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If you are under 18 and do not like reading about boys having sex, skip this story.
Ralphie and Me, Part 2

"Oh, yeah! Right there...right there! Keep hitting that spot! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!" On my back getting fucked, I sighed as Ralphie pounded my pleasure spot with his eight incher. I was getting close to shooting, and the stimulation made me shudder with what I would later call an "assgasm". We didn't know what a prostate was, but he kept hitting it and rubbing it with his peckerhead, causing my prick to drool what looked like a mixture of cum and the sticky clear stuff. These were all new sensations to two young men who were basically new to boy sex.

He kept plowing into me for another five or so minutes before he tensed and thrust his pecker up my ass to his balls and grunted. As I felt him shoot his first spurt, I also was at the point of no return. He continued to fuck as he shot and I erupted as well, covering my belly in streams of my stuff. He thrust a few more times and collapsed on top of me, his cock remaining in my ass as we both fell into a heavy sleep.

We were awakened by a knock on my door. He slipped out of me and quickly pulled the covers up over us.

It was my dad asking if we were okay, since he could see the light under the door and it was rather late.

"We're all right, Dad. We fell asleep watching TV and didn't turn out the light." Which I then did.

"We'll. go back to sleep. See you tomorrow night. We're leaving early, like six. You boys have a good day together."

"Thanks, Dad. G'night."

"Good night, guys."

As Dad walked away, we both sighed with relief.

"That was close," I said. "Thank God he didn't come in."

"Yeah." He gave my dick a squeeze, and some left over sperm juice dripped out. He used that as lube and stroked me a few times. Then he surprised me by bending down and taking my peckerhead into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around, sticking the tip of it into my pee hole. I moaned and instantly grew to my full four inches. He kept this up and then took as much of me as he could into his mouth. These sensations were too much for me and I warned him I was about to cum. But he kept at it until my cock shot in his mouth. He gulped each shot down his throat until I was spent.

"Wow! Where did you learn that?"

"Let's go to sleep. Tell you about it in the morning."

I heard my parents and sister stirring. I slipped out of bed, Ralphie still asleep, pulled on some shorts and went down to say good bye.

My mom was siping coffee in the kitchen.

"I left some money for pizza, and there are cold cuts for lunch. Give me a kiss good bye."

I did and went back up to bed. I snuggled up to Ralphie and he wiggled his ass against my hardening boy meat. I wrapped my arms around him and he in turn held onto me. We fell back to sleep like this.

We awakened around ten. After normal time in the bathroom, we went down to breakfast, not bothering to dress. After eating breakfast and cleaning up the kichen, we went back to my room where he began to tell me how he was first fucked when he lived in the projects.

He was friends with the super's son, Eddie, who was a year or so older than he. One afternoon last spring, he and Eddie were hanging out on the swings in the playground. Eddie asked him if he'd like to see some interesting magazines. Ralphie asked what kind. Eddie said he wanted to surprise him. He led Ralphie to the basement of their building. He had copies of his father's keys and was able to open a room, about ten feet by ten, with a fluorescent light fixture overhead.
The room was bare, except for a storage cabinet and a sofa. Eddie opened the cabinet and took out some magazines, porn, to be specific. Porn in all its forms. Ralphie said there were pictures of naked men and women, alone and and women, men and men, women and women, sucking, fucking, whacking off, fake dicks (dildos we later found out); you name it, it was there. Of course, Ralphie said,the two of them found their wieners were drooling with pre-cum through their tenting trousers as the studiedvthe pictures. They both got naked. Ralphie had seen Eddie naked in the showers at the neighborhood pool, but had never seen him hard. In fact, other than himself, and the porn, he'd never seen another hard-on before.

The pre-cum drooled from out of Eddie's boner. Ralphie said he had a good body. Thick brown curls hugged a dick that was about six hard inches, a bit smaller than his own. Eddie took Ralpie's cock in his hand and started stroking it, making the pre-cum ooze from its slit. With his fingers he swirled it around and then bent over and took the slick head into his mouth. He said he'd never felt anything like it before and almost came on the spot. But from his cock, Eddie moved downward toward his nutsac, licking, gently nibbling, until he lifted Ralphie's legs off the couch and began licking his ass. He squirmed as Eddie's tongue licked around the pucker, then spreading it so he could lick inside. After eating his ass for a while, Eddie stuck a finger up there, really turning him on more. The stuff kept drooling out of his pee slit as he moaned in pleasure. Eddie massaged a spot that made him actually ooze what seemed like cum. Ralphie didn't think it could get much better until Eddie asked to fuck him. At this point, Eddie said, he was ready for anything. Eddie took some Vaseline from that cabinet and slicked his dick. He dipped two fingers into the lube and gently worked them into Ralpie's butt hole. Then he took his cock head and pushed. After a bit of effort it popped in and Ralphie said it hurt like hell. He made Eddie pull it out while he caught his breath. When Eddie tried again, it slipped right in. He held the head still and then began to push in the rest. Eddie fucked him and he was so turned on, he said, that after about five minutes of getting his cherry ass pounded, he came without ever touching himself.

I couldn't take it . Both of us were hard. I grabbed his legs and put my mouth right on his ass to get it good and wet. Then I took my pre-cum slick cock and shoved it in. His ass gripped my pecker like a vise as he let out a yelp.

"Slow, man. Easy. Easy. Yeah. Oh there. Yes there. There. There. Harder...harder...pound me, pound me, pound me...oh, man, oh, man, that's good, that's good. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck..." And he shot a load that went straight up and hit me in the face. As it dripped down my cheek, I was able to catch some on my tongue. I leaned over to kiss him and share his cum. As our tongues wrestled, his ass again squeezed me, causing me to erupt shot after shot of sperm up his ass.

We kept this up all day, me fucking him, him fucking me, trading blow-jobs. After a while, we were cumming practically dry; and those were some of the most intense orgasms I'd ever felt.

Not surprisingly, we fell asleep before my folks came home and slept late next morning.

We stayed best friends and fuck buds all through school. We even included some other guys from the neighborhood in our games. Maybe I'll tell you about that some time.

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