Cheating girlfriend says she’ll do anything for a second chance…and does
I suppose I was in my late teens or early twenties when I first came across some stories in porn mags of girls drinking piss and admittedly the idea really turned me on. Of course it never seemed to be something that would be likely happen. After all, at my age then I considered it remarkably good fortune just to find a girl willing to swallow something as comparatively innocent as my sperm. Back then, it seemed that a girl so weird and so depraved could only exist in some perverted imagination. Then one day unplanned and unforeseen, together with the right person under the right conditions it happened.
I was 25 and she was 21. Her name was Han, which she told me was Vietnamese for faithful. She was 5' 1" and had a faultless and subtle beauty that reaffirmed itself in greater proportion every time I looked at her. She was also smart and had more refined tastes than really anyone that I been with before. For my part I was probably the least structured person that she'd ever been with and though she was already quite ready to walk through them, sexually I opened a lot of new doors for her.
If there was one thing about Han that stood out, both in terms of her looks and our time together it was her mouth. Han had an incredible mouth. She had perfect white teeth and an illuminating smile. Best of all though, she had soft and succulent lips and to this day she's still the most eager and able cock sucker that I've ever been with. Her mouth made me feel so good in so many ways and she looked so sublimely sexy while taking care of a cock and savoring fresh sperm.
On the down side she had difficulty connecting with people. Han could be obtusely aggressive in social situations and inappropriately insert herself without really considering how she could be received. Since she was good looking guys usually didn't seem to mind. In fact that was my take on her when we first got together. After a single date she began showing up at my place unannounced. Once she even showed up looking for me at my friends place. This was a warning sign to me, but I shrugged things off and thought to myself that I should just enjoy the porn sex with the hot chick. Women on the other hand were often not too thrilled with her. During our time together there were always guys who'd befriend her, but with women there could often be mutual animus.
To further illustrate others of her shortcomings, we'd only been going out for a month or two when I'd found out she cheated on me. I didn't know that full details and when I confronted her she claimed it was a three-way with a girlfriend of hers and a guy her friend had picked up when they were out at a bar. She said that they had gone back to someone’s place for more drinks and that the three of them ended crashing there. She said that the other two started fooling around on the couch while she was lying on the floor. Her story was that she couldn't sleep, because she was just getting too wet listening and watching them writhe in the dim light. Finally she just couldn't resist the urge to crawl up and play them while they fucked. She said the most she did was go down on them both.
I think she figured that I might be turned on if another girl was involved. Also she could use the inclusion of the other girl to diminish the level of her own participation to something akin to a supporting fluffer. I really don't have any idea why she thought this could have made things better and besides I didn't believe her anyway.
After about a week of resisting her overtures I agreed to go with Han to a party. She was looking for a chance at reconciliation, but I only went along because I knew her friend would be there and I wanted ask her if the story was true. It was a while before her friend arrived and the first chance I had to speak with her I asked her about the story. It was clear from her reaction that she didn't know what I was talking about.
Right after that I took off and grabbed a cab home to my apartment. I was followed right out the door by Han who showed up at my place just moments after me. She slid her way by me into my place before I could close the door. She was begging for forgiveness, but all I wanted was for her to leave. It seemed we fought for hours and finally I was just so tired that I just wanted to sleep. I was on one side of my bed and she was on the other side pleading and saying she would do anything if I'd let her stay. We been drinking that night too and on top of being tired I really needed to take a piss. I was fed up and exhausted when the idea popped into my head. I told her if she was willing to do anything then I wanted her to let me piss in her mouth, so that I wouldn't have to get up to go to the bathroom. I figured that she would be disgusted and leave - problem solved. Instead Han paused, obviously in consideration, and then said she would as long as I promised that I'd let her stay the night. I agreed, but only on the condition that she drink everything. Just trying wouldn't be enough. If she couldn't finish all my piss and quit she promised that she would leave.
I think I felt something like butterflies with the realization of what was about to happen. The best way to describe the sensation was that I suddenly felt flush and like I was tingling with electricity.
To start I rolled on my side and took out my cock. Han slid over and took my cock in her mouth and right away I began to piss. My cock got hard pretty fast in her mouth and it's actually not that easy to piss or to control your stream with a hard on. It kind of comes out like prolonged shots of cum in long spastic streams. Also because I'd been holding it so long there was lots of piss for her to drink and she was struggling and chocking a bit on the streams. But wow! I don't think I've ever been so turned on.
Typically I'm pretty visual and I used to like to jerk off into Han's open mouth and see my cum on her tongue. In that vane I rolled Han on her back, straddled her and aimed my cock at her open mouth. Whenever her mouth started to overflow I'd stop and let her swallow. It was really more than she bargained for and near the end her hair was soaked with the overflow and she was choking and whimpering for me to stop. I reminded her that the deal was that she had to finish everything. I told her that if she still wanted to stay I would finish in a glass, but that she would have to drink it.
I went to the kitchen and got the largest glass I could find. I came back to the bedroom and as Han watched I filled the glass with my piss. Looking at her face I could see her anxiety grow the more the glass filled. Every pause near the end of my piss gave her false hope that I was finished, but each pause was followed by another stream until I was finally empty and the glass was full. I handed Han the warm glass and we sat up together on the bed while she quietly finished sipping down the rest of my piss.
Once Han emptied the glass I pushed her down prone on the bed. I spread her ass cheeks, gave her little asshole a deep moistening lick and then without so much as pussy juice on me for lube I pushed the head of my cock into her tiny ass. I didn't give her ass much time to adjust to my cock and I fucked her remorselessly hard. It's pretty certain my initial thrusts would have been painful for her as I could even feel the tightness and tension on my cock. At first the painful flinches and sharp breaths were her only reactions as she lay uncharacteristically still and accepted her punitive ass fuck. Our nature being what it was though, eventually my hands found her pussy and her ass began to ever so slightly rise in rhythm to meet my thrusts. I can still remember the surprising hot wetness of her cunt. The increasing deep welcome of her ass was whispered to me with soft moans that were still damp from her earlier tears.
The range of emotions I felt towards Han combined with the triumphant pleasures of using her to fulfill what I thought was an unattainable fantasy led to one of the most incredible core draining orgasms of my life. I feel asleep as my softening cock slid from Han’s ass. For the time pacified in the knowledge that Han’s little asshole was oozing with my cum and that she was filled with the warm contents and taste of my piss.
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