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I would like for people to coment this story is partually mine the original is called Fire Class by JWDD. but he dicided to stop writting it so i just decided to create my own twist of it. For those of you that have read the original story please dont spoil it for the new reader thanks and for the record i know this might be copywrite but i am not making money so dont be saying i am just a copy cater leave comments and tell me what you think dont be afraid to give me ideas to make the story even better.

Fire class: chapter one becoming a mage.
Life for me is fairly eventful, from an early age I know I was different but my suspicion was justified at the age of ten when my parents told me I was a mage... Well a mage to be.

Over the next two years I studied hard, although not having any magical abilities yet I practiced with a fake wand as I learnt spells and movements for spells as well as being taught the whole mage life. I was grateful my mum was one of those stay at home mums as at the age of ten they pulled me out of school and I was homeschooled until I was to became a mage.

They said that at the age of 12, a person goes through status, I never understood the name but they say it just what it was always been called. I learnt that the Brain is made up of 10% used space, 1% mage space and 89% unused space and this was the same in all humans, but at the age of 12 a mage although born human and like this would freeze and would have to endure immense pain as the 1% mage space grew, filling up the unused space. There was going to be a total of 12 spikes of pain in your brain, as once your hit the twelfth it meant all 89% unused space had become 90% mage space, however after the twelfth spike there came the next stage as what people refer to as ‘The Burning Sun’. A heat and pain so intense the rare few that make it past 12 spikes don’t make it past the first few seconds. Not many people know what the Burning sun does as some people believe it’s the power in your mage space becoming more compact as the only thing we know the longer you endure the stronger you are. Although other people believe it’s the power trying to override your 10% human space and if you allow it to burn through you die. Also the stronger you are the longer you live past your normal human years. the average mage live around 150 years its been proven that for every spike, you gain 10 years of life.

As weird as it sounded, I couldn’t wait to be in agony, the thought of being a mage was incredible but not just any mage, I had to be a powerful mage. The whole mage world lives in secret and on power, if you’re a powerful mage then life is considerably easier and even your family get an easier life as people treat them with more respect. Sadly, there have been no mages that reach past 12 spikes. Surprising, to the end the pain and to end the entirety of Status all you have to do is open your eyes which leaves you with as much power as you endured. I have heard stories of parents telling their kids to endure the pain but the sheer shock of the pain made them open their eyes ending it as some mages live their life being fairly weak. Mum says the average is around 7 spikes; those who reach 10 or 11 are becoming sort of celebrities as the 12 spikes are considered famous from the age of twelve.

I was training in secret from my parents as well, beating myself to increase my tolerance to pain in hopes I could be stronger, it worked fairly well as I could withstand quite a bit of pain. I have come up with a pretty good plan to become strong and survive to pass the burning sun. I would simply put dock tape over my eyes, other people have done this but failed because they would rip off the tape and open their eyes from the intensity but, with my training in pain I think I could pull it off.
“Lights out Jamie” my mum shouted up the stairs as I climbed into bed trying to get a good night sleep to recover my beating. But tonight I wasn’t getting any, I had a splitting headache and it kept me up for hours, tossing and turning, I buried my face into my pillow and that’s when it hit me, my first spike. It was like when somebody says don’t touch that it’s hot, you touch it anyway and it’s always hotter than you thought it was, my parents said spikes and I thought it would be like a large needle stabbing me but no, this was like a lightning bolt hitting my skull as my mouth gaped wide as I forced my eyes shut, holding them there as I felt the second spike hit me. The pain was excruciating, the fact that it was so painful I couldn’t even find a metaphor to compare it to, it was just pain... pure unfiltered pain surging around my head.
Holding my head down I kicked and punched at the bed, trying not to make a sound as I still kept my eyes shut. Thinking of my plan I blindly reached under my bed and pulled out some duck tape as I tore a long strip covering my eyes as I forcibly held the shut, over the next 20minutes I felt 3 more spikes... I honestly thought the whole thing would take like 4 minutes but I had only hit spike number 5 my mind blurring as clutched my head trying to regulate the pain, to gain control and calm down but every time I thought that it worked another spike hit me as I rolled over in agony.

I was delirious, the amount of pain I received should have either killed me or at minimum put me in a coma but no I was still alive and kicking, over the next hour I finally reached spike number twelve as seconds after it hit my head started getting hot. Hot wasn’t even a good enough word to describe the new pain I was in, it was as if somebody had removed the top of my skull and then poured lava inside before reattaching my skull as the lava burnt through me to the very core, The burning sun was more painful than all the spikes put together, I arched my back screaming making my first sound as my parents rushed into the room finding me face buried in the pillow as they guessed what was happening. “Honey, how many spikes have you had” my mum asked as I screamed out “Twelve” I shouted as they both gasped “How long have you felt the burning sun?” my dad asked proudly as I screamed again clutching the pillow around my face trying to hide the tape as well as endure the pain. “I don’t know, this is agony” I shouted as they stood back and watched “Just endure it, open your eyes when you’ve had enough” she said as I dug my face in deeper.

Over the next hour I lay in bed screaming as my dad and mum were both extremely happy as they encouraged me to go further, soon enough the burning started to fade as I wondered if I had endured it all. “It’s stopped” I said taking a few deep breathes as my parents looked worried “You took it all?” my mum asked as I quickly screamed out again, felling more spikes as well as the burning sun, both hitting me at the same time as I held on for as long as I could, the pain so intense I passed out.

“Jamie!” my mum screamed shaking my body as she rolled me over, the pain still burning through me as I lay unconscious “Oh god, he taped his eyes shut” my mum shouted as they pulled the pillow from my face. “Arghhh” I screamed loudly waking up as I quickly started kicking and screaming as I attempt to cover my face to hopes to quell the pain only succeeded to flatten the tape against my skin. Both my parents jumped off the bed to give me some space as I writhed in agony for yet another 2 hours, as time passed I was desperate for it to end as with all my energy I could muster I forced my eyes open as I bent the tape, as soon as I saw light hit my eyes the pain went from a boiling mass to just a simmer before disappearing completely as I lay on my bed panting as my parents looked at me in amazement. Sitting up, I tried to peel the tape of as I it stung like a bitch once I reached my eyelids. “Rip it off, I will heal you” my dad said as I quickly tore it form my face taking the skin of my face as I felt dads healing power quickly repair my skin as I slumped into my bed taking a few deep breathes as they sat on the bed next to me. “What happened” my mum asked as I lay panting after that much xtreme pain i jus felt “I felt the spikes then the burning, then it stopped for a few seconds and then I felt them both at once” I said hearing them gasp as they stared at me “So how many spikes in the second part” my dad asked as I wiped the tears from my eyes “I don’t know, original 12 plus a lot.” I said as he smiled “My boy, the most powerful mage in the world” he said laughing as I chuckled amazed how normal I felt after having such a intense moment.

“Tomorrow, were going to Bacra, get you the stuff you need for school as we will enrol you into Harrington’s” Dad said as I smiled “Ok get some rest, I know you need it” my mum said giving me a chaste kiss on the lips goodnight as both my parents left my room, I lay my head down on my sweat filled pillow before quickly drifting off to sleep.

The next day we were up bright and early as I felt full of life and energy, as well as being overjoyed that I was now I fully fledged mage and a powerful one at that. walking down the stairs I greeted my parents with a smile as they were both on the phones talking about me as I actually blushed, my parents were so proud of me. “Ok, Let’s take you shopping” Mum said as I see her pull out her wand aiming it at the back door “Javick” she said firmly and with a swish of her wand the door flashed, although it looked like the light was coming from the outside sneaking through the gaps around the edges. Dad opened the door as instead of our garden, stood an orange sandy street. I knew a lot about Bacra, but I had never been. It’s the mage capital of the world, based in the Egyptian desert and hidden by a force field making it invisible to anybody outside. Walking out we were quickly swept up by the hustle and bustle of the mage world as they walking down the compacted streets in their robes as we clearly stood out, wearing normal human clothes.

“Ok Jamie, this is the plan” my mum said dragging me to the side of the street as she looked at me “Were going to your wand shop first, then pet store. John has already paid for everything so just go in pick up what you need and come out, then we are going to go buy your books, then were going to Classification, so we can find out what your class is while your dad sorts out your mage bank account” mum said as I nodded being taught all this before.

Mum quickly walked through the city as we lost dad along the way but I didn’t really care as I was too excited seeing the city and the stores, after about 5minutes of avoiding people and being dragged by my mum who kept a tight grip of my hand as mages were walking into us from all directions we finally reaching the wand store mum pushed me inside. “Just do exactly as he says” mum said before closing the door and sitting on the bench outside talking to the other mum who also wore human clothes. Inside the store I saw the old man standing behind the counter as a young girl was talking to him, “You there, come with me, I don’t want you getting hit” the old man said pulling me by my arm round the counter as the young girl quickly went over and stepped on a small square platform in the centre of the room, only a foot of the ground but she looked rather nervous. “What’s happening” I asked as he smiled watching the girl “The platform radiates her personality, the draws that have ingredients to match her personality will open and the perfect amount of ingredients will fly out, then the wand will fly out and absorb the ingredients give her a perfect wand to match her power and personality” he said as I smiled getting more excited as I noticed a few draws on either side of the room start to shake, bursting open powders and feathers of all variety flew towards the girl, but stopped about a foot away as the ingredient looked like they were orbiting the girl, spinning slowly as more ingredients were added.

Startled from behind I heard some loud banging as suddenly as large block of wood flew towards the girl, flinching the cover her face, protecting herself form the oncoming block of wood she held the pose for about 10 seconds before slowly lowering her hands realising she hadn’t been hit, but like the ingredients it stopped only a foot away. Sighing in relief we both watched the log as it looked almost as if it was melting, the wood falling apart landing on the floor as the last thing floating was a wand, intricate handle with a long thin shaft, the wand whilst in orbit started spinning wildly, going faster and faster as when it hit the ingredient it absorbed them into it instead of hitting them away. After only 15 seconds of spinning the wand slowed down before stopping as no more ingredients were left “Take the wand” the old man behind me said as he held me in front of him, grasping the wand from mid air she stepped off the platform smiling as she thanked the man before walking out the store. “Your turn” the man quickly said as I excitedly climbed onto the platform as he stood in his spot, hidden from the ingredients and the path of the flying wood I knew was coming.

I waited for a few seconds as I noted dozens of draws rumbling as the room actually started shaking. I turned to see my mum outside with a whole crowd of faces watching me obviously spotting the earthquake going on that was limited to the store. Looking around I saw dozens of draws burst open, the last girl only had like 7 draws but I had like 40 all the ingredients flying around me as I heard a lot crashing from the back as a few sacks flew out ripping at the top as more ingredients flew out, I guess I used up all the draws. Once I took all the ingredients I need from the sack it dropped to the floor as more feathers, hairs and powders orbited me as I could barely see through it, however I did notice the dark black log flying towards me as even though I knew it was stop I still flinched.

With the log now visible as it orbited me I watched as it started melting, all the wood hitting the floor except a long piece of black wand, it even looked powerful as the hand was carved so whilst the shaft was long, longer than the other girls as it must of been around 10inches. Then it started spinning, the ingredients being absorbed as it span around me in orbit. Soon enough all the ingredients were gone as floating before me stood this wand, before the man could even say anything I grasped the wand, the power in the wand mixing with my own power as they were both matched, I felt almost connected to the wand.

“That’s a very powerful wand you have their young man” the shopkeeper said nervously as I smiled “Thanks” I said as I slowly walked out the store as my mum had to push through the crowd of mages watching me as she took my hand leading me down the street. “That’s a beautiful wand you have Jamie” my mum said as I smiling holding it tightly in my hand as we arrived at the pet store, “Put your wand away, it’s a powerful wand and tailored to you, the doesn’t mean people won’t steal it because it’s more powerful than theirs” mum said firmly as I lost my smile nodding up at her before slipping it into my waist band of my jeans holding it tightly there, this was a problem I had to find the solution to.
I slowly walked inside the store my mum desided to stay outside while i got my familiar.
“Hello young man, your first pet?” asked the grandpa looking person looking down at me over the counter as I nodded up at the frail man “Well, don’t go for the pet you like the look of, get close to each animal, you will feel the bond between you two” he said as I started on my left travelling all around the store; puppies, cats, rabbits, birds. They all seemed to be normal pets; I then found the more magical side as there were miniature dragons and hydras, as well as gryphons and hippogryphs. Walking behind the counter I saw a load of fish which I was glad I felt nothing with as I made my way into the more interesting side of the store, rats, spiders, lizards and snakes. Walking past the tank of snakes I felt a small tweak in me head as I knelt down looking in further as I realized it was in the tank behind it, sliding case out on the trolley it was in I moved into the gap as I saw a second cage full of slightly large snakes although they all looked relatively young. Putting my face against the glass I felt another tweak in my head as the mass of bodies started moving as a single snake head popped up out the mass, travelling towards the glass the snake lifted its head until it too touched the glass directly in front of mine as I felt a large tweak in my head before becoming overcome with sadness and loneliness. Opening the lid to the tank I stuck my hand in pulling out the snake as he was only about a foot long but her quickly coiled around my wrist holding on tight as I closed the lid carrying him to the shop keeper. “African Rock Python, a rare animal to bond with, congratulations” the shopkeeper said as I smiled walking out the store.

“You bonded with a snake?” my mum said as I smiled “I thought it would be a dragon or bird” she said smiling as I chuckled “He said that this snake is rare to bond with” I said with content mum smiled down at me “Then he is perfect for you” she said whisking me off again by my hand as my pet snake coiled up my arm relaxing on my shoulders. We made our way to the book store so i could get the books for the year. As i entered i felt this pull, it felt like there was something in the store the longed for me. the clerk noticed this and look at me stragely. I fallowed the pull and it took me to the second floor, in a dark corner there was bad lighting so it was hard to see there was an old leather book it was old i could tell that much. grabed it and opened it slowly the pages were blank which was weird but, i still felt the pull so i took it with down to the clerk to pay for it with my other books. When he saw the book he looked at me weird again and said "this book has been sitting in a shelf for centuarys its on the house" I smiled and thanked him as i left the store.
"thats an old looking book why did you buy it" mum said as we walked through the crowded streets, " i just felt like i needed to take it with me it was like a force wanted me to take the book with me" mum just looked at me funny and kept walking.
When we arrived next to dad. “You took your time, I’ve sorted his bank vault out” Dad said as mum thanked him “We have had fun, he’s got his pet snake, an apparent rare pet to bond with” mum said as dad cut her off “African rock python, yeah these are rare” he said as I smiled “You should of see the wand shop, the girl before him had seven draws, Jamie here had the whole store shaking, you couldn’t see him through all the ingredients orbiting him, plus he has a rather large black wood wand, I haven’t seen anything like it before” mum said i noticed she did not mention the book i got wich its weird. I pulled out my wand to show dad as he smiled “Ha, that’s my boy” he said proudly as we walked off again a bit slower this time to Classification.

“You’re going to have an audience in here Jamie, some mages like to come see the new mages when they go in, spot anybody who looks to be a powerful mage so they know who to watch, just go in listen to the man on the podium and do what he says” my dad said as we stepped into the building walking along the corridor into what looked to be a large theatre. I spotted the man at the podium as he spoke to about 2 hundred mages that sported the seats surrounding the stage in a semi-circle, on the stage was a chair as my mum quickly filled me in “Sit on the chair, and place you hands on the orbs, it plays it on the big orbs for all to see, it will find out your personality, your memories, your talents and our class and power, just remain calm and don’t think of memories you don’t want them to know” she said as I nodded.

“Next young mage to be classified, is Jamie Dovell” the old man in his wispy voice said as he looked to me, my dad giving me a slight push as I stepping up to the stage looking a bit nervous. “Be calm, just sit in the chair and place your hands on the orbs if you please” the old man said as I did just that, I looked up at the orbs as it was playing my current memory as the orbs showed me looking at the orbs which made a few people chuckle. “Would you mind facing forward and closing your eyes, while we classify you” the old man said as I nodded closing my eyes as I looked forward.

I felt nervous as I heard a collection of gasps as my min flicked over a few things, mainly being today but I did drift back to my status as I listened to the man reading out the things he saw “How have you received 66 spikes” the old man said looking at me as I felt nervous “I...I endured the twelve, and I put tape over my eyes to keep them shut, the burning sun lasted for an hour which I endured and then I felt the burning sun and spikes together for about 20minutes before the tape was loose enough for me to open my eyes” I said stutering, as he gasped “You taped your eyes shut” he said as I nodded “Impressive, most people that try that, end up ripping their eye lids of when they’ve had enough” he said writing it down. “Well that makes sense then, you have a total of 80 minutes of the burning sun and 66 spikes, which makes you the strongest mage to date beating the old record of 12 spikes ” he said as I smiled “Your class is fire, you are talented in Energy, Life, Electricity, Animals and Infiniti, huh thats a rare one... Congratulations again most mages only get one talent” he said as I nodded with the biggest grin on my face possible. “Personality wise, you’re kind, studious, caring, and outgoing” he said as I smiled hearing nothing bad in there. “You can step out the seat now” he told me smiling as he handed me a certificate as I quickly walked back down to my parents who were both nearly crying giving me a hug when I got close enough.

“Rachel!” a voice shouted as my mum froze in the street turning to the voice as she ran up to her giving her a hug “Oh my god, it’s been years, how are you” my mum said quickly as the two ladies gossiped a girl poped behind the woman “Oh this is my Daughter Jess, 11 spikes” her mum said soundly very proud as my mum smiled “And this is my son Jamie, 66 spike” she said with a smile as the women’s jaw dropped “How is that even possible” she asked as I said rather proud of myself “Burning sun lasts for an hour, then you get spikes and burning sun together the spikes coming in a lot faster, I only managed 20 minutes” I said trying to sound modest as I looked to Jess who seemed really nervous “I like you puppy” I said trying to change conversation as she smiled “His name is Jona” she said smiling down at the puppy by her feet, “What’s your snake called” she asked as I looked down at my snake not knowing his name “Don’t rush the name, chose a name you both like” she said as I smiled nodded “I’m water class, and I’m talented in animals what about you?” she asked as I looked down “Fire class” I said as she smiled “What are you talented in?” she asked a bit more firmly as I didn’t really want to answer “Energy, life, animals, electricity, and infiniti” I said quickly as her jaw dropped again “Wow, do you mind if I stick with you, at least I know I won’t get bullied by brad then” she said as I looked at her “Who’s brad” I asked as she looked up at her mum “Mum tell him about Brad” she asked as the women scowled “Brad Cross, nasty piece of work. His parents are real strict on him as they held his eyes down during the status as he has 12 spikes” she said my parents listened “I heard he was talented in necromancy and he is Earth class, and that’s never a great mix, he’s a bully crippling those in his way. His parents are the same they’re all cruel and manipulative” she said whilst we listened intently “You’re stronger than he is, so either stay out of his way or put him in his place, he’s the sort of kid that wants to control everything” she said as I nodded “Anyway. We still have to get Jess a wand, so maybe we will see you in September when term starts” the women said as she hugged my mum again before walking off “Bye Jess” I said as she waved.

Going back home, I sat in my room for hours on end going through hundreds of names to which my familiar denied constantly, I started searching the internet for names, going from boys to girls to roman to mythological. “How about Bob” I said jokingly as he shook his little snake head “Trevor, angus, Barbara” I offered as he continued to shake his head “How about princess, come here princess” I said laughing as he shook his head “Well you’re a boy, how about prince” I said as his head stopped for a few seconds before nodding “That settles it, prince it is” I said confidently before climbing into bed for the night.

Waking up the next day, I noticed Prince had grown a fair bit, a lot more than what he should have in one night, stepping into the kitchen I saw mum making breakfast for me smiling when she noticed me in the doorway “Mum, Prince has grown quiet a lot is he ok?” I asked as she smiled “He’s bonded to you, he is a snake with magic, you bought him when he was just a baby snake, but you are a teen, he’s growing to match your age, and he will continue to grow until you stop growing, and he will live for as long as you go” she said to me as I smiled “Ha looks like you’re stuck with me” I said to Prince as he head stood next to mine whilst his body was slung over my shoulders “Can you teach me some magic today?” I asked her as she stopped what she was doing “Let’s go down into the basement so you don’t break anything” she said making me laugh following her down the steps as I saw lots of old junk I barely knew, walking over to the table I put prince down as mum pulled out a chair “Refrefta” she said quickly as the chair burst into a thousand pieces “Ok your first spell is a repairing spell, as no doubt, you will break things” she said as I smiled “Point at the object and say ‘Evo Reparus” she told me as I nodded confidently. Stepping to her side I pointed my wand at the mess on the floor as I said the line “Evo Reparus” I felt the power in the wand as a white light quickly shot from the end of the wand firing towards the mess but my distract took off my aim as the white light missed the chair hitting the floor as a few minor cracks disappeared “Keep trying work on your aim, fix everything in here” she said as I smiled.

Working hard I repaired all the items in the basement as my aim had improved, “What was the word she said first?” I muttered to myself looking at the fixed chair “Refrefta” I said pointing my wand as the red light burst out hitting the chair as it broke up into the thousand pieces. Going around the basement I basically broke everything before going around again fixing everything, seeing the light shoot from my wand was always amazing but after a while I was getting bored...
Waving my wand around I found out that fire came out, which I guess should have been obvious seeing as I was Fire Class. Putting my wand away I started controlling the fire with just my mind as I found I could create fire in my hands.
“Mum, can you come teach me something new” I shouted running up the stairs, walking into the lounge I saw mum with her wand out as three mages in black robes stood in the lounge in some sort of standoff “What’s going on” I asked as walking in front of my mum as she didn’t break her eye contact with the mages “These people want to take you away, go back in the basement and practice” my mum said as I turned to the mages “Go now, and I wont kill you all” I shouted at them as they took a step back showing genuine fear “You don’t know any spells boy” the woman spat back as I stepped forward making fire in my hands as they all took a few steps back “Now go” I shouted as one of the mages quickly grabbed the other two teleporting out the room as I looked back to my mum “How do I get rid of fire?” I asked as she looked at me in shock “Umm, make it spread thin and disperse it” she said as I did just that making the fire disappear from my hands as she gave me a hug “Let’s teach you some more, if they come back I want you to be able to defend yourself” she said confidently walking me down into the basement.

“Ok a few rules about magic, as you know Elements and Talents are done by our minds, but actual magic needs to done with a wand, because the wand focuses and directs the spell, if you try and cast a spell from your hand nothing would happen” she said “Pointing to the person, if you say ‘Vero” the person will freeze for about 5 seconds, giving you enough time to either get away or think of your next spell as they would be stuck” she told me as I nodded “Most mages use pets for practice as well as company, so practice on Prince” mum said as I pointed my wand at him “Vero” I said confidently as no light came out but Prince froze, motionless, his tongue still out mid flicker. “Very good, now another spell you could use is ‘Crowdarh” mum said as I smiled “This is different to the other spells, you have to say it as a whisper but also this spell is for you, so have the tip of your wand touching your body, it doesn’t need wand movement just whisper the word softly and you will become invisible” she said as I smiled a wide smile doing the spell, watching myself quickly fade “This is a good spell for hiding, but it only lasts about 2 minutes, so if somebody is chasing you, freeze them, hide and go invisible and get as far away as you can” she said as I picking up Prince as it looked like he was flying as he travelled down my outstretched arm landing back on the table. Seconds later I noticed my feet again as my body slowly become invisible as my mum smiled that warm parenting smile they always have.

Over the next week, I had practiced nearly every day, still being home schooled by mum though my lessons were become less curriculum and more magic, less studying and more practicing. Mum told dad about the three mages, and how I scared them away but it didn’t stop him from getting paranoid. Dad was a doctor at the local human hospital and well, our survival meant him not getting caught for healing patients as it would be a hard thing to explain.

Dad also taught me a few cool spells as I was constantly going around invisible, making things have no gravity as they floated around with the slightest push, fun for me, annoying for my parents as I always did it to the TV remote or the Sofa they sat on. I am quite proud to say my aim with my wand has gotten rather good, I rarely miss things now and I have been working on doing turns quickly so if needed to I could fire a spell while moving in another direction instead of standing still.

“That’s it Jamie, give me you wand” Dad said finally realising he was floating when his head hit the ceiling “Awe but it’s fun” I pleaded holding my wand behind me back “Yeah magic is fun, but you need to control yourself, and taking away gravity is getting annoying” he said as mum came in from behind me pulling my wand out my grasp as she giggled handing it to dad as he put it in his jacket pocket next to his wand as I moaned in protest but to no avail. “Traitor” I said jokingly to mum walking past as she laughed at me “You will have plenty of time to pull pranks at school in September, but in the house, no more pranks please” she said as I groaned again walking up to my room as Prince followed me.

“Ok, let’s test out my talents, your an animal maybe I can read your mind” I joked as I focused on Princes mind feeling an odd tweak as then I suddenly heard a voice. Startled I jumped back onto my bad as I watched Prince “Was that you in my head?” I asked as the voice came again “Yes it’s me, it’s about time you had this idea I’ve been sick of not being able to talk to you” he said as I smiled “Oh wow this is cool” I said as I swear I saw a smile on his face. “Ok so talking to animals, check. I’m also apparently talented in Electricity, life, energy and infiniti. What can I do with any of them?” I wondered as I looked to Prince for some ideas “Well I guess life is healing like your dad, so if there’s nothing to heal, we can’t practice” he said as I shrugged accepting that as we moved on “Were surrounded by electricity, and Energy could be like lifting things with you mind but what about infiniti talent” he said as I smiled “ oh I don’t know what that one does as but it is rare” then a blast of information went into my head as I fainted from the shock.
When I regained conscious I knew what the infiniti talent did, it was information talent it let me memorize anything and everything that I have ever seen or heard. It also let me get information from the universal knowledge bank but you would have to be care full as you could lose your mind if you downloaded too much information. This would in handy when memorizing spells as I could not forget them, and cheating in test. I looked at prince and told him everything about the Infiniti talent and he seemed amazed by it all. “So let’s test out my electricity talent” I said excitedly as I looked around the room. Focusing on my lamp I tried to turn it on by nothing happened, trying a different tactic I put my hand on the plug socket as I felt myself drawing in the electricity “Oh this works” I said drawing in more electrical energy as I pointed my finger at the lamp trying to turn it on but instead a lightning bolt burst from my finger obliterating it “Oh” I said shocked as the Lamp lay in pieces all over my bed and floor “If mum asks, I’m blaming you” I said to prince laughing as he laughed in my head. “Ok let’s try energy” I said confidently as I focus on picking up a pen off my desk. After a few attempt at finding the right focus, I saw the pen start to wiggle as I lifted it off the desk floating it over to me before I put it back down again.

Practicing my energy talent , I soon had it sorted as my room was a mass of floating objects, including Prince as I worked on my control and aim as I set everything down gently and back in its place, except for Prince who I placed on my bed. “lets check out that weird book I got at Bacra” I told price as I went to my desk to take the book out. As I turned the pages words started appearing, the language in which it was written in was foreign I decided to use my Infiniti talent to get the knowledge of the language. He would need to take a break for taking information because he was starting to get a headache. The language was the oldest known written language in the mage world. He started reading. It talked about a spell that would merged your wand with your hands so you could perform spells with your hand instead of the wand. He was amazed this could change everything about fighting other mages since he couldn’t lose his wand. He read how to perform the spell and decided to go to sleep since his head was beating from the migraine he had.

“Jamie, Breakfast” mum shouted up the stairs as she usually did, waking me up it the process, I groaned rolling out of bed floating myself out my room and down the stair, too lazy to walk in the morning. “I see somebody found their Energy talent” Dad said smiling as I pulled out the chair with my power sitting myself down as I looked to him “I was forced to find an alternative source of fun, since my wand as gone missing” I said accusingly at him as he just laughed at me “Oh by the way, if you check my room, the broken lamp is Princes fault, he was practicing his Electricity talent and instead of turning on the lamp he blew it up” I said as my parents both laughed at me, “Ok well, we will punish prince by not letting you have your wand back” mum said as I groaned deeply I needed to do that spell he would tell his mum about having his wand back after she leaves, he continued eating his cereal slowly. “Ok, I have to get to work, love you babe” Dad said giving mum a kiss “Train hard” dad said to me ruffling my hair as he walked out the front door.

“Ok, and before you start, he’s taken your wand with him” mum said as I sighed before going back to my breakfast, decided to keep the merging spell to myself . “So what am I going to train in today?” I asked as I smiled “Well, Life is your fathers talent, but I can train you in animals, or you can practice your talents if you want” she asked as I smiled “I can read Prince’s mind, I worked that out last night” I said as she smiled “Good, but that’s very basic, and for an exceptional mage like yourself we need to work at the big boy stuff” she said as I smiled quickly demolishing my breakfast as I followed her out into the garden.

“This garden is too obvious, go get on some proper clothes, were going to the forest” mum said as I jumped running back into the house as I quickly threw on some tracksuit bottoms, a jumper and some shoes. When came down my mum just pulled out her wand changing her clothes as I groaned, causing her to chuckle. ”What spell is that I asked as we got into the car” “that is changis it lets you change clothing anywhere” I smiled thinking about not having to change clothes manually.

With Prince on my shoulders and us in our outdoor clothes, we started the car driving off down the road as after a good 30 minute drive we found ourselves in a giant forest. “Ok let’s walk from here” Mum said parking the car as Prince quickly jumped from my shoulder and slithered to the woods to catch a little mouse or something “he is probably hungry let him be” mum said as we walked through the trees. “Seeing as were hidden from the world, why don’t we practice a few things, firstly summoning animals, place your hands on the ground and basically will the animals to find you” mum said as I nodded doing just that “It will take a few minutes as they may be far away, or not” mum said as I looked up still willing the animals to come as several squirrels, a horse and two deer had arrived as well as dozens of birds lining the trees.

“The animal talent, isn’t all about controlling animals, it’s about trust... you can gain their trust quickly and they will follow you. You can read their minds and help them out with anything that is troubling them” Mum said as I smiled standing up, I held out my hand openly as several birds quickly flapped down landing on it.

“Worms...Worms...Worms” the birds tweeted in my head as I laughed “Ok try on the deer” mum said as I dropped my arm slowly making the bird fly away, walking up to the deer, I stroked the side of its face as I looked into its mind feeling it’s sadness and grieving as the deer had lost its fawn to a fox. “I’m sorry” I thought to the deer giving her a hug as I wrapped my arms around her long neck as her chin rested on my shoulder. “I have an idea, why don’t you practice your life talent, try and make the grass grow” mum said as I tried to do that. placing my hands on the ground I wanted the grass to grow as I noticed extra padding under my hands after the first few seconds, pushing more energy into my efforts I spread the Life energy out as tree’s around me started to grow healthy green leaves as the grass quickly turned green and lush as the deer and horses started eating.

Slowing down my life energy I turned it into a sort of aura, as my body radiated life, healing things in a 10 meter radius as I walked forward, “Very impressive, your father can only do that for a few minutes” mum said as we walked together through the forest. “What else can animals, do when you have their trust?” I asked her walking through the forest whilst Prince was still right by my side slithering across the grass “Depends really, Animal talent is rather common, you can talk to, understand and help animals but the limits are endless, if you wanted you could have animals protect you and fight with you, I used to use mice to carry letters to your father when were back at school. I also used birds to scout the area so I knew exactly where the places I needed to be were or were the people I needed to avoid were” my mum said as I laughed “Sounds like fun” I said walking through the forest as the animals followed.

“I was wondering, The Energy and Infiniti talents seem to be the most useful, Life is helpful and Animals is Handy but what use the Electricity Talent has, I mean humans didn’t have electricity devices until the 1800’s. Before that there was not much we could use it for” I said curiously as my mum shrugged “I don’t know, I don’t have the talent, I guess you could use it like a defibrillator or you could summon the power of electricity to electrocute people” mum said as I smiled thinking of all the people I could electrocute “Might come in useful when I have to electrocute someone” I said as we entered a large open area of forest, still with my healing aura I spread it wider as grass soon started turning green as the field looked very much alive. Mum looked amazed that I could keep it going for so long.

After a few hours of practicing with the animals and healing the forest, we walked back to the car in peace as the animals all drifted off as I removed my healing aura, I was actually rather impressed with myself as mum said that dad could only do the aura for a few minutes whilst I had it going for hours and quiet strong as well and I didn’t feel any fatigue. I talked to mum most the car journey home as she told me everything she knew about animals and what I could do with them, as well as the other lessons I would have such as Potions, Enchanting and Protection classes, also I had history, sports and Life skills lessons to deal with. Turns out I am going to be swamped with work. Although I could always cheat a little and download the knowledge from the universe but I would have to be careful as I did not want to lose myself for downloading too much info. What I did found interesting was that there was no info on the spell to merge your hands with your wand except what I knew and came to the theory that maybe the universal knowledge thing is if other people know it then I can access that information like the internet. So if the person that wrote the book I am reading died then the access to the information died with him and I don’t have access to it. I also found out I am the only person alive with the Infiniti talent and that I was not going to have classes on that talent as there is no one else that has it.

As the weeks passed by September soon arrived, getting increasingly excited I was practicing hard on my fire control as I had lots of fun making fiery animals making them travel around the room “Ok, Jamie” my mum said walking down into the basement where I spent most of my time lately “You need to go pack, your leaving tomorrow” mum said firmly looking down at me, focusing my mind I tried out my new trick as I teleported into my room “You up there Jamie?” mum shouted up as I replied “Yeah, I’m packing” I shouted back hearing her walk up the stairs “How long have you been able to teleport?” she asked looking at me “A few days, I remember those mages teleport out and I figured it energy was the only talent that could do that, so I have been practicing” I said as she chuckled before walking back down the stairs.

A few hours later of messing around in my room I heard the front door open as dad arrived home “Jamie, I have some things for you, come down” Dad shouted up as I quickly ran out my room jumping the banister as I levitated myself before hitting the floor as he smiled down at me, “Just some things you will need that nobody ever tells you” he said handing me several bags, running into the kitchen I placed the bags on the table as I started checking the contents “A wet suit?” I asked holding it up to him in question as he laughed “You will be given you school robes there, but they aren’t the warmest of clothes, a wet suit helped me through some cold nights” he said as I smiled putting it down as I checked the other contents. One bag had some nice shoes in as he told me that shoes and hair is your only bit of fashion you get there so, it’s all about first impressions. Inside the last bag I pulled out a large flat box as when I opened it up I saw it was black leather with a chrome flame going all the way around it, but it was backwards as the chrome covered the bracelet making it look more like a shackle, the flame part was actually the absence of chrome, slipping it on it looked awesome “Thanks Dad” I beamed excitedly showing it off. “Dad could I have my wand back” I said hoping he would give it to me so that I could perform the spell I have been hoping to do for most of the summer. If I could accomplish it I would have overcome the number one weakness that all mages have.
“Shure, but no more pranks understood” he said sternly as he reached for my wand inside his bag. “Promise, no more pranks” I grabbed the wand and ran for the basement. I did not want to be interrupted so I locked the door and started putting up wards. When my family noticed this they started trying to get inside but it was already too late. I drew the circle and sat in the middle and started murmuring the spell. My wand started shinning then it slowly melted into my hands the pain I felt was mind numbing I put up my life aura to heal myself. The liquid crawled up my hands as I screamed in pain. I felt myself fading in complete darkness the last thing I could see was my dad running down the stairs.
When I woke up I was in my room my mum and dad were there sitting next to me. Then I remember all Dad happened and I looked at my hands. They were black like light consuming black and I had an onyx looking rock at the back of both of them. Look at them in wonder. "what did you do to your hands boy" my dad asked looking kind of mad. I casted a spell that would merge my wand with my hands so that i would never lose it. Dad cant you see i just overcame a mages number one weaknes losing your wand" I said hoping he would see everything from my point of view. I looked at him as his biggest smile spread across his lips "Not only is my boy the strongest mage in the world but he is also overame such a big weakness" mum just looked at me weird and said" how did you come across such a spell" this was the moment of thruth either lie or tell them it all came from the old book he found. He thought then when he was about to tell then he felt a gut feeling like he should lie about the book so instead he said " I used my infiniti talent to get the information to create te spell, although I dont think its such a god idea it almost killed me if it wasn't for my healing aura healing me at max power" The both had solem looks, they both thought I had created I knew spell that would make me even more known through the mage world. " Although there is a little problem how are we soppused to explain this weird looking hands to a regular human beign" mum said looking scared at the though of her son beign taking to a lab or beign shunned for beign different. "We would have to hide it until he gets to school" said dad.
"But how" mum said "simple honey we just have him wear long sleave shirts all the time and as for the hands gloves" i looked at my dad "but what about school wont they ask questions when i dont have a wand with me" "they will find out at some point but thats a thing for later now we need to come up with some way to cover up your hands, But lets leave that for tommorow for now we just need to get some rest its been a long day sleep thight kido".

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