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College Years Sex Exploit
Returning to School - Ellen


My name is Greg. After graduating high school I moved to the mid-west for several years where I held a
number of less than great jobs and partied like crazy. Eventually, I moved back east, got a better job, and
started attending night-school at a local university. Eventually, I had taken enough courses and earned
grades good enough to get me into the full time program.

Soon after I started school full time, I broke off with my girlfriend of 3 years, and started hanging around
a lot more at school trying to take advantage of all it had to offer, and studying at the library. Soon I was
studying with my class-mates and doing class projects, but many of the people I was in class with were
unfortunately pretty immature. By the time I went back to school at this elderly age, I was ready to to do
the work, and especially since I was paying for it - work hard.

Eventually, I figured out who those were who were of my own general age group, as a number of them
were in my classes and back in school for the same reasons: it was time to start working on a real career
path for the long run. Eventually, I became friendly with my classmates, and we would often seek each other
out and join each other for lunch, or just to study with someone who was there to work. It was nice because
most of the folks my age were females, and most of them were really nice looking. Its notable that I also
sometimes took night classes to get the instructors I wanted.

I met Ellen at school - and from here on in, this story will be told from both our prospectives. Its a bit long,
but it sure was worth it - and this is how it was.


I'd been working for my fathers company in the office since I'd finished high school. I really hadn't had
any idea of what I wanted to study, so going to work for the family business was a natural progression for
me until I got tired of working in the office as the head HR clerk after 8 years or so. I eventually had a chat with my dad, told him that I really wanted to do something more interesting, and wanted to work my way
into the finance department. But while my dad was receptive, and my managers (who played no favorites)
gave me good reviews, my father told me that I really needed to get moving with school and finish my degree.

Now I'd started taking night school classes at the local university and did well in my SAT's, but since I'd
grown to like having my independence (I have my own apartment and no longer lived at home) going to school full time seemed like a difficult way to go, and I couldn't afford to do both (keep my apartment and do
school full time). But one day while I was at work, my dad and I were having lunch, and he mentioned that
my mom was looking to leave the firm as she wanted to take on some volunteer work at the USO, because
my brother had joined the service and she felt she should do something for our servicemen and women.
When I suggested that I take over her job in finance, my father offered me a compromise: I could work
part time, and my mother would work part time - with me - showing me the ropes, and they'd help me
go to school full time (then I got to keep my apartment).

Since I'd been taking classes for a while, I had a good idea of how demanding that would be (VERY), but
figured that I could make it work since I was single after a fairly long relationship. My now ex boyfriend
and I simply weren't going in the same direction intellectually - I was frustrated by his ever decreasing sex drive, and found more solace in my vibrator than I did him. So now that I was free of having to make a lot of time for him, I arranged to start school full time at the start of the fall semester, and started my transition at
work from HR administration over to the finance department. In the meantime, to jump start the beginning
of my new duties at work, I took a summer school class in finance.

Before I started school full time, I realized very quickly that I was attracting the stares of some of the
guys. Where I'm slim and exercise regularly, I had considered myself overly gifted regarding my breast size
(which were D-cups). Hence - I'm not really sure how it progressed, while I was in night school and later
during day classes I'd grown my brown-curly hair longer, started wearing my large framed glasses instead
of my contact lenses (my eyes otherwise got tired from all the reading), and also wore large, bulky button-
down shirts to draw attention away from my breasts. The unwanted attraction of the part of the juveniles
finally started to wane by the time I'd finished my freshman year and depleted pretty much altogether
by the time I was halfway through my sophomore year. I had at that point gotten used to a rather heavy
work (over 30+ hours a week) schedule, and full time course load. As a result, I didn't have much time to
myself, but I was so heavily dedicated to my work and studies in school that it seemingly didn't matter.
That started to change, when I started taking statistics in that second semester, when I noticed a guy
I hadn't seen around before named Greg.

He was easily over 6 feet tall with a natural build - it looked like he had the kind of body shape similar to that
you'd expect of a swimmer, brown slightly curly hair, striking blue eyes, and a wonderful smile. I guessed
he was close to my age (28), seemed really smart, always prepared for class, asked really good
questions, and was very articulate. I'd begun to notice him more and more around campus, and I found
we shared more classes as the first week of the semester progressed, three in all.

I had made friends with some of the other women in my age group, and we had all noted the lack of available(age wise) men. The one guy that was available in our age group the first year I was in school had the same general mentality of the teenagers, and the other women considered him to be kind of a creep. Several of us were having lunch in the commuter cafeteria (where there was always a lot of room) when Greg walked in and got in line to get something to eat. One of the other women pointed him out and asked who he was, and I mentioned that he was in my statistics, history, and government classes. One of the others said he was in her astronomy class and that she'd learned from one of her friends that he was a computer science major (In that school, that was a tough set of courses). Anyway, he came back with a slice of pizza and a drink, sat at one of the tables near us, and gave us all a smile before settling in to eat and read.

Eventually, he'd recognized us from classes, got to know who we all were (and us him), and we all started
wondering if he was seeing anyone. One of my girlfriends found out that he was taking a calculus course at
night, and knew a married woman (Nancy - also in her late 20's) in his class, who'd become friendly with him. Thats when we found out they'd become friends, and she'd found out in the course of their discussions that he'd broken off with a long-time girlfriend not too long before.

Anyway, he soon became part of our group, where we all found him charming, very funny, and really smart.
Eventually, we got to a point where we were wondering if he'd get around to asking any of us out, but it wasn't easy to get him alone. Then one day I had been visiting one of my instructors, and noticed that Greg was in one of the statistics labs, working with one of the tutors. I still had a lot of work to do in statistics, and had my books with me. I saw the tutor get up and go off to see someone else, so I went in and sat at the same table with him and pulled my books out - he looked up at me, gave me a wonderful smile, and said "welcome to the party!".

As the next hour went by, more and more folks gradually left (dinner was starting at the cafeteria, and since
we were both commuters that didn't apply to us) and we were eventually left alone. Greg got up
to stretch, pace, and take a short break - so we started to chat alone for the first time. Indeed this was a very
interesting guy - he was a musician and in a band, didn't have to work while in school, and mentioned that
shortly he was going to take off for the athletic center. I mentioned they had a real nice one, and that I used it
to work out and do aerobics. I got up and stretched long and hard - with my back turned to him, while he
mentioned that he used the pool (I knew it!) to swim laps and keep his head on straight - and was overdue
for a workout.

Anyway, we finished up, said good night and went our separate ways. It was getting late on a Friday,
and I headed back to my place for a date with my VCR, and later, my vibrator.

Several months went by where he and the rest of us all would get together to study, and as I got to know him
I'd found that he wasn't just intelligent, he was brilliant. His course work earned the respect of all of his
classmates and his instructors, he had an aura of easy confidence and a wonderful sense of humor that
I found increasingly attractive. And then one weekend, after mid-terms, I was struck with a minor personal
disaster when my vibrator broke. All at once, I'd come to the realization that I was starving for male attention,
and that my vibrator, especially now that it was busted, was a poor substitute. And I started thinking about
Greg more and more - but realized also that he wasn't likely to notice me when I'd gone to the trouble to
hide myself to prevent unwanted attention from the frat-boys. Now I had to figure out how I'd get him to notice me while not attracting unwanted attention from the others.

But then the semester ended, and we all went off to do whatever we did during the summer. For me, it
was working at my family business. Greg had mentioned he'd landed an internship at a local firm, and was
eager to get away from the grind of school.


I first met Ellen when I went to statistics class, which was a brutally boring and demanding class all at the same time. Being a requirement, it wasn't like I could avoid it, so I resolved to still do the very best I could.

That first day, Ellen was sitting across the aisle from me, and she had this huge shock of brown curly hair
that had just slightly silvering accents. She also wore these enormous glasses, and a red button down shirt
that looked like something resembling a tent. I of course noticed all the girls I was in class with, being a
normal healthy male, and many of them while cute, were in many respects breathtakingly immature. Ellen
was clearly older than them, and when I looked at her hands and got a closer look at her (without being too
obvious) It seemed to be she was perhaps a lot thinner than I'd originally thought.

I soon found out that she shared three classes with me, and started to see her around more. Eventually, she
showed up at the statistics lab, where I sometimes went to study, because not only weren't there many people there (and sometimes less noisy than the library), but the graduate student tutors were also there. Hence - if you had questions you could get answers quickly (and a few of them were pretty cute! - since I was older than the vast majority of underclassmen, the grad students were much more age appropriate and mature). Anyway, Ellen sat down at the same table I was sitting at, said hello and got to work. Eventually, everyone else left until it was the two of us, and we'd chat about various topics while taking the occasional break. Eventually, we both took off, and I went to the pool to swim a mile - which always seemed to help clear out my head. But one thing I noticed: when Ellen got up to stretch, she turned away and stretched her arms high almost to the lower beam of the ceiling (which was comparatively low), exposing not only that she was wearing black leggings, but when her oversized shirt lifted, it revealed that she had a most wonderful ass, nicely shaped hips, and a slender waist. That was when I realized she was wearing oversized shirts with lots of bulk, and was hiding what I suspected to be some impressive breasts.

I then looked at her even more carefully, and realized that under that pile of hair and huge glasses were some very nice eyes and a very pretty face. It was the librarian look, all prudish, but who then turns into a stunner when she removes her glasses, etc. I was becoming more intrigued - but had so much to do I tucked that nugget of information away for later use.

When the semester finished, I found myself working at an internship over the summer. After working all summer, I was still in school full time, but was now working as well. Pretty soon, I found myself completely engaged and working either at my job or school - and it was largely non-stop. Essentially, it got to a point to where I was either sleeping, going to/from school, in class, eating, or studying.

I went into the cafeteria on a Wednesday during midterms, and ran into Ellen. We'd gotten to know each other pretty well, and while she was still wearing the oversize shirts, but she'd gotten her hair styled, and was apparently wearing contacts. And I noticed, her blouse was smaller than the monster-sized shirts she always seemed prone to wear, and she looked really nice (and I told her so, which earned me a nice smile). We both got some coffee and hung around to do some work, and while taking a break, I'd mentioned how little time there was for anything other than school or work.


Getting back to school in the fall was something I'd been looking forward to, because while I liked working with the folks at my fathers company, I was really getting lonely, and wanted to get back with the folks that were my own age. I quite frankly, was very interested in seeing if Greg was still there, as the few guys I dated over the summer went nowhere.

He was there, still (apparently) not seeing anyone, and was looking great. As the semester wore on I found
out he was working (like me) and doing the same crazy hours I was. Hence, we started to occasionally
commiserate over the constant work/no play schedules we both shared.

Mom, who I was still working with at the office part-time, came by my desk, announced that she was
going to get her hair done at a different salon one of her friends had recommended. She asked me to come
along and I was kind of reluctant, but she took my head in her hands, and said: "Ellen darling, your father and I were discussing that you haven't had a real boyfriend for ages, and part of that might be due to the fact that you're hiding your self under a ton of hair…". We can hardly see your eyes, and think you need to get out more. C'mon - I'll call them and see if they have room - if so - you come with me and I'll buy. They did and off we went. The salon was really nice - and the young lady who they assigned to me was super nice and very pretty - exactly what the doctor (well, my mom) ordered. After looking me over she suggested that I let her style my hair to frame my face and take better advantage of my features. As she cut my hair she mentioned that I was very pretty, and said I should consider something other that a XXL mans shirt for a blouse.

I told her about some of the creepier frat boys as school, and that I really didn't want to draw that kind of
attention to myself.

She smiled and said "look - you can buy bras that de-emphasize the size of your breasts, and be more careful about what kind of clothing you choose. But there's no reason why you can't look pretty." Anyway we continued chatting while she did my hair, and when she finished I had to admit it looked really nice. Then she mentioned "all you have to do now is get rid of those awful glasses." I told he that I had contacts and she said that would likely make a big difference.

Later in the week (Wednesday), I ran into Greg in the cafeteria during a particularly long run of studying, work, and exams. I happened to take the advice from Jennie, and was wearing a smaller sized blouse (with a new bra), my contacts, and a set of new jeans. I was trying to see if he noticed the change, when he mentioned that my hair looked really nice. I gave him a big smile and said thanks - and mentioned that I was looking forward to the upcoming long weekend to catch up on sleep and maybe relax a bit.

Greg agreed and told me about more of his work schedule, plus school, and that time to relax was all too rare. So I nodded, and said that my co-workers and family wondered what I did for fun, to which I replied "social life - what social life? - all I seem to do is work, school, study, and sleep..."

Then Greg said - "hey - why don't' we sneak out Sunday afternoon and get a pizza? I know a great place on the other side of town, but its worth the ride. Can you go?". I just about flipped, and tried to maintain my composure as my mind raced, and told him that I had stuff planned but that I thought I could get out of it… I excused myself to go to the powder room and make a phone call, turning myself away from him to squeeze between the tables. I picked up my purse, gave him a little smile, and walked off to the restroom area, where there was also a phone. I called my mom, who I had arrangements with to do some work, and said "mom - I need to get out of doing work on Sunday afternoon.". She said "why - we really need to get the end of the month stuff squared away, and your dad is looking to finance the expansion of the office.". I answered "mom, this guy I really like at school just asked me out for Sunday afternoon and…". My mother cut me off and said "say no more - its about time - who is he?".

I told her quickly about Greg - how I really liked him, he's really smart, I've known him for a while and he'd literally just asked me out two minutes ago - and I was seeing if I could get out of what I had to do with her so I could go with him.

She told me to go for it.

I went back to the table, squeezed back in, smiled at Greg and said "we're on". He took down my address, I gave him my phone number, agreed to a 4:00pm time, and chatted a little more before we both decided it was time to go. He and I both walked out of the building where the cafeteria was and were both heading in the same direction. He walked me down to my car - both of us chatting all the way. I already knew I liked him, and that I was super busy. I also knew I was super horny and desperately needed to get laid. Hence - I really hoped this would work out.


So when Ellen mentioned how busy she was (I had done the same) and here we had a rare long weekend coming up, and might finally get a chance to relax a little. I hadn't been seeing anyone steadily, and she popped out with a comment like "people ask me what I do for fun, and I'm like, social life? what's that?'"

So I suggested that maybe we sneak off and get a pizza at a joint I knew on the other side of town on Sunday afternoon. She seemed to like the idea, but had to see if she could get out of whatever she had to do. So she excused herself, and slid between the tables (giving me a great view of her ass) and walked off to where the phones and restrooms were. She came back a few minutes later and said we're on. So she gave me her number, and address, agreed to a time, and we both started packing up to leave.

We both left the building, starting walking to the parking lot, and chatted and laughed our way all the way to her car. I noticed that she was walking really close to me (hmmm… a good sign!). We stood around her car for a few minutes, and she offered me a ride to mine, which I accepted. We both piled into her little car and she drove me down the hill to mine, and pulled in next to my car.

After chatting for a few minutes I mentioned I had to go, gathered my books and reached for the door handle
when she put her hand on my left arm while leaning relatively close, and said that she'd see me soon with a
big smile. I leaned over to her and gave her a little kiss, which she took willingly with a slightly opened mouth, and lingered on it a wee bit before I opened the door and left after saying goodbye.

I went to school to study after work on Thursday, and much to my surprise ran into Ellen at the library. She waved as she strolled into the library and came into the area where I was studying, which was a miniature library that had been donated by an alumni of the school. This was a nice room - quiet, big table, overstuffed chairs, where you could gather with several people and do work. She asked if she could join me, which I clearly had no issue with, and we studied for several hours. She'd dumped her stuff on one of the overstuffed chairs near the entryway, and got up and went over to get something out (her calculator, presumably), bent over at the waist, and took her time fishing about before producing her calculator (giving a great view of her cute butt!).

When we finished we walked very closely together down to our cars again, and this time mine was closer. So I gave her a ride to her car, and pulled into the spot next to hers. We both leaned in for a kiss, but his time she gave me a very deep and passionate kiss - the kind of kiss that went all the way down to my crotch.
After making out for several minutes, I told her I really had to get home as I had a lot of programming work to
do, and after another monumentally deep kiss (man, she was an *awesome* kisser), she reluctantly got out, got in her car and off we went.

It was incredibly difficult to pay attention to driving because my cock was as hard as a brick, and the pre-cum that had come out of the tip was sufficient to be uncomfortable.

When I got home, I could not concentrate at all on my work until I'd jacked off and blew a monumental load -
thinking about what she looked like without the always too-large top. I knew if had to be good, and I knew that if she was as good in bed as she kissed, she might be a ton of fun.


So after we'd finalize our plans, Greg walked me down to my car, and we had a wonderful time - we walked
very closely together, and I was trying to retain my composure. It just felt really natural to be with him - I was
already comfortable and knew him well, but wanted oh so much to get to know him better. What kind of a
kisser would he be? I'd caught glimpses of him swimming at the pool because the field house had a huge set of windows at the pool area near the entrance, so I knew he was well-toned and very fit.

But we got to my car, and chatted a bit more, so I asked him where his car was, and it was in the same lot at
a much lower level so I offered him a ride. We got in and drove down to his car, and I pulled in next to his. We chatted for a bit, but he had to go to work on his computer stuff, and excused himself. I don't' know what
possessed me, but I leaned towards him and put my hand on his arm and smiled at him saying good night
when he leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back without offering any tongue, but it was a nice kiss.
I was all flustered inside - the indications were that he was a wonderful kisser. I really wanted another, but
he bid me good night and got out.

I resolved to find him at school the next day. I easily found him in a smaller, private section of the library that
was relatively isolated. It was library within the library that someone donated, with a big table in the middle.
I dumped my stuff on one of the chairs facing the table in the center where Greg was sitting, and joined him
at the table, purposely forgetting my calculator. I did some work, and then went back to where my stuff was, and took my time finding my calculator, hoping he'd be watching me - I didn't want the children at the school
staring at me - but I didn't mind if he did (I'd chosen leggings which clearly flattered my shape. We studied
or several hours and walked back to our cars, but we got to his first. He offered me a ride to mine which I happily accepted, and when he pulled into the spot next to my car and leaned in for a kiss I kissed him back. Our tongues met each other and explored each others mouths, and I felt my pussy get frankly wet.

At that moment, in a flash of about 1 second, I was deeply aroused. I had been without a man in my bed for
far too long, and now I craved this one. When I got home I pulled out my vibrator and dreamed he was moving in and out of me. I came violently, leaving a huge wet spot on my bed. It had been a long time since that happened.


I went to school the next day and completed my lab work, swam a mile in the pool, and went to study in the library. Ellen showed up and we chatted for a little while, but I had to go to work that afternoon, and would be there relatively late.

She did ask what I was up to on Saturday, but I had a ton of stuff do to for school, a family get together, and was going to visit friends on Saturday, so I told her I'd see her on Sunday afternoon.


I did see Greg on Friday, and ventured in conversation to see if there was a way to maybe spend some time
with him before Sunday, because otherwise time was seemingly going to crawl. But he was really busy, and
frankly, so was I. So he said he'd see me on Sunday, and had to go. I took the hint and backed off, gave him a big smile and said I'd see him then, and ran off to work.

I did a pile of homework at the office, got caught up on my regular work, and went home pretty late. Afterwards, at home, my vibrator was calling me. I took off my clothes, got into my king-size bed, turned it on and thought about how much fun I hoped to have on Sunday while I touched it my pussy. Soon I had its tip sliding up and down my slit slowly, and circling around my clitoris while my back arched in pleasure as I got wetter and my juices started to flow. I inserted the vibrator into me, feeling its hardness moving up into me as I started moving it slowly in and out of me. Eventually the rhythm picked up and my hips started moving with the motion of my vibrator. I was hungry for the real thing, but got my mind back on the issue at hand, finally came, and managed to get to sleep.

I spent Saturday studying, the laundry, cleaning my apartment, and went to work for a little while. Then I went food shopping on the way home, and tried to determine what I was going to wear the next day. I'd already decided to wear leggings, but since for once Greg and I were going to be alone, I wanted him to see all of me, because now I wanted some attention, and lots of it. So I decided that when he came up to get me, I would meet him at the door with a form-fitting white zippered top, and I'd wear something over the top when we went out to reduce unwanted attention from other men we might run into. I got a few movies just in case we decided to spend some time on Sunday evening together if all went well.

Sunday, I went to visit my parents and we all had breakfast together. My cousin Jean had come over, who
wanted me to go shopping with her, but before I could answer my mother told me that I already had other plans. And after they spent some time evading her questioning over what I was up to later in the day, I finally let out that I was going on a first real date with someone I'd known for months, and didn't really want to discuss it. Jean and I had been like best friends, as close as sisters since we were small, and she suggested instead we go for a walk.

Once we got outside the first thing out of her mouth was "tell me all about him…". She's already heard about
Greg a few times because of the classes we'd been in together, but wanted every excruciating detail, to a point where I was really starting to feel like I was interrogated and finally told her that she was getting way too ahead of this whole thing. There still way too many problems that could come up - after all - it was only a first date, and either of us could screw it up - though I certainly hoped not. Finally we got back, and I jumped back into the car to go home and get ready.

But now I was starting to get nervous as anyone does just before they go on a date with someone they really
like. So I tried to calm myself and took a long bath, trimmed my pussy hair (it had been a while since I'd done that), shaved my legs and removed excess hair and stubs from around my pussy region without getting carried away. I got out of the bath tub, dried myself off, dried my hair, put in my contacts, a little makeup, and a dash of perfume behind the ears for good measure. I looked at myself in the mirror, and looked myself over.

My body was in good shape and despite my breasts being rather large, they were very firm. My nipples are
sensitive, and sit on top of my breasts as if they look up at you. I'd worked pretty hard to keep it this way despite not seeing anyone, but that was more for myself than anything or anyone else. So I pulled on my thong, leggings, and slipped my feet into a pair of flats. Those were soon followed by my sheerest bra, the form fitting white top, and my pearl earrings as a finishing touch.

Time check - ok - its around 3:30 and Greg would be here in a half an hour or so. I then started fidgeting
around with my jewelry, because now I was becoming a bundle of nerves. I got a proper top to wear out
in public chosen, and then went and looked out the window into the parking lot below to see if Greg's car was out there. Time check - yikes - Its 3:55pm - there's Greg's car! He's here - BUZZZZZZZZZZZZT - I jumped a foot when the door buzzer from the lobby went off. So I buzzed him in saying for him to come up through the intercom in the entryway.

I pinched my nipples through my top, when there was a knock at the door. I called out "just a second", composed myself, and opened the door.


My weekend had so far been pretty typical, but I bothered to plan what I'd wear when I went over to pick up
Ellen. I'd chosen my best fitting jeans, a good polo-style shirt, and my favorite leather jacket along with some
decent shoes. This was supposed to be a casual date, and I wanted to look nice without getting carried away.

I got to her place a little early, so I sat in the car (fortunately, I always had something to read), and when it was time I went across the parking lot to her building, went through the entryway, and pushed her buzzer. It came back after a few seconds so I pushed the door open, and I heard her voice say to come on up. So I took the elevator up to her floor, found her apartment, and knocked on the door.

I heard a "just a second" sing out from inside, and the door swung open. I tried to not let my eyes bug out
of my head when I saw her: I'd never seen her in form-fitting clothing that actually revealed her entire body
all at the same time. Her nipples were sticking out through the cotton material of her white top, which
showed off a stunning pair of breasts that I'd only had a hint of. I followed her through the apartment entryway, observing her beautiful ass, lovely and slim, hips, sensuous walk. Her abs were tight and right, leading up to her ample breasts. Her hair was as nice as could be, the glasses were gone, and her eyes were sparkling with mischief. This was the quintessential librarian-bookish type that had come out of her shell. She turned around took a step towards me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply - my arms closed around her, held her close, and her breasts pushed against my chest.

The kissing quickly became hot, and I ran my hands up and down her back. She responded by pulling me
towards the wall in her hallway, and stopped with her back against the wall. I moved my hands
from her to moving up and down her sides, feeling her shape underneath her form fitting top. While we
were kissing one of her legs lifted up as she pulled me even closer so our crotches met. In an instant my cock began stirring and it was time for me to pull away before I let on I was so turned on by the warm welcome.

I broke off the kissing and announced "showtime!" to get the date started.


He looked so cute when I opened the door, wearing jeans and a polo shirt with a nice jacket. I invited him
in and slowly led him through my short entryway, turned around and put my arms around his neck and gave
him a welcome kiss. He kissed me back and it instantly became a case of dueling tongues. I nearly lost
my balance when he put his arms around me and ran his hands up and down my back. The kisses got
hotter and hotter, and I pulled him to the nearby wall so I wouldn't lose balance. When I got there he moved
his hands to my sides and alternated between there and the small of my back. I was lost for a moment,
one of my legs lifted up as I pulled him towards and our hips came together. That lasted for a few seconds
when he broke the kiss and announced it was time to go. I was ready for him then and there - if he'd
dragged me into the bedroom I would've protested, but probably not for long.

I calmed down, put on my extra top, got my jacket and we headed for the door. He offered me his arm when
we got out the door, so I took it and we strolled to the elevator and eventually to the car. We shared a
nice kiss in the elevator on the way down. We walked over to his car, and he opened the door for me
as a gentleman should. Then he got in and we drove to the pizza joint, chatting all the way.
Once we got there, we strolled up to wait in line with the few dozen other people waiting outside.
The main door had an enclosed entryway maybe 15 feet long that was rather thin - not much room for
people standing inside when customer were leaving. We eventually found our way to the front of the line
near the door. Greg and I were talking, me looking inside, and him facing me when I saw this obese couple
coming out the door, so I reached over and took Greg's hand in mine, and pulled him close to me and his
arm around my back.

I held onto his hand as he was squeezed closer to me by the people exiting, and both of our wrists and
hands were pressed against my ass, which was pressed against the wall. It was really nice to feel his
hand in mine, and I kept his hand trapped there and gave him my nicest innocent smile. I stroked his
hands and gently moved my ass in a way to suggest that I didn't really mind his hands touching me, and
it excited me to feel his hands there…

We finally got inside, and got crammed into a small table in a hallway so we had to sit next to each
other, which didn't bother me at all. I sat real close to Greg and felt the warmth of his legs next to mine.
We ordered, and our pizzas came, and they were wonderful. We laughed all the way through dinner,
and the juke box was wonderful, playing Frank Sinatra music the entire time we were there. Eventually,
we were done, and the waiter was practically pushing us out the door.

So we walked towards the car, when I saw a small entryway to a closed restaurant next to us: I took his hand and pulled him into the entryway, pulled his face down to mine and kissed him deeply. He returned my kisses, and asked if I wanted to get some dessert. I said that sounded nice, and we drove to another
part of town where there was a wonderful pastry shop. While we were standing in line there, I suggested
we take the pastries to my place and watch one of the movies I'd gotten and chat.

He was receptive to the idea, so we bought some goodies, walked back to the car, and headed back to
my place.


We drove over to the pizza joint chatting all the way, and waited in line. When we got into the front of the
entryway Ellen took my hand and pulled me to her and my hand behind her in hers. The door to the pizza
joint opened and these two huge people came out, and we had to squeeze together to let them pass.

It wasn't lost on me that she held my hand in hers now pinned against her wonderful ass, all pressed
together between her and the wall behind us. She looked up at me with a smile and wiggled her ass
back and forth over our hands as she held mine in place. Indeed, this was a friendly gesture. But
this was a first date, and I was determined to still be a gentleman.

We finally got seated in a tiny table in a hall where both people have to sit next to each other or
otherwise someone had to sit in the hall. She snuggled close and could I feel the heat of her legs
next to mine. This contact started to make hard - which I tried to ignore.

We ordered out pizzas and had fun people watching. The music was great, and the pizzas when they
arrived were wonderful as usual (God, I love this place). We eventually got the hint that it was time
to leave, so we paid up and started walking back to the car. At one point Ellen grabbed my hand,
pulled me into the doorway of a closed restaurant, and kissed me deeply.

I asked her if she'd like to get some pastries for dessert, and she said yes. So we went to a pastry shop
on the way back through town, and while we were waiting there she suggested we get them to go, and
have them at her place and watch a movie. So we got our goodies and headed for her place.

When we got there, we strolled arm in arm into her building and up to her apartment. When we got
into her apartment she excused herself, and padded off down the hall. She returned in a few
minutes barefooted, wearing only her leggings and the very distracting form-fitted top. She got us a
couple of drinks as we migrated to the living room, where she pulled a pile of cushions off the
back of the sofa so we could sit on the floor. Ellen then turned on the TV, and stuffed a video into
the VCR. We sat down with our pastries and drinks, and it was all pretty cosy.

The movie was called 9 1/2 weeks, and I'd heard of it, but had never seen it. As we watched the flick
we munched on our pastries and sipped our drinks as we cuddled. Eventually, I noticed that she
was looking up at me, and smiling. So I lowered my head to kiss her, and while our kisses became
more deep and intense, the movie segued into a hot sex scene.


When we got back to my place, I excused myself and headed for my room, where I got rid of the
large over-shirt I was wearing, and kicked off my shoes. I checked my hair and dimmed the light
on the way back to the kitchen. I fixed us a few drinks, and we went to the living room, where I
moved a pile of big cushions off the sofa onto the floor so we could be together more comfortably.
I had chosen the movies carefully, and one of them had a pretty hot sex scene in it, and I thought
"that the hell" and shoved it into the VCR.

So now we were cuddling on the floor, watching this movie and munching our dessert. After a little
small talk I snuggled a little closer and looked up at him and smiled, and he leaned down to kiss me
just as the sex scene started. Our kisses got hot and extended, and soon we were practically
wrestling… I could feel myself getting wet.

I was in the mood, the sex scene was progressing in the movie, and our bodies were next to each other
on the floor side by side. One of my arms started falling asleep, so I pushed him onto his back and
straddled him. He pulled me down with his arms around me and ran his hands up and down my back.
I pushed myself down onto him and could feel the telltale signs of excitement in his jeans. I pushed
my crotch down to his, and could feel his heat and mine combining. He moved his hands down to my
ass, and my top rode up part of the way exposing the skin of my lower back, where his hands also
soon roamed. Our kisses moved up and down each other necks, and then he kissed and nibbled
my ear, which brought up the hairs on the back of my neck, while I felt my pussy become wetter, and
my nipples hardened. I started to slowly move up and down with my crotch rubbing his, as he was
certainly hard now, and I wanted him.

I sat up and went for pulling another cushion down from the sofa, but while doing so I let one of my
breasts rub over his face ever so briefly when I reached up. His arms moved up from my ass, over
the skin of my back towards my shoulders, and then he pulled me down and took my erect nipple
through my top into his mouth. I jolted from this move, and said "hey..". He replied "you did that on
purpose - so I took you up on it…". And he was right… My pussy was now soaking, and at that
point (I have no idea of how long it was) the movie ended, the VCR switched back to the TV and
was way too loud.

I pulled away from him and flipped around to turn down the TV.


When the movie ended the TV came on and it was deafening - Ellen turned around to turn the volume
way down. When she crawled over to do so I noticed that her pussy juices had obviously soaked
through her leggings. This whole thing had me very hard, and very uncomfortable. My jeans were
rather tight and constraining. I tried to readjust my cock, but she flipped back around, lay down next
to me and pulled me on top of her. I looked at her, lowered myself down onto her, and kissed her
deeply. Quickly our bodies started moving together, in effect humping with our clothes on. It didn't
take long for her legs to come up around me, grinding our crotches together. The heat and passion
became intense, and she shuddered, holding me tightly. When she slowly started to let me go
somewhat I moved back and sat up, and she gave me a sort of glassy-eyed smile. I ran my hands
down her body and up her sides, and then down her legs and up over her thighs. Instead of back
up to her abs I moved my right hand over her crotch and cupped her pussy.

Ellen's eyes grew real big and she weakly moved her hands to stop mine, but when my left hand joined
my right and my thumbs worked together to stimulate her, her resistance ended. My right thumb was
circling over her visible hooded cleft of her camel-toe, and my left moving up and down her slit. Her
mouth opened and her hips began to move in response to my thumbs. I moved my left hand up to
unzip her top, which opened easily and revealed her pretty, sheer, and lacy bra.

She was soaking wet, and all worked up. I stood up, offered her my hand which she took, and pulled her
up. We kissed again and stumbled over the cushions and down the hall to her bedroom. When
we got in there the lights were on and already down pretty low.


I got back from turning the TV down, and quickly pulled him on top of me. It was so intense that while
we were kissing each other I clamped my arms around him, and then my legs. I could feel his hardness
and I wanted it against me harder, so I started matching my movements to his. I was soaked through,
and I quickly felt his hardness against my clitoris, which was making me crazy hot. My orgasm started
building and became so intense that I became like an animal merely going on instincts alone. A wave
of pleasure flowed so my body with such force that I clamped my legs around his body, and trembled
as my body took control of my actions, and my pussy gushed.

I gradually returned from my orgasm, and Greg pulled back. He ran his hands up and down my body,
and then down and up my legs, finishing his quest with his hands at my now spread-open but still
clothed crotch. I knew I was soaked all the way through, and that he could see it plainly, but I was
too horny to care. Then he started rubbing my clit and pussy through my leggings, and I weakly tried
to stop him, but I wanted it too much and started responding to him. He reached to my top, and pulled
the zipper all the way down.

I was now partially clothed, and he got up, stood over me, and offered me his hand. I reached for
his hand and he pulled me up. I steadied myself with his help, and we walked hand in hand to my

I pulled him towards my bed, and sat down on the corner with him in front of me. I reached up and
pulled his shirt up, which he finished taking off. I reached for his belt and unbuckled it, undid the
button on his jeans, and pulled down his fly. His cock was bulging in his shorts, and I tugged his
jeans down his legs while I helped him take his legs out of them. With his jeans out of the way
I ran my hands up both sides of his muscular legs, and pulled his shorts down, allowing his very
erect cock to swing free.

I hadn't had anything so beautiful in front of me in ages, and I was so ready for it. I reached for and
pulled it down just enough so I could give it a beautiful and very french kiss, slowly sucking it into
my mouth, getting a taste of his pre-cum. I then released it and allowed it to spring back into
its full 7 inch erect position and looked at his body, which had that toned swimmers shape I found
so compelling.

He reached down to me and pulled my top the rest of the way off, and tossed it on the chair. I leaned
forward, and he undid my bra, which allowed my breasts to swing free. He pushed me gently back,
and I lifted my ass as he peeled my leggings and thong off of me, after which I was nude before him.


Ellen led me to the bed, and turned around, and sat down pulling me towards her. She pulled my shirt
out of my jeans and pushed it up, and I finished pulling it off while she undid my belt and fly, and
tugged at my jeans. I lifted my legs, and she pulled them down and off of me, leaving me naked except
my boxer briefs, which were now filled with my very erect cock and obvious stains of pre-cum visible
even in the dim light.

She ran her hands up my legs, meeting at my waist, and pulled them down, freeing my erection. She
took it in her hands as she gazed as me, and tongued it as she slowly sucked it into her mouth for a
moment and released me. I then reached down and freed her from her top, tossing it aside as I
pulled her forward so I could release her bra. Upon doing so her breasts were freed and she sat up.
They were beautiful, firm, and had nicely erect nipples sitting up for my viewing. I pushed her back
onto the bed, and pulled off her leggings and thong as she lifted her ass off the bed. Her figure was
awesome, and my first thought was "so thats what you've been hiding underneath all these months".
Her pussy was nicely trimmed and I just stared when she reached up and pulled me onto the bed.


We feasted our eyes on each other for a moment, and I saw as much hunger in his eyes as I had
in mine. I pulled him onto the bed with me, and we scooted into the middle of it. He went for initially
trying to lie down next to me, but I was done waiting: I pulled him on top of me and wrapped my legs
around his back while I pulled him towards me for a deep, "I'm going to fuck your brains out" kind
of a kiss. As we tongue wrestled each other I reached down to his hot and hard as a brick cock,
positioned it at my opening, and started pulling him into me. He initially resisted some but soon gave
in and let me take control.


We moved towards the middle of the bed, and I was just lying down next to her when she both moved
underneath me, pulled me on top of her, and wrapped her legs around me while we kissed deeply. The
feeling of her body with her breasts and nipples against my chest, her arms, and legs around me,
was incredible. She reached down, took my erection in her hand, positioned it at her opening, and
pulled me into her. I remember thinking "wow, she really wants it…" as I felt my shaft entering her pussy.
It was very hot, very wet, and gripped me tightly as she pulled me in with her arms and legs while we


I could feel the strength of his cock entering my soaking pussy, I could feel every vein, and the
beautiful head penetrating my insides with a special kind of heat that a vibrator cannot provide. He
allowed me to pull him into me until I could feel his balls against me while we kissed, and after a
moment we slowly started moving together. In a very short time we were aggressively screwing,
and the sound of our bodies slapping against one another, combined with the sounds of my wetness
was turning me into a machine as my first orgasm started to build. I could feel it's onslaught taking
over my body as I surrendered to my senses and instincts. My body was responding to his deep and
aggressive thrusts as his cock drilled my hungry body. I was thrusting up to meet his every move, and
the feeling built until I was just about out of my mind. My body started shaking uncontrollably and my
breathing transformed into panting.


My erection eventually was balls-deep in her, and we remained that way for a few moments just
feeling each others heat. I could feel her pussy muscles grasping my cock, almost milking it. As she
released me our slowly, we instinctively started moving together, going faster and faster as
our bodies began colliding, slapping together as the smell of sex permeated the air. She was
meeting my thrusts with her entire body, responding in a way that indicated an uncommon sexual
aggressiveness deep within. Her body then began to quiver, and I knew she was on the edge.


Then my entire body entirely clamped and went stiff as he tried to continue drilling me - but I held him
tight as my orgasm raked my body the way it desperately had needed for many months. As I caught
my breath, I gradually started releasing Greg, who had started to thrust again - but I begged him to
stop as I was simply too sensitive.


When Ellen came, her entire body went stiff. I wanted to continue in order to maximize her orgasm,
but she had clamped onto me with such strength I stopped until she started to release me. When
I restarted she asked me to wait a minute.

I still had a ways to go yet, so I slowly raised myself up with my arms and moved just enough to
restart stimulating her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, and then down between us and
her legs to watch as my cock moved in and out of her. Her body responded and moved with
mine, and I concentrated as much as possible on maximizing her pleasure.

When she came, she came hard… it was a beautiful thing to watch.


He remained hard as I don't think he had come yet, and shortly after I had calmed down a bit he
raised himself up over me, and I saw him smile as he slowly started to move in and out of me again.
I looked down between our bodies and watched his cock going in and out of my pussy and the waves
of pleasure again started building as my body responded by to meet his thrusts. It wasn't long before
I realized that we had been going steadily for almost an hour, and that this man had stamina that
seriously lacked in any of my previous lovers. My senses became magnified as I became more aware
of his breathing on my breasts and body, as the heat built and our bodies moved together.

Soon I was lost in bliss, and I couldn't hold out any longer, and surrendered to another major orgasm.
I wrapped my legs around him as he continued to thrust, and held him as close to me in an effort to
make him stop until I again caught my breath. He took the hint, let me relax, and lowered himself
onto to me breathing heavily.

As I calmed down, we kissed again and he slowly pulled his cock out my pussy, and began to explore
my body with his lips.


She was now pretty sensitive, so I lay atop her as she calmed and we kissed. I slowly pulled out of
her and started kissing her body, and worked my way down between her legs. The smell of sex
was buzzing in my head and I wanted to taste her pussy, taking in her entire body on the way. She
had goosebumps despite the heat generated by our bodies to that point, and responded beautifully
as I worked her over with my lips, eventually moving over to the insides of her thighs.

She tried pulling me back up, but I held firm to make her wait until I was done doing what I wanted to
do. I then ran my tongue up and between the lips of her very wet pussy in one motion, and circled
her hooded clitoris at the top. This got the result I was looking for: she gasped as her legs spread wide
and her hands grabbed my head, pulling me into her practically in one motion.


He moved from my lips to my neck, and up to my ears which again brought goose-bumps all over my body
as my back arched in pleasure. Then he moved to my breasts, where he gave them the kind of
attention they needed, licking and nibbling my nipples in a way that I could feel all the way down
between my legs before he moved down to my abdomen. The attention he gave to my abs made me
swoon. Eventually he moved to my legs, and then up the inside of my thighs. My pussy was ready for
another round with his cock, but when I tried to pull him back up his only word was "no".

I was going to have to suffer until he was good and ready, but was then stunned when he closed in
on my crotch and dug his tongue between the lips of my pussy from the bottom to the top, and circled it
around my clitoris. I felt like I'd been struck by lightning - none of my boyfriends had even stuck their
tongue into my pussy before: my hands clamped both sides of his head while my legs parted as wide
as they could go as I pulled his face into me.

His tongue circled my clitoris as my hips gyrated to meet his marvelous tongue. My mind was swimming,
my body only capable of reacting to the intensity of his ministrations. I was having trouble breathing
when he took my clitoris into his mouth and sucked it in while slurping my juices from my
pussy. The lights started going off in my head, when he pulled away and climbed over me while
I looked at him stunned that he would stop just at the second I was going to have a major
orgasm. I couldn't talk - my vocal cords had been short-circuited - the only noise I could make
was "uh, uh, uh, uh" while my body shivered for the stimulation it was no longer getting. But he ran his
tongue up my body, past my breasts, and ran the head of his cock up my ass while my legs were spread
wide and high. When it found the opening to my pussy he shoved it in all the way to the hilt.


I dug my tongue into her pussy as her body responded, and sucked the juices out of her. I was so turned
on by her responsiveness that it wasn't hard to tell what she needed. I looked up and watched her body
convulse, with her eyes shut tight and breasts heaving side to side.

Then I took her clitoris between my lips and sucked it into my mouth, which almost caused her to crush
my head between her legs as she writhed in pleasure.

I sensed a powerful orgasm coming as her body began to shake, so I pushed myself up with my arms
freeing my head from her legs and lips from her pussy, and ran my lips up her body as I kept my arms
under her legs to raise and spread them. My cock found the opening of her soaking pussy and I shoved it
all the way in and began drilling it for all I was worth. She began to thrash and her pussy clamped
around my cock like a vise as I felt my balls churning and I continued to force my cock deep into her.

After a few seconds my cock exploded, pumping several loads of seed into her as she came so hard
I felt my balls and upper thighs drench with our combined juices.

Now spent, I collapsed on top of her, gasping for air. I pulled out of her, and rolled over onto the bed.


He thrust it in and out like a piston, and it seemed like it was everywhere at once: my body lost complete
control of itself as my vision completely faded to blackness. When I felt him explode and gush inside of me
I uncontrollably climaxed, with fireworks going off in my head. I have no idea of how long it lasted - my body
had never had such a thing happen - and I had literally just been fucked all but senseless.

It took me some period of time to regain the ability to breath. He slowly pulled out of me, while I
composed myself. As my heart rate receded, my body finally relaxed, and I turned to him and draped
myself over his body lengthwise, the juices leaking out of my pussy. I kissed him, tasting us both and
pulled myself up to straddle him, offering my left and right nipples and breasts to him. He ran his tongue
around them and sucked them gently, and I could feel the stimulation affecting me. I slowly kissed my way
down his body, taking his nipples into my mouth as I ran my hands slowly over his body while I eased
down his torso.


It took Ellen a while to recover, and as she did so she turned to me and put her arm and leg over me,
and I could feel her pussy's wetness on my leg. She pulled up and kissed me, and then offered me
both of her nipples (hat I was all to happy to suckle). Then Ellen worked her way down my body, gave my
balls and cock a tongue bath, after which I felt the shaft engulfed in the warmth of her mouth. She ran her
tongue all over the head of my now hardening cock and sucked me gently, arousing me further.

She pulled herself away from my now stiff cock and moved up my body as her pussy left a trail of its
hot wetness on my leg. Her leg lifted when she straddled me as the opening of her pussy found the head
of my erection, and slid me again deep inside of her.


His cock was already hardening, and has I worked my way down to the top of his legs, I moved to the
center of his crotch and licked/sucked our combined juices from his balls and the base of his shaft with
care, and then licked up the underside of this glorious cock and sucked the head into my mouth, slowly
taking as much of his shaft as I could. I ran my tongue all over him while applying a gentle and loving
sucking to it as I felt him expand further in my mouth. I could feel the blood coursing through his veins
as he moaned in pleasure. I straddled him, rubbing my pussy and its juices on his leg as I pulled myself
up so that our sexes could meet, and when his cock lifted itself off his body and my pussy opening met with
it, I slowly pushed down on him, sliding his shaft all the way into my sensitive pussy as I kissed him


She leaned forward as she slid my cock into her and kissed me. I reached for her firm ass and helped
establish a rhythm between us, and felt for my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. My God this woman
had a hunger: she started moving her hips lasciviously to work my cock as her nipples brushed my chest.
She then sat up, moving up and down frantically as she fucked herself. I was really turned on, and felt
the need go come generating from deep within as her pussy massaged my shaft.

She thrashed and her pussy tightened, and I grabbed her hips to steady her as I thrusted a few more
times and came inside of her, both of our bodies shuddering as she slowly lay down on top of me. We
just lay there in each other arms before she pulled herself off of me.

She produced a towel, and dried us off somewhat. We just lay there in each others arms and fell asleep.


His arms wrapped around me, and moved down the small of my back, until his hands firmly grasped my
ass, and his fingers crept between my legs to feel the union of our sex. I pushed myself up and gazed
down at him while I slowly gyrated my hips, making love to his cock with my entire body, squeezing him
with my pussy as I brushed his chest with my erect nipples. The heat built up inside of me, and
my body started to thrust up and down his shaft as I impaled myself. Soon I was sitting up, feeling his
cock stimulating my g-spot and clitoris at the same time as I moved and he pushed his hips up to meet
me. I could feel my juices flowing, my breasts bouncing, and he moved his hands up to cup and
gently squeeze them while massaging my nipples. Our breathing became deeper as we drove each
other into a frenzy, and now my hips were seemingly detached as I thrashed and my pussy leaked the
smell of sex and drenched his balls.

I felt my orgasm coming from deep within, and as it took over my body I tried to hold it off to keep the
intensity of the moment going, but I lost the will to resist as my body convulsed and my pussy squeezed
the entire shaft of his cock inside me. He grabbed my hips and forced my body up and down as he
thrust into me, increasing the power of the orgasm as he groaned and filled my pussy with hot sperm.
I collapsed atop him, both of us panting and clinging to each other as the fluids of our sexes combined
and leaked from our crotches onto the bed.

I was exhausted and spent. Once we composed ourselves I slowly pulled up and away from him, and
felt his semi-hard cock pull out of my soaking pussy. I moved over to the side of the bed, and got up
to fetch a towel that I used to wipe the sweat off our bodies and soak up the fluids that permeated the
regions between our legs.

We moved over to the other side of the bed, and I spooned myself into him, and luxuriated in feeling
his arms closing over me to pull me closer. We lay there naked and fell asleep.

I awoke later sometime in the night, at first shocked at the feeling of someone in my bed. I then realized
that I wasn't dreaming, and that Greg was there with me. I pushed my hips back so that my ass brushed
his now flaccid cock as he breathed deeply in sleep. I reached behind me and cupped his cock and balls
together, and was turned on by the response of his cock starting to harden as I slowly rubbed him. My
pussy started to get wet as I became aroused, and soon his cock was hard and warm between the cheeks
of my ass, and I squeezed him slowly and moved my hips to stimulate him further. A flow of pre-cum
lubed my ass, and as I moved up and down I felt his cock brush my anus, which now felt like an entirely
new erogenous zone. My pussy was now very wet, so I leaned forward, took his cock with my hand, and
pushed it slowly down until it was parallel with my pussy. I pushed back and felt the shaft of his cock
slide between my pussy lips, with the head brushing my clitoris. I could feel his hardness and heat, and
I needed it, so I moved my hips and body away just enough to present the opening of my wet pussy to the
head of his cock. Then I slowly and gently pushed back on him, and felt his hardness enter me as my
back arched in pleasure.

I slowly moved my hips and felt the warm and glorious friction of him inside of me, as I pleasured myself
while I tried not to wake him. But as I moved back and forth and my pussy massaged his cock, he awoke
with a start and started meeting my thrusts with his. He reached up and cupped my breasts and
pinched my nipples, and then ran his hand down my back as he fucked me from behind. Now I didn't
have to try to not wake him, as my body moved to meet his, and I felt his balls slapping the outside of my
pussy as his cock impaled me. I was in a cloud of bliss, as my orgasm built until I came, shuddering
with pleasure and coming all over his shaft and balls.


I was dead asleep, and thought I was having a wet dream. But as the dream continued I realized the
bed was shaking and the pleasure was intense. I fully awoke with a start on my side, with my cock
already buried in Ellen's pussy! She was moving slowly back and forth, squeezing me with her
pussy muscles.

I started moving my hips with hers, and reached to cup her breasts and pinch her nipples. I then
ran my fingers down her back and held onto her as I continued to fuck her until I felt her body shudder
as she came.


I pulled away, turned over and pulled him onto me kissing him deeply and wrapping myself around
him as his cock slid back into me. He buried his face in between my breasts, and moved
his mouth back and forth giving each breast due attention, as his free hand stroked my body, touching
here and pinching there as if he knew exactly what I needed and when.

Our bodies melted together in harmony has we fucked slowly but with purpose. The waves of pleasure
soon had me arching my back, my head tossing from side to side as I instinctively matched his moves
and felt the power of his thrusts. Our pace gradually increased and I sensed he was about to come, so
I clenched his cock with my pussy and he groaned and shifted himself so that his cock was now rubbing
my clitoris. The climax was soon upon us both and we came together as our sexual secretions mixed
and dripped out of me.


She pulled away from me, turned over, and slid under me as my cock slid back into her wetness, and we
gradually increased the tempo until we both came. She toweled me off and I again fell asleep.


I grabbed the towel and wiped my pussy again, and gently toweled off his cock. We nestled together
again and soon fell back into contented sleep.

I woke up the next morning feeling tired, and a little sore, as if I'd run a marathon the day before. Greg
was quietly snoring next to me, and when I turned to look at him he looked so cute with his hair mussed
up and perfectly relaxed as he slept. I got up and stretched, and decided to take a bath. I put on my robe,
went to the bathroom, started the hot water running, got the coffee maker going, and went back to the
bathroom, which by now was warm with steaming hot water. I wiped the mirror and looked at myself,
noticed my face and body were all flushed, and realized that I hadn't looked that laid, if ever, in a long

After a few more minutes the tub was sufficiently full, so I took off my robe the rest of the way and slid into
the wonderful hot water. I just soaked for the first 5 minutes, then cleansed myself with body wash, and
shampooed my hair. I rinsed the shampoo out by immersing my head in the bath water, re-rinsed it again,
and lay back to relax. Then I saw my razor, remembered the night before, and decided to shave my pussy.
I hadn't done that in quite a while, and as I carefully trimmed the hairs away and pulled the outer lips taut
to help the razor do its job I became more aroused - but knew it would be worth waiting just a little while
longer. I decided once I was almost done, to leave a only landing strip behind.

I got out of the tub and started it draining, brushed my teeth, inspected myself again, and decided that I
looked pretty good. I dried my hair and applied some deodorant, just a touch of perfume behind my ears,
put on my robe and walked back to the bedroom. While doing so, I could feel the air on my now virtually
bare pussy, and my arousal started to return.

I entered the room, and Greg was now quietly sleeping on his side. He looked so good, and now I needed
to see if last night was a fluke of some kind: was it possible that I was just so horny that just the touch of
a man would've put me over the top? I pulled the sheet down and slowly crept towards his cock, which was
dormant and inviting. I could now smell the odors of sex as I neared his manhood, making my pussy
slick. I opened my mouth and took him into my mouth, and made love with my tongue and mouth to his
sex. It wasn't long before it stirred, and I could feel him hardening. It was my intention to wake him, but
to do so in the nicest way. This seemed to me like the best alternative, and it turned me on to give him

I increased my ministrations on him and indeed he did wake up, and pulled me atop of him with my legs on
either side of his head. He moved his hands up to my ass and pulled me down to him, and as I settled down
he stuck his tongue out to meet my very wet pussy. One or two quick licks and I arose, looked at him with lust, and told him that I needed to confirm something. I turned around and re-straddled him, facing the
headboard and cinched forward to present my pussy to his mouth. I put another pillow under his head, and
settled down onto his tongue. When it connected with my clitoris I shivered with pleasure, grabbed the
headboard, and watched him eat my pussy as he reached up with his hands and firmly took hold of my ass.

The feeling of his tongue all around my bare pussy was glorious, and he dug into me slurping up my juices.
His tongue was soon doing circles around my cleft, and my hips began moving as the pleasures intensified.
He soon had me practically climbing the wall, when he took my clitoris into his mouth and sucked it in.
After about 5 seconds my body froze and my legs clamped his head between them as I came hard in his mouth and convulsed as he continued sucking the hooded cleft of my pussy.


I didn't wake until the next morning, but when I did it was to the sight and warmth of Ellen giving me a
blow-job (this is as pleasant a way to be wakened as any guy would want!). Her pussy was near my face,
and I noticed was now all but completely shaven. I pulled over over to me and started to 69 her, but she
got up, said she wanted to check something, straddled my chest and then sat on my face.

I stuck my tongue out as she lowered her pussy to my lips. I licked the slit from back to front and then
pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. I brought my hands up to cup her ass, and help keep my tongue where I wanted it to go. I licked the newly-exposed and sensitive skin surrounding the cleft
between her legs and let her feel the heat of my breath in her crotch. I then alternated moving my tongue
between the entrance of her pussy to her hooded and swollen clitoris, as she moved her body to accept
the sensations my tongue was giving her. I looked up at her and watched the movement of her body
and her tits as she rode my tongue - the look on her face was one of total concentration.

Finally, I took her clitoris between my lips, and gently sucked it into my mouth along with the juices flowing
out of her delicious pussy. She moaned and her body began to tremble, it froze, and her legs squeezed
my head as she came hard in my mouth and on my face.


I recovered and weakly raised myself off his face, and knelt down to kiss him and lick my pussy juice off
his face. I continued to move over his body, and offered him my breasts, which he willingly took into his
mouth. I inched down further, felt his hard cock at the opening of my pussy, and slowly took him inside me.
He easily slid in, and we lay there feeling each others bodies commingled together. He started moving
his hips to pump his cock into me, but I shook my head and said "no, this one is all mine" and did all the
work for him, moving my hips and squeezing his cock with my pussy muscles. I wanted to feel him to come
inside me again, and after a while was rewarded with a rush of hot wetness as his cock squirt its load
into my womb.

I smiled at him and said "good morning". He smiled back and said "hi - was that what you were looking for?". "indeed it was… would you like some coffee?". "Sure" he said.

We got up, I put on my robe, and gave him a set of my brother's sweats to wear that I filched from him when
he left for the service, and we went to the kitchen and had a few mugs of coffee and a light breakfast. He
mentioned that he felt like a shower would be a good idea, so I took him by the hand, led him to the bathroom, helped him remove the sweats, and started the shower for him. He pulled the door open and stepped inside, and just as he was doing so I undid my robe, dropped it, and followed him in.

I lathered him all over, washed his hair, and thoroughly but gently cleaned his cock and balls from behind,
pushing my breasts into his back as the hot water flowed over us. He pulled me in front of him and soaped
me all over from behind. His cock, at attention again, found its way between the cheeks of my ass. I
pushed my ass towards his cock, and enjoyed the feeling it gave me as he cupped my breasts with one hand, kissed my neck and ears, and fingered my clitoris with his other. I was now moving up and down and humping his cock with my ass, with the shampoo lathering between us as the hot water poured all over my front.

I turned around, gave him deep kiss, moved him and myself around to rinse us both off completely, and then
shut off the water. We both got out, and dried each other off (me for the second time), walked back to the
bedroom hand in hand, straightened the bed back out, climbed back in, and snuggled together.


Ellen stayed over me, but pushed my arms down so they were alongside my body as she moved on her
knees away from my face, and then she leaned down and kissed me deeply, tasting her juices. I was really
hard and now all worked up, and my cock was lifted clear off my stomach when she moved herself to take
me inside her once again. As my cock lined up with her very wet opening, she pushed her hips back to take
me inside her. Her pussy was hot, and was squeezing my shaft. I started to move, but she told me to lie
still as she wanted to do the work.

And that she did. Her body moved beautifully as her inner muscles and movements combined together while she looked down at me, smiling, and occasionally at my cock as it was being stroked by her pussy. I started to tense up trying to prolong the pleasure, but finally blasted my load inside of her.

We got up, she gave me some sweats she had to put on, threw on a nice kind of sheer robe, and went to the
kitchen for coffee and some breakfast. Afterwards, I asked if she minded if I took a shower. She led me to the bath room, where she proceeded to help me out of the sweats I was wearing. She turned on the water and I opened the sliding door to the shower and stepped in. She dropped her robe and stepped in with me, took some body wash and cleaned me thoroughly from top to bottom as I felt her nipples, breasts and body
rubbing against me. She washed my hair, and after it was rinsed I pulled her in front with her back facing me, and soaped her from head to foot. I held her tight with my cock in between her ass cheeks and enjoyed the slippery sensation of the soap between our bodies as we moved together.

She turned around, we kissed, and when we both got ourselves rinsed off she shut off the water and we both
got out. A few towels were produced, and we dried each other off.

Ellen looked up at me with a nice smile, took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. We then fixed the bed up a bit and got back in just to enjoy feeling our bodies next to each other. I thought about all the time I had known her as an outstanding student, without fully realizing either how really beautiful she really was, or how extraordinary she was in bed.

I considered myself lucky to have learned this lesson, thought about studying her in more detail, and dozed off.


I hoped so much that this wasn't the only time we would share a bed - but for now, I was content. He was
next to me, and we both drifted back to sleep.

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