Kallmann Kapers #01 - "Tiny Office Space" (MF,MFF,inc,con,anal,young)

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LEGAL NOTICE: Characters in this Kaper ("story") have the bodies of young people, but they are adults. They suffer from a genetic condition where their physical body stopped aging at age 10, resumed aging at age 20, but emotionally and mentally matured at the normal rate. For instance, if someone who has this condition is aged 20, they have the body of a 10-year-old; if someone with this condition is aged 24, they have the body of a 14-year-old, and so on.

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The purpose in categorizing this Kaper with "young" is for purposes of reaching those who specifically search for "young" stories, since it includes sexual interaction with adults who possess "young" bodies, although the individuals in question are emotionally and developmentally adults.

~ Tiny Office Space ~
~ by SessoScrittore ~

The day finally arrived that Rose would bring her daughter, Violet, to work so I could work my cock up into that tight 11-year-old-like cunt again like Rose had been trying to arrange. Violet had already become well acquainted with taking objects up her little pussy, and enjoyed the prospect of riding a real one again immensely.

Our first introduction was, perhaps in detail for another time, an overnight sex fest between the three of us at the tiny call center Rose and I work for that rarely ever gets calls, giving us plenty opportunity to fuck the night away if we please.

Rose and Violet both have a genetic condition where their bodies stopped aging when they turned 10, but resumed growing the normal way once they turned 20. Even though Violet is actually 21 and an emotionally mature and intelligent woman, her body has only recently begun to grown again, and looks like she's 11. Similarly, Rose is 35, and has the body of a 25-year-old.

Rose had been turning me on with her frank discussion of the wild hot sex she'd had after her daughter walked in on her during a furious sex toy fuck session, and Violet managed to work herself right into the fun.

During many of her tales of new ways she'd been reaming Violet's slick little cunt with various toys and household objects, she'd drop trou and begin pumping a toy she'd brought with her, just right there out in the open at the office. When I followed suit, she and I both began having some of the craziest orgasms of our lives, talking about how hot little-looking Violet got off on the idea of cumming with me pumping my raging dong up her wet pink tunnel.

Rose had brought Violet in once before, and I was eager to get my hands on that hot minx once again. Violet very eagerly caught on with the idea that I love licking cunt, and perhaps a bit weirder (as if fucking an 11-year-old-like quim weren't already), lapping at hot slender necks if I could get my mouth away from cunt. Rose and Violet arrived knowing this, and had dressed her in a nice halter top with a little ties right around her nape that hung down her bare back. I was horny with anticipation as they came in. Violet immediately ran to me and hugged me, and I started licking her neck right off the bat -- getting a moan of pleasure out of her.

"Rose has been doing that to me, too! I love it!" she admitted.

As she stood there to my left, me still in the armless, tall-backed office chair, I brought my left arm around her to scoot her closer and ran my hand up along her inner thighs, parting them to get at that sweet little pussy. She was wearing a pink, multilayered dress (which was cut nicely) but sure wasn't messing around with anything underneath. Thankfully, the one-room, 12ft by 12ft building the call center was housed in was surrounded by cinderblock and soundproofed, with no windows. Perfect privacy for reaming some fat cock deep inside a wet 11-year-old-like quim, while her mother watched -- and later joined in!

I brought my right hand up to her bald little snatch and dug my finger strongly (but skillfully) into her nubby little clit, and she leaned right into it as I moved it in a circular motion. She was already rather humid down below, and my mouth gave her plenty of kisses along her hot little neck, which did actually have some impressive definition for such a young-looking woman -- that made it all that much better.

She decided she wanted to sit in my lap, although I still had my jeans on. I wanted to give her at least two nice, hard cums before I plowed myself into her, and this would be a good position for the first. She sat on my left thigh, rested her little hand (with intent and experience) right on my bulge as I pulled her up closer and leaned back a little into the tall-backed chair.

She leaned back with me, and I wrapped my left arm around her gorgeous ribcage, feeling her back ribs pressing into me. I nuzzled my nose into her neck, as I brought my right hand back around to play with that sweet little pussy. She spread her legs open, and pulled her dress up so her quim got plenty of air and visibility. Boy, was she hot down there.

I lightly detected some peculiar vibration, and dug my fingers a little ways to detect something embedded up inside. It was one of those vibrating balls. She'd put stuff inside on the car ride up, not being able to wait! No wonder she was so ready. She kept moaning, sometimes in brief bursts of little pouts. Trying to worm the device out, one of my other fingers glanced past her tight little rear hole, which sent her jerking with a sharp cry.

Rose explained they'd been trying to do some anal play, as Rose was a beast for that. They had only managed things like the end of a Sharpie marker so far, so pinky fingers were perfectly within insertable size. The small vibrator ball popped out, finally, and fell to Rose's open hands, who sat down in a chair facing Violet's open cunt. She stuck it in her mouth to suck off her daughter's quim juice with fervent appreciation.

Knowing a new hole was open for business, I rubbed my pinky over her pink little anus opening getting it ready for digital invasion, as I dug my thumb strongly into her sopping wet clit, and nibbled on her neck, collarbone, the little rise in her shoulder, and a little around her shoulder blade. Violet was right on the verge, and her shortness of moans was a nice indicator.

"Yes! Yes... right there, poke it up there, oh! I'm gonna cum! In! Go in!" she couldn't help but moan loudly.

With that, I poked my pinky finger slowly into her rectum, while reversing direction of circles on her gorgeous pink clit, and she practically had a heart attack. Her body went rigid, as I kept circling her clit and slowly pressing my pinky futher and further in. I could not wait to wrap my mouth around those sweet, tight cunt lips.

Rose couldn't wait either, as she was in the process of undress before the ball had even emerged. Her perfect set of high-set tits stuck out perfectly after discarding her top, and tossing aside her tight skinny jeans randomly on the floor, propped a foot up on the wide call center desk that spanned two walls of the room, and pulled a double-headed dong from her little girly backpack of sex toys she'd brought along.

She leaned back far into her chair and forcefully began working the double header directly into both holes, being sure to hunch her sweet, tight little buns far out over the edge of the chair and putting her weight on her tailbone on the edge for support and managed to get both of them deep inside quickly.

Violet was drifting back down from her heightened arousal and eye-clenching orgasm as Rose got both heads worked in and began pumping to a good rhythm. Violet wanted to get my raging hard-on deep into her preteen-like snatch on the double but I asked her to sit up on the desk so I could eat her out to perhaps another before I pumped her full of mancum. She pulled her dress over her head leaving her only wearing a little shirt, tight up against her torso.

"Could you lick me out from the back this time? Mom's been doing that lately when she works the sharpie in, and it's GREAT," she asked, with enthusiasm, reading for another in quick succession.

She was rubbing her cunny as she got into place, on all fours up on the deep desk, its surface cleared of work items to make way for some furious pumping of some preteen-like pussy. I put a towel or two that I'd brought, up off the edge, so her knees wouldn't get sore on the tabletop.

Rose handed me one of the fatter Sharpies from the bag, saying Violet wanted me to do the honors of cramming something a little wider up her sweet rectum, and becoming well adapted to the standard girth. She nodded, biting her sexy little lip, and shoved her backside into my face, rubbing her cunt with one hand.

Instead, however, I stood up and dropped trou, my raging knob flopping up like a diving board as the jeans pulled it down and released. I sat back down, and using some of the profuse wetness from the most recent saturation, lubed myself up for a little rub-down while I sucked some 11-year-old-looking quim.

I scootched forward and dug my nose right into her cunt hole, tilting my head up to wobble my tongue into her sweetness and try to pull at her little clit if I could. Violet, obviously still sensitive from the previous cum, pressed her backside more forefully into my face. Rose was on the brink of her own intense orgasm, squishing together and kneading her gorgeous tits with one arm and pinching the opposite nipple roughly, while pumping the double-headed vein-molded dong deeper and deeper into each hole with each stroke. I'm not sure how she was able to hold off for so long.

It wasn't long before the smaller sexpot, under the keen speed of my tongue, coordinated and alternating sharp sucks onto 11-year-old-like clitty, and randomized poking into her delicate anus, that she began to erupt into loud moans and sharp cries of ecstacy. When the fervor began to increase to a high-pitched wail, I mashed the fatter sharpie end square into her rectum and she almost fainted. She went down onto her elbows, mouth open wide, and was in a silent scream of wide-eyed paradise for a good ten seconds or more.

Gradually coming around, she regained her posture by standing up on her knees, whirling around onto her butt as the fat sharpie popped out, and went right after my stiff cock.

I scooted the chair out some, and she was on her knees before me assaulting me with her tongue in ways I had not thought possible, all the while never touching a single tooth to my member. She even managed to squirm an 11-year-old-like finger up between my buns and into my rear, which encouraged me to adjust my position on the chair to give her better access. Occasionally she'd pull her mouth off, grab me at the base above my bloated cum collectors, and slap the underside of its head against her flattened out tongue, sending delightful jolts into all the right places.

"Could you double me, mommy?" She said, looking over to Rose, and standing up, putting an outstretched leg on top of mine to straddle me. Rose knew what she meant, intending to poke the fat sharpie up this 11-year-old-looking girl's rectum as she took my rock-hard cock deep within her dripping snatch for some double penetration.

As Violet situated herself astride my legs, facing me with her little legs wide and knees on the outside of my hips on the chair's wide seat cushion, I grabbed Violet's little hip with my left hand, and held my pulsing cock upright with my right, Rose knelt behind her and started periodically pressing the fat sharpie up inside her tight, winking anus that was already well lubed from her two preveious peaks of passion.

Violet reached down and spread her tight little pussy lips as wide as she could, and started sinking down. I remmembered how tight she was, and she not only felt the same but she had so much more determination and intent behind her movements that I'm not sure I could have been more turned on than I was at that moment.

She worked my meaty head in, backed off, pushed down further, backed off, and gradually began to pump herself more and more full with my cockmeat with each plunge. As she sank to the heavenly hilt, I turned my head sideways and went after that hot little neck. She sensed my aim, and reared her head back, arched her back, and gave me plenty access as she began girating her hips.

Rose had worked in a good third of the fat sharpie deep into Violet's preteen-like anus, and the girl began to buck on both intrusions, building up a steady pace, and voicing it in constant, breathy whispers.

Up and down, with some minor hip wavering, at random paces, she brought my pulsating cock near and nearer to the brink of full speed, and she began having periodic, smaller cums in the process.

After only a few minutes (and many of her smaller shockwaves), I felt her tiny quim began to quiver steadily and felt my own approach coming up. I noted my impending spray, and Violet gave me one or two long, deep pumps with her pre-teen-like quim, and sank down hard and deep -- deeper than I thought were even possible, and that did it.

I blew such a hard load, hard and deep, it made me dizzy and I'm surprised it didn't spurt out her ears. My cock deeply twitched probably seven or eight times, unloading pent up spurts cramming her quim full of white hot jizz that some began to leak out the sides I'd so filled her still-quivering snatch.

With the last load leaking itself down the sides of her legs, she withdrew from my wilting member and with fat-sharpie still poking out of her preteen-like arse and knelt in front of me pinching the head to bring it back to life -- with strange success. I was honestly surprised it would get up again so quickly, but she raised it to new heights by strategic pinching and ball tonguing that I found brain-buzzing.

Soon enough I was back up to full strength, and she whirled around and removed the fat sharpie from between her tight little buns with a quick movement, tossing it to the floor. The sharpie had some kind of purple residue on it, that I later discovered to be grape jelly that had been up inside her backside, after a thorough washing out in case we decided to munch her holes for all they were worth. Such foresight!

She leaned forward and took hold of my raging hardon, and to the my surprise, began trying to press my fat head deep into her rear. She had a frenzied look of readiness on her face as she looked back as if for assistance. I pointed my raging cock downward for better aim, and suggested she put her weight backwards. She did, and slowly began to sink backwards.

I scooted the chair out more and Rose lifted Violet up so that she was sitting on my pubic bone and could work my cock deeper into her tiny arsehole with greater ease. Rose meanwhile knelt in front of us and massaged my taut nutsac and she munched fiercely into Violets spermy preteen-like quim. Finally hitting rock bottom, her tight little-girl-like buns resting comfortably and my nutsac pushing against her perenium, I was fully inside Violet's tight 11-year-old-like rectum, and what a delight it was.

Violet had her head back in silent amazement as she got used to the feeling, tilting her head to one side giving me access to her long, defined neck to smooch over as I began rocking my hips and stimulating her incredible young arse muscles. Rose pulled out a larger dildo from the backpack and began pressing its head squarely into Violet's leaking cunt, the juices providing sufficient lubrication to mash the large pink fake cock into her gorgeous little-girl-looking cunt.

Violet was now rocking back and forth on my cock deep in her little arse, as Rose alternated the movement with the fake cock so that as one pulled out, the other pushed in, pistoning our highly sexual preteeen-like lover with sensation beyond comprehension. As I nibbled at her reddening neck, licking at her collarbone and the little rise on her shoulder, she began mashing her hands flat into her tiny nipples through the rough fabric of the tight little shirt. I managed quite a long while at this pace, having just blown a massive load up Violet's magnificent cunt, but was soon approaching an even larger climax to pump and piston another load deep up inside her amazing preteen-like arse.

"Here it goes, here it is, so close, yeah, yeah," Violet moaned just as I began to approach my own, and her eyes clenched tight and her mouth flew open as she began an incredible cum as I pumped my raging adult mancock deep inside her pulsating, tight little-girl-like arse as I grabbed her taut little buns and spread them wider to inch slightly further and deeper, as Rose began mashing the fake cock as far as she could make it inside Violet's gushing pink quim, and twisting the fake cock as if to screw it in deeper and deeper, Violet feeling the fake vein texture on every inch of her cunt as it twisted. To my surprise, Rose had grabbed the fat sharpie and began pressing it deep into my own arse, which triggered my own raging climax.

I sank even deeper into Violet's clenching and spasming arsehole, her anus twitching with excitement as I penetrated her preteen-like rectum as far as I could go, spreading her delicious buns as wide as I could and began several deep spurts, my raging cock expanding slightly with each spurt, and my arse clamping down on the invading sharpie, squirting what seemed like a larger and harder cum than before.

Violet arched her back in exquisite pleasure, and I leaned in hard to her little neck and drug my teeth along the muscles and veins popping out as she hit the upper levels of exstacy, and began to slowly drift back to reality.

As I spurt my last load deep into her tiny bowels, Violet sighed heavily and turned her face to me in dreary-eyed sleepiness and planted her lips on mine. I took my hands from her bum and moved them up around her in a hug, as she moved her hands from her tiny chest buds to grasp the fake cock still rammed deep in her tiny quim and held it inside, putting more of her weight upon my pubic bone keeping me deep inside her tight arse and squeezing her rectal muscles tight trying to keep the blood from draining out of my gradually wilting cock.

"Mommy's turn!" Rose loudly whispered, as she bent over the desk. Violet and I disengaged from our long kiss, looked at each other in the eye, eased forward and set to work on Rose's eager holes.

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