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this is my first story on here so please go easy on the negative comments and try to give me some pointers
This story is fictional and involves underage girls so if you don't like that kind of thing then don't leave comments and don't read it.

My name is Matt i am 37 years old and a single father. I am 6'3" reasonably muscular and i have a seven inch cock. I have a daughter called Lucy she is 12 years old she is 4'11" she likes to likes swimming and her tits have just started to form.

As i said Lucy enjoyed swimming she always goes to our local pool with her friends. Its about a 20 minute drive from our house and i always drive her there and back. One Sunday after picking her up she asked about guys dicks and what they where for. you see our local pool has a unisex changing room so she must have seen some in there and got curious. so i told her all about sex and where babies come from and that it was a very long and awkward conversation. then she asked a question that perplexed me "daddy can i see your penis?". now i had no prior attraction to her i mean shes my 12yo daughter so when i hesitantly said yes but only because she was curious and i wanted her to learn about the human body. so i unzipped my trousers and took out my cock which she quickly grasped. then weirdly she started naturally jerking it. this was a weird feeling i started to enjoy it i eventually became hard.

"why is it getting hard daddy?" she asked

i said "to get it ready to enter a girls vagina sweety"

then she asked a question that for some reason really turned me on "can you put it in mine?". now i know this really shouldn't of turned me on but it did and for some reason i said yes . we were about 5 minutes away from home so i asked her to stop jerking my cock so that i wouldn't cum in the car. she was really disappointed by this but was looking forward to getting home so i could fuck her.

when we got back home she ran inside and started stripping really quickly, she was defiantly looking forward to this. i then also stripped off and then I ran to her bedroom where she was lying naked on her bed. her young body was so sexy, her lovely tight young virgin pussy was beautiful and her tits were barely even there. then i joined her on the bed and started kissing her. she immediately kissed back. then my hand started to move slowly down her body, caressing her and eventually ending up at her small pussy. she started moaning quietly then as i rubbed harder she moaned harder.

i then pick her up and but her on top off me as i rolled over. then i gave her instructions on how to give me a blowjob. she hesitated then asked if i could just put my penis in her pussy now. but i said that this will make it hard again so she did as I said. i started by telling her to simply but my cock in her mouth which she did and it felt amazing. then i told her "suck it like you would with an ice lolly" then i started to get really hard my 7 inch cock was filling up her mouth. she started to gag but i told her to keep going. after about a minute or so i told her to stop then lay down. then i began to kiss her neck then her tits then stomach then i moved on to her pussy. as soon as i started to kiss her young sweet virgin pussy she started giggling i carried on and she started to moan. i tasted so nice.

then i crawled over her and told her i was going to put my penis inside her. she immediately was overjoyed as i rested the tip of my cock on the opening of her pussy and forced it in i could feel her hymen and i quickly broke it. at first she was making noises of pain and even started to cry a little. but soon she started to enjoy and and was making noises of pleasure. then i began to thrust in and out of her small pussy harder and could feel myself cumming but i managed to stop and carry on fucking her. she began screaming with pleasure, i think her first orgasm was coming she then quickly came. then i pulled out of her and i was close to cumming so i came all over her pretty face and in her mouth. she then said "you taste nice daddy" with a wink. she then got up and started getting dressed again as did I.

the next day as she was getting ready for school she asked "daddy i enjoyed what we did yesterday can we do it again?". then i said " yes of course we can sweety". that was 4 years ago and she is now 16 and we fuck every sunday and she loves it.


2016-03-13 15:34:27
Love it


2013-03-26 22:38:43
if they can't sign their name to a comment, then they're just bullying and not offering any real help.

I liked yyour story. It shows a plot and good story-telling skill. But I agree in that it seemed too short. Not to sound like some English teacher, but it needs some fleshing out. Mind you, most of your readers have some college education or at least a few years of being struck across their hands by an English & Grammer teacher- so they will be the first to point out your violating basic rules... if you only take the common elements of each person's criticism of your story, you will see what you need to "fix". Unfortunately, some people labelled your story negatively after seeing a few glaring violations and seem to ignore your skill as a storyteller.... So fix you mistakes by proofreeading your future stories but don't let anyone discourage you from writing more stories.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-25 20:41:26
Ignore the poster who complains about an "English class." He's insufficiently literate, or he'd have heard the phrase "too short a time" along with "too short a season," "too great a distance," and so forth. The "of" is completely unnecessary.

And yes, I DO teach English.

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2013-03-25 00:01:24
Seems like it was written in 10 minutes by a 10 yr old.

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2013-03-24 20:42:01
It's just plain stupid to say that there is a unisex changing room at a public pool.

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