This is the last chapter to my series about Crystal and Andrew. I hope you enjoy it; and once again, if you don't like the themes I have on here, SERIOUSLY DON'T BOTHER READING. But if you are into BDSM and all forms of domination, then please, read away! I will be writing a whole different series soon. Much Love - SexualBeing
James slowly gained consciousness and opened his eyes. At first he glared at me, completely confused at what had happened to him. Then a look of horror crossed his face as he realized where he was, what he was restrained to, and what was sure to be an agonizing ordeal soon to come. I just stared blankly at him, sort of in shock myself. Without the adrenaline still pumping through my veins I knew I never would have even been able to lift him one foot off the floor, let alone hold him up long enough to secure his wrists to the X frame. I grinned suddenly and repeated myself once more, “I bet you really, really, did not expect this turn of events… James.” I said his real name was acid in my voice; there was no need to call him Master anymore since I now was calling the shots. He turned then suddenly and spit in my face.

“You fucking whore, you won’t get away with this, not even for a minute! Christopher will notice I am missing, and he will wander all throughout the mansion until he finds me.” He spit once again in my direction but I dodged it that time, still wiping away his saliva off my face from the first time. I sighed sarcastically and giggled quietly to myself. I was high with power. “Yes James, Christopher certainly will come looking for you. But how many rooms are in this mansion? I’m guessing a lot, and it will take that old man quite a while to search all of them. I only need five minutes with you James, and I will have my revenge. I will make you pay, and then I will make my escape.” I smiled at him then and turned back to the table, setting the large dildo in my hands back down on the table. “Oh I better use one of these first, don’t want you making any more noise than necessary. With that I grabbed the ball gag and strode towards him confidently. “Now, now, open up you filthy whore!” I laughed loudly and crammed the ball gag into his mouth. It took some effort but once I held his nose so he couldn’t breathe he had to open his mouth, and that gave me my chance. I secured it behind his head, and yanked it tight so it wouldn’t come off.

He started to groan and yell loudly through the gag, but the sound was almost completely muffled. “You are wasting your breath.” I said over my shoulder as I picked up the dildo once more, I turned towards him, stroking the rubber cock with my left hand, up and down all the while smiling deviously. I came up behind him and trailed my nails down his spine like he had done to me many times before. Digging into his soft flesh and leaving red welted lines down his back. I started to lick softly at the back of his neck, teasing him slowly, until finally sinking my teeth in his back and he moaned in pain loudly, thrashing against his restraints violently. He was so fucking strong I thought he might break free, but thankfully the X frame was made to withstand such struggles.

I chuckled to myself behind his back and smeared the blood from my bite marks on him, and then holding my hand in front of his face for him to see. “You deserve to at least bleed a little, for all that you have done to me, and for shooting Andrew in the shoulder you piece of shit!” I smeared his own blood across his already bloody face from the gash in his forehead that I had made with the stone vase. He jerked his head away from me defiantly and glared straight into my eyes with such hatred. If looks could kill, I would be lying dead on the floor. I raised my small fist back into the air and then decked him square in his jaw as hard as I could. I heard something crack quietly and I realized I was stronger than I thought; I must have fractured his jaw. He screamed out in pain from his ball gag and began to thrash violently against his restraints once more.

“You bastard, you deserve everything I’m going to do to you.” With those words I got down on my knees behind him and spread his ass cheeks open wide. “Pucker up baby.” I yelled and then began to laugh as I started to shove the huge dildo up his tight ass without any lube. You would have thought I was shoving a hot poker up his ass with the way he screamed. “Yeah, doesn’t feel too great does it?” I spit the words at him and kept grinding the dick up his asshole; the dildo had to be at least 8 inches long but 3 inches wide. I had it about 3 inches deep in his ass and then I just decided to slam it in to the hilt. He arched his back and groaned. “There. That looks quite nice up your ass James. I wish I had more time to play.” I laughed sadistically at him and gave his ass a hard slap. I walked over to the table one last time, and picked up the electric cattle prod and then I strode towards him for what would be the last time also.

I reached between his legs to cup and massage his balls roughly, pinching and pulling at the skin. “This right here, is for Andrew. “ I whispered this in his ear and then took the electric prod and smashed it against his balls. He arched his back like before but this time he shook violently and screamed so loud I knew Christopher would hear him even through the gag. I held the prod against his balls for 30 more seconds and then threw the prod to the ground and dashed for the stairs. Leaving him chained, sweating, and bleeding on the X frame. I charged up the steps for what seemed like an eternity before finally making it to the top and there, Not, to my surprise, was Christopher; staring blankly at each other neither of us moved an inch. I stood before him naked, and breathing heavily. He just stared at me straight in the eyes with this perplexed look on his face.

Finally I decided to speak first."Christopher, whatever you're thinking of doing. Just listen to me for one moment." I said the words slowly, never breaking his gaze. He glared at me then, but nodded his head once in agreement. So I began again. "Christopher, I can't go on like this. My family must think I am dead. I have to get to them. Yes, the man that took me the first time, had no right to do so. But James also didn't have a right to take me from him. James tricked me. He told me I would be able to contact my mother. I've realized now he never would have let me. He's more twisted and sadistic than I initially thought. The only reason I agreed to leave with him, was because I thought I had a chance to speak to my mother! And now, I have to go. I'm. Leaving. Now. Don't try to stop me. This has nothing to do with you..." I got out all that I needed to say and then waited breathlessly for his response.

He stared long and hard into my eyes, before finally having a sad look apon his face. "I am sorry Crystal. But... I cannot let you leave." He took one slow step towards me. My eyes widened in astonishment and horror. Was this bastard really going to try to stop me? Was he really going to imprison me here again? No. I lunged forward and jumped on him; wrapping my legs around his waist while I reached for his face and started to claw at his eyes. "No! NO! You fucker, you're not keeping me here!" He grunted and screamed as I dug my nails deep into his face and into his eyes. I heard James yell from down in the basement, "Christopher, don't you let that bitch leave! I'm going to fuckin kill her!" He must have worked his ball gag out of his mouth and down over his chin because he was screaming profanities. His threats only gave me more motivation to get free, they gave me more anger and adrenaline to fight this man off. Christopher abruptly shoved me away from him with such force that I flew back and into the wall, hitting my head hard.

Then he landed one terribly painful kick in my gut, forcing the air out of my lungs and making me see black spots in my vision. I coughed and struggled to all fours beneath him. I looked up at him with pleading eyes, but admiring all the gashes and scrapes I had made on his face. I wasn't going to give up easy. Not this time. I surged to my feet and flew at him again, this time knocking him to the floor with the force. I straddled his mid-section and hit him in the face repeatedly, so fast that he didn't have a chance to retaliate or even know what hit him. I only stopped when his hands fell limp at his sides. His breathing was shallow, his face bloody and bruised, but he wasn't dead. I scooted off of him fast, horrified at what I had done to this man. But I had to. To survive. I broke out in tears, and absolutely lost it. Somehow I managed to stumble to my feet and out the main entrance into the long winding gravel drive way. I ran slowly at first but faster and faster out to the main gate. James' angry screams fading quietly into the background. Soon all I could hear was my breathing and the sound of my bare feet hitting the ground repeatedly. I finally made it to the main gate, shoving it open easily and then at last my feet hit pavement. I decided to turn right down this road because I had remembered that when I first I arrive with James to this mansion we had come from the left and I kept running.

I ran until my feet were raw and bloody and I couldn't breathe anymore. While I ran, three cars had passed me, not bothering to stop. They just gawked at me and sped up and drove away. Like I was a crazy woman. Like I was completely naked running down this vacant road all for my health. At last an older woman drove past and as soon as she realized what she had seen, she slammed on her breaks. She got out of the car and sprinted towards me, all the while ripping her jacket from her own back. Once I saw her, I ran into her arms and collapsed in her embrace, sobbing uncontrollably as she wrapped her jacket around my shoulders. "Oh my dear, what on earth has happened to you?" She practically screamed. I just kept on sobbing, unabled to speak. I just stared up at this woman, begging her with my eyes to take me away from this place; and she did. She basically scooped me up, but half dragged me to her car, because I could not walk from exhaustion. She let me lay down in the back seat, her jacket draped over my frail and beaten body. I realzied I must be in shock. I couldnt speak, all I could do was lay there and stare up at the sky through her sun roof as she drove for what seemed like ages, until finally she stopped the car, turned off the engine and stepped out. She was gone for no longer than a minute when she returned with a doctor and three nurses. They took me out of the car and put me on a gurny, wheeling me quickly into the hospital.

Once inside they took me into a room and started checking me all over, cleaning my wounds and starting an IV to hydrate me. I just kept staring off into space, not really comprehending that I was safe, that I was free. My mind was still stuck in that fog of fear and adrenaline fueled anger. The doctor flashed a light in both of my eyes, snapping me out of my haze a little bit. "Ma'am? Your name? Ma'am, what is your name?" He repeated over and over until finally I found the strength to turn my head to him. "Crystal... My name is Crystal Robertson." I told him quietly and breathlessly. "Wait, Robertson? My God, you've been missing for over a month. Where have you been for 6 weeks Crystal?!" How could I even began to explain my ordeal to this man. I wanted to blurt out everything, every fucking detail, just to get it all off of my chest. But I couldn't, or more so, I wouldn't. I didn't want to. I wasn't going to speak a word about Andrew. I would change my story, tell them that this man named James had abducted me, raped me, made me his sex slave, and imprisoned me in his mansion. I told them what road to find it on, I told them to go fast and they would find him, exactly where I left him.

After I was done telling my story, the doctors eyes had filled with so much sadness and pitty. "How old are you Crystal?" "I'm 17, going on 18 soon." I said quietly to him. He shook his head, and then touched my shoulder softly. "Well, you're safe now." And then he walked out of the room leaving me completely alone, with just the sound of the heart monitor beeping, I began to cry. I pulled my legs up into my chest and hid my face in my arms. The heart monitor began to beep quickly and annoyingly because I was getting so worked up, so I ripped the sensor off of my finger and threw it across the room. How had my life ended up like this? But more importantly, why was I protecting Andrew? I knew the answer but I didn't want to think it, let alone admit it to myself. I wanted to go back to him. All I wanted to do was let my family know I was alright, and then I wanted to go back to him! The monster who had drugged me, beaten me, and raped me. Why? This was something I knew I would never understand about myself. It most definately wasn't healthy for me physically and mentally. But none the less, it made me happy. I loved being with him. I loved him, and I loved being... his.

I had made my decision. I would go to my mother, and tell her the same story that I had told the doctors and then the police. Afterwards and everything was out on the table, I would explain to her that I was moving out with Anne, and I just needed some time to myself to rediscover who I was and accept what had happened to me. I know this alibi will work because my mother never speaks with Anne; she always thought she was a bad influence, but could never deny the fact that she was loyal to me, and we worked good together as best friends. After my mother had drove the three hours to reach the hospital that I was at, all she did was cry and hold me in her arms. She wouldn't let go. I embraced her just as tightly as silent tears fell down my face as well. I explained to her what had happened to me, and she was horrified and angry but I was able to calm her down long enough to tell her my "alibi". She said she wasn't happy at all about my decision, but she knew that an ordeal like what I went through would change anyone. She said she understood that I needed some time to collect myself. "Just know that you can come home whenever you want, baby. If you need money, anything, you just come to me." And she held me in her arms once again.

The drive home took forever and it was insanely awkward. I could tell my mother didn't know what to say, she didn't want to upset me, or say something that would trigger a bad memory. But she didn't know that she didn't have to worry about that. All the events that had happened were still vivid in my mind, and probably would be for the rest of my life. We finally made it home and I ran to my little brother and didn't say a word, but I just held the little nerd in my arms and kissed him on the cheek before finally retreating to my bedroom. When I walked in the door, it seemed like someone else's room. A strangers. I didn't know how to act in my own home. I was different now. I just plopped down on my bed and before I could even take a breath, I heard the familiar sound my computer makes when I have a message. I sat up quickly, realizing I must have left it on before I left that night for the party. I stood and walked over and sat in the chair at my computer desk. Wiggling the mouse to make the screen come alive again, and there before my eyes, I saw Andrew's name. I still had him in my contacts; never wanting to lose contact with him, even before this all began. The message read,"Crystal, I saw on the news. You made it home and the police have James in custoday for rape and kidnapping... But the news says nothing about me. What's going on in your mind?"

At first I didn't know how to respond, or even if I should. But I knew that I would. I responded, "Andrew, I'm so sorry I left with James. That decision just made an even bigger mess of things. I couldn't tell the police about you... I couldn't tell them because I'm in love with you. I don't understand it, I don't understand why or how I could love you after what you've done. But I do. It feels so wrong, but that only makes me want you even more. Our relationship, its so taboo and that excites me in insane ways. You made me discover things about myself that I know I never would have on my own. I thank you for that. But, if I'm going to come back to you, some things are going to have to change. I want you to be my lover, and my Master, but I need more freedom when it comes to talking to people, particularly my family. I can't just disappear off the radar like last time. We have to do this the right way." I waited five agonizing minutes before finally he responded.

"Crystal, you have no idea how happy you have made me. I love you, and yes it feels wrong for me to. I kidnapped you, and that I will never be able to forgive myself for doing. If you come back to me, you will have all the freedom you want. Just as long as you promise and swear to be mine and only mine. Give your mind to me, your body, and your heart. I will treat you right, I will love you always. I never thought I would find love like this, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and it wants it how it wants it, and when it wants it. I need you now Crystal."

I finished reading the words and my heart leaped and my blood seemed to boil in my veins. My groin suddenly began to ache and I didn't even notice my wounds and bruises anymore. He wrote one last message, "I'm coming to get you now. Be ready." I pushed away from the computer and ran to my bathroom, I turned the water on in the shower and didn't even wait for it to warm up. I hopped in and began to scrub my entire body, especially my tits and my cunt and ass like a mad woman. I was out of the shower in five minutes and then I ran back into my bedroom and threw on a white sun dress, not bothering to wear a bra and panties, and then I put on matching white high heels. I ran a comb through my hair roughly just as I heard a car engine pull up in front of my house. I grabbed a small duffel bag and threw underwear and random shirts and pants into it, and one pair of sandals. I zipped it up quickly and started for the door and stopped dead in my tracks. My mother was standing in my door way staring me down. "What on earth are you doing and where are you going? You just got home!" She screamed at me.

I ran to her, and hugged her tightly once again pecking her on the cheek and telling her, "Mom I love you with all my heart. I know this is hard for you to understand, but I'm in love with a man, and I'm going to visit him right now. You will see me very very soon, and I promise you I will be safe." I pecked her on her other cheek and then darted past her for the front door. I threw open the door not bothering to close it behind me and ran down the pathway to the sidewalk where Andrew was parked. He was standing outside of the car, leaning against it and when he saw me he met me half way and immediately held my face in his hands. He stared into my eyes for what seemed like a century before saying, "Are you sure this is what you want?" I'd never seen him look insecure the whole time I knew him, except in that one moment. I smiled softly and reached up on my tip toes to get close to his face. "I'm as sure as I'll ever be... Master." I whsipered the title in his ear and then pressed my lips hard against his. I dropped the duffel bag on the ground as he took me in his arms and kissed me the most passionately he ever has. He finally broke the kiss and said, "Let's go." I smiled at him and then suddenly got the feeling we were being watched. I turned back towards the house and saw my mother standing there in the door way, smiling. She had obviously seen our display of affection and she must have approved. Oh if only she knew the real story, I doubt she would feel the same way. She blew me a kiss and waved and then went inside the house and closed the door slowly behind her.

I turned back to Andrew who had a smirk on his face, and then we both got in the car and sped away to the other side of town, to his house. To the house I had lost my virginity to him in, and the same house he had taken me captive the first night he abducted me. It seemed too strange thinking of it that way, but I didn't care. Nothing in life is perfect, and that goes the same for love. We reached his home and I left my bag in the car. We both practically ran to the house and I couldn't wait for him to get the damn front door open. At last we were inside and I wasn't even going to wait the 30 seconds it would take to get to his bedroom. Before he even shut the door behind us I stripped off my white sun dress over my head and tossed it to the floor beside me. I strode towards him confidently and started to help him pull off his shirt. For the first time I saw the still healing wound from the bullet that had peirced his shoulder, the bullet from James' gun. I lightly traced my fingers around the wound, not touching the actual broken skin. I looked up into his brooding eyes and kissed him deeply, before finally pulling away to say, "Mmm baby, I got him back good. I've sated both our needs for revenge, I promise you that." I smiled half heartedly up at him and he grinned back in response and said one word, "Good." With that he unbuckled his jeans and was out of them and his boxers in record time. Once we were dressed in nothing but our own hides he picked me up in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist, feeling his already hard erection sliding between my ass cheeks as he walked with me in his arms over to the couch.

He tossed me down on the couch and then grabbed my legs behind the knees roughly and spread them wide apart. He didn't even hestiate and bent his mouth over my mound and began licking his tongue in long slow strokes up and down my cunt lips. I moaned quietly and softly ran my fingers through his hair as he ate me out. He licked between my lips and finally found my throbbing clit and he sucked it between his lips and massaged it hard. Gently nibbling and sucking at my clit he brought me close to orgasm almost immediately because of how excited I was. But he stopped and I whimpered and moaned for him to continue but he just grabbed me by the throat and pulled my face up to his and kissed me tenderly. Making me taste my own cunt juices in his mouth before slamming me back hard on the couch. He didn't bother having me suck his cock. He sat on the couch beside me and motioned for me to get on top of him. I quickly stradled his groin and reached down to grasp his member. I held his cock in my hands and rubbed the head of his cock against my clit for a short while before sliding him down to my opening. As soon as he felt he was in the right spot, he grabbed on either side of my hips and forced me down on his huge cock roughly. "Ooohh fuck! Mmm your cock feels so good inside me Master." My mouth sought his and I kissed him passionately as I rode his cock; grinding and bouncing against him over and over again slowly. I wanted to take my time and really enjoy this reunion.

Suddenly he grabbed my waist and while still remaining burried inside me he changed our position and got on top of me as we lay on the couch, my legs spread on either side of him, the backs of my heels digging into his lower back to push him deeper inside me with every thrust. He pounded my sopping wet cunt fast and hard just the way I loved it and soon I felt that wonderful tingling sensation deep within me. I moaned loudly against his mouth and raked my nails down his back as my orgasm washed over me violently, forcing my body to quiver and spasm beneath him as my pussy squirted all over his cock and balls. He kept pouding my cunt through my orgasm and didn't stop or slow pace for one second, he fucked me harder and harder until I felt like he was going to break me in half. Then finally he pushed as deep as he possibly could inside of me and unleashed his hot load inside, coating my cunt with his warm seed.

I sighed happily and just lay there beneath him as he very slowly began to soften inside of me. I could feel my cunt still contracting and milking his cock for every last drop. Once he caught his breath and sat up on his elbows, still on top of me and looking deeply into my eyes. "Thank you Crystal, for choosing to be mine. I will treat you like a queen, and I will be your king. Don't ever leave me." His lips shook very slightly with his last sentence but only for a moment before he regained his composure. I smiled hugely and promised him, "I'm not going anywhere. There's no where I'd rather be. I love you Andrew." It hadn't always been that easy, in fact quite the opposite, but now, our relationship was effortless; and it would remain that way.

~The End~


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