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this is a stiry by ne hope u like it
I was following my team that was on the bus for cheerleading and turned down the wrong road when all of a sudden my car broke down with me and my friends in it I thought I saw a car garage down the road I said they thought I should go and see if I can get some help my friends where Sally Samantha and Alexa my name was seirra before I get ahead I'm a beautiful girl all the boys go crazy over me and I have a extremely sexy body not trying to brag I'm the cutest in the group by far anyways when I got there I decided just to sit and fall asleep witch I know was really stupid of me but I was tired when u woke up u was in a nice warm bed naked and a collar around my neck like I was a dog and chained to the bed I thought it was hot so I started madterbating and I was soin to it I didnt notice the really cute boy walk in I look up and saw a smile on his face I wad nervous

What what are you going to do with Me I asked

Oh don't worry beautifulim not going to hurt you but I might hurt your friends he pointed to three seperate dog kennels I was pissed to see them and he saw that in my actions and UN did the collar and led me to a completely different room and pushed me on the bed and asked

Do you know what I am beautiful sir what are you

I'm a vampire but don't worry you will be fine but I don't know about those friends of yours

Please don't hurt them I mean you can but don't kill them please mister I'm begging you please

Oh I don't know maybe I should so you know whos In charge

Please Mister I know who'd in charge please I'm begging you please
I start to cry

I wont kill them if you promise to be mine til I decide when um through with you do you understand

Yes Mister

Ànother thing when you talk to me you will address me by master after every sentence you will ask for everything and everything do I make my self clear

Yes mis I mean master

Good girl now go wash up you have 30 minutes when you are done get one your knees and spred them and put your hands behind your head and wait for me do you understand

Yes master whatever you say master

Now get to going I dont want to punish you but I will

Yes master I get up and walk into the bathroom and start the shower

That's a good girl he says as he leaves and attended to his other sluts

Sally get over here and suck my dick

No I will never

You disrespectful slut get over here and suck my dick or else

Or else what

He smacks her face hard and starts to turn her around and bent her over grabed a wooden paddle and beat her with it causing her to scream in pain

Shut the f*** up s*** you dared me I was trying to be nice and let you out but you ruined it if you want a mean master you will get one

I put that slut up and cheak on mine

When I went in the room I still heard the shower going I went in quietly and sliped out of my clothes and got in with her she didn't even notice intill I started to rub her pussy really hard and fast

Remember you can't cum with out permission or you have to ask to cum

Can I please cum m m master oh my God please I need to cum master

Not yet slut I pull out a waterproof vibrater and put it on her clit trying to make her cum so I can punish her

M m m master please I'm begging you oh oh oh

Cum slut so I can punish you for not listening to me

Oh oh oh I'm cumming

Bad slut I pull her outvof the shower and grab a dildo and put it in her pu**y don't cum or else I start fucking her with the dildo all she can do is moan I put a vibrater on her clit to make her moan even louder are you about to cum slut

N n no master

You are one big lyer slut you know that now tell me the truth is my slut about to cum

Y y yes master please let me cum please master

Ummm...............let me think you have been a bad slut and this is your punishment I left the room

Master please I'm begging you don't leave me I need to cum

Oh that reminds me no masterbateing since you have been a very bad slut disobeying your master

Master please

No you are being punished goodbye oh and don't think about being sneaky because I have cameras every were

I start to cry and eventually fall asleep with my fingers in my pussy and apparently master saw me and thought I cam and tied me up and whipped me. With a whip and made red marks all over me I told him I didn't cum but he wouldent believe me and got tired of me so he gagged me with the ball gag so I couldent speak I could only make noises of pain as he put nipple clips on and smacked my pussy with the whip and to make me feel better he let me cum finally but in a very painful way...................

End of chapter one please comment if you want chapter 2 talk to you guys soon I hope you liked it


2013-05-01 09:58:55
...What the fuck did I just read?!

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-20 07:30:05
Saw car in the title, then we got to vampires.

Big long gaps aren't going to save you, laddie. In case you don't know what any critic/reader/other writer thinks of them, I can tell you it's one of the best ways of trolling in literature. And before you say it's a sex site, it's a sex site where we need to make twelve year olds fap, and they aren't going to be fapping to black kids' heads under cars.

Du bist ein Scheisskopf, but not an irreversible one. You can always get kicked off the site. Not that you'd care.


2013-04-18 10:44:01
Again with the vampires. Do any of you Twilight-obsessed tweens have anything better to write about? Originality goes a long way.

Why in the hell would you subject the world to cruel and unusual punishment such as this? It's an absolute load of putrescent muck, useful only for toilet paper and not to be mistaken as anything that anyone anywhere at any time will be benefited by reading.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-27 08:26:24
That story absolutely sucked!

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-24 20:17:39
Spelling. Grammer. Proof read. Detail!

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