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My name is Timmy.Me and my twin sister Ally have gotten so close since my dad died 5 years ago.It was especially tough on our mother as she didnt have anyone to help raise us.She had to work 2 jobs to make ends meet.She also had to find a sitter for us as she worked.She did have some friends that helped her out with this matter.Now that we were both 13 she decided that we were old enough to not need one anymore.I loved and trusted my sister so much and we would turn to one another with all of our problems cause mom was either at work or asleep most of the time.

One night when mom was at work I got this strange feeling in between my legs and it started to hurt a lot.The pain became almost unbearable and my penis started to swell up.I thought I broke it or sprained it or some thing.At this point I had no idea what an erection was.Just then there was a knock at my door.

"Come in I sis,"I said cause I know it was her.

"Hey Bro whats going on,"she said.

"Nothing much,"I said as I winced in pain.

"whats wrong with you?Are you ok?,"she inquired.

"I dont know its my thing,it hurts,"I said.

"Your what?,"she looked puzzled.

"My dick.It hurts and its swolen."

"Oh thats no good let me have a look at it."

"Uh I dont know about that,"I replied.

"Why I have seen it many times before when we took baths as kids remember,"she said.

"True but that was a before,"I noted

"Well you never know I might be able to help you out.I mean it couldnt hurt."

"I guess your right,"I sighed.

"So lets see whats wrong,"she said.

She came over to my bed where I was laying and I undid my trousers and pulled my draws down and my dick sprang up.I was surprised cause I never seen it so big before in my life.My sister was also a little surprised.As she looked at it her eyes got large and he mouth almost hit the floor.

"Wow I dont remember it being that big when I saw it before.Is it always that big?,"she inquired.

"No its never that big.It kind of hurts too."

I reached down to touch it and it was warm and my head looked almost like a giant strawberry it was so big and red.I've never seen anything like it.Nor had my sister I imagined by the way she was looking at it.I didnt know what to do.

"Can I touch it?I wanna know what it feels like,"she asked.

"Uh I dont know if thats a good idea,"I said.

"Awwww please.I promise I wont tell anyone and if its swolen I'll give it a massage.It might make it feel better.C'mon please pleas please,"she wined.

"OK but dont tell anyone,"I demanded.

With that she climbed onto my bed and gripped my throbbing member with her soft trembling hand.

"Its so warm and hard,"she said.Then she started to stroke it slowly.I nearly went out of my mind.It felt so good I had never experienced that felt so good in my life.

"Oh my god sis that feels so good.Will you do it some more and a little faster?,"I moaned.

"If it makes it feel better then sure anything for you,"she replied.Then she started to stroke it a little faster and I moaned cause it felt so good.After about 3 or 4 minutes she asked if it still hurt.

"Yes it does but what your doing feels really nice,"I said.

"well let me kiss it and maybe it will feel better,"she said.Then she leaned over and put her lips on my cock and I nearly jumped out of my skin it felt so good.I had to get her to do it again it felt so good.

"Wow sis please do it again it felt so good,"I gasped.

"OK but this time im going to french kiss it,"she smiled.I was puzzled by her remark because I didnt know what what was but I was about to find out.Then all of the sudden her tounge came out of her mouth and made contact with my rock hard cock.It felt so good that I lifted my ass off the bed and half of my dick went into my sisters mouth.She responded by sucking it gently when it went in.

"Oh my god sis please do it again it makes the hurt go away.Please keep sucking my pe uh dick sis.Ill do anything,"I said.With that she put it into her mouth as far as it would go and licked it like a lollypop."Move you head up and down when you do that,"I said and she did without hesitation."Wow that feels so good sis.I love you so much and thanks for doing it,"I said.She looked up at me and winked and continued her bobbing on my cock.

After about a minute I started to get the strangest feeling like I had to pee all of the sudden and I couldnt hold it any more.I didnt know what to do.

"Sis I have to pee and I cant hold It anymore,"I mumbled and she started to remove her mouth from my cock but just then the strangest thing I had ever seen happen happened.This milky white liquid shot out of the tip of my dick.The first blast went right into my sisters mouth.Then the next couple of shots hit her in the chin and the last few spurts landed on my legs and in the few hairs I had on my dick.I was horrified I didnt know what had happened.

"MMMMMMMM that was yummy,"she said.I looked puzzled cause I didnt know what was happening."Anytime it gets big like that again you let me know cause I wanna taste some more of that stuff that came out because it tasted sooooo good,"she said as she scooped what she could up with her fingers and put it into her mouth.

Just then I heard my mom say kids im home.

"We are in my room mom"I shouted.She came to the door and her eyes bulged out of her head.

"Mom,Timmys dick was swollen so I helped him out by massaging it and kissing it until this white stuff came out of it.It tasted so good you should try some,"Ally said.Offering her mom a cum drenched finger.

"Oh my lord.You sucked you brothers dick and he came in your mouth.Well I guess your old enough to know about sex,"my mom said.But thats a story for another time.

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2013-07-28 23:03:56
hey person below me, its a fictional story, its not supposed to seem real or be probable!
to the author: please send a message to me when you write the next story or chapter

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2009-11-03 02:46:34
I hesitatingly gave it a positive. Improbable story (his first erection and from out of nowhere?) and poor spelling.


2007-09-29 13:42:24
lol Hey i knew it only when i was 12 xD and did the ahem thing whrn i was ya 12 too


2006-05-18 01:45:04
absolute rubbish


2006-04-20 19:47:49

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