This story has no relation with "Babysitting Alex" nor "Don't Lose Alex" Stories, although the same characthers will be used with slight differences such as age.
"So...are we doing homework or what..?" Mark asked looking at us, as we looked at his dick....

"Mark...hum...why don't know...pull up your pants...?" I asked.

"Oh come on, as if I got something you two don't....if you want you can get naked, I wouldn't even care..." he said trying to explain.

"yeah but you have a boner, dunno if we could..." Alex said.

"Why? Does it impress you?" He said lifting his eyebrow at us. Alex simply blushed and took off his shirt and his pants, his dick was pulsating inside his underwear and he kept facing Mark with a serious expression.

"Come on, one left" Mark said and Alex instatly took his underwear off throwing it near his other clothes. They looked at eachother and made their comments, it was a weird situation...

"We must be like...the same size...and we are not cut neither..." Mark said looking at Alex's dick, I was just sitting there watching everything.

"Ya, I'm 6 1/2, how about you?" Alex asked.

"me? 7...I used an Iphone app and..." Mark said before being cut out.

"Those stuff are not accurate, you must be around 6,5 too so don't brag about it!" Alex said, Mark instantly turned to me after that, lookinga t my crotch was almost creppy...

"So...aren't you going to join us?" He asked.

"Maybe...but are we doing homework...naked?" I asked.

"We can do homework after we are done with one thing more important..." He said.

"Come on there's no danger! It's Mark!" Alex said grabbing me from behind as Mark fastly came to take off my pants, I tried to struggle but I gave in once he pulled down my underwear. I too obviously was hard, Mark gazed at my dick for some minutes before he grabbed it, that made me gasp, Alex still held me for whatever reason.

"Wow! How big is this?" Mark asked.

"It's...6.9..." I said trying not to let out something that would compromise me.

"It's quite big isn't it?" Alex asked. "why don't you have a taste?" he continued. I was shocked, what!? He was telling Mark to suck my dick? Only the idea got me harder...

"It's twitching!" Mark said.

"Come on, suck on it fast!" Alex said. Mark grabbed it tighter and put it inside his mouth, I let out a moan, you could feel it was his first blowjob given, but he was actually good...I felt his tongue on my dick head and it felt so good...Alex looked at me as I moaned and he kissed me, Mark gazed at us kissing, maybe he was expecting that...there...our secret was done...but at the moment..I swear I didn't even care at the moment...the warmth of Mark's mouth was simply numbing my body...Alex broke the kiss and simply showed me his dick, I knew what I had to do...I opened my mouth to accept his dick inside, I sucked on Alex as I was being sucked off, I watched Alex as he moved his body lying on the floor and engulfing Mark's dick, it was....weird...GOD we were there only to do didn't take long til I came into his mouth, I also felt Alex shoot and I was almost sure that Mark had came as well...we got up still looking at eachother....but now in silence..we stood there...blushing over what we had just done...until I broke the silence...

"So...hum...what was that?" I asked.

"Sorry guess I was a..tad bit curious about it..." Mark said blushing hard.

"Oh...we got no problem with that..." Alex said.

"Yeah...I'm fact...we could still try other stuff" I said.

"Well...I saw you two kissing..." Mark saidin a matter of fact way.

" was stuff of the moment" I said trying to get away from the topic.

"I was does it feel?" he asked.

"What?" Alex asked.

"Oh please...I may look stupid but I'm not stupid..I know you've done this before..." He said..well...he was right...

"'s almost the same then when you kiss a girl but it's a bit different..." I said.

"Can I try it?" He asked, that really got me...weird...I simply guided him to Alex through his shoulders and put him in front of Alex.

"Just go for it" I said, poor boy...he was just so shy that I almost felt bad for him...I remember I was actually like that when I got my first kiss...I'd blush hard and everything, then Alex made the first move and grabbed his shoulders kissing him, I watched that scene and I think I actually got a little...jealous...they kissed for sometime and finally broke it.

" was it...?" I asked.

"Different...but not that different...." Mark said. "Can I try it with you?" He asked.

"S-Sure..." I said, he got near, I blushed a lot, I went to kiss him, but I couldn't...I'd stop halfway and look away...I was shy...I hated that feeling...he finally made a move and he came by himself and kissed me, he slid his tongue in and I opened my mouth and touched mine on felt different...he was inexperient...but it was good...our dicks were touching togheter, our boners had returned...I broke the kiss and took a deep breath, it was simply awsome...his hand touched my dick, I saw Alex coming over and he grabbed Mark's, and went and grabbed his, we started jacking off was different....we licked eachother's tongues as we stroke ourselves...a mix of our saliva, it was hot....we stopped everything and Mark sat on the bed...Alex went down and started sucking on Mark...I myself went down and started licking Alex's was so home...we had just done stuff sometime ago and we were doing it front of Mark...WITH Mark...not only it felt different but good...I couldn't resist is and neither could Alex....He told Mark to turn around and lie by the edge of the bed pointing his butt up, and he did....Alex went on..he never did that and he told me he found that disgusting before..but he went and stick his tongue inside Mark's ass, Marks body tensed up from the surprise...he ate and licked his ass for some good 5 I did the same to his...then he stopped and I knew what he was planning..

"ok...I'm gonna start now..." Alex said.

"Start what?" he asked. Well...or he was a bit innocent or he was actually a bit dumb as Alex puts it...

"Just relax..." Alex said placing his dick near his ass crack. relax a bit too..." I said, and he did it.

"All yours..." he said, I placed my dick on his ass crack...he let out a smirk.

"No..really...what are you guys going to do?" Mark asked.

"This" Alex said pushing his dick in slowly, Mark was almost screaming in pain, Alex was trying to push in and finally the head went in.

I also went to work...I pushed my dick against Alex's ass and I felt the head sliding in and Alex let out a moan, my good that felt...I wondered the sensation Alex had right now...being fucked and fucking at the same time....Alex's body went deeper inside Mark, he was holding the pillow tightly...and finally, he started slow and calm thrusts...I also did the same, I've never hear Alex moaning so loud...all I heard were his and Mark's moans...that lead me to moan too...I never really wanted to...but it always just came out, Mark's hand was on his dick and he was jacking off fast and hard...we kept ourselves on our little play for sometime...

"It feeld good! It's good! Don't stop!" I heard Mark screaming.

"I..I Know! Being...Being in the middle is...AH!" Was all Alex let out before continuing to moan loud.

I said nothing, I just kept on moaning and giving fast thrusts. It took us like...10 more minutes before we started shooting, it was an intense climax, I shook as I came inside Alex, he came inside Mark and Mark came on the floor, it was so intense that I felt light headed, so did Alex...he rested his head on Mark's back, Mark himself climbed on his bed and turned around, Alex followed and then me...booooy I was so tired...I looked at Mark and he was panting.

"You were...a virgin right?" I asked Mark.

"Pretty...much...." he answered.

"That good..."Alex said.

"You guys...did it before...... right?" Mark asked.

"Pretty much...We're....hum...real close friends..." I said.

"Guess now we are 3 close friends right?" he said with a shy smile.

"Pretty much!" Alex said laughing.

"Hey Hey....get up you guys gotta do homework...." I said.

"Aww! Buttface!" Alex let out.

We got home and we skyped later, we still couldn't believe what we had done, we kept on commenting it, asking the other what moment which liked better and finally after some good 3 hours of talking...we went to bed...but I kept questions on my mind..."Was he Bi?", "Was he Gay?", "What made him do that?", "Are we going to do this kind of stuff with him now?". I was simply laying down and looking at nothing...then I heard a text message on my was Alex...

"Ur still my boyfriend! Nigga I love you" It said.

It just got me calmer...and I texted him back.

"Thx, love u too!" I wrote, finally putting my celphone aside and sleeping...I needed that sleep...after all..the day after...I'd have a competition on Sword Club...for leader elections...I'm gonna do it ok...

I hope...

-To be Continued-
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