From the older girl's viewpoint
Technician 3.0

My mother is going to visit my father in prison this weekend so we know our Technician will babysit us all weekend. Bethany and I are looking forward to being kissed, fingered, eaten and fucked since we know he will do whatever we want to do.

As the bus pulled up we see his Mitsubishi Mirage in the driveway. He is sitting there in the driver's seat with the laptop sitting on the center console watching me getting my cherry popped in the film where mom caught us and instinctively called the cops thinking he had initiated the event.

I may be only 12 but I like sex and the taste of cum so I'm glad he's here. Bethany gets off the bus ahead of me and runs to his car. He closed the laptop as she approached and got out of the car to meet her. She's been wanting him to come back (or is is cum back?) since he was her first vaginal lover on Wednesday.

As they come up to me as I unlock the front door I hear her say she wants to taste his cum so she can know what he tastes like. Jeese, I've only sucked him off once myself. I was the first in this house to cum with him and the first to suck him and the first in the house to fuck him. You'd think she'd let me claim him but nooooo. Of course the fact that she was his first virgin may give her a bit more pull.

On his website he mentions his ex-wife who when they were dating claimed to be a virgin but was not. She lied about a lot of stuff. We go in and he says he does not want us to do anything but homework until it is done.

I tell him that mom bought him some beer and it is in the fridge. There are also other things in the way of frozen snacks and syrups.

So he sits out in the living room and watches television news while me and Bethany do our homework. I'm trying to get it done quickly but since she gets less homework than I do it is probably a wasted effort.

I hear a commercial come on and I hear the sound of all the drapes in the living room being pulled closed. Then I hear a snap and a zip. I think he's taking his clothes off! Eager I guess.

I'm finishing up when Bethany comes into my room and asks me if I'm done yet. I tell her almost then she asks me what to wear tonight. I tell her to see what he is wearing. She peeks out the door and sees is sitting there naked. His laptop is opened and he's watching something in video I think. So I tell her she should match him.

She goes back to her room and I finish up my homework. I strip down to naked, looking in the mirror I know I got more up top than she does but the Tech does not care.

I walk out and see Bethany has his prick in her hand and she is jacking him off. He has a finger in her pussy tickling her clit as she goes on doing it. I walk in and he pats the sofa on the other side of himself asking me to sit there. So I do.

He kisses me with tongue and I am happy to give tongue back to him and I hear a sucking sound as my little sister takes his cock into her mouth. As she slides her head up and down of his cock he is sliding his tongue into my mouth. He has one hand on her head and the other one is lightly touching my nipples. They are hardening up! When one B sized tit is hard he switches to the other. With both nipples hard his slips his hand down to my pussy and starts to finger fuck me in rythum with Bethany's mouth fucking him.

She slips off the couch and kneels in front of him. He spreads his legs to let her get in. Actually she never let his cock out of her mouth. She has been going up and down on it for a long time. After about 10 minutes she pulls off and says,"Annette can you take over for me?" I say sure and I take her place on the floor in front of him. She sits back up on the sofa and starts to finger fuck her like he had been doing me.

She taps his shoulder and says,"Let me know when you are about to cum because I want it in my mouth, not hers." I hear this and think even if he cums in my mouth I can kiss her and she can taste him that way. So it really doesn't matter who's mouth he comes in.

I was fellating him for about 5 minutes when he said,"I'm gonna cum" I pulled off and Bethany knelt down to get his cum. She took over then after about 3 strokes he pushed his cock into her throat and said,"I'm cumming!" and I saw my sister swallow his seed right down. When he finished he laid my sister and the floor and ate her until she came twice. Then he ate me until I came. Then he told us to set the table as he was going to make supper.

He got dressed and went out to his car and brought in a bag of groceries and an electric wok. Using my mother's sauce pan he made rice and in the wok he took marinated steak and onions, tomatoes and peppers and made what he called oriental pepper steak. It had a tasty brown sauce covering everything.

He put the rice in one serving bowl and the meat and vegetable mixture in another and carried them out to the table. My sister and I had set the table. We had glasses of milk at our places and a Bud was at his place. He thanked us for setting the table and we thanked him for the food. After he said a prayer of thanks he put a bed of rice on his plate and spooned the meat and vegetables on top the rice. As he finished each bowl he passed them to me and I set my plate as he had set his.

I passed the bowls to Bethany when I got done. Even after she got done there was half the rice and pepper steak still in the bowls. I took a fork full and put it in my mouth and boy was this good stuff! This guy could cook! Besides his technical skills and sexual prowess he could actually cook.

We all ate our fill and he transferred the leftovers into seal-able containers and put them in the fridge. He had drank his beer and we had drank our milk. There must have been something in the food that made us thirsty. I loaded the dishwasher and started its cycle.

Now my sister blew him when he got here and I did help her with it but now I wanted him in me. So we went to the living room and I took one of my Dad's legal porn videos in and watched it with him. Seeing the action on screen was making me wet. I hoped it was making him hard. After the guy and girl on screen were fucking I sat on his lap and wriggled a lot to get him up.

I started to neck with him with tongue and he started messaging my B sized breasts. God did he make them tingle! He had a really gentle touch that was good to start with and knew when to advance to harder contacts. He had both hands on my tits and I knew I was getting wet so I whispered in his ear,"Do you want to fuck me with that big hard dick I'm sitting on?" I slid me off his lap and stripped right there in the living room. He was naked in only seconds. I had put my feet on the floor in front of the sofa as he disrobed and now he grabbed my ankles and gently pulled my legs until my ass was on the front edge of the sofa seat.

He knelt down and put his right hand on my slit and rubbed up and down it circling my clit when he came to it each upstroke. He was helping me get hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter with each stroke. Finally I stiffened and quaked and arched my back as I came. As I rejoined the real world I jumped up and grabbed him and kissed him with tongue in thanks for making feel soooo good.

He accepted my gratitude and gently pushed me back down to my sitting on the edge position and he pushed me down so I was kinda laying on the sofa. He then knelt again and this time he put his mouth on my pussy and ran his tongue up and down my slit and again his tongue circled my clit like his finger had before. My sister came out and sat next to me playing with her pussy. The technician ignored her and just kept on fucking me with his mouth. I came in real short order and this one plataeued and I was stiff for 30 seconds or so. He was a great pussy eater.

He was not done yet though he slipped a finger into me and pressed on my G-spot. With the other hand he applied pressure from outside my body on the same place and then his tongue was lapping at my clit. I came with a vengeance and stiffened and quaked arched my back so hard only my feet on the floor and my head had contact with solid surfaces! God was he soo good!

Then he slid himself into me. That almost set me off again. Then he grabbed me under my arms and stood up. I wrapped my legs around his hips and started to raise and lower myself on his shaft. He was helping as he walked around the living room with a bouncy step he was driving me up the wall! I came again and again with a series of about six orgasms before I was exhausted and put my hand of his chest and said,"I think I've had enough. Let me go for a while." My little sister came up and said,"Do me now just like that." The technician was still hard so when he put me down she held her hands up and he lifted her up. She put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She said,"Annette, would you put him in me, please?" I turned and grabbed his prick and pointed it up and he slid her down on to his shaft.

Then she took over pulling herself up and sliding back down his prick. He continued to walk in that bouncy step that had set me off so many times and soon my sister screamed "I'm cumming!" as her body stiffened and she quaked on his shaft as she came. She resumed the up and down action and a minute later she came again! This time she plateaued and stayed stiff and quaking for a solid forty seconds. That tripped his trigger finally and I saw the bottom of his cock pulse his cum into her body. Still he was hard and she kept on pumping on him until he softened enough that he fell out of her.

She stood on the floor and spread her legs and I laid underneath her and she sat on my mouth and I licked her fuck hole until all the Technician's cum was in my stomach. She came again as I was finishing up and swallowing the last of it. As I got back to my feet and dibble of his semen ran out of my pussy and down my leg.

So she got under me and starting at the bottom of the dribble she licked it up. Then she licked my fuck hole until all the cum was in her mouth. As she swallowed, I came again. The technician had retreated back to the living room where the porn was ending. As he settled into the sofa he slumped and his eyelids looked heavy. Then he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I turned off the DVD player and the Tv and laid down with my head in his lap. I was fatigued also and had no trouble sleeping after the exhausting sexual experience I'd had. My sister laid spooned with me on the sofa. Hear head on his lap nearer his knees. So we slept that evening for a while in that trinary union.

When he woke up he carefully tried to slide away from me and my sister but we awoke slightly startled as we usually didn't sleep in the evening. Looking at the clock I realized we'd slept about an hour so me and sister went out to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher.

He went to the master bedroom and bath and took a shower. Mom and Dad had slept in a king sized bed and it was still her bed. When we were done unloading the dishwasher he came out dressed in a robe and asked who was going to sleep where. My sister and I stared at each other when he said,"If we all sleep in your mother's bed I think there will be room for all of us.

My sister and I went to our rooms and went into the bathroom and took our showers together. We discussed who would do what to whom but we knew our plans would be changed if the Technician could not get it up again. After the shower we gave each other enemas until we had clear fluid coming out so he could fuck our asses if he wanted to.

She and I came out of the bathroom together and the tech had the tV on and was watching prime time television. I sat next to him on the right and Bethany sat on his left. Then Bethany left and brought back her laptop computer. She said,"I taped my cherry popping session with you and I want to put it on the web but then you might go to jail. He told us to download the video to his machine. Which we did immediately.

He clicked on a video editing icon and framed his face as the video was on frame one. He then moved the frame around as he moved in the frame of the video. When he was done we downloaded it to Bethany's machine and when we played it the part he had framed in watching the video was black. We could not see his face. Bathany called our Japanese porn promoter in Japan and asked what he'd pay for her cherry popping video. He asked her if it was an adult who did it or a kid. She said the guy was a 60 year olf ses offender who loved kids.

He said he'd be glad to distribute it and would advance $10,000 for her trust fund that our mother managed. That matched what he paid me for mine so she was happy. She then uploaded it to the website with the jp extension Then the guy asked if her lover was present. She said "yes" and he asked the tech where to send his check. The tech objected and told him he was being paid for baby sitting. The man on the phone said he would make the check out to cash and it would be a MT & MP entertainment.
zregular prescription lenses. I wanted him to make love to me again but he said to wait a while. After the show was over he pulled a DVD out of the drive on his laptop and I saw the uncensored version of him popping my sister's cherry on our DVD player. I went to my room and pulled out the DVD that was evidence in my father's trial when he took my cherry. I could see his prick rise in his pants.

So my sister and I got busy with each other. Bathany was on top with me lying on my back on the floor and hear laying over me in a sixty nine position we ate each other and gave each other clamaxes until the tech got up and took off his robe. He pulled Bathany off me and shoved his cock into my pussy to the hilt. God I thought I would cum right then but it took nearly a minute before I shook with the quivering shakes of my climax. Then he pulled out of me and put my sister on her hands and knees as he fucked her from behind. She started to lick me where he had fucked me before.

Lying on my back on the floor under her mouth put me in no position to know if he was in her pussy or her ass. So when she came up for a breath I asked her, "Bethany is he in your pussy or your ass?" She reached back underneath her self and said "Pussy."

He pumped away on her for twenty minutes and she had two good leg quaking, body shaking climaxes. Then he pulled out and slipped back into her. Bethany's mouth opened as he slid into her and she gave an "Oh, now he's in my ass." The tech then said,"Your little ass is really tight. I'm not sure if I will last long in here. He kept on pumping her ass until she climaxed again. Then he pulled out and put her on the floor and pulled me up into a doggy style fuck. He started in my ass and made me cum three times before he did. When he came he pulled out so his jism shot out on my back. It was warm and sticky. Bethany got up after her fourth orgasm under my tongue and licked the cum off my back.

The tech walked out and we heard the shower run for a few minutes as he washed his cock. When he was done we went and washed ourselves up and put on night gowns. it was getting late.

When we arrived in the master bedroom after cleaning ourselves the tech was already asleep. We climbed into bed with him and exhausted from the evening's sexual activities fell asleep quickly.

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Cute story. Quick and to the point. I like the older girl a lot. She reminds me of me. A girl that knows what she wants and goes after it. I started suckin' my brothers dick when I was 11. Now 26 yrs. later we're still at it. He read this story to me as I was suckin' his dick. Now he's eatin' my pussy as I try to type this comment. I don't always hit the right keys, so I'm back spacing a lot of the time, to fix my mistakes. Are you going to continue this story line?

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