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I got this off another site but im doin it in my own way plus this is my first story so please constructive criticism so i can know what to do better nxt time
"Please dont do this, I am sorry" my mother pleaded as I shoved her on her bed and pulled
down her panties, showing her puckered asshole and breathtaking hairy pussy.

I replied "Your 12 years to late for that mommy dearest" and ripped her
bra off her beuatiful body.

I made her get on all fours with her legs out wide open.

I got closer to her and brought my index finger and middle finger together and began rubbing
and teasing her outer lips and clit vigorously and said "So this is the beuatiful pussy I came
from ,it looks so nasty and began to slowly put my fingers in and she pleaded "No dont"
but I just shoved them in and she let out a moan of pleasure.

I pumped my fingers in and out for a few more moments which by now she was dripping
wet then I pulled them out and put them in her face and said "Look, your so wet, you
really are a slut if your getting wet from your own son touching you, now suck your
juices off my fingers" and I prompted her by putting my fingers closer to her mouth.

She didnt make any movement to take them in her mouth so I grasped her left
breast while sitting behind her and squeezed it lightly, but enough to make her
gasp and I took the oppurtunity to shove the juice covered fingers into her mouth.

"Their was that so hard mother" I said as I slowly pumped my fingers in her
mouth and massaged her huge breast making her moan around my fingers
in her mouth.

After a few minutes I stopped these activities on her body and pushed
her back into doggy position and pulled my cock from my pants and
began rubbing it up and down my mothers pussy slit and said "This
is gonna be fun" and she replied with "Stop!! I am your mother".

I stopped rubbing and through gritted teeth, with a angry voice
"What did you just say" and plunged my cock deep into her
and she yelled out in pleasure and suprise.

I kept plunging into her and said maliciously into her ear "Your not
my mother, if you were, you would have never abandoned
me into the care of 'those' people" with tears now streaking
down my face as I fucked her."A real mother would never
choose some asswipes cock over their own child" I screamed
at her with anger and sadness saturated in my words,heart
and soul.

She yelled out "No this is wrong" and I replied "So is
abandoning me for a 'piece of meat' " I sceamed out
in anger and I gripped her hips and started fucking
her even harder making her cry out in bliss.


2013-04-02 04:22:46
you are just a f***wit

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-01 10:04:15
Post the rest of the story and give credit to the person you took it from.

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-01 00:36:45
it sucked worse than a virgin trying to give a blowjob

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-31 14:31:53
is that all what happened to the rest of the story man?

please continue the story it is good just needs a little work!

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-31 07:37:06
Horrible just horrible

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