Okay this is a true story, i tried to keep it brief and without all the unnecessary drama. im not givingher nae or even a fake one. i will leave that up to your imagination.
My girlfriend (I won’t bother with a fake name) had always been very reserved about sex. Rarely initiating the act and hardly participating when we did. She had been my first so I didn’t think I could do better and so we stuck together. Me lying out of my teeth about how she was enough for me sexually and her letting me. She probably knew that I wasn’t fully satisfied so she would sometimes agree to anal sex or different positions; although we didn’t really get into anal since she said it was too painful.

Anyway, as time went by I grew bored as any guy would. She had average looks. Small breasts and was always shut off. No matter what I tried she would never open up and so we began to lose touch emotionally until it got to the point where she became a girl that I once loved and was only good for a fuck, and not even a good one, but I still stuck with her scared of being alone. And soon I was having more intense fantasies about her. As my emotions dwindled my fantasies intensified. It started with me fucking her in public and progressed to the public participating. It began to fantasize about how they would use her. Fuck her roughly.
The first of these fantasies was me getting her to fuck my friends as a favor to them or her fucking people to pay off debt. How she would suck and fuck taxi drivers to take care of the fare. Mind you she would never do any of these things (or so I thought) so it made the fantasy all the more arousing. Each time we would be apart I would imagine her being fucked as I stroked my cock.

Later on our problems got to a point where we had a fight and she ditched me and went out. I didn’t see her until the next day and we barely spoke. Then she went out again the next night. (I had gone out too but didn’t do anything) anyway. The next day we spoke. She told me that she had gone out the first night and fucked two guys in a motel. She picked them up and took them to a hotel and fucked them all night. My heart was pounding so fast, my breath was cold I couldn’t believe it. I was both aroused and betrayed. So I threw her on the bed and made her tell me about it.

She met those two men in a night club and they started talking and the conversation eventually turned to sex. She then proposed a threesome and they agreed, back in the hotel room the two men got undressed and then proceeded to strip her naked. She stood there in front of them before getting on her knees and sucking them off. When they were hard enough she got on top of the first guys cock, let’s call him frank and the second guy is john, so she got onto franks cock and proceeded to ride him like a whore while the other guy watched stroking his cock.
Around now she wanted to stop talking but I told her to shut up and keep going, my voice shaking with anger and lust.

She swapped guys at that point and john proceeded to fuck her doggy style while frank stuck his cock down her throat. They swapped a few more times before they came in and on her. After that frank went out to the night club again while she took a shower. John proceeded to join her and fuck her again. I asked if she did anal and she said they hadn’t. But she would have if they wanted.
And just as they exited the shower frank returned with another man. She was subtle about it and didn’t say that the man knew about their threesome. Anyway after a while the guy figured she wasn’t interested so he left and they all slept in the bed. When she awoke they were already dressed and leaving.
Then she got home filled with cum and didn’t say a word.

The next night she didn’t meet those guys again but met another man. This time she went back to his place where there was an after party. She proceeded to fuck him and suck him in the living room while everyone was asleep. But there was this old man that kept walking into the room accidentally on several occasions. They didn’t skip a beat. While this man fucked her she looked at the old man and didn’t say a word. To the man just stood there and watched clearly packing a boner. By now the man fucking her was ready to cum and the old man had his cock in his hand stoking himself while watching my gf get fucked. (keep in mind that she was drunk enough and would have fucked he whole house had the been awake).

well as the old man came all over the floor in front on her the guy fucking her came in side of her pussy.
i pressed on and it didnt stop there, sure the old man left the room but she proceeded to clean off the guys cock and seeing that it was still hard the guy asked her for another fuck. little did she know what he had planned. apparently he fucked her doggy style and after a minute or so he pulled out and pressed his cock into her ass, she nearly screamed but he covered her mouth and froze. after a minute he asked her if he could fuck her ass since he was already this far, she was about to say no when he stuck his fingers in her cunt making her breath in and not say another word which he took for an okay and proceeded to her her asshole until he came a second time. this pissed me off because she would let me fuck her ass properly,

I was so pissed with her that I ripped her clothes off and proceeded to fuck her from behind while calling her a whore and making her relive that night (or nights) again. I had never been so turned on and angry with myself for being turned on. i even stuck by index finger up her ass and proceeded to fuck her roughly in the ass with it.

It was around then that my fantasies stopped including me fucking her. Instead I would fantasize about taking her into a bar and watching her pick her multiple guys who would all gangbang her while I stood there recording it. I was no cuckold though. I was the dominant one. I didn’t do it because I couldn’t satisfy her. I did it because I wanted her to feel used like a whore. I wanted her to see that this is what she did when she fucked those men.

She became a whore in my eyes. Later on I fucked another woman on multiple occasions and told her about it later. I wanted her to hurt like she hurt me. But I also wanted to see if she got a rush out of it too. She didn’t, the usual reserved girl was back in her spot, but I began to feel a mixture or regret, hate at the fact that she dared blame me, and lust.

We broke up but still fucked when we met and when we fucked I fucked her HARD. Just to hear her moan and scream. I would pick a position that I knew she liked but would be sore in a few minutes and I fucked her hard until she started wincing. Her pain gave me release. Hearing her winces and moans would just be too much as I spray her cunt with my hot cum.

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2014-01-13 18:08:58
Good for you man I'm the same way

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2013-08-08 06:12:36
Wow just wow people. Dude gets revenge for being cheated on and some of you say HE has issues. My faith in humanity is gone now.


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Gee, I can't believe you two broke up, since you seem to be such the catch. And actually, you probably bored the fuck out of her. Lucky she got away from you when she did...

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2013-03-29 21:39:52
Dude. You have some serious issues

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