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Sorry for the length and its kinda boring but its really just a story to set up for the coming hotness
It was a stormy Monday night I was at school half asleep listening to my English professor talk about the scarlet letter when my phone made a loud vibration noise on my desk that woke me up abruptly. I rub my eyes and whipped the drool from my mouth; I looked down at my phone and saw it was the girl sitting across the room from me. I had known this girl since I was just a toddler and never really thought of her in a sexual way but recently I started to notice her nice plump ass, her D cup breasts and her feminine curves. She was a tall brunette about 5’10 and was a healthy weight not fat or anything but just right, anyway I looked at my phone and read of the screen “This is terrible haha.” I replied back “Got that right haha. You look good tonight.”

As I sat there waiting for a reply I couldn’t help but daydream about what I t would be like to be with her but I knew that would never happen as she had a long steady relationship going. I was startled out of my daydream but a test from her that said “Thanks I guess!?” I knew that I had pushed the limits of our friendship with her so I sent a recovery text that said “you looked bored thought you needed a pick me up!” She then turned to look at me across the room and gave me an innocent thank you smile.

For the last 50 minutes of my 3 hour class I just sat and wondered what she would be like me and her in bed, feeling up her boobs and ass and passionately kissing. My daydream must have been better than I thought because when I stood up and stretched I could feel a bulge in my crotch pressing on my pants. I quickly pulled down my coat and rushed out of the class room to meet up with Ashley as she walked down the steps. I finally caught up to her on the side walk and we started talking about what we were doing that weekend she said she was just going to stay in and be boring so I invited her to a party my brother was putting on in charlotte as he went to school there. She just nodded and said “I’ll think about it”

Friday came, I had two classes that day and was done by one so I went home and texted her asking if she was still on for tonight. About ten minutes later I got a text that said “No im having a bad day it just wouldn’t be fun.” I instantly read it and was instantly disappointed I wrote back “Come on it’ll be fun alcohol will make your day much better haha.” She replied shortly after and said “I’ll think about it my bf is being a dick I’ll call you back at 6” I just left the conversation go at that and went on with my day I went out to lunch with my dad, went for a run with my dog because I like to keep my body healthy, and then after that I just kinda chilled at home and waited for six to come. At about 5 I jumped in the shower, washed everything twice and made myself look good with a nice outfit and some Dulce and Gabbana.

Promptly at six my phone rang blaring Hells Bells, I looked at the lit up screen it read Ashley. I began to jump up and down to the point where I almost missed the phone call. I slide the slider on my iPhone to answer and when I did I was greeted by a crying girl who seemed extremely distraught and through a crying crackly voice I could barely make out the words “I’ll come with you tonight.” To that I replied “You don’t have to if you don’t want to you seem pretty upset” she said back in a soft tone “No its fine I need to get crazy tonight.” With that I told her good bye and jumped in my Buick my dad had got me when I was 16. I had recently cleaned it and made it shimmer because I was anticipating a yes from her. I pulled up to her front door in about five minutes as she lived right up the street but in a different neighborhood.

She walked out of her front door as I opened the car door for her wearing a red skin tight sparkly dress with black high heels, her hair has down and curled and she had done her make up so perfectly she looked like she was straight out of a maxim magazine. As she sat down on the plush leather seats she made a comment about how warm the seat was I replied with a smug grin “I turned the seat warmer on for you!” she looked back at me with a sexy smile and said “thank you.”

We were about half way through our journey and the whole way we had made small talk about how much fun tonight was going to be I made sure to keep away from the topic of her boyfriend when suddenly she asked me “Do you think im pretty?” Astounded by this question because I always thought she was secure about herself I said in a breathless tone “Absolutely, who would ever say you weren’t?” With this I made her blush and could see her start to smile bigger and bigger now she turned to look at me and I took a quick glance at her perfect face with her plump red lips, green eyes, and every other perfect facial feature. At this very moment a thought crossed my mind that I had never thought of before, I could get lucky with this girl tonight and then my penis responded to this thought as I could feel the bulge in my pants getting bigger. As I was thinking this she put her lips to my ear and whispered “Thank you” and gave me a soft kiss on my check which now had the lipstick out line of her lips on it.

We arrived at my brothers apartment to find the party just getting started, I walked in and introduced Ashley to everyone to which she said shyly “Hello everyone” it was about 8 when we got there so not wanting not to get drunk too fast we both started with cokes which my brother and his friends gave me hell for. We both polished off three cokes taking them slow so by the time we finished it was 9 or so so I got up, threw away the cans and got us a beer each. We sat back down for about another 2 hours slowly drinking beer when my brother came up to us who was pretty wasted by this time and said “LEEESSSS DDDDOOOO SSSHOOOTTTTSS!” he grabbed three shot glasses and began to pour vodka into each of them.
We must have do at least four of them because by the time I looked at the clock it read 4:50 and the party was dying down a bit so I decided I was going to bed because I was too drunk to do anything and my brother was letting me use the guest bed.

So I walked over to Ashley and said “I’m going to sleep if you would care to join me because there isn’t much room anywhere else and it’s a queen bed.” With that she nodded her head as she was drunker than I was so I carried her into the bed room and laid her down on the soft down pillows. I went to the bathroom to pee before I went to bed and when I came back I saw Ashley asleep and she had taken off her red dress and heels, she was now laying there with just her black lace bra and panties on. The sight was too much for me to take I rubbed my eyes and thought about what I should do she was fast asleep so getting lucky was out of the question. I weighed my options and decided to masturbate in the door way so I could just stand there and look and her perfect body.

I took my pants off as I was going to anyway and pulled out my now semi-hard dick. I grabbed it firmly with my right hand and slowly started to move my hand up and down at the sight lying on the bed in front of me. I started to get faster and faster as my dick grew to its full 7 inches. I must have been going for ten minutes or so when I accidentally kicked the trash can and it made a loud metallic noise. Shocked at what I just did I stopped cold, mid stroking motion as I saw Ashley just kind of roll over, not thinking anything of it I closed my eyes and continued to imagine my rock hard dick sliding into her tight wet pussy and making her cum all over it just before I shot my load deep within her. As I finished that thought I came extremely hard into my hand letting out a little grunt as I did and a torrent of cum came from within me.

I took to the sink with my now cum covered hands and began to wash off the sticky white substance. I turned off the sink and went to bed next to the girl of my dreams thinking about what had just happened as I dozed off to sleep. At about 9 in the morning I woke up felling rested even though I only got 5 hours of sleep and a lot hung over, so I went to the kitchen and got me and her a glass of ice water for when she wakes up. On my way back I set down the water on the end table and went pee as my morning wood was standing at attention. I went and sat back down on the bed and slowly sipped my water letting it take the dryness away as Ashley was beginning to stir next to me. I looked over at her disheveled person and said “Good morning how are you feeling” and in a groggy voice she replied “Hung over as hell.” We both laughed at the statement as I pointed to the water I had brought her. She took a big gulp and while still swallowing said “thanks.”

As we both sat quietly on the bed sipping our water trying to get rid of our hangovers I could tell something was bothering her. So I turned to her and in a soft tone I said “what’s wrong you look bothered?” she took one last sip of her water and set down the lipstick stained glass, looked at me and said “I woke up for a second last night after hearing a noise and saw you standing in the bathroom door way, what were you doing in there? I thought I saw yo-your penis out.” I was shocked at this statement as true as it might be I thought I had got away clean with the trash can incident but apparently not. I gathered my thoughts and prepared to speak when she interrupted “it was big if I remember!” This threw me off for a minute I finally mustered up the courage to tell her everything.

I Turned to her and said “Yes you got me” as a shocked look came across her face I continued “I’ve recently started to like you and didn’t want to say it because of your boyfriend.” She butted in “Oh! Right Him” in a distasteful tone, I continue to say “and last night I saw you laying there all beautiful and just got so turned on at the sight of you.” It wasn’t the smoothest line and I felt bad after saying it and I started to speak again when she put her figure to my mouth and shushed me, leaning up to my ear she whispered “I’ve wanted this for awhile now” and put her lips to mine
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