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This takes place on the planet Surnova during the end of their dinosaur period. The human’s here evolved faster than did their counter part on Earth

After hearing the girls story, I decided to head back to our first campsite. I knew when the slavers found this campsite. They would seek revenge. It would be best if we were long gone by then.

I went a round about way to try and confuse the trail. We back tracked a lot. Between the walking, finding food, and shelter, there wasn’t anytime for Sparrow and I to copulate. We spent a lot of nights up in trees for shelter. The dog slept at the base of the tree. There was not much that was going to harm a full-grown dog.

One night I heard the dog growl. I climbed down to the lowest limb, and there challenging the dog was a dire wolf. The biggest of the wolf family, a large male can get 5' long, and up to 175 pounds in weight.

I leaped down to help the dog. I grabbed my club, spear, and attacked the wolf. Between us we took the wolf down. I hacked off the legs, and Sparrow pulled them up to the girls. I cut off some of the meat and handed it to the girls. We ate in the dark. The dog was below eating his share of the wolf. Hopefully the scavengers will clean this mess up. But if the slavers come this way, they will know that we were here. Because there is only a few predators’ that can kill a full grown dire wolf, and man is one of them.

It took over a month to get back to our old campsite. When we got there I immediately set out to get some fire wood. With the girls help we dragged up a bunch of branches and logs. I got some kindling and soon the fire was going.

Next it was time to go hunting. I was pleasantly surprise at the amount of game that was here. I decided to make a map of my territory and divided it into quarters, and hunt one quarter at a time. The dog got on the scent of a buck and it ran in front of me and I took it down with one dart. I hauled the buck back to camp.

The girls were busy making baskets and getting our water skins filled. We cleaned the deer and had a good meal. After dinner I went out and got some more wood. As it got dark, we rolled out our deer skin bedding.

Sparrow stripped and snuggled up to me. She grunted a couple of times and shook her pretty ass at me. I was ready, it has been a while, and I plowed my cock deep inside of her. It did not take me long and I peed a load of cum inside of her pussy.

The other two girls watched us fuck, and they both stripped their clothes off, and bent over and shook their pretty ass’s at me, and grunted.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked them. They both shook their heads yes.

“The slavers did that to us almost every night.” Fawn said to me.

I moved over to Fawn and rubbed my cock over her pussy lips. She was wet, and my cock slid right in. I pumped her for a while and she was moaning and groaning.

“OOOO that feels so good.” She yelped at me.

I lasted longer as I have cumed once already. After a few minutes I could feel that funny feeling in my cock and I shot rope after rope deep into her pussy.

“I need to rest for a while.” I told Robin, as she gave me a disappointed look.

I laid down and went to sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up and put some wood on the fire.

Robin was awake and crawled over to me. I started to rub her breast they were bigger than Sparrow’s. Her nipples stuck out farther than Sparrow’s did. I dropped my head down, and started to suck her nipples.

“Suck them harder.” She cooed at me.

She then rolled over and stuck her ass up in the air and I slammed my cock inside of her as far as it would go. I pounder her as hard, till I made her scream out in delight, as I filled her full of my hot cum.

For the next few weeks I fucked the girls continuously. Each tried to outdo the other in fucking me. Between fucking the girls, getting in enough fire wood, and keeping up on hunting so we had something to eat. I was getting run ragged.

The dog and I were out hunting north of our camp. When the dog and I came across a cave bear. This bear was huge close to 1000 lbs. Something spooked it and it started to lumber back to his cave. A pack of huge dire wolves swept in and attacked the bear. When the dust cleared the bear was still standing and the wolves left licking their wounds. At least a third of the pack laid there dead. There is no way that bear should be alive. A pack of dire wolves will kill anything. The bear had the perfect defense, protected on three sides by his cave.

Watching this caused me to do some thinking on the way back to camp. The girls and I needed some place safe to stay. The cave looks like a good idea to me. I got back to camp and discussed this idea with the girls.

We spent a week getting prepared to attack the bear. When the wind was right, I put the plan into effect. I had the dog attack the bear and chase it back into its cave, the girls and I hauled up branches, grass, and muck grass. Soon I had a fire going, thick with a heavy yellow smoke, that was going right into the cave.

I was not long and the bear came charging out with its hair standing up on ends, making it look twice it’s size. I was depending on the fire to keep the bear at bay. I fired the first dart, and it buried deep into the bear’s chest.

The bear charged me, and I dashed back into the smoking fire, hoping this worked. It did the bear stopped short of the fire. The dog kept attacking the bear, keeping away from the bear’s lethal paws.

I fired the next dart and struck the bear on the side of his neck. I could see blood spurting out from that wound. The bear began to act really odd. He was attacking clumps of grass. The third dart I threw, buried deep into the bears side.

The bear stumbled and went down, and got back up and lumbered off toward the end of the clearing. The dog and I chased the bear. I knew the bear would not last long, and it was a valuable resource of meat and hide. The dog over took the bear and kept circling and barking at it. I arrived and put one more dart deep in its chest. The bear toppled over dead.

I quickly built a couple of fires around the dead bear to protect it from scavengers, and raced back to the girls. They were busy cleaning out the cave. I got there and started to build a fire in the middle of the cave. The cave filled up with smoke and we dashed out coughing. This was something that I did not figure on. Now how was I going to get rid of the smoke. I ran back in and knocked the fire apart, letting the smoke disperse.

I moved the fire out front closer to the mouth of the cave. I gathered the girls up and we headed back to the dead bear. I skinned the bear and we hauled the meat back to the cave and put it on a shelf in the back. There was a lot of smoke around the meat, I hoped it did not hurt it in anyway.

We went back to the old camp and gathered up our supplies, and filled the water skins full. Then we headed back to our new home. The one draw back to the cave, was there was not any water near by.

My whole life I lived and slept under the sun and stars. I was not sure if I could handle living in a cave. I did this for the girls. The girls had all stopped their once a month bleeding. I did not know what that meant, but in a short time I would find out.

Sparrow and the girls were busy digging at the ceiling of the cave. I did not ask what they were doing, women were always doing busy work. In a short time they dragged in some rocks to stand on, and got longer sticks to dig with. I came back from hunting one day and the fire out front was gone. I dropped the buck and rushed to the cave. There in the middle of the cave the fire was burning, and the smoke was going out through the hole they had dug in the ceiling. There was always a pall of smoke over the ledge where the meat was stored.

I had it made. Three girls to fuck, a cave to stay in, plenty of food and water. Who could ask for more? Little did I know that soon things would change.

The dog and I were hunting out toward the eastern edge of our territory. The dog started to growl in his chest. I looked in the direction the dog was looking, and out in the distance toward some trees. A rabbit was standing there for a second and when it was struck by a grass serpent. The rabbit ran a few steps and stopped and dropped over. I knew about those grass serpents’ as one bite will kill you, as it did to my dad.

The dog and I proceeded with caution, even as I knew just where the serpent was. It was coiled by the rabbit, staring intently at the dog, who was sniffing it from a distant. Suddenly the snake struck at the dog, but fell way short, beside the dog was already jumping back out of the way. I picked up a large rock and smashed the snake’s spine with it. The snake twisted and turned in a death dance.

I grabbed a couple of darts and opened the snake’s mouth with them. The snake in a death jerk clamped down on them, coating them with a clear liquid. Not paying any mind to the liquid, I was still not able to figure out just how the snake kills. We left the snake as it food you eat only if nothing else is available.

The dog and I headed back to the camp. Along the way the dog chased up a nice buck. I grabbed one of the darts that had the snake liquid on it and threw it at the deer. At the last second a gust of wind pushed my shot high and the dart just grazed the back of the deer. The deer ran about 10 steps and reared up on its hind legs and toppled over.

I rushed over to the deer and in my excitement, I finally understood the serpent’s power. It is the liquid in its teeth that kills when the serpent bites its prey. As I hoisted the deer on my shoulders, I filed that knowledge in the back of my mind for further study.

The next day the dog and I headed out in the northwestern direction of our territory. The dog started to have a low growl in his chest. I looked out toward the west, and just coming over a knoll was a group of men. It sure looked like the slavers had found us. It has taken them along time to unwind the trail that I left them.

As I headed back to the cave, set up numerous false and double false trails. I went through the river, and climb trees and swung to the next tree using a vine. Finally after a number of hours I arrive at the cave.

“It looks like the slavers have found us. I laid some false trails, but that won’t stop them for very long.” I told the girls.

“We will need more food and water.” I said.

We grabbed the water basket and filled it up, and our water skins. The girls picked a bunch of berries, and other fruit. The dog and I tried to hunt, but we found nothing. We got back to the cave with the berries and water. Next we need wood for the fire. All four of us dragged up branches and logs to keep us in fire wood.

Now comes the hard part, waiting. This is the best place to make our stand. It is obvious they are determined to find us, considering the amount of time they spent tracking us down.

It was late in the afternoon, by the time they entered the far end of the clearing. I stood in the mouth of the cave waiting for them. The leader saw me and started to scream and holler as loud as he could, as he pointed at us in the cave. The rest joined in. I counted 15 of them out there. They kept the screaming up trying to scare me, as they started to charge in my direction.

I waited, I had practiced this many times, and I knew just how far I could throw a dart from here. When they got into range, I let a dart fly. True to aim I struck a warrior in the chest, taking him out of the fight. I grabbed a dart and killed another warrior. They stopped and retreated, I killed one more before they got out of range. The leader dashed up toward me and I threw a dart at him but he ran back out of range. They kept doing that, but I resolved not to waste darts on those types of moves.

It got close to dark and they made camp at the other end of the clearing. A camp fire sprung up, and two slavers went into the woods to hunt for food. They came back with a deer for dinner.

I left the dog out front to guard, and I went back into the cave. Sparrow brought me a piece of meat. I figured it to be rancid, but it tasted good with a smoky taste. Looking up at the meat. It is stored on the shelf with a haze of smoke around it at all times. The smoke must do something to the meat to keep it from spoiling.

I slept sporadically getting up often to check things out. I could hear the cough of the Sabre Tooth Tiger as it ate the remains of the three slavers that I killed. In the morning as I walked to the front of the cave, I could see the leader studying me and the cave. I counted and there were nine guys in camp, three are dead, that means three guys missing. I could hear some digging, they were above us, trying to dig through the smoke hole. All day they were up there digging in different spots. They created a lot of dust in the cave, making it hard for us to breathe.

At dark they went back to their camp. I watched as the two that went hunting, came back empty handed. It would be a hungry camp tonight. The next day they were back at it digging on the roof. Then the unthinkable happen. A rock dislodged from the ceiling and struck the water basket, knocking it over spilling all of our precious water. We all sprang towards the basket, but too late. This is something our enemy must not learn of, it would change their strategy, and they could just wait us out until we went mad from lack of water, and rushed out of the cave.

All day long they dug above us, creating plenty of dust, choking us and making us thirstier. I paced back and forth, trying to decide on just what to do. To go out at night, was just asking for trouble with all the predators out there. A day time run would be hard with the slavers watching our every move.

It was dark out and I told Sparrow to hold the dog. I was going to make a run and get us some water. I grabbed the water basket and a couple of water skins and headed out. I walked quietly by the sleeping slaver’s camp. I got to the water hole without any trouble so far. I filled up the skins and then the basket, but was careless and forgot that the water would gurgle as it goes into the basket.

The slavers heard that noise and their camp was awake. I grabbed the half full basket and crouched down and coughed like Sabre Tooth Tiger. T hey were not buying it and started to charge toward me. I raced in a straight line to the cave, but they were between me and the cave.

Suddenly the snarl of the real Sabre Tooth Tiger, and the scream of the slaver, as the tiger attacked him. The rest quickly scrambled back to the safety of their fire. The tiger showed up just in time, and I made it to the cave. Now we had enough water.

Later the next morning, I was walking through the cave. I stumbled over a drying stick stretching sinew. As I disengaged it from my foot, it slipped from my hand with a snap against my foot. Something about that action caught my eye.

I grabbed it and pulled it back a few times making the sinew snap. I drew it back further and broke the stick. The stick was to small. I bounded over to my stock pile of shafts, and found one that was green. I looped the sinew around both ends and pulled it back, and the sinew snapped against my cheek, stinging it.

“Twist three of them together.” Sparrow said to as she entwined them together and handed it to me.

I bent the shaft and looped the sinew over both ends. I pulled the sinew back and released and it hummed. I fitted a dart in and shot it against the wall. After a trial and error period. I made some adjustments to both the bow and darts. I finally got it right and could hit the target time and time again.

I figure I had one chance at this, it was just before dusk and they all were in the camp. I grabbed the dart with the serpent juice on it. I walked out of the cave and took aim at the leader of the slaver’s group. I checked the wind, and distance and let it fly. It struck him on the right shoulder.

He leaped up and down in a pure rage. Then he staggered a few steps and fell over dead. The rest of the slavers fled the area in terror.

It was a few months later and I have gone through many different types of bows. I remade my darts into arrows. Now I have a pouch that carries 15 arrows. I have no need of the serpent juice, as the arrows do the job just fine.

Today my main job was to escort the girls down to the spring to tar some baskets and get some water. All three of them are supporting large bellies now. Suddenly the dog growled and I looked up to see a group of people approaching us.

It was Wolfgard, the shaman, two women, and three children.

“Stop what do you want from us?” I shouted at them in anger.

“We seek food and water.” Wolfgard croaked back at me.

“From us, what gives you the right to expect that.” I laughed.

“It was my biggest mistake to banish you from the tribe.” Wolfgard replied.

“We ran out of spears, and tried to steal some from a different tribe, but suffered a serious defeat, and half of our hunters were killed.” He told me.

“They are our people and he is my father.” Sparrow said to me with tears in her eyes.

I thought about what she said to me and I looked them over. They were nothing but skin and bones.

“All right we will help you out.” I said to Wolfgard.

Some readers wanted more graphic details on the sex acts. This takes place in the early stages of human evolution on this planet. The only sex they really knew was just how animals did it from behind. If I got to deive of the sex, it would corrupt the story line.

Thank you for reading my stories.

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I like the story line, it is similar to Clan of the Cave Bear, Mammoth Hunters and
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