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It’s pretty amazing how much my wife LOVES to tell me stories about guys banging her. Of course, I love hearing about it. For the most part, every girl I have ever dated has been something of a slut. So I am no stranger to being with girls who have banged a lot of guys. My girlfriend before my wife told me that she had fucked around 100 guys. She had been on the 7 year college plan and pretty much spent her entire time in school getting laid. However, she was not that interested in talking about it. She told me once that she had been real insecure in college so she let guys fuck her. That’s not really the type of story I want to hear. She told me about a couple but she would get real uncomfortable. And there were no details. I want to hear DETAILS!!!!

So here’s my wife’s latest story. She was out of college and She went out with a guy on a blind/double date. It was right before Easter and the guy asked her to attend the Easter Service with him at his church. My wife, who is not very religious, agreed. They would go to the service and then go have lunch somewhere. My wife went out and bought a nice, frilly, pink dress. She drove her car to the guys house and knocked on his door. He opened it and was wearing a light colored sear sucker suit. They walked arm and arm to the church down the street. They sat and attended the service. The guy even held her hand during the service.

Afterwards, they went and had lunch at a nice restaurant. They had a couple of drinks (wine) and he proceeded to ask her about her religious beliefs. Turns out he was VERY religious . When my wife told him that she was a Christian but that she did not go to church very often, etc he was not shocked or alarmed or anything like that but he did begin asking her lots of questions about her beliefs. He told her all about his relationship with God. That we was active in the church. Etc. My wife thought “Oh, this is very interesting. Not exactly how I thought my day would go but interesting none-the-less”.

After lunch, they walked back to his place. My wife was not sure if they were shaking hands and she was headed home, or what but he invited her inside. They went inside and sat down on the couch and continued their conversation. He again began asking her questions but this time they were a lot more direct.

He asked her “Are you a virgin?”. My wife told him that, “No”, she was not a virgin. He asked her questions like, When did you lose your virginity? How many guys have you fucked (she lied and said 3). He then asked her if he could kiss her. She said that she was expecting him to throw her out and call her a name so she was surprised that the questioning resulted in being asked if he could kiss her. She said OK and he began kissing her. Within a second or two, his hand was on her knee. Once again she was like, “After our afternoon together, I was not expecting this!!!”. His tongue was now in her mouth swirling around and his hand was 100% up her nice new Easter dress. She opened her legs for him and he said “Is this how you open your legs for other guys?”. Not knowing what she should say, she said “yes”. Now his fingers were inside her panties. My wife said that he was REALLY good at fingering. He really knew what he was doing. He would play with her clit, insert a finger, then a second finger, then a third, then play with her asshole, then back to her clit. She said that she must have cum 6-7 times easily. She said that it was a very interesting experience for her to get fingered for that long. Up until then, a guy would play with her pussy for a few minutes and then have his cock in her.

So even at this point, she still had all her clothes on. He had ripped her panties so he could have access to her snatch but they were still on. He had been grinding his cock into her but he still had not whipped it out. He then began telling her that he was a virgin. He had dated a girl here and there but he had only fingered them. He wanted to stay a virgin. And then he told her something that she was not expecting. He had had a steady girlfriend several months before. She was also religious. They both wanted to remain virgins until they were married so they practiced anal!!! My wife was like ‘What?!!!!”. He explained how getting fucked in the ass allowed her to remain a virgin and allowed him to remain a virgin.

So my wife said “Her I am laying there with my pussy about as wet as it can be and this guy is toying with my asshole and telling me how fucking in the ass allows him to stay a virgin”. She did not really respond to him verbally but looked him in the eyes as his fingers became a little bit more aggressive with her asshole. He got up and went into his room and came out with some “exotic” type oil. He squirted some on her asshole and dripped some on his fingers and began slowly fucking her asshole with his middle finger. My wife said she just laid there and moaned. She said that it was still so unusual that they were both 100% dressed. She said that FINALLY he stood up and undid his pants and dropped them. He said “Can I enter you?”. “She said “My ass?” and he said “I can only do that”. So she said “OK”.

So now this is what my wife told me: “I had never been fucked in the ass before and really never thought that I would do it but it had felt so good with his fingering it that I thought that, yes, I will do it. I grabbed the bottle of oil and squirted it on his cock that was sticking straight up at this point. He was still standing there with his shirt on and his pants around his ankles. I was sitting on the sofa with my dress up around my waist and giving him a very nice, slow hand-job. I began asking him questions now………Did you fuck your girlfriends ass hard?...............Did you blow your load in her ass?.............He said Yes…………Yes……….I said ‘lets get naked’ so we both FINALLY got undressed. We were now 100% naked and I was ready to go so I bent over and got on all fours thinking that was how he would fuck me. He said ‘No, turn this way’ and put me on my back and pushed my legs way over my head so that my asshole was pointing straight up. He said ‘I want to look into your eyes’. He then put a lot of oil all over his cock and squirted some into my asshole and entered me very slowly. It took my breath away as he slid into me. Head. A little shaft, a little more shaft, a little more shaft. After every inch, he would stop and say ‘are you OK’. I would say ‘keep going’ and he would go deeper. Finally, I felt his balls hit my ass cheeks.

“He said ‘are you Ok?’. I said ‘it feels good’ and he said ‘oh yeah, it feels awesome’. The entire time, he would ask me ‘are you ok?’ as we would get harder and faster. And then he got crazy and started with ‘you’re a fucking whore aren’t you. You don’t even know me and I am fucking your asshole hard. I knew that I would be fucking your ass hole today the first time we talked. How many guys have you really fucked? 10? 20?’ I was actually getting very turned on but kind of nervous. I did not want to be in the paper the next day. He was really slamming me hard and he was playing with my clit and I was freaking having my 10th orgasm of the day (still a record for me) when he let out a moan and emptied his balls into my asshole.

“I was fucking worn out as he collapsed onto the sofa next to me. He then looked at me and said ‘I did not mean any of that stuff. I’m sorry’. I said ‘its fine’. And then he said ‘I think it’s time for you to leave’. I was like ‘Uh, OK’. So a guy ravished my asshole and then asked me to leave. I picked up my panties that were ripped and threw them in the trash can. Found my bra. He never ever touched my titties. Put my dress back on and said ‘OK, see you later. Happy Easter.’ And walked out while he just sat on the sofa with his spent dick resting on his stomach. Never spoke to or saw him again”

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2013-03-26 00:19:44
Your wife sounds like a real whore, just sayin'...

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