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A series of stories I wrote about me and a girl I love.
We arrive at your house, our hands all over each other until the door. We control ourselves until we get to your room. You push me in and close the door behind you. I step up to you and pull you tight to me, pulling you into a deep, passionate kiss. My hands come to rest on your ass, gently massaging it. You start to undress us, removing our tops, our kiss only being broken for their removal. You snake a hand in between us and into my jeans and finally make contact with my throbbing red hot dick. You can feel it twitching as you gently feel its contours at the base of it. I know move one of hands into your jeans gently caressing your ass as I work my way down and then between your legs until I find your moist, quivering pussy and I run my finger between your lips.

I decide we need to move to your bed and lift you with my hand under your pussy, with my other at the small of your back to support you, I walk over to your bed and gently place you on it, removing my hand from your jeans. I break our kiss and move my head down to your breasts and start sucking and lightly nibble your nipples. I undo your jeans and push them down your legs, you returning the favour. I move up onto your bed and turn around, lying on my side, I lean over and kiss your the inside of your thighs getting closer and closer to the wet spot growing on your panties, as I finally plant a kiss on your panty covered pussy, you reach out and take hold of my dick, wrapping your fingers around it just below the head, you seem to hesitate for a moment and release your grip, only so you can pull my boxers away and finally gaze upon it. I then hook my arm under you, I pull and roll you onto me, without any suggestion you immediately run your tongue up and down my dick feeling the contours, the veins and the muscles hidden beneath the skin. I reach up with my mouth and bite into your panties and pull them away using my teeth, finishing the job with my hands. I suddenly lose all ability to focus as you take me into your mouth, not to be outdone, I clamp my mouth around your clit, and suck and lick furiously. All this time you have been slowly working yourself up and down on my dick trying to take more and more of me. the sensations running through my body stop me mind from functioning and I become almost entirely primal as I switch from working your clit to engorging myself on your juices as I bury my face in your pussy. A sudden shock to your system causes you to jolt causing you to take all of me into your mouth, the shock, my fingers finally sliding into your pussy, into your smooth, velvety and slightly rippled pussy.

You slide your mouth up and down my entire length twice, satisfied that you can, you sit up, forcing me to remove my fingers and return to using my tongue. You wiggle about on my face spreading your juices all over my face. You lift off me and turn around and lower yourself back onto me and slide your pussy down my chest and stomach, marking me as yours. You stop when you feel my dick press against your ass, but before you can realign it to slide into you, I lift you up and lie back on your bed, with my hands beneath you still, you wrap your arms round my neck and pull me down for a kiss, I pull back and stare you in the eyes before lowering my head to your ear, and I whisper, "Are you ready? Take your time, your in control", I reach down for my dick to find that as I attempt to guide myself into your pussy you grab it as well. Even during all this passion we enjoy a giggle as we realise that both of us are being taken by a innermost desire for each other. We guide me into you and with initial ease I slide in to you. Your hands have returned to my neck as you pull me back into another kiss. As we kiss, I feel your hymen against the tip of my dick and stop, I fight my desires to press on and allow you full control. You break the kiss, look into my eyes with a mix of lust, delight and fear. Then in one move you pull me back into a kiss, wrap your legs around me and pull me towards you, breaking your hymen, and giving me your virginity. You break our kiss as your body floods with a mix of pain and pleasure as I become fully buried in you, causing you to tip over the edge into a massive orgasm, causing your body to convulse, your pussy to contract and squeeze my dick. I watch in awe as your orgasm begins to subside, I begin to slide out of you, but you pull me straight back in causing me to orgasm emptying my balls into you, adding new pleasure and restarting your orgasm. I wrap my arms around you and pull you tight against me and we lie there enjoying the feel of each others body.

We come to from our cum-hazed dream, still wrapped in each others arms, my dick still trying to pump anything left in my balls into you as your pussy continues to massage it, milking it for what it has left. The effect of your pussy keeping me as hard as iron, deep inside you. I suggest we need to clean up, and you agree. I lift you up, while still buried within you and carry you to your bathroom, neither of us caring whether we were seen or not. I enter the bathroom, closing and locking the door, I approach the bath and gently lean down offering you an easy way off of me, you refuse and squeeze me tighter, I reach out and turn the shower on, letting it heat up, I resume our kissing. Even after our massive orgasms, not an ounce of passion has been lost.

I step into the now warm shower, the shower although warm is still cool and refreshing on our skin, cleansing us. We finally break our hold on each other and you dismount me, the sensations of your pussy finally feeling a rush of cool air as I vacate you, our juices streaming out down your legs, and of course my dick tingling every centre metre of your pussy as I pull out, all this causing another mini orgasm. I catch you in my arms as your legs tremble, your mind unable to keep control of your body. I wrap your arms around me and pull you tight to me with my own, my other retrieving a cloth to slowly cleanse us of the smell of sex. I start with your shoulders, not only cleaning but massaging them, before moving down your back, my touch reinvigorating your nerves. I come to the top of your perfectly shaped ass, a sight I had not yet had the pleasure of. I pull my hand away, and turn you, allowing your ass to rest against my dick, other plans lay in wait for you within my mind. I again began at your shoulders, this time being much more gentle, slowly caressing your breasts, teasing your nipples. I continue my descent, as I do, I can feel you trembling with excitement, hoping, longing for me to complete my journey to your pussy, I slow and stop, I pull you to me, my dick slipping between your ass, and beginning to rub your tight asshole, an untentional but delightful side effect, I whisper in your ear, "I hope this doesn't hurt", a gasp escapes your mouth as you believe your ass to be the target, but I scoop you up nontheless, raising you above my dick and slide you down onto it, your pussy, not your ass the target. A sigh of relief, pleasure and pain pours through you as you come to rest against my pelvis, completely full of me.

I see the grimace upon your face and momentarily panic, praying the pain is not to great, you feel my hesitation, you look back over your shoulder, an expression that could only ever be caused that moment, an expression crying out, 'Don't stop'. Upon this I pull your legs together, our juices now being soaked in by your skin, and begin to raise you, your pussy greatly objects and tries to grip hold of me and stop me, this causes a deep moan of sheer delight to emanate from deep within me, the vibrations being tuned through my dick straight into your pussy, causing you to tremble again as another mini orgasm hits. From this I start a cycle of raising and lowering you with an ever quickening pace, driven by the desire to fulfill your greatest dreams of me, the pace is becoming to much for me and I begin to feel the swelling within my balls, through an almost sixth sense you feel this and lean back against me and even through all of the pleasures you are feeling, you manage to compose yourself enough to, demand that I cum, the look in your eyes pushes me over the edge and no longer gently lower you but instead slam you down, pushing myself as far I could go into you, this cause you to switch back to the primal state you were in earlier, groaning and clawing at me, demanding my cum, I soon oblige, the feeling s to much to contain. I erupt into an orgasm much larger than my earlier one, the cum launching out of me seeming to force me out of you. The heat from this, combined with the trembling form my dick grant you yet another orgasm, initially feeling small but gathers momentum, causing you to buck and almost spasm on me. I somehow manage to sit down still buried in you and we pass out, our orgasms draining the last of our energy from our bodies.

We awaken, the room now dark and full of steam, the sun had set outside and yet though it meant hours had passed I was still buried within you, deflated but still in you, my dick had now become a bung, holding all my cum within you. You reach down and pull me out, a audible 'plop' breaks the silence, soon followed by our giggling. My cum oozes from you into your waiting hand, scooping it up you bring it to your mouth, at first testing the taste, but then licking it all from your hand, a look of pure satisfaction rolls across your face. "You taste awesome Adam" The words, so quietly said, yet seemed to echo around my entire being, I had managed to, at least for now, satisfied you. You slowly clamber to your feet, you do it in such an awkward way though, intentionally pushing your ass in my face, finally, I was up close and personal with the best ass in the world, suddenly a thought from earlier return, I grab hold of you and push my face into your ass, reaching, searching with my tongue. I found my destination, I slowly began to massage your asshole, savouring the taste. I then stop and help you up, your ass definitely clean between your cheeks, I grab the cloth and return to cleaning you, massaging and kissing as I went. Before you could try and begin the same for me, I turn off the shower and wrap you in a towel. I lift you out of the shower and carry you back to your bedroom and lay you on your bed. You make no effort to keep yourself covered, your perfect naked body glistening in the dim light, I think to myself, "This is going to be a long night"

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2013-03-29 14:24:35
Nope....this one did absolutely nothing for me....Poorly written....boring....sorry....

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