The Oil Repairman Drives A Hard Bargain

By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2013)

The frozen snow crunched beneath my boots as I cut across the yard on my way to the side door of the large ramshackle house. My breath came out as vapor with the temperature hovering somewhere in the lower twenties. Out at the wooded edge of the township it seemed even colder to me and the weak, pale winter sun was already sinking behind the hills in the distance.

My gloved fist rapped on the door and after a brief pause another knock followed. Finally I heard the faint sound of someone approaching from the inside. The click of the deadbolt sliding back was followed by the door partially opening. Standing there was Meg Jackson, bundled up under multiple layers of clothing.

“About time you got here. I thought we were gonna freeze to death waiting for you to show.”

“Came as soon as I could. Plenty busy today, what with the cold weather. Now you mind stepping back and letting me in so I can get to work. It’s as cold as a witch’s tit out here.”

“It’s not much better in here” she told me as she pulled the door all the way open, allowing me to enter.

I trudged down the wooden stairs to the basement and the first thing I did was check the oil tank gauge to make sure that wasn’t the reason the boiler wasn’t working. There wasn’t much oil left, less than a week’s supply but more than enough for it to work.

“I got oil. That ain’t the problem. There’s something wrong with the boiler. I reset it but it shuts off after a minute.”

“Just eliminating the possibility is all. Often that’s the reason for it not working and the customer has no idea. Good thing for you that’s not the case. You’d get hit up with an extra charge for that. Delivery call is different than a service call. Now let’s see what’s wrong with this beast.”

Crouching down I removed the cover from the boiler and pulled out my flashlight. Clicking it on, I shone the beam on the burner while hitting the reset button. The unit lumbered to life but within thirty seconds it had died but I’d seen all I needed to in that time. Rising to my feet I turned to Meg who was standing a few feet behind me with an anxious expression.

“See I told you” she said “it goes on but it don’t stay on.”

“Well you’re in luck. It’s not a big deal. Just the spray nozzle needs to be replaced. I have one that’ll work out in the truck. Be right back.”

When I returned I noticed that instead of looking relieved about things Meg was pacing the basement. No sooner had I put my toolbox on the floor next to the boiler than she started to talk to me.

“I was wondering something Mr. Mueller. How much is this gonna cost to fix?”

“Not too much. One twenty five for both the part and the service call. Is there a problem?”

“Well the thing of it is, maybe you could send me the bill. I promise I’ll pay soon. It’s just that I had to buy the kids Christmas gifts, you know. And my job doesn’t pay very much to start with and I can never get as many hours as I’d like to…”

I had to hold my hand up to stop her or the litany of complaints would no doubt stretch back to her early childhood.

“While that might be true it has nothing to do with me. I’m providing a service and I need to get paid. Maybe you should have squirreled away some money for emergencies instead of buying presents you couldn’t afford. Or better yet cut down on the cigarettes and booze. That must put a strain on your budget.”

“Jesus! Can’t someone have a few vices? It’s not like I have a lot to enjoy in life.”

“Again, not my problem. Now do you have the money or have you wasted both our time?”

“Please Mr. Mueller, I’m begging you” she pleaded and I expected the tears to start anytime now. “If you let me slide this one time I promise it won’t happen again but it’s so cold and I have three kids freezing upstairs.”

“Just be grateful that I don’t charge you for wasting my time today” I told her as I reached for my toolbox.

“Damn! What everyone says about you is true. You’re heartless and you have no pity or compassion. No wonder your wife ran off with another man.”

“Smart way to help your cause Ms. Jackson.”

“Wait, I’m sorry. I have an idea so please hear me out. You won’t do something for nothing - fine. How about I do something for you in return. You fix my boiler and I’ll make you feel good in return. What do you say?”

Once she said this Meg pulled her hand from the pocket of her coat where it had been hidden and groped my trousers right between the legs. She also did her best to look coquettish but in my opinion that train had left the station long ago. Don’t get me wrong, its not like Meg was old - just used up. In fact she had gone to high school with my son until getting pregnant her senior year at which time she dropped out. She had to be around thirty five but between work, having three kids and a hard life there was no way she looked her age. When she was young she’d been a head turner and you could still see the traces of faded beauty in her features.

“Sure, why not? In the spirit of the season I agree to your offer. Don’t let it be said that Pete Mueller is a scrooge. I might be a hard man but I’m fair. You suck my cock and I’ll fix your boiler but I say you’re getting the better end of the deal. Hell, I can go to the rest stop and pay some whore fifty dollars for a blowjob.”

However since I was already there and it would only take a few minutes to do the job I decided to make the best of the situation. Besides I was never one to turn down an open port in a storm and even at my age I was always up for some sex. In some ways I was hornier than when I was younger. I might not be able to cum as many times but I lasted longer now plus I knew what I liked and how best to get it. My cock was hardening as Meg ran her hand along it when without warning she sank to her knees before me and attempted to pull down my fly. My hand pulled her off me causing her to look at me with a puzzled expression.

“Wait” I hissed to her. “Let me replace the nozzle first so we can get the heat going. That way it will be more comfortable for all involved.”

“Makes sense” she replied as she shifted her weight back onto her heels and watched me.

True to my word I replaced the damaged part and soon fired the boiler up. It roared to life and I made a minor adjustment to its angle at which time I watched for a few minutes to make sure it was working good. Once I was satisfied that everything was in order I put my tools away and stood. Meg attempted to move back in on me but I stopped her.

“First I need to wash my hands and besides it doesn’t seem too comfortable down here to me.”

“There’s a sink in the laundry room back there” Meg answered me and as I headed that way she was right behind.

As soon as my hands were clean I turned to her. “Now where would you like to do this?” I asked.

“Mr. Mueller, I know it’s uncomfortable down here but my kids are upstairs. If they see me bring you to my bedroom what are they gonna think?”

“I really don’t know or care. That would depend on how often such things happen and what you tell them. But no need to worry. How about I go to use your bathroom and you join me there. Nothing wrong with letting the repairman do that, I would think.”

“That’s a good story, it should work. Okay c’mon.”

Meg climbed up the stairs with me following close on her heels. We came through the door and into the kitchen. Her three kids were around the table on the side closest to the oven which was on full blast to heat the kitchen I guessed. A boy and his sister sat while their older sister hovered behind them as they did their homework.

“Good news kids. The boiler is fixed so it should get warmer. I’m going to show Mr. Mueller to the bathroom now.”

“Hooray! I can finally take off my coat” the boy who looked to be around nine practically yelled.

“Well wait until it gets warm first Bryce and still don’t take off your sweater. I don’t want the thermostat set above sixty eight either. Understand girls? Danielle? Britney?”

“Yes Mom” came the reply from the standing girl but her younger sister frowned before answering.

“But Mom, that’s still too cold. I’m sick of being cold all the time. When I go over Jenny’s house its like seventy five. You can go around in short sleeves and everything.”

“Well Britney” Meg said pausing at the doorway while turning back toward her younger daughter “maybe you’d like to live at Jenny’s. Or maybe her parents can help out with the bills around here but otherwise leave it at sixty eight. You know I’m doing my best for you kids and all I get is attitude.”

“Nice job Britney” her older sister told her with a disapproving glare. “Good way to get Mom pissed off.”

I had difficulty taking my eyes from Danielle but after a struggle I tore myself free and followed Meg out of the kitchen and toward the stairs. As we climbed I thought about how I would have much preferred to receive payment in kind from Meg’s oldest girl. Her youthful features were breathtaking in their beauty and in my unprofessional opinion I thought she was as good looking as any famous actress or model. The only thing she lacked was height. For Danielle looked to be barely five feet tall and everyone knows models are much taller.

She was also slim like a model but truthfully her mother and siblings were as well. Maybe it was due to them not getting enough calories in their diet. I’d wager that not too much leftover food was thrown out by this family or that there was even food left over after most meals. Once we reached the bathroom I entered and Meg silently closed the door behind us.

“Sit down” I barked to her as I unbuckled my belt and then unfastened my work pants.

She wasted no time before sitting on the porcelain throne and once she did Meg fixed her eyes on me. With no need for preliminaries I pushed my work pants and boxers down freeing my raging hard on. A moan escaped my lips when Meg wrapped her cold hand around my shaft and it grew louder when her much warmer mouth swallowed my purplish, swollen head.

This wasn’t Meg’s first rodeo and she expertly took my thick shaft deep into her mouth. As she did her tongue swirled against the flesh on its underside, paying special attention to the spot right below the head which was the most sensitive part. My fingers stroked her brown hair as she bobbed her head up and down my rod, engulfing as much as she could handle.

After a couple minutes of this I was at full mast at which time Meg changed her tactics. Pulling her lips free with a popping sound she started to lick my shaft with her nimble tongue. Starting at the top Meg worked her way down to right above my hairy balls before reversing course and heading up again. This time she licked all around my head when she reached it and she made sure to lick up the pre-cum which was flowing freely by this time.

“Meg, lick and suck my balls” I demanded and she wasted no time in doing my bidding.

First she gave them a tongue bath, making sure to lick both of them on all sides, even lifting them to get at the underside. Next she opened her mouth wide and took one inside. She was like a Hoover the way she sucked on it and she stroked my rock hard cock at the same time until I was going crazy with pleasure. Still I needed to remind her of the situation I felt, so once she released my ball from her mouth I gently pulled her head back by her hair. Meg looked up at me with a questioning look on her face.

“Open wide slut” I told her and she did as she was told though I saw a flicker of resentment in her eyes.

My cock pushed past her lips until it reached the back of her mouth at which time I went no further. Instead I took Meg’s head with both hands and I pushed her away until only my head remained in her mouth. Then I pulled her back toward me so her whorish mouth engulfed much of my erection. Meg realized right away what I wanted and I didn’t need to do anything except enjoy the feeling but I preferred to stay in control.

So I continued to push and pull her by her head, making sure she knew her place which at that moment was servicing my tool. We built up a good rhythm and as she worked my piece over I squinted my eyes. By doing that I was able to pretend that instead of Meg sucking me it was her teenaged daughter. The two of them were similar enough in size and appearance to make it believable though Meg’s eyes were dirty brown while her daughter’s were a sparkling emerald green. That and the fact of the difference in their ages.

Just imagining that it was Danielle was enough to nudge me very close to the finish line but I didn’t want to cum just yet. First I wanted to reinforce the natural order of things to Meg. So the next time I pushed her onto my cock I also thrust my hips forward just a little. It wasn’t much but it was enough to force my cockhead into her throat entrance. Not expecting that and being caught off guard Meg’s reaction was to gag and cough. I let go of her hair and allowed her to release my erection from her filthy mouth. She angrily glared up at me but I just smiled in reply before slapping her cheek with my meaty cock.

“Sorry about that Meg” I said with a sneer “but I’m close now. Another minute or two; so get back to work.”

With a resigned sigh she took me back into her mouth after first allowing some saliva to seep out onto her chin. This time I closed my eyes as she sucked me and I can guarantee it wasn’t her I was thinking of. In my mind it was Danielle sliding her soft lips against my hard cock and that was enough. The feeling started in my gut and spread to my full balls and right before I exploded like a rocket from the launch pad I managed to pull free from Meg.

Grabbing her head with my left hand and my cock with my right I stroked myself rapidly. On the third stroke the first rope of cum burst out of me and hit her right above the eyebrow. I continued pumping as glob after white, sticky glob erupted from me to land on her waiting face.

“Fuck yes!” I nearly shouted. “Take my cum on your face, you whore!”

She had no choice in the matter really and knelt there as I painted her face white. My balls had held quite a load which now decorated her from her hair to her chin. Having just a little drop left I moved my head to right by her mouth.

“Open up and stick out your tongue” I told her and without a second of hesitation she did.

Squeezing right below my head I coaxed the final drop from my hole and it fell to her outstretched tongue. Satisfied for the time being I took a handful of Meg’s long hair and used it to wipe my slimy cock clean. Right after I finished cleaning it I bent down and pulled my pants up. Within a minute I was ready to go. Meg was doing her best to wipe my cum off her face but I saw no need to wait for her.

“Not a bad job Meg. I still say you got over on me but that’s okay. Happy holidays” I said as I opened the bathroom door.

When I walked into the hall I saw Danielle standing by the top of the stairs with a confused expression. Because of that I deliberately left the door wide open as I left. As I passed by her the girl shrank against the railing in order to avoid our bodies touching which I found amusing. Still in passing I managed to brush the backside of my hand across her leg. By the time I reached the first floor I’d heard her call out to her mother and the sound of the door slamming in response. Chuckling to myself I picked up the toolbox that I’d left at the foot of the staircase and let myself out of the house.

That night I couldn’t get the vision of young Danielle out of my mind. For over an hour I tossed and turned while I thought about her. If she was anything like her mother had been at the same age then she’d be sharing her maturing body with any boy who wanted it. Within a few years she’d probably get knocked up and set herself up for a lifetime of disappointment. But right then she appeared fresh and unsullied and my lust for her obsessed me. In fact two days later I headed to the nearby truck rest stop for some much needed relief.

I found a girl who in real bad light could pass for Danielle a little bit and I fucked her brains out in my truck cab but it left me unsatisfied somehow. In spite of the physical similarities the jaded attitude she displayed was in direct contrast to what I imagined Danielle would be like. Not that I blamed the rest stop hooker for that. She was no doubt a runaway who had things rough and it had soured her disposition. So even though she satisfied me sexually it left me wanting the innocence of someone less experienced. Of course that was because I wanted to be the one to take every last shred of dignity from her myself.

It was a little over a week from then that I received a call from my office. Meg Jackson was requesting that I call her as soon as I could. Realizing that she had probably run out of oil my mind began to turn as I thought of how to best exploit the situation to get me my heart’s (or more accurately my cock’s) desire. Getting the number from work I returned Meg’s call. Like I expected she needed an oil delivery but she wished to speak to me in person first.

“What’s to discuss Meg? You know as well as I do that deliveries are COD. Just pay the delivery man when he comes is all.”

“Please Mr. Mueller; I need to talk to you face to face. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed” she replied in her best sexy voice.

“You may very well be disappointed Meg; but tell me when is good to come over?”

We arranged for me to go to her house at six thirty that evening. Since it wasn’t a service call I rang the doorbell and waited on the front steps. I was pleasantly surprised when Danielle answered the door.

“Good evening young lady. I’m here to meet with your mother” I said to her as my eyes roamed her nubile body and I made no effort to disguise this from her.

Though I eyeballed her over from head to toe I was especially drawn to the delta between her slender thighs. The tight skinny jeans she was wearing did little to hide her developing mound and in fact highlighted it. She appeared uncomfortable as I did this but she let me in and closed the door to keep out the cold. She went to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up to her mother.

“Mom, Mr. Mueller is here.”

“I’ll be down in a minute Danielle. Can you take him to the kitchen, please?”

“Okay Mom. Follow me” she directed my way.

“Sure, after you” I said with a leer.

Danielle seemed disgusted but she led me toward the kitchen allowing me to ogle her cute young ass encased in denim. Once I sat at the table she quickly left and returned to the living room. Meg breezed into the kitchen a few minutes later and I saw she had really done her best to fix herself up.

Her hair looked freshly washed and she was wearing makeup, a little too much for my liking but that’s a matter of taste I suppose. She had on a tight skirt that showed off her legs and her blouse had a few buttons undone revealing her creamy, white cleavage. If it had been last call in the bar and I was desperate for action I certainly would have bitten. But that wasn’t the case here tonight, not by a long shot.

“You want a beer?” she purred to me in a seductive voice.

“Sure, why not Meg. Thanks.”

Meg removed two longneck Buds from the fridge and handed me one before sitting across from me. Twisting off the cap I downed half the beer before putting it on the table and looking her way. Her bottle was smeared by her crimson lipstick as she drank from it.

“Well Meg, I know you didn’t ask me out here to have a beer, so what’s up?”

“Mr. Mueller you know I need an oil delivery and you know that my money situation isn’t the best right now. Maybe we can come to some kind of agreement like we did last week” she told me with a knowing smile.

“Unfortunately for you there’s a big difference between the two. The majority of the bill last week was for my labor and the part wasn’t that expensive. I was willing to go for an exchange of labor between you and me where we both got something we wanted. However to fill your tank with oil will be expensive, at least eight hundred dollars and I have to pay for that oil. There’s no way a blowjob is going to cover that.”

“I understand that” she replied with a forced giggle. “I’d be more than willing to up the offer so to speak. I could come to your place and spend the night and we could do whatever you wanted.”

As she said this her hand reached under the table and started to fondle my crotch. It felt nice but not enough for me to throw out all common sense and agree to that deal.

“I’m afraid I have to decline Meg. No doubt you’re sincere but I think that you’re also overvaluing your assets at this point in time” I brutally yet truthfully replied.

An angry kind of look passed over her face and she pulled her hand away but before she could reply to me Danielle entered the kitchen. The girl didn’t say anything but went to the refrigerator to get a soda. While she did my eyes feasted on her like a fat man at an all you can eat buffet. Once she’d left the room Meg let me have it, albeit in a low voice.

“You turn me down while you stare at my daughter’s body. What’s the matter with you? Are you some kind of pervert, preferring a child to a woman?”

“Sure I’m a pervert but nothing there proves that. Your girl isn’t a child and unless I’m mistaken you weren’t much older when you got pregnant with her. I remember you back then and you were something else. But since then life has taken a toll on you. Listen I’m just being honest. It was you who asked me to come over and I agreed but it looks like we don’t have a deal. Sorry about that part of it. I should go.”

“Wait a minute” Meg said and I could see the gears were frantically turning in her head. After a minute or two of silence she looked up at me. “I have an idea that might work though you’re a bastard for forcing me to this point. How about if, under my supervision only, you and Danielle were to spend some quality time together?”

“I’m shocked Meg. Are you trying to prostitute your daughter to me?” I responded with mock indignation.

“Well no, not really. Only a blowjob you’d get and I’d have to be close by just in case.”

“In case what? If she needed some tips on sucking cock you’d be right there to help or maybe once I was hard you could hop on board” I said before guffawing.

Meg’s eyes shot daggers at me before replying.

“You really are a sick motherfucker, aren’t you? You won’t be satisfied until I put no restrictions on her.”

“Whoa Meg! I never asked about your daughter in that way. I don’t deny I find her attractive but what man wouldn’t? There’s a big difference between admitting that and what you’re proposing. Besides you can’t speak for her anyway. Even if I’m as bad as you think, that in no way means she’d dream of allowing herself to be used like that.”

She glared at me but I’d also made my point. Meg rose from her chair and motioning for me to stay she headed into the living room. A minute later I could see her talking to Danielle through the doorway. Meg was whispering in her ear a mile a minute and a couple of times they both looked in my direction. Danielle was shaking her head no but when she attempted to leave Meg grabbed her arm and kept talking.

Finally having enough, Danielle pulled free of her mother and fled while crying out “No Mom, I can’t! He’s fat and old. That is so gross!”

“Dani! Get back here!” Meg shouted but her daughter ignored her and I heard the girl run up the stairs.

Before Meg had a chance to follow I was on my feet and heading for the exit myself. When I reached her I spoke in passing.

“I told you so Meg. Sorry how this turned out. When you have the money for the oil, give the office a call.”

A few days later I was overseeing an installation job halfway across the county when my cell rang with a call from the office.

“What is it Phyllis?” I barked into the phone.

“Mr. Mueller, there’s someone at the office that wants to see you and she’s not taking no for an answer. She refuses to leave and she says she’ll wait as long as necessary.”

“Damn it! I don’t have time for this nonsense. Do you have a name?”

“Hold on sir… she says her name is Danielle Jackson. Did you hear me sir?”

“Yeah, yeah I heard you. Okay, you can see if she wants something to drink. Tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can. Bye.”

That certainly changed things. Luckily I had a good crew on the job so I was willing to take a chance. If they had a problem and I got called back I’d be screwed. I let them know I had to take care of something back at the office and bugged out.

I drove like a maniac to get there with a hard on the whole trip. Once I reached the parking lot I waited in the truck until it went down somewhat before exiting. When I arrived in the office she was sitting and waiting on the old ratty couch that sat in the small customer area. Danielle was practically hugging herself with her arms wrapped around her chest and her legs pressed tightly together. Somehow she appeared even tinier and more vulnerable that way.

She looked up when I arrived and I saw her swallow nervously. Beckoning for her to follow me I headed to my office. After ushering Danielle in I paused at the doorway and turned to my secretary.

“Hold all my calls. Unless the building is on fire I don’t want to be disturbed.”

Just before closing the door I thought I heard Phyllis mutter something. Reversing course I stepped outside while pulling the door closed.

“Is there a problem Phyllis? Let me know if there is one, won’t you?”

“N-n-no problem Mr. Mueller, sir.”

“Good, I didn’t think so” I told her before going into my office.

Once inside I locked the door behind me. Next I removed my coat and tossed it on my couch as I liked to keep it nice and warm in the office. Danielle was just standing in front of my desk not knowing what she should do. It wasn’t easy but I resisted pinching her firm little ass as I passed. With a sigh I sat in my high backed leather chair and adjusted my body until I felt comfortable. Then I leaned back and rested my hands on my prodigious stomach and looked straight at Danielle.

“Well” I said with a smile “now that I’m here what is it you want to talk to me about?”

She was unable to look me in the eye but instead looked down at her worn sneakers as her fingers twisted around each other.

“Umm, alright, I agree Mr. Mueller.”

“Agree? Agree to what exactly, Danielle?” I asked and I loved the way her name rolled off the tongue, like it was caressing my mouth or something as it passed.

“You know, the deal you and my mom worked out.”

“I have to tell you Danielle that your mother and I made no deal about anything.”

“But I thought, she said that…”

“Wait” I said holding up a finger to stop her. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken. The truth is the other night your mother offered to trade certain favors shall we say, in exchange for an oil delivery and I turned her down. Then after she saw me checking you out she attempted to up the ante by offering you to me instead. I don’t deny I find you as sexy as hell; as well as you being very pretty Danielle and I’ve made no effort to hide that from anyone. I’m sure you saw me ogling you the other night and I’m willing to bet plenty of guys, from boys your own age to men even older than me have done the same. Difference is I don’t hide it and I admit it. But I told your mother that you wouldn’t agree with her plan and that she had no right to speak for you anyway. That’s the way it really happened.”

“Oh” she replied as she stood there with an unsure expression. “So you’re saying that you’re not interested then?”

“Interested in what? If you told me I could fuck you of course I’d be interested. You’d have to be a queer to not be interested. Why, is that what you’re doing Danielle, offering to let me have my way with you?”

“I don’t know, I guess so. If I did, would you give us the oil? Cause my mom told me if I don’t do this than it’s my fault about my brother and sister being cold all the time.”

I shook my head slowly at what she’d revealed.

“That’s terrible, putting all that pressure on your shoulders like that and you still being so young.”

“It’s nothing new. My mom is always laying a guilt trip on me for something. It’s my fault she had to drop out of school cause she got pregnant with me and she’s always telling me how I prevented her from having a better life. I’ve heard it my whole life” Danielle said in a sad, tiny voice.

Maybe I should have felt some pity for her but my lust was too strong and overcame whatever decent thoughts I had buried somewhere deep inside. Besides I couldn’t forget that she was a girl - a budding woman really, and they were the most treacherous and duplicitous creatures on earth. Perhaps she was still partially innocent but as she got older her true nature would blossom and she’d wreck and betray the men who were drawn to her orbit like moths to a flame.

“Well Danielle, you do have a choice to make now. In spite of my better judgment I’m considering your intriguing offer. But first I have to ask you some questions. First of all how old are you?”

“I’m sixteen Mr. Mueller. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble, I’m legal to have sex with.”

“Very good. Let me ask you this then. If I agree, I’d expect full cooperation from you. There can be no ‘Oh I don’t want to do this or that’ from you. Anything I want, you have to do without complaints. Understand?”

She swallowed hard before answering. “I guess so. You’re not going to want to beat me or anything like that, are you? I know some freaks get their kicks from stuff like that.”

“No, beating girls doesn’t turn me on so there’s no need to worry about that. A smack on the ass is the worst that might happen. But understand this Danielle. This won’t be some five minute quickie either. You’ll be getting oil worth a lot of money and I plan on getting every cent’s worth from your hot, little body. I intend on fucking you long and hard and more than once. And if anytime before I’m fully satisfied you decide to stop, well then I’ll do as you say but the deal will be off and you’ll get no oil delivery.”

“Okay Mr. Mueller, I agree. Its not like I have a choice, I guess.”

“We all have choices Danielle. Some are just better than others. Since you’re agreeing to this then I assume that you’re no longer a virgin and you’ve had sex before.”

“Of course I’m not a virgin. If I was I wouldn’t be selling myself to some old guy for oil. No offense meant” she hastily added.

“None taken. I am old, certainly in comparison to you. I’m also fat and gross I believe you said at your house the other night. If you want to say I’m not handsome too you may because that’s true as well. But I’m also the guy with the oil you need so it’s me that will be calling all the shots. Now if you want to ‘freshen up’ there’s a bathroom through that door” I told her as I pointed out the entrance to my private three quarter bath.

“Thanks” she said softly with her eyes downcast and her face reddening. “I’m sorry about what I said the other night. I was upset at my mom.”

“That’s quite all right Danielle” I replied as she headed for the bathroom.

Besides I thought to myself, I will soon have you just where I want and I’ll show no mercy. My erection hadn’t diminished at all during our conversation and it throbbed almost painfully in my pants from desire. My hand gave it a squeeze through the material while I waited for her to return. Finally Danielle emerged after what seemed like forever to my lust crazed mind but it was probably under five minutes in truth.

For a minute I was speechless and I almost forgot to breathe when I saw her. While in the bath she’d removed most of her clothes while attending to any other business and now she stood in the doorway clad only in her bra and panties. Finally I recovered from the initial shock to my senses and beckoned for her to come closer. I swiveled the chair and leaned forward so I could study her better. I stopped her around two feet from me as my eyes greedily drank in every detail.

“Danielle I want you to remove your bra but to leave your panties on for now.”

She did as I asked though she was unwilling to meet my glance directly. I watched with rapt attention as she reached back and unfastened the brassiere before sliding it off her chest. Not knowing what else to do with it Danielle dropped it to the carpeted floor of my office and waited for me to instruct her further. For now I just wished to take in all her charms though my swollen cock couldn’t stay patient much longer.

Danielle kept her head down and her white cheeks had a reddish tinge, no doubt from the shame and embarrassment she was feeling but this only added to her beauty I thought. Her body was near flawless I felt with no imperfections; at least none that I could see. Danielle had a few freckles by her upturned nose and her lips while not wide were perfectly shaped. Her long straight brown hair was parted at the side and fell just past her narrow shoulders except for one section in the front that was cut shorter and had the tendency of falling across her face.

Her breasts were small but shapely with nipples a shade somewhere between brown and pink and they were just begging to be sucked. Her stomach was flat though not toned to any degree and her hips flared out from her tiny waist. Her bikini panties covered her little pussy but one could see the shape of it through the thin material it was pressed against. Using my hand I motioned for her to turn which she did; now I could see her flanks and cute round ass. It could do with some more padding but she was young and I hoped as she matured her curves would become fuller and more lush.

Finally my eyes ran down her trim legs and to her bare feet standing on the carpet. They were tiny and perfectly formed and her little toenails were painted green. Having satisfied myself that I’d taken a proper survey of her I decided to move forward with my plan.

“Okay Danielle, now’s the time for you to earn your family some heating oil. First things first; I want you to untie and remove my boots for me.”

She crouched down before me and did my bidding and once my boots were off I directed her further.

“Next take off my socks and once you do I want you to kiss my bare feet. Do you understand?”

Danielle nodded mechanically and went to work. First she pulled off the socks at which time I raised one of my feet from the floor. Holding it from underneath she pressed her warm lips against my foot and feathered it with kisses. I didn’t make her do it for long but then raised my other foot to receive the same treatment. Its not like I had a fetish for this but my purpose was twofold. One it helped to establish who was boss and to show Danielle her true place in the universe. What she was good for was to service and satisfy the male half of the population and nothing more.

Secondly it was a good way to see if she could handle what I’d be requiring of her later. If this relatively easy task was too much for her pride then what was to follow would be impossible. It might be humiliating for her to do but it was a walk in the park for what I had planned. But in spite of whatever misgivings she had Danielle passed the test with flying colors.

“Good girl” I told her while pulling my foot back. “Now get to your feet.”

As soon as she was standing in front of me I also stood. Since I was around a foot taller than she was I towered over Danielle.

“Now I want you to unbutton my shirt” I said with a broad grin on my face.

Danielle gulped but she didn’t hesitate. Her small hands (which I noticed had the fingernails painted green also) trembled as they worked down my body but in a minute my plaid flannel shirt was unbuttoned. I slipped it off and tossed it on my desk before speaking to her again.

“Pull my shirt free of my pants now.”

She yanked my long sleeved insulated shirt free at which time I pulled it over my head knowing she was too short to do so while I was standing. Once it was off I stood displaying my naked torso in all its fat and hairy glory and it’s not a pretty sight I confess. But how I looked was the least of my concerns. What I cared about was what was about to happen next.

“Okay Danielle, its showtime! Unbuckle my belt and then take down my pants.”

I stood there and watched as she first tugged at my belt and once it was free she unbuttoned my pants. She did her best to take hold of them without touching my skin though she couldn’t help but to graze my flesh as her fingers burrowed underneath. Danielle yanked them down and once they cleared my cock it leapt up like a spring and jutted out proudly at a forty-five angle. She let out a little gasp when she first saw it and her eyes widened.

“What’s the matter Danielle? Never saw a man’s cock before?”

“I only saw one in my life, not counting my younger brother when he was little.”

“And here I thought you were so experienced.”

“No, just not a virgin. I’ve only been with one guy.”

“The plot thickens. Was he a high school boy?”

“He goes to my school and he’s a year older than me but we don‘t go out anymore.”

“Wow! Impressive” I replied sarcastically before adding “Now I want you to wrap your hand around my cock Dani. You don’t mind if I call you that, do you?”

She shrugged her shoulders weakly to my question before her hand gently grasped my cock.

“It doesn’t matter what you call me.”

“Good then maybe I’ll call you Dani the teen whore. Hmmm, what do you think?”

“I think you really don’t care what I think.”

“Bingo! Now you got it. The little whore has a brain too but that’s not what I’m interested in. I’m interested in you stroking my cock, so get going.”

Danielle tentatively ran her hand the length of my turgid cock and even her light touch sent a thrill through my body. Still I wasn’t sure if it was due to her inexperience or revulsion toward me but I’d need more effort on her part to satisfy me. My hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder which made her look up at me.

“Listen Danielle, my cock isn’t fragile. I need you to put some more oomph into what you’re doing and while you’re at it you can use your other hand as well.”

“Okay” she said barely above a whisper and she followed through immediately.

Her other hand wrapped around the base of my shaft after which time she started to pump both her hands up and down my cock. Danielle used more force now and in no time I was moaning appreciatively from her increased effort. Pre-cum now seeped out my piss slit as her speed increased. I dug my fingers into her shoulder where I’d kept my hand.

“Dani! Use the pre-cum to coat my cock. It will help to make it nice and slippery” I instructed the teen girl.

She nodded in acknowledgement of what I’d said and did her best to spread the clear fluid onto my shaft. After another couple of minutes of her manual stimulation I wanted more so once again I squeezed her bare shoulder to get her attention.

“Enough of that for now Dani. I want you on your knees sucking my big cock.”

Without a word she sank to her knees though her hands kept stroking me as she did so, which led me to believe in spite of her limited experience that she was a natural. Knowing about her mother as I did, I wasn’t surprised in the least. Meg had obviously passed her slut DNA down to the next generation. In spite of her pedigree Danielle seemed uncertain of how to best proceed with the task at hand. While keeping one hand on me, she tilted her head from side to side as if she was trying to figure out the best angle to accomplish fitting my thick cock into her small mouth. Finally she decided on a course of action and opened her mouth wide and managed to fit my bulbous head inside.

“Oh fuck yes Dani!” I groaned with delight. “That’s a good little cock sucker. Take as much as you can in your little slut mouth!”

She inched her lips forward, doing her best to swallow as much of my hard cock as she could. Her teeth grazed me but I was more than willing to overlook her faux pas as long as she kept working my tool. One of her small hands held me at the base while the other rested against my thigh for support. Once she took as much as would fit Danielle pulled her head back until only my head remained in her wet orifice.

“Use your tongue while you suck me Dani. Run it along the bottom of my cock but don’t stop sucking me” I instructed her as my hand now rested on the top of her head.

Proving she was a natural she built up a good rhythm taking me to the back of her mouth while her tongue lashed the underside of my cock. It felt so good I was tempted to try and increase my pleasure by thrusting my cock into her throat but I resisted the urge. Not out of any kind sentiment but for the practical reason that she was a virtual beginner and I didn’t want to slow her learning curve. Plus there was the chance that if I caught her off guard she might accidentally bite me.

So instead I allowed her to work at her own pace with just my hand subtly guiding her movements. The longer she sucked the more confident Danielle seemed to become. Without prompting on a few occasions she actually pulled her mouth totally off me and licked my cockhead like an ice cream cone before resuming her sucking. The fact that it was Danielle, the girl I’d been lusting for the past two weeks, made the feeling even better. In fact I realized that if I allowed her to continue for much longer I’d bust a nut.

Despite the fact I planned on cumming more than once I wished to delay my orgasm as long as possible. If I could stretch it out like I wanted it would be going on for a long time so I reluctantly stopped her before I passed the point of no return.

“That’s enough for now Dani. You can stop doing that and stand up. But you did a great job” I told her.

She mumbled a reply but since my meat was still in her mouth it came out garbled. Danielle pulled her mouth from me and I saw my hard flesh was glistening from her saliva which coated it. Using my leg for support the pretty teen climbed to her feet. I stepped back and placing a hand on each of her shoulders I held her at arm’s length as my eyes feasted on her perky breasts.

Without warning I pulled her forward while also bending at the waist. That allowed my mouth to swoop down and fasten onto her breast. She let out a gasp when my lips first made contact with her and when my teeth closed on her nipple it turned to a moan. While I held it between my teeth I also flicked my tongue across it repeatedly and before long she was squirming.

My mouth sucked, licked, kissed and did everything possible to Danielle’s breast at which time I switched to her other one. I also moved my hand from one of her shoulders so I could fondle the breast I’d just released. Even under the circumstances of our session I could tell she was becoming turned on which is precisely what I hoped for. Just because she was there for my pleasure didn’t mean that I didn’t want the same for her. A slut who enjoyed sex was the best kind I thought and since I was only her second partner I planned on training her right.

My other hand now let go of her shoulder and glided down her body past her flat tummy and to her panty covered mound. As I continued to suck and kiss her breasts my hand began to rub her with a slow, smooth motion. During this my cock throbbed from lust but I resisted the urge to seek immediate relief and instead kept stroking her pussy softly. Danielle was soon purring from my attention and I felt her panties becoming damp.

That was what I’d been waiting for so I stopped my rubbing just long enough to raise my hand and slip it under the waistband of her panties. I felt the downy soft pubic hair and a second later I struck gold as my finger reached her now wet pussy. We both groaned when that happened and I had to stop myself from jamming my digit inside her right away. Instead I continued slowly stoking her fire.

My middle finger brushed her hidden pearl as it sought the furrow between her lips and once I found it I started to move it back and forth. I made sure to also keep stimulating her clit with every pass of my hand. By now as well as paying attention to her breasts my mouth would wander afield and find its way to her shoulders and neck as well as the skin by her collarbone. Danielle was making mewling sounds and her breathing was becoming short and more rapid.

Sensing she was getting close I slipped the tip of my middle finger into her wet opening while pressing the palm of my hand onto her erect nub. Danielle’s body began trembling as I drove my finger to its limit while at the same time fastening my teeth on her nipple. That was all it took. She let out a moan and I felt her pussy muscles spasm on my finger and grip it tight. I continued to suck on her breast and press against her pussy as Danielle came on my finger.

When her body stopped shaking I pulled my finger free of her and straightened my body which meant I also removed my mouth from her breast. As she watched with half closed eyes I brought my finger to my mouth and sucked her nectar off it with unabashed relish.

“Damn you taste sweet Dani!” I exclaimed “I want some more of that. Take off your panties.”

She wasted no time in slipping her fingers under the waistband and pushing her panties past her hips and to her knees. Once there she wiggled her legs so they slid to the floor while leaning against my big body for support. Taking her waist with both hands I lifted her as easily as I would a feather and sat her on the edge of my desk. I then sat down in my chair and positioned it before her.

Taking both of her legs I placed her adorable feet on the arms of my chair so that Danielle was spread wide open to my lustful gaze. Her pretty pussy was framed by a neatly sculpted brown bush which was in the popular landing strip style so many women favor. It appeared tiny and it glistened from her juices that coated her lips and I could also see she was wet inside but since she was so tight and small I only caught a glimpse of her core.

Her pink pussy looked so delectable that I had to taste it right away so I leaned forward in the chair. My thick fingers spread her inner lips allowing my tongue to snake its way in. She let out a gasp when I burrowed deep, then moved it side to side against her sweet pussy walls.

As I expected she tasted delicious like teen pussy should and I eagerly lapped it up like a hungry cat given a bowl of fresh milk. Let me tell you that no kitty ever enjoyed its meal more than I enjoyed eating her kitty at that moment. My tongue probed as deep as it could reach as I sucked up and swallowed her nectar as fast as possible but I couldn’t keep up with her seemingly inexhaustible supply.

That didn’t bother me as what escaped my mouth ended up coating my cheeks and chin where its delightful bouquet wafted to my nostrils. My face pressed into her and if it was possible I would have inserted my whole head inside her channel in order to fully experience the wonders of her pussy.

No doubt my rough facial stubble irritated her soft and tender skin but she didn’t complain at all. I did notice that the longer I licked her the wider her legs opened as if she was unconsciously asking for more and that thought pleased me greatly.

Eventually I removed my tongue from her crease but only so I could deliver the attention her little clit deserved. As soon as I built up a rhythm there I worked my thick index finger into her little channel and started to slide it in and out. Danielle moaned with pleasure and I was surprised when I felt her hand grab my thinning hair and hold tight.

Hoping that meant she was getting close to another orgasm I increased the speed of both my finger and tongue. From the corner of my eye I saw the muscles on her thigh quivering and that was followed by her little pussy tightening on my finger once again as she came.

This time her eyes closed shut and she yanked hard on my hair as it happened. I pulled my face back so I could watch and enjoy the wanton expressions she was making during this. When she finally opened her green eyes she saw me staring at her and she seemingly became embarrassed and looked away. Of course what she then saw was my hand with the finger still inside her tight pussy. Just in case she wasn’t looking that way I wiggled my finger to make sure. Pulling it from her I then reached that hand up to her face.

“Suck my finger Dani” I instructed her in a voice that brooked no dissent.

Reluctantly it seemed to me she opened that sweet mouth but she did as she was told and sucked my finger dry of her juices. While she did this I stood and brought my straining cock near her wet pussy and taking it in hand I slapped her labia a number of times as I prepared to skewer her.

“Lie back on the desk and hold your legs in the air Dani. I intend on stretching your little pussy wide but don’t worry about it. I have a feeling you’re gonna like it a lot.”

No sooner did she lay back and raise her legs than I pushed my head between her folds. She was extremely tight but also extremely wet so with a grunt I succeeded in forcing my head inside her. Danielle sucked her breath in before whimpering as I continued to push it deeper. Once I had three or four inches in her I stopped and allowed her to get used to being plugged.

Her face showed a gamut of emotions including embarrassment and discomfort but pleasure had also shown itself to be high on the list. Meanwhile the feeling on my cock was almost indescribable in its sublime ecstasy. Almost as pleasurable was just watching it slide in between her juicy pink lips and how they stretched to accommodate its wide girth.

My hands took hold of her small ass cheeks and cupped them as I also pulled them further apart. That allowed me to slip some more hard cock in her though sadly some still waited out in the cold. So I moved my hips back and watched as I slid out of Danielle and how her pussy clung to my shaft as I did. When just my cockhead remained I thrust forward, filling her again.

I moved at a slow pace due to her tightness and because I wanted to last for a long time. If I pounded her as hard as I desired then I’d be cumming much too soon for my liking; so I used all my self control but it wasn’t easy. Even going relatively slowly the pleasure was so intense and that didn’t even take into account how sexy she looked to me and how much I’d been lusting for her.

Somehow I managed to slide in and out of her tender young cunt without losing it and that inspired me to work deeper until my balls brushed against her. Again I stopped moving as we both adjusted and I took one hand off her ass cheek and brought it to her mouth. When I presented Danielle my finger she knew what to do and sucked it between her red lips.

As soon as it was wet enough for my purpose I pulled it out and traced it down her body. I literally needed to burrow under my gut which now extended above and rested on top of Dani so that I could rub her erect clit. She let out a moan once I did this and after I built up a rhythm I began slowly pumping her again. For the most part I tried to ignore how good it felt and while I was unsuccessful it did take the edge off just enough to prevent cumming.

Dani however was another story. As I fucked her pussy and fingered her clit, her face reddened and I saw her fingers dig into the flesh of her legs. She then bit her lip and closed her eyes as her head thrashed about as she climaxed. I stopped moving everything but my hand because if I hadn’t I’d have surely blown my load deep in her clenching little pussy. As it was I barely avoided cumming and if she’d done anything at all to stimulate me during this I would have failed without question.

But Danielle was too caught up in her own pleasure to think of anything like that at the time. Slowly her body relaxed and her eyes opened as she came down from her orgasmic high. I smiled at her and continued to diddle her clit as I resumed my thrusting and by then she had no problem accepting my full length.

“Dani are you enjoying being fucked? Do you like me fucking your little pussy with my fat cock as much as I enjoy doing it?”

She nodded her head yes but I wanted more confirmation than that so my finger stopped its strumming of her erect little button.

“I want you to tell me, okay? Not just nodding your head.”

In her tiny voice she answered me.

“I do. It feels real good, your cock in me, I mean.”

When she said this she seemed embarrassed but it was also clear that she was being honest and enjoyed being fucked. How much longer that would be the case I wasn’t sure as I’d barely scratched the surface of my desires and her degradation was yet to be brought about.

“Good girl. Now let me ask you something. Do you happen to get pills from the school nurse, if you get me?”

Her head shook side to side to my question.

“No. They’ll give birth control to girls that ask for it but I haven’t.”

“That’s too bad Dani. I’d like nothing better than to cum in your tight young pussy but I’m too old to be a baby daddy again. So we need to do something different. No problem.”

With that I slid from her and moved my body near her head. Without any prompting she rolled onto her side and opened her mouth as her hand took hold of my shaft. The next moment Danielle engulfed my head in her hungry mouth and sucked hard while her tongue slithered like a serpent on its belly around my engorged red crown.

Meanwhile her small hand was stroking my shaft the hardest it yet had. Finally Danielle had discovered the proper stroke and was utilizing it to the best of her abilities. Just like I said; the girl’s a natural, same as her mom. Pushing my hips forward I made her take me deeper until I felt my tip hit the back of her mouth.

Still I resisted cumming and after a minute of this torture I pulled away from her. As I did my hand glided up her body from her pubic bone to her sternum; my thick, calloused fingers brushed along her belly before roughly grabbing her tender, young breast and making her cry out. Making sure to first pinch her nipple between thumb and forefinger in passing, I removed my hand from her and walked to the couch. Plopping onto the battered leather cushion I beckoned for Danielle to join me.

“C’mon Dani, get over here and fuck me!” I called to her as I leaned back while also pushing my engorged cock in her direction.

She got off my desk and dutifully approached but not knowing exactly what I wanted from her she stood there uncertain.

“Turn around first and then sit on my cock Danielle” was all I said but it was enough.

Dani spun about and since my legs were spread wide she had to stand between them as she lowered herself toward me. It didn’t matter as once she was in range my large hands took hold of her by the hips and yanked her down. My cock was between her legs in no time and it bumped into her upper thigh as it sought entrance.

“Put it in Dani! Be a good little whore and earn that oil.”

Her hand reached between her legs and grasped me right below the leaking head and angled it. Once she had it lined up to where I felt her wetness I took over. My hands forcefully pulled her down so in one motion she was filled completely by cock. The only check came from her other hand which she’d rested on her thigh because it acted like a brake. Despite that her breath was forced from her due to our bodies colliding, not that it bothered me.

Since I worked with equipment that weighed more than her on a daily basis it took little effort to raise and lower her petite body on my erection. Danielle’s feet remained on the floor during this as I did all the work to start us off until she caught her breath. I easily lifted her up and down until she seemed to have recovered.

“Come on, squeeze those pussy muscles for me Dani!” I ordered the girl.

It was great when I felt her tighten them on my hardness and then she began to ride me. I kept my hands on her hips but Dani now worked her way up and down, swallowing my cock to the root before sliding up it again. All I could do was moan as her viselike muscles would squeeze me each time she bottomed out. If this went on much longer then I’d be finished so I had to do something fast.

So the next time Danielle sank down I wrapped an arm around her waist holding her in place. I held her like that for a minute before I thrust up, almost lifting her bodily off the floor from the force I used. There was no way to prevent myself from cumming I realized at that moment. I’d have a better chance of stopping the tides or the moon from circling the earth then I did in avoiding what was about to happen. Five, maybe ten times I pumped her snatch when I felt it begin. My hand grabbed the thick base and squeezed tight as I barked out instructions to her.

“Off my cock Dani! I’m gonna cum so get your mouth down there and hurry!”

She surprised me by how fast she responded. You kind of expect it in porn movies where they need the ‘money shot’ to be captured on film but this was real life and Danielle was no actress. Yet no sooner had her pussy released me then she spun around to face me. Since she was partially crouching it didn’t take but a moment to bring her face near my cock.

As soon as she grasped my shaft I released the base so before she could get her lips around me I erupted. The first shot scored a direct hit to her eye and the second landed on her cheek before she managed to take my head in her mouth. The next three shots traveled deep and after that the rest kind of just oozed from me. My hand stroked her hair as she sucked me until no more came out at which time I pulled her off me.

“You did very good Dani. If you keep this up then you’ll have earned that oil in no time. I’ll be right back so wait here.”

Dragging myself to my feet I walked heavily to the bathroom. Inside the medicine cabinet I found what I was looking for, the bottle with the magic pills. I washed one down with some water from the sink and headed back as I waited for it to do its work. I gave her some paper towels to clean her face of my cum and while she did I stretched out on the couch with my head resting on the armrest.

Looking up I saw she had managed to remove most of the cum so I took her by the wrist. She met my eye when I did and I then pulled her close. Knowing I had to kill a little time before the pill kicked in I decided to do something enjoyable while waiting.

“Sit on my face Dani; I want to eat you for a while until round two begins.”

Without saying a word she moved into position but I saw a little smile on her face. In spite of me calling her a whore repeatedly along with other minor indignities she appeared happy that I was going to lick her pussy again. Which I guess illustrated her lineage, no surprises there.

Danielle was facing my feet with one leg resting on the armrest while her other foot stood on the carpeted floor. This gave me not only a great view of her delectable pussy but also her tiny brown hole above it. In fact that was where I started to lick first as I had plans for it once my erection returned. There was no point in telling her since I doubted her reaction would be positive. Therefore I saw no need to prematurely mention it.

If she was surprised when my tongue licked her there she didn’t say a word. In fact she showed no reaction as I repeatedly lashed it with my tongue. Not until I traveled south to her wet folds and reacquainted myself with them did she respond by pushing her pussy onto my tongue. My hands grabbed her and guided her body back and forth on my face. I welcomed her fluid as it seeped to my chin as I probed her as deep as I could reach.

When my soft cock started to twitch Danielle noticed and managed to bend at the waist until her hand could reach it. Between her hand stroking it and what I had planned next I started to rise rapidly to the occasion. The only thing I changed was I again moved my tongue back to her tiny sphincter. It was so tight that I was unable to do more than lick the surface but that wouldn’t be for much longer. Now was the time she’d really earn the oil. My hands pushed her up a bit so I could speak.

“All right, enough of the soft stuff. Get your ass into the bathroom Dani. Now we’ll see how bad you want that oil.”

She didn’t say anything but just did as I said with me following right behind. I positioned her directly in front of the wall mounted cast iron sink and had her bend at the waist.

“Keep your head up, look into the mirror and reach back and spread your ass cheeks” I ordered in a no nonsense tone.

Once she did my cock found her warm pussy and I slid in prompting a moan from her. It felt so good but I still wanted more. Besides she’d been enjoying it so much that I felt I had to rein her in some. Inside the medicine cabinet was a jar of Vaseline which I removed before closing the mirror. My finger scooped out a generous amount and I brought it to her puckered hole. First I applied a dollop to her outside before roughly driving my fingertip into her. Danielle cried out and I felt her body tense with apprehension from what I was doing.

“M-M-Mr. Mueller, what are you doing?” she asked, the fear evident in her voice. When she spoke she had turned her face halfway towards me.

“I told you to look at the mirror Dani” I said with an angry edge to my voice. Only after she turned back did I continue. “Good, now don’t turn around again. What I’m doing as you can feel for yourself is sticking my finger up your ass. I’m spreading some Vaseline there because I plan on fucking you there next. Now before you say anything just remember our deal. If you tell me to stop then I’ll stop but our deal is off. You can leave now and get no oil or you can let me fuck your sweet little ass. Well, which is it?”

“I know I agreed to let you do what you wanted, but do you have to? I’ve never done that and it’s so big. I know it’ll hurt a lot.”

As we talked I had continued forcing my finger until it was buried all the way in. If I’d thought her pussy was tight it was nothing compared to her back door. Even I had my doubts if she could take it but I also knew she was tense which was making things worse.

“Decide now. Either I fuck your ass or the deal is off. You have ten seconds.”

Certainly I could have allowed Dani more time to make her decision. For at that moment I was enjoying my cock being ensconced in her tight, wet pussy. If she turned me down then I’d be the one screwed but I believed that by forcing her to choose quickly then the odds favored me. My gamble paid off a moment later when I saw a resigned expression come over her face.

“Okay Mr. Mueller, you can” she whispered.

“I can what?” I asked as I turned the screw on the defeated teen.

“You can….fuck me in the ass! Okay, you happy now?” she said bitterly.

“Oh, don’t be like that my little whore” I told her while wriggling my finger in her back hole “one would think you weren’t happy about it.”

“You know I’m not happy but you don’t care. All I ask is to please take it easy on me.”

“I’m not making any promises Dani but it’s not my goal to hurt you. I just happen to enjoy fucking a nice, tight ass and yours is certainly both. Now why don’t you get my cock ready for you. Use as much Vaseline as you think I’ll need to fit back here without too much pain for you.”

After I told her that I slid my erection from her little pussy though I kept my finger up her ass. I moved to the side of the sink so she could reach my cock while I could continue working my finger around. Dani dipped her fingers into the jar and then slathered it all around my cock. She used one hand to coat it as the other removed more.

I thought she went a bit overboard but it wasn’t my ass that was going to be on the receiving end so I let her apply as much as she liked. If I found there was an excess then I could remove some later. Once she seemed satisfied she replaced the jar lid as I moved back behind her.

“I’ll tell you one more time so there’s no confusion. I expect you to keep facing the mirror and I want your beautiful green eyes to stay open so I can see them. Stay bent at the waist and keep your ass spread unless I give you permission to move your hands. Understand?”

She nodded and then followed my instructions to the letter. Finally I pulled my finger from her but without pausing I forced my greasy pole to her winking hole. Gripping the shaft tightly below the head I forced the tip forward. Reluctantly her hole yielded as I pushed hard against it and finally my cockhead fully breached her virgin ass.

Danielle cried out but it felt too good for me to stop. Instead I continued to slide deeper in her ass until it became so tight that I was forced to pause. My eyes first took in the sight of my thick shaft that was now halfway buried in her backdoor and it made me smile. Next I shifted my gaze to the mirror so I could see her face. She had done as I said and continued to stare straight ahead with her eyes open but they were already tearing up in pain from being sodomized.

However what I was feeling at that moment was the exact opposite. Her ass felt so hot and tight as it gripped me that I couldn’t imagine anything feeling better. So pulling out was definitely out of the question but I still hoped to reduce her pain to discomfort at worst.

One of the best ways to ignore pain I’d always thought was to confuse the nervous system. I came to that conclusion one time after I’d burned my hand while working on a boiler. It was in a confined space and while extracting myself from there I managed to then bang my head on a pipe. Naturally I cursed up a storm as I rubbed where the knot would soon appear but I also realized I had forgotten the original pain. It would return later but it got me to thinking.

Now I had no intention of hurting Dani somewhere else with the hope she’d forget about my fat cock splitting her wide; for it also worked with more pleasurable sensations too. So while I remained as I was, my hand released my cock and moved under her body and between her legs. Seconds later I was again stroking her pussy softly while continuing to study her reflection in the mirror.

A few tears had run down her cheek but her jaw was set and she seemed determined to try her best and suffer through. One had to respect her for what she was willing to endure to help out her family, not many of today’s spoiled teens would put in half the effort Dani had.

Luckily for her my fingers seemed to be having some effect as the pain appeared to lessen, at least going by her expression. So I kept playing with her but now I also began to move my cock again. I started off slowly and I actually pulled it back some but not too much as I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea. Maybe two inches I retreated and when I slid forward I made sure to slip more in than I’d originally had. That was enough to start with so I then began to slowly fuck her.

I didn’t go too deep as I built up a rhythm but I made sure to occasionally sink further. Every time I did Danielle would whimper and you’d see from her face that it hurt some but my hand never stopped stroking her. Before too long I had almost worked my full length in her and she was handling it better than I expected so I decided to take it up a notch.

With a final thrust I went balls deep and the feeling when they slapped the bottom of her pussy was pure triumph. Again I stopped moving my body though my fingers kept going as she got used to having all of me inside her. Finally my patience wore thin and I knew that come hell or high water I had to fuck her, and fuck her hard.

“Okay Dani, you’ve really impressed me with how you’ve handled this. I hope your family appreciates what a trooper you are. Now is going to be the toughest part. You’ve taken my whole cock in your ass and now its time for me to really fuck you hard. So this is what I want you to do. Put your left hand against the wall over the sink and brace yourself. Once you’ve done that then move your right hand to your pussy and play with it for me. That will help with any pain plus it turns me on.”

She nodded and let go of her ass before moving her hands to where I told her. In turn my hands took hold of her by the hips and as soon as she was set I pulled almost all the way out. With just my cockhead in her I waited as I counted to ten at which time I drove the full length in. Danielle cried out as I did but from then on it was my need that drove me.

I was like a jackhammer the way I pounded her and despite her hand frantically rubbing herself the tears came back. But she didn’t say a word to me as I thrust into her anal depths and instead gritted her teeth stoically and bore it without complaint. It felt so great that I wished it could go on forever, or until my next meal at the least, but her tight ass proved too much for me.

With barely a warning I felt my shaft swell and my balls constrict and then I fired my fluid deep inside her. Since it was my second orgasm in a row there wasn’t much volume but it felt even better than the first. Maybe it was how her ass muscles clenched and squeezed me as I irrigated her bowels or just knowing I was the first to plunder her anal passage.

Whatever the reason it was very intense and it took me a moment to realize I was howling like a beast from the sheer pleasure. My hand found the wall and it leaned there for support as my balls emptied what they had in Danielle. We stayed like that even when no more cum emerged as I slowly shrank inside her. In my case it was because I wanted to prolong this moment as long as possible for I couldn’t imagine life ever being better. Danielle was probably afraid if she tried that I’d forbid it so she just waited until I took the first step.

Finally when I’d gone totally soft I removed my cock from her distended hole. For a few seconds after it slipped free her ass gaped a bit and I could see my creamy cum in her but she did close up right after. My hand removed some paper towel from the dispenser with which I cleaned up my cock. It was only after I vacated the bathroom that she started to move about.

Sitting on the couch I dressed at a leisurely pace as my body recovered from its recent exertions. By then I heard the water running as Dani was no doubt cleaning up as well. Once I was finished I stood and by then she had come back into the office and was picking up her discarded clothing.

“Meet me out front when you’re ready” I told her as I headed for the door of my office.

By the time I pulled in front Danielle was waiting outside while shivering. Once I opened the passenger door she quickly scrambled up and scurried inside the cab before pulling the door closed. She looked to be freezing already though she couldn’t have been outside more than two minutes. That’s because her coat was far too light for the cold weather I realized. My hand cranked up the interior heat before I shifted the truck into gear.

“You should really have a warmer coat on, Danielle” I scolded her without thinking before I caught myself.

“Yeah well, I wish I had one. Why, you want to give me one or something!?” she answered with a hint of defiance in her voice.

“I don’t know, maybe” I mumbled.

We didn’t talk the rest of the drive to her house but on a few occasions I’d turn to look at her and find she was watching me. When that happened Danielle would turn away and look out the window. Once we’d reached the Jackson house and I’d put the truck in park I pulled on my work gloves before turning her way.

“Do you want to watch, to make sure I don’t cheat you?”

“I don’t think you’d do that and besides what could I do to stop you. Plus its so cold out there, I’ll just wait here if that’s all right.”

“Okay” I told her before climbing down from the cab.

I pumped the oil until that tank was filled to the brim. After I took a reading I headed back to the truck where Danielle was waiting. She looked at me when I entered the cab with a questioning expression on her face.

“All done Dani. You now have a full tank.”

“Okay Mr. Mueller. Do you need me for anything else?” she asked.

“No. You lived up to your part of the bargain and I’ve done the same. It was a real pleasure doing business with you” I replied with a leer while also emphasizing the word pleasure.

After I said that she again looked down in embarrassment. Her hand reached for the door handle when something made me stop her.

“Wait Dani” I told her.

She paused and looked up at me and not for the first time I had trouble reading her face. There was uncertainty there but also something else, it almost looked like hope. I slid closer to her on the bench seat and my hand sought out the button to her jeans. Danielle didn’t resist as I unfastened it and tugged down her zipper just enough so that my large hand could slip into her panties.

No sooner did my fingers touch her pussy than Danielle spread her legs wider to grant me greater access. She closed her eyes and leaned back into the seat as my finger slid back into her hole. My palm rubbed her clit as I frigged her and before long she was letting out little gasps of pleasure. I continued what I was doing and before long I saw the now familiar signs of her imminent orgasm.

Her pale face reddened and she bit down on her lip as she got close and in less than a minute my finger was bathed in her juices as her vaginal muscles clamped hard on me. I watched her intently until I realized I was enjoying pleasing her just a little too much for my own good. It had been over twenty years since I’d opened myself to such feelings and here after one incredible fuck session I was getting all sappy.

Hardening my heart I pulled my hand out of her pants. Danielle sighed as my finger slipped out of her and once her sparkling green eyes opened she still had a dreamy expression on her pretty face. After she did recover she pulled her zipper up and buttoned her jeans.

“All right Mr. Mueller, I’m going now” she said in her now familiar tiny voice.

I nodded before replying. “Dani, I know you kids today love your high tech gadgets and smart phones. Well if there’s ever something you want and you can’t afford it, well maybe you could give me a call and we can work something out. Here’s my card with my cell number on it. Okay?”

She took the proffered card from me and after reading it she slipped it into her coat pocket.

“Okay Mr. Mueller” she said and an instant later she climbed out of the truck.

She ran to the front door and after opening it Danielle first turned and waved my way before closing it behind her. I shifted the truck into gear and swung it around leaving the Jackson house behind. Only problem was I found myself unable to leave the memory of her there. Instead it rode uneasily with me.


Hopefully coming soon: The Oil Repairman Finds Redemption

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When are you going to finish Brian's revenge?

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