I might write chapter 4, don't hold your breath though
“Ok... if you say so.” I said. I had a feeling they were going to have sex but I didn't know what to expect. Would there be blood or someone getting hurt? What did it feel like? Miss Faber's finger felt much different than my toothbrush so what did my daddy's penis feel like? I don't know but what I just felt was heavenly so I had to see what the bug fuss over sex was about. I wasn't going to get involved with them, at least not yet, but I had to see.

“See you soon,” She said walking out the door but just leaving it cracked ever so slightly so I could hear, “You smell lovely by the way.”

“Thanks Miss Faber.” I said rubbing my still sensitive pussy and bringing my fingers up to my nose and took a big inhale of the sent. Wow I don't know why but even I was a little turned on by the smell. I wonder if they call that something, I have to remember to ask daddy about that sometime.

And so I grabbed up my hPod, made by the Peach Company, and put on some Metallica. This time I decided to listen to Shortest Straw because I didn't want to go to sleep so this would be a pretty good song to keep my up. Then after that I put on ...And Justice For All because by the time both of those were over about twenty minutes would have been passed by. So now with those butterflies in my stomach I began the long treacherous trek to my door. I didn't know what to expect when I reached the hall way. What would happen if daddy seen me? What if they were already done and I missed my chance? What if daddy never looked at me the same way again? I was met with the same answer every time, only one way to find out. So with that in mind, I opened the crack in my door and seeped out into the hallway.

What I heard when I was in the hall way sounded like Miss Faber was being murdered. Was my dad a serial killer? Did he bring Miss Faber here to kill her? I tipped-toed to my daddy's room as fast as I could to try and help Miss Faber. When I reached his door though it was just barely cracked like mine was when Miss Faber left my room so she must have left it for me to look into. When I did I was shocked at what I saw.

Miss Faber was hopping up and down on my daddy's penis facing me and she seemed to be doing it very willingly. Did I mention that she was stark naked?! She was going really fast and screaming while she did it, just like I did when Miss Faber stuck her finger into me. Her massive boobs were bouncing in rhythm with her bounces. She saw me peeking into the room and she took her hands off my daddy's waist and blew me a kiss and then licked her lips from left to right just like she had done earlier in the night. It's a good thing my daddy was too preoccupied with Miss Faber riding him like a jockey to notice her blowing me a kiss.

“Mmmmmm Tom your dick is sooo deep in my pussy!” She yelled out that even if I wasn't already spying on them I would have heard that.

“Shh-hh-hh m-y dau-gh-ter-wi-ll-hear-youuu” My dad stammered out. His syllables being separated by Miss Faber's bouncing.

“But it's so thick and deep! It's splitting me in two! I LOVE YOUR COCK!” She groaned and then screamed as she collapsed on my daddy's penis. I guessed that she was having an orgasm like the one that I had earlier. After a few minutes of her sitting there lost in another world she finally came to once again. “So what if she hears would that be so bad?”

“Yes it would! She's only 12 for heaven sakes! She doesn't need to hear this.” My daddy said. He's always trying to protect my innocents, if only he knew what I discovered tonight.

“Well if you want to cum tonight than I suggest you make me scream so she can hear us. Otherwise I'm not going any further tonight.” Miss Faber said giving my daddy an ultimatum and started to stroke his throbbing erection.

“What makes you think you have the power to do that?” My dad asked starting over her like an arrogant dictator. Miss Faber was stroking his dick even faster now.

“I have the pussy I make the rules.” She said even more arrogant than my dad, she even threw in a British accent to sound ever more haughty. My dad's head of his penis was beginning to swell and turn a deep shade of purple. I think he was even about to blow his sperm all over Miss Faber's gargantuan tits, but just before it happened Miss Faber took the head of daddy's dick into her mouth and did something with her mouth, I'm assuming she bit down, because my daddy let out a monstrous yell.

“Shh your daughter will hear you!” She said with mock alarm.

“What the hell did you do that for?” My daddy asked glaring at Miss Faber because he already knew what she was going to say and her motivation for the assault on his dick head.

“Because I have the pussy and I make the rules. Make me scream or you won't get to cum. It's very simple to understand.” She said with a grin across her face, even bigger then Joker from the Flying Mammal Man series, and she had already known that she had won this battle.

My dad bent her over on the bed, just so luckily facing me, and said with more authority than I had ever heard “Fine bitch if you want to scream then then so be it. I don't care if the world hears you!” Then he jabbed his thick dick into her sopping wet pussy, I know because I heard the squishing noise as it went in then followed by a wet slap when he bottomed out in her.

“MMMmmm that's it babe. I've been a bad teacher tonight and I need to be punished! Fucking me till I'm raw baby!” Miss Faber said while glaring back at him around her shoulder. When she hit the last of her sentience she looked over at the crack and gazed into my soul. There was something in her look that turned me on. Up until this point I didn't notice but I was fingering myself through my undies. TO HELL WITH THEM! I said to myself inside my head. Why did I even bring these things? I peeled them off in the hallway and then sank my first finger up to the hilt. I was still so tight that I was surprised that it my tiny little finger made it all the way in. Man did it feel great! Imagine how good daddy's cock would feel!
“AHHH it's so thick!” Miss Faber screamed at the top of her lungs!

“Shut up bitch! You wanted to scream so scream! You don't get to talk!” Daddy shouted back at Miss Faber. He was really shoving that thing in there. I don't know how she was taking all of it. I have never seen daddy so angry before! He was so scary looking but the way Miss Faber was staring at me through the crack, and in some how the way daddy was behaving, really turned me on! I was going to town on my pussy, almost as fast as dad was on Miss Faber. Miss Faber started thrusting back on my daddy and the slap of his balls against her body were really loud, almost like a paddle ball or something and they were speeding up!

“AHHHHHHH! UHHHHH” Miss Faber screamed as loud as she could but she never broke eye contact with me until she hit the climax of her climax. Then she arched her back and grabbed the back of my daddy's head.

“That's right babe. Scream! Wail! Take my cum!” My guess by the way daddy was yelling and thrusting as deep as he could, he was giving Miss Faber his seed so she could make babies. Though I'm pretty sure daddy was using a condom, because he's smart like that. I, however, was not so smart. I was going at my pussy so hard, with two fingers just barely in there; I actually think one was hitting my clit, that I hit the door and alerted my daddy. He wasn't in his bliss for very long and turned toward the door. I saw this so I ran on my tippy toes as fast as I could to my room and jumped onto my bed and into the covers.

My heart was racing so fast. One because of the excitement and nervousness of getting caught. Two because man was I horny! I had two fingers in me! I was so excited that I was already fiddling with my pussy as I was hiding. WAIT! WHERE IS MY UNDERWARE?! Oh no I left them out there! How could I have been so stupid? I should have taken them off in here and not out there! Man I hope daddy doesn't find them. I have to go for now. I'll write more tomorrow.

Authors note: Ok guys this one is a little short but I'm posting it at 12 AM where I'm at right now. I'll have a lot more in the next chapter which I will put up tomorrow I promise! Rate up for this one please even though it lacks length. The reason it's so short is because I had to make a trip to the DMV today and I ran out of time. Also my dad is in the hospital so please best wishes (prayer if you want) I had to visit him today as well. I am free for tomorrow afternoon as far as I can tell so I will devote all that time to chapter four. Have a magical day/night!

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