March 29, 2013

Hi. My pen name is SessoScrittore.

I am an avid reader of youth sex fiction and wanted to create my own stories based on a culmination of several favorite styles -- but the possibility of being considered of "obscene" or "child pornography" discouraged me from writing any of my own, even if the kids were eager and willingly participating under no duress, or even if they were the aggressive party who initiated or convinced the adults, since they were unable to offer consent by law.

Therefore, I write sex stories strictly about consenting, eager adults who have a fictional genetic condition called Delayed Kallmann's Syndrome, thus bearing the following symptoms:

1. Since the age of about 10, the body stops aging (although mental and emotional development remains normal);

2. Since the age of about 20, the body's normal physiology resumes the aging process where it left off, as if the person were 10 years younger;

3. No sense of smell.

The individuals involved in the sex acts described in these capers are consensual adults, emotionally and mentally, but have this particular genetic condition where their body otherwise is 10 years younger in appearance.

Someone who is 20, therefore, has the mental and emotional development (and authentic legal consent) of a 20-year-old, with the otherwise physical body of themselves at age 10.

Similarly, therefore, someone age 24 has the emotional and mental development (and legal consent) of a 24-year-old, with the otherwise physical body of themselves at age 14, had they aged normally.

There is an actual congenital hormone deficiency condition called Kallmann Syndrome ( that is a bit more complicated and involves failure to finish puberty and a lack of smell.

Even still, if the question of obscenity (by US terms) still remained, consider the following:

My "kapers" were written at a time when obscenity by US legal precedent was generally measured against the Miller Test, as a result of the proceedings from "Miller v. California" (1973), and they are published under the firm, informed belief that the work did not fall into the category of exploitation or obscenity.

None of my characters in my Kapers are, nor are based on, living breathing individuals by which the work would be able to "exploit" or otherwise of which harm the psychological well-being, welfare, reputation, or personal safety. To that end, the character naming convention has been simply drawn from patterns like months of the year, colors, and other such clusters of words that do not refer to actual persons.

My Kapers do not intend to provoke, encourage, exhibit, instruct, inspire or otherwise direct any individual to mimic, duplicate, or otherwise participate in situations, whether narrated specifically or by inference, that they describe. Any illegal behavior deemed inspired by this work is henceforth non-credible, as the work's nature is contrary in both subject and intent to those endeavors as hereby noted.

My Kapers are the result of a personal study of similar but "obsene" works, and works to which these tales, by superficial estimation, would be comparable.

However, they successfully pass the Miller Test by which obscenity is often measured by providing atypical literary value, employing a specific style the I, SessoScrittore, deem a "Kaper" to be in literary mimicry to the technique employed by Eros who penned the youth incest sex story "Family Fun" in 1997. Regardless of Family Fun's individual literary merit, my Kapers attempt an augmentation of that general style, and thus contains a "serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value," despite whether the subject matter is considered outrightly obscene by any other unscholarly measure or estimate.

My decision to omit some related fluids and bodily matter normally associated with such activities as anus-play is an additional facet of this style, with the guise that everyone participating will not contract or spread disease or unsanitary particles thereof. Due to the lack of smell sense, odors considered foul (if any) go undetected by the participants.

In technique, my Kapers employ a rotating selection of terms so as to appear more vibrant than the rote duplication of words that might otherwise become tiresome, often modified by an additional series of rotated descriptors, regardless of the customary understanding thereof.

Additionally, my Kapers have political value as having been specifically composed in context with this caveat/editorial, as an example of legal publication of such materials as intentionally within a political, scholarly, and artistic context as defined by the author regardless of whether a third party estimates to the contrary.

Further additional political value is that it was written within a context that would seemingly bridge the supposed gap between:

(a) obscene fiction of not-legally-consenting minors and adults who are attracted to the physical form those minors possess, and
(b) otherwise non-obscene fiction of adults engaging sexually.

One aim in the field of semantics is to correctly grasp the genuine connotation of which a speaker's message is framed, in such manner as which legal proceedings seek to establish the genuine, original intention of legal language so as to avoid question or doubt whereby inadvertent branching misinterpretion(s) might be formed.

As a condition, all sites that wish to post my Kapers MUST also include this introduction section in its entirety, as a "story" to be included with other Kapers.

In the future I plan to rewrite several of what I consider classics -- existing youth sex fiction stories -- into my Kaper style, employing the same Delayed Kallmann Syndrome concept so as to legitimize them into the legal body of sensual fiction. Full credit would be offered to the extent my research indicates and take no credit for the original works from whom the originals were penned, while simultaneously lending no credibility to the originals authors' works as advisable reading material.
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