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Mike gets more then he bargained for on a online hook up
I am 32, white married male and I am writing this because I was told to.

So lets talk about how this all started. I enjoy being used, simple and easy. I have given head to about a dozen guys. It would have been more, but I have a tendency of chickening out right before I go through with it. Why?? Well I don’t think I really like sucking cock, I more like the feeling of degration, dirtiness, wrongness and getting used for only the person’s satisfaction. Sucking cock just seems the easiest way to accomplish this. If a guy I am talking to starts telling me how they want to kiss, or suck me, or anything that might give ME pleasure it is a instant turn off and I stop talking to them.

As the years have gone on, and I continue to read porn my interests have gotten darker and darker. My last two hook up were with guys that were hardcore face fuckers and both times during the middle of it I said I will NEVER do this again. But then it wouldn't take me long to start searching for it again.

Being extremely discreet, married, and somewhat safe ( I mean I do swallow cum and all) I have never done anal before. Even though I haven’t I have been looking for that special person that will take me over the edge. Why because I don’t want someone to “make love to me”. I want someone who I am in the middle of giving a blow job to, to just bend me over no matter what I say and take it. BDSM, choking all these things have been raging on my mind for the last 2 years.

After 8 months of moving to a new area in Detroit, I decided thought out a ad and see what response I got. So I posted on craigslist.

“big guy looking to be used, how is up to you, from mild to extreme it does not matter, age/race does not matter just be aggressive and D&D free”

I got about 15 responses most wanting to suck my cock or ect. A few that seemed somewhat good, but then I opened one from NPR. It was simple and said “you will be used, you will wonder why you picked me during it, you will be praying for it to stop but it won’t till I am done.”

I sent a few responses and this guy seemed the real deal, hardcore knew what he wanted and was willing to take it. There was also something that really got me off thinking about it. There seemed to be a lot of risk evolved for both of us because he was asking just as many question as I was to stay anonymous.

He asked me what kind of computer using desktop or laptop? What I was open to, which I told him anything is fair game the first time, if I didn't like it we just wouldn't meet again. He told me guess I will have to use you up on the first go.

We agreed to do a hotel room in a seedy hotel, I would pay for it in cash and he would pay me half after we were done. He also told me to bring the laptop I am using. He always wanted to try something. I was told get to the hotel early and write my side of the story and then after he was done using me he would add his and upload them to story site. It sounded thrilling so I agreed.

So here I sit he should be here anytime
NPR - Side

It’s amazing how easy it is to find these guys. They go to long lengths to avoid people find out about them and are willing to do anything to get this “high” they are chasing.

When I walked into the I see “mike” lying on the bed, nude, with a blindfold.
“shit” I think to myself. “ this ones to fat to turn out.” Not really, I mean chubby guys can be turned out (exepcally ones that will take a lot of abuse) but it takes more time to find guys willing to pull out cash for the chunky ones. I am strictly a one night turn and burn kind of guy. Oh well I guess this one is strictly for fun.

I look around the room and notice few things. He brought the laptop (man this is just to easy) and has nothing else besides his clothes here. I move over to the bed and start with the control routine.
“I am going to hurt you tonight Mike. How much I hurt you depends on you.” I love this lie, they always believe if they cooperate I will hurt them less. I quickly bind his hands with zip ties pull him down so he is half off the bed and secure ankles to the frame. This way he has some mobility but not much, I can get him into a bent over the bed or lying flat easy. I then roll up his underwear and put them in his mouth.

I walk over to his computer and check his history. Deleted but with a simple program I have on a zip drive I confirm that this computer he solely uses for his “activities”. I go to his pants pull out his wallet and put it with my stuff. Now its time for some fun.

I take all my clothes off and place them in the bathroom, then grab my belt and head back into the bedroom. I can see “mike” is pushing the underwear out of his mouth (probably wondering why we haven’t started since I have been here 10 min now.) I walk up to that side of the bed, rip out the underwear and before he can say a word shove my lip cock into his mouth.

“Mike, If I am not hard in 1 min I am going to whip you with this belt.”

He is off like a shot sucking and slurping, his whole body is bucking because of his hands behind his back. At the 30 second mark I bring the belt crashing down onto his ass, and to his credit even know I know he must have felt his spine rattle he kept sucking. Come 55 seconds in I am rock hard.

“Not bad.” I say as grabbing two handfuls of his hair “ let check out tight your throat is “

I start to thrust deep. Now I am not that big about 7.5 inches but most guys hit throat at 5 and Mike was like most guys. He fought me for a little bit because I was able to shove those last 2.5 home, but when I did WOW. He was fucking tight. Either he didn't do this much or he hasn't done it in a while. I start picking up the pace and soon I slamming in and out of his mouth making sure I stay buried every third or froth plow to cause a gag reflex. I pick up the belt while keeping one hand on his head.

“ Mike, I am going to whip you while you suck my cock. You DON’T want to bite me. After 25 strokes we will move on to something more fun.”

“One.” My belt flys down cleaves him right between his ass cheeks. Mike shrieks out, well as loud as someone can shriek with cock shoved down there throat. “Two” Another hit dead center. If you have never felt someone’s throat attempting to cry out around your cock I would highly recommend it. It is one of the top ten feelings in the world. After the tenth hit , the tightness in his throat, the vibrations of the screaming, the look of pure panic had my balls tingling. I knew I was about to cum. So in attempt to make to 25 I start bringing down belt in quick secession. “Twack, Twack, Twack” I only manage to get to five before I have to give up grab his head with both hands and bury my cock as far at it will go and pump everything I can muster into his throat. I pull out my softening cock,

“Man that was good. Mike you have the best mouth I have had in a while.”

I go over to my bag grab out the roll of duck tape, grab his underwear and shove them back in his mouth. You can see the look of confusion in his face because he obviously thought it was done. I wrap duck tape around his head and mouth until I am sure there is no way his gag is getting out.

“ sorry Mike, I am not done yet.”

So he didn’t think I was a liar and waiting while I recharged, I fished giving him his last ten strokes to his arms, legs, feet and ass. By the time I am done I am throbbing with anticipation and Mike is clearing out of breath and breathing hard.

“ Well Mike, unfortunately for you your mouth was to good. Now this ass fucking is going to take a while.”

I climb up behind him spit on my cock and his ass and start to press into his ass. It was tough going at first he was moving and trying to get away, and he obviously had been telling the truth about being a anal virgin but with pressure and resolve I managed to finally pop in and slide home in a single shove. You would have thought I shoved a hot iron in his ass the way he bucked and pushed, God it felt GREAT. I gave him no time to adjust and started to fuck his ass at a relaxed but persistent pace.

After 10 min I could tell mike had given up and was just laying there. I will have none of that. If I wanted to fuck someone that just laid there I would fuck a chick, not a piece of fuck meat fag. So I grab the belt again.

``“ Mike.” I said as I wrapped it around his neck “ your ass is tight but I want to you tighten when I fuck you deep and hard. So I want to clinch your ass hard. I don’t care how much it hurts if you stop you lose the right to breathe till to start. “

Mike immediately clamps down while I start to really work him over. I pick up the pace but after a few minutes either from pain or exhaustion I feel him start to loosen. So I grab the belt and pull hard. Mike air is immediately cut off and he starts struggling dancing and squeezing on my cock. This pace continues for about 10 min when I feel that tingle again, I am getting close. Mike though is losing the battle because now he seems to only tighten while I am choking him
“Mike you have been a good piece of ass but there is no way am going to let you fuck up me getting off.”

I grab the belt and wrap it around the headboard so I can let go of it and it is still stopping him from breathing. I grab his hips with both hand and start to fuck for everything I am worth. I am getting so close, I am almost there when I notice mike is slowing way down. He must be running only on fumes by now. There is no way this fag is going to ruin my cum, so I reach around grab his balls and squeeze as hard as I can. With his list bit of strength his whole body bucks and he tightens up like a vice. Perfect timing as I shove in with everything I have a spray his insides with cum.

I sit there catching my breath, and slap mikes ass and say “Damn your a good piece of ass.” I look up and notice there is no movement and realize the last thing must have felt was my cum shooting into his ass. I took my belt off of him and said

“ Well Mike, I did say I wouldn't stop till I was done”

With a smile on my face, I went up to his head stuck my cock in his mouth, shoved it down his throat, plugged his nose and pissed. I sat their holding his nose with my cock in his throat for about 5 min. Just in case. I put my clothes on, picked up Mike’s laptop, took a twenty out of Mike’s wallet and put in on the vanity. For the housekeeper that is going to have a very bad day tomorrow.

The next day Mike got his 15min of fame, and by lunch he was a after story. No leads. I always love married guys that cover their tracks.
I opened my computer, and pulled up Detroit craigslist and started looking for my next Mike.

Are you a “Mike” let me know we should get together.?
Are you looking for a “Mike” let me know I see many of them.
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