The first night of vacation revealed the family secret to Jimmy. Now how will he adjust to his father also fucking his sister.
Jimmy woke up in the morning feeling Tracey’s naked breasts pressed against his back and her warm arm draped over him. Turning to face her, his motions woke her up too. She smiled at him. He leaned in to kiss, but she stopped him. She begged off citing morning after breath, and suggested they get a shower together. Feeling his own face, Jimmy was reminded of the punch line of an old joke his buddy told him. The joke was “How can you tell if you had a great night?” and the answer “Your face feels like a glazed donut in the morning.” He really understood that line now.

Slipping out of bed, he looked around for some clothes before remembering Tracey had dragged him in here while he was watching his father and sister fuck in the other bedroom. That meant his duffle bag was still out in the kitchen with all his clothes. When he voiced his concern to Tracey, she brushed it off by saying they could get dressed after a shower. Naked as a jaybird, she strode out into the kitchen area with Jimmy on her heels. Seeing no sign of his father or sister, the two teens dashed over to the bathroom and burst thru the door. Jimmy froze at the sight before him. In the clear glass door of the shower, he could see his father fucking his sister from behind as she braced against the wall. His father turned at the sound and smiled without slowing down. He told Jimmy, “Wait just a minute, we are almost done here.” Jimmy turned to leave, but Tracey grabbed his arm to stay. Amber looked over and saw her brother and best friend standing outside the shower watching her get fucked. She smiled and waved. Her father pulled his dick out of her and spun her around. He lifted her up and sat her on a waist high ledge in the shower. She reached above and grabbed an overhead bar as her father lifted her legs over his shoulder. Tim plunged back into his daughter’s pussy and pounded her against the wall as her screams to fuck her hard intensified.

Jimmy turned to look at Tracey and observed her sitting on the toilet relieving herself. When she was finished, he became aware that despite the erection from watching his family fuck, he also had to pee. Stepping up to the bowl after Tracey vacated it, he tried to piss. It’s always difficult to piss with a stiffy as he knew. It took great concentration to start a stream. As it started splashing in the bowl, he raised his eyes to a sign above the john. It simply stated “DO NOT FLUSH TOILET WHILE SHOWER IS RUNNING!” The humor of it relaxed him a little. Shaking off the last drops, he turned just in time to see his father and sister stepping out of the shower. They grabbed towels and proceeded to dry each other off. His father looked over his shoulder and advised Jimmy, “There should be enough hot water for one more shower if you two hop in together.” Taking his hand, Tracey led Jimmy into the shower stall. Ignoring his father and sister standing on just the other side of the glass, they started to soap each other up under the warm spray. Tracey reached down and lathered up his dick and balls. Jimmy opened his mouth and gargled some of the water to rinse his mouth following Tracey’s example. Spitting it out, he leaned in for a kiss as she continued to fondle his soapy balls. Reaching his hands up, he started to soap her breasts. He heard a laugh and turned to see his father and sister giggling as they walked out of the bathroom arm in arm.

Returning his attention to Tracey, he leaned down and sucked on her nipple. She cradled his head in her arms as he suckled. Jimmy reached between her legs and fingered her slit. She moaned and spread her legs. Jimmy found her hole and ran one finger up inside her causing another moan to escape her lips and her legs to spread obscenely. He slipped a second and third finger inside. She pulled his head close to her breast and whispered “Ram it hard.” Taking his cue from her, Jimmy jammed his fingers into her. Her reaction was to break their grasp and lean against the wall. Jimmy pulled back and rammed her even harder. She arched her back and smiled. Jimmy began finger fucking her hard and fast. Her only response was to gurgle “More, more.” Suddenly, her cunt clamped on his fingers and her legs snapped shut trapping him. He could feel the spasms inside her as she climaxed. Her climax was so intense her legs could not support her. When Jimmy finally pulled his fingers out of her, she slumped to the floor. Jimmy was breathing heavy in lust. He grabbed her hair as she knelt on the floor and pulled her head back. He slapped his hard dick across her face until she opened her mouth. Roughly, he shoved his dick into her mouth. As soon as she closed her lips over his dick, he rammed his dick to the back of her throat. Although she gagged and fought for him to pull out, Jimmy was too overcome with lust to slow down. He jammed his dick into her mouth repeatedly, and then pulled out for her to catch her breath and spit out salvia. Before she was fully recovered, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on his dick once more. They set up a rhythm of five furious thrusts and then withdraw to allow her to breath. Yet, it wasn’t enough. He pulled Tracey to her feet and lifted her easily to sit on the shower shelf. There was a wild look of lust on her face as well. Jimmy grabbed her legs and lifted them over his shoulder as she steadied herself by grabbing the bar above. Jimmy fucked her without mercy. Unlike last night, he didn’t care if she got off; he had to get off was all that matter. He slammed Tracey’s body against the shower stall wall as he felt his balls draw up tight. Finally, his cum spewed out and shoot harder and further into her womb than ever before. Jimmy backed up just enough for her to lower her legs. Still wobbly, she threw her arms around his neck to steady herself. They kissed passionately as their hearts gradually returned to normal. Sated for the moment, they resumed washing each other off and exited the shower.

After drying off, they went out into the kitchen to meet his father and sister. Amber was already busy setting the table for breakfast with cereal, juice and toast. Jimmy spoke up that he could really go for some bacon and eggs. Amber placed her hands on her hips and looked at him. With a cold eye, she said, “if you want to fry bacon naked, be my guest.” Jimmy blushed. He had got so use, in such a short time, to mutual nudity; it had not even crossed his mind that they were all naked. He threw up his hands in surrender and took a seat at the table. Setting his coffee cup down, his father asked him how he felt about all this. Jimmy replied, “As soon as I wake up from this wet dream, I’ll let you know.” His father chuckled, and then seriously said, “When we get back, what are you going to tell your buddies about this weekend?” Jimmy thought about it. If he told any of his buddies, they either wouldn’t believe him or would try to weasel in between his hot sister and him. Looking at his father, Jimmy stated, “I’ll tell them it was a miserable week of no luck fishing capped with having to listen to two females clucking away all night long.” His father slapped him on the back, and remarked “that’s the smart way, Jimmy my boy. We’ll keep these wenches to ourselves.” The girls giggled at his remark. Tracey piped up, “just one more thing. Jimmy is not a little boy anymore. He fucks and sucks better than men twice his age.” She then quickly added “no offense to you, Mr. Drake.” Tim nodded in deference. Tracey continued “I think it’s time to stop calling him Jimmy, it’s such a child’s name.” His father stood up and raised his coffee cup. “I second that motion. All hail, JIM!” His sister and Amber also raised their juice glasses and joined him, “Hail, Jim!” Jim blushed at the honor and lifted his glass in recognition of his new status.

After breakfast, Tim mentioned the cabin had its own private beach perfect for some nude sunbathing. The girls giggled as they grabbed some towels and blankets. Jim led the way down to the beach and helped the girls spread the blanket out on the sand. He dipped his toe in the lake but found it too cold for swimming. His father advised him that the sun would warm it up by Noon if he wanted to swim later. Going back to the blanket, Jim grabbed the sun screen lotion and offered to oil up the girls. Starting with his sister, Amber, he squirt some lotion in his hands and massaged her breasts. As he moved lower, Amber spread her legs to offer him unrestricted access to her pink pussy and upper thighs. The feel of her brother’s hands rubbing her outer pussy and the warm sun had her drifting off in pleasure. However, when a satisfying moan escaped her lips to betray her arousal, Tracey slapped Jim on the ass and reminded him “You’re suppose to be oiling her up, not feeling her up!” Jim finished coating her legs and turned his attention to Tracey. He repeated the same for her. After a minute of touching, Tracey turned to Amber and smiled. “I know why you were getting happy now”, she said. She forced Jim to move on down to her legs. Both girls turned over, and Jim squirted a liberal amount on each of their backs. Kneeling between them, he used one hand on each to coat their backs before skipping over their asses to do their legs. Finally, he added another drop of lotion to each ass cheek and worked the lotion in well with one hand on each girl. By the time he was done, he had worked a finger down the crack of each girl to reach her pussy and was sliding it through their crack.

Sitting in a lounge chair watching the kids, Tim was startled by a sound in the bushes. Jim and the girls jumped at the sound fearing a wild animal. Then the bushes parted and an older man stepped out, also naked. While the girls and Jim quickly covered up, Tim just stood up and extended his hand to the stranger. Turning to the youngsters, Tim introduced the newcomer as Mr. Thompson, the owner of the resort. Mr. Thompson extended his hand to Jim. Standing, but still keeping his privates covered, Jim shook the offered hand. Mr. Thompson chuckled and commented to Tim, “first timers, heh?” Tim nodded and laughed. Jim asked, “So is this like a nudist colony?” Mr. Thompson replied, “It’s a little more than that.” Looking to Tim for approval, he continued, “Nudity is just part of it. Most of our members are families that enjoy open sexual expression among themselves and others.” Turning his attention to the two girls still cowering on the blanket, he smiled. He looked at Tracey and commented, “This must be Tracey Drake. She looks so much like her brother.” Tracey stood up and asked, “You know my brother?” Mr. Thompson replied, “Yes, he’s been coming here for a couple of years, usually with your older sister. In fact, we normally would not have let you in without a parent present, but your brother made the necessary arrangements.” Turning to Amber, he extended his hand to help her up and said, “And this, Tim, must be your daughter.” Relaxing, Amber allowed him to help her stand. His charm and easy around their nakedness soon had everybody but Jim relaxed. He still hung back with his hands over his privates.

A new rustling of the bushes heralded the arrival of another guest. As the bushes parted, a young girl stepped into view. Jim was struck by her beauty. She was also naked except for a blue fanny pack with a white logo. He figured her to be about the same age as his sister but shorter and amply endowed. Mr. Thompson introduced her as his daughter, Cindy. She shook hands around the group. Jim was amazed at the soft feel of her skin when he shook her hand. She chuckled at him and asked her father, “Virbie?” as she tilted her head in Jim’s direction. Her father told her that was not nice. Tim asked what she meant. Cindy quipped, “It means a virgin newbie. They tend to be up tight and keep their hands covering their cock.” Amber, Tracey and his father laughed. Tim tousled Jim’s hair, and said “She’s got you pegged.” Jim blushed.

Amber took the attention away from Jim by asking Mr. Thompson how big the resort was and why hadn’t they seen anyone else. Mr. Thompson explained that this cabin was more secluded than the others to allow first timers to get adjusted. However, like the other cabins in the complex it was set up to facilitate openness; the lack of bedroom doors, the special construction of the showers with posture shelves and equilibrium bars. However, if they were up to it, he would be glad to show them around. Amber and Tracey were excited at the prospect, and Tim said he would tag along. Jim stood silently. As they started through the bushes, Tim turned and asked Jim if he was coming. Jim said he just wanted to get some sun. Cindy piped up that she wanted to stay and keep him company. Her father looked at her, then grinned and led the others down the path on the other side of the bushes.

Jim sat back down on the blanket keeping his hands in his lap. Cindy came over and sat down beside him. She bumped shoulders with him and told him to relax. She promised not to bite, unless “that is what you are into.” Jim began to warm up to her company. She got him talking about his school and sports. Before long, she and Jim were stretched out on the blanket having a friendly conversation. Jim didn’t even realize he had dropped his guard and removed his hands from his lap. Cindy leaned in and kissed him. As he felt her tongue probing his lips, he opened them in surrender. She gently pushed him back on the blanket as their tongues dueled. He could feel her breast pressing against him. He reached down and grabbed her ass. In response, she reached down and grabbed his dick now rising for the occasion. He pushed her back on the blanket and kind of straddled her as he ran his hand down from her chest across her stomach and into the hairless pubes of her cunt. He felt her seeping moisture as he ran a finger through her slit and diddled her hole. She arched her back and moaned under his care.

In a few minutes, she pushed him back on the blanket and moved down between his legs. Starting with the head of his dick, she swirled her tongue around and down the shaft. Jacking his dick, she lowered her tongue to spit wash his balls. Pushing his legs up toward his chest, she continued down licking her way till she reached his ass hole. Jim could not believe the feeling as she rimmed his butt hole. He wasn’t ready to shoot, but his dick was aching for some pussy. Cindy stopped her oral attention and reclined on the blanket. Jim took the hint and moved down to suck her clit and lick her pussy. Grabbing her legs, she gradually lifted her bottom up and directed Jim to lick lower and lower. She begged him to eat her ass. Jim was reluctant to go that far. He gave it a quick kiss. It was not as unpleasant as he had feared. He gave it another, longer kiss. Her groans and gyrations inflamed his passion. He flicked her ass hole with his tongue. He swore it actually quivered. More and more licks soon followed.

Cindy pulled him up as she lowered her legs. Jim moved between her legs to mount her when she stopped him. He looked at her in a mixture of lust and disappointment. He asked what was wrong. She replied, “Nothing, but if we are going to fuck, we need a condom.” Jim said, “Sorry, I figured you were on birth control.” Cindy said, “No, my mother won’t let me go on the pill until I’m at least 14.” Wide eyed, Jim sat up in a shot. Cindy pulled herself up beside him. Jim was bewildered and asked, “How – How old are you?” She said, “I’ll be 14 in two weeks. I bet you thought I was older because of these.” To clarify her meaning, she hefted her breasts. Jim nodded yes. Laughing, Cindy informed him, “You know how I got my chest to grow?” Jim shook his head no. She continued, “Every night for the last two years, I suck both my father and brother off and have them shoot their cream on my chest. Then I rub it in to promote growth.”

Jim started to stand up, but Cindy pulled him back down. “Is it because of those other two girls?”, she asked. Jim didn’t answer. “Don’t worry. They won’t be back for a while. By now, my Dad’s got one of them bent over a tree stump fucking, and your father is probably fucking the other one. Or they met my mother, and she’s fucking your father while my brother is fucking your sister. The only one not getting any is YOU!” she said. Jim didn’t know what to say, and then blurted out “I don’t have any condoms.” Reaching for her blue fanny pack, Cindy drew out a foil pack. “No problem”, she said. Still getting no response from Jim, she whispered “Look, I’ll give you something neither of those two bitches will!” Grabbing his dick, she gave it a squeeze. Jim’s brain was still trying to comprehend all of this when his dick took over. He did not resist when she kissed him again, and put up no resistance as she pushed him back on the blanket. She proceeded to lick the head of his dick and gradually moved down the shaft. Soon she was spit washing his balls and trailing further down on him. His dick jerked in anticipation of fucking her pussy.

Cindy let his legs fall down and rolled over on her back. Jim shifted position to kneel between her outstretched legs. He lapped at her clit to draw it out. When it popped out of its hood, he sucked it like a pert nipple. Cindy pulled his head up and motioned for him to roll over. She opened the foil wrapper and rolled the condom down on his shaft. Straddling him, she grabbed his dick at the base and held it steady as she lowered her pussy on it. She did not stop until she had his full dick inside her. She rocked back and forth on his cock. Jim didn’t mind the action, but other than the rim job it was the same as his sister or Tracey. He reached up and fondled her ample breasts. All too soon, she lifted herself off of him. Kneeling on the blanket beside him, she lowered her lips to his dick. But instead of giving him a blow job, she just dribbled spit on his dick. Jim was about to grab her head and force it down on his dick when she got up and straddled him again. However, this time, she reached behind her to guide his shaft back into her. Jim felt more resistance than before in entering her, and then it dawned on him that she was lining up her ass hole to his dick. The fucking and spit dribble had just to get his dick slick. Her ring briefly resisted his entry; but once she bore down, the head popped through her ring. She kept lowering her ass chute on his dick until she again hit bottom. It was amazing, Jim thought. Her ass was tighter than even his own grip when he jerked off, and hotter than her pussy. She grunted as she raised and lowered her ass on his erection a couple of times.

However, after just a few jumps, she got up off of him leaving him in disappointment again. That soon faded as she lay down face first on the blanket. She then pulled her knees under her to raise her ass. She cocked her head to signal Jim to mount her ass again. He got up behind her and pushed his dick back into her puckered ring. She was looser now as her ass relaxed. When he hit bottom, Cindy wiggled her ass and told him to fuck her. He started off slow, but she encouraged him to put some push behind it. Soon, the woods echoed with the sound of his groin slapping her ass cheeks and her grunts of approval. He was going full speed when his orgasm struck suddenly. He filled the condom in her bowels and collapsed forward on her. She pushed him off onto his back. Carefully pulling the condom off of him, she flopped back on the blanket. Upending it, she poured the white treasure on her chest. Jim sat up on one elbow to watch. Her eyes lusted over as the warm liquid ran in rivets off her nipples and down her cleavage. As she started to rub the man juice into her chest, she begged Jim to finger fuck her. Jim certainly obliged. He rammed three fingers into her sopping hole to hear her groan. As he furiously fucked his fingers in and out of her box, she rubbed his cum all over. Her face and breasts flushed red, and her breathing grew rapid. Suddenly, her back arched as Jim hammered her box. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and greedily licked the syrup off them. When she fell back on the blanket, Jim withdrew his fingers. She grabbed his hand and guided it to her mouth. Sticking all three fingers in at once, she licked up all of her juice too.

Once their heartbeat calmed down, they took a quick dip in the lake to wash off. After a minute, Cindy swam up to Jim standing in the water. She ducked under the water, and engulfed his dick. She was only able to give it a quick stroke with her mouth before she came back up. However, that was enough to insure her that he was hard again. She put her arms around his neck and encircled his waist with her legs. Lowering herself, she rested her pussy on his shaft. He used the buoyance of the water to help as he rubbed his dick against her pussy lips. Getting into it, Jim shifted his legs slightly and was rewarded with his erection slipping up into her hole. Startled, Cindy pushed against his chest resulting in her falling back into the water. As she came up sputtering water, he grabbed her and dragged her back to the blanket on the beach. Throwing her down on the blanket, he grabbed another condom out of her pack and copied her motions from before in rolling it down his shaft. With a look of lust, she parted her legs to show her puffy, red pussy lips hungry for his meat. He fell upon her and impaled her on his dick. He grunted as he rammed in and out of her. She climaxed first, but he kept going strong until once more he erupted inside her safely protected by the condom.

He pulled the condom off his spent dick and threw it into the bushes. They entwined in each other arms and kissed. Then they lay side by side as they drifted off to sleep. When Jim woke up, Cindy had already left. She was right giving up her ass was something he doubted either his sister or Tracey would do. He headed back up to the empty cabin and sprawled out on the bed for a rest. This vacation was certainly going to be something he would never forget.
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