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So this is a family INCEST story along with some other little themes like bestiality. If you aren't really comfortable with those, I wouldn't recommend reading this. But if you do, enjoy my little minions ;)
***Author's Note:

For all those who may read this, I'm really sorry for crappy writing and plotlining. Eventually I'll re-do this but right now its in my head and I have like short-term memory loss a bit when it comes to writing so I have to write it now or else it'll just go right over my head and *poof* there it goes. So, sorry about that.

And sorry if you get confused by the constant POV changes. Because there are so many people in the family and out of the family, I wanted to make sure you see a bunch of POV's.****

Short Prologue

They say when you're young, that's when life's greatest moments happen. But sometimes those moments are so little, you don't tend to see them. Well my little moments were quite huge and in fact, pretty memorable. And lucky for you, today's the day I decide to share them.

Hi! My name's Jayne Collins, I'm 19 now but those whole story started back when I was fifteen. I have a pretty large family. Four older brothers (Both are sets of twins) and a younger sister. We fostered kids a lot and we always tended to get the really horny kids. You know, the kids that come from sex addicted parents. They were a lot of fun considering I was a pretty horny kid myself. We always had this really awesome neighbor who had this huge pool. He was funny. He was a Dog breeder as well.

I guess you'd like to hear the story now, wouldn't you?

Chapter One

*Jayne's POV*

"Jayne Elizabeth Collins, get your ass down here right now!"

I cringed at the sound my mother's voice. She wasn't mean, although she was strict, but her voice was like manly deep. I pulled the duvet off my body and dug through a pile of clean clothes on the floor. I finally found something to wear and pulled it over me. Just a tank top and really short shorts.

I walked downstairs to be greeted by my older brother who was a fucking pain. He and his twin liked to push me around or dunk me in the pool. My other set of twin brothers were much nicer and in fact, really quiet. I liked them the best.

I finally stepped into the kitchen where my mother was cooking breakfast...or maybe it was lunch. Eh, who cares really? She kissed the top of my forehead and then asked me to empty out the dishwasher.

"We have new siblings coming today"she told me.

"Really? What are their names?"I asked, smiling.

"Drake and Emily. They both come from meth addicted parents"she said"Now, Drake is your age and I would like if you didn't wear what you are wearing."

"What's so bad about this?"I asked.

"Well honey, you were blessed with lovely boobs and I just don't want that to be a temptation for him"she said"We don't need incest around here."

"It's not incest if he's not related to me by blood"I said, smirking.

"Jayne"she warned.

"Joking mom, let me finish this and then I'll go put on some better clothes"I said.

I finished putting all the dishes in the dishwasher then ran upstairs to change. I just put on a t-shirt and some longer shorts. Truth is, yes I was granted with enormous boobs. I'm the largest in my school and they just keep growing. Right now, they are a 34D. They grow like two sizes a month! My mom says they'll stop growing by the time I'm eighteen. Highly doubt it at the rate they are going.

I stepped back downstairs and tackled my younger sister, Abbie, to the ground unexpectedly. She laughed as we started play wrestling. Luke, one of my older brothers, eyed us suspiciously.

"That is such a turn on"he mumbled, hoping no one would hear him.

But I did. Although I didn't say anything to him, I just kept on doing what I was doing. Abbie was only about 11 months younger than me. I was two months old when my mom got pregnant again. She always wanted more kids but a freak accident had her impaired not to have anymore kids. Let's just say, you know how they say never to kick a man in the balls because it could keep them from having kids. Same way with women. Don't kick them in the pussy.

I collapsed on the couch after a fifteen minute wrestling match with Abbie. Luke was probably the horniest of all four of my brothers. I would constantly catch him sniffing my underwear. I didn't mind it, if I'm honest. It was a really big turn-on to know my brother has a crush on me. My dad went on constant business trips and my mom went away for work from 11-8. I knew what my dad was doing on those business trips. What kind of teacher takes business trips to Las Vegas, Hawaii and L.A? And my mom, god I've seen her boss and co-workers. They are sexier than hell. I'd bang any of one of them and I'm sure she would do the same. Oh, did I mention we were homeschooled? So us kids were home alone practically all day. Its amazing none of us have had sex with each other.

*Luke's POV*

Seeing my two sisters wrestle each other was practically the hottest thing I have ever seen. Two girls battling each other. I'd love to see them battle each other for my cock. Or perhaps bang both of them. When they finished wrestling, Jayne plopped down on the couch beside me, covered in sweat. Her boobs were enormous. I just wanted to squeeze them, lick them and suck on them. I wanted so badly just to take her right then and there but alas, my mother was home. If she wouldn't have been home, I probably would have done it.

See, I'm 17 and I've been watching my little sister grow up forever now. She was a pretty horny bitch if you ask me. I think she knew that I was sneaking into her room and smelling her panties. She just smelled so good. You could literally smell the cum and scents on them. Eventually though, she did catch me. She told me it was okay if I did that but I stopped after that.

Sooner or later, I noticed she would leave her door open a crack when she was changing or taking a shower. I think since she knew that I had been sniffing her panties, that just made her hornier. She had dropped a few hints about having sex with her but I just never felt comfortable. She really drove me crazy though. Wearing a tank-top with no bra and really short shorts that gave a little peek of her ass.

Our mom told us that we were getting new siblings today. Drake and Emily. I over heard her telling Jayne to change because she didn't want it to be a tempation for Drake. I wonder what Emily's going to be like then. Maybe she'll be even hornier than Jayne and I can take her every time my mom is gone.

My siblings soon ran outside to go practice soccer and my mom went upstairs to get a shower so it left me and Jayne alone. She was typing away on her iPhone, twirling a piece of her luscious, curly brown hair around her finger. I could at least kiss her. Do it Luke, do it.

I said her name just to get her attention. As soon as she turned her head, I grabbed her face and kissed her soft lips. At first, she was hesitant but then slowly started to move her lips with mine. Her hand reached the back of my neck and grabbed it slightly. I stuck my tongue out, begging for entrance and she allowed it. I ran my tongue along her lips before sticking it into her mouth. Our tongues then had a full dominance battle.

I heard footsteps and quickly pulled away. She looked down at her phone, grinning slightly. I smirked, very happy with myself. I got up and walked out of the living room and into the backyard. That's a moment I'll never forget.

Before long, the front doorbell rang and everyone rushed to the entryway to meet our new siblings. This was going to be a joyride.

*Emily's POV*

"But Mrs. Jones, why can't we just go back to our parents?"I asked.

"You know why Emily, now come on. Your new family is going to be a lot of fun, they have two daughters. Both around your age"Mrs. Jones replied"And Drake, they have four boys around your age as well. This is only temporary until your parents get out of rehab or we find you adoptive parents."

I sighed. Mrs. Jones had a mini van and I always asked to lay in the floor in the very back. Kind of how my parents used to make us when we went on road trips. Drake had the middle seating to himself. Mrs. Jones blared music in her car so no one could be heard. Truthfully, I don't think she liked us.

I pulled my shorts down a bit so I could have access to my cunt better. I rubbed my thumb over my clit profusely. Drake caught be and watched me intently, smiling to himself. He's caught me a few times masturbating and watched me explode during an orgasm. But we've never done anything.

Secretly, when I heard they had four boys around Drake's age, I was so excited. You could say I was a little horny, maybe a little too horny. But I enjoyed myself. I couldn't wait to get my hands on their cocks. Have their cocks inside of me and everything!

I was snapped back into reality when I felt an orgasm coming on. I was panting heavily and my legs were shaking. Soon the cum started leaking out of me. I smiled, wiggling out of my shorts and underwear quickly. I gave my underwear to my brother who licked the cum off. He handed them back to me and I slipped them back on along with my shorts.

Soon the car stopped and we all got out of the van. We were outside this huge house. It only had one neighbor on the side. He was outside working in his front yard with a Labrador Retriever. I wanted to go say hello to the Dog but Mrs. Jones told me no. Rats! It was so adorable.

We walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. I heard a ton of footsteps and pulled my hair out of my ponytail quickly before the door was opened. A woman, in her mid-40's, opened up. She had short brown hair and massive tits. I seriously mean massive. If they were real, I'd be shocked.

"You must be Mrs. Jones"she said, shaking her hand"And you two must be Drake and Emily. Please, come in."

We were greeted by six pairs of eyes. I caught my eye of one of the boys and smirked. Hook, line and sinker. He was pretty hot I suppose. But looks aren't anything if he's got a good cock.

"Drake, Emily this is Abbie, Jayne, Luke, Timothy, Andrew and Jake"she announced"And I'm Mrs. Collins but you can call me Heather."

I peeked at my brother who was getting a total hard-on looking at Mrs. Collins. I giggled silently as we were ushered into the living room. I sat down on the floor but then was told to sit on the couch. I shrugged my shoulders and sat beside my brother.

"Well, I am going to have to get going"Mrs. Jones said"Mrs. Collins, we need to go fill out some paperwork real quickly. You kids get to know each other."

The two women walked out of the room. I smirked, looking over at Luke. He wasn't looking directly at me but he'd sneak a few glances at me. This was going to be a fun foster home for sure.

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It has potential to be a great story, however you didn't finish or add any others, also you lied on about every tag you put up here, if you want positive feedback you need to be honest about that

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