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Anthony surprises his boyfriend in California at his doorstep. Meeting for the first time, they are very passionate, and when giving the opportunity things take a turn for the wild side...
It was 6:47 P.M. on a Thursday when Christian heard the doorbell ring. “Christian, get the door for me!” his mother called. Aggravated- for he was on the phone with his boyfriend- he sat his phone down and ran to the door. Upon opening it he was greeted by luggage thrown at him. Perplexed, he stood there in a daze until he had a single kiss placed upon his lips. At that moment he dropped the luggage and realized that his one true love, Anthony, was at his door step. He threw his arms around his boyfriend’s neck while jumping into his arms, and placed another kiss onto Anthony’s lips, allowing them to mold and contour against his own. “Surprise” Anthony said smiling, after breaking their second kiss. Christian instantly began crying tears of joy and stumbled over his words, not knowing what to say in such a moment. Anthony set Christian down and wiped away his tears and kissed him on his forehead. “Good evening Anthony, come on inside and make yourself at home; dinner has just been started, so it will be done in about a hour” Christian’s mother said. “Thank you ma’am and thank you for keeping this a secret” Anthony replied courteously. “You knew about this mom?!” Christian exclaimed, glaring at his mother. “Don’t worry about it Christian,” Anthony said while handing a bag to Christian, “now will you help me carry these in or what?” Christian took Anthony’s bag and led him inside, then asked his mom “Where do I put his stuff?” “I thought your room would be a good place, don’t you?” his mom replied, smiling. Christian turned bright red and hastily led Anthony to his bedroom. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” Christian asked with a slight tone of hostility. “Does it really matter why I didn’t; all that does is I am here.” Anthony said. Next, he pushed his suitcase to the side and pressed Christian against the wall and gently caressed his face while leaning in for a kiss. “I’m sorry I didn’t let you know Christian, but I wanted to surprise you” Anthony said. Christian accepted the kiss eagerly, then once it was broken he stared deeply into Anthony’s eyes, which happened to also stare back. “I love youuu” Anthony said quietly and playfully, leaning his forehead against Christian’s. Christian let out a sigh, then said “I love you too Anthony, so much”, then moved away from his boyfriend and walked to his door to close it. Once closed, he took Anthony by the hand and pulled him in for a deeper kiss. Shocked by the intensity of the kiss, Anthony let his guard down slightly and allowed Christian to push him down onto his bed and climb on top of him and continue to kiss. Anthony wrapped his arms around Christian’s back and pulled him down into him more, driving his lips into Christian’s. Christian started to grind his body into Anthony and started kissing him deeply, letting his tongue do a bit of exploring while they started to make out. Anthony arched his back slightly and kissed Christian back very passionately while he also slides his hands up his boyfriend’s shirt. Their kissing began to get deeper and deeper and they both began to feel the other’s crotch hardening against their own. Anthony then slid Christian’s shirt of and ran his hands all the way down his back and down into his shorts, and then gently grasped his ass. Christian then gave Anthony one last kiss, then playfully bit Anthony’s bottom lip while he started unbuttoning his shorts and pulling them down. He then kissed Anthony’s neck, and then ran his tongue from his neck all the way down to waist line of Anthony’s boxers, where he then took hold of the boxers with his teeth and slowly started sliding them down until they were at Anthony’s mid-thigh. Looking up, Christian saw his boyfriend laying there and couldn’t help but pick up little details about him. He made a point to notice how sexy he looked and other things like the slight throbbing of Anthony’s cock that occurred about every 6 seconds and how his chest was rising and falling faster with excitement, and the glisten in his love’s eyes. Anthony just smiled down at Christian, and gave him a quick nod, signifying that he wanted Christian to continue. Christian then opened his mouth and engulfed Anthony’s cock entirely, then very slowly closed his mouth and slid up his shaft. Anthony let out a stifled moan and arched his pelvis upward, pushing more of his cock back into Christian’s mouth, but Christian didn’t allow it to happen and started licking and sucking Anthony’s balls. He caressed them tenderly with his mouth, then licked from the underside of his balls, up his shaft and started sucking the head of his cock only. He teasingly would stop sucking and swirl his tongue around the head, causing Anthony to curl his toes in ecstasy. Becoming frustrated with the teasing, Anthony took hold of Christian’s hair and held him still while he reintroduced his cock to his lips and pushed the head slightly in. Christian breathed heavily on Anthony’s cock, then took the hint and lowered himself excruciatingly slow down the cock in front of him, driving Anthony wild. Wanting more, Anthony started thrusting slightly and Christian happily greeted his cock with an open mouth. Overwhelmed and feeling an orgasm building, Anthony hastily pulled Christian off his cock and pulled him down for a deep kiss. Right at that moment there was a knock on the door and a voice said “Dinner is ready in five, so get washed up”. Breathing heavily, Anthony gave Christian a last tender kiss and then got up and put his clothes back on, then smiled at Christian and gave him a big hug. Christian smiled back then gave him a sweet kiss back, then took Anthony’s hand into his own as he went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After washing his hands, Anthony followed Christian to the dining room and sat in the only empty chair next to Christian. “Everything looks great ma’am” Anthony said. “Actually, Christian’s dad made dinner, but he was just called into the job so he sadly won’t be here” Christian’s mother responded back. With that being said, everyone served themselves food and started eating. In the middle of dinner, Anthony decided to be a bit adventurous and risky and reached over and grabbed Christian’s crotch through his shorts and squeezed. This immediately caused Christian to freeze out of shock, causing his mother to look at him inquisitively. Anthony snickered while Christian blushed, and started unzipping Christian’s shorts, as he watched Christian as he tried explaining to his mom that he just totally zoned out for some reason. Being extremely aroused at this point, Christian tried hitting Anthony’s hand away, but Anthony only reached under Christian’s boxers and ran his fingertips up and down his cock. With this being done, Christian hurriedly finished eating his food and excused himself from the table. “Thank you very much for dinner” Anthony said to Christian’s mother. “You’re more than welcome Anthony; I am glad you enjoyed it” she replied back. Anthony was heading back towards Christian’s room when he heard Christian’s mom call out. “Christian, Anthony, the girls and I are heading out to Modesto quickly to grab a few things from the store, do you guys need anything?” She asked. “No mom, thank you!” Christian called back. The front door then shut, and shortly after the car doors as well, and they were gone. Anthony opened Christian’s door and walked in, greeted by a completely naked Christian. “You think you can do that while we eat dinner and get away with it? I don’t think so. You have to continue it now.” Christian said, and then moved to his bed to lie down. Excited, Anthony moved over and got on the bed, in between Christian’s legs. “Nah uh uh, you need to get out of those clothes first mister” Christian said, winking at Anthony. “Here, I’ll help you” he said, then started taking Anthony’s shirt off and moved to unbuttoning his shorts. Anthony finished stripping and the moved back into position. He bent over closely to Christian’s cock to the point where he could feel the warm breath from Anthony against his cock and balls. Anthony started by kissing Christian’s inner thighs and all around his cock, but never making any contact with it. Christian’s cock started jumping with excitement as Anthony started kissing Christian’s pubes and the base of his cock. “Damn it Anthony, stop teasing me already” Christian moaned. Hearing this, Anthony continued to tease, and placed the head of Christian’s cock into his mouth and lightly sucked on it. “Ugh, more” Christian moaned. When Anthony didn’t listen, Christian placed his hands on the back of Anthony’s head and forced him down his cock. Anthony took in his entire cock and started sucking hard, and then began bobbing up and down. “Ah, yes, just like that” Christian said. With that, Anthony sucked very hard and slowly moved down Christian’s cock until he was taking it all; deep throating. “Ugh, yes” Christian said, moaning loudly. Anthony slowly slid back up and began stroking Christian’s cock when he said “Christian, turn around”. Christian obeyed, and Anthony moved in towards Christian’s ass. He first began by kissing it; the he moved in and began slowly eating out his ass. After about three minutes of this, Anthony lifted Christian’s body off the bed from lying flat, and repositioned himself behind him and aims his cock towards his boyfriend’s ass. Anthony gently pressed the head of his cock against Christian, waiting to hear any sign of protest. Hearing none, he pushed in slightly until the entire head was in. Christian let out a small gasp and started to move away, but Anthony held him still. “Relax Christian, I’ll take it slow for the first time” Anthony said, reassuring his lover. “I want to face you then.” Christian responded back. Taking his wants into consideration, Anthony pulled out and had Christian lay flat on his back, then he had him put his legs over his shoulders and Anthony slowly entered him again. Once the head entered, Christian again gasped, but remained calm and collected and allowed Anthony to continue. After allowing Christian to adjust to his boyfriend’s cock inside him, Anthony pushed in more and more, slowly, until he was completely in. Christian gasped loudly and let a single tear roll down his rosy cheeks, but held on to Anthony and allowed him to remain inside him. Anthony leaned down and kissed Christian, then wiped away the tear. “It’s okay Christian, I won’t continue until you’re ready, okay?” Anthony said. “It’s okay Anthony, I trust you” Christian replied back. With this trust, Anthony started to slowly thrust in and out of Christian. “This feels so good Christian” Anthony said, moaning. Anthony continued thrusting while he leaned forward and started kissing Christian’s neck. Christian wrapped his legs around Anthony’s waist and his arms around his neck and pulled him down to continue kissing. Anthony then started to thrust a bit harder, testing the water to see how Christian would react. Once no reaction other than moaning was made, he lost control and started thrusting very hard and deep into Christian, moaning his name as he did so. Christian curled his toes and dug his nails into Anthony’s back as he started fucking him faster and faster. “Oh, I am about to cum Christian” Anthony said while breathing rapidly. Anthony began to pull out, but Christian locked his legs around Anthony and pulled him down for a kiss. “Christian, I’m about to” Anthony started saying until Christian cut him off with yet another kiss and said “Just fuck me Anthony”. Christian began moaning loudly and arching his back, while Anthony started driving his cock in and out of Christian as hard as he could while kissing his neck. Anthony then took hold of Christian’s cock and began to jerk him off to the rhythm of his own balls hitting Christian’s ass. Suddenly, it was too much for Anthony and he let out another moan. “Ugh, here it comes Christian, its coming” he said. At that moment Christian let out a very loud moan as Anthony started to cum inside Christian. Once the first string was shot, Christian began to orgasm himself, shooting string after string onto himself as Anthony moaned, feeling Christian’s ass contract as they both continued to orgasm. After their orgasms died off, Anthony slowly started to pull out. “No, stay inside me Anthony” Christian said, gently pulling Anthony back in him and down for a kiss. Anthony leaned forward and gave Christian a sweet and tender kiss, and then just laid there on top of him. Their bodies heaved up and down from their heavy breathing, and their bodies glistened from the sweat of their love making session they just had. “Anthony,” Christian said while breathing heavily “I love you so much”. “I love you so much as well Christian, so so much” Anthony replied back. He then leaned forward and gave Christian another delicate kiss, letting it linger on both of their lips. At this moment, they realized that they were meant to be one, and their lives together had just begun. Anthony slowly began pulling out of Christian, and helped him up off the bed. “So, what do you say we go and get cleaned up?” Anthony asked. Christian agreed, and led Anthony into the bathroom and gave him a towel. Anthony turned on the shower and got in, and Christian followed shortly after. They stared at each other, eyeing each other’s wet bodies, seeing every little thing they deemed as perfection. They took turns lathering one another with soap, and then washing each other. Then they just stood in the shower, rinsing off, and slowly began kissing each other, not to start something again, but in a romantic way. They looked at each other and simply just let their lips do the talking, for sometimes actions are better than words. Then they just stood there, caressing each other in the warm water, never wanting to let go. The next thing they heard was a car door, and Christian bolted out of the shower and into his bedroom, ran back and gave Anthony a quick kiss, then ran back to his room, leaving Anthony to finish showering alone. It was alright though, for he knew once he got out, Christian would be waiting for him again, waiting there with his mesmerizing green eyes, his 6’3 tall self, and a hand perfect to fit with his own.

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