New Sodom: Going to the public pool 01

Author's note: So, here we are, right in a new series of mine. I grew tired of Bobby, as the story developed way too slowly, and I'm not the patient author, after all. So I started a new series about New Sodom, a strange city, where everything is possible – at least sexually.
As always, if you are not of the age of consent, move along, since this is a story containing descriptions of explicit sexual acts. The happenings in this story are completely fictional and absolutely non-realistic whatsoever. If you're not sure, if this story doesn't contain what you look for, look at the tags again.
And now we may start with the first chapter from the city New Sodom. Enjoy!

It was a sunny Saturday in mid-July and thus time for a family-visit to the local public pool.
Dan Richter, his wife Juliet and their two little daughters Amy and Heather loved their weekly trips, especially to the pool.
Dan was the owner of a very popular local bar, while Juliet was a teacher.
They were middle-aged, both 39 years old. Dan was 1.74 tall, 75 kg heavy and skinny. Since he and his family were nudists and enjoyed being outside, he was well-tanned. He had shaggy, black hair and a fairly large dick, standing at 20cm (erect).
Juliet was smaller than her husband with 1.71m and also lighter with 65kg. She was in good shape and her skin was also bronzed from the sun. She had long, straight, naturally red hair and C-cup breasts.
Amy was 16 years old, with her mother's hair, but just a little shorter, yet she seemed to grow breasts even larger than her mother's since they were already as big as Juliet's. Compared to her height of 1.62m, they seemed huge. She wasn't as fit as her mother, so she weighed 64kg, but she was not chubby at all, since most of the fat seemed to gather in her breasts.
Her sister Heather was 11 years old, with short black hair. She had a more boyish build, with no budding breasts yet. She also was very slim, since she was almost always outside, strolling through the nearby forest, climbing trees and stuff. She was 1.45m tall and weighed only 38kg.
They all were very open about their sexuality. In fact, the girls had sex with each other, as well as with their parents. Their special relationship was the main reason why they moved to their current home, New Sodom: Incest was legal, even appreciated here. There were no borders of age, and no prudeness as well. It was considered okay to walk around completely naked, even public sex was no problem.
Long story short: It was heaven for the Richters.

And now they walked over to the public pool. It was just 2 blocks from their house, so they didn't need their car. It was 28° Celsius outside, and no cloud in the sky. All of the Richters were naked, since there were no clothes allowed at the pool, and it was not necessary to dress anyway, since the weather was so good.
The only things they took with them were lube, condoms, towels and “The Juice”, a highly potent stimulant that was invented by a local pharmacist. It allowed men to develop inhumanly durability and nearly endless resources of cum, while it made women extremely sensible. It also made the consumer immune to any sexual sickness. Most of the inhabitants were almost constantly under its influence, since the only by-effect was a increased sex-drive, which was a good by-effect, after all.
It was 11 in the morning and they met only two people: Their neighbor Claus, who prepared a barbecue for his friends, and little Joey, who delivered the last few newspapers. He was also naked, with a raging little boner. The 11-year-old little rascal was popular within the women of the neighborhood, since he was always ready for a morning-fuck. Juliet waved at him. “Hi Joey,” she said. “You seem to be “up” for something.” The two of them chuckled a bit, but the rest of the Richters just sighed at her poor joke and made their way on to the pool. They knew what was coming, and they also knew that they would have no part in it. Joey loved his MILFs and he never wanted anything else.
“Sure I am!” Joey responded, and walked up to her. “Do you have something particular in mind?” He asked her and started rubbing his cock. She moved down on all fours and let him see her two bald holes. “You may choose. My ass is freshly cleaned, so make yourself comfortable, if you like.”
Needing no further motivation, Joey spit in his hand to moisten up his glans a bit and “dove” right into the action. He buggered Juliet good and steady, also reaching around to fondle her breasts. “How many did you have today?” Juliet asked casually, while her ass was fucked by the horny little 11-year-old. “The third. I'll last long.” Joey stated, panting heavily. He could keep his pace very long, but he always breathed heavy right from the start. He started fondling Juliet's firm breasts and pinched her nipples with his finger. He lowered his head and started nibbling and kissing her neck, then she turned around and kissed him. Their tongues joined in a wild dance, while their crotches bumped into each other, just to depart right away. After a good 20 minutes of fucking, Joey was about to cum. “Where *aagh* do you *uuh* want it?” he asked between thrusts. “I forgot to apply lotion to my face,” she said with a sexy little wink. “So here we go!” was the happy reply.
Joey withdrew and gave her a facial. He only managed to squeeze a few spurts out, but it was enough to spread all over Juliets face. Most of his cum had been spent in other women this morning, so not very much was left.
“That was nice,” Juliet said happily. They stood up, hugged and went their respective ways. Joey pulled out a bottle with the juice and drank a sip, so he'd be ready for the next fuck.
Juliet wondered, what her family was up to right now....

They had been going through the showers. Of course, all of the showers were for both genders, so the three of them went to the same shower. It was one large room, with for showers on each side. They were alone in there, so they just soaped up and rinsed.
Then they stepped out of the showers and entered the inside of the pool. The area was huge, since the pool was one of the biggest attractions for all the sex-tourists. They stood in the main-area, which consisted of 4 great pools. Two were regular pools, one had jumping-boards and one had a nice waterslide while the water was shallow.
There were also 2 small pools for the children. There were not many people inside since the weather was so good.
So the three of them went outside, too. There was also a pool with a waterslide, one with diving boards and several small whirlpools for up to 12 people.
Most of the people out here were in the whirlpools or laying on the grass, getting a tan. Some kids were diving, and two little girls took turns on the waterslide.
The Richters went over to the other people and spread their towels on the grass. Beside them lay two boys, one about 16 years old, the other one presumably between 12 and 13. They both looked at the naked girls, especially at Amy, whose nice tits and pretty face always caught some glances. Of course she was aware of it, and since she was horny since dawn, she went over to them.

“Wanna have some fun?” She asked them openly, already caressing her trimmed stripe of bright red pubic hair and the mound underneath it.
“Sure!” the 16-year old happily obliged. She got down on her knees and started rubbing the hard cocks of the two boys. They seemed to be brothers, as they both had the same brown hair and similar faces. She started sucking the younger boy's cock and also encouraged the two boys by putting their hands at her breasts. They started kneading them, caressing the big, pink nipples, circling, twisting, pinching, until she started moaning around the small, but rock-hard cock in her mouth. She loved pricks like these, the never-ending stamina, the heavenly hardness and yet, they were so firm and smooth. She regretted not having a little brother to suck off and fuck, but her parents still could have babies. Or maybe she could have her own kid, but she still used contraceptives currently.
The older brother now grew a little bolder, moving his hand down to her pussy and starting to suck her right tit. He seemed to have little experience with fingering, but the attention at her pussy was nice. He more or less just moved two fingers in and out, not really bothering to stop at her clit, but he expertly sucked her tit. He licked at the nipple, sucked ravenously as if he wanted to eat it.
His little brother seemed to reach his peak, which wasn't surprising at all. From the beginning, Amy had taken his whole cock, alternating between bottoming out and licking his balls, fast, deep strokes and lapping at his shining, purple glans. She wanted to finish him off, to see if she had guessed right about his stamina, so she put one finger at his ass and pushed it in. His asshole was hairless and already slick – obviously he had something up there earlier. He seemed to enjoy it, when see started fingering his asshole, and started thrusting up and down, fucking her mouth and her finger simultaneously. Meanwhile, his brother stood behind Amy and aligned his cock with her pussy. With her free hand, she reached behind and started kneading one of his buttocks, to state her accordance with his actions. He needed no more than that and started fucking her sopping wet pussy. The hard, fast thrusts made wet, slapping sounds, joined by the moaning of the young trio.
Amy glanced over to her father and sister, who had some action of their own going on.

[about 10 minutes earlier]

Heather watched Amy strolling over to the boys and wanted to join in, but suddenly, strong arms embraced her from behind, one hand cupping her chest, the other one covering her eyes. “Who am I?” a masculine, familiar voice asked her.
“Is that you, Jeremy?” she asked innocently.
“Got me!” the man laughed and released her. She turned around and stood before Jeremy, her class-teacher. He was 32 years old, heavy built, but not really fat and slightly hairy. The best thing about him was his cock, which was even bigger than her father's, and yet it never seemed to go limp in her presence. They loved to fuck in the breaks between classes, and most of the time, he fucked multiple girls from her class at once.
Right now, his cock stood before her, 24 cm tall, and magnificent as ever.
“Hi Jeremy,” Heather's father said, standing up from his towel. The two men knew each other very well, they loved to screw Juliet in both of her holes, and frequently double-teamed other women at the weekly neighborhood-orgies.
“Wonderful day for a swim,” Jeremy stated and the two men started a little smalltalk about the recent happenings in and around town, but Heather quickly became bored.
She went up to Jeremy and started to give him a blowjob. She was good at this, since her father had given her his cock to suck since she was 3. He'd taken her maidenhood when she was 5, and her anal virginity soon after. All of her holes were used to big cocks, and she sure made use of her abilities. It took her a few strokes, but soon she bobbed all the way down, her nose bumping into Jeremy's neatly trimmed pelvis. She even managed to suck and lick his shaved balls when she bottomed out, to give him even more pleasure.
“*Aah* Your daughter is as good as a-always,” Jeremy groaned, now starting to thrust his dick into her throat, since he damn knew that she could take it.
“I know. I think, I'll also take a slice of the pie,” Dan proclaimed and moved behind his daughter. He pressed his shaft against her butt-cheeks, grinding all the way up and down. Then he brought it to her pussy and thrust inside her. He didn't lose much time to quicken his pace, and soon he was screwing his daughter hard. The thrusts drove her into Jeremy, impaling her mouth further on his cock.
They began fucking Heather with a steady pace, sometimes alternating, sometimes in unison, so she was soon squirming, happily slurping at the cock in her mouth and fucking back into her father's pelvis. He started slapping her sweet little ass, he knew that she liked the pain, it only increased her pleasure. And of course, it was also a pleasure for him to treat that firm pre-teen ass of her.

Jeremy started to pull and twist her puffy little nipples, which soon became harder than even his own cock, standing at attention. He was sure that she'd soon start to grow breasts and they sure would become lovely.
That was the reason he became a teacher in this town: He simply loved screwing the kids while watching them grow up.
He remembered that he was the one to take many virginities, vaginal and anal, even from many boys.

But now, Heather suddenly stopped. She withdrew the cock from her mouth and asked politely, if he'd want to have her ass while Dan still fucked her pussy. Jeremy didn't hesitate and pushed Dan to the ground, who took the laughing and gasping Heather with him. She turned around, so that she faced her father now and her puckered, pink asshole faced Jeremy. She smiled her cute, innocent-looking smile and kissed her father.
Jeremy took a moment to take in the beautiful sight of this cute girl's asshole and the cock in her pussy. Heather looked back at him and gave him a wink, then turned around to kiss her father again.
Jeremy took the invitation with joy and pushed his cock at her anal opening. The slickness of her spit was more than enough to lube him up and he pushed in with ease. After a few probing strokes, he finally bottomed out and joined Dan up inside his daughter. Their shaved balls rested against each other, but they were used to it (The Golden Rule!).
Heather threw her head back in pleasure when they started to move. It felt incredible, their hard, hot pricks felt like they were reaching her core, melting anything from her brain but pleasure, and wordless, savage growls and groans escaped her throat as she was fucked brainless by the two men. Her father silenced her with a deep, long kiss, their tongues intertwining wildly. Heather bucked like crazy between the two familiar cocks which she loved so much.
When she reached her first climax, her pussy tightened and spasmed around her father's cock, while Jeremy feared that her suddenly tightened asshole would simply tear his cock off. The hugeness of her orgasm made Heather squirt a little jet of clear cum and she silently opened and closed her mouth like a fish. Then she started whimpering and begged to be fucked harder.
The two men didn't need much more encouragement and started to work her like a well-oiled machine, fucking her mercilessly until she nearly passed out from her second orgasm.
Dan needed to cum first since he was fucking his daughter's pussy for 8 minutes straight, and he didn't cum since the last night.
“Want my cum you little cockslut? Want me to fill your girly little womb with my hot cum?” Dan grunted, scarcely able to hold back right now. “Yes please daddy. Do it! Fill me up!” Heather whimpered between thrusts.
Dan cried out in orgasm when he heard his little girl beg for him to cum inside her and he released a flood of sperm into her pussy, filling her up.
Jeremy increased his pace now, hammering away at her ass. “I'm. Gonna. CUM!” He shouted and buried his penis inside her to the hilt, covering her bowels with his seed, and giving her the third orgasm of the day.
Heather fell limp upon her father, now passed out from the intense fucking.
The men withdrew their pricks from her red, sore holes and carried her back on her towel.
Her father spread some sunlotion on her skin, so she would get no sunburn.
Jeremy waved them goodbye and returned to his own towel to relax a little.
Dan now wanted to swim a little, since they were at a pool, after all.
On his way over, he passed Amy, who just received a mouthful of pre-teen sperm...

“Take this!” the little boy cried out and unloaded his seed into Amy's mouth. He pulled out and spurted the small rest onto her pretty face.
“Thank you,” Amy said, smiling at him lovingly. “How are you back there?” she asked his brother, who still fucked her pussy.
“Great! Your pussy is tight and I love it,” the older one responded and now started to finger her asshole. Like he did with her pussy, he just slid first one, then two fingers in and out of her pucker, which caused her pussy to tighten even more.
“You dirty boy!” Amy shouted playfully and turned around, just to see her father rubbing his half-hard, slick cock.
“Hey dad!” she called. “Wanna join in?” He didn't hesitate and sat down before his daughter. He started to kiss her and lap the sperm from her face. After all, he loved little boys' jizz and he'd love to have a little son himself.
Then he turned around and looked at the young boy jacking himself off to the sight before him.
“He likes it in the ass.” Amy informed her father.
“Really?” Dan slid over to the boy and looked at him. He was cute, curly, brown hair, a few freckles and a cute, yet rock-hard little cock. “Do you like my daughter?” He asked the boy.
“Y-yeah I do,” he answered. “She has great tits.”
“And you like it in the butt?” “Yeah, I do! My father and my brother love my ass and I've been fucked by strangers almost constantly since we live here.”
“That's lovely. Since when do you live here?” “Since two weeks, we live in the Heussberg-street.”
“Oh, that's just five minutes from our house. Now, do you want me to fuck you?”
“Yeah, I'd like that.” With these words, the boy grabbed Dans cock and started licking it.
The drying sperm and pussyjuice got moistened again, and soon, the cock was ready to be shoved into that cute little butthole. Dan commanded the boy to roll over and started to lick and finger his ass. Soon, it was ready, too and he pushed his cock in.
He went in with relative ease, since it was already well-stretched. He started to move, and he felt that the heavenly tightness of this ass would sure squeeze some sperm out of him. “Good thing I've brought the juice.” Dan thought to himself and increased the pace as the boy simply begged him to, also thrusting his ass back to impale himself further on the hard rod.
“Oh Dad that's so hot,” Amy called from behind and strolled over to the two, pulling the older boy with her. She started to rim her father's asshole while he fucked the brother of the boy who was busy fucking her. They spent a few minutes in their train, until the older brother simply started grunting and soon filled Amy with his cum.
Dan soon joined in, filling the young boys ass up. They all collapsed onto the grass, worn out, and talked a little. It turned out, that the older one was called George and the younger one was Jamie. They lived together with their father and mother, who were currently working, since they both worked at the local hospital.
Dan and George now wanted to swim a little to ease their muscles from the recent effort.
Amy and little Jamie got into a 69 position, and sucked the excessive sperm from each others holes. Soon, the lapping of the little boy brought Amy to her first orgasm of the day. Unlike her sister, she couldn't really cum from fucking, but enjoyed it nevertheless.
When they were finished, they just lay down to take a sunbath.

When Juliet arrived a little later, she found that her husband was busy swimming and that her elder daughter took a sunbath, while Heather lay asleep, worn out from the fucking.
Juliet woke her up and suggested to go to the sauna. After all, there was always something going on. Heather agreed and together, they went inside and entered the wellness-area. There were several sauna-cabins, some special pools and an area for massages.
The two went into a sauna-cabin, where still some people were sweating.
They were four grown men, two boys and one little girl. The boys were black, about 14 years old and seemed to be twins. One of the men was their father, presumably in his early forties, and the three others were somewhere between twenty and thirty. The boys had identical, 14-cm, slender cocks. Their father had a 23cm-monster between his legs, and the young men ranged between 18 and 21 cm.
They were currently engaged in an orgy: The girl sat on one young man's lap, taking his cock into her pussy and sucked off the twins simultaneously. She seemed to be 6 or 7, yet she was skillful, sucking and fucking expertly. The three unoccupied men jacked off to the scene before them.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? 4 big men and 2 naughty boys with such a precious, sweet little child. May the two of us join in?” The men nodded, so the two went up to them, Juliet taking two cocks and Heather taking one, first jacking slowly, then sucking the cocks before them.
Juliet commanded the twins to fuck her and her little daughter. The boys didn't hesitate and started right away, hammering the two pussies mercilessly.
“But I want more cocks!” the little girl protested, so one of the two young guys who were serviced by Juliet stood up and let the girl suck his cock. She happily started slurping at the dick in front of her, with such a sweet smile on her face that she seemed like a horny little angel.
They continued fucking in this position for quite a time: Juliet and Amy sucking on the men's dicks while getting fucked by the twins, while the little girl also fucked and sucked two grown men. The girl soon started bucking, since the cock was huge for her pussy, and finally came, all the while sucking away on the dick in her mouth.
Now Juliet wanted to mix things a little up, stood up and went over to the girl. She got on her knees before her, first tentatively licking at the balls of the man in her vagina, then licking the clitoris. All the while, insatiable Heather had taken one of the twin's cocks in her ass, sitting on his lap, while the other one fucked her pussy. The two men took turns being sucked by her, making sure that she was stuffed constantly.
“Have you ever had your ass fucked?” Juliet asked the girl.
“Yeah, daddy likes my bumhole, and it feels good in there!” the girl replied.
“Then take him into your ass,” Juliet commanded. The man pulled out of the girl's vagina and lay down, letting the little blonde sweetling sit on his lap. Juliet licked and sucked his cock as well as the girl's asshole, to make sure they were prepared. The girl impaled herself in one swift motion, and needed some strokes to finally sit on the man's lap fully.
“And now you can have her pussy,” Juliet told the remaining man, who, without further ado, started fucking the cute, pink pussy in front of him. Juliet now climbed up on the bench and sat on the girl's face, letting her lick her ass. Juliet was indeed a very ass-fixated person. She almost constantly rimmed her family members and got both rimmed and ass-fucked on a daily basis.
Not that the girl would complain to have the crotch of that beautiful woman in her face, while she got double-teamed by two men she didn't even know. But nevertheless the two guys felt magnificent. She could feel every vein, every bump on their dicks with her hugging pussy and ass, and all the while, she licked the strange woman's anus like it was the yummiest thing she'd ever tasted.
The men increased their pace after a while, getting accustomed to the incredibly tightness of the girl, and Juliet started slowly gyrating her hips as she got pleasured. It was incredibly hot to watch the long, hard pricks vanish inside these young holes and withdrawing again, every time pushing a yelp of pleasure out of the girl which encouraged her to dive deeper into Juliet's ass.
And the sight got even better when the father of the boys who was currently sucked by her daughter, got behind his son in her pussy and started ramming his prick into the boy's ass. The boy didn't complain at all, instead he started bucking back and forth between his dad and young Heather. He lowered his head and started sucking the budding nipples before him, then he moved up to her neck and finally engaged in a sloppy kiss with her, swapping spit back and forth with the girl who got buggered by his brother, while he was buggered himself. Heather then lay back and let the guy who was sucked off by her fuck her throat.
It was an amazing thing to watch, and Juliet was blown away by the hotness of all of this (they were in a sauna after all.....seewhatididthere?) and soon she reached an orgasm, solely caused by the deep rimming and the pleasuring sights in front of her. She started bucking and heaving, pressing her crotch into the young face. But it didn't seem to bother the girl, who still shuddered from her last orgasm. She didn't know how many she had, she had lost count after the third one, and the heavy weight of Juliet's wide ass didn't really get her attention.
When she was finished, Juliet got up and kissed the girl on the lips. Then she helped the man in her pussy by pushing him gently into the girl. She kneaded his ass-cheeks, even fingered him, until he began to breathe heavy. Since she was so young, he didn't have to bother about pregnancy, so he just grunted and came inside her. His rich cum overfilled her womb and flooded her pussy. When he pulled out, a huge excessive amount flowed out of her. Then the man in her ass also creampied her. The influence of the juice, which everyone here was consuming regularly, made him literally cum buckets, and when pulling the “plug”, there was also a great amount overflowing.
Juliet was just ready to catch all of it with her mouth and chest.
But it was not enough for Juliet. She made the 4 guys around her daughter stop to screw her mindless. Heather was nearly comatose, she couldn't talk or move, she just murmured almost silently. Juliet had to take care of that, but first, she wanted to have a good bukkake with the small girl.
The guys stood in a circle around Juliet and the girl, cumming one after another, pasting those beautiful faces and bodies with nearly inhuman amounts of cum. The two made out during the whole process, swapping sperm and spit between their mouths. When it was over, two of the guys and one of the twins wanted to take a piss. The girl turned out to have a thing for pissing, so she offered herself as a pissoire. The guys stood around her and covered her already cum-covered body with their pee, also aiming at her mouth and small, red sore-fucked pussy. She giggled and caught lots of it in her mouth, swallowing some. When their bladders were empty, they all realized that they needed a shower, so they went outside to wash themselves. Heather was carried by one of the men, and the girl ran forward, jumping and giggling.
“Girls will be girls, after all, even when they are sex-crazed, depraved little angels like this one,” said one of the men. They followed the girl, chuckling about his comment.
Juliet looked forward to the rest of the day. When Heather woke up, they could have a little family-fun, they just had to find Dan and Amy....

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