True Sex Story of my hardcore faggot sex life!!!
My earliest sexual memories have been with boys. I lost my virginity to another boy and while I have and sometimes do still fuck pussies, my favorite sex has to be downright dirty nasty faggot sex!!! I love having my asshole pounded by nice cum-filled cocks!!

I took my first cock up my ass when I was 13 years old. It was in the 7th grade and a guy in my gym class made friends with me; I was shy and kind of a loner, and he was a in 9th grade and we became fast friends.

I stayed over his house one Friday night and his mom was gone - it was just him and his mom living at home - and we watched movies, made popcorn and at some point he asked me if I'd ever been naked with another guy. I said no, but was curious and we got naked and sat on the couch next to each other. He rubbed my soft hairless legs and I got an instant hard on. He asked if he could touch it and I said sure, and he gently began to stroke my shaft and then leaned over and began to suck me off. I'd masturbated plenty before so I knew the sensation of ejaculating and when I came close to blowing my load I warned him and he said to cum in his mouth, so I obliged him eagerly!! Afterwards, I clumsily attempted to suck his cock and he guided me in the art of cock sucking and all night we sucked and jacked each other off.

On Saturday, with his mom still gone, he introduced me to anal sex, having me slip my cock inside his asshole in the typical missionary position. That was so awesome to me!! I blew my load quickly and was hard again soon and resumed my anal intrigue. Later Saturday night he gently began to finger my asshole while give me head and slowly worked a finger in until I was comfortable, then two fingers and three... Finally late that night he ever so gingerly slipped the head of his cock inside my aching asshole and it hurt like hell!! It took what seemed like forever to learn to not pucker up my asshole at the intrusion, but finally I was able to relax my sphincter muscle to allow for deeper penetration.

The first "fuck" for me was awkward, when he'd get into it and start pounding me, I loved it, but it did hurt, and we went through this cycle of fucking, slowing down and resting, allowing me to relax, then fucking, relaxing, etc. until after half an hour he came.

We did this all weekend until my mom came and picked me up Sunday afternoon and I beamed with my new found experiences.

Since then, we fucked a couple of times a week, usually at his house - his mom was about to be remarried and she spent a lot of time at her fiancee's house. Once at school after practice and showering we had sex in the boy's locker room!! That was very risky since anyone could have found us, but the risk and nastiness of it all turned us on completely!!

When he went off to high school he moved away and I went through a period of no sex and couldn't find another guy at school I was comfortable with so I turned to older men. There was a seedy porn store in town and I began to walk there (it was over a mile walk to show you how desperate I was for cock!!) in the afternoons and weekends and would hang out in back of the building where there was a direct entrance to the video booths.

I wasn't there 20 minutes when a horny old man came out and walked towards his car. He eyed me and asked if I was waiting for anyone and I said I was looking for sex. I got into his car with him and gave him a blowjob but didn't let him cum in my mouth. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place and I said sure.

At this guy's house we watched a gay porno and he offered me a beer. I had never had a beer before and didn't really want one. He opened one for himself and lit up a joint. He asked me if I wanted a hit, I didn't want to be overly rude so I puffed on the mary jane - choking a bit before settling down and getting stoned!!!

Now when I'm stoned, something inside me goes berserk and I become Super Fag or something!! My whole body tingled and I got up fromt he couch in front of this guy and started dancing to the lame music on the porno. I stripped naked and had the hardest hard on ever!! This guy leaned over and sucked my cock as he fumbled to get undressed and then we 69'd on the couch for a bit. As he lay there, I turned around and straddled his cock and buried his pole deep inside my shitter!! I could feel it hurt a bit, but the sensation of being stoned far outweighed the pain and I rode his cock like the slut I was becoming!! He blew a huge load inside me and afterwards we lay there until he was ready to go again. That was my first sex with an older man.

I'd fuck this guy and many more like him over the next couple of years and when I turned 16 and could drive, my hunt for cock expanded fromt the local area and I found all kinds of cock to stick me!! I like my sex rough, nasty and rape-like. Most of these guys I'd meet had no problem dry fucking me, smacking me around or whatever - grudge fucking me. It turned me on big time!!

Now this was years ago long before AIDS came around so there was no real need to use condoms, which helped when you happened to meet someone by chance and wasn't prepared for safe sex. I used a condom when I first had sex with a girl at 18 and hated them. I vowed never to make a guy use on on me if he didn't want to.

After high school I went in the military and was able to continue my gay sex life. There is no shortage of eager faggot cocks in the military let me tell you!! I had sex with a fellow recruit in boot camp!! After that, it was easy to find cock; just look for the guy hanging out in the shower the longest (besides me!).

I'd go through periods of fucking women, men and go back and forth. I'd have girlfriends that I'd have them use a strapon dildo and fuck me before I'd do them, so at least it felt like a guy was fucking me. Some chicks who weren't that kinky thought it was gay to have them fuck me, needless to say they didn't last long if they didn't fuck my asshole!!

I found that highway rest areas were a good place to find cock - at least in my area. At this one particular rest area, a couple of guys got busted having sex there and when it went to court, there was a big protest from gay groups and something wasn't done technically by the law, they were singled out for prosecution because men and women just as frequently had sex there but no one prosecuted them, so they got off - so to speak!! After that the cops really never set out to bust anyone there for sex, they'd cruise throught the rest area as a patrol, but never to arrest fags. Subsequently lots of fags began to hang out there and I stumbled across this place one day that I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I pulled into the rest area. I'm one for dressing very scantily and it was very hot out, 95 degrees plus and I had on a tight pair of shorts cut just to the asscheeks and a tank top cut midriff. I'm very slim and tan and suppose I looked rather sexy and as soon as I hit the rest room, I had some takers for sex!!

It was nearly dusk, very hot and I heard someone come in behind me in the restroom as I stood at the urinal. I glanced over my shoulder and nodded to the older guy standing behind me. He came over to the urinal next to me and said 'nice ass!' and reached over and rubbed my butt cheeks. I got an instant hard on and stepped back, put my cock into my shorts and got on my knees and began to suck his cock right there in the restroom!! After getting him all hot and bothered, we went down to the last stall and he dropped his pants and sat on the toilet and I backed up, took off my tight shorts and thong underwear and straddled him and fucked him right on the toilet!! Another guy came in used the urinal at the other end, saw and heard us fucking and lingered around a bit, probably jackin' off!! After this guy came in me I put my shorts back on and sucked his cock clean, thanked him and left as he got himself together.

I went outside and noticed the guy who'd been in there earlier up on a hill at a picnic table. I cruised on over and made small talk. He asked if I was the one riding cock in the bathroom, I said yes and he asked if I wanted some more cock. We chit chatted a bit as it got dark out and I gave him a blow job as he sat on the bench. Then he yanked off my shorts and panties and bent me over the picnic table and plowed his cock all the way in my fag hole!!! Since the other guy had just blew a load of cum in me, there was very little resistance but this guy tore me up a good one and then he blew a load inside me. After he was done, he picked up my shorts and thong and walked away as I lay quivering on the table after two good fucks. He laughed and mumbled something and threw my shorts and panties into a trash can about 75 feet away!! I laughed to myself, lit a cigarette and smoked it as I sat at the picnic table with no shorts on, just my cut tank top and then got up the moxie to run down to the trash can and retrieve my shorts!!

I frequented this rest area and the one on the other side of the highway regularly after that. it was on my way to and from work, so I'd leave real early in the morning, get some cock on the way to work, and get some on the way home. I did that several days a week and weekends when time and schedules permitted. Sometimes guys would want to drive off and have sex somewhere away fromt he rest area, which was fine with me. I was picked up by a business man late one night and we drove off some side road to a field, he had a blanket in the trunk and he told me he was into rape scenarios. Oh, my favorite!! He jerked my out of the car, made me lay out the blanket and he pulled his hard cock from his dress pants, shoved it deep down my throat until I gagged. He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth hard as I gagged on the deep thrusts. His pubic hair tickled my nose and I could smell his musky scent from a days work on him. He pushed me onto the blanket, jerked my shorts off and actually tore my thong panties!! He flipped me over onto my stomach and thrust my legs wide open calling me names and being very vulgar, graphic and derogatory to me... I loved every second of it!!! Without warning he shoved his large cock all the way in, balls deep with no lube and pounded my asshole for all it was worth - which was apparently quite a bit cuz he gave it to me but good for a long time!! He'd smack my ass as he fucked me, make me thrust back to meet his violent down thrusts as he pounded and pounded my asshole!! At one point he had both hands on my shoulders pulling me back onto his inward thrusts getting deeper and deeper inside my aching asshole!! Then his hands cupped around my neck and he began to choke me as he fucked me, I nearly passed out but it felt good, getting dizzy, tingly and stuff - reminded me of being stoned!! Finally he blew a huge load inside my gay pussy and lay on top of me as he came down from his "ride" and then got up, got dressed and as I got upt to put my clothes on, grabbed his blanket, called me a fuckin' faggot and left me there, several miles from my car at the rest area!! I was pissed off but I got what I wanted, a big cock raping my faggot asshole!! My legs shook the whole way back to my car!!

I've fucked probably hundreds of cocks I'd met at these rest areas over the years, and with all the other cocks on top of that, it has to be well over 1,000 different cocks I've ridden and probably 10 gallons of cum shot up inside my faggot asshole to date. I still cruise for cocks even today and jump on as many as I can eagerly riding each cock in anticipation of the gooey goal, a load of cum in my nasty faggot asshole!!!

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2014-11-30 20:09:37
Would love to run into you one day and give you the ride of your life

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2014-06-20 05:11:24
It sounds like my fantasy. Really liked the "rape" scenario.

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2013-08-10 16:32:58
i'm not a guy but i stil get turned by gay stories :P

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2013-08-09 19:37:07
if wanting role played rape is sick and its a bad thing THEN WHY ARE YOU READING THIS YOU DUMB FUCK!! this goes out to the reader of 06 05 25 i know its a little late but seriously? stupid son of a slut.

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2013-08-09 19:36:27
if wanting role played rape is sick and its a bad thing THEN WHY ARE YOU READING THIS YOU DUMB FUCK!! this goes out to the reader of 06 05 25 i know its a little late but seriously? stupid son of a slut.

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