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True Story
My sister and I have a wierd relationship. I am 120 pounds and 14 years old, brown hair and brown eyes. My sister is 140 pounds and 17 years old. My sister's name is Melissa and mine is Nichole. Melissa is openly Bi , and I am lesbain. Straight up. This is the first time my sister and I had lesbian intercourse (2 years ago).

I came home one day from school to find a note on my fridge from my mom. It said ," I won't be home for 2 weeks, I have a work thing in London. Love you, Bye!. P.s. Melissa is in charge, so listen to whatever she says Nichole!"
I sighed and ripped up the paper. It was common for my mom to just up and leave for her work projects. She was an writer of books like "50 Shades Of Grey" and London was most times where her books were set in place. My father died in Afghanistan a long time ago and it was just my sister and I most times and days. We were fine with it and we were close, but everytime she was incharge I tried my best to rebel.
My sister came home soon after that, while I was sitting on the couch and watching a TV show. I don't remember to this day which show it was, because I was too busy thinking of one of these girls in my class that I thought was hot. We just began to change in the locker room and she was the one girl who always changed her bra, and always had really tight see through underwear. I wanted to get a piece of that honestly. I had many dreams of just licking her pussy dry.
My sister came home and she hurried to her room. She apparently knew mom was out of town and she had a lot of things hidden in the room we share. She was in there for about an hour and I got curious so I went to check on her. She had a dildo in her pussy and was shoving it in and out of her really wet vagina. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't help but get aroused by the sight. I slipped down my shorts and I started to finger myself, which I had done many times before in the shower to the thought of that girl Valerie doing exactly what Melissa was doing. I was so turned on and wet that I moaned and suddenly Melissa's head snapped towards me. She continued doing what she was doing, but she was looking at me with this sinful sexy gleam in her eyes. I continued pleasuring myself and I slid my third finger into my cunt. She came and then I came on my fingers. I pulled them out and I walked into the room. My sister got up, shut the door and pushed me against the wall.
"If you tell anyone about this I will kick your ass." She hissed at me, and I gulped.
I wasn't sure what she meant, but it scared me. She brought my fingers that were just in my pussy into her mouth. She began to suck on them looking me in the eyes. It made me wetter than I was before. She then slipped one of her fingers into my cunt and started to finger me. It made me hotter than ever. Then she slipped my shirt off (she was already naked). Then she began to kiss down my neck and ocassionally biting my neck. It made me really wet. Then she began to suck on my tit, looking me in the eyes while slipping another finger into my vagina.
I began to moan and she took her mouth off my erect tits and took her fingers out of my vagina. I was sad seeing as I was close to cumming for the first time, but then she led me to the bed. She pushed me down on it and spread my legs open. She began to suck on my clit and when I thought that I couldn't take it anymore she began to lick my pussy. She slowly stopped right as I was about to cum and I pushed her face into my pussy making her tounge break my virgin barrior. It hurt but I came right at the same time, and she licked up the blood and cum. Then she brought my head down to hers and we made out, swapping spit and my cum. Then she layed down and began to pleasure herself. I took that as a my turn.
I stuck 2 of my fingers into her pussy and I sucked her clit with my tounge. She writhed and I laughed. My fingers got a little dry so I spit on her pussy and stuck another finger into her opening. I began to go faster and faster until I stuck my last finger in her pussy and slammed into her with all my might. I stopped with her clit and I took my tounge into her lips and instantly she came. I moved my lips back up to her clit and swallowed it all up.
She layed me down after she recovered and she sat on my stomach. Then she began to hump my chest. To feel her wet cunt on my stomach made me hot again and I layed her down. I then did a move I had seen in a porn movie before. We began to scissor and I got even wetter. We scissored until we both came, and then collapsed into eachothers arms. We continued to fuck every day and all night because it was spring break. We even had a really hot shower time and I swear to god just thinking about it makes me wet again. We've been fucking for 2 years straight and since she isn't going to get a dorm in college we can continue doing this.
Well, my dear readers. That has been my first time losing my virginity, with my older sister of three years. Hope it made you horny ;)


2017-09-21 18:27:22
God, how often have I dreamed of fucking my gorgeous younger sister. Thank you

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2016-10-30 05:54:54
I got SO horny

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2013-08-31 00:37:45
Hey plz say stuff about Valerie she sound reall hot

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2013-04-14 20:39:17
I hate how guys post on this >.<

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