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White Sportscaster Bitch disses a Rapper and ends up dumped in the Urban Jungle
Prior –
The Rapper and the Sportscaster:
The Rapper and the Sportscaster – Down In the Dumps
The Sportscaster in the Urban Jungle
The Sportscaster in Psycho Hell

The bitch was in a terrible position. He neck was chained to the fire place. She stood at angle to say way for the fire. Her arms were still bound to the wooden beam across her neck.

One of the boys grabbed her waist and penetrated her ass. She braced herself not to
be pushed into the fire yet the brute was fucking her ass hard from behind pushing toward the fire.
Karin was choking while she was being ass fucked, the chain biting into her neck.
Choke and ass raped, yet the only thing she thought of was keeping out of the fire.

The cum ran down her leg after he was finished. She stood there, the fire starting to sear
her skin. There was nothing she could do. They left her there, terrified, the heat unbearable
unable to move. Karin was yelling screaming.

Another guy straddled her ass. The others were yelling, Fuck that ASS. Fuck her.
Karin was in a terrible position, the chain was choking her and the heat was unbearable.
The Psycho fingered her pussy, slapped her ass, slapped her pussy.
He grabbed her ass, tormenting her. She knew what was coming.
She was struggling to stay conscious, to stay alive. She felt the cock pushing into



18 Hours Later.
Karin lay on the floor. The BOYS had literally fucked the shit out of her the night before.
She was chained to a pillar with a metal cuff around her neck. Her body ached and she felt the light
burns from the fire. The pain was terrible from the burning iron the bums had used plus
she ached all over.

There were only a few guys around and they were sleeping but there was no way for
her to get free. A guy she had not seen before came around and sat near her.
He smiled and said Hello.
Can you get me some water.
Sure, here I have a bottle.
I am sorry they treated you like this. I like you. My name is Stanley.
I like you too Stanley.

(I am in luck thought Karin. I have a chance. Maybe I can talk this nitwit
Into letting me go.)

Stanley, you seem like a nice man.
Thank You, What is your name.
My name is Karin.
Hi Karin, I am sorry they were so mean to you.
I think you are very pretty.

(OK, how do I get this guy to help me.)

Karin smiled, Stanley I just want to go home. I won’t cause anyone
any trouble, can you help me?
I don’t know?? I am not sure?
Stanley maybe I can please you a little. Just to prove myself.
You mean….?
Stanley, let me see your cock. OHHH. Stan, I can suck that for you if let me go.
I don’t know, my friends might not like that. They don’t have to know.
I just want to go home to my dog.
You have a dog?
Yes Stanley, a nice poodle and he misses me.
OH poor dog.

I guess it is OK, I sure would like if you were nice to my penis. Smiled Stanley,

Sure, give it to me. OHH that is nice and hard Stanley.

(Fucking Screwball thought Karin, blow this moron and maybe he will let me go.)
Karin spit on his dick and licked it. She looked in his eyes and sucked on his cock.
Her tongue went up and down and around and then she took it in.

She brought up all her experience sucking to pleasure him. She thought of
all the sucking and fucking it took to get her job.

You had to be a cock sucking slut to get a network sportcaster job so she was well

(HMMM goofy is ready o cum, she thought. OK here it comes.
Pretend it is best. )

Oh yes. Stanley. Stanley shot his load in Karin’s mouth.
Ah Karin that was good.

Stanley, where are you going? You said you would set me loose?
Stanley! Stanley!
In a couple of minutes Stanley came back with a couple of the boys.

Ok, Stan the man, what happened.
She tried to get me to let her go. Does she think I am stupid.

Oh No No. No. Karin was panicked.
You tried to take advantage of our friend because he is slow.
That is not very nice of you.

The Boys took the chain off her neck collar but they roped her wrists
and threw the rope over the rafter pulling her arms up behind her.
She hung with only her toes touching the ground.

Here Stanley, take the belt and give her a lesson. She was a bad girl.
You were a bad girl Karin, you tried to trick me.

You were a BAD GIRL.
Whaaack, Whaaack. Sanley took
the belt to Karin’s ass.
See that’s what happens to bad girls.
Whaaack. I like that. I like the way it sounds. Laughed Stanley.
Yea, that’s fun right Stan? Give her some more!
Whaack, at least a dozen more hits lit up Karin’s ass again.
Stan had a big smile on his face. I like that.
Karin’s was screaming.
Stan ran his hands over her raw ass. That looks nice.

Stan, the man, you want to fuck that ass?
Can I? Can I?
Go ahead Stan pound it.
Stan had a big hard-on from the whipping.
He put his hands on her fiery red ass cheeks and edged his cock into her asshole.
That’s it Stan, go for it.
Stan was inside Karin in a moment fucking her in the ass.
Go ahead Stan ,fuck her hard and slap that bad girls ass.

Yelled Stan as he fucked her whipped ass
Stan was laughing as Karin screamed.
Karin, you should not have tried to trick me.

Karin’s shoulders ached as Stan laid into her big time, pushing his dick inside her,
thrusting harder and faster.

Karin was on the edge of blacking out, screaming.

After an eternity for Karin, Stan released into her ass.
Stan had fucked her for 10 minutes riding her ass hard.
Stanley got high fives from all the Boys as they had all woken up with the excitement.

They let Karin down and she crumpled to the floor.
Stanley smiled. Stanley has to relieve himself and he pissed on Karin.
Karin was in a ball on the floor. She had given up hope.

Come on Bitch, crawl over to the fireplace. No No.
Even with a couple hard kicks, Karin would not move.
Two guys grabbed her arms and dragged her back by the fireplace.
They put more wood on the fire and stirred the embers.
The fire flared up.
Karin could feel the heat. She was laying next to the fire and she tried to crawl away.
Where you think you are going.

I like the fire, it looks so nice. The light from the fire cast a yellow hue over
the room. One of the Boys took a knife and set it in a corner of the flames.
Karin could see the knife, glowing red.

No NO, don’t.
Karin felt a 4 x 4 pushed under shoulders. Hands stretched her arms out.
Wait. Wait. She felt the heat of the red hot nail on her wrist.
AHHHHHHHHHHH. Karin screamed with unbearable pain as her left
wrist was nailed to the wood.

Sweating, panicked, Karin felt the other nail against her out stretched arm.
Karin fainted.
AHHHHHHHHHH. She came to feeling the terrible torture of the red hot knife
slicing across her breast. Barely able to see she could make out Stanley smiling
with the knife in his hand.

AGGGG, she felt the deep thrusting o f a cock inside her.
Thrusting, fucking.
The pain of the nails, the red hot knife, heat, light, smoke, laughter, jokes. Jeering.

AHHHH. Searing new pain. Stanley smiling with her nipple in his fingers.

You are a BAD GIRL

The End

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