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A lot has happened since last year. I’ll mention that if you haven’t read my previous stories you can just click on my profile name and access them. You probably want to read those first. Anyway, what I’m writing is true. I don’t really care what people say, I got a lot of hate the last time I uploaded something from my life. You can believe that what I write is true if you want to or not. If nothing else, enjoy what I’ve written.

When my mom separated from my dad, we moved to Charlottesville, a small city in the state of Virginia. We lived for about a year in a nice little neighborhood called _________ (sorry, can’t give you that info lol). All the time we lived there things were good—I was going to a new highschool, made some friends, and was getting to go to a lot more social events. Life was good, a lot better than what I had lived through a year before on the dump of a farm. I should have expected things to go downhill when they did, because you know how that saying goes: “Good things don’t last”.

What happened was my dad was being a real pain in the ass and sending my mom a lot of hate mail mixed in with love letters (mood swings, much?) to her. My dad has always been a control freak, and he was trying anything he could to get the family back under his thumb. The letters were driving my mom nuts, but she couldn’t block him AND she had to read the letters anyway. Why? Because the court had ordered that my little sister Rebekah still have contact with my dad by supervised visits. My mom had to read all of my dad’s e-mails, because there would also be important information in their regarding finances and when dad wanted to meet Rebekah next. Why she just didn’t scan the e-mails for the important information, ignoring the rest? I don’t know. I kept telling her to do it, but my mom would get sucked into all of his e-mails. Needless to say, my dad is a pro manipulator.

So without making the backstory another 10 pages, my asshole of a dad eventually snapped. One day my little sis was climbing the little tree out in our tiny front yard. I was upstairs in my room when I heard the sound of a motorcycle. I figured it belonged to the neighbor, who always drove a motorcycle to work. I was wrong. As I watched out the window, a red motorcycle being driven by my dad slowed down at our house. My dad dismounted the bike, ran over to the tree, and grabbed Rebekah.

By the time I had rocketed down the stairs and out the front door, Rebekah had been pulled onto my dad’s lap on his motorcycle and he had floored the gas. The bike when speeding away, with Rebekah screaming.
I cannot explain just how helpless and stupid I felt that day. For a while I just stood there in the parking lot, trying to understand what had just happened. Shortly afterword my mom came walking out of the house, asking me what all the commotion outside was. I asked her where she had been, and she had replied that she had just gotten out of the shower upstairs. When I told her, I swore she was going to have a heart attack.

Needless to say, by the time my dad was finally caught he had made it with Rebekah as far as North Carolina. The authorities had reported that he had taken a lot of back roads and made a lot of stops in order to lose the police’s tail. He was finally caught when he had casually stopped at a gas station to refuel his bike and the cashiers had recognized him from news reports on the TV in the gas station. When questioned my dad had confessed that he had been casually walking around our neighborhood past our house, waiting for an opportunity like he got that day. When he saw Rebekah outside he quickly made his way back to his motorcycle that was parked down the road and—well, you know the rest.

My dad was put in prison for charges of kidnapping, evading the police, and a bunch of other stuff. Rebekah didn’t have to see him anymore, and after what had happened, she didn’t want to.

Just when life for our family couldn’t get any worse, my mom lost her only job. She had been working as a bus assistant at my little sis’ preschool. However that school went through some huge budget cuts, and that included letting a couple teachers and other positions at the school go, one of those people being my mom. With no job my mom tried to ask for more money from her relatives, but they replied that they were going through hard times with money too and really couldn’t give up any more of their money. Bullshit. Those families’ parents were making like 70-80k a year. They had more than enough to help us.

So to wrap everything up, we lost our house because my mom couldn’t pay the rent, and we had to go live in a fucking trailer park. We sold a lot of stuff we owned so that we could get enough money to pay the fee at the park. It was just enough for a year. We were all devastated. From the news everyone at my sisters and my school knew that we were the children of the psycho on tv. We got a lot of shit for that. Finally we couldn’t take the jeering anymore by our fellow students and dropped out of school. My mom, even in her depressed state, managed to get some used school books and made us still learn our education.

Aaaaaand that’s the wonderful backstory to my recent change in lifestyle. I’ve managed to write all this on my iPod, and then I had to walk (we barely use the car because we can't afford the gas) on the side of the road for like forty minutes to a library. There I was able to post this story online. So don’t hate, people! I didn’t just get this to you in less than ten minutes! And before the many critics that get on this website see this story, all this is real. My sis made a good friend at her school that was able to hook her up with some free birth control pills. She is still able to get them even to this day. And our mom has never known. :)


Chapter 1: Our hideout

I hate school. So much. I hate math the most. I’ve never been good at it.

That is all I can think while I’m staring down at the textbook on my lap. I’m sitting in an old wire chair in the corner of our trailer. I managed to bring some of my stuff from my cool room from the house. Posters of AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne and the Beatles are taped to the walls around my tiny space called my room. There is an adjustable chin-up bar that I put between the walls at the end of the trailer and then hung an old curtain up so that I would have privacy. That’s my door.

I finally finish the last problem and get up out of my chair. I go and open my ‘door’ and walk a few feet down the trailer, past the sink and the small table and into my mother’s ‘room’. I set the book down on a dusty old table that’s next to her mattress. As I expected my mother is laying on the bed, stoned, with two cans of empty beer on the floor next to her bed. Rebekah is sitting on the floor next the bed drawing what look like black little monsters with red eyes on a notepad.

“Um…hi ‘bekah,” I mutter. Rebekah doesn’t even look up at me.

Shaking my head, I make my way out of her room and take a left turn to the door on the trailer. I open it with a loud creak. Damn. If only I had some WD40 or something that I could oil the door’s hinges with.

I step outside. Luckily, when we sold almost everything we had I was still able to keep my iPod Touch—(if you guys have read my other stories yes, it is the same famous iPod, and yes, I do still have my sister’s stripping video on it lol)—and I was able to keep all my nice clothes. Right now I’m wearing some straight-cut white Hurley jeans, red Osiris hightops, a Skullcandy black and white t-shirt, and my red Super Mario Bros. snapback hat. Did I mention that I also am wearing black fingerless gloves with brass knuckles concealed under them? Yeah. I’m a boss. I made the brass knuckles myself by taking a bunch of metal wire and bending them over and over in little rings, all connected to eachother. Then I made a fire and heated them up and let them ‘cook’ for several hours. The heat fused the wires together in a vice-like hold. Then I was able to slip them easily over my fingers. I might not have a lot of muscle in a fight, but these things will do in a pinch.

Anyway, there’s something else you should know—I’m now heavily into smoking pot. The depression that hit us when the world crashed down on my family has affected each of us in different ways. My mom has fallen back into being a serious drunk, my little sister is now reserved to the point that you would think her tongue got cut out one day, I get high all the time, and Rachel…well…


I turn around to see my sis running towards me from the trailer. I can’t help but watch as her breasts bounce all over the place as she runs. She never wears a bra. –--So yeah, since last year Rachel has had a HUGE growth spurt, and I don’t mean just in height.

Rachel finally catches up to me. As she does I look around. We’re standing in the middle of a huge mass of trailers. But no one is out today. That’s why Rachel doesn’t whisper when she says,

“Bro, I need you in me right now. Let’s go.”

Sooooo when I said that this crisis affected us differently…yeah. My sister has become a total sex-addicted whore. But believe me, I got no problem with that.

As I walk with Rachel, she grabs my hand, nearly pulling me down the dirt path and out of the park. 'God, she really wants it bad today,' I think to myself, grinning.

To those of you who haven’t read the story I posted a year back, let me just sum it up in a couple seconds:
I was horny so I took a vid of my sis without her knowing in her room stripping, she caught me jacking off, she got interested in my dick, and—well—you guess the rest.

We walk down the dirt path until we come out into the highway. As we walk my sister goes on and on about how much she hates school and how mom is a total drunk that needs to get a fucking job, and I nod and listen the best I can. Without giving a shit I continue smoking weed while we’re walking right on the side of the road. As I do my sister slips her hand down my pants, grabbing my cock. I jump.

“Whoacoughcough” I sputter as I was cut short in the middle of smoking. I look over at her, as she grins wickedly at me. That smile. Oh god whenever she does that I get stiff real quick. Because what follows…

“Sorry, I just had to fucking feel that,” my sister says, still grinning. "You're already hard."

I point towards the road up ahead. “Well, we’re almost there so wait three more seconds, whore.” Rachel slaps my ass hard, still grinning.

We finally get to our little hideout: the road’s bridge. Under it runs a traintrack, and there is a space between the train track and the bridge’s pillars where we do it. My sis pulls me down the rocky incline leading off the bridge and under it. Once down there my sis immediately yanks off her top. She then kicks off her shoes and pulls her skirt down. She isn’t wearing any panties either! Damn!

I throw my hat off and pull off my shirt. Oh yeah—and the pull-up rod in my space in the trailer isn’t just for a curtain. With nothing much else to do besides play video games and fuck all day, I try to work out to impress my sis. Since last year I’ve done a lot of pushups, working my arms, shoulders, and my abs. My chest has filled out, and I’ve got a lean (but still visible) six-pack.

My sis starts feeling my chest as I pull my jeans down, along with my boxers. I look down at her pussy to see it’s already soaking wet. Some of my sis’ juices are dripping down her leg. Fuck she is so hot.

Once I’m completely naked we both lock together in a tight hold. I stick my tongue into my sister’s mouth, and we lick each other inside as we keep feeling each other’s bodies. I press my cock up against my sister’s pussy, and she shudders in my arms.

Rachel breaks away from our hot kissing, saying “No more foreplay. I need you fucking inside me NOW.”

Without complaint I let go and my sis gets on all fours on the grass next to the train tracks, her hot ass sticking up in the air towards my dick. She knows that’s my favorite position to fuck her in. Without another word I take my cock in my hand and push into my sister’s wet pussy. Since I’ve been fucking her constantly for over a year now, her pussy has stretched to fit my dick perfectly. Once I'm about halfway in I start slamming my sister’s hot ass with my 7-inch long cock (yes it grew bitches) in a steady rhythm. Rachel instantly loses it.


My sister is hysterical, grabbing grass tight with her hands. Damn, she is crazy about my dick. I focus all my energy into pounding the shit out of my sister. She always wants rough hot sex, and I don’t want to disappoint her.

I continue pounding my sister’s ass over and over, our bodies mashing together in a wet frenzy. My sister’s pussy juices lubricate my cock, allowing me to tap her ass with ease. A few moments later my sister screams.


Her pussy quivering around my dick, it clamps down on my penis like a vice as my sister squirts her love juices all over. As I keep pounding her I let go of my sister’s firm, peachy ass and grab onto my sister’s round tits. She continues moaning like a whore as I knead and pinch her tits while I continue pounding her ass with growing speed.

The fact that I’m high from weed and the added sensation of my sister’s squirting pussy around my hammering cock is hitting my brain with what feels like a storm of lightning.


I grab her tits harder, forcing my entire length into her pussy as I keep pounding the shit out of her.


I manage to groan as I feel like I’m riding a roller-coaster.

My sister screams and cums on my cock for a third time. She’s breathing hard, moaning with each thrust. We can both tell that this is coming to an end. The electricity in my brain is jolting down my chest and into my pounding cock. Determined to last a little longer I bite my lip and continue hammering my sis in and out in a blurring motion.

I try to think about something else—anything that could give me more time—and then I think about how hilarious it would be if a train came by us right now, with the driver looking down and seeing two teens at it. I nearly laugh, and then remember where I am and continue beating the hell out of my sis with my cock.
My sis starts rocking back into my dick as I push in, making the feeling even fucking better. I feel like my mind is flying out of my head and into the air, into a whirlpool of cold water.


My sis screams, digging her nails into the ground. Every hair on my body is standing on end, and that pressure in my cock is building up, along with the electricity pulsing inside. This is it.


I yell, grabbing Rachel’s tits even harder.


I yell, and with a huge effort I pound into my sister with all my length one last time, releasing a torrent of cum into her slutty womb.

I let go of Rachel’s tits and pull out, breathing like I had just run a marathon. Usually I don’t put as much effort into what we had done today. My sister collapses on her stomach, and I fall down and lay right beside her. We look deep into each other’s eyes, breathing hard.

“That…was…fucking…amazing…” My sister gasps. “My pussy feels like it’s on fire.”

I smile at her. “That was fucking awesome.”

My sister manages to move, leaning down towards my cock.
“I’ll clean that for you,” she says, giving me that wicked grin again.

My sis takes my gradually deflating dick and slides it into her hot mouth. I shake with pleasure as my sis focuses her sucking on my now incredibly sensitive head and work her way down until she’s sucked every last bit of my cum off my cock. With her mouth closed my sis lays back down next to me. She opens her mouth, displaying the cum on her tongue, then swallows everything. I pull her to me, wrapping her in a tight embrace. My cum starts to leak out of my sister’s shaking pussy, covering the ground under us.

“Fuck Rachel…” I gasp as she kisses my neck. “You are such a whore.”
“I know,” My sis says, smiling as she sucks on my neck. “And I love it.”

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