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Anthony and Christian go out to the mountain with their two horses and decide to camp out. After getting completely soaked, Christian seizes the opportunity and makes one of his wildest fantasies come true.
“Let’s get going then,” Christian said, “we only have a few hours left to find a campsite before it gets dark”. Anthony and Christian saddled up their horses and continued down the mountainous trek, slowing down as they crossed a river. Skittish, Christian’s horse, Brian, started to neigh and buck, throwing Christian and his belongings into the water, then dashed off back up the mountain. “’We only have a few hours left to find a campsite before it gets dark’” Anthony said mockingly. “Just help me out of here, alright?” Christian asked. Anthony looked his lover up and down, admiring him and how stunningly handsome he was, despite being wet. He wore a red plaid button down shirt, denim jeans that perfectly hugged his crotch, and to complete it all; a cowboy hat and matching boots. “Fine then, don’t help.” Christian said as he pulled Anthony off his horse and into the water. They tussled around in the water, fighting and playing around, kissing, and after about half an hour they got out and decided to continue their search for camp. Soaking wet, they stripped off their clothes, hooked them onto the saddle, and jumped on the horse. As they were riding, Anthony could begin to feel Christian’s warm cock press against the small of his back, when suddenly Christian wrapped his arms around Anthony’s waist and grabbed his cock. “You know, you are one sexy man Anthony, you know that right?” Christian asked seductively. “So you have told me” Anthony retorts back, smiling. Christian leans in and begins kissing his boyfriend’s neck and shoulders, and takes notice of Anthony’s now erect member. Immediately, Christian grasps his partner’s cock and begins to stroke it. Anthony lets out a small sigh, and then veers off course to a more secluded spot. He finds a place, jumps off the horse and tethers it to a nearby tree, then pulls Christian down and starts kissing him passionately, driving his lips against Christian with a fiery ferocity. “Oh Anthony” Christian moans as he starts to breathe heavier. Anthony pushes Christian against a tree, then begins kissing down his neck, chest and then drops to his knees and takes hold of the erect cock in front of him. “May I?” Anthony asks while winking at his boyfriend. “Be my guest” says Christian. Anthony slowly licks and sucks Christian’s balls, then slowly licks up his shaft and swirls his tongue around the head of his cock, then begins to slowly suck. “Ugh, yes, that feels so good Anthony” Christian moaned as he placed his hands behind Anthony’s head and pushed him down his cock, forcing him to deep throat. Anthony sucks harder, and begins bobbing up and down more quickly now, while Christian begins to thrust in and out of his mouth. Anthony then stopped and started stroking Christian’s cock, and said “You have such a nice cock Christian”. Anthony then stood up and once again began kissing Christian. Christian wasted no time and immediately got to his knees and began sucking Anthony’s cock. Instinctively, Anthony places his hands on the back of Christian’s head, intertwines his fingers into Christian’s light brown hair, and begins thrusting slowly. Christian continues to suck, but does so slowly, fondling Anthony’s balls while sucking. “Oh yeah Christian, just like that” Anthony says while throwing his head back. Hearing that, Christian begins sucking harder and faster, causing Anthony to tense up. “Ugh Christian, you’re so good at this” Anthony says, letting lose a few quiet moans. Anthony then pulls out of Christian’s mouth and pushes him on the ground and lies on top of him and begins grinding his body into Christian’s while kissing him deeply. Christian gently scratches down Anthony’s back, and then rolls over to be on top of him. They continue to kiss and grind into each other when Christian leans over and whispers in Anthony’s ear “I want to fuck you”. With that, Anthony rolled over once again and began to furiously sucking Christian’s cock. He would go very fast with light pressure, and then he would go slow, dragging his tongue along the shaft and sucking harder. Extremely aroused, Christian pushed Anthony back so he was flat on his back, lifted Anthony’s legs and put the tip of his cock to Anthony’s ass. “Ah yes Christian, take it nice and--” Anthony began saying when Christian forcefully pushed his cock into Anthony. Anthony let out a huge moan, and Christian began ramming in and out of Anthony. “Ugh yes, fuck me Christian” Anthony moaned while Christian continued to pump in and out. “Fuck Anthony, you have such a nice ass” Christian heavily moaned. Christian continued his rapid paced fucking, allowing his balls to slap against Anthony each time he entered him, until he pulled out and made Anthony get on all fours. Once Anthony was repositioned, Christian slowly slid his cock into Anthony again and began thrusting while reaching under Anthony and stroking his cock. “Fuck me harder Christian” Anthony said, and then let out a few moans as soon as Christian picked up the pace. “Come on cowboy, get into cowgirl” Christian said while pulling out of Anthony again. Anthony turned around and faced his lover, then lowered himself onto his cock. “Ugh, fuck” Christian moaned as he grabbed Anthony’s hips and began fucking him with sheer determination. He fucked Anthony so quickly sweat began to drip from their bodies. Anthony wrapped his arms around Christian and began kissing him, moaning in his ears saying “Ah yes” and “Fuck me babe”. Christian again picked up speed; fucking Anthony like there was no tomorrow. “Ugh fuck, here it comes” Christian moaned. Anthony then started sliding up and down Christian’s cock faster as yelled “Ugh, fuck!”, releasing his load into Anthony. Christian’s eyes rolled back as he shot seven or eight strings of cum into his wonderful boyfriend. Once he finished cumming, he told Anthony, “Come here and let me suck you”. Close to cumming himself, Anthony quickly slid off his boyfriend’s cock and slid his own into Christian’s mouth, and began face fucking him. “Oh gosh, here it comes, it’s coming” Anthony moaned. Christian sucked harder, taking every last millimeter of his boyfriend into his mouth and sucked hard. “Here it comes---“ Anthony started saying as he let out a huge moan. Christian gagged as the cum began to shoot, but quickly swallowed and was able to maintain. He continue sucking Anthony after his six strings of cum for about three minutes, then stopped and went up and kissed Anthony. He climbed on top of him and just lay there, kissing. Their sweaty bodies glistened, and they just laid there, Christian resting his head on Anthony’s chest. “Maybe we should just make camp here” Christian suggested. “That’s completely fine with me Christian” Anthony replied back. “I love you”. “I love you too”. Then, they just laid there and watched the sun set without a care in the world.

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To the anonymous writer of the space wasting comment 2 below. Mabe this story is not the most enthralling on this site and it could with being sorted into paragraphs, but it does not deserve the childish gutter standard comment you have left..I also note that it looks like you have made the same pathetic attempt to trash the 2 previous stories. I can only say that if you so dislike the stories on this site , whyever do you waste your time reading them.

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total garbagepure shit trash

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