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Author's note: Greetings! I've been a long hiatus from XNXX, but I'm looking forward to attempting more stories. (I have a few others if you enjoy this and wish to see more. But I will note, my earlier stories were from a while back) The events in this story are of pure fiction, but I would like to point out that this type of stuff does happen, unfortunately.

I'm still pretty new to writing stories, so don't expect anything professional. This story is NON-EROTIC, so please save yourself the trouble if you're just looking to masturbate. Finally, all criticism/feedback is welcome, but please be respectful.



Growing up in the 90s, computers were brand new in the technological field. At first, everyone was hesitant, unsure of this new device and what it held. As time went on, more and more people, from the young to the old, became addicted to the computer, specifically the internet. One of the biggest problems with the internet was all the pedophiles and creeps who started using it to find victims. Most people just mess around on the internet with no care, no real concern about being hacked, scammed, followed, etc. For Bret, he was overly cautious of the internet, especially when it came to his little sister. Brett was 22, his younger sister, Courtney, was 15. Their parents had died in a tragic car accident when they were younger. Ever since then, Brett has taken on the role of Courtney's parents. He took care of her - made sure she was fed, got to school, got homework done, everything a parent should.

"I'm starting to let myself go". Brett mumbled as he looked at himself in the mirror. Before the accident, Brett had been involved with several sports, and was in great shape.. He loved every sport known to man, but basketball was his dream calling. He had planned to try and become a pro, make his passion his job, his life time love. His parent's death shattered those dreams completely. Now, as he looked at himself, he realized how pathetic he looked. Brett had gained a little weight, and the stress was causing his facial features to change significantly. He was still in decent shape for someone of his age, Brett was just stubborn and believed he had to look perfect as an athlete.

"Are you done in there, bro? I need to get ready" A soft, yet melodic voice called. His sister, Courtney, was snickering to herself. She was under the assumption he was masturbating in there. Why else would he take so long? Courtney was your average 15 year old, but with looks that made you think she was 20. Puberty had hit her early, and hard. Her once barely see-able breasts had blossomed into perky C cups, while her ass filled out perfectly. Not to mention her long legs which helped people believe she was older.

Brett snapped out of his trance, and opened the door. "Yeah..sorry." Brett wasn't dumb, he knew his sister was a bombshell, which is what always worried him. He dreaded the day he'd come home from work and smell the scent of sex, or unwillingly walk in on his sister and her "man" making love Brett had set as a goal long ago to keep as many men away from her as least until she was old enough and told him to stop moderating what guys came into her life. "I'll start breakfast."

Courtney nodded, and bounced into the bathroom to get ready for what her brother assumed was school. Unbeknown to him, Courtney was really going to the local Best Buy to buy herself a computer. Her brother had his personal one that he sometimes let her use (supervised access), but Courtney felt she was old enough for her own privacy. Luckily for Courtney, her brother had to rush to work after breakfast, which gave her the perfect opportunity. Seeing as she had never looked into laptops before, she was surprised at how expensive they were, but still managed to get a good deal on a cheap little netbook.

Courtney damn near ran into everyone as she made her way back home, eager to get online and see what she could get into. The internet simply amazed her. She had heard of Yahoo! before, but never really went to it when she did use Brett's laptop. Courtney found herself browsing every site she could, from Google all the way to sites she regretted viewing such as 4chan. There was one aspect to the internet that Courtney never considered: pornography. She knew what porn was, and knew what masturbation was, but had never actually viewed porn before. Her brother worked all day, which meant Courtney didn't have to worry of him coming in and seeing her, so she stripped off her shorts and panties, and began furiously masturbating to any and all porn she found.

After her climax, she found herself already bored with porn, and wanted to find people to talk to. She did what anyone else would do, and search Google for chat sites. Courtney wasn't picky of the sites, and just went to the first one she found. After registering on this site, she hopped into a one on one chat with someone, then continued switching people until she found one interesting. His name was Ted, and he was 17. His likes, hobbies, etc were identical to what Courtney enjoyed doing, and his profile was filled with what typical crap teenagers tend to put in their profile.

Courtney's life went on normal every day, but she was dying of guilt for hiding the laptop from her father..yet, she never told him. A month after she purchased the laptop and began talking to Ted, he proposed they meet in person for the first time. Courtney, not aware of the dangers, agreed they'd meet at the hotel he was staying. Courtney again faked going to school, something she had decided to do at least once, if not twice a week in order to spend more time with Ted. At around 9:30am, she arrived at Ted's hotel, nervous and excited, assuming she's going to meet someone who shares her interests.

After Ted opened the door to his room, she was hesitant upon seeing a man in his early 40s, with sweat pants and a white shirt.. " must be Courtney." He smiled. "Ted said you were coming, I'm his father. Please step in and have a seat. He's just using the bathroom."

Courtney, still oblivious, obliged, and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. Ted had this all planned out, and began his plan immediately. He locked the door to his room, and walked into the kitchen, getting a roll of duct tape. With swift movement, he took a piece of it and moved behind Courtney, covering her mouth. "Relax" he said in a deep, evil voice, and picked her up as she flailed. "If you continue fighting, I will break your arms and your legs." Satisfied, he threw her onto the bed, and licked his lips. "I was waiting so long for this." Ted moved close to her, lifting off her shirt and bra violently, and fondled her breasts, licking her nipples every so often. "Now is the main course." He smirked, stripping himself completely, his erect dick pointing straight at Courtney.

Courtney was still in somewhat of a dazed state. Wasn't I just here to meet someone my age? Her eyes shot out as she realized Ted was naked. She tried talking, tried saying no, but the duct tape. me.. she thought to herself.

Ted just licked his lips again, enjoying the sight. He ripped off her pants and panties, moving into position, with hunger in his eyes..


Over the past month, Brett had felt something was wrong with Courtney. He could always tell when she was keeping secrets, when she knew she was guilty of something. He wanted nothing more than to pressure her to tell him, but he didn't want to be too invasive. Brett shrugged it off, and continued working, wanting to get all of this crap finished for the day. Brett glanced up, seeing his supervisor walk toward him with a phone.

"It's your sister's school" he said, nodding that it was okay.

"Hello?" Brett was surprised by this call. He had never gotten a call about Courtney before.

"Brett...err Mr. Williams? This is Shawna Robbins, the truancy officer for your sister's school."

Truancy officer? "This is he, call me Brett please. Is everything okay, miss Robbins?" he asked, still confused.

"Unfortunately not. For the past month, Courtney has randomly been absent from school for an entire day. She's also absent today, and these tardies are adding up. If she misses another day, she can be liable to be held back for truancies."

Brett almost dropped the phone. Courtney...she was lying? Ditching school? Anger mixed with sadness filled him. He had done so much for her, so much to make her happy. Why did she repay him with this? "I..I..erm, I'm sorry, miss Williams...I wasn't aware of these developments. I'll sort it out right away." He hung up the phone right away, told his boss there was an emergency, and raced home. "COURTNEY?" Brett yelled as he entered the house. No response. Brett searched every inch of the house, no sign of her. Next, he called the parents of her friends..still nothing.

If she was hiding this from him, what else? Brett stormed up into her room, and started destroying it trying to find something...anything that may shed some light on the situation. Tearing through her closets and drawers weren't of any help, the only spot left was under the bed. Brett pulled useless junk from under her bed, until he felt something that was a bit heavy. Pulling it out, he realized it was a laptop. This is what she was hiding... he thought. Fortunately for him, the laptop was not password protected, and Brett roamed through it as quick as he could. Some of the sites he hub, porn tube...PORN SITES? Was she really growing up that fast?

Brett found the chatting website she met Ted on, and started reading through her chats..finally finding what he needed. "Dear god.." he mumbled, his mind instantly racing as he realized what she had been doing. He scrolled to some of the most recent messages, and found the address for the hotel. Anyone else may have called the police, but right now, Brett wanted nothing more than to find his daughter, and kill the fucker who preyed upon her.

After arriving at the hotel, Brett stormed in, running to find the room. Several hotel employees were suspicious of his urgency, but didn't bother him. 205..206..207...AH HA. Brett kicked in the door, and the sight before him made him rage and inwardly cry. His sister, his 15 year old sister, the girl he thought of as a daughter, was naked, crying, and struggling. The man was on top of her, getting ready to steal her virginity. Brett rushed the man, grabbing him, and threw him against the wall, placing his arm against Ted's throat, pressing against it. "Is this what you do, victimize innocent little girls who can't fight you?"

Brett didn't give him a chance to answer, and kneed him in the nuts before giving him several punches to the face. Before he knew it, he was being pulled off the man by police. "He was going to rape her" he roared, fighting the police. "I WILL KILL HIM!" The cops put Ted in handcuffs, leading him out the door while the officers holding Brett tired calming him down. Brett looked to his sister, who was crying, balled up in the fetal position. "Courtney.." he whispered, moving to her. "I'm here now..I'm here." At those words, Courtney leaped into his arms, not caring she was naked, just glad to have her brother there.

"Lets get you dressed and go home." he said in a whisper, glad this was over, glad he had her back.

[i]Epilogue/Final notes: "Ted" was arrested and sentenced to jail, while Courtney received counseling from her experience. I was kinda thinking of doing a part two, maybe where Courtney falls in love with Brett because of him saving her. Just let me know what you thought of it. Thanks!

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Do a part 2 plz

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2013-03-27 12:02:11
where was the rape?i wanted to see the little girl get raped but nothing he didn't fuck her

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2013-03-26 14:50:08
I liked the length. Do make it so he and she fall for each other and have it lead to a long term relationahip and a few babies either just before or shoetly after her graduation


2013-03-25 17:01:45

Thank you. Unfortunately, I am not good with increasing the length of these stories without coming up with useless crap that makes no sense.

Brett is basically her father, just not biologically. He takes care of her as a father would, and as such, sees her as both, sister and daughter.


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D'oh...I apologize for the Bold issue. I really hate Xnxx's seems to screw up even when I know I did it right.

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