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Blackmailed and Gangbanged in Thailand
Going Thai – by Angelina Hill

These events happened in November of last year. Let me explain. I am seventeen, blond, tall, long-legged, ample and firmed bosomed, slim and I’m told, very good looking. I had arrived in Bangkok from a sixteen day tour of Vietnam & Thailand itself. It was scheduled to be a three day
[ two nights ] stopover before heading back to mum and dad in Dublin. My only problem was that I had been mugged of my handbag in a market the very next morning! Money, cards all gone. This left me with only my passport, my mobile and the 2,500 Bart I had left at the hotel. Two thousand five hundred Bart sounds impressive until you realise it was just €60.

My hotel was the Ambassador and I had booked it on the internet. Unusually it was exactly as described with a huge bedroom, two double beds, a balcony with a stunning city view, and a bathroom which on its own was bigger than any hotel room I’d ever been in before. It was also only €55 a night, but if I ate nothing, went nowhere, walked to the airport it was still costing me more than I could pay.

The hotel staff were very good to me and armed with my details had my ‘cards’ reported stolen immediately, they also told me they would summon the police for me. Although it was unlikely my money would ever be recovered or anyone caught I would need a police report to claim off my insurance. They suggested I should go to my room and relax and they would let me know when the police arrived, still a little shaky I took their advice.

It was about half an hour later that reception rang to say the police were on the way up to my room.
Before I’d put the ‘phone down they were knocking at my door. They were two of them and they spoke in broken, hesitant English. One was most kind and took all the details I could give him whilst the other nosed around the room. I was busy with the one filling out my insurance / crime number report form when his mate picked a small plastic money bag out of my case with perhaps an eighth of Nepalese hash in it. I’d been given by an American girl in Hanoi. In short I’d forgotten all about it.

The mood now changed quickly. They spoke together in Thai for some few minutes before the one who had been doing my form asked me my age. After I replied they spoke again and then started to tell me how much trouble I was in. Drugs were very bad for foreigners, I would have to surrender my passport, I was a juvenile, so I would be put in jail. There would be no flight home and my parents would have to fly out to collect me if I was later released. Needless to say I burst into tears.

They let me cry for a while whilst they constantly commented on the amount of trouble I was in. I was desperate and they knew it. It was then that the one who’d found the cannabis suddenly said there was possibly a way out of my problem. I looked up at him. Holding my flight ticket he asked what I thought if they came back later and we had all went out for a meal & drink. They would bring a friend and afterwards they’d come back to my room and ‘fuck-fuck me’ all night! If I agreed and did everything they wanted I would be ‘ok for food, ok for room, ok to fly out to Dublin’ next day. They were that bold and that explicit! In truth I had no choice and with a sinking feeling of fright in the pit of my stomach dumbly nodded agreement. To ensure I was theirs they made no bones about taking my passport thus making sure I’d be going nowhere. It was also made very clear that I should wait in my room until contacted.

It was about 3pm when a boy brought up a few a large packages and a sealed note. I opened the envelope and in badly written English it told me that I must be ready at 4pm, dressed in the clothes in the package. I still have it. It said [ in poor English ]…..

‘ I would have a good meal with them. It was only good for me to be let off but also to be learning about sex by experienced Thai men, as would be shown to me….. This would be very much done for my good pleasures to…. No money need to go to hotel all would paid for you now.’

I showered and then opened the clothes package. By the time I finished dressing I had powder blue knickers, matching suspenders and stockings, powder blue ‘bra, very tight Chinese style one piece top and dress which zipped up the back. It emphasised my tits and covered my fanny by a bare six inches or so. For some bizarre reason of taste they’d also sent a sparkly silver pair of high heel sandals for me to wear. They must have been very good at observation because everything fitted even if I ended up looking and feeling like a tart. True I was no virgin as I’d done a bit of heavy petting, wanked off my boyfriend whilst he finger fucked me on his recent 18th birthday, but being a good catholic girl I’d never actually been had by anyone!

At 4pm they were prompt in picking me up and arrived smartly dressed in civvies. A quick taxi ride delivered us outside of a very opulent, plush restaurant called the Mahanaga. We had a table reserved for us and I was soon sitting at a round table with the two policeman I knew and no less than three of their friends. The kinder one from the morning slid a plastic container over to me with a single pill inside.

‘ In morning day tomorrow you take and no baby inside later,’ he said.

It hit me then that I was going to be ganged by five Thai guys who had licence to fuck me as often as they liked and in any way they liked.

I drank plenty of alcohol at their expense and was quite tipsy by the end of the meal. On the way back in our taxi I was seated between the two I knew. One soon had a hand easing up under my skirt. By reaction I pushed it away but he grabbed my hand and made no bones about the fact that if I wanted to be on my way home tomorrow I should not only appear willing but act as if I was enjoying myself even if I wasn’t! When his hands went back under my skirt I let them roam, by the time we reached the hotel both were rubbing my cunt through my knickers.

Bold as brass all five led me through the lobby and up to my room. Once inside they mixed cocktails from the large stash of drink they’d carted in with them. I was given a large vodka cocktail and encouraged to gulp it down before immediately receiving a second. I had just started this when I felt the zip of my dress being run down. Within seconds I was standing in just ‘bra, suspenders and knickers. Milliseconds more and whilst still holding my drink out at arms length, my bra was undone, a tongue was forcing its way into my mouth , my right tit was securely cupped in someone’s hand and two fingers were inside my knickers searching for my hole! Barely had they found it when my knickers tore and were pulled away as well. The policeman in front of me literally finger fucked me with his right hand whilst his left dropped his shorts and pants to the floor. I was mauled in this manner for some minutes before being lowered to the floor.

I looked up to see they all had their clothes & underwear off, their dicks in hand. One of the two I knew pulled open my legs and knelt between them. I remember thinking that this was going to be my first dick ever, but I was resigned to my fate rather than upset or tearful. I waited for it to get shoved up into me but instead he put his head between my thighs and ran his tongue from my fanny hole to the top of my slit. After the initial contact he kept his tongue flicking around my hole whilst his lips gently chewed on my button which was becoming very hard, very quickly. I had never considered anybody would want to eat me down there and I was actually gobsmacked by it. Over the next ten minutes all five got between my legs and enthusiastically ‘tasted me’

When the first’s turn came round again one of my original ‘friends’ knelt down and whispered into my ear that, ‘ I should put on a show of enjoyment’. As it happened my body was betraying me and to my great surprise I knew I was soon going to come off. I put my hands down around the head of my hungry assailant and pushed my slit repeatedly into his face as I built to a climax. When I came I was sliding and hammering my pussy into his lips and tongue. I admit I groaned, moaned and finally wailed when my orgasm shot through my whole body. To my great disappointment he didn’t continue but stopped. As I lay gasping and winding down they all applauded him and slapped him on his back.

Congratulations over he positioned his dick at the entrance to my hole. I remember thinking this was it, my first dick. The thought was still in my head when his balls slapped into my ass and he was away, banging into me as fast as he could. I was so well lubricated or his pencil like prick was so small I didn’t really feel much at all. After a bare three minutes I felt a very warm, wet sensation in my cunt and I realised that he was cumming. The dick inside spurted at least seven times over forty seconds or more and as he was still banging me full on it quickly started to splatter out of me onto my thighs. When he stopped, he pulled out immediately and stood up in one movement. This left me with my legs wide open, my cunt oozing spunk and them all looking at the damage. The two cops I knew produced their phones and started taking pictures. My natural reaction was to be embarrassed but since they were all going to have a crack at me I just got on with letting them snap away.

Photo’s over my second cop knelt down between my legs whilst two others knelt down each side of my head. The prick that shoved itself up me this time was much longer, much thicker and much less frantic. Now I was being fucked in long slow strokes and after a few minutes I started to relax and enjoy it more. Bearing in mind my instructions I started to thrust back and ‘mmm’d’ enough to encourage him. Having a dick each side of my face it was obvious that they wanted me to suck on them so turning to my right I held the root of one whilst sliding it between my lips. The one on my left I held in my other hand and did what I could to wank it. Not knowing any better I just sucked on the dick in my mouth and as the feeling of my cunt being stoked started to feel better and better I sucked harder. After a couple minutes of this cop held my turned head still and started to fuck my mouth as if it was a cunt. I kept sucking and he was clearly enjoying it when I felt a warm jet hit my tits, cleavage, neck and ear. The guy on my left had hit me with four or five large, hot doses of spunk before rubbing his prick on my left nipple to finish. My mouth fucker was really turned on by this and I have to say I was starting to feel really good between my legs as well, so I was sucking as hard as I could. I knew from his urgent thrusting that he was soon going to flood my mouth and was hoping I would be able to swallow it all and not gag. But at the critical point he pulled out his dick - put it on my right tit and wanked himself into a huge explosion of sticky spunk. It shot across both tits, my belly, onto the guy fucking my cunt, onto my chin, hair, eyelids and even under my arm pit. Shortly after this I started to cum again as tension gave way to gasping waves of pleasure shooting through me. As I lay there still being fucked, still cumming, the other two guys started rubbing their spunk into my tits. I was just so warm and relaxed I didn’t care. The feeling got even better when I felt my cunt being flooded again with the glowing warmth of fresh, thick sperm, God I thought I am a real slut.

Over the next hour they all fucked my cunt at least once more and most wanked on me to. When the last of them climbed from between my legs, my two cops got busy snapping the mess my fanny was in, the state of my spunk covered body and the pool on the carpet under me. At this point I decided I had to stand and head for the loo. I can tell you that when you’ve had men on top, banging you for over an hour you are very stiff. As I staggered towards the toilet they congratulated themselves again because I was ‘ too fucked to walk’ and they could see an absolute river of their spunk was running down the inside of both thighs! By the time I reached the loo it had reached my kneecaps.

Emerging nearly half an hour later and much cleaner I saw the cops were playing cards and laying heavily into the beer. I put on my dressing gown and made a cup of coffee. Blissfully they ignored me for over an hour. I calculated they’d all come at least twice inside me and at least once on my body so they were pretty well done, or so I thought. Wrong !

Whilst the thought still in my head, cop number one signalled me over to the table and pulled his chair back from it. I was ordered to stand over him, face everybody at the table and lower myself onto a prick very much standing to attention. This I did and soon had him buried in me up to his balls. Taking my gown off – I was left in full view of all as I braced my arms on his legs. My tits bounced at the end of every stroke and they all watched me fucking myself with his dick. Surprisingly he didn’t last long before flooding me with yet another delivery of hot spunk. The next in line insisted on the same but with me facing him so he could grope and suck my tits. I found I quite liked my nipples being sucked whilst I fucked so it wasn’t surprising that he brought me to another orgasm. He was sucking passionately on one nipple, had a hand cupping and squeezing the other boob, plus two more fingers in my slit massaging my button. When I came I stayed fully impaled, grabbed his head and pulled it to me smothering it in my boobs, whilst to my great surprise, cunt muscles I didn’t know I had, gripped and milked from him a large load of fresh cum.
When I eventually came down, I realised everybody was staring at me because his head was trying to come up for air. I was so embarrassed I went bright red. Extracting my nipple from his mouth I let him up and gave him a huge kiss which turned his face equally red. After this the other three all did the business in me though personally I didn’t feel much.

When I emerged from the loo this time I got no rest. I was led to the sofa and planted on it so my arms and head rested on one end whilst my cunt was available for rear entry. I soon had a dick in both my cunt and mouth. . I quickly got my first oral delivery of cream which being somewhat less than what was on offer earlier in the evening, was manageable. My fanny was on only its second dick when my mouth started sucking its fourth prick. Again photos were being taken and I was pretty sure being sent somewhere else. Barely had I clocked this when one of their phones irang and a very agitated conversation started. The cops started putting down quite large bundles of cash the progress of which was clearly being reported. Sometime later an agreement was reached and with sinking heart I thought they were inviting more to come and fuck me.

Ten minutes on I still had swinging tits and a prick buried in my cunt when the doorbell rang. It was answered and in walked a huge black guy who had to be over 6’ 6” tall. He looked at me, the money on the table and then simply pulled off his tracksuit bottoms. He was bollock naked underneath and clearly possessed the biggest, hardest, fattest prick I’d ever seen! It was at least a foot long, about 4” thick and sat on top of a massive pair of tight bollocks. The cop in my rear squirted into me whilst I was gaping at his equipment, I think he came in awe of what he was also staring at.

There was no chat or ceremony, the guy inside me quickly pulled his dick out. Two othes came and pulled me upright before picking up one of my legs each and putting my arms over their shoulders. They then just walked me over to his straight, hard, dick and positioning it in my cunt entrance impaled me on it. The black guy put his massive arms under my ass, up my back and finally used his hand to grasp my shoulders. It was like being in a massive, warm, ebony cradle. He signalled the other two to go and then pulled me slowly down his dick. . There was no pain, no discomfort, it just kept going in for ever. It filled my womb and pushed on into the entrance to my cervix before I reached its root. Obviously for the sake of his audience he slowly pushed me back up its length before inching me down it again. This drew great applause and very ribald comments - even though I couldn’t understand the language I knew they’d paid to watch this guy to fuck me senseless.

He wasted no time in doing just that. He pulled me up and down his huge shaft at a rapid rate, each time my journey ended in my ass getting a heavy smack from his balls. Within a couple of minutes I was just lost in another place, my whole being was concentrating on the pounding my cunt was getting and the feelings growing inside me. I didn’t want him to stop as far as I was concerned he could fuck me for an eternity. It was probably only a few minutes after he’d started fucking my brains out that the spring that had coiled within me let go and I came so hard and heavy that I started to wail and sob, it felt so good. Unlike before I just went on and on cumming. Constant little peaks of pleasure which would then build up into bigger ones until release rippled through me again. I vaguely remember mobile phone cameras flashing, and the other guys holding or wanking their own dicks as they watched. He must have fucked me for the best part of ten minutes before his dick stiffened, crept into my cervix and smashed a flood of hot spunk into it. I screamed from a huge climax and just went totally limp. He didn’t stop but kept fully shafting me. Each journey down his prick got me another top up of spunk, I must have made another eight or ten full journeys on it before I shuddered to a halt. I rested on him still fully impaled, full of his spunk and still hard member. I was feeling warm, cosy, drowsy and didn’t want him to pull out. I had heard other women use the deion of being not just fucked but ‘nailed’ and I realised I now knew the difference having been well and truly ‘nailed’ by that wonderful cock.

I was still in this very comfortable cocoon when two of the cops took an arm and leg each and pulled me off. Holding me up with my legs wide open my original cops started taking photos of the state my cunt was in. I could feel warm spunk not just leaking but running out my hole. Photo’s taken they laid me on one of the two beds, covered me and within minutes I’d drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke the clock said 4am. I was laying in soggy press of damp sheets as my cunt had obviously been leaking a great deal. I got up and started to walk to the loo when I was gently pulled off course by cop number one. As far as I could tell just the original two were left with me and they both pulled me over to the second bed, even as I meekly followed fresh waves of stored sperm ran down my inside thighs.

Once between the sheets they lay one in front and one behind me. Cop in front fiddled not with me but his mobile. Soon I was viewing myself being rammed onto that glorious black cock. When the guy finished and pulled out - the video zooned in and my cunt hole was gaping wide. So open did he leave me that I could see inside my own fanny and the pile of cum that had been dumped there!
I found that so erotic that when cop one reached for my pussy whilst his lips sucked on a nipple and cop two prodded and poked between my legs from behind , I responded enthusiastically I was so lost in remembering the glorious pounding my cunt took that I was happy to let him fuck me from behind. They didn’t take long to cum. A spurt or two inside me finished one and a quick wank over my belly did for the other. This was the last time they had me and although I don’t remember falling to sleep I woke up with the clock saying 9pm.

My flight was at midday so I frantically packed. My passport I found inside the second jacket I searched along with a mobile phone. Soon I had collected both their mobiles along with the equivalent of some €600. By chance one of the ‘phones was not password protected and being a nosy bitch I soon found a large number of photo’s of me being fucked along with the video of me being nailed. I wondered, should I? I did. I put in my pocket whilst taking the memory card and sim from the other.

My cops were snoring solidly when I left the room. True I had taken some of their money [ but left everything else in their wallets ]. True I had a stolen mobile phone but I figured it was likely I’d be through check in, security and boarded before they woke up. Once in the departure lounge I did get very nervy so I amused myself using blue-tooth to transfer the images and video of me to my own mobile. When they called my flight I selected a photo of the two of them kneeling beside me being sucked and wanked whilst I was getting a good seeing to by a third party. I sent it as a multi media message to all his contacts which I figured might include a partner, girlfriend, parents, or even other family. This done I left it on a shelf behind a large plant quietly working its way through its contacts list and boarded.

By the time I reached Dublin via Heathrow[ some twenty six hours later ] I was still leaking spunk, not to mention possessing a torso still liberally coated with the dried variety . I never told my parents or complained and actually still get a thrill from viewing both the video and stills. Recently when my boyfriend asked me what I’d got up to on my trip I thought what the hell, so I showed him the photos. He viewed them silently then when finished had my knickers down and his prick up me in under ten seconds flat. I got such a good fucking that I gave him twenty minutes to recover and let him watch the video. On that viewing alone he fucked me to a couple of orgasms. The randy sod has since had me doing a few threesomes or better with his mates and in all honesty I’m now fully addicted to being ganged! I love it!

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2014-09-18 16:17:18
Loved the story, but hard to believe many parents would let an obviously attractive daughter travel to third-world countries alone for three weeks.

Easy to believe the corrupt cops, and the gang bang. Asian men are into group sex with a single woman. OK there, but a huge black man with a foot-long dick in Thailand?

I attended a black middle school and the 9th grade guys who didn't have trunks used to have to swim naked (makes me wonder about Mr. Harley the swimming coach now!) Me and James Smith both about 9 1/2 inches long and we were legendary in that school. But there were no foot long dongs, and in an inner city school full of big black dicks, almost 10 inches was considered huge. But maybe it just looked a foot long to you, and I guess felt that way too. Did you show your bf the images of that big black cock creaming your blonde pussy?

But thanks for the tale any way. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-09-16 06:14:13
What a wonderful, sexy, sexy story! You were in a tough spot and made the best of it. The result was you got a tale to warm you when you are old and gray, probably had a bit of revenge on the cops who blackmailed you, and got a keepsake out of the deal that led to some hot times back home that you would not have had if not for your Adventure in Thailand. Good for you, but you have to wonder, where the hell did they find that huge black cock in Thailand? That was the best part of the story and who would have figured on that?

I wish I had a video of your pretty blonde body, after having been fucked hard all night, impaled on that black dick. To have seen your big tits bouncing, while you were being ridden up and down on that huge dick; spurting hot cum a foot deep inside you as you screamed in a skimming orgasm. That was a lifetime peak experience, and you've got a great story to share with your startled grand daughter one day when her mom's not around!

Lucky girl, Dublin! Thanks.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-04-20 10:54:35
CMLFSu I really enjoy the blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-24 20:25:20
She never took the morning after pill and found herself pregnant, I hope. Good story.

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2013-10-25 14:19:57
YiPXTY A round of applause for your post.Really thank you! Great.

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