this pretty white bride dancing with her groom. A black stud walks up behind the groom, staring at the pretty bride lustfully. The stud, never breaking his bold stare into the bride’s eyes, taps the groom on the shoulder and indicates that he would like to dance with the bride. The groom seems to object at first, but the bride smiles at the stud, and gently pushes the groom away. The black stud pulls her close for the dance, we see her eyes widen and glance down... we see the black stud smile... There is another cut, this time to a wide shot of the dance floor, full of dancers. We see the groom, wandering around, obviously looking for his bride, who does not seem to be anywhere on the dance floor. The camera pans across the crowd, and focuses on an out-of-the way doorway. We cut to a close up of the doorway. There we see the beautiful bride, pinned against the wall, her huge white skirt hitched up around her waist, while the black stud thrusts against her mercilessly... all in time with the beat of the music…

Jessica was also keeping time with the music. Now the pretty, undersexed journalist in the full throws of passion, so enraptured with the video that she was barely aware of her own existence… let alone aware of how wantonly she was masturbating as she watched the video! Her face was flush, as she writhed in her chair, frantically rubbing her pussy while watching the action unfold. Her nimble white fingers probed deeper and deeper into the folds of her pink pussy, rubbing her clit methodically… staying in rhythm with the music. It was a miracle her eyes even managed to stay open and focus on the action, but focus they did. She bit her lip and began to quietly moan as the next vignette played... and the next... and the next.


Every scenario was the same... a beautiful white bride ditches her white groom for some black stud.

We see a white bride and groom posing with while cutting the wedding cake. The groom lovingly feeds his bride a bite of cake. There is a black waiter standing behind him, staring at the bride... she meets his gaze, and sucks the white frosting off her groom’s fingers. Then she holds up a piece of cake for the groom. As he tries to bite his cake, she shoves it into his face. While the groom is wiping frosting out of his eyes, the black waiter whisks the bride and the cake out of reception hall and into the kitchen... with the black kitchen staff stare at the pair hungrily. The shot cuts to the bride’s expensive white dress lying in a pile on the filthy kitchen floor. The camera pans up to show the bride lying across the kitchen’s preparation table. She wears nothing but a few strategically placed smears of white cake frosting. She writhes in ecstasy as several pair of large black hands smear more cake frosting all over her milky white skin. The camera circles the table as a large, half-naked black men surround the writhing white bride and begin licking the frosting off her naked body. The camera stops between the bride’s legs... but the view of her pussy is blocked by a black man’s bald head! She rests her lily-white hand, with its shining wedding ring, on the black man’s bald head!

Another vignette shows a pretty blonde, sitting at the banquet table with her groom. The groom is talking to his best man, and completely ignoring his beautiful new bride. A slightly disheveled bridesmaid taps the bride on the shoulder and whispers in her ear. The bride’s eyes widen, and she smiles. Without saying a word to her husband, the bride gets up and follows her bride’s maid out of the room, down the hall, to a dressing room. Opening the door, she finds 3 black men groping her maid-of-honor. The bride smiles and turn to the bride’s maid who led her to the room... she’s already stripping out of her pink dress. The bride turns back momentarily, looking down the hall to the banquet room. She can see her groom at the table... he looks down the hall... briefly making eye contact. He waves for her to come back. She turns away from him and enters the room, slamming the door behind her! The camera shows several quick cuts of hands (black men’s hands and white women’s hands) ripping the white gown from the bride’s lovely tan body.

Another vignette shows a bride adjusting her veil in front of a mirror. The door of her dressing room opens. She turns to see a handsome black janitor entering the room, apparently thinking it was empty. Seeing the bride sitting there, the janitor pauses for a moment, smiling at the lovely white girl. An enormous bulge rises in the crotch of his cover-alls... the bride’s eyes widen and she smiles and blushes. The janitor, seeing her reaction, smiles too, and shuts the door of the dressing room. We cut to wedding party in the front of the church, waiting for the bride so they can begin the ceremony. A beautiful woman, presumably the bride’s mother, walks to the changing room to get her daughter. She knocks on the door... and it suddenly jerks open to reveal her beautiful white daughter on her knees (back to the camera) kneeling in front of a black man in her full bridal gown! The mother stares for a moment, before another black man, who was standing behind the door grabs her and drags her into the room.

This next vignette featured a fresh-faced brunette, being carried across the threshold of her honeymoon suite. The groom kisses her... she nods towards the bed and smiles... The groom holds up a finger, indicating they should wait, and that he wants to take a shower first. The bride pouts, while the groom steps into the bathroom. Then there is a knock at the door. It's one of the hotel employees, a handsome black man, with a complimentary bottle of champagne. The bride smiles and lets him in... he looks around, wondering where the groom is. The bride indicates the bathroom. The black stud looks at the closed bathroom door... and back at the bride. He smiles. The camera pans up the bride's body, ending on her beautiful face...she's smiling, coyly biting her lower lip and shuffling her feet under her dress.

The next shot was made from a suspiciously low angle, showing the groom coming out of the bathroom, toweling off... he looks in the direction of the camera, and his jaw drops. The camera pulls back... now we see the groom in the background. In the foreground, on either side of the screen, are the bride's legs sticking straight up in the air, bouncing up and down in time with the music. Suddenly, the black man rises from between the girl's legs, blocking our view of the groom. He continues thrusting into the girl, in time with her leg bounces, and the beat of the bass. We can't see any action below his waist, but he is naked his muscular black torso shines with sweat. He takes a swig of champagne from the bottle. Then he pours some down... apparently over the bride. All the while, he continues thrusting, in time with the music's beat. The bride’s lily white hands run up over his chest, and around his shoulders and neck as he dives back into action, out of the camera shot. The groom is revealed again... now he's crying.

Irony can be a sickening thing.


Jessica McFarland's eyes bolted open, as she shot up from her chair, quickly pulling her hand from her panties... and found herself looking at a confused, and shocked husband. Billy stood in the dark hallway, just beyond the open doorway of Jessica’s office, his eyes glancing from his wife to the screen of her computer, and back again. The expression on his face perfectly matched that of the teary-eyed groom in the honeymoon suite.

"Honey... I'm’s just... I thought you were asleep..." Jessica stammered as she clutched at her dampened panties.

"I was! But I woke up, hearing you moaning out here, like a bitch in heat..."

That comment alarmed Jessica. She hadn't been aware she was moaning. For that matter, she hadn’t really been aware she was masturbating until Billy walked in and interrupted her. Now that she stood facing him, she began to realize how close she had been to what would have been an earth-shattering climax. Billy’s unexpected arrival had prevented that, though. Her pussy still tingled…begging for attention, but at that moment, Jessica couldn’t be concerned with finishing what she’d started. She was just too embarrassed.

Billy continued "I wondered what was going on... I guess I found out, didn't I?" Billy cried... the room wasn't very light, but Jess swore she could make out tears on Billy's face. "I can't believe it... in here, masturbating, watching that filth!"

"Baby, please..." Jess pleaded for her husband to understand... but she knew it was futile. "I didn't mean for this to... it just... it's been so long, I couldn't control it... Besides, it’s not a big deal...I was just masturbating... and it’s not even to porn, its just a music video."

But that was Billy's entire problem. The black men at work were treating him like he found his wife masturbating to the images of muscular black men and white women in a music video. It was more than he could stand.

"It's a bunch of god damn niggers!" Billy blurted. Normally he would never use such racist language, but he couldn't help himself.

"Billy!" Jessica scolded, "that is completely uncalled for! What's gotten into you?" She was starting to get angry. This was a side of Billy that she really didn't like.

"I'll tell you what's gotten into me," Billy cried, "I'm lying alone in my bed while my wife is watching videos and imagining herself with a bunch of God-damned niggers!"

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Jessica yelled. Now she was mad. "I'm sick and tired of you wallowing in your own self-pity! I came to you twice tonight, begging you for sex...BEGGING! You turned away, both times! HOW DARE YOU complain that I'm masturbating! I wouldn't have to do that if you could GET IT UP FOR ONCE!"

As soon as the words left Jessica's mouth, she regretted them. She wished she could take them back, but she couldn't, it was too late. Billy's eyes widened with anger... or fear... or sadness. He turned away and went to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him, before Jessica could say anything.

The full realization of what had just happened suddenly hit Jessica hard, and she felt sick to her stomach. Her last comments left her filled with guilt. Why had she screamed at him like that? That was so terrible! She was so ashamed of what she'd been doing. Jessica looked at the computer monitor. The video had ended. She had no idea what the finale scene was. She thought about the fact that there were some other music videos she wanted to review, but after the fight with her husband, she didn’t think she’d be able to concentrate on work. It was nearly 1am and she needed to be at the studio by 8am the next day and realized that she had to go to bed. She realized that if she went to the bedroom with her husband, no doubt they’d be up half the night talking. As much as she wanted to sort things out with Billy, tomorrow night was the big interview, and she needed to get some sleep. Jessica decided to sleep on the sofa in her home office. She grabbed a blanket from the linen closet and a bottle of water before stripping down to her underwear and lying down on the couch.

As Jessica lay her head down on her pillow and closed her eyes, thoughts and self-doubt swam through her tired mind. Her marriage had sunken to a new low. Not only had she not been intimate with her husband in months, but now she wasn't even able to sleep next to him. Was she being selfish? Had she been neglecting Billy all this time? Was that why he couldn't talk to her about his problem...why he was so stressed out? Was it really all her fault? Had she been so focused on her career lately, that she'd been neglecting her husband's problems? If so then that meant she'd be able to concentrate on her personal life after the next night's interview with Black Phallus.

Jessica smiled as she drifted off to sleep. She resolved that things would change...after she got through the interview. Yes... after the interview, things would be different!


The church was full of faceless guests.

The groom stood at the altar...

The bride stood in her dressing room, adjusting her veil in the large standing mirror...

The black man stepped into the frame of her reflection. He was tall and muscular; he placed a large ebony hand on the bride's shoulder.

The groom stood at the altar, the music stopped.

The guests' heads turned too watch the bride's approach.

The bride watches in the mirror as two large black hands circle from behind her, tearing her carefully beaded white corset to shreds. White pearls and beads fall through the air slowly... bouncing and rolling on the floor...

The black man's hands slide over the newly exposed white belly of the bride...and over her full white breasts.

The groom taps his foot, raises his hand up and looks at his watch.

The guests turn to each other, there are murmurs of confusion.

The bride watches as the black man's hands move over her breasts pinching and teasing her stiffening pink nipples, then up under the veil, lifting it out of the way... revealing the face of Jessica McFarland.

The groom turns towards the back of the church... screaming... "JESS!? MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" It's Billy... tears stream down his face.


Jessica bolted upright in the bed, her full white breasts heaved in her bra as she gasped for air. Just a dream... It was almost 9 am. She decided she'd better take a cold shower and get to work and prepare for the evening's interview.

When Jessica got into the shower, she made sure to crank the cold water up high. For some reason her skin felt like it was on fire. It wasn’t pain, it was an extraordinary sensitivity, one that could only be attributed to a heightened state of sexual tension. This was the same sexual tension that had been building up through weeks and weeks of sexlessness. This was the same tension that had led her to masturbate the previous evening, while watching Black Phallus’s explicit video. It was the same sexual tension that had led her to yell at Billy…and give her that awful nightmare. How could she masturbate while watching that video? How could she dream about herself as one of those brides…cheating on Billy? And why did that dream make her wake up so horny?

Thanks to her dream, her guilt was in full gear. She tried to remind herself that she’d been trying to initiate lovemaking with Billy for months, but her own terrible words kept coming back to haunt her. How could she have said those awful things to him? The more she thought about it, the more convinced she became that Billy's impotence was somehow her fault. He must have felt neglected by her recent career focus, or maybe threatened by her recent success. But in any case, she was going to fix it!

As the cold water cascaded over her perfect white body, Jessica planned her evening. After the interview, they would go out for a nice, quiet, romantic dinner, somewhere secluded. When they got home, Jessica would give Billy a nice massage. After that, she was sure he'd be nice and relaxed, and then she'd initiate lovemaking. To make sure it wouldn't fail, she'd start off by giving him oral sex. Oral sex was something Jessica rarely did. She found the thought of taking a penis in her mouth to be gross.

Once Jessica was out of the shower, she selected some of her sexiest lingerie. She decided that would wear it all day, so that when she and Billy got home, she could shed her clothing right in front of him, and let him see what she had planned. The lingerie set she chose was her sexiest set, something she'd bought on sale at the Hidden Closet lingerie store, and had been saving it for her anniversary. The set was entirely made of black satin and lace, and was composed of a demi-bra, thong panties, a matching garter belt, and a pair of black thigh-high hose stockings.

As she dressed in the ensemble, she admired her reflection in her full-length mirror. The black lace and satin complimented her fair complexion beautifully. The bra lifted and separated her firm, 36c breasts, without binding her flesh. The panties rode her hips creating a French-cut V in the front, while leaving her beautiful round white ass exposed with the thong back. The garters complimented the bra and panties set, and the thigh-high black hose gave the sexiness of fishnet stockings, without looking unprofessional under a skirt. Jessica found a sexy, yet tasteful black skirt and blazer that could be worn on-air for the evening’s interview and then to dinner at a nice restaurant afterwards. By the time Jessica was completely dressed, Billy was already up. They bumped into each other in the kitchen...

"I'm sorry honey," Jessica cooed, resting a delicate hand on her husband's shoulder, "I never should have said those awful things!"

Billy smiled half-heartedly at his wife. She'd been very hurtful to him last night, but she always had such a sweet voice. It was always seemed both girlishly innocent and seductively throaty at the same time.

"I'm sorry too..." Billy shrugged, looking down at his shoes, once again, unable to look his wife in the eyes, "its just... you know..."

"I know all about it honey!" Jessica said softly. She took his chin in her hand and raised his face so that he was forced to make eye contact. "I think I understand why you've been so upset lately."

"You do?" Billy was surprised. How did she figure out what the problem was?

"Uh-huh" Jessica squeaked girlishly, and nodded. "I know things have been difficult since I started work at KNEN, and I'm sorry. I've had this big interview coming up, and it's had me completely stressed out."

"Oh." Billy muttered. "Those... rappers." Billy felt his blood start to boil.

"Yes." Jessica said sheepishly. She knew that was the wrong thing to say. Her guilt over the previous night took hold again... again casting herself as the neglectful wife. It was bad enough that this assignment had taken so much of her attention lately, but then for him to catch her masturbating to one of their videos... And what a video... it was practically pornographic! Then there was the possibility of that 'publicity stunt' KNEN had warned her about. Jessica wasn't about to let them intimidate her, but she thought she had better warn Billy.

"Billy" Jessica started, "I have to interview those thugs tonight in the studio... and... Well, given what I've learned about them, I'm ... afraid that they'll try something funny."

Billy stared at Jessica. She continued speaking before he could respond.

"I don't think it will be too bad..." Jessica said, adopting a conciliatory tone, "but they might try some kind of publicity stunt... Nothing dangerous, but something you might not like. The network really wants this interview, they're ready for it... and I might have to go along with it, for the sake of the show."

"Maybe I should be there," Billy croaked softly, not liking what he was hearing, "you know... for moral support."

Jessica looked at her husband lovingly, and kissed him. In spite of the awful things she'd said to him the night before, he still wanted to give her his love and support.

"Oh Billy, I love you!" Jessica smiled, "Why don't you come by the studio tonight! I'd like that. That would be perfect!"

"Perfect?" Billy's curiosity was peaked, "What do you mean?"

"Look," Jessica grinned, playfully running a hand over her husband's shoulders. "I know things have been difficult lately, and maybe I've been too wrapped up in my career. I'm afraid I've caused some confusion about where my priorities are. I just want you to know that I'm planning something special for you tonight!"

"Really?" Billy smiled eagerly "What?"

"I can't tell you, it's a surprise!" Jess whispered coyly. "But rest assured, after tonight's interview is done, there's not going to be anymore confusion about where my affections lie! You’re going to see a whole new side of me. I promise!"

With that, she kissed him on the cheek, and was out the door.

When Jessica arrived at the studio, she had a quick meeting with her producer and went over the plans for that evening’s show. It was established that Jessica would present a little background information on the group, and introduce each of the music videos before conducting the interview with Black Phallus. Jessica was glad of this. Due to all the mess with Billy the previous evening she hadn’t been able to watch all the videos. Seeing the videos before the interview would give her the opportunity to prepare more questions. The only real problem Jessica now had was that her assistant didn’t appear to be in the studio.

Normally, Sarah was there, waiting for Jessica with a bright smile and a coffee, water, or juice. This was not the case today. It was almost noon before Sarah finally did show up, and when she arrived she looked and acted very strangely. Like most of the crew, Sarah was usually nervous on broadcast days, but today she seemed worse. She wasn’t just nervous, she seemed agitated and distracted. Jessica noticed this behavior, but remembered her discussion with Sarah the previous day. Sarah thought the rappers were filthy and disgusting, and feared what kind of ‘publicity stunt’ they might pull in the studio. Sarah was no doubt extra nervous about them being in the studio that night. Still, there was something else unusual that Jessica noticed. Sarah looked strangely unkempt. Her normally perfect make-up looked rushed, maybe even slept-in. Sarah looked very tired and her clothes also seemed untidy, and Jessica soon realized Sarah was wearing the same clothes she had worn the previous day! Had the poor girl not slept? When they had a few minutes, Jessica took the opportunity to speak with her young friend and assistant.

“Sarah, is everything all right?” Jessica asked, resting a hand on her assistant’s shoulder, “You seem out of sorts today.”

“Sorry Jessica,” Sarah smiled weakly, and maybe a little nervously, “I don’t know what you mean…”

“Well,” Jessica raised an eyebrow, “I mean you were late getting in this morning, and you seem a little distracted today. Are you sure you’re okay? Are those.. aren’t those the same clothes you wore yesterday?”

“Oh, yeah” Sarah smiled, “I had a rough night last night. Up kind of late… you know…”

“Before a studio session day!?” Jessica was surprised. Sarah knew better than that. Everybody had to operate at one hundred ten percent on broadcast days.

“Well, I was helping Black Phallus test their equipment for tonight, remember?” Sarah smiled weakly “We were getting busy most of the night... I mean...busy most of the night, getting things ready!”

“Oh, of course, Sarah, I’m so sorry, I forgot about that. I hope they weren’t too hard on you? You should have gotten some boys from engineering to help out.”

“Oh, they did… I mean, we did. We were up all night... I ended up sleeping here in my office.” Sarah smiled.

“So, things went well then?” Jessica asked.

“Oh,” Sarah nodded, looking blankly into Jessica’s big blue eyes, “it went a lot better than I expected. I learned a lot about the group, and I have a whole new respect for what they’re doing.”

“Really?” Jessica was shocked to hear how much Sarah’s opinion had changed. Jessica had been surprised by her own enjoyment of the music, but would never have believed her conservative, demure young assistant would have been able to look past the surface of the lyrics. When Sarah had first learned that Black Phallus would be featured on the program, she’d been disgusted. The idea that Sarah had gained any respect for that kind of group made Jessica more than a little curious. “How? I mean...”

“Well,” Sarah smiled and rushed through a diversionary answer, “it would take a long time to explain and I don’t think we have time. I think they need you in make up, then they’re going to need to set up the lights, so you’d better get going! And don’t let yourself get dehydrated, you know what those lights are like!” Sarah’s last comment was made as she steered Jessica towards the dressing room and thrust a fresh water bottle into her hands.

Jessica knew that Sarah was trying to hide something, but as much as she wanted to uncover the mystery, she simply didn’t have the time. Sarah was right, Jessica needed to be made up and prepped for the interview. The truth would have to wait until another day.


Within the hour, Jessica was at the anchor desk, going over her while the set’s engineers busied themselves around her. After Black Phallus’s lighting preferences had been programmed in the previous evening, the studio lighting needed to be reconfigured to best light Jessica McFarland’s delicate porcelain features. As she sat under the changing studio lights, Jessica couldn’t help but feel like the lights were hotter than normal. Certainly, studio lighting always put out a lot of heat, but tonight the lights’ heat seemed especially severe. Jessica found herself drinking bottle after bottle of ice water. Sarah fluttered around her nervously, making certain that Jessica never ran out of the water that she was so eagerly consuming. Neither Jessica nor Sarah had any idea that the water was laced with Xcite, the E&I produced chemical that provoked intense sexual arousal in women, with some liquid “e” ecstasy mixed in for quicker results.

“Sarah?” Jessica asked her assistant, as she was handed her fourth bottle of water, “Does it seem warm in here to you?”

“What…” Sarah babbled nervously, “well, yes. I mean, of course it is. It’s probably just the lights.” She smiled weakly at Jessica, and tried desperately to avoid eye contact.

“Still…” Jessica replied, trying to ignore her assistant’s strange behavior, “ it seems warmer than usual. Why don’t you check with the floor manager? I think the AC needs to be turned up.”

“Actually, I think that is intentional,” Sarah retorted quickly, “I mean, it was requested by Black Phallus, you know, one of the conditions they had about doing you…your show... the show, was that they wanted the studio environment to be controlled, set to their specifications.”

“Really?” Jessica raised an eyebrow and took a swig from her water bottle. “I can understand lighting and sound, and even camera work, but the temperature? Those Black Phallus guys seem a bit domineering.”

“Yes…” Sarah replied quietly, carefully watching the water level in Jessica’s current bottle, “I learned that last night. They like to take complete control of everything!”

“Oh well…” Jessica sighed and stretched her neck. Leaning back, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she fanned herself with her note cards. “I hope we can get this over with soon. I’m burning up with this heat. How much longer ‘til we start?” Jessica finished her bottle of water.

Sarah smiled and immediately handed Jessica another bottle. “Not much longer now I think. It’s about forty-five minutes ‘til broadcast time. The guys from tech are setting up and checking the webcast software.”

Jessica had forgotten about the webcast. While the show was being recorded, it would be airing live on pay per view and also being broadcast on pay-per-view web access.

“Great, not much time then.” Jessica sighed. “Are they here yet? I’d like to meet them before the interview.”

“Umm… yes, they’re here, but they’re in make up.” Sarah replied.

“Good, I’m glad they’re actually here. I’d hate to go live tonight with nothing to show the public!”

“Oh, I’m sure that won’t be a problem!” Sarah smiled.

“Is make-up very busy?” Jessica asked, looking at herself in a nearby monitor. “I think I need a quick touch up before we go on. All this heat is making me sweat and I don’t want my face to be shiny for the interview.”

Sarah giggled, “I don’t think our viewers are going to mind a shiny face!” Jessica shot her assistant a puzzled look. Sarah immediately spoke again, “…but I’ll go find a make up person right away!” With that Sarah dashed away from Jessica McFarland as quickly as possible, trying desperately to stifle a laugh.


There was a sense of great anticipation on the air, and as the hour of the interview approached, the tension in the studio’s atmosphere got higher and higher. Jessica found herself getting very nervous, more so than normal for one of her interviews. For one thing, Billy still hadn't arrived in the studio, like he said he would be. She couldn't imagine where he'd got to. He knew where the studio was. She just hoped that he arrived before the broadcast started, otherwise security might not let him in, once they were on the air.

Jessica’s nervous energy and countless bottles of water resulted in a much needed bathroom break. She returned from her break minutes before the broadcast, and the tension of the studio was even stronger than before she’d left. The atmosphere was justified. Not only were they going on live television tonight, but there was to be a live web simulcast and Jessica McFarland would be interviewing the most controversial rap group in the country… maybe even the world! Then there was the possibility of that 'publicity stunt'. A controversial group like Black Phallus would almost certainly take advantage of the uncensored interview segment to stage some kind of provocative publicity stunt. It could be almost anything... and the network would likely air it, and that was what made Jessica particularly nervous. It was a sense of nervousness that Jessica knew that the whole staff of “The Whole Truth” news program shared. That shared nervousness was demonstrated when the make-up girl spilled a bottle of base make-up down the front of Jessica’s black blazer… with mere minutes to air time!

The girl was very apologetic, “I’m so sorry Ms. McFarland... somebody bumped into me and I lost my grip on the bottle!”

Indeed, Jessica had seen a black crewmember walk by just as Heather was opening the make-up bottle. Funny, her crew wasn’t normally this clumsy. The set director quickly summoned wardrobe to bring another blazer for Jessica ASAP. Before Jessica could protest, she was being stripped out of her black top by the busy hands of a wardrobe artist! This was particularly embarrassing since the black blazer that Jessica had worn that evening was a closed jacket with a very high neckline. As such, it had not needed a blouse under it, and Jessica had not worn one! Jessica’s sexy black “Hidden Closet” demi-bra was unceremoniously exposed to all eyes in the studio! Jessica didn’t like the looks she was getting from the crew, even if it was for just a second. This was a rattling event that she did not need to go through right before an interview.

“Lets hustle people, we’ve got 3 minutes to air!” A voice buzzed over the intercom, from the sound booth.

The wardrobe girl immediately started helping Jessica into a new blazer, while the make up girl finished her job. The women worked briskly and busily around Jessica’s face and torso. Jessica could barely see what was going on below her neckline, though she was aware that the make up girl was smearing some access base across Jessica’s cleavage. Then, in a flash, the make up girl and wardrobe girl were gone.

“One minute people!” The director called.

Jessica looked down to see if she needed to do any quick preening, and was shocked by the sight of her new jacket! The jacket was a brilliant royal blue color, with a black collar, but no lapels. There was also a black pattern going up the sides, to emphasize Jessica’s hourglass figure. The problem was that the jacket had a “U” shaped neckline about six inches wide, and ending in the middle of Jessica’s chest. The designer jacket would have looked very professional if Jessica was wearing a blouse under it, but since Jessica had no blouse, the jacket exposed a generous amount of the inner portion of Jessica’s milky white breasts, and even a bit of her black demi-bra’s center! The wardrobe girl had given her the wrong kind of jacket!

“Hey!” Jessica called out, “I need a blouse, or a different jacket! Quick! Wardrobe!”

“Sorry, that’s all we could find!

“I’ve got a spare jacket in my office” Jessica offered, “if you could send somebody...”

“No time!” the director called over the microphone, “don’t worry, you look great! We’re live in five… four… three… two…Cue Music!”


Backstage, in the Green Room, one of the VIP waiting rooms down the hall from the studio, Billy McFarland sat in a large overstuffed chair and anxiously waited for his wife’s news program to begin. The room was luxurious... with soft lighting, rich furnishings, and a fully stocked complimentary snack and drink bar, with a refrigerator. The walls of the room were paneled in mahogany and decorated with African tribal masks. One wall featured a built-in plasma HDTV monitor, permanently set to KNEN. In spite of the opulent surroundings, Billy was highly agitated.

He’d arrived late, been hassled by security downstairs. It shouldn’t have been a problem, if these had been the same guys that normally carded him on his way into the building. But since he didn’t normally on Saturdays, the Saturday afternoon security crew was unfamiliar with him. He was certainly unfamiliar with them… they looked more like bouncers for some black nightclub. In any case, these guys insisted on scanning Billy’s ID.

“Sorry Sir,” one of the burly black officers shrugged, handing Billy his card, “but this ID doesn’t appear to be valid.”

“What?” Billy replied, “There must be some mistake. Try it again, I work here!”

The guard swiped the card through the reader again… looked at his computer screen and shrugged again. “Sorry sir, you don’t seem to be in the system.”

These guys claimed to have problems scanning his ID. Billy knew it was bullshit. These black bastards were giving him trouble because he was a white guy. “I don’t have time for this crap, I have to get to the studio!”

The second black guard stepped in front of Billy, blocking his path. Billy couldn’t help but back away in fear of the giant, muscled black man. “No sir, we can’t let you in without a pass.”

The guards took twenty minutes to ‘verify Billy’s identity’ with the security office. They didn’t bother apologizing. As Billy pushed past the beefy black guards, he shouted that that his wife was Jessica McFarland, and that he was going to have them fired for the way they treated him. This didn’t produce the result that Billy expected... the fuckers just laughed at him!

Billy was getting into the elevator when the guards shouted their response for everybody in the lobby to hear... “BITCH, A fine woman like Jessica McFarland wouldn’t let a limp-dicked whiteboy like him anywhere near her!” They laughed.

That struck a nerve... Billy choked on his rage as the elevator doors closed and the laughter echoed through the lobby. No matter. By Monday morning, they wouldn’t be laughing anymore.

By the time Billy got to the floor where the studio was, the broadcast had started. The studio security, another pair of black bodybuilder bouncer types, refused to allow him into the studio, now that the broadcast was in progress. Instead, Billy was escorted to the green room and told to watch the broadcast from there.



Becky Davenport trembled in nervous anticipation as she anxiously watched the screen and waited for the show to start. She couldn’t believe she was actually going to be able to watch the interview on television!

Becky had called her sister Sarah a couple of days earlier, hoping to get a VIP pass to visit the studio that night and actually meet the group. Sarah, as Becky had feared, refused, saying that the group was not appropriate to for Becky to even listen to, and she wouldn’t be responsible for exposing Becky to more of their ‘filth’. Becky had cried and begged, but her sister would not relent. Becky’s friend Lauren had invited Becky to a slumber party to watch the interview on Laura’s computer with some of their friends, but Becky’s ridiculously conservative parents wouldn’t allow her to sleep over at a friend’s house on a school night! Lauren promised to DVR the interview for Becky, but Becky was still crushed. The next morning, after Becky had abandoned all hope of seeing the interview, Becky woke to find a voice-mail on her cell phone. The message was from Sarah, apologizing and giving Becky her credit card number so that Becky could order the interview on pay-per-view or the web-cast. Becky was thrilled! She already knew her parents wouldn’t be home that night so she had the whole house... and the big TV in the living room... all to herself. That night was one of the rare occasions that Becky’s overprotective parents left her home alone. Her father, was at his mid-week church meeting. Her mother was at her monthly book-club get-together. She was actually going to be able to do it! She was going to be able to watch the interview with Black Phallus, her favorite music group. She just hoped it was over before one of her parents got home!

The young redhead’s small white hands were trembling with so much excitement and apprehension that she could barely dial the phone number for the pay-per-view service. A feeling of prickly heat tingled through the white teen’s back and shoulders as she registered her sister’s credit card information. Then Becky Davenport sat back on the living room couch, all alone in her house, watching the television intently, as the opening titles of “The Whole Truth” played on the screen and the program she’d so desperately wanted to see began.


“Good evening, I’m Jessica McFarland, and this is... The Whole Truth!” Jessica intoned in her professional demeanor.

Jessica turned to camera two to introduce the night’s story, briefly wincing as she caught a glimpse of herself in the monitor. The inner half of each of her full, milky white breasts were clearly visible. She looked like a high-priced call girl, so some kind of porno-film version of herself. She tried to ignore her predicament and concentrated on the story.

“Tonight we have ‘The Whole Truth’ about ‘Black Phallus’, America’s most controversial, and most popular, underground rap group. Their first album, ‘Only Natural’ has already sold over a million copies in the few months its been released, thanks to label-direct internet sales. Their music is heard in night clubs and teenagers’ rooms across the country.”

Jessica could barely concentrate on the words scrolling up the teleprompter screen. The heat of the studio lights on her bare chest was a constant reminder of how much of her cleavage was on display for the camera and America to see. Jessica positioned her arms in a way that she hoped blocked the camera’s view of her cleavage, and continued reading the teleprompter.

“These facts are surprising, given the fact that their music was never aired on the radio, or television, and banned from some record stores’ shelves! The reason for this is because some in the government and the media claim that the group is simply too obscene to be broadcast. Black Phallus’s lyrics are sexually explicit and racially charged. Likewise, their videos have never been seen on television because of the sexual content and allegedly offensive nature. Some music network officials have gone so far as to label the videos as being pornographic or racist.”

Jessica paused briefly as she caught another glimpse of herself in a studio monitor. She was distressed to see that the way she had positioned her arms failed to hide the cleavage that her jacket was exposing. In fact, it seemed that as she moved her arms around attempting to find a more modest pose, everything she did seemed to show off her cleavage even more. Jessica’s eyes darted between the prompter and the monitor as she continued trying to find a more professional position and read the teleprompter at the same time.

“Black Phallus claims that the use of such extreme content in their music is meant to express their deeply-held political philosophy about popular ideas and societal values. In short, they make the age-old claim of every controversial artist... that their controversial material is artistically justified freedom of expression. They point out other so-called ‘explicit’ songs that are given radio and video play and ask why they are singled out for complaints. The group claims that they are victims of racism. They claim that that they are being censored because their music is perceived as a threat to the white establishment. They say that there are some in white America that wants their voices silenced. Tonight, exclusively on KNEN pay-per-view and KNEN’s web simulcast, our viewers will learn just what Black Phallus wants them to know!”

The nervousness in Jessica’s voice could barely be disguised. In her attempts to cover herself in front of the camera while reading the teleprompter, she was allowing herself to become rattled. Jessica knew that if she appeared to lack confidence, it would be bad for her television presentation and disastrous for her interview. She abandoned her attempts to find a more demure camera angle and concentrated on reading the teleprompter.

“Are they artists victimized by a racist establishment? Are they simply vulgar pornographers?
Decide for yourselves after seeing my revealing interview tonight! But first, we’re going to show you the videos that the music video channels won’t. All this, and more, after a brief break, for our sponsors.”

Jessica shivered a little as she read those last lines off the teleprompter. She'd been so focused on the interview, and worried about the publicity stunt that she had forgotten about the fact that the videos were going to be shown that night... on air, with her in the studio! Memories of watching the video the previous night... and the effect that they’d had on her worried her. She hoped... prayed... that the videos wouldn’t stir her up the way they’d done the other night... not here... not now... on the air.

Jessica caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby monitor... she was sweating a little... and her milky white breasts were heaving obscenely. She had to get herself under control. She guzzled the bottle of water under her desk... and quickly opened another, downing half of it quickly.


Billy sat stunned during the commercial break. What the hell were they making his Jessica wear? Her tits were almost completely exposed by the jacket she was wearing! Why the hell would she agree to wear such a thing?

He walked over to the bar and grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

Then suddenly he smiled. Of course! This was part of Jessica’s surprise! She was going to flaunt her body a little on television... then after the broadcast she’d wear that little outfit to dinner... and home... very naughty!

That was why he wasn’t able to get into the studio! He was being intentionally delayed so the outfit would be a surprise!

That must be the reason. Billy sat back to watch the rest of the program.

Yes... that must be it.

Billy tried to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach that was telling him that he was wrong.


During the brief break, Sarah Davenport quickly rushed on-set to put four more bottles of ice-cold water under Jessica’s desk.

Seeing her assistant, and realizing that the break afforded her an opportunity, Jessica decided to do something about her jacket. “Sarah, I need you to get the spare jacket out of my office. I can’t continue a program looking like this!” Jessica spread her arms and showed the ridiculous amount of beautiful white cleavage that her jacket exposed.

Sarah looked at Jessica’s beautiful white cleavage and bit her lip nervously. “Of course Jess… I mean Ms. McFar… Jessica.” The young beauty stammered.

Jessica couldn’t help but notice the unusually anxious behavior her normally calm and collected assistant was displaying. Jessica also suddenly noticed that Sarah’s blouse was mis-buttoned, and her white lace bra was visible.

“Sarah,” Jessica whispered to her assistant, “You’ve got some buttons out of place. The upper three are undone, and the middle one is out of sync with the button holes.”

“Oh! Oops!” Sarah quickly reached up to fix her buttons... and that’s when Jessica noticed something really unusual.

“Sarah!” Jessica exclaimed, “where is your engagement ring?”

Sarah hesitated for a moment, fixing her blouse before answering. Strangely, the conservative young woman left the top three buttons unbuttoned, showing an unusual amount of her cleavage. Her white lacy bra was even more visible than it had been before she fixed her blouse!

“What?...oh... uh...” Sarah finally answered, “Oh, I just left it at home this morning. I was worried about misplacing somewhere at work.”

Now Jessica knew something was wrong. “Sarah, are you sure everything is all right?” Jessica asked quietly.

“Yeah..” Sarah answered, sweating now. “Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

“I don’t know...” Jessica smiled. “It’s just that earlier... you told me that you spent the night here in your office, and just now you said you left your ring at home...”

Sarah’s eyes widened, and she briefly bit her lip. “Oh...oh...” she giggled, “I’m sorry, did I say at home, I meant in my office. I left my ring in my office.”

Jessica continued, “...but...”

Sarah hesitated again... “Look... we’ll have to talk about this after the show... there isn’t time to go into it now.” Sarah fled the set before Jessica could respond.

“Why is the girl so cagey?” Jessica wondered. She didn’t have time to wonder for very long, because the director’s voice boomed over the studio intercom, interrupting Jessica’s train of thought.


Jessica finished her bottle of water, smiled brightly, and turned to the camera, as words lit up on the teleprompter.


“Pornographic, racist, offensive. These are the words that music video network executives used in describing why they have continually refused to air music videos created by the music group “Black Phallus”. The FCC has agreed, and ruled that the videos cannot air on regularly broadcast television. The decision has resulted in preventing all of those music videos from ever airing on television... until tonight!”

Jessica tried to focus on the teleprompter and ignore the image of herself on the studio monitor. Her chest was heaving and her cleavage was beginning to shine with perspiration. This was not unnoticed by the black male studio crew.

“Tonight we, we at The Whole Truth, are able to present these videos, in their entirety. We have managed to do this only because this interview is being carried on pay-per-view stations, and a members-only web-simulcast. Please be advised again that the material you see tonight will be shown in its entirety. Much of it is sexually explicit, and may be considered offensive. After these videos are aired tonight, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the artists responsible, and hear what they have to say about their music, their videos, and their unusual philosophy about society, culture, and race.”

Jessica’s mind briefly flashed forward to the interview later that night. She imagined herself trying to professionally confront these outrageous black rappers. How would she possibly be able to conduct such an interview wearing a jacket that left her breasts available to lusting stares of the same men that specialized in sensational, sexually explicit lyrics about white women. What horrible comments might they make about her body if they saw her in this jacket?

“The first music video that “The Whole Truth” will show you tonight concerns Black Phallus’s views on the concept of marriage. Like the others you will see later tonight, features sexually explicit lyrics and video footage. Black Phallus claims that this explicit material is vitally necessary to underscore the points that they are trying to make about what they call, “unnatural cultural values”. Critics claim that the music video, like the music itself, is simply purile pornography and an affront to a time-honored tradition and sacred institution.”

Jessica took an unnaturally long pause at this point, her mind wandering to the images she’d seen in the music video… and the reaction that she’d had to them… and betrayed look on her husband’s face.

And now, “The Whole Truth” presents Black Phallus’s “White Wedding...” Jessica hesitated before finishing the title of the song... she’d forgotten she’d have to say some of these suggestive and explicit words on air!

“White Wedding, Blacked Bride!” Jessica tried to maintain a professional demeanor, but couldn’t help but shiver as the song’s complete title left her mouth. She could even feel a tingle... one she’d felt the previous evening when she’d seen the video.

The video feed cut to the opening of the music video, which Jessica tried desperately to ignore. The last time she’d seen this video she got highly aroused. She couldn’t allow that to happen here... she couldn’t allow people to think that Black Phallus’s music video turned her on! Still, she couldn’t help but notice that several pairs of eyes in the studio were glued to the monitor screens as the video played out. Jessica reached under her desk for a water bottle, which she downed quickly. Why was it so damn hot in the studio? Jessica looked around the studio, trying to find something to distract her from the video playing on monitors all around her... and noticed that Sarah was nowhere to be seen.


“I gave her all the water, just like you said.” Sarah said quietly to the hulking black form of Tom Watkins... manager of Black Phallus. They were in her office.

“And the temperature and stage lights are at the setting I requested?” Watkins said, grabbing the young woman’s breasts and kneading them roughly through the silky fabric of her blouse.

“Yesssssss” Sarah cooed, rubbing her hands over Tom powerful chest, and under his jacket. “Please! You said... if I did it, that you’d ... we could... you know.” Sarah dropped a hand down to Tom’s groin, rubbing the enormous rock hard bulge in his trousers.

“Say it Sarah!” Watkins commanded, “don’t imply. Say it!”

“You said you’d fuck me!” Sarah whimpered... “You said you’d fuck me with your BIG BLACK COCK like you did last night!”

“Of course I will Sarah, but you know what you have to do to get us started!” Tom smiled.

Sarah backed away, not wanting to leave the black man’s embrace, but desperately needing to obey him. She worked her fingers over the buttons of her silk blouse and opened it, revealing her full, firm breasts, encased in their white lacy bra. Sarah’s soft white skin was covered with hickeys... hickeys she’d received the previous evening, from many black mouths.

Tom reached a large black hand out and snatched Sarah’s bra, pulling it down, freeing her full firm breasts, and hard nipples. Sarah’s came instantly at the dominating action... her knees buckled, and she fell to the ground, face to face with Tom’s groin. Leaning forward she hungrily kissed the still-clothed black cock, nuzzling Tom’s groin, inhaling his manly scent... a scent laced with the EI enhanced X Serum hormone!

“You know what to do Sarah! Don’t keep me waiting!” Tom whispered. “We don’t have much time. You have to be ready for your part of the show tonight!”

Sarah immediately worked her nimble white fingers over Tom’s zipper, and freed his monstrous 12 inch black cock. Taking it quickly in both her tiny white hands, she lovingly looked up into Tom penetrating brown eyes, and gently licked the precum from the tip of his cock.

Then, she came again.


‘Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!’ Billy thought to himself as he watched the Black Phallus video. “I can’t believe they would put this garbage on television, let alone expose my wife to it, and make her do a story about them. Don’t they realize the kind of publicity this will generate for these... degenerates?” This is sick! Who would enjoy this shit?”

But Billy knew who would enjoy this ‘shit’. His wife. This was the same video he had caught her watching... had caught her masturbating to... just the other night. But he didn’t want to think of that. Instead he again asked himself...“Nobody could possibly watch this garbage!”


Becky Davenport stared wide-eyed at the sexy white brides and black studs in different erotic scenarios on her TV screen. She’d heard that “Black Phallus” videos were pretty risque, but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Her parents had always taught her that pre-marital sex was dirty. The idea of a wife cheating on her husband was wicked. But this video didn’t stop there...this video showed new white brides ditching their grooms on their wedding day and giving themselves to black men instead!

Deep down Becky knew that she should find the concept disgusting... but there was something about the imagery in the video that was hotter than anything she’d ever imagined! Unconsciously, the pretty young redhead dropped a hand to her lap and began nervously tugging at the hem of her fitted tee-shirt. She slowly, unconsciously slipped her hand up under her tee, and began stroking her flat white tummy, never taking her eyes from the action.


By the time the video ended, Jessica McFarland’s eyes were glued to the monitor nearest her desk. She’d wanted desperately to ignore the video, but its pull was just too strong. Thankfully, it didn’t generate as quite a strong effect on her as it had the previous night.

All the same, she was grateful that the video ended when it did.

She turned her attention back to the camera and teleprompter and composed herself as the video ended.

“As you can see, the video is certainly provocative, and there is reason for controversy, but that’s not the only video we have for you tonight, and others are every bit as controversial. See the next video, after these messages from our sponsor.”


“Every bit as controversial?” Billy didn’t like the sound of that. The first video had been a disgusting slight against the institution of marriage. The lyrics were explicit, and the video footage was too obvious to be considered ‘objective’.

He shuddered to think how the next video could be worse... Billy was even more troubled by the fact that that the ‘artists’ responsible for this filth would be sitting inches from his beautiful, intelligent wife in a matter of minutes.

Jessica was getting increasingly worried. She worried about the next two videos they were going to show... videos that she hadn’t yet seen. “Every bit as controversial” the teleprompter said... that had her worried. What if... what if it turned her on... like the first one had done? She was also worried about the interview... could she stay professional?

Jessica’s train of thought was rudely interrupted by her make-up girl’s smiling face and busy hands. “Pardon me Mrs. McFarland, we’ve just got to get this for the lighting. You’re looking a little shiny.”

Heather Christiansen had just been hired a week ago, and while she seemed a little inexperienced, she was very eager to please. She’d asked for Jessica’s autograph already, not for herself, but for her father. She was quite sweet, actually, even if she was a bit over-eager.

Jessica looked into the monitor... she looked a little shiny, but not very. Nevertheless, Jessica lifted her face for the girl to apply some touch-up, to cut down the shine. The girl spritzed Jessica’s face with water, and applied the puff-powder. Then suddenly the girl lowered the soft puff to Jessica’s cleavage! Jessica was taken aback by the action... God! Somehow she’d forgotten about that damn jacket! She could here the hushed masculine voices of the stagehands and cameramen. She could feel their horny stares. Obviously they were getting a real kick from watching the pretty young make-up girl “groping” THE Jessica McFarland!

“Heather!” Jessica sternly admonished the young make-up girl, “Was that really necessary?”

“Sorry Mrs. McFarland,” the make-up girl grinned sheepishly, “its just that... well... skin is skin... and you were too shiny.”

“Just tell Sarah to hurry with that jacket please!” Jessica snapped, hearing chuckles from some of the men in the studio. How could she have allowed herself to go on tonight, looking like this?

“I’ll see if I can find her.” the make-up girl responded, rushing off set as the director’s voice boomed over the intercom...



“The humiliation of infidelity, and familial evidence of interracial infidelity. That is the subject of the next “Black Phallus” video. Again, we need to remind you of the sensitive nature of tonight’s broadcast. Viewer discretion is advised. And now, “The Whole Truth” presents Black Phallus’s video, “Nigga in the Wood Pile.” “

Jessica cringed at having to use such a disgusting word on her broadcast, but “Black Phallus” had demanded, in their contract, that nothing about the evening’s broadcast could be censored. The demand had been honored by KNEN. But the words were the least of her concern. Jessica was terrified that she would become publicly aroused by the video’s contents. But no matter how much she may have wanted to try and ignore the images flickering across all the monitors in the studio, she couldn’t. She hadn’t seen the video yet, and she needed to see it before she conducted her interview the video’s stars and producers in the next part of the show.

Things didn’t seem so bad, once the video started. While as crude as the previous video, this song and video seemed geared towards humor. At least... at first...


The video opens with a scene in a hospital delivery room. We hear the strains of the corny love song “Your having my baby”. We see a white yuppie husband with a video camera, taping his wife in the delivery room, as she’s about to give birth. In spite of the process of delivery, the wife seems extraordinarily attractive.

“Here it comes!” says the doctor, “I see the head!”

The yuppie holds his wife’s hand in one hand, and the camera in the other “Here he comes honey!”

We see from the perspective of the camera... the head of the bed, where the husband is standing with his wife. We see the wife’s spread legs spread wide, a cloth draped covering her groin, and the doctor leaning down, pulling the baby out...

A sound byte begins to play... a rich narrator booms “Congratulations, you are the father of a proud baby…”

“NIGGA IN THE WOODPILE!” An obnoxious voice interrupts just as the doctor pulls the baby up into view, revealing a black baby boy!

Your wife gave birth to her baby boy,
but something looks a little wrong,
His skin's a little too dark to be considered white,
Was that bun in your wife's oven too long?

Speakin' of long, what's with his dick?
It's as big as yours but how can that be?
It's not only long, but brown and thick
That branch he's packin' ain't from YOUR family tree!

Looks like you got yourself a
Wifey been less than true
Now what you gon’ do...

The rap goes on to tell the story of how it happened… there is a series of ‘flashback scenes’. The rappers sing about how hubby shouldn’t have left his wife alone all day... while he was at work.

There is a scene of hubby leaving for work in the morning... Wifey leans forward, lovingly kissing him on the lips. She’s a sweet, innocent, Marcia Brady type. She stands in the doorway of their lovely suburban home, in her bathrobe, waving as he drives away. As she stands there waving... a delivery truck pulls up to the house.

The truck is marked “BBP” with the tagline “Find out what Big Brown Packages can do for you!” The delivery man, one of the muscular black studs from “Black Phallus”, walks up to the house with a large box. His muscles flex as he puts the box down on the porch. He then holds a receipt and pen out at waist level, indicating that the wife needs to sign for delivery. As she leans down to sign the receipt, her robe falls open slightly, revealing her flawless cleavage. She looks past the clipboard, and notices a huge bulge growing in the delivery man’s shorts! Stunned, she looks up into his penetrating brown eyes. Before the wife can protest, the black delivery man looks around then suddenly, boldly, pushes her into the house, slamming the door behind them! The camera scans down to the porch and the closed front door of the house. A rolled-up newspaper suddenly lands on the porch. Cut to a muscular, black paperboy in his late teens, sitting on a bicycle at the end of the wife’s sidewalk. He’s grinning.

The shot cuts to a close up of a bedroom nightstand. On the nightstand we see a wedding photo of the husband and wife, in an expensive crystal frame. The frame is shaking... as is the whole nightstand. Suddenly the wedding photo falls off the nightstand and the beautiful frame shatters. The shot widens to show the beautiful frame shattering on the floor by the bed... and beautiful brass bed headboard, banging against a wall. We can see the wife’s wrists are tied to the brass bed posts with packing tape. There is a brief close up of her face, she is moaning and smiling. The camera pulls back, showing the black delivery man, in uniform, shirt tails covering his ass and the wife’s long white legs wrapped around his waist. The camera pulls back further, out the bedroom window, where we see the black teenager peeping, and recording the action on his cell phone. “Nigga In The Woodpile!” the refrain echoes.

She’s too fine to be lonely
so what you wife gon' do
When she sees a great Big Black… MAN?

She wants to be loyal
She wants to be true
But we ain't gonna let that happen!

She's got a deep dark need
We got potent nigga seed
Now we gon' get crack-a-lackin!

The next shot we see is another shot of hubby leaving for work, with the wife standing at the door in her bathrobe. Hubby leans forward kissing his wife on the lips. She stands in the doorway waving good-bye.
Just after hubby leaves, the muscular, black paperboy rides up the house’s front sidewalk and pulls a newspaper from his pack. He acts like he’s going to hand it to the wife, but drops it before she can take it in her hand. She bends down to pick it up, her robe falls open a bit and he grins, staring at her ample white cleavage. She catches him looking, looks up at him angrily and closes her robe up. He shakes his head, then flips open his cell phone. Her eyes widen as she sees the video he’s shot of her and the delivery man.
She looks up at his face, shaking her head. He continues grinning, and nods.

There is a quick cut to the paper boy’s sack of newspapers dropping to the porch steps, and then a shot of his bicycle laying on the sidewalk, tires spinning, then a shot of the front door slamming. Cut to the interior of the house. The black stud stand in the entryway of the house, facing the camera. The wife is on her knees, facing him, her back to the camera, but obviously giving him a blowjob. The newspaper boy playfully slaps her ass with a rolled up newspaper. The wife stands up, back still to the camera, and the bottom of the shot ending just below her waist, and drops her robe, revealing her nude body to the paper ‘boy’. Cut to the bedroom, the wife on all fours, on the bed, biting down the rolled up newspaper as the black teen fucks her ass. Again, the shot is arranged so that little actual nudity is seen, but it is obvious what is happening.

“Nigga In The Woodpile!” the refrain echoes.

Cut to the next day. We see hubby leaving for work once again... with wifey stands in the doorway in her robe. Hubby leans forward to kiss his wife on the lips, but she turns away, and he lands one on her cheek instead. He gets in his car and she waves good bye. As soon as hubby drives away, the milkman walks up the driveway with a crate of milk bottles. Again, it’s one of the giant black rappers from “Black Phallus”. The wife smiles at the milk man and takes one of the milk bottles from the crate, licking her lips hungrily. The black milk man stares at her mouth and smiles. The milk man shoves the wife into her house. Cut to the porch and the wife’s milk bottle dropping to the ground and shattering on the cement, sending creamy white milk splashing everywhere. The door slams behind them.

We see a brief shot of the brass headboard again, followed by shots of milk running over a muscular black chest... and the beautiful white wife licking it off... moving down further and further... over his washboard abs... and down further... out of camera shot... “Nigga In The Woodpile!” the refrain echoes.

We see hubby pulling out of the driveway and the wife waving him off from the front porch. Quick cut to the interior of the house’s front door, the wife is on the phone. Another quick cut shows the door being opened to reveal a large, black, pizza delivery man... He holds up the pizza, indicating a label that says “EXTRA LARGE SAUSAGE”. The wife grabs him by the collar and pulls him in. Cut to the kitchen table, and the open pizza box with its lid standing up in the air. Over the top of the box lid, in the background, we can see the delivery man. He is standing in the kitchen, wearing his hat, but no shirt, and eating a piece of pizza. He seems to be looking down at something, but it is obscured from the camera’s view by the pizza-box lid. Suddenly the wife rises from behind the box lid. Her back is to the camera, but she is obviously naked and had been kneeling in front of the pizza guy. The pizza guy smiles, takes his cap off and puts it on the wife’s head backwards. Then he spins her around and bends her over the kitchen island. Our view is still partially obscured by the pizza box lid, but we can see the wife’s bare shoulders and moaning face past the left edge of the lid, and the pizza guy’s thrusting motions over the top right corner of the lid.

Poor dumb white jerk,
you went to work,
never should have left her alone!

Once she gets some black cock,
in that married white cunt,
we're gonna make your wife moan!

As the music’s pace quickens... we see shot after shot of the white wife letting more and more black men into her home to fuck her.

The next shot is of hubby being shoved out the door with his jacket and briefcase... and wifey on the phone... wearing a sexy new kimono. Then we see the wife with a wrench, twisting at a pipe connection under the bathroom sink. Suddenly water begins to spray from the loosened connection. Another quick cut shows the door being opened to a black plumber, then a quick shot a flooded bathroom floor. The bathroom is steamy and the shower doors are fogged up. Through the shower doors we can make out the translucent silhouette of the wife and the black plumber. He is holding her up, facing him, with her legs wrapped around his waist and her hands clutching the showerhead. They are obviously fucking passionately. “Nigga In The Woodpile!” the refrain echoes.

The next scene shows a large, muscular black pool man, walking up the sidewalk of the white couple’s home, carrying a pool skimmer. The front door opens, revealing the wife in a ludicrously skimpy string bikini. The pool man follows wifey through the house, watching her perfect white ass sway, clad only in a thong. The wife leads him through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen, and opens the door, allowing the black pool man to walk into the fenced in back yard. In the backyard, the black pool man looks around, and the camera shot goes wide to show that there is no pool in the back yard! The black man raises an eyebrow in confusion, before a wide grin spreads across his face. He then turns around to see the white wife walking towards him, her bikini top’s strings already untied and the cups of the top just sitting, loose on her breasts. The camera cuts away just as she unties one side of her bikini bottoms and they start to fall down. We see a shot of the lawn, her bikini top lands on the ground, immediately followed by the pool-man’s skimming net. The refrain echoes as the scene changes yet again.

After hubby has driven away, Wifey glances down at the security system keypad by the door. A label on the keypad reads “E&I Security Silent Alarm”. Wifey smiles, sets the alarm, then opens the door, setting it off. There is a quick edit to a security truck pulling up in the driveway. Two beefy black security officers walk up to the house and open the door. They find the wife standing in the front hallway, wearing black leotard, black leather gloves, and a burglar eye-mask. She puts on a fake surprised look and then puts her hands up, wrists together, inviting handcuffs. The black security officers smile at each other, punch in the ‘all clear’ code into the security keypad, and slam the door behind them. From outside the house, the camera stays on the action, looking through the broken window. From behind, we watch as the security officer’s strip off their shirts revealing rippling black muscles, as the wife falls to her knees (out of shot) in front of the guards. The refrain echoes and the scene changes again.

Too bad for you she’s fertile
It mighta been worthwhile
To make mo' time fo’ you lady.

Now it’s too late
WE don’t hesitate
To plant a fine black baby!

A landscaping truck pulls up outside the house. Two large, muscular black gardeners get out of the truck and walk up to the front door. The wife answers the door in her bathrobe and smiles brightly. One of the gardener’s holds up a work order, with the words “Specialty bush trimming job for Mrs. Smith at 10am” written on it. The wife nods and grins, then backs into the house, allowing the men to enter. The very next shot holds on the bedside table again. The wedding photo is gone now, but there is an alarm clock and a recently used lady’s shaver and can of shaving cream. The camera pulls back showing the bed’s headboard banging into the wall. We can see a black man is laying in the bed on his back... then the wife’s long blonde hair flicks across his face as she leans backwards into the shot... before second pair of black hands pulls her up and out of the shot again.

The video closes back at the hospital... A visibly humiliated and annoyed husband pushes his wife down the hallway in a wheelchair, as she looks down lovingly at her little black baby. Then she looks up and sees a muscular black orderly. She puts a hand up in her husband’s face, making him stop the wheelchair. She hands the baby to him, gets up out of the wheelchair and walks over to the black orderly... He smiles at her and leads her into the nearest stairwell... she looks over her shoulder waving goodbye to her husband as the doorway shuts behind her.

Hubby is left standing in the middle of the hospital hallway... with a screaming black infant. A pretty blonde nurse in a sexy white uniform approaches them.

“Awwww!” the nurse smiles at the father and ‘his’ infant son. “...probably.” She adds, laughing sarcastically.

The nurse then walks over to the stairwell door and opens it. We can see the wife, inexplicably tight, sexy, and in shape just two days after giving birth (it is a music video after all). She is on all fours on a staircase leading upstairs. Her hospital robe open in the back and the black orderly bucking and thrusting behind her as she screams and moans. The nurse looks over her shoulder at the husband and laughs again, shaking her head. She walks through the doorway, shedding her nurse’s uniform as the door closes.


Becky Davenport’s arousal was increasing, though the virginal teen was barely aware of her actions. As she watched the wife in the “woodpile” video repeatedly cheat on her husband with one big black stud after another, Becky’s hand found its way up under her bra and began gently squeezing and stroking her firm white breasts. Becky watched the video intently... relishing every glimpse of skin and muscle that was exposed on screen. Becky was different than her sister Sarah. Sarah had always been able to suppress her sexual urges easily. Becky however always found herself horny... always thinking of boys and their bodies... of what they could do together. In spite of these powerful urges, Becky had always managed to resist the attentions of the boys at school. Of course, none of the boys in Becky’s school looked like the massive studs in these videos. Becky wondered how long her conservative values would hold out around men like these. Would she give herself over as easily as the adulterous young wife in the video? As she pondered the question, she continued groping her own young breasts with one hand, but absent-mindedly dropped the other hand down to her groin, where she began gently rubbing her pussy through her panties.




After the “Nigga In The Woodpile” video ended, the crew in the studio could barely contain their laughter long enough for Jessica to give a brief segue into a commercial break.

Jessica was unsure what to make of the scene. She found the video sad and offensive... yet funny at the same time... and maybe just a little... sexy?

Jessica suddenly became aware of soft feeling of a powder puff on her neck... and cleavage.

“Heather?” Jessica turned to the make-up girl. “Where the is Sarah with that jacket?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t find her!” The make-up girl said, putting her puff away.

“Fine,” Jessica breathed, becoming increasingly frustrated. “Then you see if you can get me a new jacket and put it in my dressing room. I’m changing on the next break! I can’t do a serious news interview with my breasts half-exposed like this!”

Jessica’s frustrations were coming to a head... weeks of increasing horniness...weeks without sex... the sexually explicit nature of the research... the blow-up with Billy the previous evening... the pressure to ‘fix’ his problem...the pressure of the interview...the overwhelming heat of the studio lights...these erotic videos she was having to present...and her tits on display for every lecherous pig in America and her studio... and those rappers! God, she’d forgotten that the rappers would see her body like this! She’d forgotten that they’d probably pull some kind of publicity stunt!

“WE’RE ON IN 5...4...” the director’s voice counted down, “3...2...GO!”

“The mile-high club,” Jessica started, “has long been a running joke about the airline industry. But Black Phallus has their own take on the old cliche of a couple sneaking off for a rendezvous in a cramped airplane bathroom. That take can be seen in the next video, “Black-Cock-Pit.

There was a faint sound of male laughter as Jessica announced the double-entendre title, and the music video began.


The video opens with no music. We see a black 747 flying through the sky. On its tail we see a logo “BPA”, with a strange shape that appears to be a stylized image of an erect black cock.
Cut to the interior of the plane’s cockpit, where we see a gorgeous blonde pilot flying the plane, with a white-male co-pilot. A large black male flight-attendant enters the cabin....

“Anybody here need anything?” the attendant says in a deep booming voice. It’s Big Mike from Black Phallus.

The sexy pilot turns and finds herself eye-level with an is an enormous bulge running down the flight-attendants’ pants leg. Her eyes widen... she licks her lips hungrily. “Well... I think I definitely need something hot inside me for this long flight!”

“How do you like it?” Big Mike grins.

The sexy white pilot smiles. “I take it BLACK!”

Cut to a tiny, feminine white hand picking up the radio microphone. “Attention ladies and gentlemen” speak a pair of beautiful pink lips into a phallic black microphone, “This is your captain speaking. Thank you for flying Black Phallus Air!”

The camera pulls back a bit... We see that the captain still speaking into the radio microphone with one hand. She has taken off her jacket, and is tugging her black tie from her collar with her free hand. She throws the tie to the floor and begins working at the buttons of her pristine white blouse. The camera pulls back further to show Big Mike ripping his uniform shirt off, revealing his thick, muscular black torso.

“We’ll be in Trinibogo in a just a couple of hours, but I do want to warn you that we might be in store for a rough ride ahead...” the captain comments, seeing Mike’s torso... ”But just set your seats to the reclining position, and I you should enjoy every minute of it! I KNOW I will! Thank you...” The captain is at a loss for words as she sees Big Mike unzip his pants. She just sits, shocked...staring... with the microphone in her hand.

Big Mike takes the microphone from the stunned blonde’s hand and speaks. “Thank you for flying with us today. We know you have a choice in airline travel, but when you choose Black Phallus, you NEVER have any regrets!”

The screen fades to black and then the music suddenly starts with a fast, aggressive beat. The video now flashes with a series of three alternate shots of the plane’s interior. All of the shots are from the same angle, with the same camera, but are lit differently, and depict different scenes within the plane’s fuselage.
One shot depicts the plane’s interior lit normally, full of passengers on the flight. Another shot shows the three members of Black Phallus, standing in the aisle, rapping at the camera and rocking with the music. A third shot depicts the plane’s interior with dimmed lights and lightning flashes outside the windows. Each flash of lightning reveals glimpses of naked white and black limbs, writhing in the passenger seats. These three versions of the plane’s interior shots flash back and forth as the music intro plays.

“We’ll convert more than your air miles, bitch!” a voice over of one of the rappers speaks.
“The Friendly Skies Are About To Get Freaky!”

The shot now cuts to the normally lit airplane interior. This seems to depict the story of an airplane flight. We see the first-class cabin where there are a number of attractive passengers. There are many white women and black men, and a few white men. We see a white guy sleeping in his seat... The seat back starts bouncing violently back and forth, waking him up. He leans into the aisle and looks at the seat behind him. The camera pans to reveal that the seat is bouncing so much because a young white woman with red hair is listening to an i-Pod and rhythmically kicking his seat along with the music. She realizes what he is upset about smiles, embarrassed, then stops kicking the seat.

The lyrics continue:
“Up among the clouds... your women cry out loud.
Black engines scream and the white girls cream!”

The camera settles on a young white couple, necking in their seats. We can see that the couple is married since the camera focuses on the wife’s wedding ring. The wife glances at the bathroom, seeing that it is unoccupied. She whispers something to her husband, then gets up and walks to the bathroom in the front of the plane. She looks over her shoulder and winks at him as she goes in. The husband grins stupidly until he notices a muscular black man, sitting a few seats forward, has also seen his wife enter the bathroom! The stud is B-Love, the rapper with the mirror-sunglasses.

The lyrics continue:
“Our big black planes are up in the air, and when we hit two-thousand feet...,
Our big black dicks will get way up in there, and hit those white girls’ sweet SWEET! UNGH!”

Cut to the husband looking up and down the aisle to make sure nobody else is watching, then stands and begins to walk up the aisle. Before he gets two steps, the white passenger finds himself face-to-face with a severe-but-sexy, big-tittied blonde stewardess. She’s dressed in an old-fashioned sky-blue stewardess uniform with a small hat, ascot, and white gloves. Her nametag says “Hi, I’m Jeri, Fly Me!” The stewardess gently pushes him back to his seat to his seat and points at a safety sign that has just lit up. It says “Turbulence Ahead - Please Remain Seated”.

The stewardess returns to her seat at the front of the plane as the frustrated whiteboy sits down. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, the whiteboy catches a glimpse of the intimidating black passenger. B-Love makes eye contact with the white husband, glances at the bathroom door, then back at the husband and smirks. Then the rapper gets up and walks up the aisle, towards the bathroom!

Hubby’s eyes widen in fear. He squirms in his seat, obviously worried. He sees the severe-but-sexy stewardess still sitting up ahead, then gets an idea. He raises his hand and starts frantically pressing the call-for-service-button, attracting the attention of the stewardess. This produces the desired effect... the stewardess, upon getting up to answer the service-call, B-Love in the aisle. She immediately blocks his path and points to the “Turbulence Ahead” sign. B-Love just smiles and take a step forward. The stewardess puts her hand up...B-Love walks into it, still smiling, pressing his muscular chest into her hand. The stewardess’s eyes widen...

The black grabs the stewardess’s wrist, holding her hand to his chest, and continues walking forward, forcing her to walk backwards. In seconds, they are at the bathroom door. He knocks on the door... it opens just a crack. The white wife peeks around the door. We can see her bare shoulder. She is obviously in a state of undress. Beyond her, we glimpse the bathroom mirror, which shows a reflection of her bare white back and ass. The wife’s eyes widen in panic when sees the thug and the stewardess. The wife starts to shut the door, but the black stud suddenly pushes the stewardess in, and follows right behind her!

Some of the passengers have noticed the black stud and the stewardess noisily entering the bathroom together. There are a lot of confused and concerned looks and whispers exchanged. The whiteboy sinks down into his seat... humiliated.

“This here flight’s gonna change your lives!
‘Cause once we take the skies we gonna take your wives!”

Cut to an exterior shot of the plane... the frame of the picture is shuddering, implying turbulence. Cut to the interior of the plane, the frame still shuddering...the passengers are bouncing around with the are the occupants of the bathroom!

We then see a series of teasing ‘flash cuts’, a series of progressive shots that have been intercut with other progressive shots... alternating back and forth revealing only a second of each shot at a time. The shots are accompanied by the song’s refrain. Between each line of rap, we here sexy white female voices cooing “Fly Me!”

“Your relationship just hit turbulence... she’s goin’ down and you can’t do shit!”
“Fly Me Baby! FLY ME!!”
“Her white cunt is a black-cock-pit, where WE take control and we fly that bitch!”
“Big Black Planes In a Big Blue Sky...Big Black Cocks In Your Hot White Wives...”
The last lyric is accompanied by the roar of a airplane engine flying,

Each shot is an extreme close-up and shuddering and bouncing with “turbulence”. Looking closely through the fast edits, tight framing, and shuddering picture, we are teased by glimpses of erotic imagery: We see the stewardess’s beautiful blue eyes slowly closing.... intercut with a the white wife’s mouth, biting her own lower lip.... intercut with a close-up of the stewardess’s mouth moaning... intercut with the wife’s eyes looking dreamily upwards... intercut with the stewardess’s naked white back as she leans forward into the black man’s muscular back, causing her full white breasts to swell at the sides, and be visible from behind her... intercut with a pair of white legs wrapped around a muscular, thrusting black torso... four white hands exploring black muscles... one white hand wearing a wedding ring and clutching a muscular black shoulder...a high-heel clad ankle hits the bathroom door latch, and kicks... The shot suddenly cuts to the door flying open, and the writhing mass of interracial sex spilling out onto the floor of the aisle!

No genitalia is entirely exposed to the camera, but in spite of this we can now clearly see the action, albeit briefly. The wife is naked, except for her silky white bra. She is lying her back in the aisle, smiling and laughing, with her long white legs wrapped around the muscular black passenger. The black passenger is naked and thrusting between the white wife’s legs, though much of his body is obscured by the wife’s legs and the stewardess on top of him. The stewardess is naked, though her blonde hair is still in its severe french-twist and her little blue hat is still perched on her head. She is lying on the black passenger’s back, tightly hugging him from behind. Her full, pale white breasts are pressed firmly against his ebony back, squeezing the mass of soft white flesh out from between their bodies. Her long white legs are spread wide, around the black man fucking the white wife. The stewardess’s beautifully bare white ass is clearly visible.

The passengers look on in shock at the lurid display. We see several shots of passengers... white women, white men, and black men... watching craning their necks to watch the action. The white men look uncomfortable, and pull at their collars nervously. The black men seem to be smirking and grinning. The white women seem intrigued, some even seem very aroused.

One young woman, apparently in her late teens, is sitting between her father and a big black man. She is watching, enthralled... her father tries to cover her eyes... she pushes his hand away. She glances over at the big black man seated on her other side. He looks at her, and smiles. She smiles back, nervously. Her father looks worried. She turns to continue watching the action. She slips a tiny white hand down into her lap and begins fumbling with the button of her jeans. Just as she’s about to slip her hand into her white cotton panties, her father sees what she is doing. He smacks her hand away and lowers her tray table, pointing to it. She angrily puts both of her hands flat on the tray table and keeps them there... but continues watching the action. She glances at the black man... he smiles back again... then winks and lowers his own tray table.

Another passenger, business woman sitting between a black man and a white man, is watching in shock. The men are both clearly aroused by the action... and both look at the sexy white business woman. The black stud takes one of the woman’s hands and places it in his lap... she suddenly realizes that one of her hands is resting on a HARD bulge in the black man’s lap. She begins to gently squeeze the bulge as she continues watching the action. The white guy smiles at this, and sees it as a go-ahead for him to do the same. He takes the woman’s other hand and places it on his own bulge. The woman allows this, and squeezes a bit... then looks over to the guy in confusion. She looks down at his lap... at the small bulge... then at the black man’s lap... at the big bulge. She glances up at the white guy and laughs, shaking her head. She lifts her hand off the white guy’s crotch and makes a fist... then sticks her pinky finger out and laughs. The whiteboy is humiliated and turns away, shamed. She turns back to watch the action... and places both hands in the black guy’s lap... starting to work at his zipper! The black man starts working at the buttons of the business woman’s suit jacket.

In another row of seats sits a black man on the aisle, a young white man in the middle, and his pretty white girlfriend by the window. The white girlfriend is trying to watch the action in the front of the plane, but having hard time doing so from her window-seat. She nudges her boyfriend, and indicates that she wants to trade seats with him. The boyfriend, glancing at the large black man sitting next to him, refuses. The black man sitting on the aisle seat smiles at the pretty white girl, and pats his thigh, inviting her to sit on his lap. The pretty white girl climbs over her boyfriend and takes a seat in the black man’s lap! As she sits down, she suddenly gasps in surprise and looks over her shoulder at the smirking black stud. She has noticed a sizeable bulge in the black stud’s pants. The whiteboy sees this and immediately moves to the window seat, offering his girlfriend the center seat that she had initially asked for. She shakes her head and giggles, choosing to stay black man’s lap and leave the seat next to her boyfriend vacant!

As all the passengers keep watching intently, we cut back to the husband of the wife in the ‘bathroom orgy’. He can take no more of this humiliation. He jumps from his seat, and goes to pull his wife out from under the black. The naked white stewardess angrily yells at the white passenger (though we can’t here what she says over the heavy rap music) and again points to the “Remain Seated” sign. The young wife laughs at her husband from under her lovers, and the rejected whiteboy slinks back to his seat, utterly humiliated. He sits down... and watches anxiously...

Another passenger, a muscular black man, rises from his seat and approaches the ‘bathroom orgy’. The camera angle cuts to behind the new black man, framing the naked white stewardess between his legs. The stewardess looks up at him and begins to point to the sign when he suddenly drops his pants. Her sky-blue eyes widen in delight...She begins to rise to her knees!

The camera cuts away just before we see the stewardess’s bare breasts. The camera cuts to a wide shot from behind the stewardess. We now see the stewardess’s naked white body from head-to-toe, her perfect white ass still clearly visible, and the sides of her breasts visible under her arms. She now kneels obediently in front of her new black lover, her blond head blocking our view of the standing black’s cock. As the standing black passenger pulls the stewardess’s blonde head to his crotch, In the background we can see the passengers of the plane...

We cut to the various passengers again. Some are still watching... others... are busy!

We cut to the beautiful white teenager sitting between her father and the black man. She is watching VERY intently now. She is breathing heavily and biting her lowerlip. She is squirming a lot in her seat. Her father looks at her suspiciously... nervously. We cut to view below the tray-table. Her jeans are open, and there thrust into her white cotton panties is a big black hand! We see the action above the tray table now as the older teen arches her back, cries out loud, and hammers the tray table with her tiny white fists! The father sees, too late, what is happening. As the girl recovers from her orgasm, she sees the black stud raising his tray table, revealing an enormous bulge in his pants. Her eyes widen and she smiles enthusiastically. Cut to a wide shot of the father, the daughter and the black passenger sitting side-by-side. The three seats in front of them block the view of whatever is happening below chest-level. The father looks on in horror as the black passenger places his large black hand on the back of the daughter’s pretty blonde head, and pulls her face down into his lap... her mouth opens wide, just as her head disappears from view... down behind the seats. The black looks over and smiles at the father. The father is horrified.

Cut to the white businesswoman. Though the camera angle doesn’t reveal details, we can tell from her arm movements that she is jacking off the black stud sitting next to her. The white guy sitting on the other side of her appears to be watching the action and masturbating. Tentatively, he again tries to join the action... he lowers his hand to the sexy white businesswoman’s thigh, and starts to push her skirt up... She smacks his hand away angrily and presses the “Service-Call” button over her seat. A large, muscular black male flight attendant comes over to her and sees what’s going on. She angrily points to the white guy... he looks terrified. The black flight attendant grabs the guy by the collar and throws him out of the seat, into the aisle. The stud then takes the white man’s seat and joins the action! The white woman happily allows the stud to push her skirt up over her pretty white ass, and tear away her nylons! While the black passenger continues playing with her tits, the black flight attendant begins kissing her neck and sliding a big black hand between her legs! The white woman writhes wantonly between the two studs.

Cut to the boyfriend who wouldn’t trade seats with his girlfriend earlier. He’s staring at his girlfriend... still in the lap of the black passenger on the aisle. She is still intently watching the action in the front of the plane, but is now grinding her ass into the black man’s lap and moaning and gasping. The boyfriend reaches over tentatively, and tugs at his girlfriend’s arm, trying to pull her out of the black man’s lap. The girlfriend slaps his hand away, never taking her eyes off the action in the front of the plane... The black stud smirks at the girl’s boyfriend and pushes his big black hand up under tee-shirt and starts groping her tits. The stud whispers something in her ear from behind. She smiles and stands for a second while the stud shifts in his seat... then he pulls her back down onto his lap. She slowly sits back down... her eyes and mouth open wide and she throws her head back... her hold body shakes. The camera pans down to their legs to reveal both have their pants around their ankles! Her panties slide down her legs!

We see a white guy sleeping in his seat... The seat back starts bouncing violently back and forth, waking him up. He looks back over the seat to complain again. The camera pulls back to reveal that the seat is bouncing so much because the sexy white redhead leaning over it, hear ear-buds dangling from her ears and a dazed look on her face. Her skirt hiked up over her lily white ass and a big black guy fucking her hard from behind!

Cut to the interior of the cockpit. We see the male co-pilot flying the plane...carefully looking straight ahead, trying very hard not to look at anything else around him. The camera pulls back to reveal the white pilot lying on her back, on the plane’s control console... white legs spread-eagle with a naked muscular black rapper thrusting away in between them. He’s wearing her pilot’s cap as he fucks her senseless.

Cut back to the passenger cabin. Starting at the back of the plane, the camera flies backwards, up the aisle. The plane’s interior lights are dimmed, but we can just barely see that a full-fledged interracial orgy has broken out on the whole plane! The camera finally reaches the first class section and stops... just as the oxygen masks suddenly drop as the rap song ends.

Cut to the end of the video. There is no music... just airport intercom chatter and crowd noise. We see passengers disembarking from the plane. First we see the stewardess. She is disheveled, and unsteady on her legs. She has her arm around her black lover. Then we see each muscular black passenger disembarking with a female white passenger or stewardess at their side! Then the white co-pilot, white female pilot and her black stud disembark. The original white wife, husband, and the black rapper are not shown leaving the plane.

An elderly black airline custodian boards the plane with some cleaning equipment, humming the tune from the rap song. He walks up the aisle, surprised by the enormous sex mess everywhere. He scratches his head. He passes the white husband from the beginning of the video... the one that started it all.

“Hey buddy, what are you doing here?” the janitor says, “Flight attendants were supposed to clear the plane before they leave! You gotta get off the plane now.”

The white guy nods toward the bathroom door. “I’m...I’m waiting for my wife... she’ the bathroom.”

The janitor shakes his head and reaches for a walkie-talkie on his cleaning cart. “Looks like we got another one. I need some security up here.”

The white guy sighs, rises, and opens the overhead cargo bin. He pulls out his suitcase. There is a sparkly white banner sticker on it... the legend reads “Just Married.” The rejected groom walks to the bathroom door and pounds on it angrily. “Honey, please! Come on!”

“Me and my cheap airline tickets.” the rejected groom mutters under his breath. “Son of a bitch!”

Two security guards board the plane. They are both burly black men in blazers and ties.
They walk up to the husband. “Sir, we need you to disembark. Now!”

“But what about my wife? She’s still in there!” The groom protests.

One of the guards knocks on the bathroom door.

“Airline security Ma’am.” He bellows. “We need you to disembark.”

The bathroom door opens just a crack, then quickly wider. A bare, white, female arm reaches out, grabs the one security guard by the pulls him into the bathroom! His blazer is tossed out the bathroom.

The second guard peeks in the bathroom door and smiles, then turns back to the husband. “Sir, we asked you to disembark.”

“That’s my WIFE IN THERE, GODDAMMIT!!” The husband protests angrily. “I’m not leaving without her!”

The guard suddenly grabs the groom, shoving him toward the nearest exterior cabin door. Holding the struggling white man’s neck with one hand, the guard pops the door open with his other hand and blows out the inflatable emergency slide. “I SAID DISEMBARK BOY!” The guard says, shoving the groom out the door. “THANKS FOR FLYING BLACK PHALLUS AIR. THANKS FOR THE BITCH, NOW FUCK OFF!”

The groom yells as he slides down the chute and the guard turns back toward the bathroom, shedding his tie and blazer. He catches sight of the black janitor, already with his shirt off.

He laughs at the elderly black man. “What the hell are you doin, pops? You think you gonna fuck you a white girl?”

“Fuck you boy!” The janitor says. “It’s my turn!”

The janitor shoves the other guard out the door and down the slide, then joins the first guard and white wife in the bathroom.

The camera pans down to the suitcase, and the “Just Married” sticker as we hear the wife screaming “YES! YES!! MORE BLACK COCK! I’M SO GLAD I FLEW BLACK PHALLUS! THE REALLY KNOW HOW TO TREAT A PASSENGER!”


When the video ended and Jessica’s face appeared on camera, she was still staring at the video monitor... smiling. Like before, there was some laughter in the studio, due to the video’s amusing lyrics and ending. Jessica was smiling.

The video was outrageous, and horribly objectified women... yet somehow Jessica found it funny... and sexy! The sight of all those muscular black men... the curvy young white women... something about the contrast of their skin as the groped each other was very arousing. And for some reason, the sight of the helpless white male passengers having to watch it all... unable to participate, was really funny. Jessica was still reflecting on the beautiful imagery when she heard a whispered “psst” from off set.

“Pssst...” called Heather, the make up girl, “Mrs. McFarland? You’re on. You’re on!”

Jessica continued staring silently at the monitor.

“Jessica!! YOU’RE ON!!!” Heather prompted again.

Jessica turned to the camera suddenly, startled that she’d let her imagination wander so much while she was on air. “We’ll be right back after this sponsor announcement.”


“WOW!” Becky breathed as she watched the video end. “Oh Oh...OH WOW!” Her exclamation was in reaction to the events she’d watched in the video... but more so because of the intense feelings she was getting from the hand thrust down the front of her white cotton panties. She had slipped her hand under the waistband of her white cotton panties when she’d witnessed one of the women in the apparently her own age... doing the same thing. And that girl was sitting next to her father on the airplane! Scandalous! Scenes like that had made “Black-Cock-Pit” the most intense video of the evening. Becky had marveled at the sight of the beautiful buxom blonde stewardess’s naked body as she kneeled before a muscular black passenger. And the sight of the same stewardess falling out of the bathroom with the white wife and the black stud passengers... Becky couldn’t believe how much of their nudity was could see so MUCH!

Becky also noticed the ‘pinky’ gesture made by one of the white female passengers when she rejected a white male passenger’s sexual advances. Becky wondered if the implication was that white men were smaller than black men. If that was the case, Becky wondered if that was why none of the white boys she’d dated had never turned her on enough for her to let them get into her panties. She wasn’t sure. What she was sure about though was that she wanted to see more! More videos... more black men... more OF the black men... she was getting turned on. She started to slow her ministrations on her pussy... waiting for the next video to start. Somehow, she thought it would be wasteful or wrong of her to touch herself without looking at one of the black studs in the video... much like she had difficulty touching herself without listening to one of her Black Phallus MP3s on her headphones.


“Mrs. McFarland?” called Heather the make-up girl.

Jessica looked up to see the young brunette make-up girl standing by the anchor desk clutching a dark designer business jackets.

“Thank you,” Jessica responded, rising from her desk, “How much time do I have to go change?”

“Not much! The last video was a long one and so is the next one. The studio needs to make sure that the we hit the next break on time, and have enough time to get the group out here...”

“So how long to I have?” Jessica said, interrupting the babbling girl.

“Only about one minute.”

“What?” Jessica exclaimed. “That’s not enough time for me to get the dressing room and change!”

“I know,” Heather said, “but we can do it here again.”

The cameramen nearby, all large, muscular black men setting up the interview set, looked up from their work when they heard the commotion.

Jessica lowered her voice. “I can’t change out here again... not with all these men around... I’m just wearing a bra under this!” Jessica whispered.

“I know, I saw earlier.” Heather replied sheepishly. After all, she’d been the reason for the jacket change in the first place... she’d spilled that make-up down Jessica’s original jacket.

Jessica was torn. She wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t like the thought of wearing such a revealing jacket while trying to conduct an interview with three over-sexed black rappers. She didn’t have time to go to her dressing room and change... and she dared not change in front of the leering cameramen again. Soon the decision was made for her.

It was too late.

Heather rushed away as the director’s voice boomed over the loudspeaker again.


Jessica McFarland was trying desperately to compose herself, but it wasn’t easy. The normally calm and collected journalist and television presenter felt like her world was falling down around her. At home she was dealing with a serious problem with her marriage and sex life. At work, the network had scored an exclusive interview with the controversial rap group ‘Black Phallus’. Jessica was given almost no time to research and prepare for the interview. Compounding that issue, the exclusive interview had been secured by making several concessions to the rap group and their record label. The interview was being broadcast live, the studio would be manned by an unfamiliar crew, and Jessica would be presenting some of the group’s extremely racy music videos.

The show was going far from smoothly. Before the broadcast even started, an accident had ruined Jessica’s blazer. The replacement jacket she’d been given was highly inappropriate, showing a ridiculously unprofessional amount of her ample white cleavage. She had hoped to change into another, more appropriate ensemble before she had to conduct the interview, but there never seemed to be enough time during the commercial breaks. Further, Jessica found herself frustrated and overheated, not only by the bright studio lights, but the sexually-charged imagery of the music videos she’d had to present that night. Jessica was sweating so much that her pretty make-up girl Heather was constantly having to touch-up the journalist’s flushed face. As the commercial break ended and Heather rushed off camera, Jessica took a sip of water to try and cool herself down a bit more. She knew she needed to get herself calm and collected before she could conduct that evening’s interview. The pretty white journalist was thankful that there was one more music video to show before she had to introduce its controversial creators to her viewing public. Jessica hoped to use that time to collect her thoughts and prepare, psychologically for the interview.

“Natural Selection.” Jessica started, looking into the camera and reading the text on her teleprompter. “It’s the foundation of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Dominant traits are passed down from one generation to the next. Likewise, in sexual relations, all animals look for certain attractive qualities in a mate, including the human animal.”

Jessica swallowed, she didn’t know if she liked where this was heading.

“What you’re about to see is ‘Black Phallus’s own interpretation of the theory of natural selection. At this point, we’d like to remind you that tonight’s program is intended for mature audiences. The material broadcast on this special episode of “The Whole Truth” may be considered offensive to some, and may be of a sexually explicitly nature. Viewer discretion is advised. Without further ado, here is “Only Natural” by ‘Black Phallus’. “

Jessica briefly considered using the video’s airtime to take a break and change her jacket... but she couldn’t completely ignore the video. Like most of the other videos, Jessica had not reviewed the video before it played on air that night. She had to be aware of the content so that she could ask questions about it during the interview. She could only hope that there would be time to change the jacket during the next commercial break. It was very possible. She knew the next break came on the hour, and would be longer than the previous ones. Still, even if she didn’t have to worry about the interview, she wasn’t entirely sure she had the concentration to ignore it. Once the music started, there seemed to be something strangely captivating about ‘Black Phallus’! That thought still worried her, too. Even though she’d made it through the last video without any serious problem, Jessica was still worried about becoming aroused, like she had the other night when watching the “Blacked Brides” video. Jessica turned her attention to the video monitor near her desk.


The video opens with a white actor, obviously made out to be Charles Darwin, furiously writing at a desk in a dimly lit room. The words he writes are heard in voice over as the camera slowly pulls out and the shot gets wider and wider.

“Since the publication of my initial volume of my theory of evolution through natural selection, I have become increasingly concerned with how my theory may be applied to the human animal. In civilized society, we concern ourselves with social status and matters of economic prosperity in arranging marriage between families. This cannot, however, be said to be a natural selection as these rules are imposed by our social graces. Indeed, in the gentry or so-called ‘working’ classes where social status is lower and therefore less important, the concept of ‘love’ seems take precedence. But what is love, if not a ‘civilized’ interpretation of our base animal desires. The question must be asked, if the issues of society were completely removed, and the female of the species given reign to her own predilections, what ‘natural selection’ would be the result?”

The oil desk lamp that ‘Darwin’ writes near is going dim. He pauses in his writing for a moment to turn up the wick and the room gets much brighter. In the background of the room, previously shrouded in darkness, we can see a bed, circled by mosquito netting. Through the netting, we can see the silhouette of a woman, on all fours, being roughly ravished from behind by a muscular male figure.

“With the help of my friend and colleague, Sir William Whitely, and his good wife Lady Jane Whitely, I have traveled the world, studying tribes of primitives, who are less evolved and intelligent than we, their civilized betters.”

“OH....OH MY LORD! YES!! YES!!!” The woman’s voice cries in the background.

Darwin looks over his shoulder briefly, then returns to writing. “In the deepest, darkest, most animalistic and primitive part of Africa, I believe I have formed a hypothesis that will answer my question. The men of the Niggakok tribe have been most helpful, and the sacrifices that Lord and Lady Whitely have made have been most generous. Indeed, Lady Whitely initially insisted on testing these hypotheses herself, and has since been very vocal in encouraging the wives and daughters of the other explorers in our party to aid in the research!”

“OH MY LORD! YES!” Lady Whitely cries from the bed. “It’s so...much LARGER! Do you hear Dr. Darwin? Yet another tribesman is LARGER and BETTER than my husband! So much DEEPER! We simply must make sure the ladies review these findings and compare them to their own...NNNN...OH-OH...OHHHHNnnnn...OWN...analysis!”

Darwin finishes his journal entry: “I am as yet unsure of how the world will react to the results of this study. Some will no doubt find it troubling... yet we must understand the natural order of things.”

The picture fades to black as a thumping bass beat plays over Lady Whitely’s screams. The music is a slow, seductive beat. A caption reading “Present Day” appears on the screen as a new scene appears.

The new scene is set in a nightclub... an attractive young woman, white, sits at a bar. The heavy bass of the plays as the first lyrics of the song are heard as a handsome white guy carrying two drinks approaches the white girl, and gives her one.

“Women want the BEST
but you’re just ‘the rest’
Gonna be a revolution!”
It’s survival of the fittest
She wanna get wit’ dis
Gonna be some evolution!
It’s Only Natural!”

The girl smiles faintly and chats with white guy, but then she looks past him... and up... and smiles brightly. Behind the white guy, in the babe’s eyeline, is the hulking figure of one of Black Phallus’s rappers. The rapper approaches, towering over the white guy and the girl, and pushing between them at the bar. He nods towards the bartender, who hands him a drink... the girl takes her purse out quickly and pays. The white guy angrily taps the black man on the shoulder. The rapper doesn’t even look around... instead, he simply backs up a little, knocking the white guy off his stool, and taking his place. Both the rapper and the white girl ignore the white guy as he slinks away. The music is a slow, seductive beat. We hear the first few lyrics of the rap.

The gentle, seductive chorus of “Only Natural” is heard.
“Only natural
Whiteboys can’t compete
Only natural
Fillin’ your white girl with my seed
Only natural
Big Black Phallus gonna breed

The next verse begins as the scene changes to a suburban street.

“Women want the strongest,
They want the longest,
It’s a natural selection!
So now when she feels the need
To propagate and breed
She gonna choose my Black Erection!
It’s Only Natural!”

An attractive, fit, 30-something blonde is jogging down the street, past a house construction site. Some white construction workers on the roof make rude gestures and catcalls, and she flicks them off. Suddenly the whole scene rewinds and then restarts. This time, when the blonde jogs past the construction site, the construction workers are muscular black guys. They give her the same rude gestures and cat calls as the white guys in the previous version of the scene. Now, instead of flipping the guys the bird, the blonde just stands and looks at them appreciatively as the sunlight glistens off their sweaty muscles. She looks around the street to make sure nobody can see, and then unzips her jogging top, dropping it to the ground. Now in her sportsbra and sweatpants, she jogs up to front door and knocks. A large black man answers the door, takes her hand, and pulls her into the house. The refrain echoes...

“Only natural
Whiteboys can’t compete
Only natural
Fillin’ your white girl with my seed
Only natural
Big Black Phallus gonna breed

The next verse begins. This time the setting is a busy city street. We see a white guy walking out to his car, which is parked on the street. An attractive white meter maid stands at the car, and is writing him a ticket. The guy walks up the meter maid, reaching into his pants. There is a close up of the guy’s face... he looks down... the officer looks down as well. Cut to a shot of some change in the guy’s hand... indicating that he has money to pay for the meter. The meter maid’s mirror-lens sunglasses betray no emotion, and the officer shakes her head ‘no’ and hands him the ticket.

Cut to the same busy street... and a man walking out to his car. This time the man is a muscular black stud. The same meter maid is writing him a ticket. Like the white guy, we see the black guy walking right up to the meter maid, and reaching into his pants, followed by a close up of him looking downwards, and then the pretty traffic officer looking down too. This time there is no cut to the black guy’s hands holding change for the meter. Instead, the shot stays on the pretty meter maid... her mouth drops open, and her big doe eyes peer over her reflective sunglasses... she shakes her head and tears up the ticket and her head suddenly drops out of frame.

Cut to the next shot, we see the meter maid’s car double-parked on the street, blocking traffic. The large blackman is facing the small vehicle and leaning against it, both hands resting on the roof. The camera circles the vehicle until it comes to rest on the black man’s back, then scans down to show his bare, muscular black ass, his legs spread, and his pants around his ankles. Between his legs we glimpse the white cleavage and open blouse of the meter maid. She’s sitting in her vehicle, in front of him... her small white hands rap around his muscular black ass, clutching it... as he starts to thrust into her face! The small traffic-patrol car rocks violently!

As the next verse begins, the setting changes to a high-class spa. The shot opens in a small steam room. In the steam room there is an attractive white couple, apparently in their mid-thirties, and wearing only towels. They look lovingly at each other, and lean forward and kiss tenderly. On the bench beside them there sits a champagne bottle in a bucket of melted ice. The bucket is engraved with the legend, “Happy Anniversary”. They each take a glass of champagne, and the lock arms around one another, and drink from the glasses, showing off beautiful gold wedding rings. They lean forward and kiss again as the camera pulls out of the sauna and the door closes. The camera then pans over to the exercise area, where we see two young, muscular, white bodybuilders. Each guy has a stunning young gym-bimbo hanging off his arm. Both girls are very fit, very tan, and very blonde. Each wears a two-piece leotard that shows off her super-flat tummy and toned, tanned limbs.

This scene is interrupted by the sudden arrival of a huge, muscular black man entering the area. The black bodybuilder is much larger and more muscular than the two white bodybuilders are, and he turns the girls’ heads immediately. He flashes a white toothy smile at the gym-bo’s and they immediately pull away from their respective white guys to go fawn over the black stud. He puts his muscular arms out, taking a sexy girl under each giant arm, and leads them into the sauna where the white couple is. The door shuts behind them. Suddenly it opens again... and the white couple suddenly is shoved out, still in their towels. Just as the door is closing, the gym-bos’ leotards are thrown out too!

“You’re in love with a fine lady,
You want a family, want a baby,
So you marry her and make her your wife”

“But animal instincts still linger
Despite that ring on her finger
My black cock gonna ruin your life!
It’s Only Natural!”

The wife seems shocked, and the husband beats on the door angrily. It opens and the black stud leans out, smiling, holding the door wide open with one hand, and tossing some clothing over the husband’s head with the other. It’s a pair of shorts…the stud’s! The pretty white wife stares angrily at the grinning black man, but then slowly lowers her stare to his groin... suddenly her eyes light up and she smiles brightly, biting her lower lip. The black man takes her by the hand, pulling her towards the door. She pushes past her husband, who is still blinded by the black stud’s shorts. The wife drops her towel just as she enters the sauna with the black man... we glimpse her perfect bare ass as the door closes... over her shoulder we see the gym-bos making out...

The door slams shut behind them.

The shorts fall from the husband’s face... and he looks around... confused... wondering where is wife has gone.

The refrain sounds again...
“Only natural
Whiteboys can’t compete
Only natural
Fillin’ your white girl with my seed
Only natural
Big Black Phallus gonna breed

We cut to a new scene, seeing an expensive car pulling up in the driveway of a picturesque sub-urban home. The car stops and a fit, attractive, professional couple, husband and wife, get out of the car and walk to the front door.

The scene changes to the interior of the home, and the door opening. We see the teen-age daughter on the couch, making out with her white boyfriend. The parents confront them angrily, and send the boy away, and the girl to her room.

Cut back to the driveway... the scenario is played out again... the couple gets out of the car... and the front door opens on the girl and her boyfriend.

This time the boyfriend is one of the muscular, black, Black Phallus rappers, and the girl is in her bra and panties... the black man is shirtless. Dad gets angry at first, but suddenly mom shoves him out the door and locks the deadbolt and chain. She turns to her daughter and the boyfriend and strips off her jacket and blouse... joining them on the couch... and working at the fly of the black man’s pants!

“Your white daughters are sweet girls
You want to protect them from our world
So ‘Whiteboys only’ is how they was raised!”

“But when they see my black COCK
Your lil’ white world gonna ROCK
‘cause I’m a-make those bitches CRAZE-EEEE!
It’s Only Natural!”

The black man smiles at the mom-daughter team. The daughter suddenly gets a wicked glint in her eye, and leans forward over her boyfriend’s groin, moving closer and closer to her mother’s face. The mother looks up to meet her daughter’s lustful gaze. Over the growing bulge in the rapper’s drawers, the daughter glances over at the black face of the rapper... then looks back at mom, grinning impishly. Mom glances at the rapper... He nods at the two beautiful white women hovering over his lap, and grins wickedly. Mom trembles slightly and looks back to her daughter. Mom and daughter look deeply into each other’s eyes... their faces move closer and closer together... Each woman parts her lips and tilts her head... their faces get closer and closer together. Just as their lips are about to meet... the scene cuts!

The refrain echoes...
“Only natural
Whiteboys can’t compete
Only natural
Fillin’ your white girl with my seed
Only natural
Big Black Phallus gonna breed

Finally the last vignette begins. This time we see a basketball court... there is an all white-boy team, in blue uniforms, running onto the court.

Cut to a shot of some VERY sexy little white cheerleaders in team-blue uniforms... tight blue sweaters and tiny blue skirts. Each girl’s hair is done with a single ponytail in the back, held in place by a team-blue scrunchie. The girls jump up and down, shouting, laughing, and, kicking high and shaking their pom-poms in support of their team.

Then the opposing team runs out. The girls suddenly stop cheering and stare at the team running onto the court.

The opposing team, in RED uniforms, is comprised entirely of giant black studs, including the Black Phallus rappers.

The cheerleaders just stand still, silently staring out at the court... more specifically, at the new team.

We cut to the game, we see the “Red” team of black studs easily dominating the court, quickly sinking basket after basket, as the white boys run around almost aimlessly. A shot of the scoreboard shows the score 13 to 6 in favor of the black guys.

We cut to a shot of the sexy white cheerleaders now... watching the game. They’ve stopped cheering.

We cut to the scoreboard again, the lights flicker a bit and the score shows the 13-6 score change slightly to read; “13 in. vs. 6 in.”

Cut to the cheerleaders again, their eyes widen and they blush. They all look at each other... back out at the court, and then at each other again. They all nod at each other... Suddenly, in front of everybody in the sports arena, right there on the court, the cheerleaders begin to strip!

The next shots came quickly; each one only appears on screen for 2 seconds, accompanied by the heavy bass beat, the echoing sound of a gavel hitting a strike plate with a ‘Boom’.

There is a shot of the gym floor... then a blue pom-pom drops to the floor (boom)

There is a shot of a blue scrunchy being pulled from a girl’s blonde hair, and her long blonde hair being shaken free of its ponytail. (boom)

There is a shot of the scoreboard. Reading 13-6 again, the white team suddenly loses a point and the score goes to 13-5! (boom)

There is a shot of two of the young white cheerleaders lifting their blue sweaters exposing their flat white tummies...

There is a shot of two sexy white cheerleaders, with bare shoulders, a redhead and a brunette, shaking out their long, silky hair.

There is a shot of the scoreboard, the white guys lose another point, the score goes to 13-4.

There is a shot of blue sweaters flying up into the air, left and right...

There is a shot of a blue sweater hitting the floor, with a couple of scrunchies.

There is a shot of the scoreboard, the white guys lose another point, the score goes to 13-3.

There is a shot of a blue sweater being torn open... briefly revealing a red satin bra...

There is a shot of a blue cheerleading skirt being lowered over a perfect white ass... in a red thong.

There is a shot of the scoreboard, the white guys lose another point, the score goes to 13-2.

There is a shot of a sexy white leg kicking up in the air, revealing a tiny team-red pair of panties... with the black men’s’ team logo over the crotch!

Finally there is a wide-shot of all the cheerleaders... The girls have completely shed their previous personae... gone are the team-blue cheerleading uniforms and innocent ponytail hair-dos. Now the girl’s are practically naked... wearing only the wisps of team-red lingerie... bras, panties, thongs, garters... They begin to kick and jump and dance seductively... in support of the superior black studs!

Cut to a shot of the girls asses... perfect white asses in team-red thongs... the camera pans across the line of girls... looking through their legs, we see the players staring at them. The whiteboys are in shock... and the black guys smile and toss the ball away and head for the cheerleaders...

Each black player picks a cheerleader up, cradling her in his muscular ebony arms. One player, Black Phallus’s lead vocalist, slings his strawberry-blonde cheerleader over his shoulder and gives her bare ass a playful smack. The girls are quickly carried into the locker room.

There is a shot of the scoreboard, the white guys lose another point, the score goes to 13-1.

Cut to the locker room... the girls are pulling at the jerseys and shorts of the black players... tugging at the cloth, revealing the rippling black muscles. Small white hands running over muscular black chests... downwards... towards the groin.

One girl is on her knees in front of a black player, pulling his shorts down. His back is to the camera... as soon as his shorts are pulled down, the pretty redhead’s green-eyes widen in fascination... she grins up at her stud... and leans forward... her face disappearing from view... a large black hand reaches down, running fingers through her silky red hair.

Team-red shorts, bras, and thongs drop to the floor... We see naked black and white flesh in the showers... white girls kissing the broad shoulders of muscular black players...

‘ONLY NATURAL’ the refrain echoes again and again as we approach the song’s finale. As the chorus repeats it is combined with the sound of girls moaning. Each time the chorus repeats, the moans get louder and more numerous.

We see a naked black player, facing the camera. The shot is only from the chest up... A tiny blonde cheerleader pushes in front of him, her back to the camera. Her slender white arms wrap around his black neck... The camera scans down over her perfect naked body, as two muscular black arms wrap around her slender white waist... two large black hands slide down the small of her white back... over a her perfect white ass... pulling her closer... her legs spread wider... wider... lifting her up ever so gently... the girl's body begins to bounce and the camera pans down just a bit lower, revealing the quickest glimpse of a pair of black testicles below her stretched pink pussy.

The shot abruptly cuts to the basketball scoreboard, as the game buzzer resounds loudly...

The scoreboard reads in favor of the black men... 13 to 0!

“Only natural” the refrain goes, quietly, one last time.


Billy McFarland sat in the green room watching the video... barely. It made him ill.

“This is just pornography!” he thought, outraged. “This is nothing but fucking pornography! These guys are popular? These guys are actually considered talented musicians! That’s fucking sick!”

He grabbed a bottle of water from the green room’s refrigerator and guzzled it down. He looked at his wife’s stunned face on screen. His poor wife! She was in a state of shock! As she sat at her desk, she seemed unaware that the camera was on her... she seemed to be staring at something off camera... her eyes were wide... her nostrils flared... her mouth gaped open ever so slightly...her full white breasts heaved obscenely in that tiny jacket.

How could they make a world-class journalist, an American sweetheart... HIS WIFE... JESSICA MCFARLAND actually sit through this filth... and then expect her interview its makers as if they were anything else other than pornographers? What was the world coming to?

But maybe, Billy thought, that was the point. That was it! That must be it! KNEN obviously intended to make this interview as intense of an experience as possible! Jessica’s interview would probably be a scathing indictment of the filth that these men claimed as entertainment. Jessica probably had a list of hard-hitting questions, designed to rip those sons of bitches apart, and expose the black bastards for what they really were... for all of America to see!

Billy just wished Jessica hadn’t exposed herself quite so much! That sexy jacket that she’d worn for him wasn’t really appropriate for television, let alone a hard-hitting interview. No matter. Her sexy appearance would throw these stupid thugs off their guard. They’d expect to be dealing with some cute cream puff. Instead, they’d run into Jessica’s icy professional veneer! Tonight Jessica McFarland was going to show America exactly what she could do!

Billy looked back at the screen... his wife was still staring, mouth open slightly, at something off camera. She hadn’t moved in over a minute. The “Whole Truth Logo” appeared on screen, with a caption reading:

“NEXT: Jessica McFarland interviews Black Phallus!”

Suddenly Bill McFarland was not so confident in his wife’s ‘icy professional veneer’.


Becky Davenport stared at the screen. The sheltered, teenaged red-head fan of Black Phallus had been anxiously awaiting the interview with the rappers all night. Both her parents were out that night, her father was at a church meeting and her mother was meeting with her book-club. Becky had been able to sit on the couch in the living room and watch Black Phallus’s sexy music videos, all alone. One after another, each video excited the naive eighteen-year old more and more. By the time the “Only Natural” video ended, Becky had her tee shirt and bra pushed up over her firm, ripe breasts, and her hand frantically rubbing her virgin pussy. She couldn’t believe how hot these videos were! She’d masturbated before, and had done so while listening to Black Phallus’s music, but she’d never felt as hot as she did at that moment. Her head was spinning. She could hear a ringing in her ears. She realized that the ringing was the house land line. She picked up the phone, but it was too late, the caller had hung up.

Becky had no idea that the caller had been her mother, calling to tell her that the book club meeting had ended early and she was bringing some dinner home.



Jessica McFarland stared at the blank video monitor nearby. The “Only Natural” video had ended a minute earlier, and KNEN had gone to commercial break, but Jessica’s mind was still reeling from everything she’d just seen and heard. The video’s eroticism had awoken something deep inside in Jessica... She could feel a strong tingling in her pussy... She slowly lowered a hand down between her legs. The scenes just kept playing over and over in Jessica’s mind... as her hand found her panties... She thought of the mother and daughter... the cheerleaders... the women at the health spa... the men... the big black men... their muscles... the rhythm! That steady, hypnotic, THROBBING bass... all the images and sounds pulsed through her whole body, like it had the other night. Jessica’s mind was lost in another world, while absent-mindedly let her fingers rub back and forth over pussy mound. The thin fabric of her panties was soaked.

“MRS. MCFARLAND!!” Heather called again... Jessica blinked and turned to the girl. She still said nothing, but jerked her hand out form underneath her desk.

“I have the other jacket.” Heather said, smiling wickedly, “Do you still want to change? We only have a minute before the guys come out here. If you want to change, I suggest you do it now...”

Jessica stared at the young brunette... what did she want? The girl was saying... something... but it was as if she was speaking an unknown language... or calling out from far away. All Jessica could hear was the beat of the music. It was as if the video was still playing for her... She found herself looking at Heather as if the pretty young make-up girl was starring in one of the video’s vignettes... Jessica wondered how this scene would play out... how would this pretty white girl succumb to a black man? But no... no, this girl was standing right in front of Jessica... she wasn’t in a video... was she? no... no she wasn’t. Jessica started to shake her head no. This was real life now... not some rap video. Those things don’t really happen... it’s just a video.

Jessica just shook her head no.

Heather shrugged and took the jacket away... but quickly returned with a make-up kit and sponge. “You’re shiny again Mrs. McFarland.” the young brunette giggled while dabbing Jessica’s forehead and cleavage with a sponge.

Jessica whimpered... her breasts and nipples had always been very sensitive... and in her current state of arousal... she started to become aware of her surroundings again. She felt hot... flushed... She suddenly pulled her hand up from her groin, and waved her face in a desperate attempt to cool off.

“I guess I can’t blame you,” Heather continued, now dabbing Jessica’s face and cleavage with concealing powder, “ it is pretty hot.”

“Yes...” Jessica muttered, slowly emerging her lustful stupor, “very hot... what?”

“The studio lights.” the Heather smiled, putting the powder away. “They’re making you perspire, and you’re getting shiny.”

Jessica swallowed... her head was swimming. Why was it so hot? She grabbed a bottle of water under from under her desk and quickly downed it in a few gulps. That was better... her mind got a little clearer.

“Now...” she started to think...” what did I need to take care of during the break.” Her eyes widened as she caught a glimpse of herself in the nearby video monitor... her full, milky white cleavage was still heaving from excitement... and she realized... the jacket! She needed to change her jacket!

“MRS. MCFARLAND, ” A warm rich voice suddenly spoke up, startling Jessica. “Allow me to introduce you to Black Phallus!”

Startled by the interruption in her frantic thoughts, Jessica gasped and suddenly spun around in her chair, only to find herself staring at the black-leather-clad groin of a VERY... “well-endowed” man.... mere inches from her face! After a few seconds, Jessica suddenly realized she was staring at this enormous masculine swelling, and slowly (almost unwillingly) lifted her big, innocent, blue eyes upwards to see a black man’s bare torso. No... not just a ‘bare torso’... a magnificent, muscular, ebony torso, with rippling abs and a powerful chest. Her eyes scanned upwards still, to see a strange and beautiful golden chain necklace that perfectly complimented the man’s dark chocolate skin. The only clothing he wore was a pair black shoes, the peculiar gold chain, and a pair of black leather pants. His pants were strange, seemed to be cut in a Samurai ‘Hakama’ style. Finally Jessica’s eyes rose to meet an unflinchingly masculine black face. She couldn’t see the man’s eyes, thanks to a pair mirror-lens aviator sunglasses. When she tried to look into his eyes... all she could see was her own astonished, pale reflection... and her full white breasts heaving in her unprofessional blue jacket. She suddenly realized this man... whoever he was... was able to look right down her cleavage.

Quickly Jessica stood, and backed up slightly. The man still towered over her, and Jessica found herself looking right into the man’s powerful black chest. She wasn’t short... this man must have been at least 6’4, probably 6’6... and so were the two black men standing behind him, whom she suddenly became aware of when she managed to stop looking at the ebony giant immediately in front of her.

Jessica put a small, delicate white hand out in an offer of a handshake. The giant black man took her tiny hand in his... it was enormous, with long powerful fingers. He slowly lifted her lily-white hand to his inscrutable dark face and kissed her fingers gently. His grip was strong, and unyielding... but his lips were full, warm, and soft.

Jessica couldn’t help but smile... out of politeness, of course! The man was being very bold!

“Hello, I’m Jessica McFarland.” Jessica stated coolly. “You must be...”

“B-Love.” the giant responded, in a rich, resonant voice. He was speaking softly... but his voice was deep and powerful... not unlike the rich bass of his music.

“This here is Shemar,” B-Love continued as one of his friends stepped up from behind him, taking Jessica’s hand.

“It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. McFarland!” Shemar smiled, shaking Jessica’s hand. His voice was rich, but not as deep as B-Love’s. Shemar had a beautiful, warm, almost boyish smile. His hair was trimmed so short and clean that it seemed almost like a shadow on his head. He had a mustache and goatee, trimmed clean in a similar manner. Shemar was a shorter than B-Love, but at 6’4, that didn’t make much difference to Jessica. Shemar wore a beautifully tailored black suit, with no shirt, so as to exhibit his own muscular black chest. He was just as muscular as B-Love, but had a lighter complexion. His eyes were beautiful pools of dark brown.

“And this...” B-Love said, as the third man stepped up, “is Big Mike.”

“How you doin'?” He said, smiling at Jessica as he took her hand firmly in his. Big Mike’s voice wasn’t resonant like B-Love’s, or warm and rich like Shemar’s, but instead it was deep and gravelly... rugged. He was taller than Shemar and B-Love and also heavier. He wasn’t overweight, but he didn’t seem as ‘chiseled’ as Shemar or B-Love. He was a burly giant. He wore black pants, a black muscle tee, and a black leather jacket. On the tee’s chest was a red outline of a black-power fist. Mike had a full beard, though it was neatly trimmed to almost stubble, and his head was clean shaven. His eyes were hidden by a pair of black sunglasses.

“I hope you enjoyed the video.” B-Love said, smoothly.

“It was very...” Jessica searched for the word... “provocative. I will, of course, have some questions.”

“Of course,” Shemar smiled, “we’re hear to answer all your questions. We want the public to understand what we’re all about. We want you to understand, Mrs. McFarland.”

“Please, call me Jessica,” Jessica smiled at Shemar. He was very smooth, quite a charmer. She realized she’d have to watch out for him.

“I prefer, ‘Mrs. McFarland’ “ B-Love boomed, fingering his strange-looking gold necklace, “if you don’t mind.” He smiled. Jessica shivered a little.

“Whichever you prefer is fine.” Jessica smiled, calmly. She’d have to watch out for B-Love too. He seemed aggressive... confrontational. His smile seemed strangely sinister... but maybe that was just the mirror lenses of his glasses. And there was something very odd about that necklace of his.

Jessica suddenly caught a glimpse of Heather out of the corner of her eye. The make-up girl was still standing nearby... giggling and smiling shyly. Big Mike was talking to her quietly... resting a large black hand on her shoulder. Heather bit her lower lip. Jessica was suddenly reminded of the videos... Jesus, these guys never quit!

A voice came over the loud speaker. “FIVE MINUTES everybody. Places on the interview set please!”

“Well gentlemen, I think we should make our way over to the interview set.” Jessica spoke loudly, hoping to get Big Mike’s attention. She failed. She glanced in Mike’s direction again. Shemar followed her look and elbowed Mike sharply.

“Damn bro,” Mike turned to Shemar, visibly annoyed, “What you problem?” Mike looked over at Jessica... “Oh... sorry.”

“As I was saying, we need to get over to the interview set, so the camera men can get the framing and lighting set up.”

“This ain’t the interview set?” Mike asked, casually.

“No, this is the News Desk.” Jessica replied, “Interviews are conducted on a less formal, more comfortable set.”

“You got it” Mike said, then turned to Heather. “You gonna make sure big daddy here don’t look too shiny, right hon?”

“Yes sir!” Heather giggled.

“Atta girl!” Big Mike grinned, slapping Heather playfully on the ass. Heather rushed away, giggling.

Jessica couldn’t believe the girl allowed herself to be treated like that. She said nothing though... There would be time enough to address the group’s view of women, when she conducted the interview.

As the group walked over to the set... just a few feet away from the ‘newsdesk’ set, Jessica heard one of them remark, “It’s nice to see so many brothers working in a place like this ain’t it?”

Jessica realized that he was talking to her. “Yes, of course.” she responded. “KNEN is an equal opportunity employer.”

Jessica looked around the studio proudly, then noticed something odd. While the crew mostly consisted of ‘business minorities’, mainly women and black males, tonight the studio seemed to be predominantly black males. She knew that many of the standard crew had been replaced with Black Phallus’s own engineers, just for this evening. This was supposedly because the group thought they might be giving a live performance that night, though nothing had been guaranteed. But it was only at that moment that Jessica realized that with her assistant Sarah still absent from the set, the only white faces in the studio belonged to Heather the make-up girl and herself.

“So, are you gentlemen giving me a performance tonight?” Jessica asked amiably, returning her attention to her interview subjects.

“That’s the plan.” Shemar smiled.

As they reached the set, Jessica looked around. She hadn’t noticed earlier, but the interview set had been redecorated. It was beautiful... but very... ethnic.

The walls of the set were painted with a warm, dark yellow-gold parchment pattern that gave the feeling of incandescent candle light, and decorated with bolts of burgundy satin and ebony African tribal masks. There were black and gold vases filled with dried flowers and reeds decorating the back of the set, while the floor was covered in exotic animal skins and furs... Jessica was unsure whether or not they were real.

At the front of the set was a six-foot long, eighteen-inch tall “Mission Style” wooden table, with a burgundy cloth draped over it. About two feet behind the table, facing it, was a large, brown leather couch, with a zebra skin draped over the back. At one end of the table, also facing it, was a matching leather chair.

B-Love immediately took a seat in the large, throne-like chair. He sat back, spreading his legs wide, and draped his powerful black arms over the chair’s arms, and down the sides. Despite the chair’s fairly large size, B-Love almost looked like a grown man sitting in a child-size chair.

“Actually, B-Love, “ Jessica spoke quickly, “Normally with group interviews, the interviewer takes the chair, and the subjects take the couch.”

“Do I look like anybody’s subject?” B-Love asked, quietly... yet powerfully.

Jessica looked down at the giant black man sitting in the chair. No, he definitely didn’t look like a subject! In fact, with the set’s decor and B-Love’s physique and demeanor, he looked every bit like some kind of powerful African chieftain!

“No, of course not!” Jessica smiled, “I simply meant that...”

“I know what you meant Mrs. McFarland” B-Love smiled... Jessica was relieved by that, “but I think I’d prefer the chair. Why don’t you take the couch, with Shemar and Big Mike?”

Jessica turned to see that Mike had taken a seat at the far end of the couch, while Shemar had taken the center. Shemar smiled warmly, and patted the empty seat next to him.

Jessica sighed and sat down. She had difficulty crossing her legs on the large cushions, and felt a bit squeezed sitting next to the two large black men.

She looked around the studio as the cameras moved into position. One stayed over by the news desk set... which was unusual, but she ignored it, and concentrated on her notes. A stagehand came by and carefully put out 4 mugs of water for each of the people on the set. Jessica caught a glimpse of herself in the video monitor off set. It was quite a sight. The warm, rich, dark colors of the set contrasted starkly with her bright royal blue jacket. The contrast was almost as severe as that of her tiny white form, squeezed between two hulking black men on a large black couch.

Then the voice boomed over the loudspeaker again...

“Back in FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE...”


“Good evening,” Jessica spoke into the camera. “Welcome to the second hour of a very special episode of “The Whole Truth”. We’d like to remind you one last time that tonight’s episode of “The Whole Truth” contains material of a sensitive nature, and is intended only for a mature audience. There will be no more commercial breaks this evening. You may have heard of them, you may have heard their music, and If you’ve been with us throughout the evening, you’ve seen their videos. You know that “Black Phallus” is a controversial group. Now, in the studio, we will here their thoughts on their controversy, their music, and their philosophy. Here with me in the studio are the three members of the rap group Black Phallus. To my left, is B-Love. To my right is Shemar, and finally, to my far right, is Big Mike. Good evening gentlemen, thank you for being here this evening.”

“Good evening.” Shemar replied. The other two men nodded. “It’s a pleasure.”

“Well gentlemen,” Jessica started... though she couldn’t help but be amused by the fact that she’d now twice referred to these giant thugs as ‘gentlemen’, but something about them commanded respect. “Your music has managed to become staggeringly popular in nightclubs and CD players across America, without the benefit of your music being aired on the radio, or your videos aired on television. How did this happen?”

“Word of mouth” Shemar responded quickly, “people heard good music, and the club scene spreads news fast. So does the internet, and most young people, the people who buy our music, are online. Word gets around fast.”

“But surely,” Jessica pressed, “there is more to it than that?”

“Well,” Big Mike interjected this time, “we got good rhythm, strong beats, and some bold rhymes. People like what we’re sayin’. Radio and video don’t matter beyond that... that’s the business end of it. If people like the music, they’ll get it, they’ll find out about it, talk about it.”

“Yes,” Jessica added, “but what about the political satire in your lyrics? Don’t you feel that these strong political messages make your music popular with a wider spectrum of people?”

“Satire?” Shemar furrowed his brow, “I don’t think you understand. Our music comes from real life experiences. We want to share these experiences, so that people learn more about human sexuality, as we have learned about human sexuality from our experiences. We aren’t doing any kind of satire.”

Jessica was a little puzzled by Shemar’s insistence on the “true” nature of the song’s lyrics. Perhaps he was just trying to ‘stay in character’? She decided to let the comment go for the time being.

“You say you want people to learn about your philosophy of human sexuality,” Jessica asked,
“but doesn’t the graphic nature of your lyrics immediately push people away. Doesn’t it make them not want to listen to you or hear your ideas?”

“Our lyrics have to be graphic,” Shemar responded, “because the truth requires it of them. The truth can’t be sugar-coated.”

“Some people might say that the reason your music isn’t heard on the radio, or seen on music video channels, is because your lyrics are misogynistic, sexually explicit, and you’re perpetuating hateful stereotypes.” Jessica commented.

“Shit, that ain’t it at all!!” Big Mike shook his head, “The reason our music don’t get played is that the whiteboys running the radio stations and TV networks are scared of us!”

“Is that so? “ Jessica asked, incredulously, “Why are they afraid of you?”

“Cause we tellin’ the TRUTH!” The truth can’t be offensive to nobody but liars... people who are scared of the truth. They radio and the music TV channels are afraid of our message.”

“The truth?” Jessica recalled some of her research and decided this was an appropriate segue into a new line of questioning. “Let’s talk about the truth. You contend that your lyrics accurately describe your honest philosophy and your music videos depict actual events. Is that so?”

“Absolutely.” Mike nodded. “We keep it real.”

Jessica began to wonder if she had been mistaken. Maybe these songs weren’t political satire. Jessica found herself wondering if maybe the claims really were true. This ‘philosophy’ of black male superiority the group espoused was something they seemed to take seriously. And there was no denying that these men flaunted their sexuality... Maybe they were just like any other rappers, bragging about their conquests. But those stories! They were so outrageous! Wives, brides, mothers, daughters, cheerleaders... Maybe the hype and controversy was just about selling records and making a buck. Sex sold... and controversy even more so. Surely that was it... the stories were exaggerated to sell records.

“But there are some exaggerations, here, aren’t there? Some artistic license meant to generate controversy, or titillate?” Jessica asked in a challenging manner.

“The events in the songs are all true.” Shemar stated again.

Jessica thought she had finally found a chink in their armor. Shemar had specifically said ‘songs’. Perhaps the songs were true, but the videos were exaggerated. She could ask them about the videos, and maybe catch them in a lie. Of course, she would have to be careful not to dwell on the imagery in some of those videos... and the feelings that they had given her when she watched them.

“Well, let’s talk about your videos.” Jessica started.

Big Mike suddenly smiled, “Actually, we was kinda hoping you’d appear in one of our videos, Mrs. McFarland!”

Jessica felt herself blush. She was flattered that the men considered her pretty enough to appear as one of the models in her video... but then thought about how women were portrayed in the videos and became a bit insulted. True, they hadn’t said they would portray her in the same light as the other women she’d seen in the video... as some kind of sexual object... some bimbo who would succumb to a big cock... a big... black... cock... Jessica’s thoughts began to swim imagery from the videos... the wife and the black plumber... the mother/daughter team with the daughter’s boyfriend... the cheerleaders... they all looked so happy... and those gorgeous black men... huge muscles... huge... No... No! It was insulting that women were objectified like that in the videos... and it was more insulting to her that they thought she would ever agree to appear in one of their videos.

“Thank you, I’ll have to consider it.” Jessica said curtly, but politely, and returned to her questions. “Let’s look just at the stories told in the videos we showed in the first hour of the program. Their titles were... let me get these in order... ‘White Wedding, Blacked Brides’?”

B-Love smiled and nodded. Mike and Shemar responded with a “yes.”

“Nigga In The Wood Pile” Jessica continued.

Shemar nodded, “yes.”

“Black-Cock-Pit?” Jessica asked. The men nodded.

“And ‘Only Natural’, are those right?” Jessica asked. She knew the titles were correct, but the tactic of asking for confirmation of facts was common practice in an interview. It forced a response from the subjects, keeping them on their toes. Unfortunately the graphic titles thwarted Jessica’s attempt to repress the imagery from the videos.

The men all nodded.

“It is still your assertion that the events unfolding in these videos actually happened?”

“Yes.” Shemar smiled sweetly, masking his impatience.

Jessica couldn’t believe that the group’s members could make the claim with a straight face. B-Love acted almost insulted that she had asked the question. In spite of her fear of the rapper, she couldn’t get wrap her mind around the group’s claims.

“And these things happened as you depict them?” Jessica asked slowly...“The seductions of brides at their weddings? The cheerleaders at the basketball game?...the cheating wife with the delivery man... the plumber...the security officers...the pool man... her... pregnancy...?”

“Yes.” Big Mike chuckled. “It’s all true. That’s just human sexuality, at its finest.”

“I believe that we’ve made that clear in the liner notes of the CD.” B-Love intoned quietly.

Jessica’s mind reeled at the idea that those events might have actually transpired. The vignettes from the videos and songs replayed in her head... the bride joining her bridesmaids with black men... the soccer mom getting gangfucked by the black soccer players... the black drifter seducing the wife and twin daughter’s from the family that took him in... The massive orgy on that airplane... Jessica fell silent for a few seconds. The heat from the studio lights, combined with the sexual imagery flitting through her mind, was making her light headed. It was obvious to all watching that she was imagining each scenario as she mentioned it.

B-Love’s otherwise stoic face cracked the slightest smile on one side, almost smirking. Jessica noticed it out of the corner of her eye. It gave Jessica a chill, and snapped her out of her trance.

“Some of those incidents you’ve described are...pretty wild.” Jessica stammered.

“The truth is what it is.” Shemar shrugged, “we can’t help that. It’s only natural.”

Jessica was about to ask them to recount a specific incident when she suddenly realized something. None of the rappers had yet mentioned the interracial aspect of their music. The themes of black men dominating white women, and stealing them from white men was repeatedly and strongly emphasized in their music. If their intent was to generate controversy in order to sell more CDs, then they should have mentioned the interracial element by this point in the interview. The interracial element in the album was clearly part of the shock value.

Yet throughout the whole interview, they had many opportunities to make specific comments on their claims and their philosophy, but they hadn’t done so. Not one had mentioned the fact that all the women in these scenarios were white, and all the men were black. Not one of them had even mentioned the issue of race. Jessica wondered why this was.

“Well,” Jessica began coolly, “Let’s talk about that shall we. Your group’s philosophy...” There was an awkward pause as Jessica waited for one of the rappers to explain their ideas. Instead they sat silently, waiting for her to finish the question formally. “...Could you explain it?” Jessica finally said.

“Well,” explained Shemar, “It’s all about nature, about primal sexuality and animal instinct. Every song on our CD, every music video we’ve made, demonstrates natural selection. The female of the species wants to be bred by the Alpha Males of her species. It’s natural selection, survival of the fittest. Women go for men who are more muscular, who look like stronger defenders, better providers... That ain’t a new concept, that’s just Darwin.”

Again, Jessica noticed no mention of the racial aspect of the music. Now it was obvious to her what they were doing. They were trying to make her raise the subject. It was a power play in the interview. They wanted Jessica McFarland to make the formal introduction of the group’s philosophy to her audience. They wanted to demonstrate that she recognized it... and possibly imply that she endorsed it. Jessica wasn’t about to let him manipulate her like that.

“That’s all very interesting,” Jessica responded, “but some might say you’ve perverted Darwin’s philosophy a bit.”

“How so?” Shemar asked innocently.

“Well, for one thing,” Jessica carefully spoke, trying to find a way to make one of the rappers raise the race issue, “some might say that your interpretation is offensive.”

“We don’t understand why anybody would think that.” Shemar said.

“Well for one thing,” Jessica countered, “it treats women like objects.”

“Not at all!” Shemar replied. “On the contrary, there are many women in our songs and videos that are shown to be making choices about the men they are with.”

“But they’re so submissive.” Jessica argued.

“Only when they are with their selected alpha-males are the women shown to submit to his advances... they do not submit to anybody lesser than them, thus they are not degraded. What makes you think they’re degraded?” Shemar explained.

“Because the only men that they are submitting to are...” Jessica bit her tongue.

They had done it. They had tricked her into broaching the subject of race.

“...Are what?” Shemar asked innocently.

B-Love stared intently at the pretty white interviewer.

Jessica paused. “Well, In your songs and videos... the women are always... the women only... they only go with... the so-called alpha males are always... African-American men.”

“Black men?” Shemar smiled, suddenly interrupting Jessica’s awkward question, “Of course they are! But how is that degrading to women? Are you suggesting that it is degrading for a white woman to have sex with a black man?”

Jessica went white. The question was valid... why did she consider it degrading? The women were clearly making choices between the men... the fact that they chose black men shouldn’t be degrading. Jessica stammered and sputtered, trying to find a way out of the mess she’d made for herself. Finally she found it.

“No...No...” Jessica stammered... she suddenly felt herself getting very hot and flustered. “Not at all. It’s just a that... you’re showing married women throwing away their marriages, their lives, their families... just for sex. That’s what’s degrading. You’re suggesting that women aren’t in control of their sexual urges. That’s suggesting that men are superior to women, because they control these urges in women.”

“All we’re trying to say is that women are primal beings.” Shemar smiled. “The bounds of society can’t compete with natural urges. There’s nothing degrading about nature. “We’re not saying men are superior to women.”

“Then why is it we don’t see women seducing men away from their families, like your black ‘alpha males’ are doing to the women?“ Jessica asked.

“Oh, that’s easy.” Big Mike chuckled. “That’s because we’re saying that black men are superior to white men!”

“What?!” Jessica blurted. After all the tiptoeing around the issue, she was shocked that one of the rappers had finally laid their cards on the table.

Shemar explained, “It is our contention that a woman would be unable to control her sexual urges when with a black man.”

“But,” Jessica interrupted, “You’re saying that all alpha males are black, or that women should find a man attractive only if he’s black. Your lyrics portray women as being sexual objects, black men as some kind of super men, and white males as weak and afraid. Some people could find this to be racist, sexist, and offensive.”

“Like I said earlier,” Shemar shrugged, flashing a seductive smile, “the truth is what it is.”

“And like I said earlier,” Big Mike added, “the white boys in charge of TV and Radio don’t want their women to know the truth. The truth that black men are superior to all other men. That’s why our music don’t get play!”

“So,” Jessica challenged, “are you really saying that black males are superior to all other males? And that there is some vast conspiracy to hide this fact? Is this really what you believe?”

“Absolutely. Don’t you?” B-Love spoke up now. Jessica turned to face him... her eyes met only by her own reflection in his glasses.

“Look at the statistics,” Shemar interjected, “since the days of integration, black men have dominated sports. Their athletic ability is unparalleled in the human race. In addition to this, we’re highly influential in the music industry. All of the greatest musicians over the last century were black men, or influenced by black men. If it wasn’t for prejudice, racism, and the ‘old boy’ network, we’d probably run the business world too.”

“And of course...” Mike piped up, in his gravely voice, “we dominate as lovers... every woman whoever appeared in a Black Phallus video knows that!”

“Do you mean to say,” Jessica asked, shocked, “that you’ve had sex with every one of the women that have appeared in your videos? You actually force them to...”

“We don’t force them to do nothin’!” Big Mike interrupted, “Every one of those white girls we hired ended up having sex with the black models when we shot the video. We don’t ask them to do it, we don’t tell them to do it, it just happens! They are hired just for simulated love scenes and sex scenes, but once we get those hot white women together with those black studs, and they get they clothes off, nature just took its course! Sometimes we be filmin’ and they just strip out of they little modesty-thongs and shit and just get busy, right on camera! Shit, a lot of the footage you just aired was them actually having sex! Ask any of those girls and they’ll tell you. Whiteboys just can’t take care of business in the bedroom like a BLACK MAN can!”

“What?” Jessica asked, shocked. All this was a little too much for Jessica to believe. This claim of real sex in the videos was even more outrageous than their claims of true stories behind the song lyrics. The song lyrics might be true, but at least the ‘characters’ were give pseudonyms. In the videos, performers’ faces could be seen! Jessica wondered how some of them would react to these claims. She also wondered why some of those girls willingly did that for a music video, when most actresses wouldn’t do that for any kind of movie. Surely this claim couldn’t be true! After all, they’d asked HER to be in a video... they certainly wouldn’t expect her to have sex with men on camera! Jessica realized this had to be just another gimmick to sell records and perpetuate a badboy image. “It’s a shame you didn’t mention all this to our producers.” Jessica smirked. “I would love to have interviewed some of the models from this shoot, to verify this claim.”

“Oh, I promise you that Mike is telling the truth!” Shemar said. “This is what happened. It’s what always happens when you put young beautiful white women in the same room with powerful black men. It was beautiful to watch nature take its course like that! Even in scenes where the camera position wouldn’t see them clearly, they just had sex right there on set. We couldn’t have stopped them even if we’d wanted too!”

“Given the fact that your videos are deemed too explicit to be aired on any of the music video channels,” Jessica said coolly, “why not just shoot the music videos with ‘hard core’ sexually explicit footage to begin with.”

“That’s what we’ll be doing from now on, but back then we shot each video in the hope that we would be able to air them on music video channels. We carefully framed our shots so that nothing too explicit could be seen clearly, apart from a bare ass every once in a while. We did that for every one of our videos. Still, the music video networks wouldn’t air them. We were disappointed to say the least. We still shot some of our own footage though. We’re in the process of editing special edition videos now, for release on DVD next year. They’ll be hardcore. That’s how we’re going to do all of our videos from now on... shoot them hardcore, and release them on DVD. Of course the DVD with our first videos will also feature the original ‘tame’ cuts of each video you aired here today, along with the new hardcore edits, some hot scenes that had to be deleted for time, and some intense behind the scenes footage.”

“Aw, HELL yeah!” Mike said. “That Black-Cock-Pit shoot was fucking intense! A lot of girls learned the truth THAT day! I taught a whole LOT of pretty white girls that once you go black you don’t go back! Best day of their lives! Hell, it was the best damn day of my life too... but then again... today ain’t over, is it Mrs. McFarland? ” Big Mike winked at Jessica as he said this.

The men all chuckled. Jessica blushed, but knew that she couldn’t allow herself to get flustered or rattled by Mike’s allusions to the sexual myths that the group liked to perpetuate... let alone the implication that she would embrace the myth as well. If this was the best they could do, she didn't have to worry about their publicity stunt! Nevertheless, she had to stay in control... she couldn’t let these men dominate her... interview... the conversation. Jessica chose to ignore the innuendo, but before she could ask another question, Big Mike spoke again.

“Come on Jessica!” Big Mike grinned, “No man can do it like a black man. Women everywhere are learning that they want it... they need it... big and black. Like the song said ‘No woman can resist, a black cock head, bigger than her fist!’. No woman can resist, especially not a FINE woman like you Jessica!”


Becky Davenport gasped when she heard Big Mike talking that way to the pretty blonde anchorwoman, her sister’s boss. Big Mike from ‘Black Phallus’ was obviously hitting on Jessica McFarland. Becky noticed how the pretty blonde anchorwoman’s big tits heaved while she talked to the gorgeous black rappers. It was obvious to Becky that the journalist was extremely turned on. How could she not be? If their claims were true, then these rappers were so hot that they were able to seduce and fucked their models, actresses, and dancers on the site of their videos’ production and included the footage in the videos! And now that Big Mike was coming on to Jessica McFarland, Becky found herself wondering if they would do the same thing to this network television journalist. Becky dropped her hand to her pussy and began rubbing again!


“In-Interesting... uh... thank you.” Jess stammered, barely suppressing a shiver. She’d ignored Big Mike’s references to the myth of black men’s penis size, but now he’d worked it right back into the conversation more pointedly! What was more, he had now expressly pointed his comments to Jessica herself! Jessica couldn’t help but be suddenly reminded of her dream, when she saw herself as a bride and a black man’s giant hands were pawing her full white breasts. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of the image, desperately trying to think of a question to ask. She couldn’t leave that comment hanging in the air like that. Big Mike was demeaning her, and challenging her loyalty as a wife just for a cheap laugh or a promotional gimmick! “But I think I can resist just fine. I’m a happily married woman.”

“If he’s a whiteboy,” B-Love interrupted, subtly squeezing his groin, “you ain’t happy.”

Again, Jessica shivered. There was something very disturbing about B-Love...especially when he spoke... and especially with what he was saying now. It made Jessica think of Billy’s recent problems. She thought of Billy’s small, limp dick. She couldn’t imagine it erect... probably because she hadn’t seen it erect for a several weeks. Jessica couldn’t help but momentarily drop her big blue eyes down to the large bulge running the length of B-Love’s thy. The bulge that was a lot bigger than Billy’s. Suddenly, it moved! The bulge twitched ever so slightly, but Jessica felt her pussy tingle at that very moment! Then suddenly Jessica’s view was blocked when B-Love rested his hand on the bulge.

“No!” Jessica whimpered, involuntarily. She realized that she’d said it out loud and that she was staring at the rapper’s crotch. Pulling her gaze from B-Love’s bulge, she scrambled for a phrase to plausibly continue her outburst. She was rapidly losing control of the interview... not to mention control over herself...

“Please... don’t...” Jessica stammered, “say things like that... about my husband!” Jessica finally seized on a semi-dignified exit from her predicament. “I AM happily married and I don’t want my husband disrespected like this!” Jessica tried to sound angry as she spoke... but she didn’t feel angry... in spite of the fact that her husband and her marriage had just been insulted. Nevertheless, she couldn’t be bothered with self-reflection in the middle of her interview. Thanks to B-Love’s crack at her husband, a new line of questioning had just presented itself.

“You’ve actually just brought up a point that I would like to ask you all about.” Jessica said, attempting to compose herself. “Some of your songs feature the seduction of married women. Many people find this particularly offensive. You seem to encourage sexual promiscuity and infidelity whenever a seemingly ‘better’ male comes along.”

“Not just any ‘better male’ “ Big Mike grinned, “a BLACK male! The real reason people are offended is because they are racist!”

“Do you really thing race is the only real issue here?” Jessica asked. “You’re suggesting that women are incapable of controlling their base desires. What about women’s intellect? Aren’t humans more than just animals? Aren’t we civilized? What about respect, and loyalty? Obligation and love? Are you suggesting that a woman would abandon all these things for some primal instinct, just because a so-called physically powerful alpha male came along?”

“Civilization, respect, loyalty, even love are all just skin deep... a matter of the mind. Race is the real issue because that is a matter of nature.” Shemar said gently. He gently put a large black hand on Jessica’s knee as he spoke to her, staring deep into her eyes. “Nature is primal. Nature is pure. Nature is forever. Nature runs DEEP.” He hit the word hard, while looking directly into Jessica’s crystal-blue eyes. “We’re just telling the truth as we see it. Whether or not its offensive... that ain’t really relevant. The truth is what it is. Nature is what it is. We want to educate people to the truth. We want people to look past societal conventions... at what really matters. That’s the message of all our music on this album, and our next album. People are trying to deny nature, and nature cannot be denied. Nobody can deny nature.”

Shemar’s hand gently rubbed Jessica’s thy as he spoke. Jessica barely noticed this, hypnotized as she was by Shemar’s deep brown eyes... When she finally managed to break his gaze, she glanced down at her notes, and saw that he had pushed her skirt up a few inches, to her mid thigh... revealing the tops of her black stockings. Jessica quickly tugged her skirt down while trying to change the subject. She tried to push Shemar’s hand off her leg, but he didn’t budge. Not wanting to draw attention to Shemar’s roaming hand, Jessica didn’t fight him too much. Instead, she ended up resting her own hand on top of his.

“Let’s... talk... about that,” Jessica stammered, staring at her tiny white hand on Shemar's for a second or two too long, before continuing... “your next album, I mean!”

She grabbed the phrase like it was a lifeline in a stormy sea... “What can we expect from your next album? Or your next video for that matter Can we expect the same... themes...we’ve heard on this album?” Jessica asked hopefully.

It was B-Love who spoke now, in his hard, ‘calm anger’ tone.

“Yes, I think you might say that. For instance, one of the songs we’re workin’ on is a take-off of the old racist song “She Ran Off With A Nigger”. Have you ever heard of that song, Mrs. McFarland?”

“, I can’t say that I have.” Jessica responded quietly. She couldn’t help but be intimidated by B-Love. He was so big and muscular. His voice was so calm, yet strong and confrontational. On top of that, his mirror sunglasses betrayed none of his emotion, while at the same time showing a tiny, white reflection of Jessica, framed by a powerful black face. It made her feel small... timid... submissive.

B-Love, his face still expressionless, quietly explained. “It was a song written during the days of desegregation, an attempt to stir up white anger against the idea of putting blacks and whites in the same schools and neighborhoods. It is ironic that it only succeeded in exposing the real reason whiteboys feared integration... the fear they had of being exposed as a sexual fraud, and losing his wife or daughter to the obviously superior black male. Our version is called “She Ran Off With Some Niggaz”. We’ve adapted the song to our style of rap, and we’re collaborating with a female artist, to tell the song’s story from a white woman’s point of view. She’ll sing about how she used to be with white boys, but now, she will only ever be with a black man...”

“I see” Jessica interrupted, wanting to stop B- Love before he got too deive. “And can you tell us what artist will be collaborating with you on this... effort.”

“Certainly, “ Shemar smiled, “Brandi Pierce.”

“Brandi Pierce?” Jessica raised an eyebrow “The Princess of Pop?”

“Yes, that’s her.” Shemar smiled. “She’ll also be appearing in the video with us.”

Brandi Pierce was the hottest pop princess in the industry. She’d started out as a Christian-pop-rock singer when she was in her mid teens, but over the past couple of years she’d adopted a more secular, yet still virginal image. Jessica had interviewed the girl last year, on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, and Brandi had seemed genuinely innocent. Jessica knew, like everybody in the industry, that over the past year the young singer adopted a much sexier image... but collaboration with Black Phallus?

Jessica shivered. “That’s quite an image leap for her, isn’t it?” Jessica asked.

“It sure is,” Big Mike grinned, “but we all loved working with little Brandi. And she loved working under us, and begged to do it again and again! So we’re doing a video of the song, and she’s appearing in that too!” Shemar and Mike chuckled. B-Love remained silent... expressionless.

Appearing in a Black Phallus video was still a hell of a leap though. Jessica could barely comprehend it. Brandi Pierce... and these... thugs! If Black Phallus’s other videos were any indication, then the blonde pop princess would be shedding the last remnants of her ‘innocent’ image in a particularly spectacular fashion!

“Do you have a clip of this video, by any chance?" Jessica blurted, almost hungrily. For some reason, she found the thought of seeing Brandi Pierce performing with these men excited her a great deal... probably just because it would be a great scoop, she told herself.

“No, we don’t have a clip of that video,” Shemar said softly, “we haven’t started filming it yet. Brandi has some prior commitments that she has to attend to first. But it will be the first video to debut from our album, when it’s done.”

“I see.” Jessica responded quietly. She could barely mask the disappointment in her voice.

“We do have a little bit of footage from another video we’ve been shooting, very recently...” Shemar quickly added, obviously reading the sadness in Jessica’s voice.

Jessica brightened a bit. “Interesting. This would be for a different song?”

“Yes.” B-Love interrupted. Jessica turned to face him. She noticed that whenever he spoke, the other two men got very quiet, very fast. He was obviously in charge of the group, even if he didn’t say much. Jessica waited for him to continue his response... but when none came presently, she felt compelled to inquire further.

“And...the... name uh-of the song?” she sputtered, restlessly.

“Lonely,” Shemar responded, when B-Love remained silent. “It’s about a young woman, engaged to be married to her high school sweetheart, but left all alone when he goes off on an extended business trip. While he’s away, she’s find comfort in the arms of a black man.”

“Black MEN.” B-Love corrected.

“I... I see” Jessica stuttered anxiously, the question seemed stuck in her throat. “And will you show me... I mean... us...our viewers... this clip tonight?” Jessica heard herself ask the question almost as if she was watching the interview, rather than participating in it.

This wasn’t the first time during the interview that one of her questions had blurred the distinction between journalistic pursuit and a personal... fascination. The opportunity for an exclusive first look at footage from a new music video was something that she had to pursue, as a good journalist... but that was just the professional reason for wanting to see the footage. The whole truth, whether or not Jessica could admit the fact, was that she personally wanted... needed... to see the new video. The videos... the music... the men... everything about Black Phallus was driving her to learn more... she found them... captivating.

“Absolutely” Shemar smiled. “I think you’ll find it the most interesting of all of our videos!”

“Well” Jessica said anxiously, looking into the wrong camera, “let’s see it. Without further ado, KNEN presents, for the first time anywhere, footage from Black Phallus’s new video, ‘Lonely’!”

Jessica immediately turned her attention to the video monitor, anxiously awaiting the start of the footage and music. She saw herself on the screen, sitting between the two giant black rappers... but didn’t notice them exchanging smiles, winks, and nods. The picture went away, as the new video started.


Becky leaned forward on the couch and watched the TV screen intently. “Yes! Another video!” She gasped, her hands now frantically fondling her young, inexperienced white body. The girl was so completely engrossed in her self-pleasure, she didn’t hear the sound of the garage door opening, just like she hadn’t heard the phone ringing earlier.


“Lonely” opens with a gentle chiming music... like the plucking of a harp. We see a delicate, feminine, white hand writing a letter. Beside the letter, on the writing desk, is a photograph of a handsome young white man, in a heart-shaped frame. As the hand writes, we hear a soft female voice speaking...

“Dear Brett,” coos the voice, before being interrupted by one of the black rapper’s voices. He raps the next few lines, while the hand keeps writing. The video cuts quickly between the writing hand, and the half-naked muscular black rappers. As the rappers sing, a slow, but aggressive beat from bass guitar quickly begins to dominate the dreamy chime music.

“We hope you like it there in Europe” rapped Shemar,
“Though she begged you not to go!
But you left your young fiancée here,
Without you all alone!
So now we got to tell you,
There’s no need to hurry back,
See, she’s found some fun without you,
With some one big and black!”

“YEAH!” Belts Big Mike’s voice.

As the delicate white hand continues writing, there is a flash to a white guy reading the letter. Shock spreads across his face as he shakes his head in disbelief. This is cut together with very fast-cut footage of muscular black chests, arms, and shoulders... some of shots featuring a small ivory hand wearing an ornate engagement ring, and running over rippling chocolate muscles.


The rhythm and the bass sent shivers through Jessica’s body... absent-mindedly, she started fumbling with the buttons of her jacket.


As the video continues, we return to video of the letter-writing hand. A refrain starts, sung by the woman who opened the video. The girl seems to be moaning the lyrics... Her moans correspond with movements of the hand as it writes.

“I was just so-oh-OH lonely without you-ooOOH!” moans the girl's innocent-sounding voice.
The letter-writing hand suddenly jumps, dragging a line across the page.
There is a flash of footage of a pair of panties hitting the floor. They’ve been ripped apart. This is cut quickly with a shot woman’s mouth, gently biting her lower lip...

“All al-oh-OH-OHN since you’ve been, since you’ve been g-ahhhH-one!” groans the soft voice.
The letter-writing hand drops the pen, and the fingers flinch, wadding the paper briefly. These images are edited together with flashes of a white woman’s naked back. The angle of the camera shot indicates that she is bent over. We see two large black hands run up her sides, and grab her tiny waist from behind! The video quickly cuts back to the hand as it picks up the pen, flattens the paper, and continues writing...

Jessica stared at the monitor, completely engrossed in the action on screen. In spite of the fact that it was only a minute into the song, and that there wasn’t nearly as much obvious sexual imagery as the other videos... Jessica was hornier than she’d ever been that night. Her head was so clouded with lust that she was completely unaware that she’d managed to undo to top button of her already-too-revealing jacket, showing off even more of her full white cleavage. Worse still, she’d started rubbing her pussy through her skirt with one hand, while running her fingertips along her cleavage with the other.

Cameras moved around the studio, carefully capturing Jessica’s every move and breath... even though their signal wasn’t currently being broadcast. The home viewers were only seeing the rap video at that moment... just like Jessica.

While America and Jessica watched the video, the rappers watched Jessica. She may not have been aware of what she was doing, but they certainly were. For the first time that evening, B-Love smiled. Not smirk, but a smile of satisfaction. Big Mike and Shemar both shed their jackets. This left Mike in his black-power tee shirt and Shemar bare-chested. Both men stayed seated next to the ardent young journalist. All three men’s chocolate skin shined with perspiration from the hot studio lights... their masculine scent hung in the muggy studio air.

The studio camera’s filmed the rappers shedding their clothes, while Jessica remained complete distracted... her eyes glued to the monitor showing the video. She couldn’t quite figure out why... but the voice of the girl sounded SO familiar... she could almost figure out who the girl was... like she knew her... but the young married reporter was just so horny that she couldn’t think straight!


Jessica wasn’t the only one engrossed by the new video. Becky Davenport was frantically rubbing her virginal white pussy and teasing her clit as she watched the action unfold. She squeezed her firm white titties roughly... pinching and twisting her young pink nipples. She was on the verge of climax when she was interrupted by a terrible scream.

“REBECCA DAVENPORT!!” Karen Davenport screamed at her writhing half-naked daughter “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?”


“But see I-I-IEEE had to write and tell you-ooOOH!” the familiar voice squealed in the video.
The letter-writing hand jumps again, this time forcefully knocking the fiancé’s photo from the desk. There is a rapid succession of footage... the glass frame hitting the wall and shattering... a shot of the picture lying on the floor among the broken glass... a large black hand roughly grabbing a head of blonde hair... a shot of black back-muscles flexing... and a shot of two big, blue, slightly-teary eyes widening suddenly... Cut back to the hand, it moves back to the last line and tries to continue writing, but just scrawls hap-hazardly across the paper...

“You needed to know-oh-OH... that I’ve fou-OW-OW-OUND SOME-WUNNNN!!!!!”
The woman’s voice deteriorates into a wail of pleasure. The letter-writing hand shakes violently, her fingers contract suddenly, snapping the pen in two, and ripping and wadding the paper at the same time!

The bass beat suddenly reaches a fast, thumping crescendo as the video makes a sudden cut to a wide shot. We see a young, sexy white woman, leaning forward, bent at the waste, over the writing desk... she’s naked... but her arms and the camera are strategically positioned so that her breasts cannot be seen. Her face is hidden by a mass of unruly blonde hair.

“AND I AIN’T LONELY NO MORE!” the girl sings as the shot suddenly jumps to a wider shot, and we see that one of the black rappers is behind her, apparently fucking her from behind! She arches her back roughly, wildly tossing her head back, and flipping her long blonde hair out of her beautiful face... a very familiar face!

Jessica McFarland wasn’t the only one who recognized the blonde in the video.

“What is this garbage Becky?” Karen Davenport screamed at her daughter as the footage of a blonde woman writhing and moaning like a slut while some big negro fondled her body continued playing on the TV screen.

Becky Davenport, busy trying to compose herself, was talking at the same time as her mother... trying desperately to offer some kind of feeble explanation of her behavior. “Mom...I’m sorry...” the pretty white teen stammered, tears of embarrassment streaming down her pretty face.

“How could you watch this pornography!?” Karen started to ask, before suddenly falling silent.

“It’s not what you think... its actually a news program... its just...” Becky babbled, but suddenly became aware that her mother had stopped screaming, and was staring at the TV screen.

Becky turned to look at the TV, just as the blonde in the video flipped her hair back and revealed her face.

Both Karen and Becky stared at the screen in silent disbelief.

“How...” Karen Davenport finally whispered in shock, “Oh...Dear... God... No!”

The curvaceous red-haired forty-something mother of two quickly grabbed her younger daughter and forced her to the stairs, trying to block her view of the television. “Becky...go to your room! Now!”

Becky did as she was told... but it was too late. If her mother was trying to keep her from seeing the woman’s face, she’d failed... and Becky was every bit as shocked as her mother.



“OH MY GOD!!! Sarah!?!?” Jessica shrieked. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Sarah, her sweet, innocent, beautiful, engaged assistant was in this video... naked... simulating a sex act with a man whom she had despised until just a few days ago!

Jessica was so shocked that she continued staring, dumbfounded at the screen after the clip ended. She sat there, stunned, silent except for her heavy breathing, on the air with the makers of the video that had fascinated her so. Her full white breasts heaving obscenely in her revealing jacket. She didn’t even notice that fact that somehow, during the course of the video, she’d managed to unbutton the top two buttons of her jacket, and had hiked her skirt up so high that from the right angle, the cameras could easily see her panties!


Billy McFarland’s jaw dropped when he recognized the girl in the video. Her face was familiar but her behavior certainly wasn't. Billy had met Jessica's assistant several times, and had always been impressed by Sarah's conservative, virtuous demeanor and her dedication to her fiancé and career. He had always admired how she maintained her dignity and decorum, surrounded by all of those black bastards that drooled all over her at KNEN. He remembered thinking how remarkable it was that a woman as young and beautiful as Sarah held such strict morals and ethics.

Now as Billy watched Sarah's gyrating naked form in a music video clip, he was forced to wonder if somehow all of Sarah's previously conservative behavior had been some kind of professional charade. The Sarah Davenport he knew would never appear nude in some sleazy music video, let alone simulate a sex scene with some giant black beast. It was obscene! Still, there she was, on television, writhing away in some so-called music video that was little more than softcore porn. How could she do it? What kind of awful slut was she?

As horrible as it was to see Sarah degrade herself in the music video, Jessica McFarland's reaction to the sight was absolutely chilling to Billy.

Billy couldn't believe his wife's reaction. Jessica's mouth hung open... hungrily, obscenely. Somehow the top two buttons of her jacket had come undone, her beautiful breasts were almost hanging out of the jacket now, and the clasp of her black lacy bra was clearly visible. Then he saw her skirt... or rather... her panties! Somehow Jessica's skirt had ridden up, causing her panties to be visible from the camera angle.

Worse still, it seemed that nobody in the studio had noticed the fact that Jessica's panties were visible, because the cameraman stayed on that angle, and the studio didn't cut away to a different camera... and then...

“No!” Billy yelled as he watched the monitor. “What the fuck is that camera man doing?”

The camera began to zoom in on Jessica's panties. The studio HAD noticed that her panties were visible... and rather than protect her modesty, they were going to exploit her! Billy watched in horror as the camera zoomed in on Jessica's crotch, and scanned upwards, over her body, pausing on her heaving white breasts. Billy was furious. What the hell was going on in that studio?

Two words suddenly popped into his head.

"Publicity Stunt".

Was this the publicity stunt? Showing Jessica a softcore porn video of her personal assistant... flashing some cheap shot of Jessica's panties and cleavage... something to make her look like some horny airhead? How could they do that to her? A respected journalist... his wife... humiliated... degraded...Just for some stupid rap group's publicity stunt? Those sons of bitches! He had to get out; he had to help Jessica!

Billy leapt from the green room couch and ran to the door of the green room... but it was locked. They had locked him in! Billy began beating on the door and yelling.

"...They might try some kind of publicity stunt..." Jessica's voice echoed in his mind. "...Something you might not like... I might have to go along with it... the network really wants this interview!"

Billy's eyes widened with terror. What if the network made Sarah do that video? And if they did that... what would they make Jessica do? No... the wouldn't dare do that to Jessica!

"They might try some kind of publicity stunt..." Jessica's voice echoed in his head again, "... I might have to go along with it..."

Billy increased his frantic beating on the door, and began calling for help. Everybody ignored his yells... Everybody but a small hidden camera and microphone, that monitored and recorded all of his reactions and behavior.


“That’s all there is of the video, I’m afraid.” Shemar said, coolly, snapping Jessica out of her thoughts. The guys started laughing quietly.

Jessica slowly recovered from her shock... hearing the chuckles of the men around her. Why were they laughing? Was this some kind of joke? Jessica’s eyes lit up with an abrupt realization. It was over... that was the publicity stunt. That was why Sarah had been behaving so strangely... she'd been a part of the publicity stunt! All of the things these guys had been saying and doing in the studio that night, were all designed for shock value... just like their albums. This video must have been some kind of put-on... a stunt, planned for her interview, in order to rattle her. That must be it! Sarah would never REALLY cheat on Brad. Her ‘surprise’ appearance was just an attempt to shock Jessica McFarland on national television... and thus perpetuate their ‘dangerous’ bad boy image! Well, it had almost worked, but now she was going to demonstrate that Jessica McFarland couldn’t be taken advantage of quite so easily.

“Yes, I see.” Jessica breathed, adopting a false calm. Even though she knew the video had to be some kind of joke or stunt, it had still left her very...excited. Jessica steadied her nerves for a moment, trying to regain her professional demeanor... still completely unaware of the state of her jacket and skirt... or apparently the fact that her interview subjects were wearing less clothing than they had been before. “Very amusing gentlemen.” Jessica finally added, knowingly, as she turned to the camera.

“I should explain to our audience that the young woman in the video is actually my personal assistant,” Jessica stated confidently, “and her inclusion in this footage was a surprise to me, and obviously intended as a joke. I guess this finally confirms the fact that your group is really a brilliant satire on prejudices and stereotypes about black men, and interracial relationships!”

Shemar raised an eyebrow at Jessica’s statement and B-Love shook his head.

“Aw, HELL no!” Big Mike interrupted, “damn girl, that ain’t it at all! We’re serious baby, don’t you understand? We seduced that girl last night! She ain’t interested in Brad no mo’! She only wants black men!”

Jessica looked back and forth between the rappers... none of them were smiling. No... no... this was a joke. It had to be... a publicity stunt.

“Now guys, enough is enough,” Jessica stated coolly, but growing nervous, “ I know Sarah very well. She would never cheat on her fiancé, she loves him too much!”

“She loves THIS more!” B-Love said, obscenely groping his groin through his black leather pants. Jessica was shocked to see that the oversized bulge in B-Loves pants had actually gotten bigger over the course of the interview! She could barely pull her eyes away... it took her a moment to regain her thoughts.

“No... no!” Jessica shook her head; “You can’t expect me to believe that that video was for real!”

“BELIEVE IT!” B-Love said adamantly, sitting forward in his chair.

“No, it’s just not possible!” Jessica shook her head, frantically... her composure was rapidly deteriorating. She wasn’t just trying to expose a publicity stunt any more... now she was fighting for her beliefs. She didn’t want to think that Sarah... that any woman could be seduced so quickly... so easily. “She’s engaged to a wonderful man, whom she loves very much!”

“Jessica, that doesn’t really mean anything.” Shemar said, softly. He gently brushed some blonde hair out of Jessica’s face. “I told you. The rules and conventions of society cannot compete with the laws of nature. Any woman, confronted with a truly superior male will be compelled to submit to him, sexually. It doesn’t matter if how much she supposedly loves another man! Her ‘love’ will redirect itself towards the superior male! We’ve done this before!”

Now she had them! There was no way they could prove that they’d seduced married women. There would be no easy way of verifying any claim like that. Even if a woman would admit to succumbing to their charms, she might not do so on national television... and if a woman did that, she might have been paid to do so, to aid in the perpetuation of “Black Phallus’s” image of sexual dominance. Still, for some reason that Jessica couldn’t understand, part of her wanted to be proved wrong. “Can you prove that?” Jessica challenged excitedly.

“Yes.” B-Love said, lifting the necklace around his neck. “Look closely at this necklace Mrs. McFarland. Don’t you see what the links of the chain are?”

Jessica looked at the gold-chain necklace closely. She’d noticed it earlier, seeing it glinting and glimmering beautifully against B-Love’s muscular black chest, but there had been something odd about it. As she looked more closely, Jessica observed that the links in the chain were larger than the links one normally sees in a necklace. Additionally, their sizes and colors were not all the same. Most of the links were gold, but some appeared to be platinum or silver. Some links were slightly larger than the others were, but all were delicately made. They were inter-linked together, in three rows, like chain mail. Throughout this pattern of metal links, Jessica could see bright, shining gemstones. Like the links, the stones were of different sizes and colors. The arrangement of the stones was generous, but seemed random, with no symmetry or pattern that Jessica could see. Jessica then realized that the stones seemed to be mounted, individually to particular links, but they were only ever mounted on one side as if... as if... No! No it couldn’t be!

When the realization hit Jessica, a shiver went up her spine, and a tingle went through her pussy. She unconsciously fingered her wedding ring as she continued staring at B-Love’s necklace. She looked from link... to link... to link... confirming her observation.

The links in the chain were made up of rings... not simple chain links made of precious metal, but women’s jewelry... wedding bands and engagement rings! Some were gold, some platinum... some with diamonds, some without... there even some that were engraved with words like ‘love’ or ‘forever’... and some were even engraved with names. There were dozens of them, all split apart, then soldered around one another, making a chain-mail necklace of shattered vows!

“But that’s...No!” Jessica gasped...”that can’t be...”

“Yes.” B-Love said softly.

“But...” Jessica stammered, still staring at the necklace, “there many!”

“This necklace is made up of 63 engagement rings and wedding rings.” B-Love smiled. “Of course, this isn’t my only necklace.”

Jessica’s eyes remained fixed, hypnotically, on the glittering testament to B-Love’s sexual prowess. Could this prove their claims? “No... no... You... could have just bought the rings... and made the necklace that way...and even if you did get them from other women... that doesn’t mean that Sarah...”

Jessica stopped mid-sentence as B-Love shook his head, and held up one side of the necklace, pointing at one of the links. Jessica stared at it in disbelief. The link was a stunning design of gold, platinum, and diamonds. The platinum band was etched and inlaid with a delicate gold pattern. This delicate pattern had been the cause of the ring's lengthy fitting adjustment. Jessica remembered Sarah telling her that.

“Oh my God!” Jessica gasped. “That’s Sarah’s engagement ring!”

Jessica stared at Sarah’s ring... she’d remembered Sarah telling her it was an heirloom... it had been in Brad’s family for a hundred and fifty years. Now it hung with 62 others, around the neck of a man who had taken Brad’s fiancée. Jessica could see an ugly seam in the delicate filigree, where the ring had been cut clumsily apart, then sloppily soldered back together after being woven into the necklace. Was it possible that Sarah had actually been seduced? These guys were awfully handsome... strong... probably very well hung... Jessica’s imagination reeled with pictures of her demure young assistant being fucked mercilessly by any one... maybe every one... of the huge black men sitting around her. It must have been incredible! But no... this still didn’t prove anything...

Jessica turned her head to face Shemar, finding her lips inches away from his... “It... could ... you might have stolen it...” Jessica gasped... desperate to deny that a virtuous young woman would succumb to another man so quickly... let alone one of the rappers of Black Phallus.

“Why are you so desperate to believe that Sarah wouldn’t have let herself be seduced so easily? “ Shemar asked.

Jessica remained silent; she turned away from Shemar. She didn’t want to admit the real reason Sarah’s seduction had upset her. Again, she found herself staring at Sarah’s ring, broken, and woven in with so many other rings... and again, Jessica involuntarily began fidgeting with her own. B-Love smiled.

“We could get Sarah in here,” Big Mike said, “you could ask her yourself... that would prove it!”

“No!” Jessica shook her head... “You could have ... you could have paid her. She might lie for you... it could all be part of the publicity stunt.”

“Stunt?” Big Mike responded, “Bitch, I keep telling you, this ain’t no stunt. She has gone black, and she AIN’T NEVER goin’ back! We seduced Sarah last night and fucked her hard, filmed the whole thing... you can see it if you want. We have that footage too! You want to see it?”

“No!” Jessica said, shaking her head... but it was a lie. She wanted to see the footage... she desperately wanted to see these men in action. She was starved for it. She wanted to see their beautiful bodies... their muscles... their huge cocks... yes, they had to have huge cocks! She was in a desperate fight now... her desire was overwhelming her.

“The footage would PROVE it, wouldn’t it?” Shemar asked.

“ I mean...” Jessica was almost on the verge of tears. She had nowhere to turn... her breathing was becoming shallow... her body felt like it was on fire... “No! Even if you did seduce Sarah...she’s young... impressionable... she could have been easily seduced by your...!” Jessica struggled with the words. “You can’t prove that any intelligent, mature, sophisticated woman would fall for that... that ‘once you go black’ nonsense!”

“Is that a fact?” Big Mike smiled.

“Yes!” Jessica shouted.

“And are YOU a intelligent, mature, sophisticated woman?” Shemar asked quietly.

“Yes, yes I am!” Jessica blurted... and instantly regretted it.

“So,” Big Mike said, standing up, peeling off his shirt, and revealing his brawny black torso. All three of the men were now shirtless, and surrounded the tiny white journalist. “You won’t fall for no ‘once you go black nonsense’, right?”

“No!” Jessica said... trying frenziedly to ignore the agonizing tingling in her pussy.

“So...” Big Mike reasoned, “I guess that means, there’s only one way that we can prove that we can seduce ANY woman... any sophisticated, intelligent, mature woman... like you!”

Jessica’s eyes widened with alarm as she heard Big Mike’s words, and saw him reaching for the fly of his pants!

“Please! You don’t need to do THAT!” Jessica said frantically, lifting her big blue eyes upwards, trying not to see what was going on below Big Mike’s waistline.

“Oh, but I GOT to!” Big Mike chided, “You said it yourself! It’s the only way we can prove that an intelligent, mature, sophisticated married woman like you will believe in the sexual power of a big black cock!”

“You can’t do this!” Jessica blurted, Her eyes darted back and forth between the three black rappers’ shining, bare, and muscular black chests... her pussy felt like it was on fire. “I mean... you can’t trick me into falling for some silly racist myth!”

“And what myth would that be? B-Love smiled, standing up. Jessica turned and suddenly found herself at eye level with the enormous bulge in his leather pants.

“You know... that size nonsense... ‘Once you go black, you never go back!’... “ Jessica blurted... again... instantly regretting that she’d said it. Her mind.. her heart... her pussy... were all racing with excitement now.

“But that’s not a myth.” Shemar said, standing up... All three of the muscular black rappers surrounded the petite white journalist now... she was trapped, sitting on the big couch... putting her eye-level with all of their groins. Jessica looked up at Shemar... this wasn’t happening... this couldn’t be happening!

“Yes it is!” Jessica whimpered.


Suddenly Jessica heard a loud ‘zip’ from her left... and turned...

“OH!! OH MY GOD!!!”

YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Billy yelled angrily as tears filled his eyes. He watched the studio feed in the waiting room. “THIS SHIT HAS GONE TOO FAR!! THIS IS DISGUSTING!! I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL THOSE SONS OF BITCHES”.

"...They might try some kind of publicity stunt..." Jessica's voice echoed in his mind. "...Something you might not like... I might have to go along with it... the network really wants this interview!"

Billy beat on the door again, screaming to be let out... he finally collapsed... sobbing... helpless... but he couldn’t look away from the television screen if he’d tried.

This had to be it... this had to be the publicity stunt she warned him about.

"Just a publicity stunt" Billy muttered staring at the screen, "it'll be over soon. It has to be!"


At that moment publicity stunts were the last thing on Jessica McFarland's mind.

Jessica's big blue eyes widened at the sight of B-Love’s cock. It was enormous... so black... and... and... absolutely beautiful... and so ... BLACK! It had to be a foot long, easily, and probably 6 or 7 inches around! She inhaled... smelling its musky... but pleasant aroma. She felt her pussy spasm. Desperately, she tried to look away... only to see that Shemar was pulling his own cock out.

Shemar’s cock was every just as long as B-Love’s, but not as dark or thick. Big Mike moved around in front of Jessica, after unleashing his own giant cock. Big Mike’s cock was only about 10 or 11 inches long, but thicker than B-Love’s. Jessica was completely overcome by shock... she’d never seen so many cocks... so big... so black... so...HARD! It took every fiber of her being to resist taking one of them in her mouth right then and there... she didn’t understand why this was... it seemed natural... but she’d never been that ... that ‘cock-hungry’ before! All she knew for certain was that if she didn’t get away from these men soon... she wouldn’t be able to resist them.

Desperate to get away, Jessica put up one of her tiny white hands and tried to shove past Shemar, but her hand just landed on his giant black cock... and her fingers just seemed to want to wrap around it and hold on... she couldn’t bring herself to let go!

“How’s that MYTH feel? Big? Hot? Hard?” B-Love chuckled maliciously.

Frantically, Jessica put out her other hand, trying to push past B-Love... and again, her hand found his cock... and held it tightly... she couldn’t let go. She looked back and forth... between her two tiny white hands, grasping these two enormous black cocks. They were magnificent. She stared at them, fascinated by them in every way... their thickness, their length, their weight, the beautiful contrast between their rich ebony skin, and her lily white hands. Her arms began to move back and forth...her lily white hands stroking the giant ebony rods almost as if she'd put herself under a trance, watching the rhythmic stroking.

Then, she turned to see Big Mike moving closer... his fat, coal-black cock inches closer and closer to her mouth... Jessica could feel her tongue, pushing past her lips...

“Now, you sure you don’t want to make a video with us?” Big Mike growled happily.

Jessica’s eyes widened in shock, and she suddenly turned and looked at the camera. It was still running. She realized that all this had been going on, and the studio crew had just kept working... watching everything that was happening... and had done nothing to stop it! Why? Why didn’t they put a stop to this? She couldn’t believe that the feed hadn’t been cut yet! How could KNEN possibly let this continue? Surely... they couldn’t air this material now... it was obscene! But then why was everybody still working?

Jessica’s mind suddenly whirled with unusual things about tonight’s show. The live broadcast... all the adult advisories... uncensored videos... a no-holds barred interview, uninterrupted... the specific request that she be the interviewer....

It was all a set up! They knew this would happen... they... WANTED this to happen...This whole interview... it was all a publicity stunt, and she was a part of it! OH GOD! She WAS still on the air! Millions of people were seeing this! Millions of people across the country were watching her stroke two foot-long black cocks while a third one was about to enter her mouth. BILLY! BILLY COULD BE WATCHING AT THAT VERY MOMENT!!

“PLEASE” Jessica moaned... she was so close to resisting their advances... and so close to succumbing... “We can’t… I mean… you can’t do this! I’m married!”

"Marriage don't mean SHIT baby! THIS does!" Big Mike said, hefting his fat black cock in his hand... "It's only natural baby, you want the best breeders, all women do. The fact is black men are the best breeders! We're more potent, more virile, more stamina...and big… we get in DEEP! Only a big black cock can give you the best fucking of your life! Your husband can only give you a ring!”

Jessica shuddered. Her face was flush, her full white breasts heaved obscenely in her jacket. Again, she found herself imagining what those big cocks could do to her... but she had to resist. She was on the air... she loved Billy...

“This ring represents my husband’s love and respect for me!” Jessica whimpered, rubbing her thighs together, fighting the growing tingling sensation in her pussy. “This ring means that I love him, and I’ll never betray him! I’m his and his alone!”

“HIS?” B-Love sneered. “See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. That’s whiteboy brainwashing bullshit! That ring don’t represent LOVE baby, it represents FEAR. Your whiteboy husband put that ring on your finger because he’s afraid that without little gold band, you might get stolen away from him. That ring on your finger is a pathetic attempt by a white man to protect his ‘property’. It’s like a lock on a door. The problem is that little gold lock on that door won’t stand up to a big black battering ram!”

Jessica shook her head. “This ring is a symbol of my devotion to my husband!”

“What ring? THIS RING HERE?” B-Love laughed cruelly, grabbing Jessica's wrist and pulling the ring from her finger then lifting it up above his head! “Symbol huh? Funny, I’m pretty sure it’s just a piece of fucking jewelry! A pretty little gold band, like the ones in my necklace! It’s a link in a chain… a chain that attaches you to your husband. Maybe it’s time to break that chain, Mrs. McFarland!”

“No! My ring! Please!” Jessica stood lunged for her ring as B-Love lifted it above high above her reach. The blonde lost her balance and fell backwards, sitting back on the couch where she started. B-Love tossed the ring to Shemar, who examined it, holding it up to the light. “Shemar, please, give it back!” Jessica pleaded.

“Why would you want it back?” Shemar asked quietly. “What do you need with this ring when you got three big nigga cocks in front of you?”

Shemar tossed the ring to Big Mike, who chimed in with his own teasing words. “BITCH WE TOLD YOU, THIS WEDDING RING DON’T MEAN SHIT COMPARED TO A BIG BLACK COCK!”

“This isn’t funny!” she whimpered desperately as baby blue eyes darted back and forth as the men tossed the ring amongst themselves. “Give me back my ring!” She was so horny and confused she wanted to cry...

“Not until you admit that what we’re saying is true!” B-Love bellowed. “THEN, if you want your ring back, we’ll give it to you!”

“You know I can’t say that!” Jessica moaned.

“Why not?” Big Mike challenged. “You know its true. Are you honestly trying to tell me that your husband satisfies you sexually? A woman like you and a wimp like him? He probably can’t even get it up around you!”

“It’s not his fault!” Jessica blurted, confirming her husband’s impotence on national television; “I haven’t been paying enough attention to him... he’s under a lot of stress!”

“BULLSHIT” B-Love shouted. “He’s a fucking wimp! There ain’t nothing more stressful than being a black man, and we can get it up all the time! We NEVER have no fuckin’ limp-dick problems! If he can’t get it up for you, he’s a fucking wimp!”

“Okay” Jessica moaned, indignantly... desperately watching her ring as the men tossed it back and forth, playing their game of keep-away. “I admit it! I find you attractive... very sexy… you’re all amazing! But I can’t cheat on my husband!” Jessica whined.

“Look,” Shemar cooed down at his horny, but desperately confused prey, “You don't have anything to worry about here honey. We all already know that it’s true. It's perfectly natural for a beautiful white woman in her sexual prime to desire the biggest cock she can get her hands on, and that usually means a black cock. That includes married women, and that includes YOU, Mrs. McFarland. You see, its almost like you wouldn't be cheating on your husband at all. It’s just nature, taking its course…that's all. We just want you to admit it."

“No! I won’t say it! It isn’t true!” Jessica lied again.

“Okay” B-Love said, moving closer to Jessica, his cock bouncing obscenely, “fair enough. You don’t want to admit it... you don’t have to. Like my boy Shemar says, we already KNOW it’s true. So here’s what we’ll do. You want you’re ring back? You want out of here? That’s cool baby. Here it is, all you have to do, is just take it.”

With that, B-Love carefully balanced Jessica’s shining gold wedding band on the tip of his massive, rock-hard, chocolate-brown cock and pointed it straight at her pretty white face! Jessica breathed deeply, trying to remain calm... the masculine scent hanging in the air filled her nostrils.

“Go ahead Mrs. McFarland. Reach for it. Take your ring, and you can go. I promise we won’t stop you again. Prove to all of us that your marriage vows and professional reputation are more important than your personal sexual ecstasy, and the laws of nature!” B-Love gently waved his cock back and forth, teasing Jessica with the image of her precious wedding ring sitting on his vulgar black cock... and letting her get a good whiff of his E&I enhanced pheromones.

Jessica felt a chill as she stared at the sight inches from her face. There was no avoiding it. This was her only chance to get out of the studio before she yielded to her lust for these men. She would probably never see her husband as sexually attractive again... but she could at least avoid humiliating him completely by letting herself be fucked on national television... at least she could protect her reputation as a professional woman... all she had to do was take her ring and go! But in order to do so, she knew that she’d have to touch that magnificent cock again... and if she did that, she might not be able to let go of it... just like before! Jessica didn’t want to risk it, but she knew that she had try. She sat, staring, breathing deeply...

"Thank God!" Billy whimpered, watching his wife on the green room's TV screen. It was almost over... it had to be... she would take the ring... the sensational stunt would be over, and the interview would be done.

But why wasn't she taking the ring? Why was she just sitting there... staring at the obscene black cock in front of her?

"Just a stunt... its not real... just a stunt... just a stunt..." Billy muttered to himself.


“Go on Mrs. McFarland!” B-Love said softly... hypnotically... still gently waving his thick black cock under the pretty blonde’s nose. “What are you waiting for? This is your last chance to get out of here with your wedding vows in tact! Why aren’t you taking it?”

Jessica couldn’t respond to B-Love’s question. Her throat felt suddenly dry, but her mouth was quite wet. She just continued staring, completely absorbed by the image in front of her. Her choice... her ring...that cock... The bright gold band glinted in a breathtaking contrast with B-Love’s dark chocolate skin. Jessica wondered how could such a beautiful sight mock her fidelity so cruelly at the same time? The ring’s delicate size seemed so insignificant compared to the 12 inches of rock-hard, black cock that it sat upon. She stared at her glittering gold wedding ring, a beautiful symbol of her promise to be faithful to her husband, of her loving eternal bond with him. Or was it B-Love’s cock that held her captivated so? Jessica couldn’t help but think that it was every bit as beautiful as her wedding ring! It was just... so hard... so proud... so big ... so black... so... PERFECT!

Jessica felt an almost electric tingling in her groin again. It was stronger than ever before, and it kept getting stronger. At that moment, it seemed that everything around her ceased to exist. Her crystal blue eyes still fixated on the rappers' cruel joke, Jessica reached unsteadily forward... her tiny white hand shaking... her fingers cold... No sooner had her trembling white fingertips barely touched the ring than her hand seemed to take on a life of its own. Her tiny fingers lunged suddenly, wrapping instinctively around B-Love’s gigantic black cock. The sudden movement caused her wedding ring to drop to the floor... but for some reason, her eyes didn’t follow it to the floor. Instead, Jessica’s big blue eyes remained fixated on B-Love’s beautiful ebony manhood... and her tiny white hand clutching it tight, as if it were a lifeline in a stormy sea. Again, as before, Jessica’s hand slowly started pumping B-Love’s huge black cock, her delicately manicured nails barely meeting as her slender white fingers curled around the growing thickness of B-Love’s ebony shaft.

Jessica’s chin quivered. She knew her ring was on the floor... all she had to do was grab it... just pick it up and leave... but she couldn’t do it... not because they were stopping her... but because she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to leave. She didn’t want to stop stroking B-Love’s magnificent black cock. Not ever.

"What's the matter, Mrs. McFarland?" B-Love mocked, "Having second thoughts about leaving?
I TOLD YOU that your marriage didn't matter? THERE IS NO COMPARISON! Everybody can see which is better! You could have left, we gave you the chance, but and you didn't take it! Everybody can see why you are still here… All that’s left is for you to SAY IT! ADMIT IT!! Don't deny the truth! You wanted a story! Here it is! Married white journalist goes black on national TV! ADMIT IT!"

Jess's blue eyes bolted wide open in fear...OH GOD THE CAMERA! She'd forgotten all about it! THIS IS BEING BROADCAST LIVE... God… Billy could be watching her right now…but somehow, instead of worrying her as it had done before, the thought only seemed to excite her!

"Please... don't make me" Jess whimpered. She couldn't deny the truth, but she didn't want to say it on television..."we're...we're on the air! My husband could be watching"


Jessica McFarland glanced at the camera... then at Shemar and Big Mike, who were now approaching her sporting their own big, beautiful, black cocks... all for her!

“I admit it.” Jessica whispered.

“What was that?” B-Love taunted, “I couldn’t hear you!”

“I ADMIT IT!” Jessica whimpered. The studio was so silent, one could have heard a pin drop.

“YOU ADMIT WHAT?” B-Love mocked.

Jessica looked up at him... smiling sweetly... She began to speak tentatively, but quickly her words erupted into a lurid, rambling declaration. “I admit that it is perfectly natural for me to want you,” Jessica whispered, “all of you... and your big black cocks. I find you all very, very attractive and I want to have sex with you all! I want all of you to fuck me because you are perfect men! It’s... only... natural. Even for a married woman,” Jessica turned to the camera, “even for me, Jessica McFarland and that’s the WHOLE TRUTH!”

“Very good.” B-Love said. “Aren’t you happy to finally let the truth be known.”

“Yes!” Jessica grinned. “Yes I am!”

It was the truth. She understood now. This was right. This was good.

She looked up at Big Mike. Smiling, she took his cock in her hand, and started stroking it lovingly, just like she was doing with B-Love’s.

“Now, about that offer to appear in one of your videos?” she asked, taking Big-Mike’s cock in her other hand. She stroked it lovingly, like she did B-Love’s.

“Yeah?” Big Mike said, chuckling.

“What exactly would I have to do?” Jessica cooed softly, turning her attention to Shemar’s beautiful black cock, which she wasn’t yet touching. “I mean... I don’t want to do anything... inappropriate!” She smiled at B-Love.

“Don’t worry about being inappropriate,” Shemar smiled, pushing his clock closer and closer to Jessica McFarland’s pretty pink mouth, “now that you’ve admitted the truth, all you have to do is be yourself, and let nature take its course!”


Through teary eyes Billy McFarland watched as his beautiful wife looked into the camera, a big black cock in each hand, and one just inches from her lips. Her sparkling sky blue eyes were unblinking as she spoke to the camera...

“If my husband is watching...” her girlish yet husky voice barely over a whisper. “I guess I should tell him, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Billy... I’m so sorry... but I don’t think you’re going to like what I’m about to do.”

"JESSICA NO!!" Billy began to sob uncontrollably. She couldn’t hear him of course, but he couldn’t help but cry out. "It's just a publicity stunt! It's not worth it! Don't... please!"

All Billy could do was watch helplessly as the action unfolded on the television screen. He felt sick to his stomach. His beautiful blonde wife turned her big blue eyes away from the camera, and back towards Shemar’s impossibly large black cock. She looked at it lovingly. Billy fell to the floor, sobbing quietly to himself.

Jessica glanced up into Shemar’s deep brown eyes and smiled, before returning her sky-blue gaze to the massive black cock in her hand. Her eyelids seemed heavy... her face had a dreamy, intoxicated look.

“Sorry Billy...” she whispered again... “But like they say... it’s only... natural."

And with that, the beautiful white newswoman and wife gently kissed the tip of the rapper’s big black cock.


“Yeah that’s it baby girl” Shemar whispered as Jessica McFarland’s soft pink lips grazed the head of his raging black cock. “Kiss that nigga dick. Lick it! Lick it up and down baby, get me good and wet!”

Jessica eagerly did as she was told, swirling her pink tongue lovingly around the tip of Shemar’s chocolate-brown cock. Her eyes stared at his cock in veneration as she leaned under it, tracing the length of the shaft with her tongue. As she kissed and licked the full length of Shemar’s cock, over and over, her grip tightened as she stroked B-Love’s cock with her left hand, and Big Mike’s with her right. Her arms and elbows strained from the effort, for both men’s cocks were every bit as long, thick, and hard as Shemar’s 12 inches. Jessica’s gentle kisses reached the base of Shemar’s shaft. She nuzzled his heavy black balls, closing her eyes, and inhaling deeply his masculine scent. Any inhibitions she might have had earlier that evening... any doubts... any shame... melted away. Jessica felt a calm wash over her body... and a desire to please these glorious black men.

“Suck it Mrs. McFarland.” B-Love commanded. “Suck that big nigga cock! Take it in your mouth. Sucking black cock is the best thing any white woman can do with her mouth. Better than asking us a bunch of stupid fuckin’ interview questions!”

An hour earlier, maybe only a half an hour earlier, Jessica would have been infuriated by that comment. Now, she only felt that it was right... that was the best thing she could do with her mouth... not only for them... but also for herself. She wanted...needed to please them! Jessica dreamily opened her eyes... pulling herself away from Shemar’s balls... kissing the length of his shaft as she pulled back...further and further... her lips finally reaching the head of his cock... then... almost effortlessly... her lips parted... her mouth opened... and she moved forward... taking the thick, hot tip of Shemar’s monster into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue circled and stroked the head... causing Shemar to moan. His strong black hands took hold of Jessica’s head... his fingers running through her soft blonde hair as he pulled her closer...gently... slowly... pushing more and more of his cock into her willing mouth.

This went on for several minutes as the cameras captured every whimper and moan emanating from Jessica’s stuffed mouth. Her delicate white hands continued stroking and pumping the other men’s cocks, while her head bobbed up and down on Shemar’s, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was only 3 or 4 inches from the base of the shaft... taking the whole thing in her mouth... when she was interrupted.

“My turn man” Big Mike whispered... “this hand shit is nice, but it’s getting old.”

Shemar released Jessica’s head, allowing her to swap over to Big Mike. Big Mike and Shemar changed places... Jessica’s right hand loosened its grip on Big Mike’s fat black cock as he pulled away. It quickly grasped hold of Shemar’s and started pumping again, as Big Mike pushed his cock into Jessica’s face.

“Okay baby” Big Mike smiled, “This cock’s a couple inches thicker than Shemar’s. Your gonna have to open REAL wide!”

Jessica stretched her jaw... taking Big Mike’s plump black rod into her mouth. Her tongue didn’t have much room to maneuver around Mike’s girth, but she did her best. That was her duty. She took his girth into her mouth... only managing to get about 6 inches down. Her jaw couldn’t stretch enough to take him any deeper... he was just too thick. She felt Big Mike pull away... she worried that she’d disappointed him... she looked up at him, sheepishly, but saw that he was letting B-Love take over.

Jessica eagerly leaned forward towards B-Love’s enormous black cock... the one that she had chosen over her wedding ring... she wanted it in her mouth... she wanted to taste it... give it pleasure... but it pulled away!

Jessica looked up at B-Love as he stepped backwards, shaking his finger at her reproachfully. The other two men, taking their cue from B-Love, also backed away, pulling their cocks from Jessica’s hands. Jessica’s chin quivered. She thought she might cry, being rejected like this.

“What’s wrong?” She whimpered at B-Love, desperate to correct any wrong that she might have made, that offended him.

“Nothing.” B-Love said, “But before I let you suck MY cock, I want you to put your wedding ring back on!”

Jessica’s eyes glanced down at floor, unsure of where her once precious wedding ring had fallen. She hadn’t really cared where it dropped. The ring was a symbol of her marriage, and that was something that had lost all importance to her.

“Do you really want me to put that stupid...thing on my finger again?” She asked pouted. “I don’t even know where it is now.”

“Yes.” B-Love said. “It’s over there. Crawl over there and get it.” He nodded downwards, a few feet away, where her shining gold ring had rolled and fallen on the studio floor.

“Do I have to?” She whined.


Jessica shivered. She should be afraid... but at that moment B-Love’s anger only excited her. From her seat on the sofa, She quickly dropped to her knees and then fell on all fours, scrambling across the studio floor, her full breasts straining to break free of her low-cut jacket. The camera caught the shot from a low front angle, giving the home viewers a great view of Jessica’s milky white cleavage as she crawled on all fours on the studio floor towards the wedding ring. She reached the small gold, and slipped it onto her finger, a look of disgust briefly flashed across her face.

*SMACK* Big Mike slapped Jessica’s ass playfully. “Atta girl!”

“OOH!” Jessica squeaked, and giggled. She scrambled, still on all fours, back to the couch and knelt before B-Love, showing him the ring that was once again on her finger.

“Very good.” He says quietly. “You may take my cock in your left hand, and stroke it. You may not suck it until I tell you too.”

Jessica reached forward and lovingly took B-Love’s shaft in her hand again, and started pumping up and down. The other two men stood back, watching, stroking their own cocks. This was one of B-Love’s little ‘ceremonies of domination’ that he liked to perform with new conquests. They knew not to interfere.

“Watch your wedding ring Jessica.” B-Love commanded. “See how it glitters and sparkles while you move your hand back and forth... back and forth. See how your ring looks on your pretty white hand... see how your pretty white hand looks as it strokes my big black cock.”

Jessica watched intently... here eyelids became heavy... her breathing slowed, synchronizing with the gentle stroking motion of her hand on B-Love’s cock. Light glinted from her shiny gold symbol of fidelity... as the white hand that wore it pumped a giant ebony cock. Unconsciously, she dropped her right hand under her skirt, hiking it up and reaching her hot soaking panties... she began to rub her pussy gently... in time with the stroking of B-Love’s cock.

“Get that hand off your pussy!” B-Love commanded. “Put it up here on my cock!”

Jessica quickly did as she was told, jerking her right hand from her pussy and grabbing the base of B-Love’s shaft. His cock, being over a foot long, was plenty long enough for her to grab it with both hands, and still have a few 3 or 4 inches visible while she pumped it with both her small white hands. Not once did she take her eyes off B-Love’s cock.

“Now, how does that ring look?” B-Love asked quietly as he stared down at Jessica.

“It’s so pretty.” Jessica said quietly, still staring at her left hand as it stroked B-Love’s cock.

“How is it pretty? Why?”

“It’s beautiful, glittering gold shining against my skin and yours... glittering gold ring... tiny white hand... big black cock...” Jessica smiled dreamily.

“And what does it mean?” B-Love asked quietly.

“Mean?” Jessica asked, confused. “It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a ring… a pretty piece of gold. Kind of like the links in your necklace…”

B-Love smiled. “You may suck my cock now!”

Jessica gasped with delight, quickly leaning forward and hungrily kissing the tip of B-Love’s cock, flicking her tongue across the tip’s slit. B-Love rested a large black hand on Jessica’s head, forcing her right hand off. Holding her head in place, B-Love pushed his cock 6 inches into Jessica’s mouth, and held it there.


Jessica doubled her efforts, sucking and licking B-Love’s cock hard. Her left hand furiously stroked the base of B-Love’s coal-black shaft...the area that she had not yet taken into her mouth. B-Love took her left hand off his cock, lifted it to his mouth, kissed her wedding ring, and then lowered it to his heavy black balls.

“Cup my balls Mrs. McFarland. Stroke them, lift them. Feel how big and heavy they are!”

“MMMMMMM-HMMMMMM” Jessica moaned with her mouth full of cock. She gently kneaded and rubbed B-Loves black balls with her left hand. They felt so heavy... full... Meanwhile, Jessica’s right hand had found a home stroking Big Mike’s cock again. This went on for several minutes, B-Love pulling Jessica’s head closer and closer, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Jessica let go of B-Love’s balls, her left hand found Shemar’s cock again and started stroking. A cock in each hand, and one in her mouth, Jessica was determined to do more.

Jessica opened her eyes... seeing that there were only 4 inches of B-Love’s cock left out of her mouth. She pushed forward...forward...taking an inch at a time into her mouth. B-Love’s hand stayed resting on her blonde head, but didn’t push her. He let her do all the work. Only one more inch to go! She could feel the tip of B-Love’s cock pushing into her throat...she was having trouble breathing...but she wanted it all...she couldn’t give up... Just a little more... She closed her eyes, and leaned forward, letting B-Love’s cock slide down her throat just slowly enough that she managed not to gag. When she felt her nose pressed into B-Love’s soft pubic hair, she knew she’d done it! She was so proud and happy, that she felt a wave of pleasure pass over her whole body, causing her whole body to shake. If B-Love’s cock hadn’t been lodged in her throat, Jessica McFarland would have let out a scream that would have shattered glass.

“MMMEEEEMMMMMMMM!!!!” came her muffled cry from around B-Love’s cock. The men chuckled. Jessica McFarland had just cum... HARD... just from SUCKING black cock!

B-Love lifted his hand from Jessica’s head...and she pulled off...gasping for air. She kissed his cock lovingly as he rubbed it all across her beautiful face... slick with her own saliva. “Good job Mrs. McFarland. I’m proud of you. We all are.”

She smiled proudly, brightly...”That was...incredible!” She gasped...still taking in lungfulls of air.

Shemar moved forward again, presenting his cock to Jessica’s face. “Now, Let’s see if you can do it again.”

Jessica grinned wickedly, as she took Shemar’s cock in her mouth, and grabbed B-Love’s with her left hand. After B-Love, Jessica knew that she wouldn’t have any trouble swallowing Shemar’s sword. She was right. This went on for several more minutes, the guys chuckling as the beautiful blonde anchor woman went back and forth, struggling to deep-throat each rapper’s massive black cock in turn while stroking the others’ cocks with small white hands!


The scene played out on television screens across America. The viewers who weren’t yet too stunned or enraptured by the events on screen were on their phones calling their friends. All over America, people were being told that they would not believe what Jessica McFarland was doing in the pay-per-view interview on KNEN. However, there were at least two other viewers that were far more concerned with the activities of a different blonde KNEN employee.

Karen Davenport, born-again-Christian mother, couldn’t believe her eyes... not that she was even aware of what was currently happening on her television set. Karen Davenport was far more concerned with the fact that she had just seen her oldest daughter Sarah, apparently naked and having sex with a black rapper in some music video. She didn’t hear about Sarah’s wedding ring or see it on B-Love’s necklace. She didn’t see Jessica McFarland apologize to her husband before taking the same black stud’s cock in her mouth. Karen just stared at the screen... a million denials and questions swimming through her head. Surely it couldn’t be true. Sarah was a good girl. Sarah was saving herself for marriage. Sarah was engaged to Brad! What if he had seen this somehow? What would he think of his fiancée appearing like this? Where did she go wrong? How could Sarah do this? How did this happen?

Karen’s youngest daughter, Becky, was wondering the same thing... even though she was now stuck in her room, unable to see the rest of the broadcast on her own television since it had no satellite or cable hook-up. She had been watching the show downstairs, in the living room. She had been so enthralled with the show that she hadn’t noticed her mother’s arrival home. What Becky HAD noticed was the brief glimpse of her older sister writhing in ecstasy with a big black stud. The glimpse was fast... she’d barely caught it before her mother had ordered her to her room. Becky was so surprised and embarrassed at having been caught watching the Black Phallus video and masturbating that she’d eagerly fled the room as quickly as she could. Still, she knew what she saw on the screen, just before she’d left. Once alone in her room, Becky could only think about her sister. She knew what the group had said about the women in their videos, about the sex not being simulated. But Sarah was so conservative. Sarah was engaged. Sarah was a virgin. Surely, she wouldn’t have actually had sex with any of those men. Surely HER sex act was simulated. Like her conservative mother, Becky couldn’t believe that Sarah would ever actually have sex with one of these black rappers. Unable to think of anything else to do, Becky grabbed her phone, and dialed her sister’s cell-phone number. She was surprised that her sister answered right away.

“Hi Becky!” Sarah’s voice giggled on the cell phone, “I thought you might call! Are you enjoying the interview you wanted to see?”

“Sarah... I....” Becky stammered. Her sister was behaving so normally... how could she be so nonchalant?

“How about the music videos?” Sarah prompted, interrupting her baby sister’s unintelligible stammers. “Were they as good as you hoped? Did you see anything interesting?”

“Sarah...” Becky managed to start a coherent sentence. “Sarah...what’s going on? I saw... you were... in that video... you were...”

“I know! Wasn’t it HOT?” Sarah beamed excitedly. “Those guys are so fucking incredible! Aren’t you proud of your big sister? Jealous?”

“Well...I...yeah...” Becky thought about all the videos she’d seen that night... how much they’d turned her on... but Sarah? Still, she couldn’t bring herself to simply ask Sarah if the video was ‘real’. The Sarah she knew would have been insulted by such an insinuation. “Sarah... I don’t understand... how could you... I did they persuade you to appear in one of their videos. I thought you hated the group.”

“Oh those guys can be very persuasive!” Sarah laughed. “But you should know that Becky, I mean, you were a fan of the group before I was.” Sarah paused for a moment. Before continuing. “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you come on down to the studio? I can introduce you to the group, if you like. I know they’ll be interested in meeting you. I’ve already cleared it with security.”

Becky shivered. She was a fan of the group, but after seeing the things she had seen that night, the prospect of meeting them face to face was kind of scary.

“I don’t know...” Becky whispered...

“You don’t know?” Sarah asked incredulously, “The other day you were begging me to get you a VIP pass. I know I told you I didn’t think I’d be able to get one, but things have changed! Oh Becky, SO much has changed! ‘

“Sarah...I...I..” Becky stammered, unsure of what to ask. Then she thought she could hear voices in the background on the line, talking to Sarah... Deep male voices. She thought she heard her sister respond to them.

“Look Becky,” Sarah suddenly said breathlessly, “I’m sorry, but I have to go now. I don’t know how long I’ll be.”

“What?” Becky said, “no wait! I have to tell you... the video... mom saw it too!”

“What? Mom? Really?” Sarah exclaimed. “Wow...that’s fantastic! I never imagined she’d be interested!”

Becky couldn’t believe her sister’s reaction. How could she possibly think that their mother would enjoy seeing... THAT happen... and on television!?

“I’m so glad you were watching together!” Sarah continued, “You guys are going to learn a LOT tonight! Look, I really have to go now. Here, talk to my friend until I can pick up the phone again!”

“NO! Sarah wait! I can’t!” Becky blurted... “about mom... you don’t understand...”

“Hello Rebecca.” a deep male voice said on the other end of the phone line.

Becky gasped and hung up the phone, tossing it on the bed. Her young body trembled.

************* End of Part Nine *******************

In the green room, Billy McFarland cried as he watched his beautiful blonde wife sucking three black cocks on national television. He felt ... furious... sick... helpless. He’d given up hope of getting out of the room... stopping this... Now he just stared at the screen, unable to look away.

"It's just a publicity stunt!" he muttered to himself... "just a stunt... just a stunt... she won't do anything more... she can't..."

Text began scrolling across the bottom of the television screen, a crawling news scroll of some kind. But these weren’t any headlines that would normally be seen on a news channel.

“The average black cock is over 10 inches in length.” One fact read.

Billy couldn’t deny that these guys were big. But size wasn’t everything... that’s what Jessica and his old girlfriends had always said.

“Over 99 percent of women polled say they prefer black men to white men, sexually.” read the next bit of text.

A disturbing thought suddenly occurred to Billy as he began to consider the ramifications of the statements that he was reading. If Jessica could be convinced to suck these guys off for a publicity stunt... this might go further. They might make her do more than just sucking these men’s dicks. He imagined her letting them fuck her... No... she wouldn’t... would she? But what if she did?

“Married white women are often unable to control their sexual urges when confronted with a black cock.” read the next news crawl.

“Sixty percent of married white women take black lovers within ten years of getting married.”

“Semen from a black man has a 40 percent better chance of successfully fertilizing a woman’s egg than would semen from a white man.” read the next.

Billy’s mind continued reeling. She might do it... it might go further... but at least Jessica would make the guys wear condoms. After all, she’d always made him wear condoms when they had sex. Jessica was allergic to the pill, and didn’t want to have children.

"Black men never where condoms when they fuck white women!" said the next factoid.

Billy shook his head... Jessica would make them wear a condom. Of that, he was certain. He knew her too well. Billy had wanted to father children, but Jessica wanted to wait. She wanted to establish her career before having a baby. There was no way she’d risk getting pregnant. She’d make them wear condoms. He could console himself with that certainty.

No sooner had that thought crossed his mind, then the next news crawls appeared on screen.
"White wives who force their husbands to wear condoms never do so when fucking their black masters!"

Billy’s stomach sank. This statement horrified him. It was like the news-crawl was mocking him.
But there was no way Jessica would be one of those women... could she?

“NO! Of course not!” Billy answered his own question out loud. “This is all bullshit information! It’s all part of the publicity stunt!”

He closed his eyes and concentrated... he thought of Jessica. The serious, concerned expression on her face when she’d told him what might happen. That they might try a publicity stunt... that she might have to go along with it...

But then he remembered another image of his wife... at home... masturbating while watching these rappers’ video. That wasn’t a publicity stunt. He thought of her angrily complaining about his impotence... that wasn’t a publicity stunt. He thought of her looking lovingly at those rappers in the studio... dreamily taking that cock in her mouth...

Racy music videos might have been a publicity stunt. The secretary’s seduction might have been a publicity stunt. The news crawl... these rappers exposing themselves to his wife... even those might have been publicity stunt.

His wife sucking a “nigger’s” cock on national television was not a fucking stunt.

"I'll have to go along with it" her words echoed in his head... but they were hollow now. Meaningless. "...some kind of publicity stunt..."

Billy started to cry. He opened his tear-filled eyes and stared at the screen. He knew now that this wasn’t just some publicity stunt... there was no denying it. He watched the television screen as his beautiful blonde wife eagerly alternated between the rapper’s oversized black cocks... sucking them enthusiastically. She never did that for him... she hated the taste... but he wasn't seeing disgust on her face when she sucked those BLACK cocks! She loved it... she genuinely wanted to do it. His beautiful wife was enjoying herself... and anybody watching KNEN that night could see it... on televisions all across the world. Jessica McFarland was sucking three big black cocks and loving every second and inch of it!

Billy’s crying worsened as he realized that it would go further than rampant cock-sucking. They might go as far as fucking his wife that night... and if they did, he doubted that they would bother using condoms. He also doubted very much that they would pull out of Jessica before cumming... If all three of those men... if they all came inside her... Jessica would almost certainly be impregnated. Even if Jessica and he stayed together after tonight, as he desperately hoped they would, Billy knew that they would forever bear the mark of her infidelity by raising a black child!

Billy’s worries were interrupted by the sound of a man’s voice, speaking over the events on screen.

“Good evening. I’m Tom Watkins. Tonight, on a very special episode of “The Whole Truth”, as part of our exploration into the world of “Black Phallus”, we’ll be investigating their claims about the sexual power of black men, and learning the truth about size, endurance, stamina, and talent. As you can see, Ms. McFarland and the men of Black Phallus have already graciously agreed to help us explore and investigate these ideas and theories. They’ll be probing deeply into the subjects at hand tonight, and I’ll be asking Ms. McFarland to give us her first-hand account of her experiences as these events unfold!

The camera cuts to the news desk. Tom Watkins is sitting there. “While Ms. McFarland is busy assisting us in our experiment, I will be anchoring tonight’s episode. With me is a special co-anchor, whom you may remember seeing in one of the “Black Phallus” videos that we broadcast earlier this evening, Ms. Sarah Davenport. Good evening Sarah!”

“Good evening Tom!” Sarah beamed. Now that “Black Phallus’s” plans of seduction had been achieved, Sarah was far more composed than she had been earlier that day. Her hair and make-up were now arranged in their usual professional perfection. She was dressed in a very conservative dark red jacket, and black turtleneck shirt. Her hair was tied back with a large black ribbon, tied into a bow.

“Sarah, before we get started tonight, would you tell our viewers a little more about yourself?”

“Certainly Tom.” The two continually referred to each other by their first names, deliberately parodying the archetypal banter of news co-anchors. “I’m twenty-four years old, and my statistics are 32c-24-32. Two days ago, I was a virgin, and had been engaged for several months to a young whiteboy named Brad... but all that changed last night.”

“Really?” Tom feigned surprise, “What happened?”

“That was when you and B-Love showed me the error of my ways!” Sarah smiled sheepishly, adjusting her glasses, “You took me into my office and taught me the joys of black sex.”

“Wonderful!” Watkins smiled, winking at the camera. “And you say you were a virgin before that night!? Even though you were engaged? How could that be? Weren’t you ever tempted to have sex with your fiancé?”

“No!” Sarah said... briefly looking over Watkin’s shoulder where she could see Jessica busily sucking the rappers’ cocks. “I admit that I’d given him a few hand jobs to keep him happy while he respected my wishes to wait for marriage... but I was never tempted to take it further than that... and he never seemed to push me... so we just never did it!”

“But B-Love and I wouldn’t have been satisfied with just a hand job, would we?” Watkins pressed.

“No! And I wouldn’t have been satisfied with that either... not once I touched those magnificent black cocks of yours! You were both twice as big as my fiancé... and you were so forceful... dominant... strong. I couldn’t help myself, I had to let you fuck me! To think, I have been working in a here at KNEN, surrounded by beautiful black men for so many months, and I never knew the joy that they could have provided me!”

“Working in a place with so many black men,” Watkins smiled, “I can’t believe a fine woman like you stayed a virgin so long!”

“Neither can I!” Sarah smiled. “I’m glad that I saved myself though... that kept me from ever having to have sex with Brad, or any other white man! I saved myself for a REAL man, the only kind of man who deserves to put his cock into my beautiful body. A black man!”

“Tell me Sarah,” Watkins asked, “your fiancé respected your wish to remain a virgin until marriage, waiting months to be sexually intimate with you for the first time. What do you think he’ll say when he finds out you gave your virginity to two black men within minutes of meeting them for the first time?”

“I think he’ll be disappointed,” Sarah said thoughtfully, “but to be honest, I really don’t care. I’ve composed a break-up note for him. ‘Black Phallus’ helped me video it when I was shooting footage for ‘Lonely’! Would you like to see it?”

“Certainly!” Watkins smiled.

“First” Sarah smiled sweetly into the camera, “we’d like to advise our viewers that the footage we are about to air is uncensored. It is presented here, tonight, on The Whole Truth, in the interests of freedom of the press and providing our paying viewers with detailed information about the subject we are presenting tonight. Viewer discretion is advised for our more sensitive viewers... especially you whiteboys out there!”

With that, the screen cut to the clip.

The clip plays.

The screen shows a tight close up of Sarah’s pretty white face. The camera is having trouble keeping her face in frame, as she’s moving up and down, rhythmically. She’s sweating... her hair is a little untidy... her glasses are slightly fogged up.

“Dear Brad,” she gasps breathlessly, “I hope you’re enjoying Europe. I thought that I should let you know that I...I...I...” Sarah’s eyes widen suddenly, then shut tight as she winces momentarily. The camera slowly begins to pull back, revealing Sarah’s neck... and bare shoulders. She seems to be sitting in a large chair, but at the same time, she is leaning backwards by about thirty degrees. The camera continues to pull back as Sarah regains her composure and continues speaking.

“I’ve found--OUND--OUND” Sarah groans. As the camera continues to pull back, we see that Sarah is topless. Unlike the suggestive shots in the video, nothing obscures the camera’s view of Sarah’s bare flesh. There is nothing blocking the camera’s view of Sarah’s firm white breasts as they gently bounce up and down with her movements. Sarah closes her eyes as she groans, and the camera continues pulling back, revealing that she is not sitting in a chair... but instead is sitting in the lap of a muscular black stud! Sarah faces away from him, but leaning backwards, into his chest... letting her long blonde hair obscure the black stud’s face. She opens her eyes, dreamily looking into the camera and continues speaking.

“Found some-somebody new-ew-ooh-OOOOOH!! OH GOD YES!!!” Sarah is barely able to complete the sentence before her voice deteriorates into gleeful shrieking.

The camera finally pulls back completely, revealing the fact that Sarah is completely naked, with her long white legs spread wide apart and raised in the air! Between her legs, the camera captures the completely unobstructed view of B-Love’s rock-hard black cock obscenely stretching Sarah’s pink pussy as she rocks back and forth on the enormous black shaft. B-Love runs his enormous ebony hands around her tiny waist, over her flat white belly, and around her full white breasts, squeezing them roughly. Her soft white skin and pink nipples practically glow in contrast with the big, rough, black fingers kneading and squeezing her breasts and nipples.

Another black man walks into the shot... we can’t see his face... but his cock is clearly visible, and every bit as big as B-Loves! Sarah grabs hold of it with one of her small white hands. While riding B-Love’s cock, Sarah tries desperately to lean over.... to bring her lips to meet the bulbous black cockhead. She gives a quick glance to the camera and says...” hell with it. He gets the point. The engagement is off! Bye! ... FUCK ME!!!”

The footage ends abruptly...


“Wow Sarah!” Tom exclaimed when the clip cut back to the studio’s camera feed, “That was some amazing footage. Who were those two black men in that hot video, Sarah?”

Sarah grinned, “Why, they were my new black masters! B-Love and Tom Watkins!”

“And what did you call me just now?” Watkins asked, pressing Sarah to say it again.

“My new black master!”

“And what does that mean exactly?” Tom asked.

“It means that I’ll do whatever you want!” Sarah giggled. She still looked as innocent and beautiful as ever. Nobody might have known what she had become, until she spoke.

“So,” Watkins challenged, “if I were to tell you I wanted you to strip down to your bra and panties while you did this broadcast, you’d do it, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course!” Sarah smiled sweetly.

“I don’t believe you.” Watkins said flatly. “You mean to tell me that you would take off your clothing here, on television... just because a black man told you to?”

“Absolutely! Do you want me to prove it?” Sarah smiled.

“Yes Sarah.” Watkins said quietly. He looked into the camera, “Sarah, take off your clothes. I want to see you doing the rest of this program in your bra and panties.”

Sarah quickly stood and unbuttoned her jacket, dropping it over the back of the chair. She then reached down and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Her white lacey panties were soaking wet with her cunt juices. Now she was left in those panties and her fitted black turtleneck shirt. Sarah crossed her arms, reaching under the hemline of her shirt, and pulled it over her head, revealing her flat white tummy and full, firm white breasts... barely held in place by a somewhat old-fashioned white lace bra. She took her seat in her chair, carefully clipping her microphone to her bra-strap.

“Very nice” Watkins said, dragging one of his large black fingers gently along Sarah’s bare arm. Sarah smiled and giggled at the attention. Tom wanted to grab her and fuck her right then and there, but he had a job to do.

“Now, it’s time to check back in with Jessica and the men of Black Phallus.” Watkins said into the camera. “Gentlemen? Jessica? How are things going over there?

Jessica was lost in a world of lust, her head bobbing up and down on Big Mike’s fat black cock while she stroked Shemar and B-Love. She didn’t hear the question, but Big Mike responded.

“She’s still suckin’ our cocks, getting them nice and wet! Aren’t you baby?”

“mmmmph...ckk...hhhhmmph” Jessica moaned around the thick black tool in her mouth. Her hands pumped furiously back and forth, each stroking a massive black cock while she sucked and licked the one in her mouth! She was in the middle of switching off, trying to take B-Love’s cock in her mouth again, when he stopped her.

“They need you to answer some questions now Mrs. McFarland.” B-Love told her, holding her chin, keeping her anxious face inches from his cock...

“Wh...what?” Jessica whimpered... She wanted that cock in her mouth again so badly... but the guys wanted her to answer questions, so she had to do it for them.

“Jessica,” Watkins grinned, “you sure do seem to be enjoying those big black cocks. How do they taste.”

“Soooo gooodl!” Jessica beamed. She didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that a black man she’d never seen before was sitting at her anchor desk, in her chair, asking her questions when she desperately wanted to continue sucking cock.

“Anything else you like about them?” Watkins asked

“They’re fantastic!” Jessica panted, glancing back at the two cocks in her hands... giving them a loving squeeze. “They’re so beautiful... and big... and hard... I love the way they contrast against my skin!”

“Now,” Watkins pressed, “you mentioned size. What do you think of their size?”

“These are the biggest, most beautiful examples of male genitalia I’ve ever seen!” Jessica exclaimed. “I mean... look at them... so long and thick... the beautiful rich brown color... they’re so hard and firm!”

“How do they compare to your husband’s penis?” Watkins grinned wickedly.

“OH!” Jessica laughed out loud, “they don’t! Ha! I mean... these have to be at least 10 inches long. Billy is only five inches long, rock-hard. Of course, he’s been impotent for months, so he’s basically left with this pathetic limp three inches! It barely qualifies as a penis!”

The studio breaks up with laughter.

“Now, Tom, I have to ask,” Sarah said, reading her question off the teleprompter and Tom had instructed before their debut on screen, “Are all black men this big, or is it just these men and you? And what about white men... are they all as small and pathetic as Jessica’s husband?”

“That’s a good question Sarah!” Watkins smiled. The girl had delivered her ed question perfectly. “Why don’t you do some field research for our viewers and find out! I want you to go around the building and measure black men and white men that you meet! See how they compare. We’ll send a camera and some crewmen with you... “

“What a great idea” Sarah exclaimed. She loved the thought of wandering through the halls, asking black men to show her their cocks! She reached for her jacket and skirt, but Tom stopped her.

“Now Sarah, remember,” Watkins scolded, taking Sarah’s clothing away from her, “you’re doing the rest of the program in your underwear.”

“Yes sir!” Sarah glanced at her clothing for a second, then smiled wickedly, giggling. She was going to have so much fun running around the building in her underwear and meeting more, well-endowed black men. She couldn’t wait to see and stroke their big cocks, and find out just how much bigger than white men they really were.

What Sarah didn’t know was that the ‘field test’ was planned and rigged. The only men in the hallways would be enhanced black studs and white cuckolds, all under the employ and control of Solomon King and E&I Enterprises. Everybody Sarah would find would be able to confirm the idea that E&I wanted to spread with this broadcast. The result that the audience, and Sarah for that matter, would be left with was the thought that black men were physically superior to white men in every way, especially sexually.

Sarah turned and left the studio... a few black studio workers and cameramen catcalling at her as she walked out. Many of the men at KNEN had wanted to see this girl’s body for a long time... and tonight they were getting their wish. What was more, they knew there was even a good chance that many of them would get to fuck her.

One of those men was holding Sarah’s cell phone. She smiled at him when she saw him.

“Well?” she asked him. “Did you talk to Becky?”

“I tried to,” the stud shrugged. “But the bitch got scared and hung up. I want you to fix this.”

“I will baby, I will.” Sarah smiled and took the phone from his hand. “I’ve got to do my report for Mr. Watkins. Walk with me, and I’ll take care of it.”


Becky Davenport stared at her phone, and had been for several minutes. Should she call her sister back? Would Sarah answer, or would it be that man? The redhead teen was so confused and flustered, trying to soak in everything that had been happening that night. Everything she’d seen!

Just after catching a glimpse of Sarah in the ‘music video’ clip, Becky’s mother had confined her to her room. How had her conservative sister ended up ‘pretending’ to have sex in a Black Phallus rap video? She tried to call Sarah for an explanation, but Sarah was acting strange, overly excited, and slightly distracted. Then she’d abruptly handed Becky over to some anonymous man. “My Friend” she’d called him. Even though Becky couldn’t see him, she knew from his voice that he was a large black man! Becky was too scared to talk to him, and hung up.

Becky had no idea what had happened since that music video was shown. She didn’t know that Sarah had ended their conversation so that she could appear television, at the KNEN news desk. She didn’t know Sarah had just been on television talking about her newfound love of black cock, the end of her wedding engagement, and the loss of her virginity. She had no idea that her sister had just shown explicit footage of herself having sex with B-Love from Black Phallus. Becky didn’t know that her sister was at that very moment, on her way through the halls of KNEN, performing size comparisons for a special ‘news’ report.

At that moment, Becky Davenport could only pace her room, stare at her phone, and try to make sense of it all. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the phone rang. The call said it was from Sarah, but Becky wondered if it was that strange man. She hesitated to answer, and let the phone go to voice mail. Seconds later, the phone chimed as a text message popped up on the screen. It was Sarah. “I’m calling, pick up!”
When the phone rang again, Becky answered.

“Sarah?” Becky said, hesitantly.

“Yes Becky.” Sarah’s voice responded. “It’s me. What’s the matter? Didn’t you want to talk to my friend?”

“Sarah,” Becky’s voice cracked from stress, “What is going on? That music video…”

“I know, I know,” Sarah hushed her baby sister. “You have a million questions, but I’m super busy right now. I’m working on a really BIG project for the boss and I don’t have time to talk right now. For now, please just talk to my friend.”

“I…I don’t know.” Becky said. “I mean…”

“What are you afraid of?” Sarah laughed. “It’s just a phone conversation. What do you think will happen? I’ll try to get back on later and talk to you as soon as I can. Just talk to my friend for now, okay. He really wants to talk to you!”

“Well…okay…” Becky whimpered.

“Good girl. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!” Sarah said quickly.

“Hello Rebecca.” The rich, masculine voice said again.

“Who…” Becky stammered. “Who are you?”

“Let’s just say I’m a new friend of your sister’s.” the man chuckled, “A big, black friend! She told me that she thought you should talk to me. Tell me a little about yourself, girl.”

“Well...” Becky began. “I... really don’t know.” The tingling in her pussy was getting stronger. There was something about this guy that turned her on. Once he’d described himself as a ‘big black friend’ all she could think about was the possibility that she was talking to one of the gorgeous muscular black men from the rap videos she’d seen that night. Still, something intimidated her. She felt like she shouldn’t be talking to him. “I think I should just call back later.”

“Naw” responded the man, “It’s okay. Sarah will be back soon enough. You can talk to me for a while. Tell me, are you here younger sister or older?”

“Younger.” Becky found herself replying. She couldn’t bring herself to hang up the phone.

“How old are you?” asked the man.

“I just turned 18.”

“Very nice. So tell me... do you look like your sister?”

“Pretty much, I guess...” Becky couldn’t believe she was in a conversation with this total stranger... especially so soon after seeing her sister in that video. She wondered what kind of ‘friend’ of her sister’s she was talking to. “But I don’t wear glasses like Sarah does, and I’m a redhead...”

“You sound sexy, Becky.” the man interrupted calmly.

“Well... thanks...” Becky responded, unsure of what to think of the man’s bold statement.

“Tell me girl, do you and your sister share the same interests?”

“What?” Becky asked...”I mean, I guess so... what do you mean?”

“Are you as wild as Sarah?” the stud asked.

“Sarah? Wild?” Becky replied incredulously. Until tonight, Becky had never seen Sarah do anything remotely wild in the whole of their lives. Sarah was a good girl. “What do you mean wild? Sarah’s always been very conservative. She’s always said I was too wild!”

“DAMN I like hearing that!” the black man responded... “so you sayin’ you like black dick even more than she does?”

“WHAT?” Becky’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe what that man asked her. She began sputtering a response... “No! I mean... I don’t... Sarah would never... she doesn’t...”

“Shit girl,” the man chuckled, “what you mean ‘she’d never’? Can’t you see the TV screen?”

“Yes, but that ‘s just a music video clip!” Becky said, as if trying to convince herself. “It was just acting.”

“Shit girl, you know better than that. I ain’t talkin about her music video.” the man said, “I’m talking about the one on now. Your sister is showing her video-break-up-letter that she made for Braddy-boy! She’s dumping his wimp white ass for black men!”

“No... that was just that music video!” Becky insisted, unaware of the raw footage that KNEN had just shown. “Sarah wouldn’t really do that! Not for real. She loves Brad! Even if she did dump him, she believes in saving herself for marriage... she’d never actually...”

“Girl, I ain’t talkin’ about that little video clip from minutes ago. I’m talking about the one they showed after the music video. The one that ended just now, with the close up of your sister’s sweet blonde pussy being invaded by a big black cock! She sho’ as hell at a virgin no mo’ after that!”

“WHAT!” Becky was shocked. What the hell was this guy talking about? “I don’t believe you!”

“Believe me?” the black asked, confused, “girl, can’t you believe your own damn eyes? Aren’t you watching the TV now?”

“No.” Becky admitted, “I was watching... but my mom caught me. Before mom sent me to my room, I saw Sarah’s face on the screen... She was in that music video clip. I had to call to find out why... how...”

“Oh, I see.” the black man said, understanding. “That’s a damn shame girl. You should have seen your big sister just now. I bet that would have answered all your questions!”

“What is happening over there?” Becky asked.

“Well right now, your sister is on TV now, talking about how much she loves black cock!”

“That’s not true...” Becky said emphatically, “What’s really going on?”

“I just told you girl.” the black man said, “Can’t you get to another TV and watch without your folks seeing? Then you could see for yourself!” challenged the black man.

“I can’t do that!” Becky said, “I can’t risk letting mom catch me again!”

“So what if she does?” the black man said, “She already caught you once.”

“Please...” Becky pleaded. “Can’t you just tell me what’s going on?”

“I am girl,” the black stud replied, “but you don’t believe me. If you want to find out what’s going on, I guess you’ll have to sneak downstairs and turn on the other TV.”

“I can’t!” Becky whined “Mom will see me!”

“Trust me girl,” the stud laughed, “if you’re mom saw the clip your sister just showed, I doubt she’d notice if you walked right into the room with her! Her eyes will be glued to that TV screen and her mind is gonna be on other things!”

Becky didn’t know it, but the man on the phone was right.

As Karen Davenport had continued watching the television program, she was far too stunned to look away. She could scarcely believe what was happening. Catching Becky masturbating while watching this filth was bad enough, but then she saw her older daughter on the screen in some kind of debauched excuse for a music video. Horrified and confused by this sight, Karen had forced herself to continue watching the disgusting program to try and find some kind of explanation as to what she’d seen her daughter doing. She was later subjected to hearing her engaged daughter disavow her religious beliefs, reject her fiancé, and claim that she’d given her virginity to some black rappers because of some ridiculous notion of black male superiority! Karen tried to tell herself all of this had to be some kind of sick publicity stunt. Her oldest daughter would never actually throw her virginity away like this. She’d waited so long... she loved Brad so much...

Then Karen saw the unedited footage of Sarah’s “music video”, and Karen’s hope was crushed. The video explicitly showed Sarah allowing that man’s ’penis’ inside her body... forever removing any and all doubt that Sarah had somehow maintained her virginity. Karen Davenport had lost her darling daughter to the devil... a big BLACK devil! Karen’s knees buckled and she fell backwards, into her living room chair. “Oh...Oh could you do this?”

Consciously, Karen Davenport was disgusted by these events... but unconsciously, as she listened to her oldest daughter describe the joys of big black cock, the conservative mother of two began stroking and squeezing the long black TV remote that they grasped so tightly in her tiny white hands. By the time Sarah left the studio set for her special assignment, Karen Davenport was completely overwhelmed by what she was seeing and hearing on her television, and sat staring at the screen. As the screen returned to Jessica McFarland and Heather the make-up girl being ravished by three black rappers, Karen Davenport continued watching. Without thinking, she dropped the large black remote control to her lap, and began to ever-so-lightly rub it against herself.


Back in the studio, the attention of Tom Watkins and the studio cameras had returned to Jessica McFarland, who was busily orally worshipping the three black rappers.

“Now Jessica,” Watkins started, “as a married woman, how does it make you feel to be sucking the cocks of three men who you only met this evening. And on television?”

The gorgeous blonde journalist didn’t respond at immediately. She was too distracted by the massive black cocks that surrounded her. B-Love pulled her off his cock again, forcing her to answer more questions.

“Well,” Jessica breathed heavily... gasping for air after sucking cock for so long. “As a married woman... I feel some regret for being disloyal to my husband... but as a married woman, I’m still a woman... a sexual being...and these men and their cocks are incredible! As far as being on television... well, it’s a public service!”

“Really,” Watkins smiled “how so?”

Jessica continued. “The guys here tell me that my wedding vows don’t really mean anything when they’re stacked up against the power of beautiful black cocks like these. They say that it’s only natural for me to want to please such sexually perfect men... BLACK matter who I’m supposedly committed to. I feel that it’s my responsibility as a journalist to put their claims to the test!”

“And are those claims...accurate?” Watkins pressed.

“Oh...” Jessica gasped, staring at the throbbing black cock in her hand, “yes... yes they are!”

“Really?” Tom smiled broadly... “How can you be sure?”

“What do you mean?” Jessica gasped.

“Well,” Watkins smiled, “I just wanted to point out that if these men have such a great sexual power over you, why is it that after nearly thirty minutes after your initial seduction, you’re still only sucking their cocks?”

“They’re so... good... big... beautiful...” Jessica murmured as if in a trance.

“But don’t you want to do more than just suck them?”

“Yes!” Jessica whimpered. She felt saddened by the implication that she was holding anything back from her new masters, or displeasing them in any way. “But... I’m doing what they want me to do...what they’ve instructed me to do. They haven’t asked me to do anything else.”

“Fair enough.” Watkins smiled. “But that raises the question... is there a limit to what you’ll do for them?”

“I...” Jessica stammered... “I don’t know... I’ve already broken my wedding vows.”

“Not really.” Watkins chuckled, “you’re not even naked yet, how could you have broken your vows without taking off any of your clothes?”

Jessica looked down at herself. Tom was right. Her jacket was almost unbuttoned, and her skirt was hiked up a bit... but other than that, she was completely dressed.

“That raises another question,” Tom added before Jessica could respond to his first question, “if these men hold such a sexual power over you, shouldn’t you be undressed by now? Maybe they haven’t asked you to get naked, but all three of these men are naked, yet you’re almost completely clothed. Doesn’t that imply that they expect you to lose your clothing?”

“I... I guess so” Jessica stammered. Jessica looked up to her lovers with sad blue eyes... They looked down at her, silently nodding. She suddenly felt ashamed that she had not yet exposed her body to her black masters... the men giving her so much pleasure by allowing her to suck their cocks!

“Then why are you still dressed Jessica? Don’t you want these men to see your body? To enjoy your body? Your WHOLE body?”

“Yes!” Jessica gasped earnestly, “yes I do!”

“Then strip fo’ us, bitch!” B-Love whispered, suddenly pulling Jessica to her feet.

The pretty young anchorwoman blushed as she suddenly found herself facing the three sweating, muscular black chests that surrounded her. As B-Love commanded, she began to do a small strip tease. She turned to the three black rappers, slowly unbuttoning all but the lowest button of her jacket and then slipping the garment over her milky white shoulders just a bit, exposing the black straps of her Hidden Closet bra. Once her shoulders were exposed, Jessica hugged herself, preventing the jacket from slipping further down her shoulders. This had the added effect of making her already ample cleavage swell even more... spilling over her arms in a gentle, snowy curve of feminine beauty. Initially Jessica had hated the fact that her jacket exposed so much of her snowy white cleavage, but now she wanted to play up the display... to tantalize her black lovers. She wanted these men to ogle her... to lust after her... to WANT her... like she wanted them! Teasing a bit more, Jessica smiled, biting her lower lip, barely suppressing a girlish giggle. She shrugged her shoulders a bit and forced her jacket back up over them, again covering herself. She turned away from the studs, feigning shyness, and began to toy with the final button of her jacket. It was stuck! No! Jessica tugged at the button, but it just wouldn’t slip through the eye of the jacket. She looked back at them, over her shoulder, smiling nervously. “It’s…it’s stuck!”

Withoug a word, Big Mike stepped behind Jessica, placing his enormous coal black hands on her shoulders. He turned Jessica around to face him and the other rappers, then grabbed the opening her jacket. Looking deep into Jessica’s big blue eyes and blushing white face, Big Mike violently RIPPED the jacket open, then stepped backwards, exposing his handiwork to his fellow rappers. Jessica gasped, shocked by the rapper’s flash of power and dominance. She stood stunned for a few seconds, allowing all a brief glimpse under her jacket, of the sexy black bra that barely contained her heaving white breasts. Then, all too suddenly, Jessica closed her jacket again, and hugged herself tightly.

A hush fell over the studio. For a split second it seemed as if Jessica McFarland might snap out of her lustful daze and run screaming from the studio. Instead, Jessica just stood trembling for a moment, staring at the powerful black rappers. As she looked into their faces, a calm passed over her and she regained her composure.

“Thank you.” She said quietly, then smiled. Jessica shrugged her shoulders again, again squeezing her breasts together and letting the jacket slip over her shoulders, again exposing the black straps of her bra. She looked at Big Mike. “You were very helpful, perhaps you could help me a bit more?”

Big Mike smiled and stepped forward, again placing those coal black hands on Jessica’s creamy white shoulders.

He brought his hands downward slowly, but forcefully, pushing Jessica’s brilliant blue jacket off her arms. Jessica let go of herself, both physically and metaphorically, and allowed the jacket to slip from her body and fall to the floor. She now stood before the three black rappers and the studio cameras clad in her black skirt, and her black Hidden Closet demi-bra... the one she’d warn especially for Billy... her now-forlorn husband.

There were audible groans from many of the men in the studio, Tom and the rappers included. They knew Jessica McFarland had a good body... but nobody knew how truly fantastic it was until just that moment. Her complexion was flawless. Her lily-white tummy was flat as a board. Her magnificent, round, firm milky white breasts BEGGED to be released from the beautiful black bra... but the contrast of the black bra against her snow white skin was too beautiful for anybody to interfere with... yet.

“I don’t know if the viewers at home can appreciate the sight here in the studio,” Tom whispered softly, “but this woman’s body is flawless. Her white skin is practically glowing... shining underneath these studio lights. It’s dazzling.” Tom felt his cock straining at his pants... again, he felt the desire to grab the woman he was looking at and fuck her senseless... but Solomon wanted him to do this job... and that was what he was going to do.

“It sure is shining ain’t it...” Big Mike said, stroking Jessica’s arm... stomach... cleavage... his fat cock pushing against the fabric of her skirt. “You can’t really appreciate how soft her skin is, cause of the shine!”

Jessica grinned wickedly; she knew what Big Mike was hinting at. She turned her head to the studio and called out for “Make-up!”.

“Yeah!” Big Mike’s eyes lit up, “Get that sweet little make up girl over here!!”

Bob Christiansen didn’t care much for KNEN’s overly hip, young, and ‘ethnic’ image, but he had a crush on the vivacious young Jessica McFarland, though he would never admit it. He never missed an episode of “The Whole Truth”, and tonight was no exception.

Being a fan of Jessica McFarland, Bob ordered the pay-per-view broadcast of her interview with Black Phallus, even though he’d never heard of the group. He couldn’t believe the raciness of their videos, and popped a cassette in the VCR to catch everything. He watched in awe as these gangster thugs seduced the beautiful anchorwoman. He found himself slowly becoming aroused as she succumbed to their brutish advances.

Alone in his home, his wife at work that night, Bob pulled his stiffening cock out and stroked it as Jessica sucked the rappers’ enormous black cocks. His strokes became more frantic as Jessica removed her top. Bob’s balls tightened as he watched the beautiful blonde anchorwoman hugging her breasts, showing off her cleavage, and dropping her jacket to the floor. He winced as he climaxed, squirting sticky semen into his hands. Panting, trying to clean up the mess in his lap, Bob’s glanced up at the screen when he heard Jessica’s call for the Jessica’s make-up girl to join the fun.

His heart sank when he saw the girl walk onto the set. His mind flashed back to a phone conversation from just a few nights ago...

“I got a job!” she’d exclaimed in her phone call. “They didn’t even make me interview a second time. They just talked to me for about five minutes and said, you’re hired! Only two weeks out of Beauty College and I’m already working with a star! I’m going to try and get her autograph for you! I’m not going to tell you who yet, because I want it to be a surprise!”

She hadn’t told what company she was working for either. “You’d guess who I was working with, and that would spoil the surprise.” she’d said. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough!”

Watching his television in awe, he found out where she got her job!

Bob found out the hard way that his stepdaughter Heather was working at KNEN. She was doing make-up for Jessica McFarland. And as he watched his TV screen, she was walking onto a set full of naked black men with monstrous erections.

Bob Christensen’s dick suddenly went limp... and not just because he’d shot his load.


Heather Christensen, the make-up girl, had been watching events unfold from just off set behind a camera. Her pretty green eyes had widened with shock when she saw the men release their giant black cocks. Her tiny mouth hung open hungrily as she watched Jessica take one in her mouth. Enraptured, she bit her lower lip, dropping a hand into her pants and rubbing her pussy when she watched the men help Jessica out of her clothes. She was close to climaxing when Jessica called for make-up.

Heather quickly composed herself, straightening her shoulder length brown-black hair, pushing it behind her tiny shell-like ears. She picked up her make up kit, and hesitantly walked into the heart of the lion’s den. She stood just within frame of the camera shot, waiting... nervously... wondering if she should dare approach.

“Go on Heather,” she heard Tom Watkins call from the anchor desk, “Jessica needs a touch up.”

Heather was nervous, but it would have been obvious to anybody watching that she was very aroused. Timidly, she circled around the men, noticing their muscular black asses and broad shoulders. Heather got behind Jessica to try and stay out of the shot. She reached around Jessica’s front, watching her hands work on the nearby video monitor. She dabbed Jessica’s face, covering the perspiration, then dropped the sponge over Jessica’s full, white breasts... dabbing gently... uncertainly...

“Mmmm yeah,” Heather heard one of the men say, “that looks a lot better! Good job girl!”

Heather shivered. Somehow she felt very honored that the black men were pleased with her work. She dropped her hand down further, over Jessica’s flat white tummy... dabbing all the way... the camera following her hand... and then... in the shot... so very close to her hand... Heather saw one of the rapper’s massive cocks being stroked frantically by Jessica’s hand. Heather’s eyes locked on screen, she couldn’t look away. She stared for several seconds, before she suddenly felt something brush against her thigh.

Looking down, Heather gasped when she saw Big Mike’s massive coal-black cock rubbing her leg. He’d snuck up behind her while she was staring at the screen. She spun around to face him, looking up into his eyes.

“I think us guys need a little touch up too!” Mike whispered down to the trembling young brunette. Heather reached into her make-up kit and dabbed a new sponge into a darker base coat... one that matched the men’s beautiful black complexions. She dabbed the make up sparingly... slowly gently. Again, she stood behind them to do this... dabbing their faces... their shaved heads... their shoulders... their enormous pectoral muscles... their rippling abs. She rested her other hand on one of his massive biceps... unconsciously squeezing and stroking it. She moved to Shemar and B-Love, both of whom were busy having their cock’s stroked by Jessica, while they pawed the sexy anchorwoman’s beautiful white body and kissed her face, lips, neck, and breasts!

Shemar’s complexion was lighter than Big Mike’s, so Heather applied a little more make up to his body... to emphasize its the soft, rich light brown of his skin. Again she let her other hand drift over his arms... his shoulders... feeling the tightness of his musculature. Heather moved on to B-Love’s coal-black body. Heather thought B-Love’s dark skin shined beautifully, like polished onyx or granite, and so she applied make-up more sparingly than she’d done with Mike and Shemar. She was, however, just as thorough in the exploration of B-Love’s body as she’d been with the other men.

Soon, however, Heather found herself drawn back to Big Mike. His skin shined like polished onyx. She dabbed her make-up sponge on his face, then down his thick neck, his broad shoulders, then his muscular arms. His powerful black chest glistened under the studio lights, so Heather began dabbing it next. Her tiny white hands guided the sponge over Big Mike’s pectoral muscles… then downward, over his abs… then down a bit further still, closer and closer to Big Mike’s massive black cock. Tentatively, the pretty brunette lowered her hand to the rapper’s thick black cock and began dabbing it with the sponge, under the guise of applying make-up. Heather’s charade was soon exposed when she absent-mindedly dropped her make-up sponge and neglected to pick it up. Instead the pretty brunette let her bare hand hover just above Big Mike’s throbbing ebony shaft. She felt a burning desire to touch it, to grasp its thickness in her hand, but she was afraid. Heather instead rested her hand on Big Mike’s stomach, then slide it upwards, caressing the rapper’s muscular black chest.

“Heather,” Watkins teased gently, tormenting the horny make-up girl, “you dropped your sponge.”

“What?” Heather said, staring at the big black cock in her hand, as if in a trance.

“Aren’t you supposed to be touching up Jessica’s make-up?” Watkins teased further, “She’s shiny again!”

Heather looked at the monitor. Jessica’s chest, neck, and face glistened... not with sweat, but saliva from B-Love’s and Shemar’s wet kisses and licks. Heather took another sponge from her make-up kit and re-applied Jessica’s make-up.

“Say Heather,” Watkins smiled, “The way things are going, Jessica will probably need some make-up on her thighs and ass. Why don’t you get her skirt off and take care of that while you’re there.”

The pretty brunette suddenly felt Big Mike’s large, black hand on her shoulder, gently but firmly pushing her down. She immediately dropped to her knees and traced her fingertips along Jessica’s waist, finding the zipper than ran halfway down her skirt, over her left hip. As Heather tugged at the zipper, the dark material of Jessica’s skirt loosened, revealing the lacy black garter and panties that matched her demi bra. Heather pulled at the skirt, letting it slide slowly over the gentle curve of Jessica’ wide, childbearing hips and firm round backside, before dropping to the floor.

Jessica moaned softly, barely aware of Heather’s attention. Still stroking B-Love’s and Shemar’s cocks furiously, Jessica stepped casually stepped out of the pool of black material that circled her ankles, and kicked it off the set. She was a magnificent sight to behold. Jessica McFarland... 5’8... blonde...36d-28-36 figure... standing in an incredibly sexy Hidden Closet lingerie ensemble... between two huge, muscular black men, stroking their foot long cocks with her tiny white hands. Jessica’s snow white skin glowed in beautiful contrast with the black lace lingerie she wore, and the large black hands that slid all over her body. Her breasts heaved with excitement, threatening to break out of her black satin and lace demi bra any second as B-Love and Shemar kissed and groped at them. Shemar and B-Love each slid a black hand over her flat white tummy and black satin garter belt, and pushed them into her black French-cut thong. Jessica moaned, enraptured as Shemar squeezed her firm, round white ass, and B-Love snaked his large black fingers into her wet pussy... teasing her clitoris. All the men in the studio stared at the statuesque white blonde as she writhed in ecstasy between the two muscular black rappers.

But there was at least one pair of eyes that were not locked on Jessica’s body. As Heather stood on her knees, dabbing make-up over Jessica’s ass and thighs, her eyes were locked on the enormous black cocks with which she was now at eye-level. There was something about them... more than their size... their heat... their smell... something about them made her hornier than she’d ever been in her entire young life!

Tom Watkins smiled as he saw the pretty young make-up girl lick her lips as her green eyes darted back and forth between all the black cocks around her.

“Our make-up girl Heather seems to be enjoying tonight’s demonstration.” Watkins said loudly,

“Yes I am!” She commented breathlessly, still staring at the men’s cocks.

“Tell us Heather, how old are you?”

“Nineteen.” Heather replied... never breaking her gaze on the black cocks inches from her pretty, young face.

“Nineteen?” Watkins could barely contain his excitement. A virgin fiancée, a celebrity, and now a teenager... all seduced and fucked on national television. He loved being a part of this project! “Only nineteen! And are you a virgin like Sarah was until recently?”

“No.” Heather said sheepishly. Right now she felt sorry she’d never waited to give herself to a black man. “I’ve had sex before... a few times.”

“I must say I’m surprised to hear that, Heather!” Watkins smiled, “You’re staring at those cocks like you’ve never seen one before!”

“I haven’t...” Heather stammered, “I mean... I have... but ... never this... BIG!”

“Ah,” Watkins chuckled, “So you’ve never seen a BLACK COCK before?”

“No!” Heather gasped.

“How do they compare with the whiteboy cocks you’ve seen?” Tom smiled wickedly.

“Oh... these are so much bigger!” Heather said, “The biggest guy I was ever with was seven inches. But these... these are so... big!”

“You got a boyfriend?” Watkins asked.

“No.” Heather said.

“What color do you think your next boyfriend will be?” Watkins smiled.

“Black!” Heather giggled, still staring at the big black cocks around her. “He’ll be black!”

“So,” Watkins smiled, “you’re saying that you’d like to try sex with a black man, after seeing all this tonight?”

“Absolutely!” Heather smiled.

“Well shit girl!” Big Mike bellowed, “What the fuck are you waiting for? I got a big nigga dick right here with your name on it!”

Heather’s young white face lit up when she heard Big Mike’s invitation. She didn’t need any further encouragement. Her make-up kit suddenly clattered to the floor as her small white hands immediately grabbed Big Mike’s throbbing, black cock and started pumping it. She couldn’t believe how hard and thick it was... how hot it felt in her hands. She leaned forward, smelling it... kissing it’s tip... and letting her soft pink tongue circle the head... before taking it in her mouth and sucking hungrily.

Big Mike ran his fingers through the young brunette’s hair as he thrust his cock into her tiny mouth. He’d wanted to fuck this little sweetie ever since he’d laid eyes on her in the studio that night. Judging by her eager ministrations on his cock, the feeling was mutual.

Jessica McFarland was barely aware that Heather had joined the party. She was standing, sandwiched between B-Love’s and Shemar’s muscular black bodies... their monstrous black cocks rubbing against her soft white thighs, ass, and tummy.

Shemar’s warm chocolate hands found Jessica’s bra clasp, releasing it, and finally freeing the perfection of her breasts from their black silky confinement. The men in the studio groaned... Jessica’s were the most perfect tits some of them had ever seen. Neither God nor surgeon could have done a better job. Jessica’s breasts had a nice natural softness, but they were still firm and young. They were full, round, radiant white orbs with stiff pink nipples. Shemar leaned down, hungrily taking a nipple in his mouth immediately, sucking and nibbling one... then the other... as he gently squeezed and kneaded the both breasts.

B-Love was behind Jessica, rubbing her ass and pussy... his big black hands snaked under her tiny black panties. The front of the panties was cut in a French style... sending straps high over the thigh, hugging the hip, at the same time creating a plunging ‘v’ at the waistline, that teased observers with its tantalizing proximity to Jessica’s pussy. The back of the panties was little more than a thong... revealing the smooth white peach of Jessica’s perfect round ass. This flimsy bit of black lace and satin was the only thing between Jessica McFarland’s fertile married pussy and the two rock-hard black cocks that were ready to ravish her.

Jessica could feel both of those cocks... big... rubbing against her legs... so close to her pussy. Shemar continued sucking on her super-sensitive nipples and kneading her full firm tits. B-Love’s hands groped and squeezed her ass, his fingers occasionally slipping into her pussy... teasing her clit... and those two big black hard... so hot... so close... rubbing her thighs... dangerously close to her pussy. It was too much! Jessica’s body trembled...shook violently... she her soft moans got louder... louder... sharper... they turned to screams... shrieks of joy... as wave after wave of hot pleasure past over her body.

“OH GOD!! OH GOD!! OHHH OHHHH GOD YES!! YES!! YESS!!!” Jessica screamed.

“Jessica?” Watkins asked urgently, “What’s going on? What can you tell us?”

“OH FUCK!” Jessica screamed... “OH... FUCK... YES!!!”

“Tell the man what just happened to you baby!” Shemar whispered.

“I...just...came...” Jessica gasped. “That... was... in...credible...Oh ...God! I’ve never cum so hard in my life!”

“Really?” Watkins grinned, “that’s interesting! Never before? Not even with your husband?”

“Are you kidding?” Jessica huffed. “It’s never been like that before! My panties aren’t even off yet and I just had the most powerful orgasm in my life!”

“That’s because you never been with a REAL man before, a BLACK MAN!” B-Love chuckled, “and we just gettin’ started.” B-Love and Shemar had continued playing with Jessica’s beautiful white body, all through her verbal exchange with Tom. They showed no signs of stopping, or furthering their sexual domination of the pretty television journalist.

Tom smiled, “Let’s take this opportunity to check in with Jessica’s husband, to see what he thinks of all of this! Billy McFarland has been waiting, locked in the green room all night, watching these events unfold on a studio monitor. He joins us now via closed circuit television, for security reasons.”

The camera angle changed and the screen split between the studio anchor desk and an image of Billy McFarland, taken by a camera hidden in the ceiling of the green room. Billy looks angry and confused... he looks around the room, trying to find the hidden camera that’s capturing his image, as he hears Tom ask:

“So, Billy McFarland, your wife just experienced what she described as, and I quote, ‘the most powerful orgasm’ of her life. She didn’t have it with you Billy, she had it with two black men whom she only met this evening. How does that make you feel?”

On screen, a caption appeared under Billy. “Bill McFarland: Future Cuckold” Billy could see it on the screen in his room.

“STOP THIS!!” Billy yelled, spinning around the room frantically, not sure where the camera was. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!!”

“I guess I’ll have to take that as a ‘no comment’.” Tom shrugged. “Billy-boy, can you at least tell us how it feels to be locked in a room, completely unable to stop your wife’s inevitable black gang-bang?”

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Billy yelled, “LET ME OUT OF HERE!!”

“I guess your anger is understandable!” Watkins chuckled. He enjoyed tormenting this stupid cracker. “After all, its likely that after tonight your wife never want to have sex with your pathetic little dickie again.”


“NOW THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT SORT OF LANGUAGE, YOU BABY-DICKED CRACKER!!” Tom yelled before adding, “Besides, nobody is MAKING your wife do anything! She’s doing it of her own accord... in the interest of uncovering the truth and keeping the public informed! Now then, your wife tells us you’re only 5 inches hard, but your impotence means that your stay at a soft 3 inches. Can you confirm this fact?”

“WHAT... HOW DID YOU KNOW...SHE WOULD NEVER... NO!” Billy sputtered.

Suddenly the door to the green room burst open and two burly black men grabbed Billy McFarland’s arms. The men held Billy still while Sarah Davenport rushed in and pulled his pants down. She pulled out a ruler and held it up to Billy’s limp penis...

“THREE INCHES ALL RIGHT!” Sarah yelled to the camera. Sarah fled the room as the two men through Billy against a wall, letting him fall to the floor with his pants around his ankles. They left the room quickly, locking the door behind them, leaving Billy still trapped.

“Thank you Sarah, gentlemen, for that confirmation!” Watkins said. “There you have it! Let’s get a direct comparison going!”

A split screen comparison was put up on the monitor. One shot was a freeze frame of Billy McFarland’s tiny dick, and the other was a shot of Jessica’s hand (with wedding ring) wrapped around B-Love’s twelve inch pole.

“Amazing!” Watkins laughed.

“JESSICA, PLEASE!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Billy McFarland’s voice could be heard over the television... the audio feed to his room still active.

“HELL BILLY,” Watkins responded, “If you’re only 5 inches hard, a better question would be, How can she NOT do this?”

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!” Billy yelled before his voice suddenly cut out. The split screen showed he was still yelling.

Watkins feigned holding his ear-piece and checking with the news director. “I’m sorry Billy, but it looks like you just lost your microphone feed… oh…just like you lost your wife!”

Watkins and the studio crew laughed out loud.

The split screen being broadcast showed Billy on one side, aware of Watkins’s insult. He was screaming, soundlessly, his eyes filled with tears and rage. The words ‘FUCKING NIGGER BASTARDS” obviously being formed by his mouth. The other side of the split screen showed his beautiful white wife, Jessica McFarland, wearing nothing but her wedding ring, stockings, and panties… writhing between two huge black rap stars with huge black cocks rubbing against her black satin panties.

The image of Jessica and Black Phallus expanded, pushing Billy’s raging silent image from the screen.


Outside the green room, Sarah Davenport and her cohorts laughed at the helpless white cuckold they’d just humiliated as he pounded on the door and demanded to be released.

“I think you should talk to your sister again. She seems confused.” The black stud with Sarah’s phone said to the pretty blonde. “You need to set her straight on a couple of things. Tell her how things are, how they’re gonna be.”

“But isn’t she watching it at home?” Sarah suppressed her laughter, to show her black superior respect.

The black stud shrugged and handed her the phone.


“Becky?” Sarah asked, picking up the phone. “Is something wrong?”

“Sarah?” Becky asked, still unable to watch the interview, still oblivious to the extent of the events unfolding in the studio and on the air. “What’s going on? Who was that man I was talking to?”

“I told you” Sarah said, “he’s a friend of mine!”

“What kind of friend?” Becky asked. “He was telling me all sorts of ridiculous things about you. he tried to tell me that you... that... that video was real! He tried to tell me that you were actually having sex with those black guys!”

“Of course I was, Becky!” Sarah laughed.

“WHAT!?” Becky was shocked. “But Sarah... you always said you were going to wait until you were married. What about Brad?”

“Becky,” Sarah asked, “haven’t you been watching the interview? Haven’t you SEEN what’s happening in that studio right now?”

“No...” Becky stammered, still shocked by her older sister’s confession. “I tried to tell you earlier, mom came home and caught me... watching... the interview.” Becky decided to leave out the fact that she’d been masturbating while she watched the music videos. “Mom made me go to my room! I haven’t seen anything since that music video clip that had you in it!”

“Oh no!” Sarah moaned sadly, “You’ve missed the best parts Becky! So where is mom now?”

“Downstairs I guess.” Becky responded. “I’m not sure... I haven’t talked to her since she sent me to my room... and I think I can hear the TV.”

“Good. It sounds like she’s still watching.” Sarah responded. “And you are alone in your room, with your computer? Do you still have my credit card information?”

“Yes.” Becky responded. “Why?”

“Good!” Sarah exclaimed. “There is still hope for you yet, sis! Get online and go to KNEN’s website and log in to the webcast for the interview. Just register with my credit card!”

“The webcast!” Becky exclaimed. “I forgot about that!”. The red-haired teen locked her bedroom door and sat down at her computer. As she brought up the site and log-in page, she continued talking to her sister on the phone. “Sarah... what is going on?”

“All the explanation you need, you’ll see when you get the live video feed downloaded.” Sarah responded. “I want you to see it for yourself Becky... You NEED to see this. You NEED to watch this program tonight. It’s important. Probably the most important thing you will ever see!”

“Why?” Becky asked. “What’s so important? What will I see?”

“Well sis,” Sarah responded, “at the moment I think you will see that Jessica McFarland is almost completely naked, in studio, on camera, and about to be fucked by two members of OUR favorite rap group!

“WHAT?” Becky was shocked. “How...she’d never do that. Isn’t she married? I mean, I saw that she looked kind of turned on by those guys... but she wouldn’t actually let them... do... that... and on TV!”

“Why wouldn’t she?” Sarah asked, “I did.... so did she! We’ve discovered the truth Becky, and we don’t care about anything else now! I want you to discover the truth too! That’s why I want you to watch. Just watch!”

Becky was about to argue with her sister when the video-stream finally finished loading and started playing... displaying the live video footage of the beautiful white journalist Jessica McFarland. There, on Becky’s screen, the beautiful blonde anchorwoman writhed and whimpered, topless, her white skin glowing under the studio lights. Two huge black studs, B-Love and Shemar, sandwiched her curvy white frame between their muscular dark bodies.

The teen redhead couldn’t believe her eyes.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Becky blurted...swearing and using the Lord’s name in vein at the same time.

“Mmmmm” Sarah giggled. “Sounds like the download is complete! See why I wanted you to see this Becky?”

“That’s…that’s her! It’s REALLY her! She’s doing it...” was all Becky could say, “She’s really doing it... but she’s… she’s Jessica McFarland!”

“Yeah!” Sarah giggled, teasing her shocked sister. “So what?”

“So wha?” Becky gasped. “So..she’s…she’s Jessica McFarland! She’s… she’s not just some…she’s… she’s famous!”

“Yes” Sarah said quietly. “She sure is. She’s famous. She’s important. She’s a professional news anchor. She’s on the cover of magazines. So what?”

“But…she’s…” Becky stammered. “She’s on T.V. right now! Everybody can see her and she’s naked…and they’re….naked…and she’s… she’s married! Why is she doing this? Cheating on her husband…and on television? What would make her?”

“Nature is making her do it.” Sarah whispered into the phone.

“Nature?” Becky whispered back, staring at her computer screen.

“Nature.” Sarah continued. “Big Black Men with BIG Black Cocks. Jessica is discovering the truth, dear sister.”

“The Truth?” Becky whispered, hypnotized by the action unfolding on her computer screen.

“Black men are SUPERIOR to white men, Becky.” Sarah said emphatically. “Tonight, Black Phallus will use Jessica McFarland to make sure everybody knows it. If a famous, successful, married white woman can allow herself to be seduced and fucked on live television by thug rappers she just met, then world will know the truth. There will be no more hushed rumors and talk of myths and stereotypes. After tonight, nobody will be able to deny it. Everybody will know the fact that black men are better, stronger, and BIGGER than white men!”

“They…they are really big.” Becky said, staring at the big black cocks in Jessica’s hands.

“They are big, Becky!” Sarah responded. “So are the ones I’m looking at now!”

“What?” Becky said, staring at the computer screen. “What are you... talking about...” Becky involuntarily allowed one of her hands to slip down to her crotch and start rubbing again, as she stared at her favorite rappers’ gorgeous black cocks.

“Well” Sarah explained, “After they were done interviewing me in the newsroom and showed my ‘Dear-John’ video letter to Brad, they made me strip down to my bra and panties. Then they sent me out into the halls of the building to find male employees and randomly compare cock sizes between black guys and white guys!”

“That’s what you’re doing... right now?” Becky gasped.

“Yep!” Sarah said. “They want me to prove that all black guys are as big as those rappers, and that whiteboys dicks are nowhere near as long...or thick. They want to prove that black men are sexually superior to white men. What do you think of that idea Becky? Based on what you’re seeing on your computer screen right now... do you think that its true?”

“Oh” Becky moaned, rubbing her pussy faster, still staring at massive black cocks on her screen, “I think so Sarah! I think it might be true! These guys are so big!”

“That’s what I’m finding too Becky,” Sarah laughed. “The white guys I’ve checked out are tiny... limp. The black men on the other hand... they’re long...thick... they’re beautiful, Becky!”

“Ooooh” Becky moaned listening to her sister talk dirty while she watched the action on her computer screen. “beautiful...”

“Black cocks are so fucking big...long and thick... They aren’t limp like the white guys I’ve found. When I touch these big black cocks they get HARD fast! They’re ready to FUCK! They look so good in my white hands!”

“Oh...Oh Sarah” Becky moaned, rubbing her young pussy frantically. “You don’t... know...what this is doing to me!”

“Yes I do Becky!” Sarah said wickedly. “I know EXACTLY what it’s doing to you! That’s why I wanted you to watch! That’s why I gave you my credit card number so that you could see the interview tonight.”

“Oh...Oh Sarah... thank you!” Becky moaned, arching her back as she dug her fingers deeper into her slick virgin pussy.

“I knew you liked their music!” Sarah said.

“Yessss” hissed Becky.

“I knew how badly you wanted to see those videos!” Sarah said.

“Yesss” hissed Becky.

“They want you to hear their music so you’ll want to see the videos.” Sarah said. “They want you to see the videos because they want you to think about sex with black men. They want white girls like you to see what think about what those big black cocks can do!”

“Oh God!” Becky cried in ecstasy.

“Once you they’ve got you thinking about it,” Sarah giggled, “ they know you’ll want to try them for yourself! And that’s what’s happened, isn’t it Becky? You do want to try those black cocks don’t you Becky?”

“Oh God Sarah!” Becky moaned. “I do! I do want to try one... one day!”

“One day?” Sarah asked, “Why wait Becky?”

“Wh...what?” Becky gasped. The simple statement caught her attention. “What did you say?”

“I said, ‘why wait?’”, Sarah replied. “I already suggested you come down here and meet the band Becky. Wouldn’t you like to do that? To meet the band?”

Becky shivered...”You don’t mean...” Her thumb absent mindedly rubbed the “purity ring” on her ring finger.

“Look Becky,” Sarah interrupted, “I hate to do this to you again... but I have to go!”

“!” pleaded the horny teen, “Please don’t go! I want to hear more!”

“You will baby!” a familiar masculine voice replied.

“You!” Becky gasped, jerking her hand away from her pussy, almost as if she was afraid that the stud on the phone might catch her masturbating.

“Yeah, its me again.” the stud chuckled. “I understand you’ve found a way to watch the show again. Like what you see?”

“Oh...oh yes!” Becky moaned, again looking at the television screen. “Where is my sister? What is she doing?”

“Sarah had to take care of something...” the stud replied, “something big and black that required her to use both hands!”

“Ooooh!!!” Becky immediately imagined her sister holding a massive black cock in her hands like the slutty anchorwoman on her computer screen. The young redhead immediately dropped her hand to her crotch again, pushed two white fingers into her pussy, and began vigorously rubbing her little pink clit. “Oh my God!” she moaned.

“Hmmm, sounds to me like you like the idea of your sister with black studs now!” The black stud chuckled. “You seemed pretty shocked by the idea before. But you’ve changed your mind about that now that you’ve seen what’s going on in the studio, haven’t you?”

“Yes!” Becky moaned “Oh yes!”

“You like looking at those big nigga dicks, don’t you girl? the stud chided.

“Oh yes...they’re” Becky gasped as she rubbed her pussy...”beautiful!”

“You like thinking about big black cocks like that fucking your sister?”

“Oh God..GOD!” Becky cried, arching her back... “Yes! God yes!” Her eyes were glued to the screen... still staring at Jessica McFarland sucking those monstrous black cocks.

“You ever had black cock before, Becky?” the stud suddenly asked.

“Wha...what?!” Becky replied... somehow shocked by the question.

“Have you have ever been FUCKED by a black cock before?” the stud asked.

“No never! I mean...I’ve never ever...” Becky stammered breathlessly, “I wish that I could... but I can’t... I mean... not yet anyway. I’m supposed to wait.”

“Wait?” the stud laughed cruelly, he sounded almost angry. “Don’t tell me you’re a virgin, Becky! What the hell you waiting on girl?”

“I’m waiting for my special night!” Becky whined... rubbing her pussy... staring at the foot long black cock on her computer monitor.

“SHIT girl!” the black man said. “Drive your pretty white ass down to the network building. I’ll make tonight plenty damn special for you Becky!”

“No!” Becky giggled. “I meant my wedding night!”

“Wedding night?” the black stud asked. “Why wait for a white wedding one day, when you can have a black cock tonight?”

Becky trembled. The thought was so wicked! She thought about all the times she’d rejected the advances of dates over the past few years. She thought of how carefully she’d guarded her virginity against horny teenage whiteboys. Could she really throw that all away for one night of lust? Could she do something that... wicked? Was it really wicked?

“You’re wasting time girl!” The black stud argued. “Don’t be like your sister! Don’t waste the best years of your life waiting for sex with one white boy when what you need is lots of black cock! Deep down, every sexy white virgin is meant to be a black cock slut!”

“Oh...Oh God!” Becky gasped. She couldn’t believe this guy was talking to her like this... she couldn’t believe how turned on she was getting hearing it! She was finger-fucking herself intently now... listening to the stud and staring at the interracial sex on her computer screen. “God YES!”

“So what are you waiting for Becky?” the stud asked again. “Come down here, and I’ll give you what you need... me and some of my other big black friends!”

“Oh...dear.. God” Becky gasped, on the verge of cumming. Her mind reeled with the thoughts of big black studs using her young white body for their sexual pleasure... She looked at the computer screen and imagined HER face alternating between those three black cocks... sucking and stroking them with such determination. She moaned. “Ooooohhhhh”

“Sounds like you’re getting pretty hot Becky!” the black stud teased. “Are you getting hot?”

“Oh! Oh YES!” Becky cried.

“You like what you’re watching? Are you looking at those big black cocks and rubbing that sweet virgin pussy of yours?” The stud asked.

“Uh...Huh!” Becky moaned.

“You like thinking about what those big black cocks might do to you... to your pretty white body?”

“Oh God Yes! Yes! Yes!!” Becky cried, bucking wildly in her chair... on the verge of climax.

“Well STOP!” the stud yelled.

Without even thinking... Becky did as she was told. As close as she was to orgasm, as desperately as she wanted to finish masturbating... she felt compelled to obey. She pulled her hand away from her pussy, and whimpered into the phone.

“Stop?” Becky asked... her hand trembling near her pussy. “Why?”

“Stop fantasizing Becky!” the stud shouted. “Stop imagining what it would be like to fuck a big black stud, and DO IT!”

“What! I can’t...” Becky whimpered, shocked.

“Yes you can Becky!” the stud shouted. “You know where your sister works. You know what’s happening here.

“I can’t!” Becky whimpered. “My mom would never...”

“Yes you can!” the stud said again. “Don’t worry about your mom! Sneak out and drive down to this studio now and join me here. You got a car don’t you?”

“Yes... I mean, my mom’s is in the garage, but I could never...”

“Yes you can Becky!” The voice said. “You can do it, you want to do it! Just do it!”

“Oh...oh no” Becky whispered, “I shouldn’t... I really shouldn’t...”

“I’m losing my patience with this hard-to-get shit Becky!” the stud interrupted. “Drive down here now, NOW, so I can FUCK you... so I can take you virginity with my big BLACK COCK!”

“I..I have to hang up now!” Becky’s whole body trembled at the sound of her phone-stud’s new dominant tone. She was terrified... not of getting hurt... but that she might give in to his demands!

“You have to do what you have to do Becky.” the stud said matter-of-factly. “But WHEN you change your mind, you know where to come. I’ll leave your name with security at the front desk. They’ll bring you to me when you arrive. But you better hurry Becky. I ain’t waiting forever.

“I told you...I can’t...” Becky said.

“We’ll see Rebecca.” the stud said quietly. “You just keep watching the show. You know how to contact me if you need too. Good-bye.”

“No, wait!” Becky said, “I don’t know your name...”

It was too late. He had hung up on her.

Back in the studio, Tom Watkins looked into the camera and smiled.

“Earlier tonight we sent Sarah Davenport out into the building to compare the penis sizes of black men and white men, and find out if all black men were endowed like the men of “Black Phallus”. As you can see, she helped us out by checking on the size of Billy McFarland’s so called penis. Let’s check in and see what she’s discovered about other white men and black men! Sarah?”

Sarah’s smiling face appeared split screen with the studio anchor desk. The screen began cutting back and forth between Tom and Sarah as they conversed.

“Thanks Tom.” She said. Sarah was still in her bra and panties, as she had been when she left the news desk, though she now looked a little worse for wear. Her hair was messy, there was a little bit of dried cum on her face, and one of her bra straps hung over her white shoulder, almost exposing one of her firm young breasts.

“I’ve tested several men this evening Tom” Sarah continued, “They don’t all want to be seen on camera... but I can report that the black men I have measured tonight are significantly larger than the white men. White men varied from about 3 inches to 5 inches when soft.”

“And how big were they, hard, Sarah?” Watkins asked.

“I couldn’t say Tom, none of them managed to achieve an erection!” Sarah said, disgusted.

“Damn... that’s hard to believe. You’re a fine woman...half naked... and they couldn’t get hard!?”

“Thanks Tom! And no...not at all... they couldn’t get stiff. It was truly pathetic!”

“And what about the black men, Sarah?” Tom asked.

“Well Tom, the BLACK men were consistently very large and had no trouble achieving erections. Some of them even had trouble getting their cocks back in their pants after I measured them.”

“I hope you didn’t leave them like that!” Watkins challenged.

“Certainly not Tom!” Sarah smiled, “If the situation demanded it, I sucked their cocks until they came, so that their erections would go down a bit, and they could put their cocks away!”

“Sounds like a sticky situation!” Watkins chuckled.

“That it was, Tom!” Sarah giggled. “But these black studs have an incredible recovery time, and I’m informed that those cocks of theirs never get truly soft again until they’ve fucked a pussy. Regretfully my duties as a reporter keep me from servicing these men the way the deserve, but I’m sure they’ll have no difficulty convincing other white women to help them out... especially as big and beautiful as they and their black cocks are!

“So what exactly were the size ranges of those black men you measured?” Watkins asked.

“Well Tom,” Sarah smiled, “The average hard black cock was foot long Tom! No black man I measured was smaller than 9 inches.”

“And how big was the largest black man?”

“He’s here with me now!”

The camera pulled back to reveal an obese black man, with a cock close to two feet in length and 9 inches around. It was rock hard, but hung down, pointing to the floor, obviously due to its weight.

“This man goes by the name BULL...and you can see why! His cock is absolutely incredible, you might consider this man lucky, but Bull’s story is a heart-wrenching one.” Sarah frowned. “Because of Bull’s enormous penis’s length and girth, he can’t ever fuck a woman. He is constantly horny, and his cock is almost always hard. His testicles are also extremely large and swollen. He says that it is often painful to live like this, and he has to masturbate constantly, just to keep his life tolerable!”

“That is very sad Sarah.” Watkins said softly.

“Indeed it is Tom. I only wish there was some way I could... help... him.” Sarah said, thoughtfully studying Bull’s cock. Her statement was sincere... she found herself desperately wanting to please Bull... to relieve his stress... but she knew that there was no way she could get her mouth around that monster, let alone fit it into her recently de-flowered pussy.

“Well Miss...” Bull offered, humbly, “I’d be much obliged if you just stroked ma cock for a while. It wouldn’t take too long fo’ me to cum, and it’s been a long time since I had a woman’s touch!”

“Sounds like a plan!” Watkins smiled. “What do you say, Sarah!”

Sarah looked at the monster, a little afraid, but her hunger for black cock overwhelming, and she could think of no reason not to honor Bull’s request. She smiled, thinking how good it would make her feel to help him... and how good it would feel to touch the biggest cock she would probably ever see!

“I think it’s a great idea, Tom!” Sarah smiled.

The camera followed her as she dropped to her knees and hefted Bull’s giant cock in her hands. He was so tall, she practically had to hold his cock above her head just to get it to point out away from his body. She couldn’t believe how heavy it was. It was like lifting a stuffed turkey. She tried to hold it, but her small white hands didn’t come close to reaching around the circumference. She cupped a hand on each side of his cock. Awkwardly, she started to stroke him... kissing his cock tip, which was nearly a third the size of her whole face. She couldn’t stroke him and hold his heavy cock up though... it was too difficult. Bull stopped her after she struggled for a bit...

“Here” he said, “I gots an idea. Takes off you bra!”

Sarah smiled. She reached around her back, releasing the catch of her old-fashioned white bra. Smiling up at the fat black man, she shrugged her shoulders, letting her bra slide down her arms, revealing her full firm breasts. The bra had covered her so much that Bull had not realized how nicely endowed this girl was. Her tits were easily a C cup. Perfect for what he had in mind. He took one of Sarah’s full, firm, young white tits in each of his meaty black hands and kneaded them gently.

“They’s so soft!” He said.

“Thank you” Sarah smiled at the compliment, but then suddenly felt something warm and wet land heavily on her thigh... it was cum... a lot of it... a whole load.

“Oh...” she muttered... “I’m sorry... did you... already...” she felt embarrassed for the poor black giant.

“Aww no miss!” he said, “That’s juss ma pre-cum.”

“But...” Sarah gasped...staring at the huge puddle of white jism spreading across her toned white thigh, “there’s so much!”

“I cums a lots miss...” Bull said, “no, ifs you don’ mind. I’d sho like to get started. Would you stands up please?”

Sarah did as she was told, standing up and facing Bull.

“Now, lifts my cock up” he said, “point it straight up, lean it against my body, then you lean on it, and hold it between us!”

Sarah again did as she was told, hefting the massive weight of Bull’s cock up, and letting it rest on her chest, between her soft white breasts. She realized what he wanted her to do now.

Sarah put her arms forward, hugging the enormous black man, with his dick pointing straight up between her tits. Then she bent her knees, squatting and standing...rubbing her body along the length of his cock... She could feel his massive heavy balls rubbing against her clit ever time she moved up and down, spreading her legs. When she moved downwards, Bull’s cock tip came close enough to her face that she could kiss and lick it.

“Thass good miss!” Bull groaned excitedly, “Thass real nice! FASTER NOW!”

Sarah moved faster, flexing her legs... feeling the muscles in her calves and thighs burn as she taxed them harder... rubbing her body tits and tummy against his massive black cock. His heavy black balls rubbed against her clit as she flexed her legs... driving her wild.

“Hang on miss!” Bull panted... “Lemme help you...”

Bull, being so massive and strong, was able to easily pick up the petite blonde girl, holding his massive hands under her ass. Sarah moved her arms up, wrapping them around Bull’s thick black neck. Bull’s cock was still trapped between their bodies... and between Sarah’s full white tits.

Once Sarah was securely in his arms, Bull told her “Okay Miss, now hang on... we gonna move fast!” With that warning, Bull suddenly began bouncing the young blonde girl up and down, faster and faster... rubbing her tits and tummy against his over-grown black cock, using her soft white body as no more than a tool for masturbation. He bounced her faster and faster... higher... and lower... so that she could feel his massive balls rubbing across her flat white belly, and his massive cock tip right in front of her face. All he while, her soft white tits rubbed against the hot black flesh of his rock-hard log of a cock.

Soon Sarah could no longer hold onto Bull’s neck, and instead had to wrap her arms around the cock itself, riding it... leaning into it like some kind of perverted carrousel pony. Occasionally Sarah rubbed her face along the shaft as she rubbed up and down on it... feeling its heat on her white cheeks... and kissing the soft black flesh as she bounced up and down.

Sarah felt a terrible trembling in the black shaft that she was holding... the vibration carried through the entire length, stimulating her clit... already sensitive from being rubbed back and forth along Bull’s massive balls and cockshaft.

“Ooooh...OOHHH YESS!!!” Sarah cried as her orgasm passed over her young white body. She didn’t have much time to savor her pleasure, as Bully’s orgasm immediately followed hers!

“Here it cums miss!” Bull yelled “Get’s ready!”

A veritable geyser of thick, gooey cum suddenly erupted from the tip of Bull’s giant, shaking black cock! Sarah squealed, catching the first blast... what had to be nearly a pint of semen, right in her face... mostly in her mouth and hair. She wanted to swallow it... she tried to... but there was just too much... and then another blast came... again hitting her in the face. Sarah closed her eyes just in time as the hot cum plastered her hair, forehead, and eyes. Sarah threw her head back, squealing in disgusted delight as a third blast shot up into the air, nearly four feet, hitting the ceiling of the room they were in, and showering the two lovers with a reflected blast. Another blast of semen erupted from Bull’s cock... and another... and another...

Nobody could tell how Sarah was reacting to all of this.... because her face was completely covered in a thick coat of pearly white semen.

“Oh... thanks you miss!” Bull groaned, almost crying from joy...”thanks you so much! I needed that!”

Sarah turned her cum-covered face to the camera, apparently smiling. “Now THIS IS a sticky situation!”


Becky Davenport stared at her computer screen, rubbing her pussy frantically. She watched the blonde newsanchor get stripped and continue you playing with those beautiful black cocks. She watched as the beautiful brunette make-up girl joined the orgy onscreen. She watched in fascination as her sister Sarah finally appeared on screen again, this time playing with the biggest cock Becky had ever seen in her young life. Becky watched in awe as the unimaginable amount of semen poured over her sister’s beautiful face... and it was that final image that sent Becky Davenport over the edge.

Quickly, Becky grabbed a pillow from her bed and screamed into it as she came, hard, on her frantically pumping hand. The words of her sister and the phone-stud echoed through her mind... “So big” “So thick...” “superior to white guys”... “touching yourself”... “imagining those big black cocks... what they could do to your white body!”

The teen’s orgasm seemed to go on for minutes, but in reality it could only have been a second or two. Once it had subsided, she dropped the pillow to the floor. Then, as she was recovering, she looked around the room... and her eyes fell upon the cell phone on her desk.

“When you change your mind...” the voice in head echoed, “you know where to come.”

As if in a trance, Becky composed her clothing, wiped the cum from her fingers, grabbed her cell phone, and calmly left her room... the live webcast still playing on her computer.

As Becky crept down the stairs, she could hear that the living room television was still on. Was mom actually still watching the television? Becky peeked into the living room and saw her mother sitting on the couch with her eyes glued to the television screen.

Karen Davenport was disheveled, distraught, and completely oblivious to the fact that Becky had snuck downstairs. She was seated on the couch, just staring at the screen, and quietly mumbling something about “Oh Sarah... my baby girl...what have you done?”

But what was shocking was that Becky could see her mother’s right hand buried between her legs, rubbing frantically!

That slut! That hypocrite! How could she do that?

Becky’s eyes darted from her ‘distracted’ mother to the car keys hanging on the hook in the kitchen. Becky could be gone in one minute and mom would probably never notice... and even if she did notice, there was nothing she’d be able to do about it until dad came home with the other car!

Karen snapped out of her lust-filled delirium when she heard her car start. By the time Karen got to the door to the garage, Becky was already pulling out of the driveway.

Somehow, Karen instinctively knew where Becky would be going. This madness had to stop!

Karen grabbed the phone and frantically dialed her husband’s cell phone. “Frank! There’s an emergency! It’s our daughters! You have to come home and pick me up NOW! I’ll explain later!”

Karen stared at the screen, her elder daughter’s cum-covered face still smiling back at her.

Sarah turned her cum-covered face to the camera, apparently smiling. “Now THIS IS a sticky situation!”

“It sure is baby... I mean... it certainly is, Sarah.” Watkins laughed, grinning lecherously at the monitor. Seeing the pretty blonde smiling into the camera with cum all over her was more than he could bare. He shifted in his seat, uncomfortably. Under the anchor desk, he released his rock hard cock from his pants to relieve the painful pressure, and he was going to make damn sure he got some pussy before he put that black monster back in his pants. “Thanks for your exciting report. Why don’t you get cleaned up and report back to the studio.”

“Right away Tom!” Sarah giggled.

“Now remember folks, Sarah’s tests are not scientific, but we would like to invite all the pretty white women out there to do their own research.” Watkins smiled into the camera. Informational text begins to scroll across the bottom of the screen showing various URL addresses. Many of the names obviously indicate they are interracial porn sites. “We here at KNEN feel it is important for you to get first hand observational data. Feel free to visit the Black Phallus website and these other websites to find more information about these exciting issues, see video data, read about the experiences of white women who have learned the truth about black men, and find out where you can meet discreet, clean, and superior black males!”

Watkins suddenly stopped speaking and paused, holding a finger to his ear as if listening to an ear-piece and receiving direction from the a studio engineering booth. Watkins smiled into the camera and spoke. “Ladies and Gentlemen I am being told that we are now going to bring you something very special. For the first time on television anywhere in the world, you are about to see a black cock penetrate a white woman’s pussy!”

The camera suddenly cut to Big Mike and Heather the make-up girl. Heather was still on her knees, sucking Big Mike’s massive black cock in her tiny white mouth, but Mike was pushing her away.

Heather tried to hold on to the enormous cock that she’d been sucking hungrily, but Mike was too strong, and wouldn’t let her near it. She was shocked, she stared at his cock desperately, and her eyes began to tear up.

“Please...” she whimpered, almost crying, as she reached for Mike’s manhood. “Have...have I done something wrong?”

Mike smiled. “You’re a good little cock sucker girl, but I need some PUSSY! Get them fucking clothes off!”

Heather’s look of disappointment suddenly vanished and was immediately replaced with a sunny smile and a sweet, “OH, okay!” The nineteen-year-old make-up-girl quickly peeled her fitted white tee shirt over her head, revealing her beautiful, slender young body. Her tummy was long and flat, without an ounce of fat on it, and her breasts were small and firm, held by a white cotton bra with blue flowers printed on it.


Bob Christensen watched his television in disbelief. He’d tuned in this evening to watch Jessica McFarland... and he had done so... but now, as his favorite female television star was about to be fucked by two gangster rappers, his eyes were focused on another woman in the studio.

Bob had married Heather’s mother just a few years earlier. When her mother married Bob, Heather took his last name, saying that she wanted it to be as if they’d always been a family. He knew the girl was no angel, but he never imagined she would get involved with a black man... and on television... like this... it couldn’t be! She was nineteen... she was sexually active... but she wasn’t a slut! Not Heather!

But it was Heather.

It was Heather’s mouth that had smiled and hungrily sucked that cock the second it was offered!

It was Heather’s voice that he heard saying “okay” when that man said he needed some pussy.

It was Heather’s slender, young body that he’d seen when she peeled her tee shirt off and tossed it aside.

That’s when Bob saw Heather in a new light. He couldn’t help but notice how Heather’s body looked so much like her mother’s. Heather was slender and lithe with pale skin, smallish breasts, a tight little ass... and a huge black cock in her hand! Bob Christensen wasn’t looking at his stepdaughter any more... but an attractive, nineteen year-old hottie, doing what came naturally. He felt a pang of guilt as his cock stiffened at the sight.


Watkins watched intently from his anchor desk. “Heather,” he called out “I’m sure the viewers at home would like to know what you’re thinking right now. This is going to be the first time you’ll be fucked by a black man, is that correct?”

“Yes” Heather moaned. “It’s so exciting! I want his cock so badly!”

Heather stroked Big Mike’s massive black cock in one hand while frantically working the buttons of her low-rider jeans with the other. After struggling a bit, she managed to push the tight denim over her small, shapely ass and they fell to her knees revealing a pair of tight white panties, soaked with excitement. Big Mike chuckled at the sight. Heather’s panties didn’t match her powder-blue bra. Obviously she hadn’t intended on getting fucked today! It didn’t matter though.

Not missing a beat, Big Mike quickly reached one hand down, snaking his powerful black fingers into Heather’s tiny, wet panties, and pulled roughly. The flimsy cotton gave way easily, with a soft ‘rip’ and the tattered cloth was sent sailing through the air, to the other side of the studio. The panties hadn’t even landed before Mike returned his hand to the tiny brunettes pink pussy and rubbed it vigorously. Her pussy shined... she was wet... ready.

“Oooooh” Heather moaned and shivered as an orgasm passed over her young white body. Never in her life... with any of her boyfriends... had she ever experienced such an incredible sensation. Her knees buckled, and she lost her balance and stumbled backwards slightly, leaning her ass against the corner of the couch’s back. Her feet off the left the floor. Her shorts fell down past her knees, and ended up hanging off one tennis-shoed ankle. Her hands reached backwards, supporting her weight on the back of the couch... arching her back, causing her young firm breasts to stand up in the air.

Watkins continued his ‘interview’. “Heather, you’re a beautiful young woman. You could probably have any man you want. Are you ready to give yourself to this black man on television. Millions of viewers are watching!”

“God yes! Fuck me!” she huffed, breathlessly, staring earnestly into Big Mike’s coal black eyes. “PLEASE...fuck me!”

Big Mike grinned widely as he put an enormous ebony hand on each of Heather’s tight white thighs, spreading her legs a bit. He then moved his hands... one wrapped around the lithe brunette’s body, supporting her lower back. The other hand moved down to his cock, which he pushed up to Heather’s tiny pink pussy. Big Mike teased Heather’s pussy a bit with the tip. He didn’t do this for long though...

Heather’s eyes widened and teared up as her tight pink pussy was spread by the first thick inch of Big Mike’s massive black tool.

“OOOhhh UNNGHGHH!!” groaned the nineteen year old brunette.

“JESUS!!” Big Mike winced, pushing his cock slowly up into Heather’s pussy. “She’s fucking tight! I’m gonna have to stretch this shit out!”

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Watkins commentated via a voice-over of the action, “it appears that Big Mike is having trouble fitting his cock inside Heather’s young white pussy. Some of you may think that this will stop a black man from fucking a white woman, but as you heard, Big Mike is not going to give up.”

Big Mike that he pulled out a little, causing Heather to whimper... and then scream as suddenly and steadily pushed four inches of his thick back cock up inside her.

“AAGGHGH GOD!!!” Heather cried as her pussy was invaded by the thick monster, “HOLY SHIT!” Her green eyes fluttered and rolled upwards as Mike’s cock mercilessly stretched the pink walls of her pussy.

“Hang in there baby girl” Big Mike smiled, “I’m gonna give it to you nice and slow. I want to make sure you can take it all!” Taking his hand off his cock, Mike began thrusting in and out of the Heather’s pussy, but carefully never pushing in deeper than four inches. Gradually her pussy began to loosen a bit... Heather’s eyes closed as she moaned happily as the initial pain began to subside.

“Get ready girl!” Big Mike smiled, “I’m gonna give you some more now.” With his next thrust, Big Mike pushed in an additional 3 inches.

Heather screamed again, her eyes opening wide. She looked down, shocked to see that Big Mike’s cock was only a little more than halfway into her pussy. She could actually see a slight bulge in her flat white tummy, tracing the outline of the monster making its way towards her womb.

“Itsss...” Heather gasped between thrusts... “It’s too...big!”

“It’s okay baby girl!” Big Mike smiled sweetly at Heather, “you can do it.” With his free hand, the one covered with Heather’s pussy juices, he gently stroked the side pretty girl’s face, leaving a trail of her own excitement running down her cheek. He brought his thumb to rest on the girl’s pouting lower lip... gently smearing her own cum across before she hungrily took his thumb in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Heather stared at the bulge in her stomach as it seemed to pulse in time with the shining inches of ebony cock that slid in and out of her pussy. Still 3 or 4 more inches to go... there was no way she could take it all in her pussy... but she wanted to try. She wanted to please Big Mike.

“Do it!” She gasped excitedly, licking her own cum from her lips and his fingers... her eye contact flicking back and forth between his eyes to his cock. “Finish it... put it all in! Please!”

Big Mike smiled. “That’s my girl!” With that the muscular black giant leaned forward, pushing the remaining inches of his manhood deep into the Heather’s young cunt.

“YESSSSS- SSSS- SSS -SSSS” the young brunette moaned as Big Mike began pounding away, deep inside her pussy. Never in her young life had she felt anything like this giant black cock slamming into her again and again. She winced and squealed as an orgasm racked her body.


As the studio cameras panned and scanned over the young make-up girl’s slender white body, being mercilessly fucked by the hulking black form of Big Mike, the dulcet tones of Tom Watkins could be heard commenting on the action.

“Amazing! It’s in! It’s in! THIS JUST IN AMERICA!” Watkins suppressed a laugh at the terrible pun, “Television history has been made tonight in the KNEN studio as it looks like KNEN’s own Heather Christensen has succumbed to the power of black cock and become the FIRST EVER woman to be penetrated sexually on television! It looked like it wouldn’t fit, but they kept trying and have successfully managed to work Big Mike’s entire black cock inside Heather’s tiny white pussy! Heather, can we get some comments on your experience?”

“!!” Heather squeals punctuated each of Mike’s thrusts. She was barely aware of Watkins’s questions.

“How does this fucking compare to those you’ve received from white boyfriends?” Watkins asked, matter-of-factly.

“Soooo...BIG...” Heather grunted, “SO...GOOD! YES....YES!! YESSS!!!”

“So black men’s cocks are bigger and the sex is better?” Watkins asked, stifling laughter.

“YESSSSS...SSS...SSS...SSS” Heather hissed between thrusts.

“Interesting. That’s one more indicator that Black Phallus’s claims about black male sexual power are true! I guess that just leaves Jessica’s comments.” Watkins smiled at the camera before turning his attention to Jessica McFarland. “Jessica, what are your thoughts on this latest development?”

The camera cut to Jessica, Shemar, and B-Love. Jessica’s half-naked form was sandwiched between the two muscular black rappers as they ravished her body. Jessica was completely enraptured by their attentions, and failed to hear Watkins question... or even notice that her make-up girl was being fucked senseless on live television by the other rapper.

“My man Watkins asked you a question Mrs. McFarland!” B-Love bellowed. Jessica was snapped out of her reverie by B-Love’s large black hand grabbing her blonde hair, and jerking her head back, turning her to see Heather and Big Mike.

“Look at that shit Mrs. McFarland” the giant rapper taunted, “THAT is what a REAL man’s cock can do for a woman! A BLACK MAN’S COCK!!”

Jessica stared at the erotic sight of Big Mike and Heather, as she felt Shemar’s tongue circling her nipples, and B-Love’s massive, hot black cock rubbing her bare white thigh.

“Oh...Oh my God!” Jessica moaned.

“So Jessica,” Watkins asked again, “What is your reaction to this latest development?”

Jessica stared at Heather and Big Mike, and listened to Tom’s question.
“It’s... incredible!” Jessica breathed.

Watkins smiled. “So, have they proven their claims of black male sexual dominance to your satisfaction?”

“Oh...Oh yes! ” Jessica moaned, biting her lip as she stared at Big Mike’s massive black cock, slamming into Heather’s tiny white pussy again... and again... and again... “I think their argument is VERY compelling! I think they’ve proven that all of their claims are true.”

“Well...” Shemar smiled slyly, “not ALL of our claims.”

“Wh..what?” Jessica furrowed her brow, confused.

”Well,” Shemar explained, “Heather is a young, single woman and Sarah was sexually repressed. It could be argued that those girls would be easily seduced by any reasonably handsome man. Even a white one. The real proof is in another kind of woman.”

“Remember, we said that ANY white woman... even a married white woman as wholesome, intelligent, and sophisticated as you... is helpless against the unrelenting power of black male sexuality!” Shemar smiled at the pretty blonde news anchor.

“Yesss....” Jessica moaned.

“And there’s only one way to prove that claim, isn’t there MRS. McFarland?” B-Love added.

Jessica panted, her full white breasts heaving obscenely.

The two enormous black rappers laid Jessica back in the big leather chair, spreading her long white legs wide. Her full, milky white breasts heaved from her heavy breathing, her pink nipples were stiff from excitement and attention. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the studio camera... she looked straight into it. As if in a trance, she once again adopted the cool demeanor of a news anchor.

"This is Jessica McFarland for KNEN’s “The Whole Truth”. Tonight, my interview with the rap group “Black Phallus” will conclude with a special report on the sexual supremacy of the black male. “Black Phallus” claims that black cock is the pinnacle of the evolution of male sexuality. White women all over the world are defenseless against the power of their hidden lust for a large, stiff, black cock. Even the most loving white marriage is powerless against the strength of a dominant black male! Black Phallus has offered to demonstrate this theory in the studio today, with my help, and I have agreed. I mean... how could I not? Just look at them... and their cocks... they’re... magnificent! I think we're just about ready to put this theory to the final test!”

"And how do you plan on doing this Jessica" Tom Watkins smiled wickedly. “How far will you go with these black men, to prove or disprove their claim?” Watkins pressed.

“As far as I have to go, to uncover ‘The Whole Truth’ Tom!” Jessica replied, again invoking the show’s title as she lovingly stroked and stared at Shemar's large black cock .

“And how exactly will this test be performed, Jessica?” Tom Watkins asked earnestly, knowing the answer already.

“Well Tom,” Jessica sighed breathlessly, “It is the group’s intention to demonstrate the power and sexual supremacy of a big black cock by causing me to betray wedding vows, and my loving husband... LIVE in the studio!"

Jessica was starting to giggle and tried hard to stifle it as she her continued her 'report'.

"They will accomplish this task by using THESE BEAUTIFUL BLACK COCKS," Jessica hefted B-Love's enormous cock, which she still stroked in her hand, "to FUCK my married, white pussy! These big black studs have to fuck me HERE, tonight, LIVE in the studio on national television!"

“Really?” Watkins gasped, feigning surprise, “are you sure that that’s absolutely necessary?”

Jessica regained her composure and furrowed her brow, adopting a mock-serious tone.

“Yes!” Jessica stated emphatically, staring at the massive black cocks jutting out inches away from her prone white body. “I have to see this test through to its conclusion!"

“But why?” Watkins pressed, torturing the desperately horny anchorwoman.

Jessica tried to explain calmly as she ogled the giant black studs around her, one of whom was getting his enormous manhood sucked by the pretty young make-up assistant. “It’s my duty as a reporter! It’s the only way we can uncover the WHOLE TRUTH for the viewers at home! It’s the only way to prove their claims are true.” Jessica paused before suddenly adding, ” ...or false!”

Jessica looked into the camera and continued "Again, this is an KNEN exclusive... so stay tuned!” Jessica's giddy lust finally overwhelmed her and she started laughing, almost hysterically, and added “...and that means YOU Billy!” as she mocked her husband over the airwaves.


Billy McFarland watched in the green room, barely recovered from his earlier horrible assault.
Just a publicity stunt... just a publicity stunt... just a publicity stunt...

The words mocked him now.

Tears streamed down his face.

His wife’s new words echoed in his head as he stared at her beautiful, sullied face on his television screen.

“These big black studs have to fuck me HERE, tonight, LIVE in the studio on national television!"


“Jessica, this is all very incredible!” Watkins stifled laughter, “How do you feel about this? Are you nervous?”

“Well Tom, I am a little nervous, but a more accurate word might be...” Jessica smiled, looking up at the two enormous black men flanking her... huge cocks swaying gently over her glowing white body. “...anxious.”

“I see,” Watkins grinned, “and what do you think the viewers at home will think about your ‘ultimate test’ of Black Phallus’s claims?”

Jessica dropped a small white hand to her groin and rubbed her pussy in time with their strokes...
“I think the viewers at home should find this educational and very... exciting! I know I will! Heather and Sarah seem to enjoy it! I’m sure I will too!”

“Jessica,“ Watkins teased, “It sounds to me like you want them to do this! ...not just for a test of their claims, but because you DESIRE to be fucked by these three powerful black men!”

“I do!” Jessica whimpered, blushing. She gently bit her lower lip as she watched B-Love and Shemar stroking their giant black cocks. She matched the time of their strokes with the hand rubbing her groin. “I really do want them to do it! I want them to prove it! I want to help them prove their claims are true!” she whimpered. “I WANT THEM TO FUCK MEEEE!!!”

Jessica shuddered as she reached another orgasm. B-Love and Shemar moved in closer, watching the sexy young white anchorwoman arch her back and clutch her soaking lace panties. Her white skin glowed in contrast with her black garter-belt and dark nylon stockings. Both men took positions by the lovely blonde wife’s stocking-clad legs.

“Well,” Watkins laughed, “It sounds as if they’ve already proved their claim! The fact that you’re not only willing to let Black Phallus fuck you on live television, but that you actually WANT them to fuck you, proves that their claims are correct!”

Jessica’s eyes opened weakly after her orgasm... She smiled up at her black lovers... “I think your right Tom. I think they’ve proven the sexual supremacy of black males beyond any shadow of a doubt!”

Watkins smiled, “Well Jessica, you know what this means? If they’ve proven their claim to be true, then you don’t actually have to go through with this now! You don’t have to cheat on your husband on national television! You can stop now!”

“No...” Jessica giggled, staring at the enormous black cock inches away from her, “I still have to let them fuck me!”

“Why?” Watkins asked. “They’ve proven their claim is true, haven’t they?”

“Yes they have, ” Jessica smiled, “but they won’t be fucking me to prove their claim is true... they’ll be fucking me because they want to! And I have to let them... because they’ve proven that their superior black males and can fuck me whenever they want... and I I NEED to please them!”

B-Love and Shemar nodded approvingly at Jessica. She was completely and totally under the power of their enhanced black cocks and pheromones. Thank you Solomon King and XSerum!

“So you don’t want to change your mind?” Watkins asked, “You don’t want to put a stop to all this... not cheat on your husband on national television?”

As if in response, Jessica grinned and lifted her perfect white ass off the seat of the chair, allowing a Shemar’s huge black hands to pull the lacy black panties over her wide, childbearing hips. In an incredibly sexy feat of acrobatics, she then bent her body at a sixty-degree angle, pointing her long, shapely white legs straight up in the air! B-Love grabbed her ankles in one enormous black hand, holding her legs together while his other hand tugged her black panties up, revealing her dripping blonde pussy, over her snowy white thighs, stocking-clad calves, and off her body altogether!

“Why...why on earth... would I want to stop... this?” Jessica whispered.

Jessica lowered her legs, spreading them wide as she did so, allowing B-Love to take position between her thighs. Jessica stared at B-Love’s monstrous black cock as its dark purple head oozing a thick pearly pre-cum mere inches away from her hungry blonde pussy. She could smell his cum... its sexual power was so tangible. It made her hornier... more desperate for his cock.

“You want this big nigga cock to fuck you?” B-Love asked Mrs. Jessica McFarland.

“Yes! Oh GOD Yes!” Jessica whimpered dramatically. She bucked her hips gently... trying to get closer to B-Love’s cock as he hovered inches from her pussy.

“Okay then.” B-Love grabbed his pants off the couch’s arm and pulled something from the pocket. He handed the object to Jessica. It was a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters. “Take you weddin’ ring off.”

The whole studio watched, even Big Mike and the make-up girl who was still hungrily sucking his thick black cock, as Jessica slipped her bright gold wedding band from her finger.

Knowing exactly what B-Love wanted, Jessica carefully held the ring in one hand and the wire-cutters in the other, placing the ring between its blades. She started to squeeze the cutter’s handles.

“HANG ON BABY... Not yet!” B-Love stopped her. “First you gotta say the words!”

“Words?” Jessica furrowed her brow. She was so horny... so desperate for that big black cock that teased her... so close to her pussy. “What words?”

“It’s a little ceremony I like to perform with all the married women I fuck.” B-Love smiled.

Jessica felt strangely honored.

Billy shook his head in disbelief and shock. What the hell had gotten into her? How could she do this to him? To their marriage? Whatever was going through her head now, she surely couldn’t abandon her love or friendship of the man she’d been married to for a year...

He continued to watch with tear-filled eyes as his wife recited some sickening, farcical speech for the black bastards who were going to fuck her.

Just a publicity stunt... just a publicity stunt... just a publicity stunt...


“Mrs. Jessica McFarland.” B-Love bellowed ceremoniously, “Do you want me to fuck you with this big black cock?”

“I Dooooo!” Jessica groaned.

“Then repeat after me,” B-Love commanded, “I now forsake...”

“I now forsake...” Jessica repeated excitedly.

“the man I wed...”

“ I wed...” Jessica felt awkward calling Billy a man, after seeing these cocks compared to his little babydick.

“To take black men into my bed!”

“to take a black men into my...” Jessica giggled, grabbing her pussy gracelessly as she said the last word “...BED!!!”

“My wedding vows...” B-Love continued.

“My wedding vows...” Jessica whispered, smiling cruelly.

“I now ignore...”

“I now ignore...”

“I’d rather be a black man’s whore!”

“I’d rather be a BLACK MAN’s whore!” Jessica emphasized the most important words.

“Now cut the ring now Jessica, and you may then attach it to my necklace.”

Jessica shivered. It was finally going to happen! She held her hands up high so that everybody could see the ring and the snips in her hands. The cameras moved in, getting a shot of her face, and her hands holding the snips and the ring. A naughty thought crossed the sexy young anchorwoman’s mind and she smiled wickedly, looking into the camera.


Billy watched the screen as Jessica turned her big blue eyes to the camera... to the audience... to him. She smiled wickedly. He could see the ring he’d given her as a sign of his love held tightly between a pair of sharp blades.

“Billy McFarland!”, Jessica announced

“Your stupid ring... I now shed...” Jessica grinned wickedly, barely suppressing laughter as she said the last line. “...I WANT THESE BIG BLACK COCKS INSTEAD!”

*PLINK* the bright cold band was severed, along with the McFarland marriage.

Billy vomited on the floor.


The studio erupted in cheers and laughter. B-Love took Jessica’s trembling white hand, holding the broken ring, and guided it to his necklace. Jessica’s hand fumbled for a moment, shaking from excitement as she slid the broken circle into its new home, next to Sarah’s beautiful antique engagement ring. Once a symbol of Jessica’s love and fidelity for her white husband, the gold band now formed just another link in the chain of B-Love’s symbol of black power and sexual dominance. Then, taking Jessica’s tiny white left hands in his big black hands, he raised them to his thick black lips and kissed her now naked ring finger. Then, slowly, he pushed her tiny white hands down over his black body... over his big black pecs, over his rippling black abdominal muscles, and resting on his thick black cock.

“Now Mrs. McFarland,” B-Love growled, “Take that big nigga cock, and guide it up to yo’ pussy!”

Jessica McFarland smiled. The camera caught her every move as her tiny white hands circled, or tried to circle, B-Love’s massive black manhood. She stretched her arms out to reach the cock as best she could... her slender white arms squeezed her heaving white breasts together, accentuating the two snowy mounds of feminine beauty as she pulled his cock closer and closer to her unprotected, fertile, married white pussy.

Jessica looked over her beautiful, glowing white body... her milky white breasts, her flat white tummy, her lily-white thighs, and her pale blonde mound... She’d never really appreciated her own body’s beauty until that moment, but it was nothing compared the beauty B-Love’s body... his broad, ebony shoulders...his massive, granite pectorals... his rippling, onyx abs... his monstrous twelve-inch coal-black cock... its bulbous black-purple apple-sized head waiting to invade her tiny blonde pussy!

Jessica pulled B-Love’s cock closer, B-Love stepped forward bit-by-bit, letting Jessica lead the way. If she wanted his cock, he was going to make her bring him closer. He stopped stepping forward when his cockhead was one inch away from her precious white body. She gave one last little tug, and he leaned forward, very slightly, letting the precum-slick tip of his cock barely graze her pink pussy lips. It had the desired effect.

B-Love’s cock head had barely touched Jessica’s pussy but it was enough to send her flying over the edge.

“OOOOHHHHHHHHHGGGNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Jessica shrieked, bucking wildly as her body was racked by another incredible orgasm.


Jessica’s screams of joy were matched with those of Heather the make-up girl, whose voice could be heard in the background.

“FUCK ME!!” Heather’s voice screamed, “YESSS!! FUCK ME!! HARDER!! YESS!! SO BIG!!! FUCK ME...FUCK ....MEEEE!!”

“Now Jessica,” Watkins resumed his ‘interview’, inspired by Heather’s outburst, “Let me ask you about protection. You must realize that black men’s sexual power isn’t limited to attitude, muscles, and cock size. Black men are also very virile... POTENT if you will. If you have unprotected sex with these men, chances are you’ll winde up pregnant. That seems not to have been a concern for Heather or Sarah earlier this evening. Is that going to be a concern for you, as a professional woman? Are you ready for children? Are you taking any form of birth control?”

Jessica breathed heavily. She was still recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm she’d had... just because B-Love had touched her pussy with his cock! Her grip on B-Love’s cock had loosened, and he’d pulled away slightly, so that his cock no longer touched her pussy. Now that her head began to clear, Jessica thought about the ramifications of unprotected sex with these men... Indeed...their size, their masculinity... everything seemed to indicate that these men were very virile. If they fucked her, unprotected, she’d almost certainly wind up pregnant. As much as she wanted sex with these men... she wasn’t sure about having to raise children. Jessica looked at B-Love’s cock, she still held it in one of her trembling white hands. She looked at it differently now... it was still beautiful... still sexy... but now there was something else. It was more sinister... threatening... dangerous. They had to wear condoms! She had to make them where condoms! She opened her mouth to speak but her mind was so clouded with lust that she could barely form a coherent sentence.

“A condom...” Jessica gasped “I can’t... we have to wear...”

“Of course I will, baby” Shemar smiled, gently stroking the side of Jessica’s face. She smiled weakly. Then she saw B-Love... his face wasn’t nearly as friendly.

“Bitch, I ain’t wearing no condom!” B-Love bellowed.

“But... please... you can’t... we can’t... oooOOOOHHH OH!!!“ Jessica whimpered in protest, then squealed in delight as B-Love suddenly lurched forward and sank 4 inches of his bare black cock into her unprotected pussy!

“You want this nigga cock bitch?” B-Love demanded.

Jessica McFarland was too busy writhing and squirming and moaning to answer, her mind was reeling. Any concerns over pregnancy vanished as she felt the tight, hungry pink flesh of her pussy stretched to accommodate the hard, hot girth of B-Love’s ebony shaft. She’d never felt anything as incredible as that cock inside her pussy. It was electric! Her pussy felt so full, yet there was another 7 or 8 inches of cock left to go!

“DO YOU!?!” B-Love shouted again, this time shoving 3 more inches of his cock into Jessica’s pussy.

“UGGNGNGNHHH-HUH!!!” Jessica moaned loudly, biting her lower lip and arching her back... her full white breasts rising in the air... pink nipples proudly erect. “PLEEAAASE!!!” She could feel that she was a split second away from the most earth-shattering orgasm of her whole life.

But then, with a sickening wet pop, B-Love suddenly pulled out of Jessica’s pussy completely!

“NO!!!” Jessica cried in protest. She suddenly felt alone... so empty... and longed to be full again. She would do anything... ANYTHING to get that feeling back again.


“YES!” Jessica cried, tears of joy began to trickle down her cheeks.

“If you want this cock,” B-Love said, slapping his wet manhood against Jessica’s flat white belly,
“I” - *SLAP* - “AIN’T” - *SLAP* - “WEARING” - *SLAP* - “NO” - *SLAP* - “FUCKING” -*SLAP* - “CONDOM!!”

Jessica looked over her body, staring at B-Love’s massive black cock. A thick, pearly white precum was oozing steadily from the tip. His heavy black balls rubbed her pussy lips, and as his cock slapped her belly, the tip almost reached her heaving white breasts. God it was enormous! She thought of how DEEP that cock could penetrate her unprotected womb... and how much cum filled those massive black balls... how hot, thick, and potent that seed must be... how good it would feel inside her fertile white womb. Somehow, the idea of a condom coming between her and that beautiful black cock suddenly seemed abhorrent to her.

“No... don’t... stop... Please don’t stop!” Jessica whimpered, her eyelids fluttering... her blue eyes still locked on B-Love’s massive black cock. She started babbling desperately... “I’ll do it... anything... you can... no... no condom!”

“Damn straight bitch!” B-Love laughed cruelly. He moved forward again, rubbing his cock tip along Jessica’s pussy lips, resuming his teasing motion.

“Well shit baby,” Shemar said, rubbing his own giant cock on Jessica’s pouting pink mouth, “Is that fair to me? If B-Love ain’t wearing no condom, there ain’t no point in me wearing one!”

“Oh...No...” Jessica cooed gently, kissing Shemar’s chocolate-brown manhood , “no of course not! Honey... I wouldn’t dream of making you wear a condom! I wouldn’t want to make any black man to wear a condom to fuck me. I don’t want anything to come between these beautiful black cocks and me! I’m sorry I mentioned it! Please forgive me! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

“Fascinating!” Watkins commented wryly. The more pornographic the studio scene became, the more Watkins enjoyed playing the role of detached news anchor. “Jessica, are you sure you’re comfortable letting these filthy black gangsta rappers fuck you, unprotected, on national television? You realize your marriage... your career... nothing about your life will ever be the same.”

“It’s a small price to pay...” Jessica cooed... stroking Shemar’s cock in one hand, and pulling B-Love’s back towards her pussy with the other. “In the end... those things just can’t compete with the power of these magnificent black men!”

“There’s no going back after tonight.” Watkins smiled.

“No Tom, there isn’t! ” Jessica smiled wickedly, “But like they say... once you go black, you NEVER go back! That is the WHOLE TRUTH!”

“HELL no, bitch!” B-Love bellowed, looking into the camera, “THIS is the whole truth!”

With that statement, the giant black rapper ceremoniously shoved all twelve inches of his rock-hard black cock deep into Jessica’s pink pussy, with one fast, powerful thrust!

Jessica McFarland’s shriek of pleasure and pain pierced every hallway on that floor of the KNEN building, and the speakers of millions of televisions across America. The cameras captured every second of Jessica’s ravishing at the hands of the relentless gangsta rapper B-Love. The thug’s muscular ass pumped crazily between Jessica’s spread white thighs as the length of his giant black cock hammered into her unprotected white pussy.

Jessica’s body was so completely racked with pleasure, she couldn’t even form a coherent thought, let alone words or sentences. A series of high-pitched squeals, guttural-growls, and low moans erupted from her perfect little mouth as a wave of orgasms crashed over her body. She felt as if every thrust of B-Love’s cock sent her into one orgasm after another... each one building on the last. Her blue eyes rolled back and forth in her head, as her eyelids fluttered uncontrollably. She could feel the thickness... the length of B-Love’s rock-hard, searing-hot cock penetrating deeper than any man ever had... particularly her husband... whatever his name was. She was sure she could feel the tip of B-Love’s cock hitting her cervix... no doubt leaving trails of that sticky, thick, precum that she’d seen oozing from his cock when he’d been teasing her earlier. She could also feel the B-Love’s balls, heavy with sperm, slapping relentlessly against her twat as his cock conquered the depths of her fertile white womb!

Watkins stared at the glorious site from his desk. Jessica McFarland, the glorified video-jockey turned anchorwoman... beautiful blonde professional... being thoroughly fucked by a massive black cock... on live television. The cameras captured every second of it... for broadcast... for the internet... and for the line of home videos of the event which E&I would no doubt be making available for a handsome profit. As a bonus, nearby, the sexy little make-up girl was also being taught the power and joy of a black cock.

“So Jessica” Watkins asked, as if the woman in the studio wasn’t being fucked senseless and would be able to give him an intelligible answer, “what are your thoughts on black sex now?”

“OH...GOD!!” Jessica screamed “It’s INCREDIBLE!! SO BIG...SO DEEP... SO... OOH... OOOOH...OH!!! UANNHGGHGGHGH!!!” Jessica’s words were lost in another bout of moaning, screaming, and squealing.


A different squeal echoed through the parking garage at KNEN as Becky Davenport slammed down on the brakes as she pulled her mother’s car into a parking space. The guard at the studio’s parking garage gate had waved her in. He directed her to a specific level and entrance. Apparently, somebody had told the guard to expect her, and left instructions.

Becky sat in the car, and looked out around the parking garage. “What the hell am I doing here?” Becky whispered to herself. Now that she had been away from the sexually explicit images, her conservative religious values had begun to kick in again. She’d been watching interracial porn in the guise of music videos, talking sex talk with strange men and her own sister over the phone, masturbated while doing both, and now had stolen her mom’s car to come to a studio and do what? Give her precious virginity to a stranger because he was a ‘big powerful black man’ and her sister told her it was right to do this? This was crazy! Even if she HAD seen her sister getting fucked by those black men… and her mother actually becoming aroused at the sight of those events on screen… this was her virginity! Once she gave it away, it would be forever!

“This is wrong.” Becky said to herself. “I shouldn’t be here. I should go.”

But Becky didn’t go. She didn’t get out of the car either. She just sat behind the wheel, gripping it in her tiny white hands, while her mind reeled in turmoil. Her deep values about chastity and marriage were clouded with the memories of her sister’s voice moaning on the phone, the images she’d seen on the screen… the man that had spoken to her… who had invited her to the studio that night. The man that was going to fuck her… no…Becky corrected her self… the man who WANTED to fuck her. She still had a choice in the matter… didn’t she?

Becky’s phone rang causing the teen redhead to nearly jump out of her skin.

“Hello Becky.” the familiar male voice said when Becky answered the phone. “Glad you could make it. Why don’t you come inside?”

“ did you know I was here?” Becky stammered nervously.

“Your sister and I told the guard at the parking lot gate to expect you, and who to look for, where to send you, and to let me know when you got here.” The stud chimed. “But I waited and waited, and I never heard the door guards call in to tell me you were here. What’s wrong baby? Aren’t you ready to give me your virginity?”

Becky shivered. She nervously thumbed her purity ring... the symbol of her promise to remain a virgin until she was married.

“No... I really shouldn’t.” she said. “I really should go home.”

“Now Becky.” The stud chided. “You didn’t come all this way just turn around, go home and miss all the fun did you? All that big BLACK fun that you saw your sister having?”

Becky stared out the car window at the bright-lit entrance to the building. There she saw a large, muscular male figure emerge from the building’s entrance. He was holding a cell phone to his ear.

“I’m here Becky.” the stud on her phone said. “I’m waiting for you at the entrance. Can you see me?”

“Yes...” Becky whispered staring out the window at the large, muscular black man in the entryway, a mere two hundred feet away.

“Good.” the black said quietly. “The problem is, I can’t see you. Where are you?”

“I’m..” she croaked nervously...”I...I’m still in the car.”

“I thought so.” the stud chuckled, ” Poor girl never even made it out of the car. Well that’s a problem baby. It’s a big parking lot Becky. I can’t come looking for you. You’ll have to come to me. All you have to do is get out of the car Becky. You know you want to, Becky. You know you want to feel my big black cock deep inside you... just like your big sister Sarah. Why are you hesitating? You’ve come all this way... why stop now?”

There was a brief chirp in Becky’s ear. Her call-waiting signaled an incoming call. Becky checked the number. It was her mother’s phone.

“I’m…” Becky stammered, “I’m getting another call.”

“Becky I’m getting impatient.” The stud said, ignoring Becky’s plea. “I’m going to go back in the building in a minute.” the phone stud said. “I’m going to find a sexy white girl and I’m going to fuck her with my big black cock. I hoped that the girl I fucked tonight would be you, Becky. But if you want to go home... well, there are plenty of sexy white girls here for me to take instead.

Becky stared out the window, at the black stud in the doorway, silently listening his proposal. The call-waiting on her phone chirped again. She ignored it.

“It’s time Becky. This is your special night.” The stud said calmly and warmly.

Trembling, Becky’s small white hand reached for the door latch, and hooked a slender white finger underneath the handle... and pulled. The interior light and seatbelt bell came on the door opened.

Becky saw her stud suddenly turn as he saw the light from her car’s interior and heard the indicator bell echoing through the parking garage.

“That’s my girl Becky!” the stud chimed “Now get out of the car, walk to me, and give me your virginity.”


Back in the studio, and on national television, the sex was getting into full swing. Tom Watkins was enjoying watching the beautiful blonde anchorwoman and brunette make-up girl getting fucked by the Black Phallus boys, but his cock needed some attention too. Watkins was proud to be part of this plan, but the stiffening of his own cock had become unbearable.

“Oh My God!” a female voice exclaimed from behind Watkins.

Watkins turned to see Sarah, still in her bra and panties, and now wet from washing cum off of her body from her encounter with Bull.

“Is this what you meant by ‘a new development in the studio’?” Sarah asked, staring at her boss getting fucked by a huge black cock.

The sight of the sexy, soaking wet, lingerie-clad blonde was too much for him to bear. His cock was about to burst. He needed to fuck immediately.

“HERE’S YOUR FUCKING DEVELOPMENT BITCH!” Watkins bellowed as stood up from behind the anchor desk, revealing the massive bulge in his suit trousers before unzipping his fly and releasing his raging ten inch black hard on. “GET THE FUCK OVER HERE AND BEND OVER THIS DESK!” Watkins bellowed, grabbing the young blonde and bending her over the anchor desk, face out to the camera. He didn’t bother removing any more of his own clothing. He simply took position behind Sarah’s ass and pushed her soaking wet panties aside.

“OOH YES MASTER!” Sarah squealed happily as Watkins slammed her down on the anchor desk.

“Good to have you...” Watkins grunted as he shoved half of his massive black cock into Sarah’s dripping blonde pussy, “back in the studio, Sarah!”

“Good to ...stu..di...o..TOM!” Sarah moaned as she bucked her perfect white ass upward to meet each of Tom’s rough thrusts. Sarah had had an announcement to make before entering the studio, but with Tom’s cock buried in her tight pink cunt, she could no longer remember what she’d wanted to say.

One of the cameras moved in towards the anchor desk to cover the action. The shot on the studio monitor showed the anchor desk, with Sarah's sweating, naked breasts pressed on the surface, her round white ass lifted in the air, and Watkins's black hands gripping her tiny waist as he thrust into her willing white body again and again. Sarah groaned and grunted with each thrust, feeling Tom’s ebony girth again stretching the walls of her tight pink pussy. She bit her lower-lip, moaning as she looked up into the camera lens... out of the television sets in millions of American living rooms. She didn't care about modesty anymore... all she could feel was the incredible sensation of black cock spreading pleasure through her whole body. All she could see was her reflection in the camera lens... a pretty white girl getting fucked from behind by a massive black stud. All she could hear was the rhythmic slapping of Tom’s heavy black balls against her lily-white thighs.


This was the sight that greeted Becky Davenport when she and her new ‘friend’ walked into the studio with her stud. Never in her young life had she imagined a scene of such wanton sexuality. It was unlike anything she’d ever imagined or experienced. This wasn’t a collection of songs with explicit or suggestive lyrics. This wasn’t a series of sexual images on a television or computer screen. This wasn’t a hot session of phone sex with a stranger and her sister. This was an interracial orgy less than fifteen feet away. These were white women naked, sweating, screaming... being fucked mercilessly big black studs. This was her sister… And within the next few minutes... This would be her too!

Thomas Watkins, the black stud relentlessly fucking Sarah Davenport, suddenly heard a direction from the director’s booth in his ear-piece. He turned his attention to the nearby teleprompter that had some some new information for him to read. Watkins glanced over at the two new ‘spectators’ that had walked into the studio. It wasn’t until Watkins got a good look at Becky that he realized there was a family resemblance to the bucking, sweating, moaning woman bent over the newsdesk in front of him. Sarah, thrusting her pert white ass up and back to meet her master’s cock thrusts, was so lost in sexual ecstasy that she hadn’t noticed her sister’s arrival. Watkins’s new teleprompter speech was about to change that.

“This is an exciting turn of events!” Watkins beamed, enjoying his role as anchorman as he read the teleprompter while he continued fucking Sarah Davenport’s slim white body. “Tonight’s investigative report on ‘The Whole Truth’ continues to reveal the amazing seductive allure of black males. We have seen here tonight that black men are capable of seducing and dominating an engaged virgin, a sexually experienced teenager, and a married professional. Now you’re about to meet a white teenage virgin who was viewing tonight’s program in the comfort of her own home. This virgin viewer was SO swept up in tonight’s broadcast that she has driven herself to the studio tonight to express her ideas on tonight’s report and events. And in an exciting twist, that virgin is the younger sister of our very own Sarah Davenport. What does she think of her older sister giving up her virginity so close to her wedding day? Let’s find out!”

So focused was Becky on Tom and Sarah’s bucking bodies that she was almost completely oblivious to the lecherous stares of the nearby muscular black studio crew members. Nor did Becky notice that one of the news cameras was now training on her and her black friend as he guided her toward the news desk.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked around. It took her a second to focus on the sight of her younger sister taking a seat at the end of the anchor desk. “Becky!” she called out enthusiastically.

“Good evening Becky and welcome!” Watkins smiled warmly at Becky as he continued fucking her sister “Now Becky, I’m informed that you’ve been watching tonight’s program. Is this correct?”

“I...I...” Becky stammered as tried to answer Tom’s question, but found it difficult. She suddenly became a bit self-conscious about being on camera... especially when she was so horny! She suddenly felt she had to avert her eyes from the scene and looked at the floor. She nodded in response to the question.

“Hmmm,” Watkins responded. “Sarah, it looks like your sister is a little shy about being on camera, or maybe she’s just a little intimidated by the prospect of talking to a man who is currently fucking her sister.” The studio crew laughed at that comment. “Perhaps she would be more comfortable if you asked her the questions. You might have to answer a few for her too.”

“What a... a...AH...UH...UNGH... GREAT idea!” Sarah grunted as Watkins wickedly hardened his cock thrusts as she tried to respond to his instruction, forcing her to try and stifle her moans enough to speak clearly. “Wha--AAHH--what should I ahhh-ask?“

“The questions are on the prompter girl,” Watkins said. “if you can read them through the cum on your glasses.”

Sarah giggled and took her glasses off . She playfully darted her pink tongue around the lenses and licked the semen residue off. She grabbed the blouse that she’d left laying on the newsdesk earlier that night, and used it to dry her glasses.

“So Becky” Sarah asked looking up at the teleprompter and then her baby sister, “Had you ever heard of Black Phallus before tonight?”

“Yes, of course”. Becky said to her sister. Watkins had been correct. Becky was a little more comfortable talking to Sarah. “I’ve been listening to them for a while now.”

“Do your… do OUR parents know you’re listening to Black Phallus?” Sarah asked.

Becky blushed. “You know they don’t!” There was a murmur of quiet fake scolding from the black crew men listening to the interview. Becky smiled.

“They wouldn’t approve those sexually explicit lyrics, would they?” Sarah asked.

“No!” Becky said, “Definitely not!”

“So why do you keep listening to them?” Sarah asked. “You’re a white virgin from a religious family. Why are you listening to sexually explicit black rap music?”

“I don’t know.” Becky said, blushing more, “I just do. I like them... their music makes me feel... good.”

“Good?” Sarah asked. “Good how?”

Becky blushed.

“I see.” Watkins laughed. “So baby, is it safe to say that you’re a fan of Black Phallus?”

“Yes.” Becky said, then gasped when she suddenly realized she’d just spoken to the large black man that was fucking her sister. She glanced up at Tom Watkins, who was staring lecherously down at the pretty red-haired virgin while he thrust his huge black cock into her sister’s pretty blonde pussy. Becky’s eyes widened.

“That’s better girl, there’s those pretty blue eyes! Such a pretty girl you are, just like your sister! Don’t be shy now. I’m a very nice man.” Watkins said smoothly, “Just ask your sister here!”

There was laughter in the studio. Becky smiled, but dropped her gaze, unable to look Watkins in the eye. Her eyes met her sister’s.

“What about ….your friends at school Becky?” Sarah asked, her breathing becoming erratic. “Are they interested in Black Phallus too?”

“Some of them are, yes.” Beck shivered, suddenly remembering that Lauren and some of her other friends from school would be watching this broadcast tonight. They could see her right now, on television!

As if reading Becky’s mind, Sarah asked her next question. “Are your friends watching this show? What do you think your friends would say if they saw you here tonight? What would you say to them?"

“Yes…” Becky stammered, blushing. Dear Lord, what WOULD they say? “I…I don’t know.”

“Would they be jealous do you think?” Sarah asked.

“I…I guess so.” Becky said, trying to change the subject. “They…they’d probably be really interested in meeting Black Phallus.”

“Oh…yes…” Sarah seemed to respond.

“Yes.” Becky affirmed.

“OH….OH GOD YES!!” Sarah shouted. Becky blushed, realizing that her sister was actually reacting to Tom’s black cock slamming deeper into her pussy. “AAHHHHHHHNNGGHHH YESSSS!!!” Sarah moaned as Tom changed his pace while fucking her pussy.

Becky shifted awkwardly in her seat. Dropping her hands to her lap, then between her legs. Unintentionally, she began to rub her pussy from outside her blue jeans. Watkins watched and smiled.

“Becky, let me ask you a question.” Tom interjected while Sarah was unable to continue her questions. “Do you or your friends date black guys?”

“Well…. No.” Becky muttered. Becky kept her eyes on her sister and her hands in her lap.

“Why not Becky?” Watkins asked gently.

“I…. I dunno. There just… aren’t many in our school I guess.” Becky fumbled for an answer. She tried to look up at Tom’s face when she answered him, but couldn’t. Tom’s dark stare seemed to penetrate Becky’s soul. Instead Becky looked at her naked, bucking, writhing sister. Sarah was getting more than her soul penetrated by the hulking black ‘anchorman’.

“OH FUCK….YES!! FUCK ME TOM!! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!! I’M CUMMING!!!” Sarah screamed as she climaxed. Becky blushed but found herself unable to look away from her sister’s shaking, naked white body. The virginal redhead began rubbing herself more purposefully now, and in time with Watkins’s thrusts into her sister.

Tom saw this, and the fact that Becky was watching the fucking so intently. He decided to give her a little something more to look at. Smiling, Tom pulled his sex-slick black cock from Sarah’s pussy and flipped the panting, gasping blonde twenty-something on her back. He paused for a moment, kneading Sarah’s full, firm white breasts with his big black hands. Leaning down, he kissed and licked her hard pink nipples before standing up again and spreading Sarah’s long white legs. Making sure Becky was watching, Tom slapped his still rock-hard black cock on Sarah’s flat white tummy, its length nearly reaching her belly button.

Becky’s big blue eyes lit up with obvious excitement when she saw Tom’s thick, ten-inch black cock clearly for the first time. As the beautiful red-haired teen stared wide-eyed at the spectacle unfolding a mere four feet away, Tom Watkins sank the full length of his thick, ebony rod into her sister’s little blonde pussy in one powerful thrust.


“I’m sorry Becky.” Tom smiled. “I couldn’t quite hear your answer. “Why was it that you and your friends aren’t dating black boys.”

“I… I…” Becky, unable to suppress a wicked smile, stared at the massive black cock slamming her sister’s pussy and stammered. “I… don’t know!”

“Hmmm.” Tom smiled. He continued thrusting into Sarah. The XSerum gave him incredible stamina. The distraction of the discussion would easily keep him from climaxing so that he could concentrate on his questions. “Well, maybe tonight’s report will educate them as to the benefits of dating black men and encourage them to conduct their own experiments. I mean, your sister just came, but I’m still fucking her. In addition to our superior size, black men superior stamina as well. The ladies in the studio tonight are experiencing this first hand… ALL of the ladies in the studio tonight.!”

Tom placed emphasis on the word “All” and stared down at Becky. His implication was obvious to the young redhead. She shivered and said nothing.

“Is that why YOU came here tonight Becky?” Tom asked Becky more pointedly as he continued thrusting in and out of her sister. “Did you see your sister’s report and become interested in doing your own research into the issue?”

“I…I…” Becky stammered, embarrassed.

“What brings you to the studio tonight Becky?” Tom pressed.

“I invited her.” Sarah said, recovering from her orgasm as Tom continued fucking her. “I’ve been ...ooh...on the phone with her all...night...long... trying to get her to...cum...come... here...tonight. OOH! But she was... confused.”

“Confused?” Tom asked, lessening his cock thrusts so that Sarah could speak more clearly. “About what?”

Sarah said, “Like me, she’s been misinformed all her life, and told that she should stay a virgin until marriage. She was afraid that if she came here tonight, she would lose her virginity.”

“Interesting...” Watkins commented. “So what does she think of the fact that your sister, who was engaged to be married in just a few months, has given her virginity to B-Love and me?”

Becky bit her lower lip and shrugged, lowering her eyes to the floor again and shuffling her feet. “At first...” she finally said quietly, “I was... shocked... I couldn’t believe that she would do something like that.”

“Why is that?” Watkins asked. “Because we’re black?”

“What?” Becky was taken aback by the question. “No.”

“No?” Watkins teased and continued putting Becky on the defensive. “It didn’t shock you and disturb you to see your sister ravished by BLACK men… by ‘niggers’? Is that why you don’t date black boys?”

“No!” Becky said emphatically. “I’m not a racist! I was shocked because Sarah has always been so conservative about sex and she’s engaged! I couldn’t believe she’d betray Brad like that!”

“Ah, I see!” Watkins said. “I guess that would be very shocking! Seeing…UNGH… your sister… UNGH… betraying her fiance…. UNGH… and getting … UNGH… FUCKED… UNGH… by a BIG… UNGH… BLACK… UNGH… COCK! SHOCKING!”

Watkins punctuated his statement with timed grunts and cock thrusts, emphasizing the irony of Becky’s statement. Becky was shocked when she saw her sister getting fucked by black men on television, but now that it was happening in front of her, she couldn’t help but stare.

“So tell me Becky,” Watkins asked. “What do you think of it NOW?”

“Now? Now I… I just… it’s…” Becky stared at Watkins cock thrusting in and out of her older sister’s pussy, just a few feet away, Sarah’s white body slick with sweat and practically glowing under the heat of the studio lights. Becky squirmed in her chair, rubbing herself in time with Watkins’s thrusts. “It’s just… WOW!”

Some of the black male crewmembers in the studio laughed.

“Wow!” Watkins laughed. “And did your religious parents, who don’t know you listen to a nasty black rap group like ‘Black Phallus’ know that you were watching this program tonight?”

Becky hesitated, not wanting to relive the awkward moment of discovery when her mother had caught her masturbating while watching the show.

“YES!!!” Sarah cried, both in response to Tom’s fucking and his question. “Mom caught her watching and sent her to her room.”

“Really?” Watkins laughed. “So what is she doing here now?”

“I snuck out.” Becky said quietly, like a naughty schoolgirl.

“Becky Davenport!” Watkins feigned disapproval, “You snuck out of the house to come down here? Now why would you do that if you were afraid to come down in the first place?”

“Sarah… and her friend...” Becky smiled.

“Who is this friend?” Watkins asked, knowing full well whom Becky meant.

“Sarah’s friend... and mine.” Becky smiled, looking back at her black phone friend. He was so handsome. All the black men in the studio seemed so handsome… no… not just handsome… sexy. “Sarah introduced us on the phone tonight. He’s a security guard here at the studio. They’ve been trying all night to get me to come to the studio!”

“Really?” Watkins said, still fucking Sarah. “And why did they have to work so hard to convince you to come down, Becky? Didn’t you want to come and party with Black Phallus?”

“It’s just that... I never.” she sputtered, nervously fingering her promise ring “...and... I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Watkins asked.

“Breaking my vow!” Becky explained. She held up her hand and showed her promise ring, “This promise ring is a symbol of a vow I made to God and my parents that I would never to have sex before marriage.”

“But Becky,” Watkins grinned wickedly, “why would that stop you from coming here tonight and meeting Black Phallus?”

“Because...” Becky explained while nervously fidgeting with her promise ring. “I was afraid if I came here tonight... I would be tempted break my vow of pre-marital chastity.”

“I understand.” Watkins said, still roughly fucking Becky’s sister. “Have you ever been tempted to break your vow before?”

“No...not really.” Becky admitted, still fiddling with her promise ring.

Becky looked up at Watkins’s face. She no longer felt intimidated or embarrassed. Becky’s nervousness was fading… no… changing… into anticipation. Still, she couldn’t quite say the words she needed to say... the words that Watkins, Sarah, and every black studio crewmember were waiting for her to say.

Watkins drew the full length of his huge black cock out of Sarah’s pussy for dramatic effect, then shoving it back in, causing Sarah to moan loudly and Becky to again look at his cock as he fucked Sarah. “So why were you so afraid of being tempted here, tonight? Why would we be so much more tempting than other guys you’ve hung out with?”

Becky’s wide eyes fell to the huge cock hammering her sister. “You’ve shown tonight that no woman can resist black men. Jessica McFarland... that make-up girl... my sister! I see them all in here now...” Becky grew more and more excited as she talked. “Sarah told me about... how... powerful you were... and... bigger... and I saw.... I SEE tonight... it’s true. It’s all true.”

“But Becky,” Watkins asked. “if you knew that black cock would make you succumb to sexual temptation, why would you come here tonight?”

Hearing Tom’s direct question and staring at his big black cock is it penetrated her sister again and again, Becky felt suddenly emboldened, like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Everything fell into perspective. Her nervousness was gone.

“Tell us Becky!” Tom commanded, moving in for ‘the kill’. “Tell us just exactly WHY you came to the studio tonight?”

“I came here…” Becky said boldly, “I came here tonight… to lose my virginity to a black man!”

Becky slipped the promise ring from her finger and slammed it emphatically on the anchor desk.

A dozen black faces grinned in the studio. There was applause.

“Incredible! Are you sure about this Becky?”

“Absolutely! I’m giving into the temptation!” Becky cried, relieved by her admission. She stood up from her chair and began tugging frantically at the button of her jeans, shimming her hips and letting the tight blue denim pool around her ankles. The pretty red-haired teen now stood in her panties and fitted white tee. The black studs in the crew whistled at her as she released her long red hair from its girlish pony tail and shook it free.

“But why Becky?” Watkins asked, “Why, after waiting so long, are you so anxious to lose your virginity tonight?”

Becky grinned. The words of her sister, her phone friend, and the Black Phallus rappers now flowed through her mind. “I listened to the arguments tonight Mr. Watkins. I saw the videos and the incredible effect black men have on white women! Thanks to your broadcast I know the truth now! The Whole Truth! Black Phallus is right! I see that now and I want the rest of America to see it too!”

She felt giddy. She started grinning and giggling. Out of the corner of her eye, she finally noticed the camera trained on her face. She turned and looked directly into it. She reached over to her black phone friend and grabbed one of his big black hands in both of her tiny white ones, inviting him closer.

The burly black security guard walked up to Becky, sneering arrogantly into the camera. His powerful black hands grabbed hold of Becky’s fitted tee, wrenching the thin cotton fabric between his meaty fingers, then pulling, tearing it open and off Becky’s lithe white body.

“Oh my God!” Becky laughed and looked into the camera, now wearing only her little white tennis shoes, her bra and panties, the tattered remains of her tee shirt. “It’s finally going to happen! Do you hear that America? Do you hear that mom? Do you hear that dad? I snuck out of the house and I came down to the studio to lose my virginity to a big black man! THIS big black man!”

“YES! YES!” Sarah squealed in delight at both the cock plowing her pussy and her sister’s announcement.

“This is an exciting turn of events!” Watkins beamed, enjoying his role as anchorman. “Tonight’s investigative report on ‘The Whole Truth’ continues to reveal the amazing seductive allure of black males. We have seen here tonight that black men are capable of seducing and dominating an engaged virgin, a sexually experienced teenager, and a married professional. Now we’ve met a teenage virgin who was viewing tonight’s program in the comfort of her own home. This virgin viewer, the sister of our very own Sarah Davenport, was so convinced and aroused by tonight’s broadcast that she has driven herself to the studio tonight for the express purpose of giving her virginity to a black man that she met just hours ago over the telephone! Further, wants to this publicly on live television. KNEN is proud to again make broadcasting history by being the first news program to ever to air the live deflowering of a lovely white virgin by a black male!”

Watkins suddenly fell silent and held a finger to his earpiece. Again, he was receiving some news from the director’s booth.

“Tell me Becky,” Watkins asked the half-naked virgin teen, “you said your mother caught you watching tonight’s broadcast. How exactly did she react?”

“She was pissed!” Becky said giggling, “she sent me to my room! But you know what? When I snuck out I saw her in the living room. She was still staring at the screen and rubbing her pussy!”

“Awesome!” Sarah cried.

“Really?” Watkins asked. “That’s very interesting. Because it just so happens that I have been told that your mother and father are in the building now!”

“What?” Becky said. “What are they doing here?”

“They came here to try and stop their daughter from fucking a black stud on national television. It’s not clear whether or not they know you’re here in the studio with us. We’ve sent them to a waiting room backstage where they can’t bother us for now. We can see them now, thanks to a hidden camera in that room.”

Watkins nodded to a monitor that showed a split screen of the half naked Beck and the dressing room where her parents were being kept. The camera showed a clear image of Mr. Davenport, then Mrs. Davenport, panning up and down her curvy frame.”

“Well,” Watkins smiled. “I see where you girls got your good looks!”

“Oh my God! Mom? Dad?” Becky gasped. “Can…can they see us?”

“No.” Watkins answered. “They don’t know you’re in here with us. They just suspected you were coming here tonight. They can’t see what’s happening in the studio right now.”

“Good!” Becky huffed.

“Why good?” Tom teased. “Don’t you want your parents to know the truth? Are you ashamed of giving your virginity to a black man?”

“No!” Becky said, plaintively. “I’m PROUD of my decision. I don’t care who knows. I’m just afraid they’ll try to stop me! They’ve always insisted that my virginity is SO important, and the marriage is a sacred union that should never be sullied by pre-marital sex or adultery. I don’t want them to interfere!”

“That’s the spirit baby doll!” her big black ‘friend’ smiled.

“If they think they’re going to stop me from doing this tonight,” Becky said brazenly, “I’d like to see them try!”

“What a splendid idea!” Watkins exclaimed. “Let’s see if they can do it!”

“What?” Becky said.

“While we all appreciate your enthusiasm,” Watkins explained “I think we have an opportunity for an interesting journalistic investigation. We’ve seen that a fiancee, a wife, a sexually active young woman, and a virgin are all willing to give themselves to black men. What will happen to parents that are confronted with the idea that their daughters will service only black men? What happens when we put the power of black cock in direct competition with the values instilled an enforced by a girl’s parents? Will these loving parents be able to prevent their virgin daughter from giving herself to a black stud? Or will she actually let this monstrous black cock deflower her while her parents watch?”

“Oh my GOD!” Becky, half-crazed with lust and angry with her parents for years of insufferable prudishness, grinned at the depraved idea. “That sounds like fun!”

“Good girl.” Watkins said, “Ladies and gentlemen, what we’re going to do now is send Becky backstage and then summon her and Sarah’s parents to the studio. Once here, they will see what exactly what is happening to their older daughter now, before we make them aware of the fact that their younger daughter risks the same fate. This way, they will know exactly what will happen if they fail to convince you to keep your virginity!”

Watkins turned to the security guard that brought Becky into the studio, “You two go backstage while we bring the Davenport’s into the studio. Just make sure you stay a virgin until we bring you back out here baby!”

“Oh…. okay.” Becky pouted as her new friend led her out of the studio.

“Oh,” Watkins said, grabbing Becky’s ‘Promise Ring’ from the desk and tossing it to the guard, “and make sure she’s wearing this when she comes out!”

“Now, why don’t we welcome our new guests!” Watkins nodded at two black security guards.



Karen Davenport sat on the couch in the dressing room, wringing her hands apprehensively while her husband Frank paced back and forth like a caged animal. The distressed white wife and mother felt flush with anxiety. Karen took a bottle of water out of the dressing room refrigerator and downed it quickly, then started a second one. Watching her husband pace furiously back and forth, the events of the evening played over and over in Karen’s troubled mind.

After catching her youngest daughter Becky masturbating while watching pornographic music videos on television, Karen had seen that her oldest daughter Sarah appeared to star in that video! Worse than that, Karen had witnessed explicitly footage of Sarah betraying her religious beliefs and fiancé and giving her virginity to some anonymous black rapper! Now Becky had snuck out of the house, and Karen was afraid she’d come to the television studio to join her sister in the depravity. But there was another issue troubling Karen, one that she desperately wanted to deny. While watching her daughter debase herself with black men, one after the other, Karen Davenport had become deeply aroused and she couldn’t understand why! Every value she had held dear for the last twenty-odd years told Karen it was wrong, yet she couldn’t help but be aroused by seeing her daughter pleasuring all of these black men. Karen had even started to masturbate while watching Sarah, something she’d scolded her younger daughter for doing. Worse still, Karen’s disgusting behavior had distracted her and been the reason Becky had been able to steal her keys and sneak out of the house, probably after seeing Karen masturbating! Karen fought back tears as her mind reeled with self-loathing and confusion. She was so ashamed by her actions. How would she be able to look her daughter in the eye again? How could she tell her husband all of this?

Still overheated and overwrought, Karen finished her second bottle of water, and started a third. Karen had no idea that the water was laced with Xcite and ecstasy and would only enhance the shameful feelings she’d been suppressing.

Frank Davenport was furious about what had been happening to his oldest daughter that night. His wife had told him what she’d seen… Sarah being ravished by some ruthless black thugs on live television. Worse, Karen told him that Becky had seen it as well and taken the car. Karen said she was afraid that Becky had come to the studio to join her sister. Frank picked Karen up at the house and together they rushed to the KNEN studio as quickly as they could, storming into the building and demanding to see Sarah. The security guards escorted the couple to a waiting room, locking them inside. Frank was livid, but thought that Karen seemed shell-shocked by the whole ordeal. Their sole consolation up until this point was that they had seen no sign of Becky since arriving at the studio. Perhaps they’d arrived in time to prevent her from joining her sister’s depravity after all.

The two concerned parents both looked up at the door when they heard it unlock. A security guard stuck his head into the room.

“Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, you’re wanted in the studio.” The guard said.

“It’s no use pretending to be polite,” Davenport puffed, “I know what you perverts have been doing to Sarah! My wife told me what she saw on television. We’re here to stop it! Don’t think I won’t either!”

“We think that once you speak with your daughter, you’ll find that she has been a willing participant in tonight’s events.” The guard said, “Please, come with me.”

The guard opened the door wide, inviting the Davenports to step out of the room.

“Ah finally! Now we’ll get to the bottom of this! Come along Karen!” Davenport said, taking his wife’s hand and leading her to the door.

Karen hesitated for a moment, shivering at the thought of confronting Sarah after seeing her on television with all those black men. Karen began to question why she’d insisted on coming to the studio? What on earth had she been thinking? After Becky snuck out, Karen called Frank immediately and told him that Becky was in danger. Karen could have told him where she thought Becky was going, and to intercept her. Instead, Karen insisted that Frank come pick her up first so that she could explain to him what was happening while he drove to the studio. That’s what she’d told Frank... that’s what she’d told herself... but was that really the reason? Karen remembered how aroused she had become watching her daughter ravished by black men on television... the arousal she had not dared mention to her husband. Karen began to fear that she subconsciously had another motive... a shameful, darker motive.

“Frank,” Karen whispered, “I don’t think I should go. What I saw those men doing to Sarah… I don’t think I could bear watching it … I mean… seeing it… in person.”

“Don’t be absurd darling!” Davenport said, “Even those thugs would not be so brazen as to continue molesting our daughter while her own parents were in the studio. Besides, I need your support!”

“Frank…” Karen whispered, still hesitant. “Seriously, I think I should just stay here in the waiting room. I don’t think you understand what could…”

“No Karen!” Davenport whispered back, interrupting his wife. “I’m afraid of what will happen to you if I leave you alone in this room with these nig… these THUGS roaming the halls!”

“I can only imagine.” Karen sighed, looking briefly up at the security guard.

“It probably would be for the best if you accompanied me and your husband, ma’am.” The security guard said, smiling knowingly at Karen. She shuddered. Karen felt like he was stripping her with his eyes.

“I guess you’re right.” Karen said to her husband.

“Good.” The security guard grinned, “Let’s go then.”

He led the two parents to the studio doors, and opened them wide. Davenport went in first… his wife hesitated.

“Go on.” The security guard smiled at Karen Davenport. “They’re waiting. Like your husband says, he wants you to go in there! We all want you in there, Mrs. Davenport!”

Karen looked at the guard quizzically. Before she could ask him what his comment meant, she heard her husband cry out from inside the studio.


Frank foolishly thought that it was all over. He assumed that his arrival had put an end to the ‘evil’ being perpetrated against his oldest daughter. He assumed that since he and Karen had been summoned to the studio that the ‘depravity’ had ended, and that his daughter was no longer being accosted by thugs, and would be dressed and ready to be ‘rescued’ by her parents.

Alas, he was wrong.

“OH DEAR GOD! SARAH!! NO!!” Frank Davenport cried out when he saw the scene on the news desk.

There, on the news desk, a naked white woman, on all fours, covered in sweat and semen being mercilessly ravished by some black thug in a dress shirt and tie. The scene would have been disgusting enough if Frank Davenport hadn’t barely recognized this bucking, sweating slut as his oldest daughter Sarah. His darling daughter had been engaged just a day earlier… she’d saved herself for marriage. And now… now… How could they do this? How could they carry on like this right in front of him?

Frank’s rage got the better of him. He attempted to rush the stage, but found himself restrained by two muscular black security guards. “YOU ANIMALS! YOU DIRTY ANIMALS!”

“Don’t do nuthin’ stupid whiteboy!” said one of the guards, “You just stay cool and you can say what you want to say, but you ain’t touching nobody. Got it?”

Davenport felt helpless next to the huge black security guards, but wisely stifled his rage and regained his composure. He consoled himself with the fact that Becky didn’t seem to be there, witnessing Sarah’s degradation. Suddenly, Frank remembered Karen… he turned to see his Karen in the studio doorway, staring at him with a look of disappointment in her eyes as she entered the studio.

Davenport quickly tried to shield his sexy middle aged red-haired wife from the sight. “Dear, I don’t want you to see this depravity!” Davenport said, trying to push his wife out of the studio.

“No…” Karen said, defiantly… pushing against her husband. “You said you needed my support… if you didn’t want me here, you should have left me at home!” Karen pushed past her husband and suddenly stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of her older daughter Sarah, bent over the news anchor desk. Karen dropped her empty water bottle to the floor. It rolled out of the studio just before the security guard closed the door with a harsh metallic *SLAM*.

Both of Sarah’s parents just stared in silent shock as their oldest daughter Sarah writhed and moaned like a slut while the muscular black beast had his way with her in front of a camera. The Davenports, so preoccupied with the sight of Sarah’s sexual activities, barely noticed the even wilder scene forty feet away. There, Jessica McFarland and Heather the make-up girl were thrashing and squealing in ecstasy as their three black lovers ravished their beautiful white bodies in front of the other news cameras.

The Davenports were also completely oblivious to the lecherous stares of the nearby muscular black studio crewmembers who all were hungrily eyeing Karen. They looked her up and down, seeing the buxom wife and mother as another white woman that they would be able to fuck with their big black cocks into the wee hours of the morning! The Davenports didn’t notice that one of the news cameras was now training on Mrs. Davenport. It panned up her 5’7”, 40DD-32-38 figure, and focused on her beautiful, shocked white face. The camera captured Karen’s wide blue-green eyes and gently parted rosebud mouth as she stared, open-mouthed, at her daughter’s defilement. Karen’s already pale face, framed by her shock of red hair, was white as a sheet.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a special development here in the studio tonight.” Watkins smiled into the camera and shed his suit jacket as he continued his relentless thrusts into Sarah Davenport’s slim white body. “We are have just been joined by some unexpected guests. Sarah, would you please introduce our new guests?”

Sarah opened her eyes and looked around. It took her a second to focus on the sight of her mother standing near the studio entrance. “Hi mom! Hi daddy!” she called out enthusiastically.

“What brings you to the studio tonight?” Watkins asked Mrs. Davenport innocently as he continued fucking her daughter mercilessly, right in front of the shocked conservative housewife. He purposefully ignored the enraged Mr. Davenport.

“We’re here to stop this d-d-disgusting...” Davenport began to answer before being interrupted.

“I WAS NOT TALKING TO YOU!” Watkins shouted at Davenport. “I asked Mrs. Davenport what brought HER to the studio!”

“We’re here to… to…” stammered Mrs. Davenport nervously as her eyes met Watkin’s dark eyes. His eyes seemed to bore into her soul as deeply as his body bore into her daughter! She couldn’t manage to finish her sentence…She lowered her eyes to find her daughter’s smiling face, waiting expectantly for her answer while Watkins fucked her from behind. “We’re here to…stop this… this…”

“This WHAT?” Watkins bellowed, suddenly ripping open his dress shirt and revealing his rippling black chest and abs.

Karen Davenport choked on her words when she saw the black stud’s amazing physique. Her eyes immediately focused on his enormous ebony pectoral muscles. Unable to help herself, Karen let her gaze roam over the black stud’s rippling chocolate-colored abdominal muscles as they smacked against the glowing white curves of a white woman’s buttocks... Karen suddenly shook her head, forcing herself to remember that the white buttocks she was staring at belonged to her oldest daughter... a daughter who, until that day, had remained a virgin! Still, there was something strangely captivating about the lewd sight.

Tom grinned wickedly as he watched the confusion and desire dancing in Karen’s big blue-green eyes as they stared his and Sarah’s bucking hips.

“Well I guess we know why SHE’S here, don’t we?” Watkins laughed. “Okay whiteboy, your turn, why are YOU here?”

“How dare you!” Davenport shouted. “That’s my wife!”

“Master Watkins asked you a question daddy!” Sarah said innocently, as if she wasn’t half-naked on live television and being fucked by a large black man in front of her mother and father!

Mr. Davenport was shocked and sickened by his daughter’s brazenness. Sarah was just looking at him calmly, waiting for an answer to her question while that…that animal was having his way with her! He couldn’t understand how Sarah could behave like this. How had his daughter had gone from a virgin one day, to such shameless behavior the next?

While Mrs. Davenport was shocked and confused by her daughter’s behavior, but was even more confused by her own. She had stormed into the studio with the intention of literally dragging Sarah out if she had to. When she saw her daughter bent over the newsdesk... and that black bastard on top of her... Karen had been struck dumb. She stood, frozen in place, almost hyperventilating, her full breasts strained at the blouse that barely managed to hide them. Now, with the smell of sex hanging in the air around her, the middle-aged mother of two struggled to even speak as she looked into her daughter’s calm green eyes.

“You have to stop this right now!” Davenport demanded.

“Why?” Sarah said, smiling wickedly at her father as she continued playing the role of interviewer.

“What?” Mr. Davenport balked. “What do you mean ‘why’?”

“Why should do you want me to stop fucking...” Sarah began before being interrupted.

“Sarah, we do not use that language!” Davenport blustered stupidly. With all this lewdness and sexual depravity around him, he was objecting to vulgar language.

“Why do you want me to stop FUCKING” Sarah shouted emphatically “this black man?”

“Think’re engaged... you are supposed to be waiting...” Davenport had difficulty focusing his argument, “…you saved yourself for marriage... your virginity...”

“IS GONE!” Sarah interrupted. “It’s a little late to worry about that now, isn’t it daddy?

Davenport fumed when he heard his older daughter joke about giving up her ‘precious gift’ in such a cavalier manner. Before he could come up with a good response, Sarah spoke again.

“Since I’m clearly not a virgin anymore” Sarah giggled, “I ask again. What’s the REAL reason you want me to stop?”

“You’re not PREJUDICED are you Mr. Davenport?” Watkins suddenly asked. “You don’t have a problem with your daughter being intimately involved with a black man do you?”

“What? No! I mean... yes, but not because he’s black.” Davenport stammered, suddenly on the defensive. He couldn’t understand why he was getting so confused, or how he’d managed to be dragged into this strange discussion while her oldest daughter was being fucked right in front of her. “It’s just that you were supposed to wait until you were married.”

“Well dad,” Sarah said. “I decided that I had waited long enough. Like I said, it’s a little late to worry about that with me. Of course... there’s always Becky!”

“Becky?!” Karen Davenport suddenly cried, “Dear God, you mean we didn’t beat her here? Where is she? What have you done with my baby?”

“She’s here all right, and ready to give up her virginity to a big black stud like mine!” Sara giggled, “Unless of course, you can use your amazing powers of persuasion to convince her to continue saving herself for marriage?”

“I doubt it!” a female voice said from backstage.

Mr. Davenport’s heart sank when he saw the source of the comment emerge from backstage. “Oh...God...Oh Dear God No!.”

Becky emerged from backstage. Now she was completely naked, apart from a short white bridal veil, a pair of high-heel shoes, and her shining ‘Purity’ ring. She walked into the studio, arm in arm, with her black stud. He too was naked, apart from a white collar and black bow tie. The couple obviously portrayed a mockery of a bride and groom.

Mr. Davenport could barely look at the scene. Mrs. Davenport, on the other hand, couldn’t help but stare at the man’s enormous black cock. It stood straight out from his body, an erect ten inches, and as thick as her wrist. A camera pulled back to catch the image of the black stud and the beautiful white teen walking past her mother and over to the anchor desk, taking a place by her sister.

The black crewmembers whistled and cat-called as Becky smiled wickedly at her horrified father. Some of the studio cameras focused on the area around the news desk, capturing the events as they unfolded. The other cameras continued filming the small orgy of Heather, Jessica, and the rappers. They were the only people in the studio not watching what was now happening at the news desk.

“We’d like to welcome my sister Becky and her friend back to the studio” Sarah smiled up at her sister, “What brings you here tonight?”

“THIS!” Becky giggled. “Becky waved a hand around the studio, indicating all of the interracial sex going on... before resting both her hand and her gaze on her new friend’s massive erect black cock.

“Rebecca!” Karen Davenport managed to speak, staring at the huge black cock in her daughter’s tiny white hand. “Pumpkin... have you… you haven’t...?”

“No, not yet!” Becky smiled. “They wanted me to wait… for you... and daddy!”

Frank Davenport spoke up and tried to speak calmly. “Rebecca, please...please don’t give into the temptation of these lunatics!”

“Oh, but daddy...” Becky giggled, stroking her would-be-lover’s rock-hard black cock while she spoke to her father. “This temptation is SO STRONG! You have no idea HOW STRONG the temptation is!” Becky interrupted. “I’ve never been tempted to give up my virginity before tonight. The whiteboys at high school have tried over the years, but I’ve never been tempted by them. I actually was starting to think I was a lesbian!”

“Really,” Watkins smiled, “maybe we’ll test that tonight too!”

Becky laughed at Watkins comment, “of course I’ll try it, if it will please my new black masters!”

“Rebecca Davenport!” Mr. Davenport scolded, “Stop referring to these men like that!”

“Why?” Becky said coolly, “that’s what they are. I belong to them!”

“That’s not true!” Mr. Davenport shook his head. “If you really felt that way, you would have given yourself to them like your sister has! I know that deep down your virginity is important to you Rebecca! You’re still wearing your Promise Ring. That means something to you! You made a sacred vow and that means…”

“NOTHING!” Becky said “The only reason I’m wearing this ring is because they told me to! They wanted you to see it on my finger while I stroked this big black cock! The ONLY reason I’ve waited is because THEY told me too. That promise ring means NOTHING to me! They want to see if you can convince me NOT to do it. What do you say? Do you think you can do it?”

Becky’s ‘boyfriend’ now moved closer to Becky. His cock was still being stroked by her tiny white hands as he let his own large, dark hands slide up Becky’s naked hips and waist…over her young, firm, white breasts. His long black cock slid upwards, the shaft rubbing against Becky’s flat white tummy.

“Ooooh daddy…” Becky moaned and mocked her father as her lover touched and kissed her, “I don’t think you can convince me!”

Watkins, still fucking Sara Davenport while he conducted this interview, asked his own question.
“Becky, you’re a virgin. Is this the first time a man has touched your naked breasts.”

“Yes!” Rebecca sighed.

“How does it feel?”

“Wonderful!” Rebecca exclaimed, “His hands are so big and strong… my breasts feel warm when he cups them and squeezes them!”

“Rebecca… please stop!” Mr. Davenport pleaded.

“And is that the first cock you’ve ever touched, Rebecca?” Watkins asked.

“Oh yes!” Rebecca whimpered, lovingly stroking the big black cock in her hand as it pressed against her body.

“And how does it feel?”

“BIG!” Becky laughed, “and hard, and thick! It feels SO good in my hand… and against my tummy! I can’t wait to feel it in my…”

Becky’s voice trailed off as she sunk to her knees in front of her lover, until her face was inches from his cock!

“REBECCA NO!!” Mr. Davenport cried, but Becky ignored him. He felt as if he was kicked in the stomach as he watched his daughter’s virgin lips kiss the tip of the turgid black penis.

“mouth-mmppphhh!!” Becky completed her sentence as she opened her mouth and engulfed as much of the thick black cock as she could. Becky moaned and slurped on the ten inches of black cock while her father and mother watched and the cameras zoomed in.

“How does it taste Rebecca?” Watkins asked.

“Mmmmm-MMMMM!!!” Rebecca smiled around the cock in her mouth. “mmmmmMARVELOUS!” she said, laughing, pulling her lips from the cock. “It’s the BEST thing I’ve ever tasted! But I’m not hear tonight to taste a black cock! I’m here to FUCK!”

“NO!” Mr. Davenport cried. He was ignored.

“It sounds like you’re pretty anxious to lose your virginity Becky.” Watkins commented.

“Oh GOD yes!” Rebecca said, “after hearing Sarah talk about it… and seeing her there… and the others… I want it so badly!” Becky looked at the big black cock in her hand. “I want it inside me SO badly!”

“This is depraved!” Mr. Davenport cried.

“OH SHUT UP DADDY!” Becky cried. “I’m not listening to you anymore!”

“Don’t do this!” Mr. Davenport pleaded pathetically, “if not for me… for your mother!”

Karen Davenport had been so quiet that Becky had forgot she was even there. Becky turned to look at her mother and saw a familiar look on her face. Karen had the same dazed look on her face that Becky had seen while her mother was staring at the television screen… masturbating!

Becky smiled. “Okay daddy, you have a deal. If mom can tell me that this is wrong, I’ll quit. If mom tells me to stop, I’ll stop.”

“Of course she wants you to stop!” Mr. Davenport insisted. “She’s sickened by what you’re doing!”

“I’m not so sure about that daddy!” Becky chided.

Mr. Davenport looked at his wife. Karen Davenport was visibly sweating. Her big blue-green eyes were wide and locked on the massive black cock in her daughter’s hand.

“Karen?” Mr. Davenport pled with a sinking feeling in his stomach, “Say something! I need your support!”

“Wha…what?” Karen said… still staring at the massive black cock in Becky’s hand.

“Mom,” Becky teased, “if you can honestly tell me that this is wrong, that you want me to stop, I’ll stop. I’ll put on my panties and wait to marry some fine church-going whiteboy. Just say the word. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Of course it is!” Mr. Davenport cried.

“NO DADDY!” Becky scolded, “MOM has to say! Let her speak. She has to look at this big, hard, black cock in my hand and tell me no. Can you do that mom? Can you deny me this? Can you really tell me that giving myself to this man is wrong?”

“I…I” Karen stammered, her eyes still glued to the big black cock. Her hands drifted to her royal purple blouse… her fingers slid along her collar. The smell of sex in the air was overpowering. The heat of the studio lights was unrelenting. Karen shuddered as her own fingers grazed the skin of her alabaster neck. Her skin felt unusually sensitive. The light touch of her own fingers felt incredible. Even the sweat beads forming and trickling down her neck tickled pleasantly. The dose of ecstasy and Xcite that she’d unwittingly ingested were taking their toll. Her daughter’s words echoed over and over in her mind. Was it wrong? Was that big black… “cock”… wrong?

“Karen?” Frank Davenport cried to his silent wife, “Christ, say something, I need your support here!”

Seeing her mother’s desperation and realizing what her sister was doing, Sarah joined Becky in teasing their mother. “What do you think mom? Is Becky wrong to want to give her virginity to that big black stud? Is she wrong to want to take that big black cock of his into her little white pussy? Am I wrong to do that? Is this BIG black cock in my pussy wrong? It sure doesn’t FUCKING FEEL WRONG! Is it wrong for Becky? Should she stop?”

Becky teased, “Well mom, what do you say?”

“I…I…” Karen stammered. She wanted to tell them to stop, but her mind just couldn’t focus.

Karen Davenport hadn’t always been conservative. She’d never told her daughters about her wild days. When Karen was a young teen she’d developed early and had been very promiscuous... always looking for love from any man that seemed interested. Many men were interested, thanks to Karen’s ridiculously curvy figure. She was at her wildest in college, when she met a bright young theology major. He had shown her true love and the error of her promiscuous ways. She became a “Born-Again” Christian and married him. Never again would turn back to her ‘lost years’ of promiscuity... Never again would she allow sexual desire rule her life like it did when she was young. Once she had found the true path, she vowed that she would never look back.

But now, seeing her precious daughters giving themselves to these black men, Karen Davenport was looking back. The middle-aged mother thought of her promiscuous days. She thought of all the men that she had been with... all the men had seen… the penises she’d seen. None of them compared to THESE men! But she couldn’t betray her husband. She had to save her Becky! She could do it. All she had to do was tell her to stop.

So why wouldn’t the words just come out? Why was it so difficult to just say, “stop”?

Karen’s head was spinning. She broke her eyes away from the cock in Becky’s hand to look at Becky’s eyes… bright with lust and expectation. Becky was naked, on her knees with that monstrous black cock in her hand… the monstrous cock that was going to take her virginity unless Karen could say “stop.”

Watkins laughed as he watched the beautiful middle-aged mother’s breasts heaving under her dark blouse. Her alabaster skin was turning pink with stress and excitement. ‘Not much longer now’ he thought to himself.

“I’ll stop too, mom!” Sarah teased, raising the stakes. “I’ll stop too, if you tell us to. We can all go home and pretend like this never happened.”

“What do you say mom?” Becky asked. “You heard Sarah. If you really think what we’re doing is wrong, all you have to do is say one little word! Just tell us to stop and we’ll both stop!”

“Unless of course…,mmmmm…” Sarah added, giving a slightly exaggerated groan to draw attention to the fact that she was speaking while still being fucked by Watkins, “you DON’T think what we’re doing is wrong! Then of course, you don’t have to say anything at all.”

Karen looked to her other daughter, Sarah, sweating and thrusting on all fours for her black ‘master’. Sarah’s eyes were filled with lust as they stared in to Karen’s eyes. Unconsciously, Karen took two steps forward, towards her daughters and the news desk.

“Yes mom,” Becky said, “you don’t have to say anything at all. You can just let this happen. Can you do that mom? Can you just let me give my precious virginity to this black stud I just met?”

Karen looked at Becky, making eye contact just in time to see her younger daughter smile sweetly and give her black stud’s cock a long, exaggerated lick with her little pink tongue as she stared back at her mother.

“Karen!” Mr. Davenport cried. “Say something! Don’t let them…”

“OHHHHH… Or maybe,” Sarah moaned her mother, interrupting her father, “you don’t want to just let this happen. Ahhhhh…. Maybe you’d like to join us?”

“YES, mom!” Becky said, stroking and kissing the big black cock in her hand. “That would be wonderful! Join us! You know you want to!”

“YES! YES! YES MOM!!” Sarah howled as Watkins fucked her faster and harder, “JOIN US! You’ll LOVE it! You know you will!”

“NO!” Mr. Davenport cried, moving forward to get closer to his wife, “Stop saying that you wicked girls! Your mother would never do something so depraved…”

“SHUT UP DADDY!” Sarah hissed. “That’s just what YOU think. Mom can think for herself! What do you think mom? Do you think its wrong?”

Mr. Davenport stepped forward and reached out to grab his wife’s arm, but was immediately stopped a powerful hand that grabbed his shoulder from behind. The large black security guard that had escorted him and Karen to the studio stepped forward, around Mr. Davenport and then between him and his wife. Frank Davenport watched, terrified, as the huge black guard walked around and stood to one side of Mrs. Davenport. The guard made no attempt to touch or influence Karen. He just watched her, and made sure Mr. Davenport couldn’t touch her.

“What do YOU think mom?” Becky asked.

“I…I think…” Karen stammered… She tried desperately to form the words that she wanted to say, or at least what she thought a good Christian wife and mother SHOULD say. Try as she might, the words would not come out. Why was it so difficult? What was stopping her? Karen’s head was spinning. Her eyes scanned her surroundings… her beautiful naked white daughters… the white women in the other part of the studio… and all the black men ravishing them! She glanced back at her husband, looking for moral support. He looked at her expectantly, but the terror in his eyes was obvious. He was their father! He was her husband! She loved him…he loved her… so why wasn’t he doing more to stop this? He seemed so… wimpy… so worthless.

“Well mom,” Sarah called out, continuing to pressure her beautiful 42-year old red-haired mother. “What DO you think?”

“I…I think…” Karen stammered. A camera zoomed in on Karen Davenport’s beautiful face, capturing a bead of sweat that an from under her lustrous red hair, following it down her blushing alabaster cheek, under her jaw, down to her creamy white neck, and under the collar of her royal purple blouse. Karen rested a trembling white hand on her chest, her breasts heaving as she breathed deeply, anxiously. Her nimble white fingers began nervously fiddling with the buttons of her silk blouse. Her voice became more urgent. “I think… I think…”

The security guard watched Karen, making no attempt to move towards her, instead starting to unbutton his uniform shirt, revealing his muscular dark torso. Karen glanced over at him as his shirt dropped to the floor, revealing his bulging black biceps, flexing as he began to unbuckle his utility belt. A muscular black studio crew member, watched the confused white wife intently and, taking his cue from the security guard, began shedding his own clothing. Karen, stared, awestruck by the two black men closest two her. Her eyes scanned their muscular black chests, shining with sweat under the hot studio lights. Her gaze fell downward, following the men’s hands to the buttons and zippers on their trousers, and down to the giant bulges that strained at the fabric between each man’s muscular legs.

Knowing the redhead was staring at his crotch, the security guard quickly unbuttoned his fly and unzipped his black trousers, letting the weight of his equipment belt pull his pants downward. The guard’s pants fell to the floor with a loud clatter, revealing an obscene bulge pointing from his boxers, straining at the thin fabric. The other black stud followed the guard’s lead, dropping his own pants, revealing an equally large bulge. The two men looked at each other, back at Karen Davenport, still staring at their groins, then back at each other. The two men nodded at one another, took one step forward, counted to three, then dropped their boxers.

Karen gasped audibly, unable to look away. The fingers at her blouse buttons flinched suddenly, popping one single button, showing off a couple more inches of Karen’s more-than-ample white cleavage.

“What do you think, Mrs. Davenport?” The black security guard asked the milk-skinned, married mother of two, as he stepped forward, his huge black nightstick swinging between his legs.

“I… I… I… think…” Karen stammered, her blue-green eyes wide with wonder as she stared at the two biggest, blackest cocks she’d ever seen, their ominous size and nature magnified by the fact that they were both rigid and pointed directly at her! Dear GOD, how could these men be so big? How could any woman take such monstrous male members inside their bodies? What must it feel like?

“K…Karen!?” Frank whimpered, hoping to pull his wife’s attention from the obscenely large black penises she was staring at… hoping that his wife wasn’t thinking about how much larger they were than his!

Unfortunately for Frank, that was exactly what Karen was thinking. She was so awestruck by how much larger these black men’s penises were compared to her husband’s that she couldn’t even respond to his call! Her husband penis wasn’t half the size of these black men’s penises… not EITHER of them… and there were MORE than just two of them!

Karen looked at her older daughter, Sarah, and thought about the size of the man that was inside her right at that moment.

“What do you think, mom?” Sarah asked again, smiling.

Sarah seemed so happy… so free!

Karen looked at her younger daughter, Becky, and the size of the black penis in her hand, the one that she wanted to take her virginity!

“Well, mom,” Becky grinned as she licked the chocolate-colored head of the black penis in her hand. “What do you think?”

Becky had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment, stroking and sucking that black penis!

Karen turned back to the two huge black penises that pointed at her from a few feet away… Two huge black penises that were so much longer and thicker than her husband’s penis… Two black penises that weren’t just big, but beautiful, one like rich dark chocolate, the other shining like polished onyx… Two huge black penises like the ones that were making her daughters SO happy!

“What do you think?” Becky and Sarah continued asking incessantly. “What do you think mom? Tell us what you think!”

“I think... I think your father...” Karen Davenport stammered breathlessly, casting a quick glance back at her husband. He looked terrified and helpless. Karen then turned back to face the two muscular black men watching her. They looked confident and powerful. Karen’s eyes again locked on the enormous, rock-hard black cocks that swung between each man’s legs and pointed directly at her. Her breathing became shallow and more rapid causing her 40DD breasts to heave prominently, as if trying to break free from the purple satin blouse. Karen rested one hand on her heaving, creamy white cleavage, bringing her other hand up to the back of her neck and rubbing it. The conservative wife and mother could feel a powerful sensation of heat spreading over her body, a pronounced excitement she’d not felt in years. She used to love sex, but had always felt the need to suppress her sexuality since Frank never really seemed able to keep up with her. He was as conservative and traditional in the bedroom as he was in his day-to-day life. She worked out constantly, keeping herself in shape for a man who barely seemed to appreciate her body. Still, he was stable and he loved her, and she loved him, so she told herself that was enough. She had allowed herself to grow accustom to a bland, suburban life. Now, seeing those big black cocks pointed at her, seeing the way cocks like those made her daughters behave, all of Karen Davenport’s pent-up sexuality was erupting with a vengeance! The beautiful redhead’s voluptuous body trembled all over, her pretty white face and ample cleavage now flushing vivid pink. The incredible pressure of the wanton sexuality in the studio was too much for her to bear any longer. Karen’s quiet ‘PTA wife’ reserve finally collapsed, and the end of her sentence tumbled out, finally answering not only her daughters’ demands… but also her own.

“I think... your father is... is...GOING TO BE VERY DISAPPOINTED!” Karen declared emphatically.
Without another second’s hesitation, the voluptuous red-haired housewife suddenly ripped open her expensive purple silk blouse to reveal her massive creamy breasts barely contained by a lacy bra. “…AND I THINK I’M ABOUT TO GET THE FUCKING OF MY LIFE!!

A cheer went up in the studio as the Karen Davenport’s resolve collapsed and she declared herself ready to be taken by any black man that wanted her. The two naked black men approaching the white wife bumped their fists and laughed.

“WAY TO GO MOM!!” Becky cried in joy before taking her black lover’s cock back into her mouth.


“Karen…No! Please!” Mr. Davenport watched, horrified and defeated, as his wife slipped her royal purple blouse off her milky white shoulders.

“I’m sorry honey.” Karen said quietly, unable to take her eyes off the crewmember’s and guard’s huge cocks, barely able to address her whimpering husband as she tossed the expensive silk blouse to the floor. “I told you not to bring me in here, I told you to let me stay in that waiting room! You didn’t listen to me... and now I’m glad you didn’t. You could have prevented this, but now that I’m here, there’s no way I can resist these men and now that I see how happy they’ve made my daughters... OUR daughters, I don’t WANT to resist these men. If they want me, I’m theirs!”

Karen Davenport’s nimble white fingers quickly unbuttoned her black slacks. One of the studio cameras moved in on her, panning and scanning over every ample curve of her incredible creamy white body. Out of the corner of her eye, Karen saw the camera following her every move. She thought briefly about the fact that she was on television, her wanton behavior being broadcast into hundreds of thousands of homes, maybe even millions. It was even possible that some of the people watching were people she knew! She thought about the ladies of her book club, the snobby teachers at the prep school where she worked and Becky attended classes, the moms of the other students…Oh God… the other students! What if they saw her now? What would they all think? Karen Davenport again glanced at those two black cocks and realized at that moment she wanted them more than anything in the world and she didn’t care what anybody else thought. She’d do whatever those men wanted her to do in front of her husband, her daughters, and the world! In fact, she was going to put on a show for them all. She shimmied her wide hips a bit as she pushed the waistband over the smooth, round curve of her full, but firm, white ass. She bent forward, slowly letting her pants drop down her smooth white legs, and forcing her soft, ample white breasts to strain against the confines of her lacey bra. Her show was having an immediate effect on her audience.

“Awwww FUCK!” The black security guard groaned. “Look at that shit! She got an ass like a sista and some big ol’ titties! Why would she hide that under those frumpy-ass clothes?”

“SHIT!” The crewmember sneered at Karen’s whimpering husband. “I KNOW that’s too much woman for YOUR pathetic white ass! HER body was BUILT for BLACK COCK!!”

The crewmember grabbed his massive black cock in his hand and pumped it to mock Karen’s husband and emphasize exactly what he meant by his statement.

“Well boys?” Karen said nervously, as she slowly stood and stepped out of her pants, her voluptuous body now clad only in her lacy white bra and panties. Trembling, the buxom wife and mother drew a deep breath, then cupped her breasts before gingerly running her hands down her sides and rested them on her ass, arching her back slightly as she did so. Her snowy white skin practically glowed under the bright studio lights, making the curvaceous redhead look like some kind of shimmering white goddess. “What are you waiting for?”

Wasting no more time, the two black men instrumental in the housewife’s seduction descended upon her to claim their prize. Each of the naked black titans took a place on either side of Mrs. Karen Davenport, the camera drinking in the contrast between the men’s rich chocolate muscles and Karen’s creamy white skin. Standing so close to Karen, the men’s large black cocks rubbed against the silky-soft skin of her hips, belly, and ass, as their large black hands more purposefully did the same, roaming freely and deliberately over every soft white curve of her voluptuous married body.

The security guard groped Karen’s large white breasts in his powerful black hands, squeezing them as he kissed her mouth, then brought his thick lips down her neck, ravenously kissing his way down to her ample cleavage. He slipped one of the housewife’s heavy milky globes from her bra and hungrily sucked on her erect pink nipple. Mrs. Davenport threw her head back and moaned loudly. Her nipples were so sensitive, and this black man knew exactly what he was doing. Karen threw an arm over his shoulder, cradling his black head as he ‘nursed’.

The studio crewmember stood to Karen’s other side and slightly behind her, caressing her smooth, full white ass with one hand and tugging gently at her lacy panties with the other. As Karen moaned and threw her head back the crewmember leaned his face over Karen’s bare white shoulder and turned her head towards him, kissing her mouth deeply. Dropping her free hand to her side, Karen found his stiff black cock rubbing against her ass and grabbed hold of the throbbing black member. For the first time, Karen Davenport found herself touching a black cock, feeling its heat, hardness, girth, and LENGTH in her hand.

“Oh my God!” Karen gasped, breaking the crewmember’s kiss and glancing down at the monster she was stroking. “It’s… so… BIG!”

The crewmember smiled, cast an evil eye at Karen’s husband and then whispered something in her ear.

Karen giggled and responded. “Yes... your BLACK cock is MUCH BIGGER than my husband’s!”

The crewmember laughed and whispered in Karen’s ear again. She blushed.

“YES! OH GOD YES!” Karen cried. “MY body was BUILT for BLACK cock!”

“No, Karen! Don’t!” Davenport started to sob. “You’re a MOTHER! You’re a wife! MY WIFE! This is WRONG!”

“Nooooo… it’s RIGHT! IT’s SOOO RIGHT!” Karen cooed, “I’m a woman first, a wife, second! Our daughters are right! It’s only natural!”

It was only natural. Karen Davenport now understood she was never meant for the button-down life of a born-again Christian PTA mom. She thought back to her wild years, before she’d met Frank. The men she’d had before him...

Never in her wildest years had Karen seen any man who compared to the black men that had seduced her daughters.

Never before, out of all the penises she’d seen, had she ever seen any as large...or as beautiful... as the big black COCKS that she’d watched swing hypnotically between the muscular thighs of the two black studs that now flanked her nearly-naked body. The big black COCKS that the other black men were putting into her daughters’ young white bodies... Sarah’s pussy… Becky’s mouth…

Never before had she felt a cock so hard and thick as the crewmember’s cock... the one that she found herself reaching out and touching… stroking with her tiny white hand. She dropped her other hand down from the security guard’s neck, down to his rock hard black cock that was poking at her flat white tummy... She grasped it in her hand, stroked its rock-hard length, every bit as big as black cock in her other hand!

Never before, not even in church, had Karen Davenport felt so compelled to drop to her knees... as she did then and there between her two black studs...

Never before had she so wanted to take something into her mouth as she did the huge black cocks that she now stroked in her hand, inches from her face...

Karen’s “Born-Again” life style didn’t have a prayer!

“Stop that! She’s my wife!” Frank Davenport cried as he watched the two naked studs grope his half-naked wife.

“Karen, please!” Frank cried as he saw his wife sink to her knees between the two black thugs with their huge black cocks in her tiny white hands. “Please don’t!”

The black crewmember sneered at Frank Davenport. He looked down at Karen, on her knees before him, her right hand holding the security guard’s cock, her left hand holding his cock. He saw her wedding ring shine as she pumped his long black shaft. “WHAT YOU WAITING FO’? SUCK MY NIGGA DICK SLUT! LOOK YOUR HUSBAND RIGHT IN THE EYE, AND PUT MY BIG BLACK COCK IN YO’ ‘MOUF’!”

Karen stroked the crewmember’s long black shaft in her left hand, staring at it as her wedding ring gleamed on her finger. She then leaned forward, opened her mouth, looked across the room and directly into her husband’s eyes, and took a black man’s cock into her mouth for the first time!

“KAREN! NO! What are you doing?” Frank sobbed, tears of shame stinging his cheeks as they ran down his face as he watched his beautiful white wife eagerly and hungrily begin to suck the crewmember’s cock! Karen clearly relished the activity and began to moan immediately. Her head bobbed up and down on the crewmember’s black cock, every slurping sound she made was like a knife in her husband’s heart.


The black security guard laughed too, and savagely tore Karen Davenport’s lacy white bra apart, yanking it from her body. Her full, 40DD breasts shook violently as they were suddenly freed from the confines of their silky prison. As large as Karen’s breasts were, and as old as she was, there was surprisingly little sag to them.

Karen reacted to the security guard’s stunt this by pulling her mouth the crewmember’s cock, and gasping, her big blue eyes wide with shock. “OH MY GOD!!”

“You keep sucking my boy’s cock, Mrs. Double-D!” The guard said, cupping Karen’s heavy white breasts in his large black hands. “I GOT TO FUCK THESE TITTIES!!”

Karen looked up at the security guard and smiled, then started to giggle excitedly. “OH GOD YES! FUCK MY TITS! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR HOT BLACK COCK BETWEEN MY TITS!”

“KAREN! JESUS!” Mr. Davenport sobbed. He was ignored.

Mrs. Davenport knelt on the floor, cupping her huge, heaving white breasts, inviting the black security guard to slide his foot-long ebony rod between them, which he did immediately. Placing his hands on hers, the black guard guided Karen into squeezing her quivering snow-white globes around his long black shaft. He then began to thrust, rocking his hips back and forth, flexing his muscular black ass as he began fucking the white wife’s ample cleavage in earnest.

Karen watched in fascination as the guard’s shining black cock-head emerged from between her breasts, then disappeared, then re-emerged, over and over. She giggled and began to make a game of playfully trying to catch the tip of the guard’s black shaft in her mouth each time it reached its apex. The guard’s cock was so long that, even as large as Karen’s breasts were, his cock head remained constantly visible above them, poking up from between them as he thrust his hips.

“AHHHH GOD DAMN!” The security guard bellowed as he thrust his cock between Karen’s unyielding breasts faster and faster. He glanced over at Frank Davenport. “FUCK THIS BITCH’S TITS ARE SOFT! IT’S LIKE FUCKING A CLOUD! Yo’ wife ever let you fuck these titties befo’, whiteboy?”

“LIKE THIS?” Karen laughed excitedly. “He wishes! I let Frank do this... once… for his birthday! His completely disappeared in my breasts, I could never see it, and he came so fast… like in seconds. It was gross. Do you remember that honey?”

The men laughed. Karen giggled.

“Yeah honey,” the crewmember mocked Frank Davenport. “Do you remember that? I hope you do, because she’s never going to let your dick anywhere near her again!” The crewmember stepped to one side of Mrs. Davenport, grabbed her by the back of her head and turned her face towards him, then pressed his cock’s head against her lips. Karen quickly opened wide, eager to once again taste the crewmember’s long black cock in her mouth. However, with her hands held in place by the security guard fucking her breasts, Karen wasn’t so much giving the crewmember a blow-job as she was actually just allowing him to fuck her mouth with deep, deliberate thrusts. Karen fixed her blue-violet eyes on her husband, and stared directly at him, waiting for another objection. None came.

Karen’s husband only watched in silent horror as she allowed herself to be defiled by these two black men, each one with a cock three times the size of his own. He had ceased making any attempt to protest or interfere with her or the men’s actions, let alone the actions of the other two black men that were defiling his daughters. All he was able to do at that point was stand there, and silently cry. He was broken. He was pathetic. Karen no longer saw her husband as a real man. Karen felt a rising contempt for her husband. She looked away from him, and up into the eyes of the black crewmember that was fucking her mouth. The studio cameras catching every second of the wife’s wanton descent and every inch of the lovers’ bodies.

The camera angle abruptly cut to Thomas Watkins, roughly fucking Sarah Davenport from behind, the blonde bucking and screaming as she watched her mother sucking two black cocks. The camera zoomed in on Watkins, who lifted a finger to the ear-piece he still wore. He looked into the camera and spoke.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, yet another white woman has just demonstrated the awesome power of black male sexuality. Tonight, LIVE in the KNEN studios you will see a white teenage virgin, her married mother, and her sister all fucked by black men at the same time, but first we have some breaking news... an exciting development in tonight’s Jessica McFarland story!”

The camera shot cut away from Watkins’ grinning face to that of America’s sweetheart, beautiful blonde anchorwoman Jessica McFarland, buck naked and being fucked hard by the muscular black thug rapper, B-Love. Jessica was screaming now, her face shining with sweat as she lay back on the coffee table in the middle of the interview set, the hulking black rapper B-Love knelt at one end of the table, thrusting relentlessly between Jessica’s long white legs. One of the other rappers, Shemar, was rising from his position near Jessica’s head, where he had obviously just been fucking her mouth. An agile, but muscular, black stage hand stepped forward quickly, taking Jessica’s hand and wrapping her fingers around a hand-held microphone, the quickly stepping out of the shot.

“Jessica?” Watkins asked, his question playing over the shot in voice-over. “Earlier tonight you embarked on what you thought would be a straight-forward interview with the controversial rap group ‘Black Phallus’. Within minutes of meeting them, you were confronted with their philosophy of black male sexual supremacy, compelled to disavow your marriage, and be fucked by the group’s lead vocalist on live television. Can you give us an update on your situation?”

“OH GOD...OH FUCK... OH GOD! YES!” Jessica moaned as B –Love grasped her slender white waist and lifted her up, wrapping his powerful black arms around her white body and pulling her close. Effectively, Jessica was now sitting on the edge of the table, her legs wrapped around B-Love’s thrusting black hips as he knelt at the end of the table. Jessica wrapped her slender white arms around B-Love as well, hugging him close, feeling his muscular black chest pressing against her soft white breasts. Jessica kissed the rapper’s neck as he continued thrusting into her sexy white body without missing a beat, even as the two shifted their positions.

“Jessica?” Watkins pressed. “Can you give us and update. It looks like you’re changing position. Shemar was receiving oral sex from you, but now he’s sitting on the couch. B-Love appears to be picking you up off the table. Can you explain to us what is happening?”

B-Love whispered in Jessica’s ear, prompting her to open her eyes. Jessica seemed aware for the first time that she was holding a hand-held microphone in one hand, both her arms still wrapped around B-Love’s muscular black back. She lifted the microphone up, wrapping one arm around B-Love’s neck, she brought the microphone to her mouth and gasped into it as B-Love continued fucking her. Now, he was standing up, his arms still wrapped around Jessica’s body, his powerful black hands cupping her bare white ass.

“ GOD...” Jessica gasped with B-Love’s every thrust as he stood, bouncing her slender white body on his big black cock as he began to walk towards the couch where Shemar was sitting, stroking his own big black cock. “Shemar...said...that...he...was tired of... my mouth... fuck me...but...but...”

“But what?” Watkins pressed.

“But...B-Love isn’t ... done yet!” Jessica said.

“So?” Watkins asked, prompting Jessica to elaborate.

“B-Love isn’t going to stop fucking me!” Jessica whimpered. “But Shemar wants to fuck me...RIGHT NOW! OH GOD! OH GOD! THEY SAID THEY’RE BOTH GOING TO FUCK ME AT THE SAME TIME!! B-LOVE IS GOING TO KEEP FUCKING MY PUSSY...AND SHEMAR...IS...GOING...HE’S GOING....TO....”

“SHEMAR IS GOING TO FUCK THAT ASS!!” Shemar said, his cool, suave demeanor dropping momentarily as he explained what was about to happen.

“YESSS!” Jessica squealed excitedly. She couldn’t get over how good B-Love’s massive black cock felt in her pussy... the thought of Shemar taking her ass at the same time was even more exciting! “OH GOD YES! I’M GOING TO GET DOUBLE-PENETRATED BY TWO ENORMOUS BLACK COCKS!!”

B-Love stepped towards the couch and positioned Jessica above Shemar’s cock. Still thrusting his cock in and out of the beautiful white journalist’s blonde pussy, B-Love carefully lowered Jessica onto Shemar’s cock.... slowly...slowly...

Jessica’s big blue eyes widened as she felt Shemar’s fat black cock head sliding against her ass cheeks. She groaned in exquisite agony as Shemar’s massive black cock pushed into her tiny asshole. She’d never let Billy fuck her ass before... but now she was on television with a big black man she’d met less than one hour ago, letting him fuck her ass while his equally big black friend fucked her pussy... Jessica turned her head and licked Shemar’s face, then allowed him to reciprocate. B-Love continued hammering Jessica’s tiny blonde pussy ask he kissed her full white breasts with his thick black lips.

Big Mike stared at the scene that was unfolding before him as he continued fucking Heather the make-up girl. The erotic sight of KNEN’s prized anchorwoman being double penetrated by his two fellow rappers’ massive black cocks, combined with the sweet tightness of Heather’s pink pussy, was too much for the muscular black giant to bear. He quickened his thrusts as he felt his heavy black balls tighten and the thick, hot cum erupt from his thick black cock.

Heather Christensen’s eyes widened as she felt the torrent of potent seed shooting deep inside her womb. Another orgasm overtook the young brunette and, with one final shriek of delight, she passed out, slumped over the couch with her pretty white ass in the air. Big Mike pulled out, cum dripping from his massive black cock. He was still rock hard, as many enhanced males would be... but he didn’t feel right fucking an unconscious chick. He looked over at the beautiful blonde anchorwoman moaning in delight and saw B-Love motioning him over. Big Mike slipped his still-spurting cock from Heather’s pussy and walked towards the action on the couch.

Big Mike walked around the couch, his massive black cock still shooting thick ropes of sticky cum. Big Mike walked up to Jessica McFarland, ran his fingers through her silky blonde hair, and turned her head to face his cock. Jessica looked at the spurting weapon in Big Mike’s hand... slick with his and Heather’s cum. Big Mike grabbed the radiant blonde’s head with his free hand. The radiant blonde wife smiled sweetly before opening wide. Big Mike shrugged, shoving his cock back into Jessica’s open, moaning mouth. Jessica didn’t fight him, instead she just groaned with her mouth full of thick black dick.

Jessica McFarland was in heaven. She’d never felt so alive... and so... FULL! She had a massive black cock in every orifice that could accommodate one. Her body was shivering and trembling from a single, constant orgasm now. It was the most incredible experience she’d ever had. Big Mike took the microphone from Jessica’s hand, allowing Jessica to keep one arm wrapped around B-Love’s neck, while her other hand braced herself against the back of the couch.

“Well anchor slut?” Big Mike chuckled, talking into the hand-held microphone as if he were conducting an interview.. “What you think of havin’ three big niggas fuckin yo’ fine white ass at once?” Big Mike slipped his cock from Jessica’s mouth to allow her to answer the question. Her mouth free of Big Mike’s massive member, Jessica squealed and moaned as loudly as ever at the two feet of black cock that had invaded her abdomen.

“Could you elaborate?” Big Mike asked into the microphone, then lowered the long, black, microphone to Jessica’s moaning mouth. Jessica, completely disoriented by lust and with her eyes half-closed, opened her mouth wide as if expecting the microphone to be shoved into her mouth. Big Mike and the others immediately realized Jessica was thinking the microphone was another black cock. The rappers and studio crew laughed as Big Mike pulled the microphone back form Jessica’s hungry mouth and brought it to rest beside his erect cock. As large as the black microphone was, Big Mike’s cock was slightly longer and thicker. “Oh, I guess I can see your confusion, Mrs. McFarland!” he laughed.

“OH... FUCK...OH....OH GOD!!...OOOH....UGNGNGNGHHHHH” Jessica moaned. The cameras panned over every soft curve of her flawless white body, her alabaster skin glowing with sweat and passion... and the two massive muscular black bodies that pressed against her beautiful white female form. Jessica could see herself in the monitor again. Her face was slick with Big Mike’s cum...and Heather’s juices too, probably. She watched herself on the monitor as she opened her mouth and allowed Big Mike to slip his cock back between her soft pink lips. She watched Shemar’s big black hands gripping her waist as he continued pushing his thick black shaft up into her stretched asshole. She watched B-Love’s muscular black ass flexing between her spread white thighs as he thrust his ebony spear in and out of her blonde pussy. Then she noticed something else near the monitor, the studio clock. She’d seen it earlier that evening when they’d started... when B-Love first pushed his cock into her body... and now she realized he’d been fucking her for over an hour! He’d been fucking her that long and he still hadn’t cum! She had cum countless times... but he was still pumping... thrusting... She couldn’t believe it! What stamina! She looked up at B-Love... his hard, mean face smiling cruelly at the pretty blonde anchorwoman. But he didn’t seem cruel or mean anymore... just determined. Relentless. A machine. A fucking machine. She could see her reflection in his mirror-lens sunglasses.

As Big Mike’s thick cock continued to slide in and out of her mouth, as Shemar’s rock-hard black shaft relentlessly invaded her ass, as B-Love’s massive ebony cock dominated her married white womb, Jessica McFarland felt as if her body was in a constant state of orgasm. What was more, having her body filled with black cock didn’t just feel amazing, it felt RIGHT. Letting these black men fuck her like this on live television was the most important thing she’d ever done. Her career...her marriage...her fame... none of it could compare to the sensation of three foot-long black cocks having their way with her. The cameras caught every moment of it. America could see that Jessica McFarland was a slut for black cock... but she didn’t care... no, she DID care. She was proud... she WANTED America to see her. She WANTED America to know the truth about black men, and this was the best way. She looked into the camera, knowing that America was watching, knowing that THIS was what they needed to see. Slowly, almost as if she were in a trance, hypnotized by the fucking, Jessica McFarland reached for the hand-held microphone in Big Mike’s hand.

“You got somethin’ to say now, bitch?” Big Mike teased, handing Jessica the microphone, but continued fucking her mouth even as she brought the mic up to it. He knew that she wanted to speak, but was demonstrating his dominance over her by not complying with her obvious wishes right away. The wet, slurping sound of her mouth sucking Big Mike’s cock echoed through the studio for several seconds before Big Mike acquiesced and let his cock slip from the white anchorwoman’s gasping wet mouth.

“Black…Men…Are… ...” Jessica gasped between thrusts... “A…MAY…ZING!!”

“How so?” B-Love asked, arrogantly.

“You’ ME... for’t...cum!”

If Jessica thought her compliment was going to merit a ‘thank you’ from the brutish B-Love, she was mistaken. Instead B-Love’s thrusts only became faster, and much harder.

“You want me too cum in your pussy!” He yelled, “ADMIT IT!”

“Wha...Wha...What?” Jessica moaned, in time with the new, harder thrusts. She could feel Shemar’s pace quicken... obviously he was taking a cue from B-Love!


“YES!!” Jessica blurted. She loved B-Love talking to her like this... so dirty... so slutty... so true! She raised the microphone to her mouth and looked into the camera. “I WANT B-LOVE TO CUM INSIDE ME! I WANT HIS THICK, POTENT NIGGER SEED IN MY WOMB!!”

“You want his black cum in your belly bitch?” Shemar whispered in Jessica’s ear from behind her, “You want mine in your ass?”

“YES!!!” Jessica cried... she could feel her orgasm building.

The two men began fucking her in synchronization. B-Love would thrust in, while Shemar would pull out... Shemar would push in, while B-Love pulled out. They did it faster and faster... never losing rhythm. With every thrust, B-Love would swivel his hips, stretching Jessica’s pussy more and more... his twelve-inch shaft rubbing against her clit with each thrust in and out.

“OOOOH...OOOH GOD!!” Jessica cried... feeling her orgasm build higher and higher. It would be more powerful than any of the orgasms they’d given her that night!

Both men’s thrust became more urgent, and their rhythm changed. Now they both shoved in at once, and withdrew at once... Jessica went from full to empty to full again and again. Her body began to tremble visibly. Her full white breasts bounced obscenely on her slim white frame as the two massive black men pounded her pussy and ass relentlessly.


“And I’m going to shoot my hot cum deep into your ass” Shemar whispered, gently biting Jessica’s milky white shoulders as he hammered away at her tiny asshole.

“YES!!!” Jessica screamed. She could feel their pace quicken... she could feel B-Love’s massive black balls, heavily slapping against her pussy... then she felt them tighten...begin to shrink... his cock began to twitch and jump in her pussy... taking on a life of its own... still thrusting... still rubbing back and forth against her clit... Jessica grabbed Big Mike’s cock, screaming, “PUT YOUR COCK IN MY MOUTH! FUCK MY MOUTH WHILE THEY FUCK MY PUSSY AND ASS! I WANT ALL THREE OF YOUR BIG NIGGER COCKS INSIDE ME, ALL THREE OF YOU CUMMING IN ME AT ONCE!”

Jessica devoured Big Mike’s massive black erection as B-Love and Shemar continued slamming their ebony cocks into her cunt as ass. She pulled her mouth off Big Mike’s cock only to gasp for air, and scream encouragement at her black lovers. “YESSSSSS DO IT!! CUM IN ME!!!”

Jessica’s screaming echoed through the studio. Heather the make up girl, still lying on the floor where Big Mike left her, groggily opened her eyes. She rose slowly, sitting on her legs on the floor and reacquainting herself with her surroundings. Realizing she was naked, she covered her breasts with her arm, and dropped a hand to cover her pussy. She looked around the studio, seeing that the debauched interracial orgy was still going on. Heather felt a pang of jealousy when saw her lover Big Mike fucking her boss Jessica’s mouth. Still, the scene immediately reawakened her lust and the hand she slowly began to rub her well-fucked pussy with the hand that she had been using to hide it from view. She soon abandoned all modesty, dropping her arm from her breasts and shamelessly masturbating with both hands while she watched her pretty blonde boss get fucked by the three black rappers. Still, it wasn’t enough. Heather wanted a big black cock in her pussy again, Mike’s big black cock, so she stood up and walked over to Mike, tugging at his arm gently, kissing his shoulder as he fucked her boss’s mouth.

Big Mike wasn’t oblivious to Heather’s desires, and he certainly wasn’t immune to the petite brunettes charms. Still fucking Jessica’s mouth, he put an arm around Heather’s slender white shoulders and pulled her close, craning his neck down and kissing her deeply on the mouth, their tongues intertwining. Fucking one hot white woman’s mouth while deeply kissing another’s, Big Mike felt his balls tighten and his cock begin to pulsate.

As Jessica sucked Big Mike’s cock, she felt it begin to twitch. She felt Shemar’s cock begin to jump and twitch in her ass, the same way B-Love’s did in her pussy. She could feel her own excitement building with the men’s. She was cumming...B-Love was cumming... Shemar was cumming... Big Mike was cumming... they were all going to explode at once... and the event was being captured on camera and broadcast for all of America to see! It was too incredible for words! Instead, Jessica just screamed as she felt their cocks tremble inside her pussy, ass, and mouth... and then...

“IIIIIII...LUUUUVVVV....BLAAAACK....MEEEEEHHHHHNNNN!!!!!!” Jessica McFarland screamed in orgasm, her glowing white body shaking violently as she felt the first powerful jets of hot black cum blasting her mouth, ass, and pussy simultaneously.

Shemar moaned as he let loose his cum, filling Jessica’s ass with the precious fluid. Shemar stopped thrusting in her ass. He just held all twelve inches deep inside her ass and let the cum erupt from his cock, filling Jessica’s ass with the same warm love that she felt deep in her womb.

B-Love yelled at the top of his lungs as he came, showering Jessica McFarland’s unprotected married pussy with his potent seed. B-Love kept thrusting...kept fucking the beautiful blonde anchorwoman, as he continued cumming. He wanted to keep thrusting, keep grinding his potent seed into Jessica’s womb... making damn sure he knocked the white bitch up.

Jessica could feel the thick, hot, sticky cum coating the inside of her fertile white womb. She knew he’d gotten her pregnant... and the thought made her cum again and again! Yet they were STILL fucking her, still thrusting in and out of her body!

Big Mike’s thick black member slipped from Jessica’s screaming mouth, spraying her beautiful white face and wild blonde with thick jets of pearly semen. The rapper shoved his still spurting cock into the anchorwoman’s open mouth, allowing the cock-hungry slut to drink as much of his gooey hot wad as she could before his cock slipped from her mouth again.

Jessica looked up at Big Mike, wondering why he wasn’t keeping his cock in her mouth. She saw the pretty brunette make up girl Heather, tugging insistently on one of Mike’s muscular black arms. Heather dropped one of her hands to Mike’s cock, successfully leading him a couple of feet away from Jessica. The naked brunette quickly dropped to her knees and took the STILL spurting black cock into her hungry white mouth!

“No...” Jessica whimpered... “I...want...all....three!”


Jessica shrieked in surprise as Shemar roughly slapped her ass.

“Listen to this greedy bitch! Don’t worry girl, you’re gonna have mo’ nigga cock than you can handle tonight!” Shemar hissed in the anchorwoman’s ear. “Black men are the BEST, aren’t the Jessica?”

“OH GOD YES!” Jessica screamed.

“SAY IT BITCH!!” Shemar shouted.

“BLACK MEN ARE THE BEST!!” Jessica screamed.

“That’s right bitch! Tell America!” B-Love shouted. “You owe us an apology, don’t you, slut? For resisting us, for trying to deny the TRUTH earlier tonight! Apologize! Apologize to us for the insult, and to America for not telling the truth! LOOK INTO THAT CAMERA AND DO IT!”

“YES! I’ sorry...” Jessica whimpered, as the camera slowly closed in on Jessica’s face. Tears welled in her big blue eyes as she looked into the camera, wave after wave of pleasure passing over her body. “I’m so...sorry... so... SORRY that I EVER DOUBTED THE SUPERIORITY OF BLACK MEN! THEIR COCKS... THEIR... POTENCY... THEIR SEXUALITY... THEIR...POWER!! I LOVE BLACK MEN...I LOVE BLACK COCKS! Black male sexual superiority is NOT a myth America! It’s True! IT’S TRUE-OOOOH-OOOOOH!!!!”

“You sorry for anything else Jessica?” Shemar asked lowering his voice to its former calm, smooth tone to counterpoint B-Love’s emphatic bellowing. “I’m glad you’ve accepted the truth, but what about Billy? Surely you must have some mixed emotions about ditching him on national television?”

“Who?” Jessica asked, here eyes glancing over at Big Mike’s cock, inches from her face, both framed by the camera angle. She was genuinely confused. Her head was so swimming with lust that she had forgotten her husband’s name.

“Billy... your husband... or maybe I should say ex-husband? What’s the matter baby, did we fuck you so good that you forgot you are married?” Shemar prompted while grinning and suppressing a laugh. “You say you’re sorry about doubting the power of black cock, but aren’t you also sorry that you’re betraying your wedding vows on national television? You loved each other for a long time, and I’m sure he loves you.”

“Oh... Oh, Billy!” Jessica giggled, slightly embarrassed that she’d forgotten her husband’s name. It seemed silly to her. She wasn’t embarrassed about having been seduced, stripped naked, and fucked by three black rappers on live television. Betraying her marriage vows seemed like such a non-issue to at that moment. Billy seemed like a distant memory from another lifetime. “” Jessica finally said hesitantly, coming to understand her new reality for the first time. She wasn’t just answering Shemar’s question, she was answering her own. It was a revelation to her. “No, I don’t think I’m sorry at all! I’ve come to understand that marriage vows mean nothing compared to black cock! This body belongs to black men now... to do with whatever they please! Black men are the best...they are our natural masters! I want to do everything I can to please them... to please you! All women should! That’s the way it should be for all women... to serve black men... it’s... only natural!”

“Every woman?” Shemar asked. “What, you mean like, wives and mothers?”

“Oh Yes! Absolutely!” Jessica said. “All women deserve black cock! All black men deserve any white woman they want. Marriage doesn’t matter. Families don’t matter. Only big black cocks matter!”

“What about like mothers and daughters at the same time?” B-Love sneered, glancing over at the Davenport women on the other side of the studio. “You think niggas should fuck mothers and their daughters at the same time?”

“Yes! God Yes! Every woman should submit to black male sexual power!” Jessica smiled into the camera. “And that’s the Whole Truth!”

“GOOD TO HEAR BITCH!” B-Love bellowed, finally pulled out of Jessica’s pussy, cum still spurting from his cock. He let his cum spray over Jessica’s naked white body, splattering her heaving white breasts, pretty white face, and silky blond hair, before he finally shoved it into her mouth.

“Get it good and clean bitch” he said “I want it nice and clean when I fuck Sarah’s mom and sister. I don’t know which one I’m gonna do first, but I ain’t leaving here tonight until I add me a promise ring and another wedding ring to my necklace!”

“Who...wait, what? Sarah’s mom and sister?” Jessica asked, dazed, oblivious to the events that had been unfolding on the other side of her news studio. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on...” Shemar explained as he began to rub Jessica’s pussy, “is that Sarah got her sister here to lose her virginity to a black man, Sarah’s mom and dad showed up to stop it, but that didn’t turn out like they planned. Now, not only is Mr. Davenport going to lose his virgin daughter, he’s gonna lose his hot wife too!”

Jessica looked over at the anchor desk and saw a young redhead on her knees, sucking a black man’s cock. Nearby, an older, busty redhead was on her knees between two black men, while a white man stood nearby, restrained by two black security guards.

“Oh my God! You’re taking the whole family?! Together?” Jessica gasped as she finished cleaning her cum from B-Love’s cock.

“That’s how Black Phallus do, bitch!” B-Love looked down at the anchorwoman and smiled. “And you’re gonna interview those bitches while they all get fucked.”

B-Love turned and walked toward the anchor desk, looking for his next conquest.

“But...but...”Jessica whimpered, biting her lower lip. “I...want...more black cock! Please!”

“Don’t worry baby.” Shemar smiled. “I’m gonna be fucking your white pussy while you talk to those bitches!”

Jessica grinned, looking into the camera. Shemar scooped up some of B-Love’s semen from Jessica’s dripping cunt and brought his hand up to her lips. Jessica looked at Shemar’s fingers. She sighed wantonly, opening her mouth and hungrily sucking the sticky white fluid from Shemar’s long black fingers, bringing her big blue eyes up to meet the camera lens as she did so.

“Good girl.” Shemar smiled, smacking Jessica’s ass playfully. “Now get your pretty white ass up and over there, you got a job to do!”

“Yes sir!” Jessica smiled, into the camera as a thick glob of pearly white semen slowly slid down her chin.


At eight o’clock one night Jessica McFarland was America’s sweetheart, a relatively respected journalist, and a loving wife who was sitting down to interview three controversial black rappers for a live pay-per-view television and internet broadcast. By ten o’clock that same night Jessica McFarland had been seduced, stripped, and fucked by all three black rappers, along with her personal assistant and a studio make-up girl. Now the beautiful, naked blonde journalist walked across the open central area of her news set toward her anchor desk, every seductive swing of her ass and breasts captured by the studio’s cameras. In the background, the large wall-sized screens that lined the back of the set were playing multiple angles of interracial sex. Some of the footage was from the rap videos broadcast earlier that night, some footage was of Jessica and Heather from earlier that night, and some footage appeared to be events transpiring at Jessica’s anchor desk. When the beautiful blonde journalist reached her desk she was met with the shocking scene unfolding right before her very eyes.

Earlier that night, while Jessica was being seduced and fucked by the ‘Black Phallus’ rap group at one end of the large studio set, the group’s agent Tom Watkins had taken control of the broadcast. Watkins was now fucking Jessica’s twenty-four year old personal assistant Sarah Davenport on the glass-top open-front news desk. The girl that Jessica was looking at now was a far cry from the girl she’d been working with over the past year. Sarah was religious, and very conservative. Even though she was engaged to be married, Sarah had remained a virgin. Now Sarah was bucking, screaming, and loving every inch of black cock and every second of the fucking that she was getting. Jessica couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Jessica saw another black stud standing at the other end of the news desk getting his large black cock stroked and sucked by a pretty young redhead wearing nothing but a little translucent white veil swept behind her head. In front of the news desk was a beautiful forty-something redhead kneeling on the floor between two more black studs. The two men were groping and fondling the woman’s ample white breasts while she stroked and sucked their throbbing ebony rods. They were immediately joined by B-Love, the de-facto leader of the ‘Black Phallus’ rap group, who immediately asserted his authority over the other two men and guided the redhead’s mouth to his own throbbing black member.

Jessica recognized both of these red-haired beauties from the photos she’d seen on Sarah’s desk. They were Sarah’s sister Becky and their mother Karen! The rappers had told her minutes earlier how this had happened but she couldn’t believe it until she saw it with her own eyes. Sarah’s sister was a fan of the rap group that Jessica was scheduled to interview that night. Sarah was so overcome with her newfound lust for black cock that she’d been convinced to help Becky see the program that night, then come down to the studio to lose her virginity to a black man on live television! Becky’s parents had learned of the ‘danger’ their younger daughter was in and had rushed to the studio to prevent the ‘tragedy’ from occurring, only to result in Mrs. Davenport herself being seduced by the raw sexual power of black cock in a matter of minutes! Now Mr. Davenport was being tied to a nearby chair and forced to watch as his wife and daughters were about to give themselves to black cock before his eyes and the KNEN network television cameras! B-Love, the de-facto leader of the “Black Phallus” rap group, had already walked over to take over the situation.

On Jessica’s walk to the news desk she was accompanied by one of the rappers, Shemar. Shemar briefly assessed the scene before him, then took a chair behind the newsdesk. The camera following Jessica and Shemar raised slightly, angling to show Shemar’s lap and his twelve inch black erection pointing at the ceiling from behind the news desk’s glass top! Shemar grabbed Jessica by the wrist and dragged the giggling blonde ‘journalist’ into his lap. Jessica moaned as Shemar groped her naked white body with his powerful black hands and positioned her where he wanted her, her back to him, the two of them facing camera. Jessica looked into the lens of the camera and smiled seductively as she slowly lowered herself onto Shemar’s throbbing black member.

“OH GOD FUCK YES!!” The blonde moaned in ecstasy as her married white pussy was once again penetrated by a long, thick, chocolate-brown cock. She braced her tiny white hands on the glass desktop as she rocked back and forth on Shemar’s ebony manhood, catching a glimpse of herself in the studio monitor as she did so. The thought occurred to Jessica that the camera angle beautifully parodied a newscast, with the anchor sitting at the desk, looking into America’s homes, only this time she was naked and being fucked by a muscular black rapper. Another wicked thought occurred to Jessica. She smiled weakly and she raised her lust-filled blue eyes from the monitor and looked into the camera. Then, putting on her best on-air presentation voice, she spoke.

“Good evening America, I’m Jessica McFarland... and THIS... is FUCKING AMAZING!”

As the laughter of several black men erupted at Jessica McFarland’s joke, the orgy at the news desk was joined by two more members. Heather and Big Mike had been on the other side of the studio with Jessica, Shemar, and B-Love. Big Mike was looking down at the pretty brunette make-up girl, staring into her adoring eyes as she lovingly her hot pink tongue up and down his thick black shaft. Mike thought the pretty brunette was a hot little cocksucker, but at the same time, it seemed to him that there was way too much white pussy in the studio for him to party with just one girl. Then Big Mike saw Jessica and Shemar walking over to the anchor desk. Looking across the studio, Big Mike made eye-contact with Thomas Watkins, and saw him fucking Jessica’s pretty blonde assistant, Sarah Davenport. Watkins and Mike exchanged nods. Watkins, still looking at Mike, nodded towards Sarah. Mike looked at the blonde, bent over the news desk, screaming as Watkins fucked her from behind. Mike looked up at Watkins again and saw Watkins nod towards Heather, who was still oblivious to the silent communication going on between the two black men.

Big Mike smiled. Watkins grinned back. Wordlessly, Big Mike pulled his cock out of Heather’s mouth, picked the slender brunette up in his powerful black arms and carried her over to news desk. Mike sat the naked brunette make-up girl down on the desk right next to Sarah’s sweating, bucking body. Watkins, still fucking Sarah, smiled at Big Mike, then looked down at Heather.

Heather looked up at Big Mike expectantly, but he made no move towards her, instead he just looked down at her and nodded toward Watkins. Heather’s eyes widened, she glanced over at the screaming blonde personal assistant next to her. Sara’s bra and panties were long gone. Her long blonde hair was matted with sweat, strands of it sticking to her naked back. Her tight, round, white ass shook with every thrust she took from Watkins. Then Heather’s eyes rose over Watkins muscular black abs and chest, visible behind his ripped-open shirt.

“I want you entertain my boy Tommy for a while,” Big Mike casually told Heather, “while I get acquainted with this young lady.”

“But…Mike.. I thought... you and I would...” Heather began to protest, but Mike ignored her. She reached for him but he turned and stepped away.

“But...but...” Heather continued whimpered weakly as Watkins pulled his massive black cock out of Sarah’s well-fucked pussy. Heather immediately fell silent, her eyes locking on Watkins massive black cock. Watkins smiled, placing one large black, hand flat against Heather’s soft white breasts and pushing the petite brunette backwards, laying her on her back on the desk. He slapped his big black cock across her flat white belly twice, like a baseball player tapping home with his bat before taking a swing, then stepped back and forward again, slamming every inch into Heather’s pink cunt with one, unmerciful thrust before she could say another word. Heather screamed from the sudden shock and pleasure.

“But WHAT bitch?” Watkins laughed, mocking the brunette who was now screaming in ecstasy. “You thought Big Mike was gonna be your new boyfriend? Naw... we don’t play it like that!”

Sarah whimpered in confusion as she felt Watkins’s cock slip from her cunt. She looked over to shoulder to see Big Mike grabbing her hips. The blonde gasped in surprise as Mike pulled her towards him and rolled her over on her back. The rapper leaned down, groping one of Sarah’s smallish white breasts in his massive black hand, while kissing her passionately on the mouth.

“Hey baby, I’m Big Mike.” The giant black rapper whispered in the young blonde’s ear as he hulked over her slender white frame.

“Yes. Yes you are!” Sara hissed in quiet awe as she brought one of her tiny white hands up to Big Mike’s muscular onyx-colored arm, over his broad shoulder, and ran down his broad barrel chest. Her pretty eyes widened as her hand slipped lower and found Big Mike’s manhood rubbing against her bare white thigh. She grasped the base of the rapper’s cock in her hand, feeling its length and thickness. Her pretty eyes widened again. “YES YOU ARE!”

Immediately, instinctively, Sarah Davenport spread her legs wide, allowing Big Mike easy access to her pussy. Big Mike grinned and immediately took advantage, leaning in and slowly pushing his long thick black cock deep inside Sarah, causing her to moan in ecstasy.

“B-Love and Tommy have told me a lot about you.” Mike grunted as he slowly began to pump the pretty blonde P.A.. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Ssssarah…Davenport…” Sarah moaned, running her small white hands over Big Mike’s muscular black shoulders and back, exploring his body as he began thrusting into her hers. “The…pleasure…is… all mine!”

Watkins wasn’t being nearly so gentle with Heather.

“Look at that, bitch!” Watkins mocked the make-up girl as he fucked her hard. “Looks like your boy Big Mike found a new girl to fuck! You ain’t his girlfriend, you just a SLUT! A SLUT for BLACK COCK!”

“OH GOD! OH GOD!!” Heather cried out as she bucked her hips to match her new lover’s thrusts.

“ARE YOU A BLACK COCK SLUT BITCH?” Watkins growled at the gasping, moaning brunette make up girl. “DO YOU LOVE MY BIG BLACK COCK?”


“YOU’RE A BLACK COCK WHORE SLUT! SAY IT!” Watkins commanded , hammering Heather verbally the same way he was hammering her pussy with his cock.



Heather Christensen hadn’t told her family about her new job as a make-up artist at KNEN. Heather knew that her stepfather was a fan of Jessica McFarland, and wanted to surprise him with an autograph.

Bob Christensen was very surprised. He’d tuned into KNEN’s pay-per-view interview that night to see his favorite television personality, Jessica McFarland. He was thrilled when he saw the sexy journalist getting seduced and stripped by the rappers that she was interviewing. He never imagined he would see anything like that on live television! Then the rappers called the new make-up artist into the studio…

Bob knew he should have turned the television off the second he saw Heather walk onto the set, but he was too shocked… at least that’s what he kept telling himself. He just couldn’t look away. Instead, Bob kept watching as his pretty stepdaughter was seduced and fucked by one of the rappers.

Then cameras cut away from Heather to cover the Sarah Davenport and the seduction of her sister and mother. Unable to see what was happening to Heather, Bob started to worry about his step-daughter’s safety. When the cameras finally caught up with Heather, Bob saw her pass out and was even more worried! He was soon relieved, but shocked, to see Heather wake up and quickly rejoin the action. Still, Bob kept watching, unable to look away. Bob stared at his stepdaughter getting fucked on screen, but he wasn’t really seeing Heather anymore. He was seeing his wife… It was more like he was watching a younger version of his wife, Heather’s mother, the woman he’d fallen in love with and married only four years earlier. He was watching his wife getting mercilessly fucked and verbally abused by the massive black rapper. The sight was so hot that Bob couldn’t help but stroke his cock while he watched... and listened. But as Bob watched and listened he feared that the evening may be taking a darker turn for Heather.

‘Big Mike’ had been nice in his own way, but the rapper traded Heather off for another girl and Bob wasn’t so sure about this guy. Thomas Watkins had been pretending to be some kind of anchorman but who seemed to Bob to be just as much of a thug as the rappers, if not worse. Watkins seemed meaner, rougher. The ‘anchorman’ had Heather pinned down on the desk, on her back, her legs spread and pointed up in the air… the only article of clothing she still wore were her shoes. Her lithe white body glowed with perspiration as she arched her back to match his powerful thrusts. Her shoulder-length brown hair was matted with sweat, and was plastered to her face. Her rosebud mouth was moaning in pleasure as this black anchorman’s’ big hands roamed all over her slender white body... and as his enormous black cock fucked her harder and harder! All the while, Watkins was taunting Heather with questions, calling her ‘slut’ and ‘whore’.

“So slut,” Watkins asked Heather, “What would you momma say if she knew you were a black cock slut?”

“I...I don’t know...” Heather gasped breathlessly as Watkins hammered her young pussy.

“You think maybe she’d react like Mrs. Davenport over there?” Watkins asked, lasciviously nodding towards the busty redhead mother of two on her knees, hungrily sucking black cock.

Heather suddenly smiled wickedly. “Maybe we could find out. Would you like to meet my mom?”

“Yeah,” Watkins chuckled, “maybe me and my boys will come over one night. We’ll have a nice family dinner. Then we’ll fuck you and momma right in front of your daddy!”

“Step-dad, actually” Heather giggled. “His name is Bob!”

“Hey Bob!” Watkins looked into the camera, “Guess who’s cumming to dinner? A bunch of BIG BLACK NIGGAS... and yo’ daughter here... and yo’ wife... but not you whiteboy!”

Bob Christensen felt a knot in his stomach. He’d seen what had happened with those Davenport girls... and their mother. He knew, without a doubt, that this step-daughter and this man were serious... They would show up and fuck Heather and her mother right in front of him if they wanted, and he would be powerless to stop them.

Bob Christensen suddenly came in his hand, listening to his stepdaughter reach a screaming climax from the black man’s cock.


Karen Davenport had been horrified when she had arrived home earlier that night. First, she arrived home to find her younger daughter, eighteen-year-old Becky masturbating on the couch and watching some kind of pornographic television presentation that purported to be a news program. If that weren’t bad enough, the conservative wife and mother was mortified when she realized that the girl in the pornographic program as her older daughter, Sarah! Sarah was on live television, being ravished by a group of rapacious black thugs! Karen had been so distracted by the sight that she hadn’t notice Becky sneaking out and taking Karen’s car to drive to the same studio! Karen immediately called her husband to come pick he up and together they rushed to the studio to stop their youngest daughter from throwing away her virginity.

Mrs. Davenport and her husband arrived at the studio after Becky, but in time to prevent her from giving her virginity to some anonymous black men. Mrs. Davenport faced a new problem however. Once in the studio, she too became enthralled by the raw, sexual power of the black men that already seduced Sarah, and were threatening to deflower Becky. Unable to resist the taunts of her sexually-awakened daughters and the sight of the huge black cocks in the room, the conservative mother succumbed to her deeply repressed lust and ripped open her blouse, announcing to all that she would be joining her daughters’ debauched party!

In the center of the news set, twenty feet from the desk where her daughters were entertaining their own black lovers, Karen Davenport stripped to her underwear and knelt between a black stagehand and a black security guard. As her horrified husband watched helplessly from nearby, Karen started to suck and stroke these two stud’s massive black cocks while they groped and squeezed her ample ass and 40-DD breasts. Then Karen’s bra was torn from her body and the men began to take turns fucking her cleavage and mouth.

While Karen was lovingly entertained her two new friends, a third black Adonis approached the group. He was naked, except for a pair of aviator-style sunglasses with reflective lenses, and an ornate gold neck chain. What Karen really noticed though was how much bigger this new stud was than the two men she was already serving. The new man wasn’t just taller than the others, his cock was bigger too. It was longer, thicker, and darker, swaying hypnotically as he approached, but always pointing right at her! Had Karen been able to take her eyes off the man’s cock, she might have recognized him. She’d seen him earlier that night, briefly, on her television screen at home. He was one of the men fucking Sarah in the music video footage broadcast earlier that night. He was B-Love, leader of Black Phallus.

Not knowing his identity, Karen nevertheless found herself compelled to obey her newfound instincts. So, as she continued sucking on the security guard’s cock while the stage hand squeezed and fucked her full white tits, Karen reached her left hand out and took hold of the new stud’s manhood and started to stroke it. To her surprise however, Karen’s new man was not content with her attention. Karen quickly learned that this man was rougher, more dominant than the other two men that she was currently entertaining.

B-Love smiled, or rather sneered, down at Karen and moved forward, forcing the stagehand aside and running his long black fingers through Karen’s silky red hair. He then roughly pulled Karen’s head back, forcing her to stop sucking the security guard’s cock. As Karen gasped in surprise, B-Love pushed the security guard back, then moved in closer shoving his own cock into Karen’s mouth.

Karen instinctively began to suck the new black cock in her mouth, grasping the base of the shaft with one hand, trying to control her new lover’s onslaught, but to little avail. This new man wasn’t going to just let Karen suck his cock, he began to thrust his hips, bound and determined to fuck the pretty white wife’s mouth. Karen was quickly overwhelmed by his forcefulness, but enjoyed it! Still, Karen wanted to continue entertaining her other two lovers, so she reached out for their cocks and started stroking them. Still, the two men suddenly seemed strangely quiet and submissive in the face of this new stud’s arrival.

B-Love grabbed Karen’s wrists, pulling her hands from the security guard’s and stagehand’s cocks, he pulled Karen’s arms upward, holding them over her head by the wrists with one powerful black hand, while he reached down and groped her massive white breasts with the other. He looked down, seeing Karen’s wedding ring on her hand, and smiled as he continued fucking the white milf’s mouth.

“Hey man…” The stagehand protested.

“You two get lost.” B-Love said to the other two men, “I got plans for this bitch.”

The stagehand was about to protest, but B-Love flashed him a look that clearly indicated that there would be NO arguing.

The security guard tapped the stagehand on the shoulder and nodded towards the craft-services table where the studio’s snacks were kept. The stagehand looked at the table, then realized what the crew member wanted him to see. The pretty brunette studio page was hiding under the table, watching the orgy unfold in the studio. She had her hand buried under her skirt, masturbating, obviously turned on by the events she was watching but too afraid to participate. The stagehand smiled at the security guard, who returned his the smile. The two men backed away from Karen and rushed to the table. The stagehand dived under the table from the front. The shocked page girl tried to escape behind the table, but the security guard leapt over the table and blocked her path. Within seconds, all three were under the table. The girls frightened shrieks quickly turned to laughter and screams of passion as her blazer, tie, and blouse flew up into the air from beneath the table.

B-Love pulled his cock from Karen’s mouth. The shocked and flustered redhead gasped for air as B-Love picked her up in one swift motion and carried her around the back of the newsdesk. He sat Karen in a chair at the desk. To one side, Karen saw Jessica McFarland, who was sitting in Shemar’s lap and being fucked reverse-cowgirl style. To her other side, Karen saw her older daughter Sarah, on her back, being fucked by a burly, muscular black man. Further down the desk, Karen saw Becky, sitting naked in a black stud’s lap and giggling, stroking his cock. The black stud was boldly kissing and caressing Becky’s freckled face and ripe breasts. Karen gasped as she felt a pair of large, powerful hands suddenly grabbing both of her own full, milky white tits and squeezing them roughly. The buxom redhead reflexively grabbed the hands on her tits, glancing down and admiring the contrast between her soft white skin and the dark powerful hands that groped her 40DD breasts. She looked straight up, seeing that B-Love towering above her, standing behind her chair, and reaching around from behind to play with her. Then Karen felt something large, heavy, and warm dragging across her bare shoulder. Looking over, Karen saw the fully erect length of B-Love’s massive black cock resting on her milky white shoulder and dripping thick, pearly pre-cum on her quivering tit flesh. She immediately reached up to it with one hand and lifted the heavy, thick member to her lips, lovingly kissing and sucking the head while pumping the long, ebony shaft and drinking the stud’s pre-cum.

The camera angle pulled back, showing the scene of the buxom, married, mother of two sitting at the glass-top news desk and having her bare breasts fondled by a tall, muscular black man while she sucked his cock. The camera pulled out more, widening the shot to include the figure of Jessica McFarland, sitting in her black lover’s lap at the news desk, facing the camera. Jessica ground her ass against Shemar’s lap, her breasts swaying gently, her eyes half-closed, moaning softly and biting her lower lip. Shemar nudged Jessica slightly, causing her to open her eyes. Jessica found herself looking directly into the camera… and the nearby digital teleprompter, where she saw some text for her to read.

“Ladies and gentlemen…” Jessica gasped, trying to adopt her professional presenting tone as Shemar continued fucking her while she spoke. “I…I have now been joined at ‘The Whole Truth’ news desk by Karen Davenport. Mrs. Davenport is the mother of KNEN’s own Sarah Davenport, and seems to have become recruited, like her daughter and myself, into the ranks of women who appreciate the superiority of the black male and succumbed to the sexual power of big black cock. Good evening Mrs. Davenport…”

Jessica looked expectantly at the pretty white housewife sitting beside her. Karen, however, was lost in her own world, sucking B-Love’s cock and stroking it with one hand, while her other hand helped B-Love grope her breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning softly, the sound muffled by B-Love’s thick black cock flesh.

“Mm…Mm…M….Mrs. Davenport?” Jessica asked again, reaching out and gently touching the redhead’s arm.

Karen’s eyes shot open when she felt Jessica’s hand on her shoulder. B-Love sneered and slipped his cock from Karen’s mouth. Karen, still stroking B-Love’s cock with one hand, tried to lean over and take it into her mouth again, but B-Love pulled back slightly.

“Bitch is gonna ask you some questions.” B-Love said. “You need to answer them for the people watching this. You keep stroking this nigga dick though.”

Karen looked into the camera. The situation finally started to sink in. She was sitting at the news desk, on camera, on television… sucking a black man’s cock while he fondled her breasts. Now he wanted her to answer questions! She looked back at B-Love’s black cock in her hand, desperate for it to be in her mouth again, or better yet, in her cunt. She realized that whatever this man told her to do… she’d do it. She continued stroking B-Love’s cock, but turned to face Jessica.

“G-g…Good evening Jessica.” Karen spoke softly, still slightly embarrassed by her predicament.

“Good evening Mrs. Davenport, welcome to ‘The Whole Truth’.” Jessica McFarland’s voice cracked slightly as Shemar shifted his cock inside her pussy. She gripped the desktop in her hand, awkwardly reading the teleprompter. Somebody in the director’s booth was having fun with her, typing these embarrassing comments and questions for her feed Karen.

“Thank you.” Karen said politely.

“Mrs. Davenport,” Jessica began her interview as Shemar continued fucking her. “I understand that you came here tonight to try and stop tonight’s events.”

“I…I…” Karen hesitated. She glanced up at B-Love, unsure of what to say. B-Love just nodded at her. “I…guess that’s true.”

“You guess?” Jessica asked, adopting a slightly more aggressive tone. “You came here tonight with the express purpose of stopping your older daughter Sarah from continuing to have sex with black men AND to prevent your daughter Becky from losing her virginity to a black man. True or false?”

“I…I…” Karen blushed, embarrassed. She knew she was going to be tormented now, teased, punished for her earlier hesitance in the face of her ‘black masters’. “It’s true.” She begrudgingly admitted, glancing up at B-Love. He nodded, reassuringly.

“I see.” Jessica said, glancing at Shemar. Shemar smiled, encouraging Jessica to adopt her bitchy, confrontational journalist demeanor while he continued fucking her. “And how did you find out about tonight’s events?”

“I came home tonight and found Becky…” Karen glanced at Becky, sitting in her would-be lover’s lap at the end of the news desk. Becky was stroking his cock while he rubbed her virgin pussy, the two were passionately kissing. “I found my youngest daughter watching television…your show….and …and…touching herself.”

“Masturbating?” Jessica pressed. Fuck the teleprompter. She knew where this was going. She knew what they wanted her to do.


“Say it.” B-Love interrupted.

Karen looked up at B-Love, still stroking his cock. “Masturbating.” She said quietly.

“And what part of the show was Becky watching?” Jessica asked.

“She…” Karen hesitated again, not wanting to answer. “She was watching…a music video.”

“Which one?” Jessica pressed, relentlessly.

“Sarah!” Karen whimpered. “She was watching the one with Sarah!”

“Her own sister?” Jessica asked in mock incredulity. “She was masturbating while watching her own sister?”

“Yes!” Karen cried. She hated being teased like this, but knew this was what B-Love wanted her to do.

“And what was Sarah doing in the video?” Jessica asked.

“She was… having sex….” Karen started.

“She was getting FUCKED, wasn’t she?” Jessica challenged. “Sarah was getting FUCKED by BLACK MEN!”

“Yes.” Karen said, blushing.

“And the sight of Sarah getting fucked by black men turned your daughter Becky on so much that she started masturbating?” Jessica asked.

“Yes.” Karen said quietly.

“Shocking!” Jessica teased. “It turned Becky on so much that she snuck out of your house and came down to our studio tonight, to lose her virginity. Is that right?”

Karen didn’t answer.

“Is that right?” Jessica asked again.

“Yes!” Karen hissed.

“And you?” Jessica asked. “The sight of your daughter with black men turned you on so much that you came down to our studio to get fucked by a black man tonight?”

“What? No.” Karen said, suddenly regretting the irony of her denial while stroking B-Love’s cock. “No! I came here to stop her.”

“Did you?” Jessica asked.

“Yes! I called Frank… my husband… for help.”

“You called Frank?” Jessica asked. “He wasn’t already at home?”

“No.” Karen answered. “He came and picked me up and we came to the studio.”

“But why?” Jessica asked, furrowing her brow.

“I… I mean… my husband… and I … always taught our girls that their virginity is precious, and not to have sex before marriage.” Karen said, stroking B-Love’s cock.

“No.” Jessica shook her head. “I meant why would you have your husband take the time to pick you up at home before coming to the studio?” Jessica asked.

“I… I wanted to help… him…help him get Heather.” Karen said.

“But you knew what was happening in the studio.” Jessica pushed. “You knew what Heather would do, if you didn’t get here in time. Again, why make your husband waste time picking you up before he came to the studio?”

“I told you… I wanted to help my daughters!” Karen blushed and stopped. “I mean…”

Jessica pounced on Karen’s Freudian slip. “You wanted to help your daughters?” The pretty blonde smiled.

“I wanted to help protect them!” Karen blushed. “I wanted to stop them!”

“But you didn’t.” Jessica said. “You had the opportunity. Your daughters even said they’d stop if you just told them to stop, but you couldn’t say it. You still haven’t said it. Why?”

“I… I…” Karen stammered, glancing at B-Love’s cock. “I guess… I changed my mind.”

“What changed your mind?” Jessica pressed further. “Specifically?”

Karen glanced at the huge black cock in her hand, then back at Jessica.

“The black men?” Jessica asked. “Was it the black men that changed your mind, Mrs. Davenport.”

“Yes.” Karen whispered her answer.

“I’m sorry?” Jessica asked.

“YES!” Karen hissed. “The black men changed my mind… seeing these… BIG…BLACK COCKS in person! My daughters seemed so happy! I couldn’t deny them…and…and…”

“You couldn’t deny yourself either?” Jessica smiled.

“Oh GOD Jessica!” Karen sighed, breaking down. “God help me, I couldn’t stop myself! Just looking at all these MEN….with these BIG BLACK COCKS! I mean… they’re just so… BIG… so much bigger than…” Karen paused… glancing at her husband… then back at B-Love’s cock in her hand. “Frank, I’m sorry…but…these black cocks… THIS BLACK COCK… is just… so much BIGGER than yours!”

“I see you’ve already met B-Love.” Jessica smiled. “As you know B-Love is a very talented rap artist with the group “Black Phallus”. Are you a fan?”

“I…I… uh…” Karen stammered, blushing. She smiled, bashfully, glancing between Jessica’s big blue eyes and B-Love’s big black cock. “I’m not… familiar with… Mr. Love’s… music… but… he… certainly seems very talented.” Karen looked at B-Love’s cock in her hand. “I’m sure he’s…very….very… talented!”

“Oh yes!” Jessica giggled. “I can promise you, he is EXTREMELY talented…. The whole group is. I can personally attest to that… and of course, so can Sarah.”

B-Love smiled…. Not a smirk… but a broad grin.

“S-Sarah?” Karen whispered, her blue eyes widening.

“Didn’t I mention baby?” B-Love grinned. “That big nigga cock you been suckin’… that’s the one that took your Sarah’s virginity last night.”

“OH GOD, WHAT? OH GOD!” Karen gasped sharply.

“Mrs. Davenport,” Jessica prodded. “The black cock you’ve been sucking tonight is the same one that took your daughter’s virginity. How does that make you feel?”

Karen’s mind reeled at the revelation, unable to process, let alone answer Jessica’s question. Karen began to breathe heavily, almost hyperventilating. The huge black cock in her hand… the same cock she had just had in her mouth… was the exact same one that had taken her older daughter’s virginity! Karen looked over at Sarah, laying on the desk just three feet away, being fucked mercilessly by another muscular young black man. Karen looked at B-Love’s huge black cock, watching it drip another sticky wad of pre-cum on her heaving alabaster breasts as she continued pumping it. “OH MYGOD!…Oh MY GOD! OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod!!”

“I’m being told…. Yes…” Jessica said, in her best presenting voice, “Yes… we have video footage from that night… shot by our very own Thomas Watkins!”

The large LCD wall nearest to the anchor desk flickered to life, immediately displaying the footage of B-Love fucking Sarah, confronting Sarah’s mother with the reality. The image was shaky, slightly blurry cell-phone camera video, but unmistakably Sarah and B-Love. Karen saw B-Love fucking Sarah, taunting her about how recently she’d been a virgin… how long she’d waited… how she’d even refused to have sex with her fiance until their upcoming wedding. Sarah was screaming out frustrated responses, yet obviously loving every minute of it… and every inch of that glorious ebony cock that was taking her precious flower!

“Mrs. Davenport,” Jessica commentated as the camera focused on Karen Davenport staring at the giant LCD screen behind her while stroking B-Love’s cock. “You are watching footage of your daughter getting fucked by the very same cock you were just fucking. The cock that was in your mouth minutes ago has fucked your daughter. Your reaction please?”

Karen’s stared at the floor-to-ceiling LCD screen, her blue green eyes wide with shock. The footage didn’t horrify her however, it excited her. Karen continued watching her daughter on the screen. Sarah seemed to glow with happiness and pride. Karen thought her daughter never looked so beautiful. Karen watched the screen and pumped B-Love’s cock faster and faster, placing both her tiny white hands on his cock. Karen began to kiss, lick, and suck B-Love’s cock, worshipping the same cock that she was watching take her oldest daughter’s virginity on the giant LCD.

“Mrs. Davenport, we see that as you watch this footage of your older daughter getting fucked by B-Love, you’ve felt compelled to begin sucking his cock again... the same cock that you’re watching fuck your oldest daughter’s formerly virgin pussy. Can we assume that you condone your daughter Sarah’s loss of virginity to B-Love?” Jessica asked coolly, unabated by Karen’s obvious inability to answer her. Jessica knew that answers weren’t really the point. This was all a debauched show now… a demonstration of the power of black cock over a white wife and mother.

Karen heard every embarrassing question and mocking comment that Jessica put to her, but everything the naked blonde anchorwoman said just seemed to fuel the beautiful redhead’s lust. Karen dropped one of her hands from B-Love’s cock and pushed it into the waistband of her panties, wantonly rubbing her pussy inside her panties... her actions clearly visible to the camera, thanks to the clear glass top of the anchor desk. At the same time, Karen began more enthusiastically sucking B-Love’s cock, licking the length of the ebony shaft and trying to take as much of it into her mouth as she could as she watched the footage of B-Love fucking Sarah.

“Some people might say that this is wrong...” Jessica wryly commented as she continued riding Shemar’s cock and ‘interviewing’ Karen Davenport. “You are white wife who is engaging in sexual activity with a black man on live television, while her husband is forced to watch. You are doing so while watching footage of your oldest daughter losing her virginity to the same black cock that you are sucking right now. That same daughter is getting fucked by another black man, right next to you... while your younger daughter’s virginity is under threat from yet another big black cock? Isn’t all this wrong, Mrs. Davenport?”

Karen rubbed her pussy frantically as she furiously sucked and pumped B-Love’s cock. She could feel her excitement building, her whole body trembling. Jessica’s litany of comments pushed the degraded wife and mother over the edge, and Karen Davenport shook, letting B-Love’s cock slip from her mouth as she threw her head back and screamed.

“Did you just have an ORGASM Mrs. Davenport?” Jessica boldly asked, then leaned in closer to Karen and whispered one more question. “Are we to take this as an endorsement of the power of hot... throbbing... potent... nigger cock?”

“YOU WANT AN ENDORSMENT BITCH?” Karen gasped, her mouth finally able to respond to her tormentor. “How is this for an endorsement?”

Karen turned her chair slightly and cupped her heavy white breasts, pushing them up and around, cradling B-Love’s cock in her milky alabaster cleavage and stroking his long, thick, throbbing black shaft with her soft, creamy tit flesh.

“FUCK ME YOU BIG NIGGER THUG!” Karen growled, looking up at B-Love, seeing her reflection in his glasses. Her use of the racial epithet had the exact effect she hoped for, and B-Love began thrusting his hips and fast, roughly squeezing and fucking her huge white breasts.

“KAREN!!” Frank Davenport cried from across the studio, where he was still tied to a chair. “MY GOD! NO, WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!”

“I’M SAYING THAT THIS NIGGER THUG IS MORE MAN MY HUSBAND COULD EVER HOPE TO BE!” Karen shouted in response to her husband, but wouldn’t even address the answer to him, instead, she looked into the camera. “I WANT THIS BIG NIGGER THUG TO FUCK ME WITH THIS BIG BLACK COCK... JUST LIKE HE FUCKED MY DAUGHTER!”

“NO! GOD DAMMIT KAREN NO!!!” Frank Davenport let out a loud, heaving sob of protest,. “PLEASE! YOU CAN’T DO THIS! YOU’RE MY WIFE! I LOVE YOU!!”

“I’M SORRY FRANK!” Karen screamed B-Love fucked her breasts faster and faster. “BUT I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE FUCKED BY A REAL MAN! Try to understand Frank... Sarah stayed a virgin for SO long! She rejected so many men over the years, she resisted, even after becoming engaged to be married... then...then she met THIS MAN... and she gave in! She let this beautiful, beautiful black thug take what she’d so preciously guarded all her life... doesn’t that TELL you anything? I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE! I NEED TO BE FUCKED BY THIS BIG BLACK NIGGER COCK!”





“KAREN!! NO!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Frank screamed in horror.




“SHE SHO HAS!’ B-Love mocked the whimpering white husband as he fucked his wife’s breasts. “She outta her MIND with lust for my nigga dick! Let this be a lesson to you whiteboy, mess with the power of BLACKCOCK and you lose! You shoulda kept your girl at home tonight! Now your wife loses her mind to black cock. Your daughters lose their virginity to black cock. But you, whiteboy, are the biggest loser... cause you lose THEM to black cock! Your wife and daughters belong to US now. YOU LOSE WHITEBOY... AND I FUCKING WIN!”

B-Love bellowed again as he turned his face towards Karen again. His rippling black muscles tensed and his big black jumped between Karen’s tits and erupted, blasting Karen’s pretty face, beautiful red hair, and milky white breasts with heavy globs of gooey, hot, semen.

“Fuck me...fuck my daughters...fuck me...fuck my daughters...” Karen gasped, whispering excitedly over and over, cum dripping from her chin, onto her huge, heaving breasts.

“Oh I will baby.” B-Love whispered back, glancing over at Becky, who was sucking and stroking her lover’s cock... her virginity still in tact, awaiting black cock. “First you’re gonna have to get me hard again... but don’t worry, it won’t take long, and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.”

“Anything..anything...” Karen gasped wantonly “Anything you want.”

“First, I’m gonna need that ring.” B-Love grinned.

“ wedding ring?” Karen whimpered, furrowing her brow. She looked up at B-Love’s necklace... the gold chain made of linked wedding rings, engagement rings, even some opal ‘promise’ rings like Becky’s. “But why?”

“I collect them from all the women I take from white men.” B-Love sneered. “It’s a pledge to me, a demonstration of your commitment to black male supremacy, an acknowledgement that once you go black, you will never... as they say... ‘go back.’”

“Oh.” Karen said quietly, her eyes widening as she took in B-Love’s words. Karen glanced at her ring, then at her husband.”

“That’s not going to be a problem, is it?” B-Love asked.

Karen looked back at her ring, glittering gold on her finger, then she looked at B-Love’s huge black cock. Even soft, it was bigger than her husband’s white erection.

“I should warn you Karen,” B-Love teased. “If you don’t give me your wedding ring, then I’m afraid I won’t be able to induct you into our world. I won’t be able to fuck you. In fact, none of these men here tonight will touch you if you keep that wedding ring.” B-Love added, “So I’ll ask you one last time, is it a problem?”

“No!” Karen hurriedly responded, quickly slipping the tiny gold band from her finger and offering it up to B-Love. The threat of not getting fucked by a big black cock terrified her. “I don’t need it anymore. Please, take it. It’s yours...just like me.”

“Good girl.” B-Love grinned, his cock stiffening as he added Karen’s wedding ring to a broken link in his chain... the link was Jessica McFarland’s wedding ring, which he’d added earlier that night. “Now then Mrs. Davenport, are you ready for the next step in your worship of the power of black cock?”

“Yes.” Karen said, smiling at B-Love’s growing black member, taking it in her hand. “Oh God I’m so ready!”

Frank Davenport hung his head in shame. Looking down in his lap, he saw that he had an erection... and a wet spot in his pants where he had cum. Tears stung his cheeks, red with embarrassment. Even with all his protests, he’d become sexually aroused seeing his wife being ravished by that black thug... a superior black male. Frank, to his shame, found himself believing that his reaction truly was ‘only natural’.


Frank Davenport loved his wife. It broke his heart whenever anything upset Karen and when she’d called his cell earlier that night, she was more upset than he’d ever heard her. Frank could barely understand Karen between her gasps and sobs, but she managed to tell him that she needed him home immediately, that their daughters needed his help. Frank Davenport loved his daughters. He would do anything to protect them. He and Karen had raised Sarah and Rebecca so lovingly, instilling the two with his conservative beliefs, protecting them from the evils of the world, and watching them both of them blossom into two beautiful, mature, young women. But Karen told him Sarah had done something terrible, that Becky was in danger of doing something awful… that he needed to come home right away, to pick Karen up and she would explain what was happening as he drove her to Sarah’s workplace at KNEN studio. So that is what the loving husband and father did.

Frank rushed home, picked Karen up, and let her explain the unbelievable events that she had witnessed that night… Sarah seduced… Becky sneaking away from home… but he could barely believe what Karen told him was happening… but when he and Karen got inside the studio, Frank had no choice but to believe... he was tied to a chair and forced to watch in helpless horror as television cameras captured every second of his loving family’s debauched dissolution.

Frank Davenport SAW his beautiful his older daughter Sarah, naked, surrounded by television cameras and being fucked senseless by a black thug. Frank SAW his younger daughter, eighteen-year-old Becky walk naked into the studio, and escorted by a naked black thug and begin to stroke and suck that thug’s black cock. Frank SAW his wife Karen, unable to look away from her daughters, listening to their pleas... their DEMANDS that she join them. Frank then SAW his wife staring, seduced by the huge black cocks that were exposed to her. Frank SAW his loyal wife walk into the fray, ignoring his protests. Frank SAW his strong-willed wife surrounded by black studs and succumbing to their seduction. Frank SAW his beautiful wife strip down to her panties as the black men amused themselves with her curvaceous white body. Frank SAW his loving religious wife fall to her knees and worship black cock, letting her pretty face and soft breasts be fucked by not one by three black studs. Then Frank saw his wife led to the anchor desk to be interviewed by the beautiful television personality Jessica McFarland. As Karen was interviewed by Jessica, each woman was sexually dominated by a black rapper. Frank Davenport SAW all of this, powerless to stop any of it... tied to a chair, helplessly watching as his beautiful family was stolen from him… and never in his life had he been so aroused. Frank could feel his modest white penis, small compared to the black cocks he saw in the studio, stiffening in his pants as he listened to his wife describe the events of that night… the horrible mistake that Frank had made by bringing his wife with him to the studio. Then Frank SAW his wife showered with nigger semen as she begged to be fucked by the huge black rapper. Then Frank saw his wife slip the wedding ring from her finger and offer both it and their youngest daughter’s virginity to the black rapper that towered over her. Frank protested weakly, but could feel his small white hard-on spurting cum into his pants as his family fell apart. He was ashamed, but aroused, and unable to take his eyes off his the beautiful wife he’d just lost.

Karen Davenport spared a brief glance at her husband, tied to his chair, a wet spot visible in his pants. He looked so pathetic. She watched him squirm in his chair as she scooped the thick, hot globs of her black lover’s semen from her breasts and ate it, looking her husband right in the eye. Once she’d cleaned herself up by eating all of the cum from her face and breasts, Karen sat back in her chair at the anchor desk, looking up at her beautiful black Adonis expectantly, adoringly, awaiting his next instruction. She didn’t have to wait long.

“What you waitin’ fo’ bitch?” B-Love asked. “Get them fuckin’ panties off.”

“Please…” Karen whispered meekly to B-Love, giving her husband another quick glance, then returning her adoring blue eyes to the black rapper towering over her. “Would you….rip them? Please?”

B-Love said nothing, instead he just smiled, reached down and hooked two long black fingers under the waist band of Karen’s lace panties… then tugged backwards, hard. The fabric tore immediately. Karen laughed. Frank moaned. The rapper tugged again, another sharp ripping sound was picked up by the studio microphones. Karen kicked her long, smooth white legs in the air a bit, and B-Love stood up straight, lifting one hand high above his head, holding Karen’s torn lace panties up in the air like a trophy. He looked triumphantly at Frank, then casually tossed the tattered undergarments through the air.

Frank winced. When he opened his eyes again, he found his wife’s torn lace panties sitting in his lap. He looked up at his wife again, naked in her chair at the anchor desk, with the exception of the gold cross necklace she wore around her neck. Karen wasn’t looking at back at him. Instead she was looking at B-Love’s big black cock and stroking it with one hand as she leaned back in her chair and used her other hand to finger her pussy.

B-Love backed away, preventing Karen from pulling his cock any closer. He dropped a hand down to her naked married cunt and boldly knocked her hand away, shoving one, then two fingers into her pink velvet folds. Karen moaned wantonly, arching her back, her full white breasts heaving and quivering.

“Sorry baby, you ain’t wet enough fo’ this big dick yet.” B-Love said, fingering the red-haired wife’s pussy. “This ain’t your husband’s lil’ white prick. You gonna have to be A LOT wetter if you expect to take a BLACK MAN’S COCK!”

“PLEASE!” Karen begged, squirming desperately in her chair. “I can get wet for you. I’ll rub my pussy… I’ll make it so wet for you! I NEED your cock! Please! I’ll do anything it takes.”

“Yeah…” B-Love sneered. “You will do whatever it takes, you can be sure of that. What I think we’re gonna need here is some tongue work in that pussy to get you going.”

“Oh God yes!” Karen smiled. “Yes, please, eat my pussy!”

“Oh no.” B-Love chuckled. “I wasn’t talking about me. I had somebody else in mind.” B-Love called over to Karen’s husband. “What you think Frankie-boy? Who do you think I should get to eat your wife’s sweet little pussy and get it good and wet for my nigga cock?”

Frank Davenport raised his eyes to meet B-Love’s mocking voice. From the rapper’s tone, Frank assumed someone was about to untie him from his chair and force him to participate in his marriage’s defilement. No one made a move towards Frank, and the white husband and father remained helplessly tied to the chair. Confused, Frank looked up into B-Love’s expressionless face, the rapper’s reflective sunglasses preventing him from reading the thug’s intent. When the rapper was sure he had the Frank’s attention, he spoke again.

“WHAT WHITEBOY?” B-Love taunted. “You thought I was gonna throw yo’ dumb ass a bone? You thought I was gonna let you anywhere NEAR your wife’s hot cunt? FUCK YOU, FOOL!”

B-Love stepped away from Frank’s wife, and looked over at their older daughter, Sarah.

“NO! GOD DAMN IT, NO!” Frank heaved angrily as he follwed B-Love’s gaze and saw the rapper take a step towards Sarah, who at that moment was still being fucked by Big Mike.

Big Mike nodded at B-Love and smiled, the two rappers ignoring Frank's useless protests. The muscle-bound rapper slapped the petite blonde assistant on the ass and lifted her from the desk. B-Love lifted Karen Davenport up from the chair and laid her on her back, on the desk and spread her legs wide.

“Wha…what are they doing with my mom and Sarah?” Becky Davenport whispered excitedly to her big black ‘friend’ that she’d ‘met’ on the telephone. She still hadn’t been fucked by him yet, but she stroked and sucked his cock as she watched her mother and sister. "Oh my God! Are they... they're not going to... Oh MY!"

“Shhhhh, just watch and see, baby doll.” the stud hushed the red-haired teen, dropping a large black hand in her lap and fingering her fiery pussy as she watched her mother and sister. He would much rather be fucking the girl but knew that B-Love would want the honor of taking the girl’s virginity. No matter, he was enjoying the blowjob and handjob the girl was giving him and he promised himself he’d fuck her tight white ass later that night, after B-Love had his fun. For the time being though, he toyed with the naïve redhead, guiding her hand to her own pussy, gently pushing her to masturbate as she watched the action unfold.

Karen Davenport was in a daze, unable to comprehend what was happening. As she lay back on the desk, legs spread, Karen saw her daughter Sarah being led over by B-Love and Big Mike. The two black rappers guided Sarah over to her mother, turning her to face Karen’s wide spread legs. Mike then took a place standing behind Sarah, groping her from behind as the pretty blonde looked down at her naked, vulnerable mother. B-Love stepped back slightly, allowing Mike to stand Sarah closer to the desk, closer to her mother’s spread legs. Karen saw B-Love whisper something in her daughter’s ear before he backed away. Sarah’s eyes widened and she gasped and smiled. Big Mike then pushed Sarah forward, bending her over slightly and once again thrusting his huge, throbbing black manhood deep into her slender white body. Sarah let loose a loud, wanton moan and her knees buckled, forcing her to stumble forward and brace her hands against the desktop on either side of her mother’s prostrate form. Sarah’s precarious position didn’t seem to slow the relentless pace of Big Mike’s thrusts, in fact he started to fuck the pretty blonde twenty-something even harder. Karen looked up between her spread legs, watching her daughter Sarah getting fucked mercilessly from behind. Then Karen noticed her daughter’s eyes glazing over with lust as Big Mike began to gently push her daughter’s face lower, closer to Karen’s defenseless pussy. As her daughter’s pretty face gently grazed Karen’s smooth white thighs, Karen realized what was about to happen. Even as aroused as Mrs. Davenport was, she thought it was going too far, yet could barely bring herself to protest.

“Sarah!” Mrs. Davenport weakly gasped, feeling her daughter’s hot breath on her pussy. “Wha…what are you doing?”

“Oh mom…” Sarah sighed, her pretty face hovering over her mother’s flaming hot cunt. “They… they want me to get you ready for them! They want me…to get you…WET!”

“B-But…I…I’m…” Karen whimpered. “I’m your mother! You can’t…do…THAT to me!”

“Oh but mom, I have to do it!” Sarah smiled eagerly at her mother. “They WANT us to do it… they said it would be so hot… and whatever they want… I GIVE THEM. I have to give them what they want. I WANT to give them what they want… I want to give them anything… and everything… they want. Don’t you mom? Don’t YOU WANT to give these amazing BLACK MEN EVERYTHING THEY WANT?”

“Yeah ‘mom’,” B-Love said, walking around the glass-top desk and standing beside Karen’s head, his huge black cock hanging ponderously above her face. He boldly grabbed one of Karen’s massive, jiggling white tits and with one powerful black, hand and kneading the soft ivory flesh. “Don’t you want to give us what we want?”

“B-but…but…she’s my DAUGHTER!” Karen whimpered, staring at B-Love’s huge black cock.

Sarah’s sighs and moans suddenly turned to screams as Big Mike increased the pace and intensity of his thrusts. Lost in a cloud of lust, Sarah stumbled forward again. In doing so, Sarah’s lips briefly, barely, grazed her mother’s fiery pussy.

“OH GOD!” Karen screamed at the new sensation on her pussy. Involuntarily, she bucked her hips and closed her legs, inadvertently trapping her daughter’s head between her thighs, and forcing Sarah’s gasping pink mouth into her cunt. Karen immediately realized what she’d done and spread her thighs to free her daughter's head... but it was too late!

Crazed with lust and eager to please her black masters, Sarah wasted no time exploiting her new ‘predicament’. The pretty blonde daughter began to gently kiss the soft pink folds of her own mother’s cunt!

Karen looked down over her own writhing white body, between her heaving milky white breasts and widespread creamy white thighs and saw her pretty blonde daughter’s big blue eyes boldly staring back at her.

“Sarah… NO!” Karen hissed a feeble protest. She was ignored.

Instead, Sarah delved a bit further, found her mother's clitoris, and gingerly dragged her wet pink tongue across it.

“NO…OH… Sarah! OH…Oh…OH! OHHHHH!!!!” Karen’s protests disappeared into a howl of ecstasy as her own daughter’s tongue made contact with her clit. Involuntarily, the buxom redheaded wife bucked her hips again to meet her daughter’s gentle kisses.

Emboldened by her mother’s reaction and her own furious lust, Sarah Davenport pushed her tongue into her mother’s pussy, brazenly and purposefully probing its depths, causing Karen to scream.

Tears welled in Karen Davenport’s eyes as she winced and threw her head back, unable to resist any more, surrendering to the debauchery and allowing her oldest daughter to eat her pussy!

“There you go!” B-Love laughed as he rubbed his huge black cock all over the degraded white mother’s face. “What a slut! You love having your daughter eat that fucking white cunt of yours, don’t you? You love it! SAY IT!”

“Oh God…I love it!” Karen whimpered, then screamed. “I LOVE IT!”

“You love doing it in front of your husband!” B-Love taunted.

“YES! OH GOD YES!” Karen screamed, bucking her hips into Sarah’s face.

“KAREN, MY GOD!” Frank violently shook his head in disbelief, his wife’s lusty screams echoing in his head. He called to Sarah. “Sarah! STOP THAT AT ONCE! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING?”

“OH…Oh Frank… TRUST ME…” Karen moaned shamelessly as she bucked her hips against her daughter’s probing pink tongue. “Sarah DEFINITELY knows what she’s doing!’

“KAREN!” Frank screamed. “FOR GOD’S SAKE! She’s our daughter! She’s YOUR daughter!”

“My daughter…” Karen Davenport screamed… “IS SO GOOD AT EATING PUSSY! MY DAUGHTER IS MAKING ME… CUM!! OH GOD! OH SARAH! YES! YES!”

Frank Davenport watched helplessly as his oldest daughter ate his wife’s pussy. The large wall-screen in the studio set showed a close up of Sarah's pretty face buried between Karen's legs. The pathetic husband shook his head and groaned in frustration, unable to stop the debauched events unfolding before his eyes. He looked away from the disgusting spectacle, only to have his eyes fall upon another horrifying sight… his younger daughter!

Becky Davenport watched intently as her older sister ate their mother’s pussy. The young redhead’s pert young breasts heaved as she breathed heavily, one tiny white hand frantically rubbing her pussy while the other stroked a big black cock. Her eyes fell upon her sister’s face, buried in her mother’s cunt. Becky involuntarily licked her lips and whimpered… the tiniest little “Oh!” escaping her lips.

It was just loud enough to remind B-Love of her presence.

“OH!” B-Love sneered. “Look over there Mrs. Davenport! Becky’s watching you! Your eighteen-year-old virgin daughter is watching her big sister eating momma’s pussy. Then she’s hearing momma screaming and going BUCK WILD! What do you think she’s making of all this?”

“OH BECKY!” Karen moaned, wildly kicking her long white legs in the air and purposefully grinding her pussy against her older daughter’s face as she turned her head to see Becky. The middle-aged white wife and mother blushed when she looked into her daughter’s wide blue eyes, but she couldn’t look away. Becky was naked and masturbating while giving a big black stud a hand-job… and looking more beautiful than Karen had ever seen her.

Becky met her mother’s blue-violet eyes and also blushed. Unlike her mother, Becky felt compelled to look away in embarrassment and dropped her gaze to the studio floor. Yet Becky found herself unable to resist raising her eyes discreetly as her face still pointed towards the floor.

“It’s alright sweetie.” Karen whimpered, consoling her embarrassed virginal daughter. “You…you can watch.”

"Yeah baby girl. Watch." B-Love growled. "Watch yo' momma get her pussy eaten by your big sistah." The rapper turned back to Karen. “Hey momma, why don’t you tell your younger daughter how it feels to have her big sister eating your cunt?” B-Love quietly suggested.

“OH GOD!” Karen screamed as she felt her orgasm building. “PLEASE!”

“TELL HER, SLUT!” B-Love shouted. “Tell her how GOOD it feels! Tell her you LOVE it!”


Becky stared silently into her mother’s blue-violet eyes. The young redhead’s mouth was open, gasping for air as she rubbed her young pussy faster and faster, bucking her hips to meet her own eager fingers. It wasn’t enough... she was desperate for more. She let go of the black cock she stroked with one hand and put both of her hands in her pussy, wildly finger-fucking herself with both hands. It still wasn’t enough. She bit her lower lip in sexual frustration as she watched her mother and sister cavorting with one of her favorite rappers and another big black stud. Her eyes fell upon her sister’s face, buried in her mother’s pussy. Becky involuntarily licked her lips.

B-Love smiled at Becky. He glanced over at the stud she’d been stroking. Without a word being exchanged, the stud knew that B-Love wanted him to back off. He’d get his chance soon enough.

“Tell Becky how WET it’s making you!” B-Love prompted Karen. “Tell her how WET and READY Sarah’s tongue is making you for YOUR FIRST HUGE NIGGA COCK!”

“Oh YES!” Karen moaned, staring into Becky’s eyes. “I’m SO WET RIGHT NOW! I’m SO READY!”

“And what about Becky?” B-Love asked Mrs. Davenport. “Do you think SHE’S ready yet?”

Becky’s and Karen’s eyes widened when they heard B-Love’s question. Karen looked at her beautiful virgin daughter. Looking back into her mother’s eyes, Becky faintly smiled.

“I…I…” Karen stammered, surprised by the question. Karen wanted to make these beautiful black men happy. She wanted to give them everything they wanted... and they wanted BOTH her daughters! Still, as aroused as Karen was, she still felt worried for her younger daughter. All of these men were very large, and Becky was petite... and still a virgin. Karen wasn't sure Becky could handle a huge black cock. "I...I don't know."

"You don't know?" B-Love smirked, and glanced at the pretty teen redhead. "Well, let's find out, shall we?" Turning, the onyx skinned rapper walked slowly, but purposefully over towards Becky.

The pretty red-haired teen quickly stood up from her chair to greet the rapper. "Hi, I'm Becky. I'm a big fan of...of... a big... a...big... BIG...oh...BIG!"

Becky fell speechless as her big blue eyes immediately locked upon the enormous black weapon that swayed proudly between B-Love's muscular legs as he slowly approached her. It was bigger than any of the other black cocks she'd seen that night.

"Big?" B-Love teased, knowing the poor virgin was distracted by the site of his angry ebony rod. "Big what?"

"HUGE!" Becky blurted, staring at B-Love's cock. "I mean... big... you're the biggest...I mean... I'm your biggest..." Becky stammered.

B-Love smiled, reaching out and gently cupping the teen's chin, lifting her face up and gently compelling her to look him in the eye.

"The biggest?" B-Love asked, quietly, gently stroking Becky's quivering white chin with his thick black thumb.

"I'm your biggest fan!" Becky finally managed to gasp. Forced to look into B-Love's face, rather than his huge cock, Becky began to gush excitedly. "I've love all your music! I listen to you all the time. I've seen your videos, they're I mean... you're amazing! It's so....OH..OH!!!"

Becky's fan-girl rave ended abruptly in an unintelligible moan when B-Love boldly reached between her legs, cupping her virgin pussy in his large black hand, then brazenly slipped two long black fingers up into Becky's virgin teen cunt and immediately caused the sexually-charged teen to orgasm.

"AAHH!! AH!! OH!!" Becky continued to whimper uncontrollably as the rapper slid his fingers deeper inside her and purposefully finger fucked her pink virgin pussy. Becky instinctively began to buck her virgin white cunt against B-Love's probing ebony digits. Her young body shivered, her toes curled, her knees buckled and she stumbled forward, leaning her naked white body into B-Love. The rapper's rock-hard cock pressed against Becky's flat white tummy and slipped upwards, it's throbbing length trapped between B-Love's rock-hard black abs and Becky's soft white flesh. Feeling B-Love's cock pressed against her young body, Becky looked down and saw the shining purple-brown cockhead between her firm white breasts.

“Hmmmm.” B-Love hummed, teasingly, as he continued roughly finger-fucking the pretty teen and called back to her mother. “I think you might be right Mrs. Davenport. Your lil’ girl ain’t near wet enough to take a big nigger cock yet.”

“What? No…no, please!” Becky whined, staring at the throbbing black cock pressed against her body and genuinely afraid she might never know what it's length felt like inside her body. Slipping her hands between their bodies, Becky grasped B-Love's huge black cock in her tiny white hands, her fingers unable to reach all the way around its girth. She gripped the big black beast as best she could, desperate for it not to be taken from her. "Please! I'm...I'm your biggest fan! I want to give you my virginity!"

"Awww." B-Love gently stroked the pretty red-haired teen’s face to calm her. He kissed her tenderly on her forehead, then looked over his shoulder at Frank Davenport, flashing the frustrated father a wicked smile and a wink. "Well, I'd hate to disappoint a fan! Maybe we can figure something out"

B-Love walked Becky over to the desk and stood her next to her mother's head. B-Love then walked around Karen's head and stood opposite Becky, facing the pretty red-haired teen with his huge black cock swinging inches above her mother's face. Becky immediately reached out and resumed stroking B-Love's cock as B-Love in turn reached over and resumed fingering the young redhead's virgin pussy... her mother's face trapped between the two of them.

“Karen,” the rapper called out loudly enough for Frank to hear. “Do you have any ideas on how we can get Becky here WETTER?”

Karen looked up at B-Love, then at Becky. Then Karen looked at B-Love's hand, still fingering Becky's dripping virgin pussy.

“Oh…oh my God.” Karen whimpered.

Becky glanced down into her mother's big violet-blue eyes and open gasping mouth, inches from her young pussy and realized what was in store. The eager-to-please redhead looked up at B-Love.

" want her to... to eat my pussy?" Becky asked, hesitantly.

"What a great idea!" B-Love grinned, behaving as if the debauched concept were Becky's idea. "Now THAT sounds like a GREAT way for you to get good and wet for BIG BLACK COCK, isn't that right Karen?"

"Oh GOD!" Karen gasped as Sarah licked her pussy and she listened to B-Love's mocking tone.

"Is that a yes?" teased B-Love.

“Becky…” Karen gasped, staring at her daughter’s young red-haired pussy. She bucked her hips… meeting Sarah’s probing tongue and feeling her orgasm drawing closer and closer. “I can’t! She's…my…daughter.”

“So what.” B-Love shrugged. “Sarah's your daughter too, and she's eating YOUR pussy! What’s the difference?”

Sarah Davenport, hearing and watching this event unfold, briefly raised her mouth from her mother's pussy. "Yeah mom, what's the difference?" Without waiting for a response, Sarah intensified her assault on her mother’s married pussy, hungrily licking and sucking her mother's clit as probed her mother's pussy with her nimble white fingers.

"Oh...Oh GOD...OH...MY....GOD!!!" Karen moaned, bucking her hips wildly.

Seeing the wife and mother was close to orgasm, B-Love increased his taunts. He grabbed one of Karen's hands and placing it on his cock, next to Becky's hand.

"Feel THAT, Mrs. Davenport!" the rapper bellowed. "Feel how BIG and THICK and LONG and HARD that NIGGA COCK IS! THAT is a REAL MAN'S COCK!"

"OH YES!" Karen moaned. She instinctively began stroking the long ebony shaft along with her younger daughter. "GOD YES!"

"Don't you WANT Becky to lose her virginity to REAL MAN... a BLACK MAN?" B-Love asked. "Don't you want your daughter's first cock to be a BIG BLACK COCK? Don't YOU want to be fucked by a BIG BLACK COCK tonight?"

"YES! YES!" Karen screamed, bucking her hips violently into Sarah's face. "GOD YES!"

"YES!" Becky screamed, clutching B-Love's wrist in both hands and frantically grinding herself against his probing digits. "YES! FUCK ME!"

B-Love reached over and bodily picked Becky up, swinging the petite redhead around in his arms and getting her to kneel on the anchor desk, straddling her mother's beautiful face.

"Karen, no!" Frank Davenport screamed. "Don't let Becky do this! We came here tonight to help her!"

"Yes!" B-Love seized upon Karen's husband's words and used them for his own twisted purpose. "Remember why you came here tonight, Mrs. Davenport! You came here to HELP your daughter! Well, Becky needs your help right now! Won't you help her?"

"YES!" Karen screamed, her body shaking as she approached orgasm. She stared up at her youngest daughter's virgin pussy, just inches from her face.


"OH GOD MOM!" Becky gasped, her body shaking with excitement as she felt her mother's breath on her young pussy. "MOM! ARE YOU... ARE YOU REALLY... GOING TO DO IT?"

"BECKY...HONEY!!" Karen screamed... gasping... as she stroked B-Love's big black cock and opened her eyes, looking up and seeing her daughter’s wet pink cunt hovering inches above her mouth. "LET MOMMY... GET YOU READY!"

B-Love wrapped one powerful arm around Becky's slender white waist and eased her down towards Karen's open mouth.

Becky gasped as she felt he mother's soft lips brush against her labia...then squeeled as she felt her mother's urgent kisses on her clit... then screamed as she felt her mother's eager tongue flick her little pink clit!

B-Love leaned in kissing the Becky deeply, his tongue pushing into her mouth while her mother's tongue pushed into her wet virgin cunt.

Becky Davenport moaned wantonly. "Oh...OH MOM! OH GOD MOM! IT FEELS SOOO GOOD!!"

The nubile redhead began wiggling her hips, grinding her pussy into her beautiful mother's hungry mouth. Becky's tiny white hands clutched B-Love's huge black cock almost like a handle, hugging it against her flat white tummy and stroking it. Her hands were joined by her mother's. B-Love's black cock being long enough that there was ample room for all four small white feminine hands to stroke its length.

“BECKY! KAREN! NO!” Frank Davenport screamed. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Not only was his only daughter eating his wife’s pussy, but now his younger daughter was grinding her own cunt into her mother's mouth!

“Whiteboy, shut the FUCK up!” B-Love yelled angrily. “You interrupt me again and I’ll come over there and knock your fucking teeth out with my big nigga dick!”

Tears stung Frank Davenport's horrified face as he watched his beautiful wife and daughters eating each other's pussies for the amusement of a bunch of black thugs. The tiny white erection growing in his pants, not to mention a cum-stain from earlier in the evening, seemed to mock all of his protests.

Within just a few minutes Becky's young, lithe white body began to buck violently. Becky continued grinding her sensitive, inexperienced pussy against her mother's probing tongue and gasped. A strange feeling like pins and needles tickled her back and shoulders... not to mention her pussy.

"Oh...oh mom...something....something's....happening!" Becky gasped, then started to scream. "OH MOM! OH GOD MOM!" Becky started to scream. "OH FUCK! FUCK!" The petite redhead's went very tense then suddenly started to shake violently, collapsing into B'Love's powerful black frame. B-Love laughed, holding the girl steady as she threw her head back and screamed out a loud, unintelligible cry "AAHHHHHHHHHHH".


Karen was out of her mind with lust. She bucked her hips violently as Sarah at her pussy. The wife and mother's muffled screams were obvious, in spite of Becky's grinding pussy on her mouth. Karen was cumming, hard!

"SHE'S CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!!!" Sarah lifted her soaking wet face from her mother's pussy and gasped for air. "She's SO FUCKING WET!" Sarah cried triumphantly! "MOM IS READY FOR BLACK COCK!"

Big Mike looked at the scene playing out in front of him... the beautiful blonde he was fucking was eating out her beautiful busty mother, who in turn was eating out a tight-bodied redhead virgin with a killer ass...mother and two daughters. He couldn't take it any more. With a mighty bellow, Big Mike blasted Sarah's wet white cunt with his sticky, thick load. The blonde screamed.

Big Mike backed away from Sarah, his sweaty black pecs heaving with excitement, his deep brown eyes wild with lust. He looked over at Becky, riding her mother's face as she kissed B-Love's chest and face. The huge rapper smiled at his partner B-Love.

"Yo man, I think I know a better use for that little bitch's mouth." Big Mike grinned, nodding towards Becky, then down at Sarah's pussy, dripping with his semen.

B-Love nodded at Big Mike and smiled. He looked down into Becky's eyes, kissed her mouth, then pushed the petite redhead over on her side. Big Mike slide Karen and Sarah's sweating, naked white bodies around on the desktop as B-Love did the same with Becky. The mother and daughters went limp for their powerful black lovers, allowing their bodies to be arranged into a into a triangle on the studio desk. As the studio cameras followed every move, the three Davenport women were moved into position on the desk.

Karen found herself with her head between Sarah's legs.

Sarah found herself with her head between Becky's legs.

Becky found herself with her head between her mother's legs.

"Okay ladies." B-Love said. "If you want black cock, you know what you have to do next."

Without a second's hesitation, the mother and daughters dived into one another's pussies, hungrily devouring one another's hot, sticky sex... and all to please their black masters. The women needed no more prompting or instruction. Karen and her daughters' long white limbs intertwined, their gentle white hands caressing one another's soft white skin, their hungry mouths kissing and tonguing each other. Sarah and Becky and their mother fell upon each other in an urgent, intense lesbian threesome softly moaning as the pleasured each other under the hot studio lights and leering studio cameras.

Frank Davenport sat tied to his chair, sobbing as his family...his wife... his daughters... debased and disgraced themselves on live television. He sobbed quietly as he stared at his fallen family and came in his pants for the third time that night.

B-Love stood back and admired his handiwork, watching the mother and daughters he'd seduced having sex with each other. All three of the beautiful Davenport women were his now and two of them hadn't even been properly fucked by a black cock yet! He could take his prize whenever he wanted. But as he watched the three of them, and idea began to form.

Big Mike breathed heavily, watching the Davenport women having a debauched lesbian threesome. His cock was already starting to stiffen again. He'd be ready again soon enough.

Shemar was busy, still fucking the conquered 'journalist' Jessica McFarland but that didn't make any difference. B-Love knew Shemar would be up for the plan and that the security guard that brought Becky in would be eager to take a crack at 'America's sweetheart' Jessica McFarland.

B-Love returned his attention to the three Davenport women. A mother, her virgin daughter, and her fallen slut daughter... three women in total... and three black rappers. He took his eyes off the Davenport women for a moment and looked over at Shemar and Big Mike.

Becky and Sarah teamed up to kiss every inch of their beautiful white mother's naked body. The two white sisters kissed their way from Karen's wet married pussy, up her soft white tummy, over her heaving white breasts, then up her neck... to her face and mouth. Sarah turned her mother's face to hers, pushing her wet pink tongue into Karen's mouth. Then Sarah gently broke off the kiss and turned her mother's face away from hers, and towards Becky. Becky kissed her mother gently on the lips, then more purposefully, pushing her own tongue into Karen's mouth as Sarah had done moments before. Sarah kissed her way back down her mother's neck, resting her pretty blonde head on Karen's left breast, sucking the hard pink nipple that had fed her as a baby. Sarah was soon joined by Becky, resting her pretty red head on her mother's right breast, kissing and sucking the heaving milky mound as Karen moaned softly. The two daughters' hands roamed all over their mother's naked white body, but returned time and again to her dripping wet cunt. Karen returned the favor, wrapping her arm's around her daughter's waists, slipping her hands down between each girl's perfect ass cheeks and rubbing their hot young cunts from behind.

"Oh...oh mom...oh mom." Becky whimpered. Still licking and kissing her mother's heaving white breasts, the virginal teen looked around the studio at the sex unfolding all around her, and the huge, hard black cocks. Becky's once innocent blue eyes filled with lust. "Oh God mom... made me cum! I'm so wet right now!"

"Oh...oh God....Becky..." Karen moaned. Her eyelids felt heavy with lust as she felt her daughter's small white hands exploring her buxom white body. Karen pushed her fingers deeper into her virgin daughter's pink cunt and smiled. "You ARE wet honey! You are so fucking wet! You're even wetter than I am!"

"Mom..." Becky moaned, bucking her hips against her mother's probing fingers. "Oh mom! Oh GOD MOM...FUCK! I... I THINK I'M READY! I...WANT IT SO BAD! I WANT TO BE...FUCKED! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S WRONG, I WANT TO GET FUCKED BY THESE BIG BLACK COCKS!!

Karen Davenport opened her eyes, the smoky blue-violet beauties filled with wanton sexuality as she looked into her daughter's beautiful, pleading face.

"Oh honey!" Karen sighed. "It's not wrong! IT'S NOT WRONG AT ALL! I WANT YOU TO BE FUCKED BY THESE BLACK RAPPERS! I DO TOO!"



"NO!" Frank Davenport heaved... he was completely ignored.


"OH Becky, I do! I DO understand." Karen moaned. "I didn't understand at first... and I'm sorry... but I sure as HELL understand now...thanks to your sister!" Karen turned to her older daughter Sarah and kissed her deeply, then said "Thank you honey!"

"OH MOM!" Sarah squealed. "I'm SO HAPPY! I can't WAIT to see you and Becky lose your virginity!"

"'s not a virgin." Becky said, confused by Sarah's statement. "She's had sex before... with daddy."

"Daddy doesn't count!" Sarah laughed. "This is the first time mom will ever have sex with a REAL man... with a REAL cock... a BIG BLACK COCK! Isn't that right mom?"

"Oh yes!" Karen gasped hungrily, her heavy white breasts heaving with excitement as she stroked her daughters' pretty hair and looked around the room at all the powerful black studs in the studio. The formerly prim and proper wife was overwhelmed with sexual excitement. "All these men are SO much FUCKING BIGGER than your father... it'll be like my first time all over again!"

"But...what about daddy?" Becky giggled, glancing at her father, then back at her mother.

Karen looked over at her husband, his face dripping with sweat, his pants wet, his small erection barely visible in his crotch. She thought about all he'd seen... their daughters ravished by black men, his wife seduced... and he'd done nothing. He'd allowed himself to be tied to a chair... never even putting up a fight. He'd protested and whined, but still he watched as his Karen and their daughters had been compelled to ravish one another. All of it caught on camera... broadcast on television! Karen glanced at the cameras still trained on her and her daughters. Anyone and everyone could still see her... what she'd done with her daughters. Mrs. Davenport considered her next words... and actions... very carefully.

"Oh, pumpkin..." Karen looked into her virgin daughter's big blue eyes, and smiled sweetly. The beautiful red haired mother leaned in close and kissed her daughter deeply on the mouth. Her voice dropped to a whisper, but the studio microphones and cameras still picked up her every word. "We don't need to worry about your father. He doesn't matter... marriage doesn't matter... saving yourself for marriage doesn't matter..."

As if by cue, B-Love stepped into the camera shot, his obscenely large, rock-hard black cock level with the two pretty redheads' faces. Both mother and daughter smiled. Karen instinctively reached out and grasped B-Love's ebony rod, trying to wrap her slender white fingers around it's heavy girth, failing to close completely around its thickness. Becky's blue eyes widened as Karen lifted B-Love's cock in her hand. The young redhead leaned in closer, her breathing shallow. Becky watched entranced, as her mother began to stroke B-Love's cock. The camera framed the shot beautifully as Karen spoke again.

"All that matters now...all we need now... is this." Karen sighed as she stroked B-Love's monstrous black shaft in her tiny white hand. "Big... BLACK... COCK!"

"Now you're talking sense bitch!" B-Love sneered, stroking Karen's red hair as she smiled up at him adoringly. He glanced at the camera before adding. "Why don't we make it crystal clear for the people at home."

"Tell me Mrs. Davenport," B-Love asked Karen as if he were interviewing her for the program. "What exactly was it that made your oldest daughter throw away her engagement?"

"BIG BLACK COCK!" Karen cried out without hesitation.

B-Love snickered. "What was it that brought your younger daughter to the studio tonight, that made her SO ready to give up her virginity?"

"BIG BLACK COCK!" Karen answered again.

"Mrs. Davenport," B-Love let Karen's married name drip tortuously from his tongue. "Tell us what brought YOU to the studio tonight and has YOU ready to betray your marriage vows?"

"BIG...BLACK...COCK!!!" Karen cried, smiling, staring at B-Love's cock in her hand.

"DAMN RIGHT!" B-Love bellowed as he glared across the studio at Frank Davenport. "TELL HIM! TELL YOUR HUSBAND WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!"

"I...I..." Karen stammered, so lust drunk she could barely focus her eyes as she looked across the studio and into her pathetic husband's horrified face. "I'm about betray our wedding vows... AND give Becky's virginity... to this...THIS...BIG...LONG...HARD...THICK...HOT...BLACK...NIGGER...COCK!"

B-Love chuckled, raising one long middle finger to the Frank Davenport, then the camera. B-Love's finger was longer than most white men's fully erect penises... and it was slick with Becky Davenport's pussy juices, and just a bit of her blood.

"So much for your good family values, white America!" B-Love sneered into the camera. "Now sit back and watch while your wives and daughters BEG to be FUCKED by BIG BLACK NIGGA COCK!"

The heat in the television studio was intense, not just from the studio lights, but from the body heat generated by the debauched interracial orgy unfolding in front of the cameras. The picture was being broadcast live across the nation was high definition image of high contrasting flesh tones, a full color picture of black and white flesh. The “Whole Truth” anchor desk was a mass of naked, writhing bodies… hard black muscle and soft white skin, shining with sweat. All of the men involved were black, most of them members of the rap group “Black Phallus”. All of the women involved were white, but they came from a variety of backgrounds.

Just a few hours earlier, the beautiful blonde television presenter and news correspondent Jessica McFarland had introduced America to the rap group “Black Phallus”. Within minutes, those rappers had introduced the beloved married white journalist to the intense power of black cock. The curvy white reporter was seduced, stripped and fucked on live television, along with her pretty brunette make-up artist, Heather.

Meanwhile, Jessica’s personal assistant, Sarah Davenport, had joined the rappers’ manager Tom Watkins at the anchor desk and taken over the broadcast. Having already been seduced by black studs the previous night, Sarah soon stripped off her own clothing, disavowed her fiancé, and took part in the interracial orgy unfolding in the studio… knowing full well that it was being broadcast into homes across America… including her parents’ home!

Sarah’s sister, Becky Davenport, was already a fan of Black Phallus’s music. Sheltered as she was, the group’s explicit lyric titillated her and the virginal white teen had anxiously tuned in to the pay-per-view only interview learn more about the group. She learned far more than she could have imagined. She saw them seduce not only Jessica McFarland, but video footage of her sister getting fucked by them as well! Through that footage, and a series of phone conversations with her sister and an anonymous black stud, Becky Davenport was lured to the studio that night to give up her virginity to one of these black studs. She’d had no idea that her parents had soon followed her to the studio.

Karen Davenport had been alarmed when she’d come home and found her daughter Becky masturbating on the couch and watching interracial pornography that masqueraded as a ‘music video’. As if that weren’t outrageous enough, Karen then realized that the video in question starred her older daughter, Sarah! After sending Becky to her room, the wife and mother continued watching her television in shock. The rappers on television had their way with the pretty white journalist, a professional white woman just like Karen, who seemed to enjoy every second of being used as a black stud’s sexual plaything. Soon Karen’s shock turned to titillation. So enraptured by the events unfolding on her TV screen, Karen didn’t notice Becky slip out of the house until the virginal teen was speeding out of the driveway. Karen instinctively knew where her daughter was going and quickly called her husband for help. She’d told him, and herself, that they needed to stop Becky from doing something awful… but deep down, there was a hidden truth. When Karen and her husband arrived at the studio, they were in time to stop Becky from losing her virginity, but Karen was quickly overwhelmed sight of the black studs in the studio and the smell of sex in the air. Karen Davenport realized that she didn’t want to stop either one of her daughters, but not only that…she wanted to join them! The studs weren’t going to let her in so easily, they tormented Karen… having her daughters tease and seduce her, making her mock her husband, making her give them her wedding ring, and offer them Becky’s virginity… but Karen had done all of this, without looking back.

The studs from Black Phallus reveled in their victory. Not only had they seduced a beautiful, married white journalist on live television, they’d snagged her make-up artist too. Further, they’d been immeasurably assisted by the journalist’s personal assistant, who they’d seduced the previous day. They’d turned the assistant into such a slut that she betrayed not only her boss, but her fiancé as well, and then delivered her virginal sister and conservative mother into the rappers’ devilish clutches! Now all five beautiful white women were now professing their desire and devotion to black cock on live television… and two of the bitches hadn’t even been properly FUCKED yet! It was now the mother and virgin’s turn, and B-Love, leader of the rap group, had something special planned.

“All right everybody, listen up!” B-Love bellowed, stepping to the foreground of the studio, one hand stroking his huge black cock, while the other fingered his necklace made of white women’s rings. “It’s time for Mrs. Davenport and Becky here to get some nigga dick in those little white pussies! This here is a virgin and her moms, and let’s not forget big sister is here too… so I want this done right.”

B-Love bellowed out instructions for everybody to assume their optimum positions ‘on stage’.

Tom Watkins was ordered to carry Heather, the brunette make-up girl, down to the far end of the desk. He picked the lithe brunette up easily, thick black member still buried in her snatch, and carried her to their new place.

Shemar, who had been fucking Jessica, rose from his seat, guiding the naked white correspondent over to another black stud, the one who had previously been toying with Becky Davenport. Jessica seemed slightly offended that she was being tossed aside, but her face lit up with a big smile when she looked down and saw the black stud’s cock was just as long and thick as Shemar’s. The blonde beauty grasped her new lover’s cock in hand as the two took a place at the far end of the anchor desk, next to Tom and Becky. Becky’s phone stud gave a quick glance at the young redhead, who smiled back at him weakly.

“I…. I’m sorry.” She whimpered to the stud that had seduced her over the phone, enthralled by the attentions of B-Love, Karen, and Sarah. “I know… we thought you’d be my first… but…I’m… I’m such a BIG fan of B-Love and Black Phallus… I hope you understand if I let him…be my first.” she let her sentence trail off quietly, seeing that her phone stud grinned at her, approvingly.

“It’s all good girl.” The stud said to Becky as he casually bent Jessica over the news desk and slapped her bare ass. “B-Love said if I got you down here he’d let me break in that little virgin ass of yours. I’ll be giving you your first butt-fucking later tonight, baby doll!”

“Oh!” Becky blushed and giggled nervously. She glanced at B-Love, then back at her phone-lover. She hadn’t considered the possibility that she might be fucked in her ass! The thought scared her, but also excited her. “Okay…that…I could do that.”

The stud laughed, then shoved his cock deep into Jessica McFarland’s white ass, causing the journalist to scream out and pound the desk slowly.

“OH FUCK!” Jessica cried out, clenching her teeth, her big blue eyes going wide and looking up into a nearby camera that was capturing every second and transmitting it to televisions across the nation. One such television could be found in a waiting room down the hall from the studio. There, Jessica’s husband was locked in, forced to watch in horror as his stunning, accomplished wife was reduced to a black cock fuck toy. He now simply stared at the screen silently, almost catatonic… as if shell-shocked.

The camera now joined the three Davenport women, Karen and her daughters Sarah and Becky.
The three sat on the center area of the glass top news desk, their beautiful naked white bodies huddled together. Karen Davenport sat on the desk, her arms draped over her daughters’ bare shoulders as the two girls knelt on either side of her, their arms around her waist. The three naked black rappers converged and moved side-by-side towards the white mother and daughters. The three women looked up at them, eyes filled with anxious lust.

“Now then,” B-Love said, shamelessly stroking his monstrous black cock in one hand as he stepped towards the three women. “Who’s going to be first? The loving white wife, or the pure white virgin?”

Mr. Davenport, Karen’s husband and the father of Becky and Sarah, sat tied to a nearby chair and watched as three naked, heavily muscled black men approached his family. He’d seen Sarah fucked by these black bastards… he’d seen his wife Karen orally pleasuring them… and he’d heard Becky promise her virginity to them… and there was nothing he could do but watch. Now, again, he could do nothing but watch as the three rappers took their places in front of the ‘his’ girls and ‘his’ wife… and prepared to finalize his humiliation. Karen and Becky, like Sarah before them, were about to get fucked by these black thug rappers! How could this be happening? He and his wife had been so happy for so many years, at least he thought they were. Now she was about to WILLINGLY give herself and their younger daughter to these THUGS they’d just met hours ago...the same black men who had seduced their oldest daughter? No! Even now Frank refused to believe it. Even now, Frank thought he might be able to stop this nightmare if he could just... get through...

“KAREN!” Frank screamed plaintively, trying to ignore B-Love’s earlier threats of violence. “HONEY, PLEASE! OPEN YOUR EYES! LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO YOUR FAMILY!”

Karen didn’t respond to Frank’s pleas. She didn’t really even hear them. By now she was completely under the spell of the three black rappers standing proud and naked before her and her daughters. Her big violet eyes scanned their dark, rippling muscular chests, then dropped downward. Karen let slip a faint whimper as she looked at the three magnificent black cocks that swung at her eye-level barely one-and-a-half feet from her face.

B-Love glanced back at Frank triumphantly. As annoying as the whiteboy’s bitching was, B-Love enjoyed taunting him, and decided this would be an opportunity for a bit more fun.

“Mrs. Davenport, your husband asked you a question.” B-Love said.

“Wha...what?” Karen murmured, as if woken from a trance, but not taking her eyes off B-Love’s cock.

B-Love smirked at Frank, then looked back down at Karen. “He wants you to take a LONG, HARD look at what you’re doing.”

“Long...hard...” Karen murmured, her eyes darting from B-Love’s cock, to Shemar’s, to Big Mike’s… back and forth. “Long. Hard!” Karen dropped her arm from Sarah’s shoulder and began to rub her own pussy as she stared at B-Love’s cock.

“KAREN!” Frank whined. “Can’t you see this is wrong?”

“Can’t you see that THIS,” B-Love said, lifting his own big black cock in his hand. “IS WRONG.”

B-Love lifted it higher, stroking it in his large black hand, showing off cock’s length, girth, and hardness, mocking Frank’s protests.

“Does this look WRONG to you, Karen?” B-Love asked.

“No.” Karen said in the faintest of whispers as she stared at B-Love’s cock. She dropped her other arm from Becky’s shoulders, and now began to rub her pussy with both hands. “That doesn’t look wrong at all. It’s…beautiful.”

Taking a cue from their mother, Sarah and Becky each began to rub their pussies while staring at the big black rappers’ cocks.


B-Love brought his huge cock upward, the thick apple-sized brown head barely just a foot from her face.

“Yeah Karen. Just think of what THIS is gonna DO.” B-Love chuckled, again mocking Frank’s words by twisting them to his own use. “Think of what this is gonna DO… TO YOUR FAMILY!”

“Oh God… I am…I AM thinking of what it’s going to do…Oh…Oh God!” Karen gasped, her full white breasts heaving with excitement as she squirmed on the on the desk, staring at the rappers’ huge black erection and rubbed her pussy frantically. “OH GOD YOU’RE SO BIG!” Karen squealed, working herself into a frenzy.

She looked at B-Love’s huge black cock, a foot long and the color of rich chocolate. She glanced over at Shemar’s cock, just as long, but a bit thinner and lighter in color, almost like coffee with cream. She then looked over at Big Mike’s cock, dark brown and so THICK… a bit shorter than B-Love’s cock, but still MUCH larger than Frank’s. Karen again marveled at how all three of these men were more than TWICE the size of her husband.

“Oh GOD…ALL THREE of you!” Karen screamed, climaxing as she stared at the rappers’ erections. “All THREE of you are TWICE AS LARGE as Frank!”

Frank heard the excitement in his wife’s voice and his heart sank. He knew she was beyond his attempts at reasoning. He was about to lose the woman he loved to these sadistic thug rappers. Frank began to cry, not in masculine reserved tears, but heaving sobs. Desperate to stop them, Frank tried to think of what he could do to prevent his wife from being completely seduced and spoiled by these men. All he could do was beg.

“PLEASE!” Frank sobbed. “You men…I…I’ve never done anything to you! I love my family… my daughters…my wife… Oh GOD!” Frank nearly choked on his tears. “Please… PLEASE… Becky’s a virgin… and…my wife…. I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Don’t take them away from me!”

“Oh GOD!” Sarah pouted unsympathetically, amused but ashamed by her father’s behavior. “Look, daddy’s CRYING now!”

“Daddy, stop it! You’re embarrassing me.” Becky said, naked, rubbing her virgin pussy frantically on live television while staring at Big Mike’s huge black penis.

“Frank, calm down.” Karen admonished her husband. “Stop thinking about yourself and what YOU want. If you love us then you should want the BEST for us… your daughters…and your wife!”

“I couldn’t have put it better myself, Mrs. Davenport.” B-Love smiled. “The BEST is exactly what you’re gonna get … the BEST fucking you’ve ever had in your lily white lives, and it’s gonna be from a BIG, BLACK, COCKS. All three of you, mother and daughters, side by side, all three gettin’ FUCKED by NIGGA THUG RAPPERS! Now THAT’S the fucking BEST.”

“OH GOD YES!” Karen cried, her wide violet eyes darting hungrily from one big black cock to the next. “Yes…fuck ALL of us! All together!”

“YES!” Sarah and Becky cried enthusiastically.

Big Mike chuckled ominously.

“Hmmmm, now who’s gonna fuck who?” B-Love asked himself out loud, glancing at Frank Davenport, malevolently taunting the defeated husband and father. “Which one am I going to fuck first? His big-titty wife or his virgin daughter?”

“Why don’t we let momma decide?” Shemar asked, turning to Karen. “Mrs. Davenport, why don’t YOU pick which one of these big nigga cocks is gonna deflower your sweet virgin Becky, and which one is gonna fuck that hot married white pussy of YOURS! The other will be fucking Sarah, right beside you and Becky!”

“Oh…oh my.” Karen said, gasping, her full milky breasts heaving excitedly. “H…how will I chose?”

“Feel ‘em bitch.” Big Mike grunted. “Stroke these nigga dicks, give ‘em a squeeze, feel how HARD and THICK we are.”

“Oh…Oh God.” Karen said, immediately grasping Shemar and Big Mike’s cocks, stroking one in each of her tiny white hands. “God…you’re all so…SO…” Karen couldn’t finish her sentence. Instead she just giggled wickedly.

“Hurry mom.” Sarah said, wantonly, anxious to see her mother and sister brought into the fold.

“Yeah mom, hurry.” Becky gasped, biting her lower lip and stared hungrily at B-Love’s cock as she fingered her pussy. “Oh God…hurry.”

Karen sighed, almost hypnotizing herself as she stroked Big Mike’s and Shemar’s cocks.

B-Love stepped forward, bring his own huge cock closer to Karen’s face. Taking the cue, quickly moved both of her hands to B-Love’s cock, stroking it hand-over-hand, admiring how much of his cock was still visible outside her grip.

“Well Mrs. Davenport?” B-Love asked. “Which one is it gonna be?”

Karen looked up the rapper towering over her, his reflective sunglasses mirroring her reflection. She saw herself naked, stroking his huge black cock. She saw the beautiful necklace he wore, all the pretty rings… her wedding ring… Sarah’s engagement ring. His trophies. Karen glanced over at Becky’s promise ring, the symbol of her pledge of virginity, glittering on her tiny white hand as she frantically rubbed her pussy. It was so pretty… but would look so much prettier on B-Love’s chain.

B-Love followed Karen’s eyeline and smiled. He knew what she was thinking. She looked up at him, and knew what he was thinking too.

“Yes.” he said quietly. It was all the instruction she needed.

“Becky, honey.” Karen said, looking up at B-Love’s serene, confident black face. “Give mommy your promise ring.”

Becky hesitated just for a second, her eyes widening with realization when she saw her mother’s gaze fixed on B-Love’s necklace. The virginal redhead quickly lifted her hand from her pussy and pulled the ring from her finger, handing it to her mother with almost comical speed.

Karen held Becky’s ring in the palm of her hand and studied it. It was so pretty, the platinum band so delicate, the opal so fiery. She held it up, offering it to B-Love.

“I have to… do what’s best for my family.” Karen said quietly.

B-Love’s mouth broadened into a joyous, brilliant smile. “You are truly a wonderful mother.” He said, taking the ring from Mrs. Davenport’s trembling white hand. B-Love gently slipped the ring over the broken end of Sarah’s engagement ring, next to Mrs. Davenport’s wedding ring. The looked so pretty together on his chain… just like the naked mother and daughters before him on the desk.

“Okay Karen, you’ve selected me to be the first man to fuck your pretty virgin daughter, Becky.” B-Love narrated for the camera. He stepped back from Karen, letting Big Mike and Shemar get a bit closer to her. “Now, who will be YOUR first REAL man?”

Karen looked back and forth between Big Mike and Shemar. Shemar was beautiful, with a handsome face, smooth café latte skin, muscular chest, and a big black cock. He looked like he would be gentle, in spite of his muscular build. Then Karen considered Big Mike. While all three of the rappers were muscular, Big Mike was just fucking huge, like a black hulk. He was built like a brick wall… that is if the bricks were made of obsidian! His shoulders looked like they were three feet across. His pectoral muscles were huge, but rock-hard and well defined, just like his abdominals, biceps, and well… everything else. Then there was his cock. Not quite as long as B-Love’s or Shemar’s but so thick, almost like a cola can. She reached forward with both of her hands, taking a rapper’s cock in each. She stroked them, admiring their length, hardness, girth. Again she marveled at their size, the way their skin color contrasted so beautifully with her own.

“You better pick fast momma,” B-Love teased as he stepped over closer to Becky and stroked her blushing cheek with a powerful black hand. “otherwise, they might BOTH fuck you at the same time… and I’m not sure you can handle all that just yet!”

“Oh God…BOTH OF THEM!?” Karen gasped, smiling excitedly as she looked at the two cock in her hands. “Together!?” Karen’s mind flooded with images of herself being ravished by both of these studs at the same time, their huge cocks pistoning in and out of her body… Dear God, what would it be like?

“Oh HELL no!” Sarah protested, snapping her mother out of her reverie. “Don’t you DARE take both of them! I need more black cock!”

“Yeah baby, one for now.” Big Mike chuckled. “If you want to get crazy later, I promise we’ll double up on you later. Shit… we’ll triple team you and make you airtight!”

“Oh my GOD!” Karen gasped, her big violet eyes going wide and looking up excitedly into Big Mike’s grinning face. She shivered at the thought of all three black men fucking her at once. The thought excited her… and so did Big Mike’s audacity.

Karen’s excitement did not go unnoticed by Big Mike.

“Fuck yeah!” Big Mike laughed. The seduced white wife was responding to his dirty talk, and he ran with it.
“You like that idea, don’t you? You’re a kinky, repressed white cunt, just like Sarah! I wonder if your pussy is as tight as hers? Tell me momma, is it? Is your pussy as tight as your daughter’s? I bet it is! You ain’t never had a REAL man in that pussy yet, have you? Sarah may have been a virgin yesterday, but she’s had a few niggas inside of her in the last twenty-four hours. She probably ain’t that tight no more. Especially not after she took MY BIG NIGGA COCK!”

Big Mike’s dirty talk worked like a charm on the beautiful housewife. Karen suddenly visualized that the slick-yet-sticky residue on Big Mike’s cock as her daughter’s own pussy juices. The fluid slipped from under Karen’s fingers as she stroked the huge black cock in her hand. As much as this thought should have repulsed Karen… it did exactly the opposite. She looked down at the fat black cock in her tiny white hand. She couldn’t even close her fingers around its girth! She knew she had to have it inside her… immediately.

“YOU!” Karen said, emphatically, looking up at Big Mike and taking his cock in both hands. “I want YOU to be my first… REAL man!”

“FUCK YEAH BABY!” Big Mike hollered. “Big Mike gonna teach you FOR REAL why your daughters are goin’ BLACK! BITCH, YOU AIN’T NEVER GONNA BE THE SAME!”

Big Mike couldn’t help but sneer at Karen’s husband across the studio. Frank Davenport hung his head low and stared at the floor, unable to watch anymore.

“That means I’M YOURS!” Sarah growled at Shemar, wantonly. “Oh GOD I’m so fucking WET! Come here and FUCK ME with your BIG BLACK COCK! Take me while your boys fuck my mom and sister!”

“Hell yeah!” Shemar laughed. “This bitch is ready to GO!”

“How about you Becky?” B-Love breathed in his gravelly baritone as he moved forward, placing his large black hands on Becky’s bare white knees, then sliding them over her soft, creamy thighs, spreading them and exposing her virgin sex. “You ready to GO?”

“Oh God!” Becky gasped breathlessly as she looked up at B-Love. The gangsta rapper whose music she loved… who she’d ogled in magazines… who she’d had ‘wicked’ dreams about… to whom she’d ‘touched’ herself… The same man was now standing before her, stroking his raging twelve-inch black cock just about one foot away from her vulnerable unspoiled cunt. Suddenly, at that moment, that cock looked impossibly large. Thrilled as Becky had been at the fantasy of being deflowered by a huge black cock, the reality was just now hitting home. Becky’s inexperienced young mind flooded with questions. Was she really ready? Could she handle it? Did she really want this? It was all too much. She panicked, beginning to buck and squirm, almost as if she was trying to get away from the powerful black rapper.

“Mom? MOM!” Becky gasped excitedly, gasps that built into frenzied screams. “Is this it? Is it? Oh God, this IS it! HE’S GOING TO FUCK ME! OH GOD! MOM IT’S SO BIG! IT’S… TOO BIG! OH GOD, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?”

“Yo, momma!” B-Love called to Karen. “Baby girl is getting cold feet. You want to help me fix this?”

“Calm down Rebecca!” Karen hissed, chastising her nervous daughter, but never taking her eyes off Big Mike’s throbbing black dick. “Remember… you wanted this! I want it too! Now we’re BOTH going to GET IT! Don’t fuck this up!”

“MOM!?” Becky whined, aghast at her mother’s demeanor.

Karen looked over at Becky, seeing the fear in her daughter’s big blue eyes. She immediately felt guilty for snapping at her.

“I’m sorry sweetie!” Karen said, adopting a pacifying, motherly tone. She leaned over and stroked Becky’s long red hair, then gently kissed her younger daughter’s forehead. “Don’t be afraid, mommy’s here for you! Everything’s going to be okay! Remember this is what you wanted!”

“I know mom,” Becky whimpered, breathing heavily, her young naked breasts quivering as her chest heaved. “but it’s just too BIG! I don’t know if…if I can!”

“You’re eighteen Becky, you’re a big girl now, you can do anything you put your mind to.” Karen cooed, “Be brave! Mommy’s gonna be right here beside you.”

“I don’t think that’s going to be enough Karen.” B-Love said. “I think maybe momma bird’s got to show her baby bird how to fly for the first time!”

“Wha…what?” Karen panted anxiously.

“I think Becky here needs a little more guidance from her moms.” B-Love explained. “I think you’re gonna have to guide by big nigga cock into your daughter’s sweet white virgin pussy!”

Karen looked at B-Love’s rampant black hard-on pointing ominously towards her chaste daughter’s naked fiery pussy. She imagined her small white hand grasping the rock-hard shaft and slipping it into Becky’s private folds. The blonde mother-of-two shivered, looking up into her Becky’s desperate, blue eyes.

“Oh…OH MY GOD! MOM!” Becky gasped. “Are you…going to…”

“That is so HOT!” Sarah shrieked happily. “Let me help too! Please.”

“You bet girl!” Shemar said. “Why don’t you help your sister get more…comfortable.”

Shemar reached out, gently slipping his mighty hands under Becky’s slender white arms and cupping her firm white breasts, pulling her petite white body back along the desk and driving the slender redhead to lie back. Sarah bent forward, her pretty ass lifting into the air as she leaned over the desk and rested her hands on Becky’s shoulders, compelling her sister to keep laying back.

“It’s okay sis,” Sarah whispered. “It’s going to be SO good!”

Not waiting for Karen’s response, Big Mike bodily lifting her curvaceous frame off the desk and spinning her around. Tall and thick as Karen was, Big Mike’s powerful black muscles handled her swiftly and easily, as if she weighed nothing at all. He bent the buxom red-haired beauty over the desk, her full, milky white breasts pressed against the cold glass desktop, her hands resting on Becky’s bare white thigh, and her face hovering above Becky’s hot wet cunt. She felt Big Mike’s huge cock slap against her ass, then slide along the outer edge of her super-sensitive cunt lips. Karen’s violet eyes shot wide open at the incredible sensation.

“OH! OH GOD!” Karen cried, desperately backing her ass up, trying to force Big Mike’s cock into her wet married pussy.

Big Mike pulled back though, teasing Karen’s cunt lips with the tip of his huge, thick cock.

“Easy girl. If you want to be FUCKED by a BIG BLACK DICK,” Big Mike said, rubbing his hot, hard cock head up and down Karen Davenport’s smooth white ass and pink pussy lips, “you’re gonna do exactly as my boy tells you!”

The cameras moved in, following the action closely. One camera focused on Jessica McFarland and Heather the make-up girl as they watched from the other end of the desk, they’re black lovers still fucking them from behind. The studio crew was recording everything they could for alternate angles and takes that could be released later on DVDs and websites. The two other cameras in the studio were focused on the Davenport women, and their seduction at the hands of the Black Phallus rappers.

B-Love stepped forward, his cock just over a foot from Karen’s face.

“Take my cock in your hand Karen.” B-Love commanded, grasping Becky’s knees and spreading her legs. “Guide my black cock into your daughter’s white virgin cunt. Give me her virginity!”

“Oh...oh...” Karen whimpered, looking at her daughter.

“Go on bitch, she needs your help.” Big Mike encouraged the hesitant mother. He cupped her smooth curvy white ass with his powerful back hands, stroking it gently, and slowly spreading her ass cheeks to expose Karen’s wet, hungry married pussy.

Karen whimpered as she felt Big Mike’s rough, strong hands rubbing her soft white ass. Then, unexpectedly, she felt Big Mike’s hands slip away. Karen was about to turn around and protest when she suddenly felt something pressing against her pussy lips, then beginning to slip inside. She immediately backed her ass into the hot, probing sensation, desperate for more intimate contact. Her movement was rewarded by the feeling of something thick slipping into her wet pink cunt, pushing deeper and deeper... then getting thicker... and thicker again!

“Oh… Oh my GOD! YES! FUCK ME!” Karen moaned at Big Mike, while looking into Becky’s wide blue eyes. “YES! Your cock is SO BIG!” Karen whimpered feeling her pussy walls stretching to accommodate Big Mike’s intrusion.

“Hah-ha-hah!” Big Mike laughed out loud. “Bitch, that ain’t my cock! That’s just a couple of my fingers! Shit, how fucking SMALL is your husband anyway?”

Karen looked over her shoulder and saw that indeed, Big Mike’s cock was in his hand, while his other hand was down between Karen’s legs, fingering her pussy.

“Believe me bitch,” Big Mike tapped Karen’s ass playfully with his thick, rock hard black cock. “When I put THIS inside you, you’ll fucking KNOW!”

“Please...Please fuck me!” Karen begged, shamelessly.

“I will baby, but first you need to help your daughter get hers.” Big Mike whispered quietly, in his deep gravelly voice. “Every inch you give her…Big Mike will give YOU!”

Shemar leaned in over Sarah, still bent over the desk and holding her sister’s shoulders, and whispered in her ear. “Help ‘em out girl. Give them some encouragement.”

Sarah felt Shemar’s fat black cockhead pushing into her young white body. “Oh God mom! DO IT!” she moaned, watching her mother and sister on the brink being converted to black-cock-sluthood like her as Shemar teased her cunt. “You know she wants it! You know YOU want it! Help her see the truth!”

“Go on Karen.” B-Love said. “Guide my cock into your daughter.”

“Mom...MOM?” Becky whimpered plaintively, her big blue eyes welling with raw emotion, stared at her mother.

Looking her daughter right in the eye, Karen reached a trembling hand out and grasped B-Love’s thick black shaft in her trembling white hand. The rapper stepped forward, moving closer to Becky as her mother pointed his cock at her virgin pussy.

“Oh God…MOM!” Becky gasped in disbelief. “Are… Are you really going to…to… ?” Her voice trailed off, Becky’s mind so conflicted between fear and lust she found herself unable to form coherent sentences. In spite of her mental confusion, her body was responding very positively to Becky’s environment. Her lightly freckled flesh flushed pink with excitement and she began to buck her hips involuntarily, causing her firm, young breasts to jiggle.

“You…want this Becky.” Karen said, stroking B-Love’s cock almost as if in a trance and easing the rapper closer and closer to her virginal red-haired daughter. “You know you want it. Don’t be afraid.”

“Atta’ girl.” Big Mike cooed at Karen, rewarding her with a third finger in her hot wet cunt. “Get that dick inside her, and I get this dick inside you.” He tapped Karen on the ass again with his fat, heavy black cock.

Becky stared at the huge black cock in her mother’s hand. “Yes.” She breathed, her young chest heaving, making the site of her quivering tits ever more tantalizing. Her big blue eyes darted back and forth between her mother’s beautiful white face and B-Love’s beautiful black cock. Then, Becky glimpsed a figure between her mother and B-Love… a figure in the back ground, tied to a chair. Her father. “WAIT! What about…”

“What about what sweetie?” Karen said, guiding B-Love’s throbbing black member closer to Becky’s young white cunt as B-Love probed deeper into her own.

“What about…our family?” Becky asked, her big blue eyes darting back and forth between her mother and B-Love’s cock.

“We’re all here for you honey!” Karen said. “Mommy’s right here, and she loves you! Sarah’s here, and she loves you too! We want the BEST for you Becky! Don’t you still want THE BEST?”

“Oh God…Mom…yes.” Becky whimpered… then again glanced at her father, and whispered. “But…what about… daddy?”

“Wha...ahh...who?” Karen asked, staring at the cock in her hand, feeling Big Mike now beginning to rub and stroke her clit.

“Daddy!” Becky whispered again.

“Oh,” Karen said, turning her head and glancing at her defeated, dejected husband, still tied to a chair off camera. “You mean him?” Karen said derisively, turning her face back towards Becky and nodding towards Frank Davenport, tied to his chair.

“Yes, daddy!” Becky said. “Won’t he be mad?”

“Oh...oh...oh honey!” Karen smiled sweetly, suppressing a giggle at her daughter’s earnestness. “I don’t really care. So what if he’s angry… or sad… I don’t think we need to worry about ‘daddy’ anymore. Do you?”

Attempting to ensure she held Becky’s full attention, her mother gently lifted B-Love’s cock upward, pointing it to the studio ceiling and stroking it up and down slowly to emphasize its length. Making certain her daughter was watching, Karen then leaned forward and kissed B-Love’s heavy black balls, then gently slid her tongue up each black inch of B-Love’s foot-long cock.

Becky stared silently, entranced by the sight of her mother slowly, gently, but deliberately licking Becky’s favorite rapper’s enormous black cock. As she watched her mother reached the tip of B-Love’s cock, Becky watched her roll her tongue around the tip. Involuntarily, Becky stuck her own tongue out, licking her lips slowly, as if trying to match her mother’s technique.

Karen then turned back to her daughter, who she saw staring at her wide-eyed. The studio cameras closed in on the action, studying the exchange between mother and daughter.

“Well?” Karen asked, awaiting an answer to her question as she lowered B-Love’s glistening black cock and pointed its pulsating apple-sized head directly at Becky’s virginal pink flower.

“What?” Becky sighed, briefly broken from her trance but having completely forgotten her previous train of thought.

“Do you think we need to worry about daddy anymore?” Karen asked quietly.

“Who?” Becky whispered, staring pie-eyed at B-Love’s rampant black cock.

Karen smiled. “Are you ready now?”

“I…I think so.” Becky said, still staring at B-Love’s cock. Just then, Becky saw a bead of pre-cum emerge from the tip, the viscous pearly fluid contrasting with the purple-ish brown head. Becky’s big blue eyes widened. “Oh… oh MOM! What about… shouldn’t I use… protection?”

Karen glanced up at B-Love. He shook his head slowly, almost imperceptibly.

“Oh honey…” Karen said, looking back down at her daughter’s face and shaking her head sadly. “You DON’T REALLY want to make him put a condom on, do you?”

Becky stared at the growing bead of pre-cum forming on B-Love’s cock tip. Becky’s mother began to stroke B-Love’s cock again, and moved it closer to Becky’s unprotected pussy. The bead of pre-cum began to distend, slowly stretching downward and hanging from B-Love’s cock for a few seconds, then dropping directly onto Becky’s exposed pussy lips! Becky gasped at the sensation of the hot, thick semen sliding down her inexperienced pussy.

“OH…OH GOD!” Becky whimpered, bucking her hips.

Becky’s big blue eyes looked down past her young, slender white body, over her pert, creamy breasts, over her flat white tummy, over her fiery red virgin pussy, between her spread white thighs and up at the HUGE black cock that her mother held and now pointed at her. She watched her mother stroke B-Love’s cock, forcing another bead of pre-cum to form at its tip, bigger this time, the pearly white fluid began to seep from the rapper’s engorged ebony erection and gently splatter across Becky’s naked white body.

“No…no…NO condom!” Becky gasped, her pretty tits heaving as her breathing began to quicken. “Just…JUST DO IT! Just fuck me! FUCK ME!!”

“Good girl.” Karen smiled, and pulled B-Love’s cock, motioning him to step forward and claim his virgin prize! She glanced over her shoulder at Big Mike, who was still stroking his cock and waving it teasingly over Karen’s round white ass. He nodded his approval and backed up slightly, letting his huge, throbbing black cock drop downward and between Karen’s legs. Karen grinned and trembled, knowing that she’d done well for her black masters, and would now be rewarded… blessed… by the fucking so desperately wanted. She felt the tip of Big Mike’s hot, fat, cock head teasing her hot, hungry pussy lips, sliding up and down. Karen trembled, and turned back to Becky, whispering gratefully. “Thank you sweetie. Mommy loves you!”

“I love you too mom!” Becky said, obviously still nervous but bravely fighting it. She looked up at B-Love. “I…love you too… B-Love.”

“That’s nice girl.” B-Love said, indifferently. “Now give yourself to me!”

“Y-yes…sss… SIR!” Becky stammered, staring at the huge black cock that her mother held barely one inch from her young virgin cunt. Shivering, her chest heaving with excitement, Becky Davenport bit her lowerlip, and gently raised her hips. Then, a half a second later, for the first time in her life, Becky Davenport felt the touch of a MAN’S COCK on her pussy… the gentle, but HOT sensation of B-Love’s throbbing black cock head lightly running along the length of Becky’s soft pink outer lips… and then...

“OH FUCK!!” Becky and Karen screamed simultaneously.


Frank Davenport sat tied to a chair in a KNEN television studio watching in helpless horror as three thug rappers shattered his entire world, barely able to comprehend how he had fallen so far in one day.

That morning Frank had had the perfect white suburban life. He worked as a youth minister at a successful ‘mega-church’ and had a family that respected and followed his religious beliefs. His lovely wife Karen worked as a legal secretary and had given him two beautiful daughters. Their oldest daughter, Sarah, was engaged to a successful young businessman and held a prestigious job as executive assistant to the television news star Jessica McFarland. His younger daughter, Becky, was soon to graduate high school and had recently been accepted to an Ivy League university. Frank could not have been more prouder of his family.

That afternoon Frank was at a church meeting when his wife called him, hysterical, almost incomprehensible, but insisting their daughters were in danger and demanding Frank come home immediately. Frank raced home to find Karen standing in front of their house. Before he could pull into the driveway, Karen rushed to the SUV and jumped in, ordering Frank to drive to the KNEN network studio, where their oldest daughter worked. Karen, her face blushing, chest heaving, and eyes glazed over in shock, launched a frenzied story as Frank drove. Frank couldn’t believe the perverted nightmare his wife described witnessing, each detail Karen described was more horrible than the one before! Together, they raced to the studio, intent on saving their daughters’ souls. It all seemed so unreal, yet when Frank arrived at the studio, he witnessed the horrible reality with his own eyes. Just as his wife had described, Frank saw a group of large, muscular black men rapaciously cavorting with KNEN’s journalist Jessica McFarland and a young brunette Frank didn’t recognize… all of them naked. Frank had never seen a more lurid sight… until he saw his daughters.

Frank saw Sarah first, but barely recognized her. Gone was the demure young woman he’d watched her grown up to be… replaced with a sweaty, moaning white slut allowing herself to be ravaged by a black man at the studio anchor desk. Seeing this, Frank immediately feared that his younger daughter, Becky, might be in store for the same fate. His fears proved justified moments later when Becky paraded into the studio clad only in a flimsy bra and panties and announced her desire to lose her virginity yet another one these ravenous black men. Frank begged Becky to retain her virginity, but his protests were ignored as both his daughters and their companions instead focused their attention on Frank’s wife. Karen had accompanied Frank into the studio, and like him was witnessing her daughters debauchery with her own eyes. Now, Frank was subjected to his daughters’ taunts as they brazenly challenged their mother to either support their father’s protest, or submit herself to the torrid, interracial debauchery. To Frank’s horror, his loving wife quickly succumbed to her daughters’ depraved invitation, abruptly stripping herself and joining Sarah and Becky in sinful congress with these perverted black devils. When Frank tried to intervene more forcefully he was tied to a chair and forced watch as cameras circled the soundstage, devouring the action like a pack of hungry wolves and broadcasting every moment to television and internet. Screams, moans, and other guttural noises reverberated all around the studio set.

In the middle of the studio, on a large glass anchor desk, a scene of naked, unbridled debauchery unfolded under the hot lights.

Jessica McFarland and her pretty brunette make-up girl, Heather, were both bent over one end of the long, glass anchor desk, being mercilessly fucked from behind by two very large black men. At the other end of the glass table, Frank Davenport’s wife and daughters were engaging each of the three black rappers, all of them together, all of them naked. Frank watched his wife and daughters… unable to stop their debauched behavior, unable to look away from it, and unable to suppress the modest erection growing in his pants which betrayed his primal acceptance of black male dominance. Tonight, Frank Davenport, along with the rest of America, was learning the “Whole Truth” about black men’s sexual power.

Sarah, Frank’s oldest daughter, stood on one leg behind the anchor desk, lifting her other foot off the floor and resting her knee on the desktop, spreading her legs for the rapper standing behind her. Shemar gripped Sarah’s hips as he slowly thrust his thick, chocolate cock in and out of her pretty blonde pussy.

The rappers took their time with Frank Davenport’s wife and youngest daughter, building sexual tension, partly for show, partly to further titillate the previously conservative white women. Neither Becky nor her mother had been ‘penetrated’ by these men yet… but any hope Frank Davenport had of that not happening was fading fast.

Becky lay back on the glass desktop in front of and under Sarah. Her young, lithe, naked white body practically glowed under the studio lights. Her pretty red-haired head was cradled in her older sister’s gentle hands. Frank had watched as the rappers’ leader, B-Love, approached Becky’s trembling, vulnerable white body. Frank saw his daughter’s big blue eyes lock onto the rapper’s monstrous black cock, rock hard and hanging ominously between her spread white knees. Becky was a virgin, never knowing the feeling of any man inside her, let alone one so monstrously large. Having originally been an eager participant, Becky suddenly looked uncertain. Frank had latched onto this glimmer of hope, and called out to his daughter to resist.

Frank’s pleas were mocked by the rappers, who decided to play Becky’s mother against her father in a twisted battle of wills for Becky’s virginity. B-Love announced that he only allow Karen to be fucked by black men if she assisted B-Love in taking Becky’s virginity. To that end, he ordered Karen to guide his cock into Becky’s pussy.

This, Frank Davenport had thought, would surely be too outrageous and disgusting of an act for Karen to accept. Sarah might have been lost, but Frank clung to the desperate hope that Karen would come to her senses and save their daughter and herself from the clutches of these disgusting thugs.

Frank was quickly stripped of that hope.

He watched as his wife bent over the desk, next to their older daughter, then leaned across their younger daughter’s naked white body. Karen’s heavy, soft white breasts gently grazed her Becky’s flat white tummy and creamy white thighs. Using one hand, Karen stroked Becky’s forehead and silky red hair. With her other hand, Karen reached out and gently gripped B-Love’s raging, ebony cock. Her nimble fingers quickly circled the rock-hard shaft, though its thick girth prevented her fingertips from meeting. A pale mark on one finger betrayed the absence of her once treasured wedding ring, given to B-Love as a token of her new loyalty to him. Gently gripping the huge black weapon in her tiny white hand, Karen began slowly stroking B-Love’s cock.

“God Yes! Do it! Do it!” Sarah cried, watching her mother and sister.

Another rapper, an ebony-skinned muscular giant called “Big Mike” stood behind Karen. This hulking black thug stroked Karen’s silky red hair and naked white body with his dark, meaty hands. The tip of his own ebony manhood, rivaling the monstrous size of B-Love’s, teased Karen’s hungry, married pussy. The rapper tormented the white housewife, delicately sliding the tip of his cock up and down the length of her burning pussy lips, working her into a desperate sexual frenzy, further persuading her to do exactly what the rappers wanted. Karen responded increasing the speed of her cock-stroking, and pointing the tip of B-Love’s throbbing black member towards her younger daughter’s virgin pussy. B-Love took a step forward, reaching out to gently stroke Becky’s flat white tummy and little red-haired muffin with his huge, black hand.

Becky craned her neck, supported by her sister’s gentle hands, to see the tip of B-Love’s turgid black cock moving closer and closer to her unguarded sex. Both Becky and Sarah stared at the huge black cock in their mother’s tiny white hand as she guided it closer and closer towards its precious prize. B-Love sneered, flexing some muscles in his abdomen, making his huge cock twitch and jump in Karen’s hand like a raging, rampant beast, threatening to go wild. All three women gasped excitedly.

Frank kept his eyes open, trying to be strong, but he didn’t want to watch the ‘degradation’ of his wife and daughters any longer. He tried to turn away from the scene on the anchor desk, but every where he turned, studio monitors in his line of vision displayed different camera angles of the ‘action’ unfolding a few feet away… the ‘defilement’ of his precious daughter was all around him… inescapable.

On one monitor, he heard his dear sweet Becky express disbelief that her mother was actually going to help these rappers… Frank thought, yet again, this might stop everything. To his disgust, he heard his wife assure their daughter this was the right thing to do… and that this was what Becky really wanted!

Frank turned away from the monitor in horror, only to find himself looking at another monitor, with another camera angle. There, Frank heard his wife and daughter talking about him. He heard his precious kitten express concern for his feelings… for the fate of their family. Again, his wife dissuaded Becky of her righteous concerns, distracting her attention with a lurid display… kissing and sucking the vile black thug’s cock as Becky watched!

Frank turned away again, but his eyes fell on yet another monitor, Frank saw a close-up of thick drops of pre-cum oozing from the rapper’s cock’s apple-sized tip and dripping ominously onto Becky’s bare thighs and red-haired virgin cunt! He heard Becky ask about a condom, only for her mother to again dissuade Becky of the idea… and for Becky to react with excitement … Bucking her hips, arching her back, lifting her perfect ass off the surface of the table and bringing her virgin pussy closer to the rapper’s horrible, throbbing, black cock… and BEGGING him to fuck her!

Finally, Frank sat staring at the monitor in a state of shock as the camera closed in on the moment that his precious young Becky lost her virginity to a black rapper on live television.

The screen showed Becky’s pretty red-haired pussy, it’s beautiful pink folds shining with her excitement, and twitching in anticipation, contracting again and if hungry for that thug’s defilement. Then, from one side of the screen, the throbbing, dripping black head of that monstrous black cock… gripped by Becky’s own mother’s lily white hand. The studio was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Karen Davenport’s used two fingers to gently stroked her daughter’s dripping virgin cunt lips, then gently part them opening her daughter’s delicate folds as her other hand brought the rapper’s monstrous black cock that final inch.

A thick, white glob of pre-cum beaded at the tip of B-Love’s cock. Karen gently shook the cock, letting the pearl drip from the cock head and slide down over Becky’s virgin pussy. Becky moaned loudly. Another bead of pre-cum emerged from B-Love’s cock.

This time, however, Karen did not shake the stud’s cock.

This time, Karen spread her daughter’s pussy lips with one hand and used the other to gently, purposely, guided the oozing, throbbing black cock’s tip directly into Becky’s virgin folds!


Becky Davenport’s reaction was immediate and extreme. The sexual tension was too much for the red-aired teen to bear. Her body shuddered, wracked by orgasm at the slightest touch of that majestic black cock on her pink virgin pussy. Becky screamed, arching her back, bucking her hips…and allowing B-Love’s whole apple-sized cock head to slip into her virgin cunt!

“OH FUCK” Becky screamed as she felt her pristine pussy opened for the first time by first inch of B-Love’s foot-long black cock! Cameras captured that moment of first contact and the wild look in Becky Davenport’s big blue eyes, broadcasting her shock and excitement out to televisions in homes across America.

“OH....OH FUCK!!” Karen cried out loud at the same moment, as she felt Big Mike’s uncut girth slipping into her married white cunt.

Big Mike had waited anxiously behind Karen as she guided B-Love’s cock head into her Becky’s virgin pussy. Just as the tip of B-Love’s purple-brown cock head slipped past Becky’s outer lips Big Mike anxiously pushed forward against Karen, slipping his cockhead into her pussy and rewarding her for her obedience.

Karen moaned, bucking her wide white hips backward against Big Mike, anxious to take more of his cock inside her. He was only about one or two inches in, but he was so much thicker than her husband that Karen could already feel an orgasm building! In her excitement, Karen’s grasp on B-Love’s shaft loosened... and the rapper took advantage of the fact by letting another inch of his monstrous black cock into Becky’s virgin cunt!

“OH....OH FUCK!!” Becky screamed again, unprepared for the incredible sensation a mere three inches of THICK black cock pushing into her virgin cunt had given her. She’d never felt anything like what this powerful Adonis was giving her. She’d touched herself before, of course. She’d masturbated listening to this very man’s music…looking at his picture… fantasizing about him… but the reality was SO different. “OH! OH GOD!”

“AHH…OH GOD!!” Karen Davenport screamed as she felt Big Mike drive two more inches of his fat black rod into her married pussy. His powerful black hands grasped Karen’s wide hips and lifted her curvy white ass upwards, forcing Karen’s face downward. Karen braced herself against the glass desk, her full white breasts pressing against the cool transparent surface. She glimpsed a studio cameraman under the desk, filming her with a handheld camera and grinning wickedly. Karen stared right into the camera lens for a moment, briefly thinking about the fact that her debauchery was being broadcast on live television. Karen moaned, biting her lower lip and again grabbed the base of B-Love’s cock shaft and continued guiding B-Love’s cock into her daughter’s virgin pussy.

“AAHHSHIT! MOM! OH GOD! IT’S SO BIG!” Karen heard her daughter Becky scream. “He’s.. so… DEEP!”

“Deep?” B-Love laughed at the inexperienced white teen. “Shit girl, it’s only a couple inches. I ain’t even busted your hymen yet! God DAMN you’re tight!”

Becky looked up into B-Love’s mirror-sunglasses, seeing her own naked image as B-Love forcefully pushed another inch of his cock into her virgin pussy. She looked down over her flat white tummy, seeing that indeed, almost ten inches of B-Love’s monstrous black cock had not yet penetrated her young white body. She watched as B-Love slowly and gently pushed a bit further into her virgin pussy. It was tight, so tight Becky could have sworn she could feel B-Love’s heartbeat… his pulse… through his cock! Becky felt an intense pressure… then pain. Her big blue eyes widened with sudden panic as her doubt returned with a vengeance.

“OH…MY…GOD!!” Becky panicked “IT’S TOO BIG! He’s going to tear me apart!” Becky bucked her hips violently forcing B-Love’s cock to slip from her pussy.

“Easy sis!” Sarah Davenport groaned, trying to hold her sister’s shoulders. Shemar continued fucking Sarah from behind as she tried to calm her younger sister. “It’s okay. It’ll hurt a little at first. It did last night, for me… when B-Love took my virginity!”

“OH GOD…OH GOD!” Becky gasped, squirming on the desktop, staring at the HUGE black cock between her legs. At that moment, it all seemed so frightening. “I don’t… I don’t know…”

Big Mike lifted Karen up, driving another inch of his thick black member into her voluptuous white body. Karen was shoved forward, her pretty face pressed against Becky’s flat white tummy… which in turn, pinned Becky to the desktop.

Karen Davenport was in her own world, completely oblivious to her youngest daughter’s panic attack, even though it was unfolding literally under her nose. The beautiful wife and mother had never felt so good, so FULL in her life. Karen caught a glimpse of herself in the studio monitor and saw that Big Mike had at least another six inches of cock that he had yet to give her… but now he’d stopped.
Worse, she felt Big Mike’s cock slowly slipping out of her pussy!

“FUCK ME!” Karen screamed, desperate for the rest of the rapper’s cock. “DON’T STOP! PLEASE!”

Karen tried to back her ass up into Big Mike, but he wouldn’t let her. Then Karen heard her daughter’s cries and saw that B-Love’s cock had slipped out of Becky’s pussy.

“MOM!” Becky cried out. “HE’Ss…TOO…BIG… I CAN’T…DO…IT!”

Karen looked up at B-Love. He said nothing to her, but he didn’t need to. Karen could hear the fear and panic in her daughter’s voice. She knew she should help Becky, but instead all Karen really cared about at that moment was getting that amazing black cock inside her again. There was no way she was going to let Becky ruin everything! Karen knew she had to act fast.

“Oh no…oh honey… no!” Karen sighed, adopting her warmest, motherly tone. She looked into her daughter’s nervous face, big blue eyes full of trepidation. “Becky…sweetie…you…have to try!”

“Oh God… mom!” Becky moaned, her eyes locked on B-Love’s cock. She stared at it, her young white body shaking.

“Honey, you can stop if that’s what you really want to…” Karen said half-heartedly, “But I KNOW… that’s NOT what you want.”

“But mom…” Becky whimpered, furrowing her brow, “I don’t know if I…”

“No Becky!” Karen said, emphatically, feeling a flash of resentment towards her ‘little girl’. “This is what you wanted. You snuck out of the house tonight and came down to this studio…”

“But mom…” Becky protested.

“You knew what would happen.” Karen said calmly, taking B-Love’s cock in her hand. “There are consequences for our actions, young lady!”

“Oh God, Mom!” Becky whimpered, squirming as she watched her mother pull B-Love’s cock closer to her pussy again.

“You came down here to meet these rappers, didn’t you?” Karen asked.

“Yes.” Becky whispered, staring at B-Love’s cock in her mother’s hand.

“But not just to meet them, right?” Karen continued, now bringing B-Love’s cock just an inch from her daughter’s pussy. “You love this rap group so much, don’t you?”

“Yes…” Becky said, staring at B-Love’s cock in her mother’s hand, watching as her mother brought it closer and closer.

“And how amazing would it be,” Karen said, guiding the tip of B-Love’s cock to the entrance of Becky’s cunt. “to lose your virginity to these famous, sexy black rappers?”

“But…aaahhhh” Becky whimpered as she felt B-Love’s cock again touching her pussy lips, moaning as the fleshy tip slid up and down her hot pink lips.. “It’s going to hurt.”

“A little bit.” Karen lied. She knew that a cock as thick and long and hard as the one in her hand would be tough for any woman to handle, let alone an eighteen-year-old virgin. “But after that, it’s going to feel incredible! Besides, I’m sure if you ask him, B-Love will be gentle with you!”

“KAREN!” Frank Davenport shouted from across the studio where been tied to a chair this whole time, forced to watch as three black rappers took over his family. He’d given up his attempts to convince his wife and daughters not to debase themselves for these black thugs, but Becky’s protests rekindled his hope. “Your daughter is in pain! These men are ANIMALS! Don’t make her do this!”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP FRANK!” Karen hissed at her husband.

“Yeah Frankie-boy, shut the FUCK up!” B-Love growled. “You better watch that racist-ass ‘animal’ bullshit! You call us animals and we’re just might start actin’ like animals!”

Frank shivered, terrified by his wife’s reaction and the thug’s threats, but still he would not be silent. This was his last chance to stop this insanity. He redirected his protests toward his daughter. “BECKY HONEY, They can’t do anything to you if you tell them not to! It would mean they were raping you on live television! They’d never get away with that! JUST TELL THEM YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT!”

Karen quickly turned to back to Becky and adopted a gentle tone.

“Sweetie.” Karen whispered, rubbing B-Love’s cockhead up and down Becky’s pussy lips. “Your father thinks you can’t do this! He thinks you want to stop. Tell him he’s wrong. Tell your father you don’t want to stop!”

Becky looked over at her father, then back at her mother, then up at B-Love… his black face expressionless, his eyes hidden by his mirrored sunglasses.

“You’ll be gentle?” Becky meekly asked.

B-Love said nothing, his stoic face betraying no emotion. Becky thought of the poster that she had of him in her bedroom. He was shirtless, his black muscles rippling, his face that same stoic expression. She had to hide the poster, she could only get it out late at night... she liked to look at it... when she touched herself... imagining...fantasizing…

Becky shivered and bit her lower lip. This was real. That huge black cock was REAL! No more imagining…no more fantasizing.

“Oh God! I don’t…I…don’t…” Becky breathed, hesitating. She looked from B-Love, to her father, to her mother. Karen smiled and nodded. Becky looked up at B-Love again. His face was still expressionless, betraying no emotion at all. “I… don’t… want…to stop!”

“Sorry Franky!” B-Love laughed. “Baby girl says YES!”

“No!” Frank Davenport sobbed.

“Baby girl, Daddy doesn’t want to believe it. Tell him again, baby girl! Tell daddy!”

“I don’t want to stop!” Becky said again, this time more emphatically. “I don’t WANT to stop, Daddy!”

“Oh God, Becky!” Frank cried.

“Good girl! Don’t stop!” Karen sighed, holding B-Love’s cock in her hand, guiding it’s fat, throbbing purple/brown tip into her daughter’s pink virgin pussy. She felt Big Mike’s cock slipping back into her married white cunt, pushing a bit deeper than it had been before. “AHHH GOD YES! DON’T STOP!!”

“I DON’T WANT TO STOP!” Becky screamed this time, lifting her hips up, pushing her pussy forward and taking B-Love’s big black cock deeper inside.

“That’s good, bitch, ‘cause I ain’t GONNA fuckin’ stop!” B-Love growled, pushing forward and sinking another inch of his cock into the writhing white virgin.


Cameras closed in around the action, one focusing on Becky’s face, another on B-Love’s cock being guided into her virgin pussy by her own mother’s hand. Her mother’s other hand clutched Becky’s.

“Mah…Mahhhh…MOMMY’S HERE, SWEETIE!” Karen moaned, still using her other hand to guide B-Love’s cock into Becky’s defenseless cunt as Big Mike continued teasing Karen’s pussy with his shallow thrusts, giving her no more than five or six inches of his cock.

“You’re going to love it, sis!” Sarah Davenport hissed, holding Becky’s shoulders as Shemar fucked her from behind.

With her other hand, Becky reached out again, this time for B-Love. Her slender white arm stretched as far as it she could make it. Her fingers were outspread, trying either to touch him or reacting against the source of the incredible pressure he was creating inside her young body. Either way, she couldn’t reach him, she just stared at his rippling dark brown muscles through the gaps between her delicate white fingers. She admired the way his skin contrasted with hers. Becky could see a faint white band on her ring finger, where her ‘Purity Ring’ had once been worn. She looked up at B-Love through the gap in her fingers, seeing that ring hanging among so many others on his necklace. She touched his chest, her slender white fingers mingling with the rings of the heavy necklace, and running across B-Love’s muscular black chest. She could feel his heart beating faster and faster, in time with her own. She could feel that same heartbeat pulsing in the rock-hard cock pushing into her ‘virgin’ cunt. B-Love’s heart beat slowed now, beating almost hypnotically as he leaned forward.

Becky moaned, feeling another inch of B-Love’s cock sinking inside her. She suddenly dropped her outstretched hand, her fingers finding her the THICK, HARD black cock that was slowly but relentlessly pushing it’s way into Becky’s body… and found her mother’s hand guiding it in! Becky gripped her mother’s wrist and pulled hard, bringing B-Love’s cock deeper inside her young white body!

“AAAAAAH SHIT!!!” Becky screamed, unconscious of her own actions. “OH FUCK! OH GOD! PLEASE…NOT…SO…FA…FAST! FUCK! FUCK! SLOWER! OH PLEASE…EASY…AAHHHH!”

Again Becky felt the incredible pressure inside her, and then the pain she’d felt earlier… but now there was something else… a tingling sensation traveling from her pussy, up her spine and across her back, shoulders, and neck. It was similar to the feeling she got sometimes when she touched herself... only this was much, much more powerful.

“Ahhh AHHH GOD!” Becky cried out, her young body shaking. Her grip tightening on her mother’s hand. “OH…OH FUCK! happening! What... is... OH GOD!”

Big Mike grinned and reached forward, shoving Karen’s face down onto her daughter’s flat white tummy. Karen found herself staring right at B-Love’s raging ebony hard-on, in her hand, slipping into her daughter’s young, inexperienced cunt. Her face now pressed against Becky’s stomach, Karen could feel the incredible pressure of B-Love’s cock driving into her daughter’s body. She knew from the depth of B-Love’s cock and her Becky’s behavior that the rapper had to be pushing against her daughter’s hymen by this point, about to tear away Becky’s virginity once and for all! The depraved thought pushed Karen closer and closer to a sexual climax she’d never imagined possible.

“OH GOD!!” Karen screamed, feeling her orgasm rapidly building. She glanced over her shoulder at Big Mike, her big violet eyes begging for everything that he could give her. Big Mike was only seven inches inside her pussy, but he was deeper than her husband had ever been. Still, Karen wanted more.

“HE’S DONE IT! Becky is HIS now!” Karen hissed at Big Mike. She wanted every inch inside her when she finally came. “I DID WHAT YOU WANTED! NOW FUCK ME! YOU PROMISED TO FUCK ME IF I HELPED HIM TAKE MY DAUGHTER’S VIRGINITY, NOW DO IT! FUCK ME HARD! GIVE ME THAT WHOLE COCK... I’M...GOING...TO...CUM!”

“Nahhh baby.” Big Mike teased. “You ain’t gonna get the whole thing til your daughter does!”

Karen looked at B-Love’s cock pushing unceasingly into her daughter’s virgin pussy… but the rapper was moving so carefully… so slowly... and he still had at least eight more inches left to go!

“OH GOD...PLEASE...” Karen Davenport begged. “IT’S...TAKING...TOO...LONG! I...NEED... MORE, NOW!!!”

“Sorry baby.” Big Mike teased. He exchanged a quick smirk with B-Love. “Them’s the rules.”

Karen turned her lust-crazed blue-violet eyes towards Becky and watched her daughter’s young white breasts quiver with her every deep, labored breath... every inch of black cock she took into her tight, unspoiled little pussy... slowly... so slowly…

“Becky, honey?” Karen asked her daughter, reaching out and stroking her face, “Do you trust mommy?”

“Wha…what?” Becky gasped, dazed and overwhelmed by the sensations ripping through her slender white body.

Not waiting for a more intelligible response, Karen forcefully grabbed hold of B-Love’s cock shaft and pulled it from Becky’s pussy. Karen leaned forward, kissing the tip of B-Love’s cock, the licking and sucking the head for a few seconds.

“Mom?” Becky Davenport’s big blue eyes widened, surprised and confused by her mother’s actions.

“What the fuck are you doin’ momma?” B-Love asked, suppressing laughter. This slut had lost her fucking mind, and he loved it!

“I love you Rebecca.” Karen whispered, unceremoniously shoving B-Love’s cock back into Becky’s pussy... then pushing deeper... more forcefully than B-Love had done before.

Becky gasped sharply.

The rapper smiled and followed Karen’s lead, driving his cock into Becky Davenport, and doing so faster, harder, and deeper than he’d done before.

“MOM!? OH GOD... MOM!!” Becky gasped in shock, arching her back, her ripe tits shaking on her heaving chest. The Becky felt the pressure again... then the pain... “AAHHH...WHAT...ARE...YOU....OH GOD! OH GOD! MOM! OW! OH THAT HURTS! AAAAAH…SHIT! MOM…WAIT… I CAN’T-”

Becky’s gasp of protest was quickly silenced by one of Karen’s hands. Karen’s other hand pulled B-Love’s cock deeper into Becky’s pussy. Daughter and mother’s beautiful eyes met one another… Becky’s full of shock and tears… Karen’s full of lust and determination.

“It’s time, Rebecca!” Karen hissed.

“GO MOM!” Sarah Davenport laughed gleefully as she watched her mother guide B-Love’s cock deeper into her sister’s pussy. The young blonde bucked her hips excitedly backing herself into Shemar’s thrusting black cock. “GIVE IT TO HER!”

“YEAH BITCH!” Big Mike bellowed his approval at Karen. “Now you’re getting somewhere!”

“MMMMPHHHH!” Becky screamed, muffled by her mother’s hand, as she felt the pain sharpen suddenly. She wrinkled her cute button nose and winced as she felt B-Love’s cock driving deeper into her body, pushing against the resistance the inside of her body was giving it... a resistance that would never hold up against the power of a black cock.

“That’s just your hymen sweetie.” Karen moaned as Big Mike’s cock pumped her cunt faster and deeper to show his approval of her actions. “ BREAK...through...YOUR...HYMEN...OH! OH GOD... It’ HURT...just a little... bit... MORE!”

B-Love sneered, teasing the pretty virgin’s maiden barrier with the tip of his ebony weapon as the girl’s mother squeezed and stroked his shaft. He looked down at the wanton white wife and mother who guided his weapon. Karen returned his look, her blue-violet eyes burning with intensity. B-Love knew the look very well.

“DO IT!” She whimpered, letting go of B-Love’s cock and reaching around his back, frantically pushing on his muscular black ass. “PLEASE!”

B-Love smirked, feigning ignorance as he easily resisted Karen’s push. B-Love glanced over at Frank Davenport… the pathetic white bastard whose wife was begging B-Love to take her daughter’s virginity. “Tell me…exactly what you want me to do, MRS. Davenport.”

“FUCK HER!” Karen screamed, desperate for more black cock and willing to do or give anything to get it. “GIVE IT TO HER! THE WHOLE THING!”

“KAREN!” Frank sobbed.

“MMMMPHHH!?” Becky balked, scared by the lust-crazed look in her mother’s eyes.

Karen ignored her nervous daughter and continued to scream at the rapper. “SHOVE ALL TWELVE INCHES OF THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK COCK INTO MY DAUGHTER! TAKE HER VIRGINITY! IT’S YOURS! DO IT! FUCK HER! FUCK HER HARD!”

“OH MY GOD MOM, YOU ARE SUCH A SLUT!” Sarah Davenport laughed.

All three rappers smiled as the listened to the buxom white mother beg them to take her youngest daughter’s virginity.

“OH GOD, MOM!” Becky whimpered, her body shaking as she felt B-Love’s cock stretching the walls of her tight young pussy and pushing against her hymen. “He can’t... I can’t...”

“Shhhhh…” Karen covered Becky’s mouth and whispered breathlessly in her ear. “He’s got to break through your hymen honey.”

B-Love shallowly pumped Becky’s pussy a few times, loosening her tight virgin cunt as best he could without breaking her hymen. Becky responded well, soon bucking her hips in time with B-Love’s shallow thrusts, obviously wanting more, but B-Love carefully maintained complete control of the situation. The rapper drew his hips back, pulling all but about one inch of his cock from Becky’s pussy. The young redhead writhed and whimpered, her moans muffled by her mother’s gentle hand.

“Let her talk Karen.” B-Love said, nodding at Becky. “I want her to BEG ME!”

Karen nodded slowly and obeyed her black master, taking her hand from Becky’s mouth.

“OH...MY...GOD! PLEASE!” the younger redhead immediately gasped, looking up into B-Love’s face. Becky could feel her whole white body tense up. She involuntarily bucked her hips, but the rapper backed away a bit, making sure his cock didn’t slip any deeper into the girl’s pussy before he heard what he wanted to hear.

“What you mean, ‘Please’? ‘Please’ WHAT, Bitch?” B-Love sneered at the hesitant virgin, gripping her slender white waist with his powerful black hands to hold her where he wanted her. “You want me to stop? Maybe you don’t want to lose your virginity to B-Love? Maybe you don’t want a REAL MAN to fuck you? Maybe you want some little high school WHITEBOY with a little WHITE DICKIE to take your virginity? Maybe you don’t DESERVE a BIG BLACK COCK! Maybe you want me to STOP?”

“NO! No…not that… PLEASE...SIR… PLEASE… I want…you…to…to…take it! Take my virginity... now... NOW...PLEASE!” Becky whimpered, a powerful tingling sensation spreading across her whole white body as she looked up at the powerful black rapper and the huge black cock he had resting between her legs. She grew more excited as she heard the words coming out of her mouth. She began to buck her hips furiously, desperately trying to take more of B-Love’s cock. Becky started to scream. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK COCK!”

Becky’s father watched in horror, unable to look away from the nightmarish scene unfolding before his tear-filled eyes. It was a scene no self-respecting, conservative white husband and father would ever want to witness. Frank saw his beautiful wife Karen and their older daughter Sarah… both naked… both being ravished from behind by a muscular black rap artist… and both helping hold down his younger daughter Becky on the glass-top desk. Frank saw Becky, also naked, with her long white legs spread wide around the waist of yet another hulking black rapper… one with a cock longer and thicker than Becky’s forearm. Frank saw how Becky bucked her hips anxiously as she stared at that rapper’s cock. Frank saw his beautiful wife of over twenty years gripping that black thug’s foot long cock in her tiny white hand… guiding it into their younger daughter’s virgin pussy. Then, Frank saw the black thug rapper roughly grab his virgin daughter’s slender white body by the waist and lift her hips and ass upward. The stud violently flexed his muscular black ass, driving his powerful hips forward with one powerful, deep thrust, RAMMING all twelve inches of that ROCK-HARD THICK BLACK COCK into her virgin white cunt… taking Frank’s daughter’s virtue with one earth-shattering stroke.

“FUHHHHHHHCKKKKK!!!” Becky Davenport shrieked as her hymen was ripped apart by her favorite rapper’s rock-hard black cock. Becky bucked violently. B-Love pulled back then thrust into her again… and again… and again. The pain was almost unbearable, but was soon overtaken by a pleasure unlike any other that the virgin teenager had ever experienced. The slender redhead writhed, bucked, and screamed uncontrollably as her young white body was overwhelmed by new sensations. “OH GOD! OHHHHH GAAAHHHHHHHHWWWWW!!”

Becky’s older sister Sarah laughed gleefully as she struggled to help support Becky’s shoulders and head and steady Becky’s young body for the continuing onslaught. This wasn’t easy for Sarah, given that she herself was leaning over the desk, being fucked savagely from behind, her own weight being supported by Shemar’s powerful black hands gripping her waist and shoulders.

Becky gripped the edge of the desk with one hand, waving her other hand to her other side blindly until she found one of her mother’s hands and gripped it. Feeling her mother’s fingers wrapping around her own and her favorite rapper’s thick black cock thrust deeper and deeper into her freshly ruined virginity. She bit her lower lip, stifling her screams as the pain slipped away and turned to pure pleasure… a pleasure the virginal young teen had never felt before. Becky felt alive for the first time. She felt amazing! She looked up at B-Love, the handsome, muscular black stud fucking her. Becky felt proud that she had just lost her virginity to a rap star… and more importantly, to a black man. The young redhead soon began to buck and thrust her white hips to meet B-Love’s thrusting black cock. B-Love responded by increasing both the pace and drive of his thrusts.

“AAAH….AH!” Becky screamed, her slender white teen body jumped and convulsed as if an electrical current was passing through it. She stared up at B-Love, looking first into his dark and brooding eyes, then lowering her gaze. Becky studied his broad black chest and pectoral muscles, glistening with sweat. She then looked down further, at his rippling dark abdominal muscles and his narrow hips, the dark skin contrasting with her creamy white thighs. Finally her eyes fell upon the root of his powerful, thick black cock between her legs, disappearing and reappearing as it thrust in and out of her young white body…“OH GOD! I’m... I’m going... to... AH….GOING TO… AH… AH… AHHHHH”!

Becky arched her back violently, thrusting her hips upward and holding her lithe white teen body perfectly still, and falling silent as the hulking black rap star gripped her waist and thrust the full length of his rock-hard coke-can-thick black cock in and out of her little red-haired pussy. Her pretty eyes seemed to glaze over as a dreamy expression fell across her beautiful face. She threw her head back, closing her eyes as a slow, almost imperceptibly high-pitched squeal emitted from her open mouth.
The squeal grew louder, turning into a full scream as Becky Davenport announced to the world that she had come… and that she was no longer a virgin.

The cameras confirmed the truth, capturing the image of a trickle of blood pooling on the glass desktop between Becky’s legs.

Sarah Davenport cradled her sister’s head, wiping the sweaty red hair from Becky’s pretty face.

“I’m so proud of you sis!” Sarah beamed. “You did so good!”

“You did good too.” Shemar whispered in Sarah’s ear as he kissed her neck. Leaning forward, he wrapped his powerful black arms around the slender blonde, cupping and squeezing her firm white breasts as he continued fucking her from behind and whispering into her ear. “You can let go of her, she’s ours now. Thanks for helping us take your sister’s virginity and seduce your mom, slut!”

Sarah shivered and smiled as she heard Shemar’s words. She closed her eyes and sighed, looking as if she’d just taken a hit from some kind of drug. She felt proud to have helped seduce her sister and her mother, and honored by the rapper’s gratitude.

“Thank you master!” The young blonde sighed, reaching one hand behind her to cradle the back of Shemar’s head. She turned her fact to his, the two kissing deeply as Sarah’s sister screamed and writhed below on the desktop. A warm sensation passed through Sarah’s body, she trembled and came as Shemar’s thick black cock continued to pound her wet cunt.

Karen Davenport’s beautiful violet eyes locked on Becky’s sweating, naked white form, more specifically at Becky’s spread white thighs and the huge black cock thrusting into her no-longer-virgin pussy. Becky groaned and winced, but now showed more pleasure than pain. She was crying out, but smiling, gasping, and thrashing her head back and forth. Karen saw the trickle of blood pooling on the desktop below her daughter’s cunt and watched how Becky bucked and twisted with every thrust from B-Love’s terrifying, huge black cock.. the cock that Karen herself had guided into her daughter’s young white body. Karen had done this. Karen had helped turn her virgin daughter into this... fiend. She couldn’t help but think that she should have been disgusted by what she’d just done… but instead Karen Davenport felt pride. She had ensured that her daughter’s virginity was taken by a REAL man.

Karen remembered when she’d lost her own virginity. She was a freshman in high school. Karen loved her boyfriend so much, she thought she’d be with him forever. One night, in the back of his car, she gave herself to him. Five inches and three thrusts and it was over... Karen’s virginity was gone. After that, he wanted it all the time, but Karen felt nothing. She broke things off, started seeing other guys, had better sex... but was never quite satisfied. When she met Frank, she embraced his theology. She came to believe that the emptiness she felt was because she hadn’t waited for marriage… For years she had preached abstinence to her daughters, and the importance of saving one’s virginity for marriage. But that was the old Karen, the loving wife and PTA mom. What a stupid, silly, repressed bitch she’d been! Now Karen knew the truth. It was because she gave herself to somebody unworthy of her. They were all pathetic whiteboys, with small dicks and no idea how to fuck. What a waste! Now Karen knew what it was like to be fucked by a man who deserved her luscious body... a REAL man... a BLACK man... with A BIG BLACK COCK.

Karen felt so happy for her daughters. Becky and Sarah had lost their virginity to these men. They would never need to know the comparatively empty act of sex with a pathetic white loser like their father! Karen looked into Becky’s wincing moaning face and felt so proud that she had ensured her younger daughter’s virginity was taken by some one DESERVING.

“Good girl Becky.” Karen whispered breathlessly. “Good girl.” Karen said again as she gently kissed Becky’s forehead... then her cheek... “Good girl.”... then her neck... then down further, to her ripe young breasts. “Such...a...good...good girl...” Karen breathed as her soft lips found her daughter’s hard pink nipple.

Becky shook and moaned at the debauched sensation of a black cock in her de-virginized cunt and her mother’s lips on her breasts.

Big Mike, the biggest and most muscular of the three black rappers, watched approvingly as Karen kissed her daughter’s naked, quivering body. He gripped Karen’s wide, white hips, raising her ass upwards towards him, his thick black cock half buried in her married white pussy... and from the way that pussy gripped his cock, he could tell she was hungry for more. Now that Karen had finally ensured her daughter’s complete surrender to B-Love, Big Mike knew it was time to give the curvaceous white wife her reward.

Big Mike slid his powerful black hands around Karen’s waist and under her heavy, swaying breasts, kneading the soft, milky white globes in his large, dark fingers. As the rapper leaned forward to better grasp his fleshy prize, his throbbing black cock pushed two inches deeper into Karen’s pussy, causing the voluptuous mother-of-two to react loudly.

“OH GOD!” Karen growled, turning her head and looking over her shoulder at the hulking black stud hovering over her. “You’re...SO...DEEP...”

“Got fo’ or five mo’ inches to go girl.” Big Mike chuckled.

“What are you waiting for?” Karen hissed, making eye contact with her husband one last time before turning back to Big-Mike. “I’ve already given you my daughter... No... you’ve TAKEN my daughters, BOTH of them... now take ME! TAKE ME! FUCK ME! I’M YOURS!”

Big Mike followed Karen’s glance at her husband and sneered, then triumphantly thrust forward, practically laying on top of Karen Davenport’s body and driving the full length of his cock deep into her red-haired pussy. His black, chiseled chest and abs rubbed against Karen’s naked white back as he gripped her massive, alabaster breasts in his coal-black hands, squeezing them hard and pinching her nipples as he passionately bit her shoulder.

“AAAGHHH YES!! FUCK ME!” Karen Davenport screamed as Big Mike rammed her soft white body in time with the other rapper’s thrusts into her younger daughter. . Big Mike pounded her harder and harder from behind, driving his fat ten-inch cock deeper and deeper into her married white cunt.... deeper than her husband or any other man, had ever been. Wanting better leverage, the hulking black rapper shifted his grip to Karen’s wide, quivering hips. Doing so, he let loose of Karen’s heavy white tits and allowed them to bounce freely and furiously as her body was rocked back and forth by the force of his rapid, relentless thrusts. The studio cameras captured every inch of her curvaceous naked white body and beautiful, joyful face as the married mother of two bucked and moaned.

“YEAH BITCH!” Big Mike laughed as he drove his cock into the curvaceous white wife. “How’s THAT shit feel? You like Big Mike’s big black cock?”


“LIKE A VIRGIN?” B-Love taunted. “Like your slut virgin daughters?”

The comparison made Karen shiver. Karen felt Big Mike’s huge black cock driving deeper and deeper into her own cunt... deep... SO fucking DEEP... and slamming into her cervix in perfect rhythm with B-Love’s thrusts into Becky’s young white body, and Shemar’s thrusts into Sarah! Karen pictured Big-Mike’s cock in her mind, knowing that it was as big as B-Love’s and Shemar’s... knowing how GOOD and POWERFUL Big Mike’s cock felt inside her, and knowing that her daughters were feeling the exact same thing! Karen felt a hot, tickling sensation shooting up through her spine, over her neck and all over her body. The feeling was not completely unfamiliar, but far more intense than she had ever experienced before. Karen began to shake as the sensation grew stronger and stronger... until...

“OH GOD! OH GOD!” Karen suddenly screamed. “I’M GOING… TO… YES! YES! YES! I’M CUMMING!!”

Karen slammed her free hand down on the desktop and collapsed on top of Becky’s naked, bucking white body, pinning the young redhead to the table. Karen continued slapping her open hand on the desktop, pounding it loudly in time with Big Mike’s pounding thrusts into her married cunt. B-Love, too, fell into the rhythm of Karen’s hand, timing his thrusts into Karen’s daughter Becky as Big Mike was doing with Karen. Shemar, fucking the older Davenport daughter Sarah, did the same. The pretty blonde was bent over the table, hovering over her mother and sister as Shemar fucked her from behind. Big Mike looked lustily at Sarah and reached over, grabbing her by the back of the neck, and pulling her face to his, kissing her deeply as he fucked her mother. Shemar and B-Love let loose a howls of approval then started playfully barking… and all in time with their pounding cocks and Mrs. Davenport’s pounding hand.

“OH GOD! MOM! HEEE...HE’S FUHHHH-CKING...MEEEE....OHHHHH GOD! OH….MYEEEE FUHHHHH-KINGGGGGGOD!!!” Becky suddenly gripped her mother’s other hand tighter and wailed. She could feel B-Love’s huge black cock pounding her as deep as it could possibly go, his movement seemingly amplified by the sound of her mother’s hand pounding the desk.

“AWWW FUCK YEAH!” Big Mike stood up straight, increasing the depth and speed of his thrusts, slapping Karen’s bare white ass and gripping her hips. “WHO OWN THIS PUSSY NOW, BITCH?”

“YOU DO!” Karen gasped, breathlessly as wave after wave of orgasm passed over her body.



“WHAT ABOUT YO’ HUSBAND?” Big Mike shouted, taunting Frank.
“NO!” Karen shrieked and gasped. “BIG…BLACK..COCK…OWNS…MY….PUSSY!”

“But Mrs. Davenport!” B-Love joined in. “Frankie is your girls’ daddy!”


The black thug rappers laughed cruelly. Frank Davenport shook with rage, but was too horrified to speak. He just stared at the debauched scene playing out before him as the rappers ravaged his family and taunted him.

“Uh-Oh Frankie!” B-Love crowed. “You hear that shit? YOUR WIFE IS OURS NOW! She says your lil’ girls are gonna have a NEW daddy! A Big BLACK Daddy! Isn’t that right girls?”

B-Love turned to Sarah. “You girls gonna LOVE your new daddy, ain’t ya?”

“YESSSSS!” Sarah squealed, bucking her young perfect white ass against Shemar’s long, deep thrusts.

“How ‘bout you lil girl?” B-Love asked Becky. “You gonna LOVE yo’ new daddy?”

Becky bucked her hips. “FUCK ME!” was all she managed to say.

B-Love laughed.

“Fuck me… DADDY!” The rapper corrected.

“DADDY!” Becky screamed, bucking her hips again and again.

“Tell Daddy you want him to fuck you with his big nigga cock!” B-Love commanded.

“Fuck…me….DADDY…” Becky moaned.

“with…” B-Love prompted.

“WITH…YOUR… AH!” Becky’s response was interrupted as B-Love roughly thrust his cock as deep as inside her white body as it would go. She winced, gasped but continued to respond with each thrust.


Another thrust halted Becky.

“Nigger!” B-Love commanded. “Say it!”


Another thrust.

“NIGGER…COCK!” Becky screamed as B-Love drove his cock deep inside her and held her slender white waist.

“Tell me to fuck your little white cunt!’” B-Love commanded.

The young redhead shivered.

“Fuck… m…my…” She hesitated.

“Cunt. Say it Becky.” B-Love encouraged her, quietly, punctuating each word with another thrust in Becky’s body. “Say…” thrust “…the…” thrust “…word!”


Under his breath, B-Love growled something that caused Becky’s pretty blue eyes to widen.

“OH GOD YES!” She grinned, wickedly.

“SAY IT!” B-Love hissed. “Beg for it! Loud, so Daddy can HEAR you! Your OLD, WHITE daddy!”

Becky glanced at her father, the man who had helped bring her into the world, then quickly returned her adoring gaze to B-Love.

“Please Black Daddy,” Becky smiled and whimpered in an innocent, girlish voice. Her face and body were far from innocent though. Lust filled her big blue eyes and her naked white body shined with sweat as she bucked her hips violently against B-Love’s muscular black body. “Please… cum in me daddy! Cum in my little white cunt with your BIG…BLACK COCK! I…LOVE YOU…BIG BLACK DADDY! I LOVE YOUR… BIG…BLACK…COCK!”

Becky thrust her hips with each of the last three words as B-Love laughed triumphantly. He leaned forward, driving his cock as deep as he could inside Becky’s young white cunt and then drew his hips back, and began bucking his hips rapidly, relentlessly pounding the young redhead as fast and hard as he could. This was not an act of love-making, this was a demonstration of raw, sexual power and dominance… the black male over the white female.

“No!” Frank sobbed.

“YES!” Becky screamed. “GOD YES! FUCK ME DADDY!”


“PLEASE DADDY!” Becky screamed, her young white body bucking and writhing uncontrollably as B-Love fucked her and her mother kissed and rubbed her breasts. She looked deep into B-Love’s eyes.


“ daddy!” Becky Davenport gasped, her naked young body, sweating and bucking against B-Love’s brutal, thrusting cock. “My Big...Black...Daddy! BREED ME! FILL ME WITH YOUR NIGGER CUM! MAKE ME YOURS FOREVER! I LOVE YOU!”

“YOU HEAR THAT SHIT, WHITEBOY?” B-Love bellowed triumphantly. “Look at how your virgin daughter bucks her hips to meet every thrust of this big nigga cock! Look at your beautiful wife’s big titties bouncing as she backs her fat white ass up into my boy’s cock! Listen to how they SCREAM AND BEG for more! YOUR WOMEN ARE OURS NOW!”

Becky felt B-Love’s heavy black balls slapping against her raw pink pussy lips as his cock shaft began twitching and jumping inside her airtight white cunt. The new sensation excited her even more. The pretty redhead closed her eyes and screamed, releasing her mother’s hand and instead circling Karen’s naked white body and squeezing her tight. “AHHHH… GOD! MOMMY! DADDY! IT’S HAPPENING… OH GOD … HE’S GOING…TO… I THINK…. HE”S GOING TO… CUMMMMPPHHHMMMMMMM!”

Becky’s revelation was stifled when her mother suddenly pressed her lips to Becky’s, kissing her deeply. Becky’s big blue eyes shot open in shock at the twin sensations of her mother’s tongue in her mouth as, for the first time every, a man release his hot, potent seed inside her nubile young body! In a night of new sensations and experiences, this was the most powerful one of all. Becky Davenport came hard. She bucked and writhed violently, but her mother’s soft white body held her pinned to the anchor desk as B-Love’s hard black cock continued thrusting inside her, releasing load after load of thick, hot cum. Becky closed her eyes let her body go limp, allowing wave after wave of pleasure to pass over her like the tide rising on the beach.

Both B-Love and Big Mike continued their unrelenting pace, thrusting into Karen and Becky’s white bodies.

Karen ceased slapping the desktop with her other hand, concentrating on kissing her younger daughter passionately, stroking Becky’s hair as their white pussies were rhythmically pounded into oblivion by the rappers’ raging black cocks. Karen could feel Big Mike’s strokes quickening, now easily sliding in and out of her stretched, juicy married cunt. She could feel his powerful black hands between her and Becky’s bodies, the huge dark fingers squeezing her soft white tit flesh. She could feel another orgasm building... and not just hers. She felt Big Mike’s cock practically vibrating inside her, shaking to the core. His heavy black balls slapped her clit, and tightened. His thrusts were harder, deeper, but slower... more deliberate. Karen needed air, she gasped, finally breaking the kiss with her daughter, opening her eyes and looking down into Becky’s young face. Karen saw how Becky was sweating and gasping… but also smiling more radiantly than Karen had ever seen. Karen felt an intense sensation building between her legs, spreading up her spine, penetrating her very soul. Looking into her daughter’s eyes, Karen felt Big Mike’s seed flooding her own pussy, the hot sticky fluid coating her married white womb!

“OH...OH GOD!” Karen screamed.

“AHHHHH SHIT!” Big Mike yelled as he came inside the beautiful, buxom white wife.

“AHHHHH FUCK YEAH!” B-Love growled triumphantly. “TAKE IT you LITTLE WHITE SLUTS! How you like THAT? How does THAT FEEL?”

Becky was speechless… her orgasm leaving her too overwhelmed to tell her mother what was happening inside her young white body… but the look on Becky’s face told her mother everything she needed to know. Becky Davenport, Karen’s ‘little girl’, was now undeniably a woman.

Confirming the truth, B-Love slipped his massive, still-spurting cock from Becky’s ruined white pussy, letting what seemed like a pint of thick, pearly semen, flow from between the slender white teenager’s creamy thighs and pool on the glass desktop. B-Love threw his head back and roared victoriously as he lifted his pulsing black cock upwards and let thick ropes of cum arc through the air and land on Becky’s flat white tummy and heaving young breasts. Cameras circled the desk, capturing the image for broadcast. In homes across America, television screens showed the high definition image of the black rapper’s cum, pink with virgin blood, leaking from the white teen’s ravaged pussy. The image was then split-screened with Becky’s smiling, sweaty face… her father’s horrified, tear-filled eyes, and her mother’s weak smile.

Cameras then captured another ‘shocking’ image. Karen kissed her daughter’s forehead, and then proceeded to lick the semen from her daughter’s sweaty breasts and belly before reaching up and grabbing B-Love’s throbbing black weapon, fresh from her daughter’s virgin cunt and hungrily taking it into her mouth. Sarah Davenport then reached a hand forward, dragging her delicate white fingers through the semen leaking from her sister’s cunt, scooping it up, lifting it to her lips… and letting the thick, sticky fluid drip onto her tongue.

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As yopu have written it seems black men, even with the huge cocks, can only fuck white women after they have drugged them. WTF???

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If this were real, every one of those mother fuckers would be dead and I would be minus a wife and have no divorce payments. You may think that women just do this all willy billy, but if they give two shits about their family they will not. Impossible to read, and black fucks would not be able to defend against a .762 round. Then the wife could get raped and enslaved as I fucked her senseless in front of her girls and the bleeding corpse of her dead lovers.

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lol at anon who believes his ex, shes prolly fuckn some niggers right now. AMAZING STORY btw. ANd Obama is prez, so haha. While all white actors/musicians have drug problems, ever been to an AA meeting? and i hope that cigarette doesnt kill you

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bull shit older womem ????!!!!

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