Amber's plans have succeeded in getting her father and later her brother to fuck her. However, she had more in mind.
Amber arched her 16 year old back to meet her father’s thrust and capture every possible inch of his hard dick. She screamed her passion, “Fuck me, Daddy. Right there, harder.” Sweat formed on Tim’s brow as he hammered his daughter repeatedly into the bed. Suddenly, she went silent as her body stiffened. He felt the muscles of her cunt ripple up and down his cock, milking it for cum. She dug her heels into his ass and her head fell back. As difficult as it was to move his dick in her pussy grip, Tim still tried to pile drive her into submission. As her body relaxed, he felt the cum shot up his shaft and splattered his sauce in her steamy womb.

As her father rolled off of her, Amber put her arm across his heaving chest and cuddled. This was just the latest act in their evening of sexual abandon. She had sucked the first load down her throat, and then they had fucked for over an hour by pausing before each climax until now. Her legs were like rubber, and her pussy was a fountain of juice and cum. Tim kissed her on the lips and remembered her late mother’s sexual appetite. Amber definitely had inherited her sex drive.

Tim asked Amber how she got Jimmy to leave them alone for a night. Amber simply said, “That was easy. I sucked his dick and fucked him.” Tim sat up in shock. “You fucked your brother?” he said with a wide eyed expression. Amber laughed, “Don’t tell me you have moral objections? You’ve been fucking me, your own daughter, for months. You even fucked my best friend Tracie. I just felt the best way to control Jimmy was by his dick.” Tim had to admit he shouldn’t have been surprised. He asked her how much she told him. Amber assured him that she didn’t tell Jimmy anything about their relationship. However, since she took his virginity, he had a better attitude. She reminded her father how determined Jimmy had been to uncover who Dad’s secret girlfriend was, and how he had moped about the house all summer preventing father and daughter from enjoying each other. Now, Amber had convinced Jimmy to respect Dad’s right to privacy. She had also explained to her brother that the best way to keep on fucking her was to keep separate ways except when they were in bed. She warned him that if they were falling all over each other in front of others, people might get suspicious. As a result, she had convinced him to go out with his friends tonight, and tomorrow they could fuck while Dad was gone to his meeting. Tim nodded in agreement. She seemed to have it all worked out.

Amber slid out of the bed and walked over to the bedroom door. Tim asked what she was up to now. She said she had another surprise to make tonight special. She opened the door, and Tim was surprised to see her friend, Tracey, standing in the hallway. 17-year old Tracey naked as the day she was born. He smiled as Tracey flew across the room and jumped into his arms knocking him back onto the bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and said, “I so horny, Mr. Drake. I’ve been standing out in the hallway listening to you two fuck in here. I so wanted to come in and join, but Amber said I had to wait.” By this time, Amber had also climbed up on the bed and was fondling her father’s dick. Tim pulled Tracey’s face close to his and pressed their lips together. Tracey parted her lips and welcomed his tongue in. As their kiss proceeded, Amber took his growing erection into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob. Breaking their kiss, Tim guided Tracey to squat over his face. He parted her pussy lips with his tongue and drilled into her hole. He was rewarded with a growing trickle of sweet juice. He moved up to concentrate on batting her little clit as she squirmed, grinding her pussy into his face. Tracey shifted position so she was stretched out on the bed on her side. She held her leg up to allow Tim easy access to her snatch. Meanwhile, Amber also shifted position as Tim turned on his side to get Tracey’s pussy. Tracey pulled Amber over so she could reach her girlfriend’s box. The three of them lay in a triangle form; Tim sucking Tracey, Tracey eating out Amber, and Amber sucking off her father. For the next half hour, the room was flooded with the slurps and smacks of their oral antics. Before he climaxed, Tim reluctantly pulled his dick out of Amber’s mouth and sat back on the bed to relax. The two girls shifted position and proceeded to engage in a female on female 69. Tim chuckled, this was evidently not their first pussy fest.

By the time the two girls had each reached their climax, Tim was recovered. As soon as Tracey rolled over on her back, he jumped on top of her and sunk his dick deep into her pussy with one lunge. He drilled the young girl into the bed with a welcomed frenzy. He did not stop his rutting until the last drop of his next load was squeezed out into this young girl’s pussy. Afterwards, Tim propped himself against the headboard as the girls settled on each side in his sheltering arms. Tim sighed. Amber asked him won’t it be great if they could do this whenever they wanted without worrying about Jimmy. Tim nodded. Amber said, “Dad, I have a plan.” Tim listened.

Jimmy got home the next morning. Tracey was long gone, and his father had left for a meeting. Amber met him at the door naked. Jimmy’s dick hardened at the first sight of her. Amber took his hand and quickly led him upstairs to her bedroom. Pushing him down on the bed, she unzipped his pants to free his erection. She tried to pull it out through the zipper opening, but its teenage rock hardness made that impossible. Amber unbuckled his pants and pulled them completely off. She leaned down and swallowed his dick. She bobbed her head up and down on the shaft at a steady pace until she was rewarded with a generous helping of cum. She pushed Jimmy further up on the bed and crawled up to straddle him. Leaning forward again, she batted his face with her tits. He finally pulled her close and buried his face in her cleavage. When she pulled back, he latched onto one of her nipples and sucked it. She giggled and moved to present the other one to him. Meanwhile, his cock was recovering as her hips gyrated on his crotch. Reaching down, she grasped his shaft and guided it into her vagina. She sighed as she settled down inch by inch. Once his dick was fully engulfed in her pussy, she rocked back and forth. After a few minutes, Jimmy rolled her over without breaking their union. She whispered into his ears to fuck her hard. He lunged in hard, and was greeted with a moaning grunt. She yelled faster, and he increased his speed to his maximum. All too soon, his climax flooded her womb with his cum. Amber was wondering how he would act if he knew their father had been doing the same thing to her just a couple of hours ago with a morning wake up fuck. The two of them spent the next couple of hours sucking and fucking up a storm.

By the time, their father got home, Jimmy was sleeping it off. As soon as Tim got in the door, Amber gave him a big kiss. He asked where Jimmy was and Amber said he would probably not be awake for a while. Tim lifted his daughter up on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Amber stopped him. She said her pussy was a little sore after last night and all day today. Tim’s face fell as his hard dick pressed against her crotch. She pushed him back and slid off counter and down to her knees. Looking up at him, she smiled as she unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. She swallowed the length as he groaned. She pulled back and locked her lips around the mushroom head. She licked the head and around the rim as she stroked his shaft. Soon she was served a hearty helping of daddy cum which she quickly swallowed. She stood up and planted a slimy kiss on him. He wrapped his arms around her and drew her tight. He chuckled as he thought of what was still in store for Jimmy when Amber’s plan took the next step.

The following weekend, all three of them were on vacation, one final week before going back to school. Tim had rented a cabin at a private camp in the mountains. Jimmy was uncertain how this was going to work out on vacation. Maybe he could get to fuck Amber while his father was out fishing each day, but he knew his father would probably try to get him to go fishing too. And if it rained, and Dad couldn’t go fishing, how was he going to get another chance with his sister? Meanwhile, it was driving him crazy with her so close and so untouchable because Dad was always around. He tried to get her to go for a ride at night thinking they could go down to the park for a backseat fuck, but between work and Dad it was impossible. It was torment to know that pussy was so close, and so unattainable.

When the morning came to leave for the cabin, Jimmy came down to breakfast. He was shocked to see his sister’s friend Tracey sitting at the table with luggage. Jimmy took Amber aside and asked what was going on. Amber simply told him that Tracey was coming on the vacation trip with them and walked away. Jimmy tried to stop her and get an explanation, but she just continued walking away. He went outside where his father was loading the car and asked why Tracey was coming along. His father explained that Amber asked if she could bring her along so she had some company while Dad and son took off fishing. His father said, “I really can’t blame her. Who wants to be left alone all the time?” Jimmy asked why he couldn’t bring a friend along, but his father said there was only room for four. Jimmy sulked off. With Tracey around, he would never get a chance for privacy with Amber. He was so upset he told his father he didn’t want to go, he was old enough to stay alone. His father put his foot down with a firm “No!”

The entire trip up to the cabin was agony for Jimmy. The two girls were sitting in the back yakking away, and his father did nothing but talk about fishing. When they stopped for lunch, he tried to get Amber aside to talk to her in private, but she and Tracey were inseparable. They made several stops for sightseeing on the trip. Jimmy refused to participate and sat in the car alone, hoping that Amber would come over and at least talk to him. Again, she never went anywhere without Tracey glued to her. Finally, when they stopped for dinner, he had a chance to get her alone. She went to the ladies room and for once Tracey stayed talking to his father. Jimmy excused himself to go to the bathroom too. However, he waited outside the ladies room until Amber came out. He grabbed her arm to stop her and asked what the hell was going on. She looked at him puzzled. She said, “I don’t know what you mean.” He said that with Tracey along, they wouldn’t have any privacy. She shook his arm off, and walked away without an answer. For the rest of the trip, Jimmy slunk down in a sour mood in the front seat. As if sensing his mood, the weather turned foul.

It was steadily raining and dark by the time they pulled up to the cabin. They quickly unloaded their supplies and luggage. After putting away the perishables, Jimmy had a chance to take in the layout of the cabin. It did nothing for his attitude. Off of the kitchen, there were two bedrooms and a bathroom. Neither bedroom had a door in the frame. He couldn’t even get privacy to jerk off at night if he stayed down here. He looked around for the stairway to the loft hoping he could have more privacy up there, but didn’t see it. He opened a door on one wall and found just a closet. Turning to his father, he asked where the other bedrooms were. His father shrugged and said this is the whole cabin. Jimmy spun around in disgust. Looking into the bedroom, he was disappointed to see a single double be in each. It dawned on him that not only was there no privacy, he was going to have to share a bed with his father!

Swearing under his breath, Jimmy grabbed his duffel bag and headed off to the larger of the two bedrooms. His father called out to him, “Hold up! Where do you think you are going?” Jimmy gruffly replied, “Just putting my stuff in the bedroom.” His father said, “I paid for the cabin. I think that entitles me to the bigger bedroom.” Angrily, Jimmy turned to his father and shouted, “Not only do I have to put up with those two yakking away the whole trip, and probably the whole week; now you tell me I have to sleep out here on the couch?”

His father calmed him and stated, “No, I’ll take the big bedroom and you can have the other one.” Jimmy then asked, “And where are the girls going to sleep?” Tracey stepped in front of Jimmy’s father and turned to him. She spoke, “If you don’t mind, Mr. Drake, Amber and I have already worked out tonight. Since you have already fucked me a couple of times and Amber has screwed her brother too, I figured I would share his bed tonight.” Tim Drake drew the young girl tight and gave her a quick kiss. He replied to her, “As long as I get your body tomorrow night.” Turning to Amber, he said, “Well, Honey, looks like it’s going to be you and me tonight.” Amber grabbed onto his arm and excitedly said, “Yummy, Daddy cum all to myself.” Jimmy’s head spun as he tried to comprehend what the hell was going on. His father and sister walked arm in arm into the larger bedroom. As Jimmy watched, they passionately kissed. Tim reached down and openly cupped his daughter’s ass. She giggled. Pushing him back a little, she reached between them and unbuckled his pants. In one movement, she pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Tim stepped out of them and removed his shirt at the same time. Amber took this moment to pull her t-shirt over her head. Her father reached behind her and unfastened her bra allowing it to fall to the floor. She pushed her pants and panties down. As she bent over to step out of them, her father playfully goosed her. She jumped and laughed as she turned back to him naked. Grabbing his dick, she looked into his eyes as she sunk to her knees. Amber held his dick up as she closed her lips around it. Tim tilted his head back as he groaned, “Yeah, Honey. Suck Daddy’s dick. Make it nice and hard so I can fuck you.” Jimmy could see Amber’s head bobbing as she worked steadily on Dad’s cock. As Jimmy watched, his father reached down and pulled Amber to her feet. After a quick kiss, Amber climbed up on the bed. Prone on her back with her legs spread, she beckoned for her father to mount her. Never one to deny his daughter his dick, Tim climbed up and settled into her crotch. Jimmy heard her squeal in delight and shout, “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard.”

Jimmy was transfixed as he watched the living porn scene playing out in front of him. Tracey shook him back to realty as she whispered in his ear, “Makes you horny, doesn’t it?” To emphasize her statement, she reached around from behind him and grabbed his stiff boner trying to escape his pants. Shaken from his stupor, he turned to say something to Tracey. However, no words came out as he caught sight of the beautiful naked girl standing behind her. While he had been busy peeping on his father and sister fucking, she had stripped her clothes off. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips close. Her searching tongue wormed its way into his mouth. Jimmy wrapped his arms around her as she pressed her breasts against him. He ran his hands down her back to her ass. When they broke their kiss, Tracey took his hand and pulled him to the other bedroom. Jimmy caught sight of his sister now sitting on his father’s crotch bouncing as she rode him. He could see his father’s hands grabbing and fondling her breasts. He craned his neck to keep them in sight as long as possible as Tracey dragged him into the other room.

Tracey guided Jimmy over to the bed and pushed him onto his back. Holding two fingers to his lips, she silenced him. She slowly unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. She pulled his shirt over his head as he set up and then pushed him back. He was now stretched out on the bed in just his white briefs, obscenely tented by his swollen rod. Tracey ran her hands across his chest and down to his crotch. Rubbing the bulge in his underwear, she was rewarded with a growing drop of wetness as his pre-cum leaked out. She lowered her head and swallowed his dick still in his briefs. She slobbered on his rod until his briefs were soaked with her spittle and his pre-cum. It was an amazing sensation to feel the cotton fabric of the briefs rubbing on the head of his dick as she swirled her tongue around it and the mixture of warmth of her tongue and the coolness of her spittle on the cotton briefs as she licked up and down his encased rod. It was driving Jimmy crazy with lust.

From the other room, Jimmy could hear the obscene urgings of his sister as his father pounded her pussy into submission. Setting up his elbows, Jimmy asked Tracey if it was true that she had fucked his father too. She broke off tending to his erection and looked at him. She said, “He fucked me, he fucked your sister, and he fucked both of us at the same time.” The image of his father fucking the two girls together excited him even more. He then asked her how long this had been going on. Sitting up, Tracey impatiently said, “Look, we came in here to fuck, not play Twenty Questions. If talking is more important to you, I’m heading into the other room. I’d rather share your father with your sister than waste time talking.” Jimmy stopped his questions and lay back on the bed. Tracey pulled his briefs down and off to finally free his erection. Swiveling her body around, Tracey placed her cunt lips just above his mouth. She looked back at him and said, “Instead of asking questions, put that tongue to a better use. Your sister says you chew a mean pussy.” She lowered her head to engulf his dick as she also lowered her crotch to smother his face.

Jimmy was doubly excited as he felt the warmth of her mouth and the smooth texture of her tongue on his shaft even as his nose was overwhelmed with her womanly scent and his face awash with her pussy juice. He took one long lick from top to bottom of her vertical smile, savoring the fresh taste. Since this was only the second pussy he ever tasted, it was hard not to make comparisons. The lips were puffier and a darker red than his sister’s. Her scent and taste was also lighter than his sister’s. Her lips were stronger around his shaft, but her tongue was rougher. He started to wonder if all girls were different. Suddenly, Tracey slapped the side of his ass to break him out of his daydream and back to the business at hand, or more precisely at the tip of his tongue. He concentrated in snaking his tongue between the lips in search of her cunny hole. He probed into it turning his tongue into a mini dick, thrusting in and out. Meanwhile, Tracey shifted her attention to Jimmy’s sac, lathering it with her tongue as she sucked one ball and then the other. Leaning further down, she traced the trail of her own spittle down to the crack of his ass. Returning back to the dick head, she wrapped her lips just below the mushroom head as she tongued the slit dribbling pre-cum. She then swirled her tongue around the base of the head before throating his dick till it touched the opening of her throat. Unlike his father, his dick was not long enough to advance far down her throat but its slender size allowed her more comfort in letting her suction work it.

Jimmy was the first to come as his balls spurted their load deep into her sucking mouth. Tracey greedily gobbled down spurt after spurt in a hungry frenzy. She did not let up until his balls were totally empty. She released his spent dick and lay her face upon his thigh. For his part, Jimmy now concentrated on his partner now that his needs had been satisfied. He gripped her ass and pulled her tight to his mouth. He alternated between sucking on her clit and probing her opening. Tracey reached down when he released her clit, and strummed it as he zeroed in on raping her hole with his tongue. A little shock shot from her clit to her brain, and then another, followed in rapid succession by repeated shocks growing in intensity. Suddenly her legs clamped on his head as a final blow hit her stomach so hard her toes curled. In self-defense, she rolled off of Jimmy to collapse on the bed. Jimmy crawled up her body planting kisses along the way. He spent a little time to suckle one breast and then the other. Finally reaching her lips, he plunged his tongue between her lips mindless of the cum traces in the recesses of her mouth. Tracey smelt and tasted her own juices on his lips as her passions began to rise again.

Tracey reached down and grasped his dick, surprised by its fast recovery. She should have known a teenage boy would bounce back fast. Pushing Jimmy back, she rolled over on her stomach. Drawing her knees up to her chest, she presented Jimmy easy access to mount her doggie style. Jimmy rubbed his erection up and down the slit coating it in a mixture of her juice and his spittle. Tracey wiggled her ass impatient to be shafted. Finding her pussy hole, Jimmy shoved hard to bury his bone in one swift lunge. His balls slammed against her clit causing her to moan. Looking back over her shoulder she implored him, “Fuck me, fuck me hard.” Jimmy obliged with rapid hard thrusts, drilling deep into her snatch. Tracey grunted and moaned into the pillow as her head was driven forward. She had to admit even her brother at age 21 no longer had the stamina of this teenage buck. Her pussy began to heat from the friction and her clit felt like it was plugged into an electrical circuit with jolt after jolt. Her pussy muscles contracted as her orgasm hit. Lights flashed in front of her closed eyes. Jimmy however was not done, his climax was still building. He grabbed Tracey’s ass cheeks digging his fingers in to prevent her escaping as he pounded her pussy without letup. When his cum spurted out of the end of his dick, Tracey welcomed the feel against her inner walls. Jimmy kept hammering until his limp dick could not stay in any longer. As he looked down at her turned up bottom, he saw the white cream trickle out of her cunt and drip onto the bed. He flopped back on the bed exhausted. Tracey stretched her legs and settled down beside him. Reaching down, he pulled the covers up over them. He didn’t hear any more noise coming from his father and sister’s room so he figured they were also sound asleep.

Tracey put her head on his shoulder and her arm across his chest. He realized that not only had they spent the evening fucking; but for the first time, he was going to spend the night sleeping with a girl. Tracey sighed and said, “Great start.” Jimmy replied, “Huh?” She responded, “Well, tonight was just the first night of vacation. We’ve got a long, HARD week ahead.” Jimmy smiled as he drifted off to sleep, and wondered what the morning would bring.

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