Take advantage of the opportunities that happen
My Christmas Gift

It was after dark on Christmas Eve and my shift at the store was finished at 10:00p.m. With the last minute rush that means we still get some business, despite people buying over the internet, I was making deliveries. It wasn’t really my job, but our delivery truck had already left and, as the manager had reminded me, I was the only one who didn’t have anyone at home waiting for me. He thought he sweetened the deal by giving me a bottle of champagne. Drinking a whole bottle of fizzy wine on my own didn’t seem too appealing but I said thanks, took it, and set off on the deliveries.

My last delivery was in a dead end street over on the eastside of town. There wasn’t much street lighting, but most of the houses made up for it by being strung with lights, glowing Santas and reindeer. It was supposed to be cheerful but it made me more than a little depressed.

I parked the car, grabbed the parcel, and looked around for the right house. My eyes were drawn to one of the houses because the big windows were brightly lit. Through the window I could see a girl, maybe eleven or twelve years old. She was sitting on a table, holding a Christmas ornament in her hands, and talking to someone I couldn’t see.

She was sitting with her legs crossed so her dress has moved up above her knees. I could see her legs were long and well shaped and she was barefoot. I felt my mouth go dry with lust as I looked at her. She had long brown hair. Even without seeing her face I knew she’d be beautiful.
Suddenly she turned and looked out the window. Instinctively I pulled back into the shadows and kept looking. I was some way from her house but, before she turned away, I could see she had dark eyes, a generous mouth, cute little nose and her skin looked flawless.

I gave a bitter little grin, and started trudging up the driveway to the house where I had to deliver the package. It was a sad thought that, while I was had enjoyed my moment of window-shopping, I wouldn’t get that little cutie in my Christmas stocking.

Ever since I was in my teens I’d realized I preferred younger girls. For a few years I was content to have sex with my little sister, who I was able to bully into keeping quiet about it. Unfortunately during summer break from my first year in college I was found with my hand inside the shorts of a cute little blonde when I was a counselor in day camp.

The good news was that the owners wanted to avoid any bad publicity and was able to convince the girl’s parents that it would be easier on her if they didn’t go to the police. However I was fired and my parents were called. During the excitement that followed my bitch of a sister decided to tell what I’d been doing to her.

The result was that my father threw me out of the house and stopped paying for college. I decided the best thing was to leave town. I didn’t get forgiven and wasn’t invited home for Christmas. That’s a brief explanation of why I’d spend the holiday alone.

I delivered the parcel, got a five-dollar tip, and headed back to the car. I looked across at that brightly lit window but the girl had disappeared from view. I began to feel really down, being deprived of another look at the little beauty.

Just as I was about to open my car door, the front door of the girl’s house opened. A man, a woman and a much younger girl came out, wearing their winter jackets. The girl I’d seen at the window was standing in the doorway watching them leave. The bright light behind her showed her slim silhouette and even showed through the thin material of her dress the line of her thighs.

I stopped to watch, certain that I was sufficiently in the shadows not to be noticed. I heard the mother call out to her daughter asking if she was sure that she didn’t want to come to midnight mass. The girl called back that she was having too much fun decorating the tree and, anyway, she wasn’t much into religion now.

I crouched behind my car as the father switched his headlights on. The car turned out of the driveway, down the street and out to the main road. I found I was rubbing my groin as I looked at the girl as she watched her family leave. Then she turned away and closed the door behind her.

This was the sort of opportunity I’d been dreaming about. I’d even done some “what if” planning in case I ever got the chance.

“Why not?” I thought. If I had that girl to enjoy over Christmas, it would be a lot more fun than drinking a bottle of champagne on my own.

Looking around, I made sure that I was alone. No cars had driven into the circle since I’d gotten there. No one was walking the dog or putting out the garbage.

Before I could have second thoughts I’d crossed the street and walked to her house. I went up the drive and rang the bell. Right away I heard her asking who was there. I liked the sound of her voice; it was soft and gentle. I answered that it was parcel delivery and I had a package to leave.

She asked me to leave it on the steps but I insisted that it had to be signed for or I’d have to take it away and it wouldn’t be delivered until after Christmas. My heart was racing as I wondered if she’d take the bait.

I knew I’d convinced her, when I heard her unlock the door. I was ready as soon as it opened. Pushing it back roughly, I stepped in and shut the door quickly behind me.

The girl was too shocked to do anything. I slapped my gloved hand over her mouth and pushed her back against the hall wall.
“All I want to do is rob the house. If you do as you’re told I won’t hurt you.” I said as I looked into her wide brown eyes. She nodded her head when I asked her if she understood.

I smiled, in what I hoped was an unthreatening way, and told her that I was going to tie her up while I searched the house. I grabbed some scarves from the coat rack by the door and told her to lie face down on the floor while I tied her up.

Trembling, she did exactly as I said. I tied her wrists behind her back with one scarf and then tied her ankles together with another one. Finally I bundled up a silk scarf and used it as a gag, pushing it firmly into her mouth.

Sitting back on my heels I looked at her. Close up she was even more beautiful than I’d imagined. Her long hair was slightly curly and had chestnut highlights. The skin on her bare arms and legs was as flawless as her cheeks.

I took a moment to run my fingers along her bare arm and then down over the mound of her ass. She felt so firm, so full of promise. Much as I wanted too, I knew I couldn’t enjoy her here. I had to get her away and safely in my house.

Standing back up, I switched off the hall and porch lights and opened the front door. I looked out. Everything was quiet; there was no one around. I scurried across the road, got in my car, drove it over and backed it up the driveway.
Getting out, I popped the trunk and slipped back into the house. The girl was lying, more or less, where I’d left her. It was clear she’d struggled a bit. I checked that she hadn’t managed to loosen any of the knots.

I was nervous, but still took time for a bit of gloating. Bending over her I said that I’d decided that she was the only thing in the house I was interested in stealing.

It took a few moments for the meaning to sink in but then she started struggling for real, kicking out with her feet and jerking on her tied wrists in an effort to get free. I sat down hard on her thighs pinning her legs to the floor. Then I wrapped my hands around her neck. Though it was a little difficult with her long, thick hair, I found the pressure points on the sides of her neck and pressed until she fell unconscious.

Moving fast, I picked her up in my arms, went outside and put her in the trunk of my car. Then I closed the house door, jumped in the car and drove away as quietly as possible. I waited until we got to the end of the street to put the headlights on.

I drove home carefully, making sure I did nothing to get stopped by the police. Part of my “what if” preparations had been to rent a house that was on some way out of town and had no neighbors close. It wasn’t a great house but it fit the bill and I could afford it.

The closer I got to home the more my excitement, and my hard on, grew. I was literally trembling with anticipation as I turned off the road up the track that led to my house. I got out, opened the garage, drove in and shut the door. Fortunately the garage was attached to the house so I just had to carry her through the connecting door.

When I opened the trunk the girl was awake. She looked at me with her wide, frightened eyes and tried to pull away as I bent down to pull her out.

“Listen bitch” I snarled, “You try to resist and I’ll hurt you bad. I’m bigger than you, stronger than you and a fuck sight nastier. Don’t try to stop me getting you out of there.”

I saw her shoulders slump in submission and I slipped my hands under her armpits to pull her up onto her knees. With one arm under her knees and the other around her shoulders I lifted her out and carried her into the house. She didn’t weigh very much.

We went straight through the kitchen into the living room where I dropped her, face up, on the couch. I couldn’t see much in the darkness so I switched on the light and quickly drew the shades and then the drapes.

I went back to the couch and looked at the girl. Her hair was in a bit of a mess but she was every bit as desirable as I’d thought when I saw her first. There were tears in her eyes and she was trembling. I felt my prick stretch and stiffen as I ran my eyes along her, from the rich brown curls of her hair to her graceful, naked toes.

Bending down I grabbed her by her ankles and pulled her legs up. She tried to fight but couldn’t stop me. I lifted her legs high enough that her bottom came up too. Holding her there with one hand, I pulled her dress up to her waist revealing pale yellow bikini briefs and a naked, firm, flat tummy.

I dropped her legs back down and sat down, pushing her legs against the back of the sofa. I held her still with one hand on her legs where they were tied at the ankles. I slid my other hand slowly down her legs enjoying the feel of her cool, smooth skin under the palm of my hand.

As she felt my fingers move from her thighs onto the cloth stretched over her groin, the girl started to scream into her gag. I slapped her face and then pulled the gag out of her mouth.

“Please don’t do that! Please don’t hurt me!” she pleaded. Then, with a gasp, she added, “Let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

Stupid little bitch; I wondered if she actually believed that I’d do that.

I looked at her and shook my head. “I found you. I’m going to keep you. You’re my possession; my fuck toy. You’re going to do whatever I want. Get used to it. I’m not going to let you go.”

Sobbing, she shook her head; “I don’t belong to you. I won’t do what you want. Let me go right now or I’ll scream until someone comes.”

I laughed; grabbing her legs I twisted them until I forced her over so that she lay face down. I put my hand on her head, pushing her face down into the cushions. I held her there while she struggled to get oxygen. I pushed harder, muffling her gasps for air. As she began to suffocate her struggles got weaker.

Finally I released the pressure on her head, letting her turn her face sideways to breath again. She didn’t struggle as I pulled her panties down to her knees and let my fingers explore her ass. When my fingers pushed into her anus she whimpered.

“You’re a stupid fucking bitch.” I said, “Do as you’re told and you won’t get hurt as much. Do you understand?” I had to repeat my question twice before she nodded. “Good; now we can move on.” I said, as I untied the scarves that was around her ankles and wrists, before pulling her upright so she sat next to me on the couch.

On my command she undressed. She was only wearing her dress and the panties that were already sliding down her legs. She pulled the dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor. Embarrassed her hands went to cover her sex but she moved them to her sides when I told her.

We were far enough into winter that she had only the faintest tan line from her swimsuit. She was slim but already very feminine with a narrow waist, swelling hips and breast buds topped with pink nipples.

I reached over and pinched her tits; she cried out and she tried to push my hands away. I grabbed her wrists and twisted her arms until she begged me to stop. When I let go her arms fell limply to her sides.

Pushing her back against the back of the couch I started to kiss her on the lips. She turned her face away but I held her by the chin and forced her to look me in the face as I kiss her unresponsive mouth and then licked her so smooth cheeks. Her curly hair smelled slightly of her shampoo and I ran my fingers through it.

That was enough foreplay for me, now I wanted to fuck the bitch. Roughly I pulled her to her feet and pushed her towards the door of my bedroom. I watched the movement of her hips as she stumbled along.

The bedroom is at the back of the house and no other house is nearby. At midnight on Christmas Eve it’d only be Santa who might be around! All the same, once the lights were on, I moved quickly to the window and closed the shades.

It’s an old, iron bedstead that was in the house when I rented it. With the railings at each end it fitted into my plans as I’d imagined, someday, having a girl tied, spread-eagled, across it. Now I’d have the chance. I only have a duvet on the bed and I didn’t want blood on it so I pitched it off before I told the girl to lie on the mattress.

She hesitated and looked at me. I could see her lip trembling and tears running down her cheeks. She had a good idea of what was coming. I raised my hand to slap her but she dropped on the bed before I could hit her.

The girl lay on her side facing away from me so I guess she didn’t realize what I was doing as I quickly stripped off my clothes. When I came round the other side of the bed and she saw I was naked she moaned in fear. Her eyes fixed on my penis, which was long, hard and ready.

I lay down facing her. I wanted to enjoy her body a little more before I ripped her cherry. I looked in her eyes and enjoyed the fear that I could see in them as she felt my hands roam her nakedness. My hands moved up from her thighs over her hips to her waist. Then I pushed her over to lie on her back. My hands moved up to her little budding breasts and then down to her flat belly.

Bending over her, I put my lips over her right breast, sucking the whole thing into my mouth. She began to whimper and twisted a little in protest. I slid my hand from her belly down over her hairless groin and started rubbing her clit. At this she started to panic, whether it was because of the sensation or because she knew where I’d go next.

To my surprise, she suddenly rolled away from me, off the bed and started for the door. With my mind on other things it took me a moment or two to react.

I rolled off the bed and caught her by the hair as she was nearly out of the bedroom. She screamed in pain as I yanked her back and threw her face down on the mattress. Holding her there with one hand I brought my other hand down hard on her ass cheek. She kept up the screams as I smacked her hard again and again.

After a while her screams died and all I could hear was her sobbing and a whimper each time my hand came in contact with her flesh. Both cheeks were glowing red by the time I’d got my temper in control.

“You stupid, fucking little bitch!” I yelled, “You can’t say I didn’t warn you. Now when I fuck you I’ll make sure it hurts. You’re mine now. You belong to me and don’t ever for a moment forget it.”

To rub the lesson in I pushed her face down into the mattress, cutting off her oxygen supply. I held her there until she went limp. Leaving her hanging over the edge of the bed, I went to a drawer in my dresser where I kept some of the stuff I’d got when I was planning “what if”. I pulled out four lengths of cord and a ball gag.

I pushed her fully onto the bed, rolling her over onto her back. Stretching her arms out I tied her wrists to the corner posts at the head of the bed. I did the same with her ankles to the foot of the bed. I stretched her out as tight as I could and she moaned. I’d never used a ball gag before but I didn’t have any trouble getting it into her mouth and securing the strap.

I stepped away from the bed to admire my work once I’d finished. Her helplessness was such a turn on. My prick stood at attention, stiff as a rod as I looked at her slender body stretched out, totally defenseless, on the bed.

Before I ripped her hymen I wanted to punish her for trying to escape by making her realize that she was totally in my power. I got onto the bed and kneeled with one leg either side of her waist. I could see her eyes, wide with fear, switching between my face and my engorged prick.

“Do you know who you are?” I sneered at her “You’re nobody; you’re not a person, you’re a plaything. You’re my personal fuck toy and that’s all you are. It’s all you’ll ever be from now on.”

I started gently rubbing my penis, feeling my body focusing its feeling on my throbbing member. Her eyes were fixed on the movement of my hand, hypnotized. Suddenly I grunted as I climaxed. Before she realized, my sputum shot out onto her face. I laughed at the look of horror and disgust in her eyes as she blinked through the sticky liquid that dripped from her eyelids.
“You’re nobody,” I repeated, drowning the muffled sounds behind her gag, “You’re nobody. You’re my fuck toy so now I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to rape you and rip your virginity. You’re mine; that’s all you have to remember; fuck toy.”

I moved down the bed until I had easy access to her cunt. Legs spread wide by the ropes I could see the lips that covered her unexplored sex. I pulled those lips apart with my fingertips. I could feel her stiffen. Moistening my mouth, I slipped my tongue into her slit.

It was so long since I’d last tasted a little girl’s cunt; that wonderful scent filled my nostrils. My tongue went up and down that slit. I slid it as far into her hole as I could reach. She bucked her hips, but all it did was push her groin harder against my face. I moved my mouth up to her clit, which I sucked and then pulled with my teeth. I guess the sensation grew too intense as she collapsed back on the mattress and lay there, without responding to my invasion, other than by muffled moans, groans and gasps.

But those sweet sounds of helplessness were enough to get my prick recharged. This time I’d make her bleed as I tore the fragile skin of her virginity.

I moved around to straddle her thighs while I got myself into position to slide my penis into her hole. I lined it up with the opening and lay down on top of her, pushing my stiff rod between her cunt lips.

As the tip began to enter her, the girl must have realized what was about to happen. She started screaming behind the gag and trying to move her hips, but my weight pinned her down.

Apart from the saliva from my mouth on her opening she was dry; but that didn’t stop me. I enjoyed the feeling of absolute power that came with forcing my rod into her tight tunnel.

I soon felt the resistance of her hymen but one powerful shove and it gave way letting me slide into her vagina. I was raping a beautiful young virgin; what a turn on! I felt a foot taller and ten years younger as I started the rhythm of my hips to penetrate her as deeply as I could.

As I rocked my hips, I leaned forward and took one of her tits into my mouth and sucked as I fucked. The friction of her tight vagina was so stimulating that I soon felt myself coming to a climax. I grunted with pleasure as I shot my load into the girl and then collapsed, completely relaxed, to lie on her trembling body.

This girl was going to be my slave. I wanted her to be totally submissive. I pulled out of her and stood beside the bed looking down at her. I slapped her hard across the face, twice. I told her again that she was nobody and was just my fuck toy. I punched her in the stomach and then untied the straps from the bed.

I don’t know if she realized she was untied as she lay there, not moving. I rolled her over so she lay face down and retied her in the same position. This time I was going to fuck her ass.

It was one o’clock in the morning of Christmas Day now and I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch, so I took a break to grab a burrito from the freezer and heat it up in the microwave. I made myself a cup of instant coffee and went back into the bedroom to look at the girl while I ate.

With her slim thighs and tight round butt, she was as sexually exciting from the back as she was from the front. There was still a faint blush on her ass cheeks from the spanking I’d given her.

It only took me a couple of minutes to finish my supper and I was ready for the next round of pleasure. I started with a little foreplay, stroking her body from her ankles along the length of her legs and over the swell of her backside up to her waist. Then back down to slip between her ass cheeks to rub the little wrinkles of skin around her anus.

I sucked my thumb to moisten it and then worked it into that tight little hole. The girl had been lying quiet until then but, as my thumb penetrated, she pulled her head up off the mattress and started jerking her body as violently as the straps let her. I sucked my other thumb and worked it into the hole too, pulling her muscles apart as she tried to scream.

Getting into that little hole wouldn’t be easy so I went into the bathroom and got the Vaseline jar. I put some on my thumbs and worked them back into her arse to grease the entrance. Then I masturbated my prick ‘til it engorged. With the thought of what I was about to do, my prick didn’t need much encouragement! Once it was stiff I spread my rod with Vaseline too.

I straddled her and used my thumbs to make the hole large enough for my prick to enter. Then, with a strong thrust of my hips, I pushed deep into her. With the grease, it went easier than I’d feared and I was soon fucking her as strongly from this side as I had from the other.

I was able to enjoy a longer build to climax this time. Twice I stopped myself from coming so I could prolong the pleasure. Finally I needed the release, so I continued until I could feel myself pumping my seed deep into her arse.

When I was ready, I rolled off her and got up. I wasn’t finished for the night but could wait for a repeat performance. I untied her wrists and ankles and rolled her over so she was face up again. As she was quiet I took the gag out of her mouth.

She was rather a mess. Her face was stained with tears and dried semen and she was leaking from both the holes I’d used. There were bloodstains on the mattress cover.

I pulled the girl so that her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and I told her to stand up. She didn’t move but, when I raised my hand to slap her, she struggled to sit up. Slowly and painfully she got to her feet, swaying as she did so. I walked her into the bathroom and told her to take a shower. She looked at me as if she didn’t understand. I repeated it and switched on the water. I told her to clean herself and, hesitantly, she got into the shower.

It was as if an automatic reaction took over, she reached for the shampoo and washed her hair. After that she soaped herself all over, wincing as she washed between her legs. When she had rinsed herself, I turned off the water and told her to get out.

Once she was out of the shower she just stood there, until I gave her a towel. At my command she toweled herself dry and then I took her back into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and tied her wrists together in front of her and then tied the cord to the head of the bed.

I was pretty tired by now. I’d had a long day at work and then all this excitement so I switched off the light and lay down beside her. To my surprise she was asleep almost immediately and didn’t wake up as I explored her body with my hands before I, too, fell asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later to find that I was having a hard on. Rolling onto my side I felt the girl’s body and realized that I could have immediate relief and, at the same time, work on making the child my total slave.

Taking the flashlight I keep beside the bed, I shone it in her eyes, shaking her awake. She moaned, blinded and confused. “Who are you?” I asked. “Kathy” she said, “I’m Kathy.”

I slapped her face viciously and yelled “No you’re not, bitch, you’re nobody and don’t forget again. Who are you?” I slapped her face again and she started to cry; big, wracking sobs. Once again I slapped her, called her a bitch and told her she was nobody.

When I asked her again who she was, she kept crying, but managed to whisper that she was nobody. I ordered her to spread her legs and she offered no resistance as I rammed my stiff dick into her. She cried out in pain as I penetrated her raw vagina for the second time.

After I’d finished, I told her she was my fuck toy and belonged to me and not to forget it. Then I turned the light off and went back to sleep.

A couple of hours later I woke up and went through the same routine. This time, she said right away that she was nobody; but I had to punch her in the face before she said she was my fuck toy. I forced her to turned over and fucked her doggy style before letting her go back to sleep.

The next time I woke up it was late in the morning. I got up, slipped on a pair of pants and a shirt. Then I went to put the chicken in to roast. Having assumed that I would be alone for Christmas, I hadn’t bought a turkey.

I made myself a pot of coffee and got out a box of donuts. As I was eating, I remembered the champagne in the car. I had something to celebrate now, so I went out to the car, got the bottle and put it in the fridge to chill.

With the chicken in the oven I went back into the bedroom. The girl was awake, staring at me with frightened eyes. There was the beginning of a bruise under her right eye, where I’d hit her. It didn’t make her any less beautiful.

I asked her who and what she was. With her shoulders sagging in defeat she told me she was nobody and was my fuck toy. I untied her from the bed but, leaving her wrists bound, pulled her into the kitchen.

A previous occupant of the house had hung things over the doorway into the kitchen and had left the hooks. One was sturdy enough to take the weight of my fuck toy so I tied her wrists up to it.

She stood there, naked, her arms stretched above her head. Her hair curled around her shoulders and brushed her little breasts. I asked if she was hungry and she nodded. I fed her a donut while I drank another cup of coffee and started preparing the vegetables. I know that most guys on their own live on frozen foods, but, when I get a chance, I like to cook from fresh ingredients.

I loved the look of her standing there, almost hanging from her wrists; totally helpless, totally vulnerable. I gave her a glass of water and told her to keep saying what she was. With tears in her eyes she started repeating that she was a fuck toy over and over again. I felt she was saying it reluctantly so I got a leather belt and started whipping her backside until she started saying it louder and faster.

I enjoyed hearing her trembling voice but I also wanted her to accept what she was. It would make it easier.

After a while I told her to stop and fed her another donut and let her drink some more water. Then, while I waited for the meal to cook, I spent my time fondling her body; stroking her smooth skin, feeling her little breasts, her taut belly, her firm thighs. I slipped my fingers into her cunt and heard her moan.

The whole thing made me ready to fuck again. This time I wanted to celebrate. I untied the girl and made her kneel on the kitchen floor. I got the chilled champagne out of the fridge, fetched a glass and popped the cork out of the bottle.

I filled my glass, stood in front of the kneeling girl, and told her to unzip my pants. When she did it my prick sprang out stiff and ready. She didn’t try to resist when I told her to take my rod in her hand and guide it into her mouth.

The feel of her lips closing around the shaft and her warm, damp tongue on the bulb was just too much. I just had time to grab the back of her head, to hold her in place, when I climaxed and started pumping into her. I forced her to swallow it all while I drank my glass of champagne, refilled it and drank another glass.

When I let her go she sat back on her heels with her face slumped and a trickle of semen oozing out of her mouth.

I checked the chicken but it still wasn’t roasted. I had more time before sitting down to eat, so I pulled the girl to her feet and pushed her into the bedroom.

I made her kneel on the mattress with her face down and her backside up. I asked her what she was and she said she was my fuck toy. As I undressed I told her what I was going to do and she started trembling but, otherwise, didn’t move.

Climbing on the bed I knelt behind her. I wouldn’t use Vaseline to grease her arse this time. She needed to get used to it in the raw.

I grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back onto my prick. She whimpered as I forced my way deep into her anus and each time I pushed, while I worked to my climax, she moaned with pain. I was able to make the whole thing last at least ten minutes and enjoyed every moment.

When I finally pulled out she collapsed sideways onto the bed and lay there without moving. When the meal was ready I told her to come out into the kitchen.

She walked out slowly, as if she was in pain and knelt beside my seat as I ate my meal. I fed her a few scraps and, when I was finished, put some of the leftovers in a bowl that I put under the table for her.

Feeling satisfied I watched a game on T.V., while she lay across my lap. I finished the champagne and then fucked her with the bottle until she was forced to climax.

I was very happy with my Christmas gift to myself. I knew I’d get a lot of use out of it during the coming years. This was my best Christmas ever.

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