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Hi! this is something I wrote up a year ago involving some vampires in a game me and my girlfriend play. Yea we're nerdy like that. anyways hope it's enjoyed

It was mid summer, July 29th 1982. Four years after the Doctor Nicolas Vicente’s creation. Two years since him and Valerie, his sire were forced to leave NYC.
Gathering himself from the long days trip he spent in the back of a uhaul being transported. His creator in separate quarters just down the hall. His creator a guest of Loki’s, the owner of the lavish property and home they stayed in.

It was a few hours after sundown, about 9:30p. The sticky humid night didn’t do much for the doctors complexion as he stood there in a sheen of dirty sweat. He didn’t wear much as he was preparing to take a bath a cleanse himself of the dirt collected from riding as cargo the last eight hours. His tall slender, but muscular 6’2’’ body completely bare and with a gleam. The only thing keeping himself descent for the time being a towel which he wore around his slim waist and coming down a few inches over his tiny derriere which could be mistaken for a ladies when glimpsed at from behind, if not for the cock which swing down below his mid thighs limp, the towel just barely covering the head, the shape of the shaft very hard to keep hidden as the towel contours to it’s shape.

Reaching behind his head scratching the scruff of his neck and gives pause stopping to glance out the window, the silhouette of a curvaceous young woman catching his as she stands bent over at the waist, her apple shaped bottom staring right up at him to the third story window by which he stands. Her bottom wiggles at him while she stays bent over scratching behind the ear of what appears to be a small puppy, the darkness hiding much of the dog’s appearance as well.

Unconsciously he reaches down with his right hand, the diseased satirical mind of Nicolas causes him to squeeze over the lump of the shaft between his thighs over the towel. His compulsion to fuck something beginning to grow along with his cock which starts to tent immediately after he forces himself to let go of it.

Sidestepping next to the window he continues to watch the woman, biting his lower lip while pushing the tent down with his palm.

The young woman standing up straight, her hourglass figure complementing her rounded bubble like ass, scooping up the small puppy as she straightens. Turning towards the house she enters the house disappearing from the view of the window.

In his watching little did Nicolas realize he had already reached under his towel, cock out and pumping the thick veiny meat in his hand slowly. Before he was able to gather the will to force himself to stop, Valerie barged into his room.

Startled Nicolas spun around standing there with his hand full of his cock. Valerie watched her childe with a smirk as he was caught red handed pulling on his pud.
“Did I tell you it was okay to play with that here boy?”, she leaned an elbow up against the door frame while she watched the young barely humane vampire still pumping, attempting to pull his hand away.

She was fresh out of the shower, wearing only a small pink negligee exposing the cleavage of her large breasts, dark pink nipples visible through the near transparent material which ended just over her mid thighs. Inky black hair pulled back into pigtails bouncing just over her shoulders. Valerie didn’t look a day over 17 years old, her big gray eyes staring straight through him and fixated on his dick, a completely entertained smile dimpling the cheeks of her heart shaped face.

Looking down trying to figure out a response he looked back at the stunning Valerie. Releasing his cock, struggling to keep himself from grabbing it again, hoping his prick would go down. The vision of her only making him harder.
“Mistress, I....” he attempted to speak as she leaned off the doorway and began to approach him. Her hips ticking like a clock as she stops a few from him, she looks down laughing and swats his cock like it was a bad childe and laughs.
“Okay little girl” she addresses him with a twisted smile. You get in the shower and we’ll deal with this later. Now turn around”, she commands the young vampire who obeys his mistress.
“Grab your ankles” she commands.
Nicolas hesitantly obeys bending over grabbing his ankles, his sweaty dirty crack exposing his little orifice, peaking out from two tiny lean cheeks.
Sticking two fingers in her mouth she gets them nice and slimy with spit, “you’re so fucking filthy” she jams them in one quick motion right up his ass to her knuckles.
The young male vampire whimpers as she invades him from behind.
“Now, repeat after me.” she commands once more, “I will not do anything stupid while we are at Templar Loki’s Estate. I will not do anything that will make my creator and mistress look stupid before the servant of the Very Reverend Priscus Vykos”

She stabs harder with her fingers “Repeat!” her knuckles no longer visible.

In the open doorway stood the young woman with blond hair, attempting to be as silent as possible while watched with glee at the humiliation of this younger cainite being humiliated before her. Her own hand covering her crotch as if worried her wettening pussy would laugh through the crotch of her jeans, which were becoming wet at the site before before.

Suddenly the small corgi standing next to her on the floor gives a yelp as Tenshi quickly pulls her hand from her crotch.

Valerie just gives a quick snap of the head looking over her shoulder, seeing the young blond in the doorway “Oh, you must excuse me..children need to learn their lessons.” Valeries fingers never leaving Vicente’s asshole as she stands there.

The young blond just stares grinning with a natural psychotic glee, hips swinging side to side to music that isn’t playing, simply responding to Valerie “Uh huh...”

Tenshi approached the bent over cainite and Valerie stopping just before her, looking her in the eye. Reaching forward she traces a finger down Valerie’s arm until it meets the wrist, opening her small slender hand wrapping it around the wrist. Her grip loose, but firm enough where she begins to force it back easing Valerie’s fingers slowly out of Nicolas’ ass leaving only the tips, then pushing them back into the tight little puckered asshole staring up at them.

Applying a firmer grip she begins to slowly fuck Nicolas’ ass with Valerie’s hand. Eyes looking from the tiny asshole and back to Valerie, “This is my house and I get to play with all the toys”

Tenshi reached down grabbing the young vampire by his balls, caressing them in her small hand which they threatened to overflow out of her grip, the shaft connected to them twitching in response to the stimulation.

“We’re here as guests of Loki, and we..” Valerie begins to speak as she is quickly cut off by Tenshi.
“And I’m Loki’s daughter, and this is my house. So you’re my guests” Tenshi gives a hard tug to the balls and giggles. “Very very nice” she comments distracted for a second, addressing Valerie once more. “As my guests what’s yours is mine. As with what’s mine I do whatever the fuck i want” she looks back at Valerie sharply. “Understand cunt?”

With that Tenshi release Valerie’s wrist giving a slap across the young in appearance cainite’s face, absolutely getting her attention.

Valeries grey eyes go wide as she feels the sharp sting across her face. Standing there dumbfounded at Tenshi. “Understood”

With another quick slap across the face “You understand what?” her other hand still palming Nicolas’ balls.

“I understand, we’re just guests and we’re to be done with as you please” staring at Tenshi with a reddened cheek.

Valerie is smacked across the other cheek a third time “Getting closer, but still not what I want to hear.” Tenshi pulls Valeries fingers out of Nicolas’ ass with her free hand and forces them up to Valerie’s face.

“Now lick these clean, and don’t forget to address me properly” forcing Valerie’s tainted fingers being forced to her lips. A scared look in Valerie’s eyes as her tongue creeps out unsure, giving them a lick.

“Yes Mistress” Valerie’s tongue wrapping over each digit and sliding over like she was sucking on a candy cane.

“Looks like the little bitch is starting to wise up!” she smiles, eyes side glancing to Nicolas who is still bent over. “I know what you were doing up here. I felt it...” Tenshi’s eyes look back over towards Valerie “and if I wanted him to stop I would have told him myself.”

Valerie watches Tenshi with fear, unsure of exactly where this is going. She sucks the fingers into her mouth tasting Nicolas all over them. Scared to pull them out to further disappoint.

“and just so we’re clear Valerie. This is mine now.” Releasing Nicolas’ balls and gives his ass a gentle smack. “Got that?” her hand rubbing over the bottom possessively.

Pulling the fingers from her mouth slowly looking Tenshi in the eye. “Understood Mistress.”

“Excellent” releasing Valerie’s wrist she gets behind her. Placing her hands on Valerie’s shoulders she is pushed down onto her knees, Nicolas’ asshole staring her right in the eyes. Valerie sits their mortified behind her childe.

“Unless you want to get fucked by a pack of hell hounds I suggest you tell him right now how sorry you are for disturbing his wank.” Tenshi gives a smack to the back of Valerie’s head. “Comprende puta?”

Valerie nods, her eyebrows furrowing in humiliation.

“Speak up bitch” smacking her upside the head again. “don’t make me get mean”

“I understand mistress” a drop of red tears from Valerie’s eyes.

“Awwww, you gonna cry now?” Tenshi beams a sadistic smile, pulling Valeries head back by the scruff of her neck so she can get a better look at her face. “Pathetic” her lips pursing as she spits on Valerie’s face.

“Now get licking!” she pushes Valerie’s face into Nicolas’ ass. Holding it there until Valerie complies. Tenshi’s chest jiggling as she contains a silent laughter watching the humiliated Valerie.

After a few moments, Valerie obeys. Tongue dragging up and down the crack of Nicolas’ ass, circling around the rim of his hole. Wiggling over and trying to push itself in the tight orifice. While she continues to lick away like a little puppy, Valerie begins to cry while eating his ass. Unable to feel nothing but shame as she is forced by their host to eat the ass of her slave. Enduring this in fear of upsetting Tenshi further, or worse upsetting Loki by disrespecting his daughter. She sobs into Nicolas’ asshole.

Valerie’s body begins to betray her, her ass peeking out from below the nighty her dripping cunt exposed, and overflowing with a wetness that runs down her to her mid thighs leaving them gleaming.

Nicolas breaths hard as Valerie licks away.

“Good girl” Tenshi gives Valerie’s ass a fun spank. Stepping around the two she works the top button of her torn up form fitting jeans. “Sorry she messed you up little buddy” she stands in front of Nicolas, hooking her thumbs into the jeans wiggling her hips while pushing them down, exposing herself to him. Her smooth pubic area and slit exposed.

Working the jeans down to her bare feet Tenshi steps out of them, kicking them to the side. “I want you to finish what you started.”

Tenshi squats down and sits on the floor a few feet from Nicolas, giving him an excellent view as she spreads her thighs for him to see. Her hands running down her flesh, brushing over her pussy on the way back up. Her kitty a lot more juicy than Valerie’s, the smooth petals of her tiny slit slightly swollen from the excitement.

Tenshi’s hands run up over her smooth well defined abs to the hem of her tank top, cut just above her navel. Grabbing the shirt she pulls it up and off, tossing it to the side. Laying back on the floor completely nude and exposed before Nicolas. “Go on, it’s okay” hands resting on top her breasts, squeezing the large globes hard in her damned grip, giving a bite to her lower lip, her blue eyes staring up at the younger cainite.

Nicolas reaches back down for his cock, grabbing the generously sized shaft in his large hand giving it a few slow tugs as he sighs. “Yes mistress” his eyes taking in the sight of the women before him. Entranced by the vision of sex before him. Unable to focus on one thing initially. His gaze resting on her blue eyes as he begins to focus. Breath stifling while he is licked from behind.

“You can call me Firefly, love” she winks as she releases one of her breasts, her gaze locked with the Nicolas’ as well. “We’re going to be good friends after all” Hand running down her tight belly and between her legs caressing her pussy with it, constricting her hand over it in a light grip before bringing it a few inches up so her fingers rest on the hood of her clit. Starts rubbing in slow tiny circles pushing on it hard. Chest rising as she arches her back, gripping her tit even harder with the other hand letting out a moan. “That’s right..keep milking it” eyes scrunching as she watches him.

After moments of their self play Nicolas sounds as if he is getting close. His hand sliding up and down the length of his trunk quicker and quicker, a few tiny moans escaping his throat like music.

Between Tenshi’s thighs on the floor a small puddle has already pooled there, the sign of several orgasms already had “What’s your name”

“Nicolas” he answers while he tugs away on his cock.
“Ever fuck her in the ass Nicolas?” Tenshi asks, her words broken by many breaths. Her other hand off her breast at this point, joining the other one between her thighs while she works her fingers over her cunt.

“No” he responds.

“Then tonight will be a first for you and her. Stop playing. I don’t want you to cum yet.” she simply says in a blissful voice. “Cunt stop” her voice a bit harsher as she addresses Valerie who is still behind Nicolas, tongue deep in his fuck hole.

Valerie stops as commanded “Yes Mistress” her voice still trembling and trying to hide her fear.

“Okay Nick, get behind that bitch. Lets see you have some fun for a change.” Tenshi sits up on an elbow. “Bitch, I want you staring right at my pussy so get closer.” Crooking a finger at Valerie, her cheeks stained with blood from her tears like it was a bad runny mascara.

Valerie crawls on all fours a few to Tenshi, bent over inches from Tenshi’s pussy awaiting her next orders.

Getting behind Valerie Nicolas raises his hand about to spit on it. “Nuh uh” he hears Tenshi’s voice. “This bitch isn’t having it that easy.”

Reaching down for the hem of Valerie’s nighty he bunches it up over hips and up to her tiny girlish waist. A bold smirk appearing on Nicolas’ face as he gives Valerie’s ass a hard and loud slap.

Tenshi lets out a giggle “that’s the fucking spirit. Show that bitch who’s really the boss. Now g..” Tenshi’s voice is interrupted by her own pleasures, the excitement causing her to explode into another orgasm which squirts onto the old hard wooden floor. Some splash ricocheting onto Valeries pink nighty as it bounces from the floor. Catching her breath “Now get fucking!”

Staring down at Valeries exposed ass. It isn’t exactly dry, her juicing cunt made sure of that. Her tiny glazed rim staring up at him tauntingly. It may not be enough to keep it completely lubed, but plenty for him to penetrate it properly without ripping her a new one.

Grabbing Valerie by the waist he pulls her back, the underside of his shaft rubbing up against her pussy, sliding it up and down getting his rod all slick and sticky. Reaching down he positions the shaft and stabs his cock in on thrust deep into her cunt, thrusting hard into her.

After a few thrusts Valerie releases a loud moan, her body shivering with an orgasm that has been built up from all the humiliation she has been enduring, fighting to keep herself up on her hands and knees.

That very orgasm also giving away to Tenshi that Nicolas was not fucking the hole she told him to. Laughing “I told you her ass. No reason to go easy on her...You’re better than her.” Reaching for Valerie she takes her by the back of the head pulling her face against her cunt. Tenshi grinds hard into Valerie’s face, smearing her slimy fucksauce all over her mouth and face. “Lick doggy!” her hips moving in circles while she fucks Valerie’s face.

Nicolas pulls his glistening cock from Valerie’s puss. Stroking his well lubed knob while staring at her tiny little girl asshole hesitantly. Worried what the aftermath of this may be once he is done fucking his sire.

“You’re more a Tzim Tzim like me than she can ever be. I know you’re from the Zantosa line.. be a fucking Zantosa and fuck her like the bitch she..” Before Tenshi can finish encouraging him Nicolas grabs his eleven inches and drives it right in Valerie’s asshole balls deep, her pussy getting his balls wet and sloppy as they rest up on her mound.

Valerie screaming out from the pain, only slightly muffled with her mouth buried between Tenshi’s thighs. “That a boy” Tenshi breathily comments, holding Valerie by the hair against her pretty little muff. “Lick harder bitch”

Once inside Nicolas needs little further encouragement. Thrusting in long strokes so she can feel every painful inch on each stroke. His hands resting on top her ass squeezing her little bottom hard, holding her cheeks roughly and spread so he can watch his cock disappear with each thrust. His grunts slightly savage as he fucks her hard “you’ve had this coming you fucking cunt”

Valerie’s ass bleeds a little from the rough thrusts as he does not go easy on her. Taking her like he was always meant. Pulling a hand from her thick asscheek he reaches forward, holding Tenshi’s hand which grips a lock of Valerie’s hair.

Tenshi releases that lock of hair and intertwines her fingers with Nicolas’ holding it while they both proceed to rape Valerie body and soul into the little fuck slave she has now became for the two.

Tears streaming down Valerie’s face from the pain as she cries into Tenshi’s pussy, but never stops licking as she gorges herself on the treat before her. Scared of what would happen if she stopped pleasuring her new mistress.

Valerie definitely not a stranger to a women’s body, her tongue lathering and slapping against her sex hard and sucking at her hood. Fearing what may happen if she does not bring this psychotic woman off to ultimate pleasures.

Nibbling gently on Tenshi’s hood between licks and sucks on her clit. Tenshi squeezes Nicolas’ hand
releasing another orgasm all over Val’s pretty face.

Valerie’s pulls her head back to scream in pain from Nicolas fucking her ass so hard and mercilessly from behind, her mouth visibly covered in Tenshi’s cum coated in a thick gooey wet shine, fangs exposed in her open mouth. “uh uh uh uh. Ow..owwww, please!” she cries out.

“Not this time bitch” as Tenshi reaches out with her free hand grabbing Val by the back of her head shoving her face back into her cunt with a laugh. “Nick, after you blow your load in her ass keep her little shit hole plugged for me, will ya?”

Barely able to speak he just grunts thrusting harder and harder into her from behind like a locomotive on a one way trip. Blood and cum drip from between Valerie’s thighs onto the hardwood floor.

Tenshi peels Valerie’s mouth from her cunt, the screams no longer muffled. “Say thank you to him bitch. Say it nicely or you’re sleeping outside tonight instead of at the foot of our bed”

Through sobs and moans Valerie manages to get out “Sorry childe..I’m sorry I been so cruel..Sorry I haven’t let you show me what a true cainite you ca...” her words interrupted by a scream of pain mixed with mind shattering orgasm. Hands sliding forward on the floor a few inches, bracing herself again. Finding it harder and harder to withstand the forceful thrusts of Vicente destroying her ass. “a true cainite you can be. You and my mistress have broken me..please cum for your slave,,I want to plea..” she is unable to speak anymore.

The thrusts from behind her become more violent, more quick.

“That’s right Nicky-boy” Tenshi cackles with laughter, spread eagle on the floor pulling Valerie’s face back down on her puss. “You own her now” Tenshi bites her lower lip hard throwing her head back.
Unable to hold himself back any longer his cock begins to erupt in Valerie. His cum shooting deep and up her ass, his cock violently pulsating as it spills inside her, his triumphant growl signaling his orgasm. The loud baritone noise overpowering all other sound in the room as it carries with his deposit inside her.

Tenshi stands with trembling thighs attempting to regain muscle control standing straight up. She rests her hands on her wide hips which lead to her tiny waist. “Hope you like what I did for you” she raises a foot up to Val’s face, pushing it up against her face. “Ain’t ya gonna thank me for all I did for you tonight?”

“Thank you for humbling me mistress” Valeries begins to kiss Tenshi’s feet and lick her toes.

With a broad smile she stares down “You’re welcome!”, her gaze shifting to Nicolas who remains behind Valerie. Cock buried balls deep in her ass. “Ain’t she a push over?”

Unable to do anything but give a gentle laugh while he regains his composure he nods to his new friend, a soft laugh escaping his lips as he slaps Valerie’s ass, his hand planting in a firm grip grinding into it with his cock. “Uh Huh..this shits mine now whore” squeezing the fleshy cheek roughly.

Tenshi smiles with a crooked grin stepping around Valerie, “I knew I was going to like you a lot!” she steps behind Vicente resting her hand on his smooth girl like ass. “I wasn’t even getting at just physically..” giving it a hard squeeze “I guess that’s just a bonus on my part.

Tenshi begins unfastening the leather strap of Nicolas’ collar standing behind him. Freeing him of the leather strap that has rested there the last few years.

Slipping her finger into the hole of the buckle she twirls it on her finger, “I want you to raise her ass up before pulling out Nicky. Can you do that for your new besty?” Tenshi spins on a heal standing in front of him to his left. Her psychotic gaze losing herself in his predatory eyes.
“Of course my firefly.” pushing Valerie forward and raising her hips, his cock slowly inching out from her ass as he repositions her pushing her forward.
The whole time the only thing Valerie has been doing is crying, her mind shattered. Reflecting in all the blissful humiliation she just endured. A completely unexpected turn of events experienced for the first time this evening, never seeing any of this coming. She hates her childe for what has happened, but at the same time she can do nothing but feel overwhelmed with love for him. Her busted asshole swollen and inflamed clenching onto his cock with the grip of a vice, not wanting him to pull out.

“Pull out of your new fuck hole slowly, love.” Tenshi suggests.

“Anything for you, Firefly.” He starts pulling the rest of his dick out of her ass, a disgusting slurp noise and flatulence heard as the large bulbous heads pops out, a thick dribble of spunk escaping her gaped hole.

“Ahhhh” Tenshi smiles and starts balling up the collar. “Perfect” the joy heard in her voice standing right beside Val, planting her free hand on the girls ass pulling the cheek aside.

“Impressive Nicky, I like your work..hope you have some left for me.” the gaping hole is visibly filled with Vicente’s seed, filled to the rim and bubbled. “I’d like to feel some of that filling my holes..” she trails off with her words as she begins stuffing the collar Valerie had Nicolas wear right into the girls ass, no delicate touch or easing it in, shoving it in hard and plugging her up, trapping the seed inside her ass.

“On your knees bitch my friend needs to clean my new cock” Tenshi’s smile broadens.

Valerie obeys, slowly raising up off her hands, sitting with her knees spread “yes mistress” Valerie’s eyes are scrunched with awkwardness and pain from having the foreign object lodged up her chute.

“Nick, wipe yourself clean on her face.” Tenshi requests stepping out of the way, but still close enough to get a good look as she drops to her knees.

Taking his cock, still semi and coated from Valerie’s bloodied asshole he steps around infront of her, smacking Val’s face a few times with it laughing without remorse.

Nicolas grabs her roughly by the hair and begins to wipe the bloody prong off on her cheek, alternating each side rubbing it nice and clean on her face.

Tenshi looks up at Nicolas, and back over at Val “fuck yea..” while Tenshi plays with the button between her own thighs bringing herself off again, eyes squinting in a haze of lust. “Make sure that thing is nice and clean. Stuff it down her throat. I don’t want any of her blood getting in my pussy.

Nicolas simply grins and grabs Valerie by the back of her hair pulling her head back, taking his still hard cock and pushes the head passed her lips and stuffs it down her throat gagging her. He grabs her by the sides of her head and starts pumping his cock down her throat and fucking her face rough, staring down at her, the glaze in his eyes filled with many years scorn.

The flaps from the collar shoved up her ass hanging out sway and flap from the face fucking.

“Alright dear. I think that’s clean enough.” Tenshi pulls her shirt off and throws it on Val’s face. She begins to walk for the bed her seductive ass swaying with every step for Nicolas to see. Getting up on the bed she crawls onto it on her hands and knees. Completely exposing to Nicolas what’s in store for him presenting herself.

Tenshi reaches back with her left hand while she keeps herself propped up on hand and knee “Come on sugar” giving her ass a slap and grabbing her own cheek roughly, pulling it to the side for him to see her glistening hot cunt. “Come fuck me proper”

Pulling his cock from Valerie’s throat and gives her a slap across the face. “You’re going to watch this bitch.” he turns and walks for the bed.
“That’s the spirit sweetie” she looks over at him approach with a big smile. “come to mama” she wiggles her ass at him.

Walking to her with dick in hand he gets behind Tenshi, running the large thick head up crack of her ass, dragging it slowly back down to her slit, prodding the head against her gooey sex smearing the slime all around before he slowly inches in from behind, forcing the bulbous head right past her lips, stretching her hole over his thick cock sinking it slowly in from behind. A baby like whimper escaping Tenshi’s lips, her hips pushing back just as slow to meet his hips pulling him completely in.

“Crawl over here and watch slut” Tenshi commands Valerie. “On your belly”

Valerie lowers herself down humiliated on her belly, crawling towards the two as commanded.

Nicolas begins slowly riding Tenshi from behind, a lot less violent than he was with Valerie. A slow rythum building as he treasures the nurturing sensation of her cunt, just inching out and grinding while he makes love to her from behind. His breaths silent and deep, hands sliding up her back as he leans forward and reaches under for her heavy tits, grabbing them roughly in his hands squeezing them hard with his inflamed passion for her, pulling her up off her hands as he hugs her to him from behind. His subtle ass clenching tightly with each stroke.
Holding her tight against his chest while he bites down on her shoulder to hold back a moan which gets muffled into a grunt. The bed creaking with he begins to drive into her, grinding hard into every thrust.

The bite and fucking from behind causes Tenshi to release a mini flood which runs down Nicolas’ shaft and drips down his swinging balls and onto the bed. Her orgasm quite vocal and intimidating. They seem to trigger more grief and tears from Valerie.

The slaps of his hips against her ass becoming audible in the room. Drowning out the crying of Val who sits at the foot of the bed sobbing. She reaches down between her own thighs.

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself” Tenshi says sharply looking down over her shoulder. “Part of your punishment is to watch bitch...Not cu....” Tenshi manages to get out between moans, breathing out her sentence only half complete. She’s unable to do anything else other then get pounded from behind though for the moment, mounted from behind by a jackhammer pounding through her cunt, stabbing her cervix with each thrust as the pace quickens.

Nicolas releases a meaty tit to push Tenshi’s hair aside and back over one shoulder. His hand returning to where it belongs on her tit. The tension in his hands even greater, squeezing so hard she feels as if her tits my burst in his hands like water balloons.

Pulling his mouth from her shoulder her yells out “Firefly” in a whimpering moan, her vice like cunt milking his cock with each stroke. Finding it harder and harder to hold back the rage building within his cock. Pulling her hard up against his chest from behind and bites down on the back of her exposed neck, whimpering with frustration trying to hold back. Fighting a losing battle.

A tear betrays Tenshi as it runs down her cheek, finding it hard to withstand his cock invading her hole and battering her cervix, her unused womb threatened by the thick battering ram trying to push in.

“That’s right Nicky-boy” Tenshi yelps out. “You own this now...” Tenshi cries out as another flood runs down the pistoning shaft, his diameter swelling inside her as the shaft balloons. “Don’t make me beg for it..Blow it inside me. Give this bitch something to lick out of your fuck holeeeee..”she loses herself in a mindless moan as a series of orgasms race through her body. Her body practically vibrating against him, her ass pushing back against him.

Unable to hold out any longer himself he releases Tenshi shoving her forward. His hands releasing her tits and find themselves on her slim waist grabbing her with intended business, he holds her there and pulls her back with each forceful long quick stroke, driving her like a machine built just for him. The loud slap of his hips filling the room with each crash behind her.

“Ahhhh..” he is unable to make anything intelligible out, just a series of savages grunts as he begins spurting inside her, the sloppy wet fuck sounds and trapped air escaping from Tenshi’s now broken pussy. Her hole obliterated and sloppy with their mixed juices running down her thighs, and soaking the bed.

Tenshi’s moaning..or screaming, the sounds escaping her mouth too hard to process as they sync in ecstasy with one another.

Collapsing to their side spooned into each other they mutually grind through the subsiding orgasm. His cock never leaving his newfound snug little hole. Not letting her escape from his prick, keeping her held on it by his forceful hands.

Valerie stands up from the foot of the bed to get a better look, some of the blood on her face dried up and crusting. She just stares, mortified. A hand behind her ass holding the collar lodged up her ass in place, fearing what would happen if it slipped out. Speechless with her chest heaving, trying to regain composure as she see the toy she lost curled up with the evil woman who just snatched him from her, and it only took Tenshi a total moments to over power the hold Valerie held over him. A new set of tears beginning to run down Valerie’s cheek.

It wasn’t from fear, humiliation, anger...she realized she lost.

After moments of staring at the two who were cuddled and smiling with a blissful hum she began to hobble away with a limp. The limp in part from how her ass was destroyed, the other due to the collar stuffed up her chute, marinating in Nicolas’ earlier release.

Without look “Not so fast bitch. I didn’t say you were done and we have a bit more punishment left.

“Pardon me hon” she turns over her shoulder trying to look at Nick with her baby blues. “Sorry” she whispers to him, an odd caring tone in her normally not give a fuck tone of voice. Sliding her puss slowly off his rigid dick, savoring the relief, and just as quickly acknowledging the regret it..him no longer filling her at the moment. Her new personal drug. Her hand quickly covering her gaping hole before his cum can spatter out.

Her free hand raises, still trembling from Nick’s fucking. “Get that water pitcher” her index finger raises pointing to the dresser a few feet from the bed as she stands at the food of the bed “You can walk to quick about it you cunt” she shimmies holding her twat like a little girl who has to make pee pee.

Valerie who was already on her feet quickly obeys fetching the pitcher and walks to Tenshi quickly getting down on her knees, without even being commanded to do so. She looks down to the floor with shame. Only able to imagine what is about to happen next.

“Hold it out for me, below my waist” she gets her pussy eye level to Valerie. Tenshi’s smile goes ear to ear with adorable dimples as she straddles over the pitcher, pulling her hand from her cunt. “Look up at me”

Valerie looks up into Tenshi’s blues with her grays. The river of cum gushes out from her pussy pooling into the pitcher. The geyser shooting out not very neat, some of it running down the rim and dripping onto Valerie’s hands while she holds it for her mistress. An overly generous amount filling 1/10 the 2 liter pitcher at the bottom.

Stepping back Tenshi chuckles low and with taunt. “Nicky-boy..come here and give me some help.” Tenshi speak while reaching down between her thighs pulling a large dollop of leftovers from her pussy that didn’t drip into the pitcher. Reaching out after the gathering and smears it across Valerie’s pretty face. “That’s smarts” and snatches the pitcher from her.

Still with quite a bit of energy Nicolas sits up hopping off the bed and joins Tenshi. “Hmmm?”

“Get her collar love and make sure she shits your seed into this.” she smiles sweetly at Nicolas.

With an evil grin he sees where Tenshi is going with this. “Certainly Firefly.” Taking the offered piture betting behind Valerie, lowering himself to one knee. Giving Valerie’s abused ass as slap, putting the pitcher down on the floor between her thighs right under her clenched ass. He fingers at the flapping strap of the collar sticking out of her ass.

Grabbing the slimy strap between two fingers he snatches it quickly from her ass pulling it out quick. The copious amount of cum in her ass spews out, the embarrassing sound of trapped air farting out as it causes the leftover seed to bubble out of her ass.

Tenshi can’t help but giggle at the sound, the pitcher filling even more so.
Holding the collar between his pinched fingers and grabbing the pitcher by the handle in his other hand. He stands and steps around joining Tenshi by her side.

“Good love. Now put that collar on her neck. She’s our toy now” she smiles devilishly at him.

Grinning at her he gives the pitcher to Tenshi as she takes it from him holding it. Nicolas steps back around Valerie standing behind her. Valerie shivers in shame, knowing she is no longer her own person. She pulls her black tresses up and closes her gray eyes looking down, waiting in her defeat, neck exposed.

Reaching around and under, Nicolas’ other hand reaches for the other, grabbing the other end of the tainted slimy tainted collar pulling it tight and snug around her neck fastening the collar while slipping it through the buckle. He smacks her across the back of the head for good measure.

Valerie is unable to do anything but cry uncontrollably as she looks up at Tenshi “You’re horrible, what did i ever do to you?”

Nicolas rejoins Tenshi’s side, smiling down at Valerie with her. His cock becoming nice and erect sticking up at a 125 degree angle, unable to help himself. He just holds it slowly stroking. “What now?” he looks over to Tenshi at his side.

“heheh..Now she reaches forward with the pitcher of filth holding it over Valerie’s head and begins to slowly tip it. “We baptize our new bitch” and pours it over her her head.

Valerie drawls out loudly as the warm spunk washes over her, plastering her hair and running down her forehead, raining down her face completely covering. Her gray eyes disappearing in the glaze that washes over, running down her cheeks and gumming over her open mouth.

Tenshi just laughs. The slightly stunned Nicolas joining her, the pitcher completely emptied on her. After it’s empty Nicolas places his palm on Valerie’s chest and pushes her backwards onto the floor.
“Lets get some rest..big day tomorrow love” Tenshi snags Nicolas’ hand like it belongs to her and guides him over to the bed which she hops up. The beastial woman exposing her gentler side slowly pulling him onto it with her, turning her back to him.

Instinctively knowing what to do Nicolas curls up behind her cuddling. Leaving Valerie there to cry and sort herself out.

“G’night Nicky-boy” she pushes backside against him, securing his cock between her ass cheeks like a hotdog bun.

“NiNi my little firefly...” he calls out after “Sleep under our bed bitch until we fetch you out in the morning” and snuggles close to Tenshi. The two drifting off into an accomplished sleep together.
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