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A wish comes true for a highschool freshman
   I'm not really sure what happened. All I really remember is being thrown onto my back and having the other guy just lay on me. It was happening so fast all I knew was I was being dominated by someone twice my size. Then the ref blew his whistle, smacked his hand down, and ended the match. I had lost again.
   My name is Nathan McCain. I'm a 15-year-old freshman wrestler from Harold Highschool in Harold, Kentucky, and yes, I'm gay.
   As I walked off the mat toward my bag of clothes waiting in the corner someone put their hand on my shoulder. I looked up and saw Buckley, the cutest sophomore on the team, looking at me. He was just a little taller than me so he was kind of looking down at me. He had black, buzz-cut hair, a perfect smile, and deep, sea foam green eyes. I could see myself in his eyes. I looked like a sad little kid just standing in front of him with a long, sad face, and I was still wearing my bright red wrestling singlet. My short, brown hair was a little messed up from my match, and my electric blue eyes were started to become moist (I cry when I lose sometimes).
   "Hey, nice job out there," he said.
   "Th-thanks," I replied. It was all I could say back. I've had a huge crush on Buckley for a long time now and him standing this close to me was taking my breath away.
   "Well, I'm done for today," he said, "Championships aren't until tomorrow. You going to shower now?"
   "Yeah," I said, "That was my second loss so I'm done for the whole weekend."
   "Cool," Buckley told me, "Hey, I'll let you in on a secret if you do me a favor."
   I was suddenly excited to get to do something for the boy I've had a huge crush on so I, of course, said, "Sure. What?"
   "Out that door," Buckley pointed to a door at the north end of the gym, "take a left and at the end of the hall there's a small locker room where we can have the showers to ourselves and hide from the coaches if we take too long. Can you go start me a shower too? I'll grab my stuff and meet you in there."
   I couldn't believe what he just asked! I was so surprised I could only stammer out, "S-s-sure."
   "Thanks," he said with that perfect smile of his. He gave me a firm smack on my butt and ran off to get his stuff.
   I followed Buckley's directions and found the locker room. I went inside and turned on two showers and started to undress. I took off my shoes and socks and pulled down my shoulder straps until I was only wearing my singlet up to my waist. That's when Buckley walked in and looked me over. He turned back and locked the door (probably so the coaches wouldn't find us) and looked back at me.
   "You got a pretty cute butt there, Nathan," his words made me blush, "There are still some of the people from the team wrestling, so we probably have more time than I thought."
   I watched him take off his shirt and noticed his beautiful, slender frame. He even had a slight six-pack. I looked away before he could catch me looking.
   We finished undressing and got into the showers. For a moment the only sound I could hear in the small room was the running water hitting the floor. Then I heard I small sound that I couldn't figure out for a minute, then I realized, it was Buckley. He was moaning. I turned around and looked at what he was doing, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Buckley was slowly and gently masturbating! Not only that, but he was hung! His cock must have been at least 8 1/2 inches long.
   I felt my own dick get semi hard, so I started rubbing it gently. Then Buckley really surprised me. He looked back and caught me watching him. Instead of doing anything I thought he would Buckley reached over and grabbed my cock! He was gently and slowly rubbing my dick until it was it's full 5 1/2 inches and rock hard. I didn't want him to stop but I felt my self becoming unbalanced so I leaned against the wall to steady myself. Then Buckley put both our dicks in one of his hands and jerked them off together. The feeling of our cocks rubbing together was amazing, but I still couldn't believe what was happening!
   "Wh-what are doing?" I asked with a shaky voice.
   "I'm sorry, Nathan," his voice was quiet, "I knew you were gay and I couldn't help it, but you're just so damn cute. Why you damn freshman so damn cute?! I'll stop if you want me to."
   I loved this. I loved the way he was holding me. I begged, "Please, don't stop."
   Next thing I know Buckley's tongue was playing in my mouth in what had to be the best kiss ever! Buckley was squeezing my butt with both his hands while our hard dicks rubbed together. I broke our kiss and moved down to play with his nipples. I loved hearing him moan with pleasure.
   "I can't help it, Nathan," Buckley said through gritted teeth, "I want you so bad!"
   At this point I was nothing more than just another horny teenage boy. I knew what I wanted and I knew Buckley could give it to me. I turned, faced the wall, and stuck my butt out hoping Buckley would take the hint, and he did. He stood behind me and started running his cock up and down the crack of my butt. Then I felt the pure pleasure as Buckley put one of his fingers into my tight, virgin hole. After a minute or so I felt the pleasure intensify and I let out a small gasp as Buckley slid another finger in. I let my mouth hang open and softly moaned while I was being slowly figure fucked.
   "Are you a virgin, Nathan?" He asked.
   "Yes," I answered.
   "Good. Me too, but we can both change that now."
   Buckley took his fingers out of me and I felt the head of his dick at my hole. He started pushing in slowly. All I could really do was grit my teeth hard as I was over taken with feelings of both pain and intense pleasure until Buckley's entire 8 1/2 inch dick was inside me. He started humping me slowly. The pain faded away until there was nothing left but pleasure. Buckley slowly sped up until he was full on fucking me! "Ugh! Ugh! Ah! Fuck me! Ugh!" was about the only thing I could say. The sound of the water was drowned out by our ragged breathing and the sound of Buckley's balls slapping against my butt. Then I could feel it, I was going to cum.
   "Please, stop! I'm gonna cum! Buckley!" I tried to tell him but he was lost in his teenage lust. Instead of stopping he reached around and started to jack me off rapidly. It wasn't too much longer until I shot my load all over the shower wall. After a bit longer I felt Buckley's cock throb and he came too, shooting his load deep into me. I loved it!
   He pulled out and we shared another passionate kiss. Then we quickly cleaned ourselves off knowing that the rest of the team  was probably getting ready to leave by now. We got dressed, kissed again, and went back into the gym smiling and giggling like 7th grade girls. The last member of our team, a junior named Owen, was just finishing his last match for the day. The rest of the team was getting ready to leave, noone noticed how long Buckley and I were gone. It wasn't long until everyone was asleep on the bus as we went home to rest a bit at home and refill our lunches before coming back here for the championship matches tomorrow. Buckley and I slept together in the back of the bus, and he went on to take 1st place that weekend
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