The sordid love tale of Uncle Mark and neice, affectionately refered to as "Doll" continues, but this time, someone else joins the party
How It "Came" To Be continued...

Aunt Bridgette divorced my Uncle Mark a few months later. They settled quietly out of court to keep Bridgette from speaking on what she saw. A few months later, my son Kristopher was born. He was a healthy 6 pounds, 3 ounces. It was also around this time that my brother was scheduled to be in town. Now, more than ever, I wanted to see him. Not only to get my apology, but also to rub it in his face how he tried for so many years, yet was unsuccessful in getting me pregnant, but my Uncle did. I was almost revenge on my part. I even wanted to go as far as having Uncle Mark fuck me in front of Devin, so he could see how a real man does it. But Uncle Mark wanted to keep our relationship secret. The less people who know, the better; Uncle Mark also had me start taking birth control regularly mainly because it was extremely difficult for him to find condoms that fit and he couldn’t resist the urge to cum in my pussy every time.

The birth control was an understandable thing. We’d had Kristopher just a little while ago, last thing we needed was to have another child so soon. In 3 weeks, Devin was coming to visit. He’ll be stationed here for 6 months, and Uncle Mark thought it would be okay if he stayed with us. I reluctantly agreed, hoping that Devin was not the same person that he was years ago. And it certainly seemed that way when he arrived. He spoke to me with his head down, except when he was apologizing. He always looked me straight in the eye then. He didn’t even shy away from the gruesome details in front of Uncle Mark, “I did some terrible things to you. It took me awhile to realize the dangerous consequences of my actions. All those times I raped you and came inside of you. You deserve to hate me.”
Devin never tried to touch me, and he shied away from anything that would result in physical contact. Aside from the apologies, we didn’t talk about the past at all. It always made me uncomfortable, and him even more regrettable. We decided to move on with our new lives. He was a captain in the NAVY and I was a happy single mother!

Ch. 7

Devin’s extended stay was taking a toll on my Uncle Mark. As badly as he wanted me, he didn’t want to run the risk of Devin finding out. It wasn’t an easy time for me either. I was constantly blanking out into the memories of all the times Uncle Mark had fucked me. Once, we were both passing each other in the kitchen, when he grabbed me and pushed me up against a wall. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts that he yanked off of me. He wore a pair of gym shorts that he slid down easily to flop out his thick 9 1’2 incher, that he slid into me with a good force. I had to stifle a loud moan, since Aunt Bridgette was still with us, and we didn’t want to get caught. Uncle Mark fucked hard, pounding into my pussy with immense veracity. He lifted my tank top to reveal my pert c-cup titties to his lustful mouth, he slowly licked my left nipple while simultaneously fingering my clit and still thrusting his heavy cock inside me. Uncle Mark’s grunts were hungry, like he could fuck me ten times before he even thought about taking a break. He finally yanked himself out of me, only to turn me around with my nipples pressed against the cold wall and reentered me from behind. His thrusts were more deliberate as he tried to push himself deeper into me. Until after a few more hard strokes, my Uncle blew his load in my twat, inseminating me again.
And just like that, I would forget where I was. Lost in the insatiable memories of mine and my Uncle’s wanton lust. After about 8 weeks, I could take it no longer. I wanted my Uncle’s huge prick inside of me again. So I decided to sneak into his shower, I pulled back the curtain and grabbed his dick. “Doll, what’re you doing? I told you not while your brother is here.”

“I need it,” I whispered. I began to suck him, he tried to resist but it was futile. Once I had him in my mouth, he was mine. I sucked my Uncle’s dick with fervor devouring the fuck stick I had longed for for nearly two months. Despite my Uncle’s protestations, he quickly reached for the back of my head to force his cock further into my throat. I loved swirling my tongue around the tip of Uncle Mark’s engorged head. It always made his toes clench. I also loved to tease him be slowly licking the underside of his shaft then quickly shoving him back into my mouth. When I did this, Uncle Mark tightened his neck and shivered before grabbing the back of my head and fucking my mouth like a madman. He did this until he shot 5 hot spurts of cum down my throat. Uncle Mark relaxed as he thick cock began to shrink and plop out of my mouth. “Don’t you just love it when I suck your cock?”

“You’re gonna get us caught.” He laughed.

Ch. 8

Even after my teasing suck of my Uncle Mark’s cock, he still refused to fuck me. No matter how hard I begged, he would not relent. I left the bathroom disgruntled and tended to Kristopher the rest of the day. Uncle Mark and Devin decided to spend some time together and Uncle Mark showed him around town. I’d decided to call mom while they were out. She was in lighter spirits, said that she was starting a new job soon and that it was a surprise. She asked how things were with Devin and I. I told her we were fine but that we both try not to keep close company. Then mom said something that shocked me, “Have you thought about letting it happen again?”

I could barely choke the words out, “What? What do you mean ‘letting it happen again’? No mom, of course not!”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry I asked,” Mom said calmly, “It’s just that…it happened for so long…it wouldn’t be surprising if…y’know, physically…you might want it to…” she trailed off.

“No mom, that’s not something I or my body is interested in.” I responded. There was a long silence before mom said okay and hung up. By the time it had reached 9pm, it was time to put Kristopher to bed and Uncle Mark and Devin still hadn’t returned. I gave Kris a bath, tucked him in and he was fast asleep. Several moments later, I followed suit having laid down on Uncle Mark’s leather couch. I made myself comfortable and drifted off to sleep.

I was deep in my slumber when I felt a force rocking inside of me. I wasn’t sure what it was, as I was fighting slowly to wake up. It took a few moments, but I finally recognized the feeling. A hard pulsating cock was inside of me; fucking me with hungry vigor. Assuming it was my Uncle finally giving in to his temptation, I started bucking my hips to match his thrusts. I kept my eyes closed, as he started to suck on my right nipple sending me through waves of pleasure.
Finally, I heard him say, “I knew you liked it.” My eyes instantly shot open. I recognized that voice. It was not the voice of my familiar Uncle, but a familiar voice nonetheless. Devin was on top of me and inside of me again.

I started squirming and kicking and shouting, “Devin, no! What’re you doing? Stop!”

Devin continued to thrust his long cock inside of me saying, “I thought I wasn’t going to, but then I saw you suck Uncle Mark’s dick today. I heard you beg him to fuck you.” My eyes bulged as I’d realized we’d been caught again. My brother knew I’d been fucking another family member and he knew that I’d liked it. Figured he’d come back for more.

“Yeah, I sucked his dick, and I let him fuck me,” I spit at him, “Cause at least he has the decency to ask to fuck me, and doesn’t just rape me in my sleep!” Devin ignored me and continued to satiate his lust in my vagina. He had grabbed my hips and started bucking them against his.

“Does he cum in you like I used to?” Devin asked slyly.

This was my chance to say what I’d been wanting to say since he arrived, “Even better, Uncle Mark got me pregnant.” Devin stopped cold. All those years he had tried and was unsuccessful, he’d learned that another man, his own Uncle in fact had done what he couldn’t do. I could tell he was upset and I was relieved, not only had he stopped fucking me but I finally made him as upset as he had made me for all those years.

“So, you let him get you pregnant?”

“Why not? It’s what you’ve always wanted.” I said coldly. Devin’s cock was still inside of me, although he had stopped thrusting. He leaned on top of me now with sadness behind his eyes.

“I suppose that’s my fault.” Devin paused, “It’s just that I wanted you so badly, I would’ve done anything to keep you. Including knocking you up.”

“Well, that part is done.” I said plainly, as I tried to slide out from under my brother. That’s when Devin pulled me back down, and started fucking me again, much harder.

“If you can have his, then you’re definitely gonna have mine.” Devin threated. He pounded into my sopping wet cunt with renewed vigor. Each thrust was met with a threat. What was worse than his intrusion was my body’s response to it. It seemed my pussy just got wetter with each thrust, and Devin noticed. “This good pussy, how dare you give my good pussy to someone else. I’m gonna fill you up with all my cum.”

I stared at Devin coldly, “you can fuck me all you want, but you’ll never get me pregnant.” Remembering that I had been taking my birth control medicine regularly since Kristopher was born.
Devin acted as if he didn’t even hear me as he blasted his hot semen inside of me with no remorse.

Cumming deeply in my pussy; he slowly relaxed on top of me. Started kissing the side of my neck and down my breasts, when he caught his breath, he finally said, “I’ll be here for awhile, plenty of time to fuck you as much as I want.”

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