This story is one of a more supernatural persuasion. If you don't have an open mind Don't Read. I hope you all enjoy. -SexualBeing
This one is a story of the supernatural. Brace yourself.

The name I was given at birth is, Estelle; and that’s about all I remember of my past. You see I have lived for so many, unmerciful years, I simply cannot remember how old I am, or I have chosen to block it out. Either way, my past remains a mystery. All I have is this endless curse of immortality. I have watched the human species change and evolve for better, but mostly for worse. Their ever changing tastes in style, religion, food, and all aspects of culture have been very hard to keep up with, and not enjoyable in the least. But alas, I must blend in, because you see, my species, is a dying one. We have been hunted and destroyed since the beginning of time; or so I’ve been told. That is what the human species is best at, destruction and the conquering of all other living things. I’ve realized just about the only thing they haven’t tried to put a leash on and name fluffy is Mother Nature herself. The weather has always been wild, unmerciful, and untamed, and something tells me it will remain that way. So I have become like the weather; the thundering storms, treacherous tornados, and the most dangerous yet beautiful of all, the hurricane; I too have changed and evolved over time; and I too, cannot be tamed. I am Estelle Marie Leonichi, and this is the story of my rebirth.

I used to cower and hide in the shadows, forever in the background, a follower and never a leader. All that has changed. I used to cower and hide behind the men of my species, bowing to their every will and desire. All that has changed. I used to be weak, but I am no longer. I have changed. It was time I had some followers of my own. With all this power this curse has given me, I might as well use it to my advantage. I stared into the huge vintage mirror and studied my reflection. I muttered almost silently to myself, “How did you become this way, Estelle? Why can you not remember? Do you not want to? Are you afraid to remember just how you became a dangerous and beautiful creature of the night; a vampire?” The word still, after all this time, tasted weird and foreign on my tongue.

Forget almost everything you know about vampires; at least the most cliché “facts” Hollywood has made up. For I do not burn in the sunlight, or twinkle and glitter in the least. You cannot kill me with a stake through the heart, for I have no use of the now dead organ. My reflection most certainly can be seen in mirrors, and garlic has no power against me, except for the unpleasant odor it emits. Lastly, I do not sleep underground or in a coffin. I sleep in a large king sized bed. The only things that keep me alive, and sustains this body are two things. The blood of any and all living species, though of course I prefer the blood of humans the most; and my very own damned soul. To kill me, you’d have to release my trapped soul from this walking corpse I live in. To be free, I must perish in flames. I cannot commit suicide, No, that would be too easy. You see if I doused myself in gasoline and lit a match, the match would always go out. I know this, because I’ve tried. My only escape from this hell is by the hands of another. But not just any other, by the hands of an innocent; and you see, there are very few innocent souls left on this planet. So I realized long ago, that I would probably live like this forever, but only now have I decided to make the best of it. To use it to my advantage.

So there I found myself, still staring into the mirror. I examined my naked appearance inquisitively. My skin was strikingly pale, not even the faintest blush of pink upon my cheeks or even my lips. My very long and shiny golden locks waved softly down from my scalp all the way down my back and stopped just beneath my round and firm ass. I stood a moderately tall 5 foot 6 inches, and my figure looked frail and petite and very slim; though my strength was not in question. I could snap bones in the blink of an eye, and a flick of my wrist. My breasts were a perky B cup with taut and tiny pale nipples, and my thin waist flared out into voluptuously round hips. My cunt was waxed bare, and my small rose bud of a clit poked out invitingly between my pussy lips. I was beautiful, no one could deny that; but the beauty came hand in hand with the curse. Living creatures would always be drawn to me, tempting and teasing me. Reminding me I could never fall in love, or feel any significant emotion, except for the pain, anger, and despair; or so I thought. My gaze traveled back up my body, slowly to my strikingly gorgeous facial features, and then I stared deeply into my own, empty eyes. They were the palest blue you could imagine; the black pupils standing out in contrast.

I sighed quietly and turned away from the mirror that I often avoided looking into, and walked slowly to my large antique wardrobe. The only thing that changed about my tastes in style over the years were my clothes, because I couldn’t very well walk down the street in Victorian era dress without getting noticed; but my home was different, I loved my collection of antique furniture and my entire home had a sort of Victorian gothic magic to it. It was two stories and over 2,000 square feet, with a pool and hot tub combined. I had been able to afford my extravagant home more so because of my good looks and deviously good manipulative skills, but also from the money I had saved from various different jobs through my many years. Tonight would be different also because I avoided a lot of things, and that was going to change.

I swung open the wardrobe and stared inside for only a moment, before pulling out an impossibly tight and short black dress. It covered up my breasts quite modestly with a high neckline, but the back of the dress plunged dangerously low to right above my ass cheeks where it stopped. I didn’t bother with bra nor panties; I was going to be terribly bad tonight anyways so I thought there would be no need. I chose blood red 3’inch high heels to go with the ensemble; making me even more tall and intimidating in appearance. I wound my extremely long blond hair up into an elegant bun on top of my head, leaving only one long curl to hang down from the nape of my neck. I then added a smoky grey eye shadow and framed my long lashes in black mascara, and lastly I added bold red lipstick to finish the look.

“There Estelle, you’ll stand out and blend in just perfectly in that night club.” I thought to myself. I was going to a new club called Diamond. A tacky name in my opinion, but I had overheard, or more so eavesdropped in on the conversations of young partiers at a coffee shop I frequent ( to keep up appearances of being human) and they had said that it was, and I quote, “Fantastically sinful”, so I decided to give it a try. Tonight was all about trying new things after all. I took one last look in the mirror before grabbing my suspiciously intelligent cell phone and spoke into it, “Call, Taxi.” I said slowly and clearly and the phone responded, “Calling, Taxi.” Then it began the dialing tone. It rang only twice before an older man’s voice appeared on the other end.

“Hello, yes, can you come pick me up George? You’ll be here in five? Perfect, thank you George.” I spoke seductively through the phone to the taxi driver that I always used. He was a nice gentleman, married, and yet, I could sense he too was also lonely. I made sure to always sit in the front with him, knowingly letting him gawk and admire my ageless beautiful body. I knew he got a kick out of it, out of me; and I didn’t care, or mind in the least. I stood and waited outside of my home for George to arrive, enjoying the nice cool air against my even colder skin. George pulled up, right on time and I quickly got in the car. We made boring small talk as he drove me downtown to the new club. He spoke about his family, and I asked him questions about his day, his life in general, just like I always did to be kind and polite. George never once seemed to have any idea that all this time he has been my taxi driver that he had been in the presence of a dangerous predator. He was oblivious and ignorant, like most of mankind; but I would never hurt this man. He had always been kind to me. We finally arrived in front of the club, and I could see that there was a long line in front. Many young and scandalous looking men and woman waiting to get inside and start their nights of drug and alcohol induced euphoria.

I turned back to George and paid him making sure to give him a more than generous tip as I always did; but before I got out back into the cold night air, I leaned in close to George and with my left hand I slowly rubbed across his thigh and to his throbbing cloth covered member. I gave his cock a gentle squeeze and pecked him on the cheek, leaving a red lip mark behind. “Thanks for the ride.” I breathed the words sensually in his ear and winked at the man, and then swiftly stepped out of the car. I didn’t have to glance back at him as I walked towards the club to know that he most definitely sat there frozen in his seat, trying to regain his composure and that I most definitely just made his night. I smiled mischievously to myself as I walked straight up to the front of the line and stared into the club bouncer’s eyes for less than 15 seconds without saying a word, just batting my eye lashes before he quickly moved the red rope barrier aside and motioned for me to go on inside. Looking me up and down the entire time I walked past him, I just smiled and walked slowly inside, ignoring the whines and moans of protest of the people who were still waiting outside in line in the bitter unforgiving cold.

I entered the club and was immediately enveloped into a cloud of smoke, so thick that any non smoking human would have coughed a few times before getting used to the atmoshphere. But I had little to no use of my lungs or any of my vital organs for that matter, so I pushed on through until finally my eyes adjusted to the pulsating and flashing lights to a most beautiful sight before my eyes. There were many handsome men and beautiful women, all attractive in their own quirky ways, wrtihing and grinding almost in sync with the blasting base of the electronic sounds that were invading my ears and slowly taking control of my mind. I had never heard music like this, it was so strange and unique that it would take the most imaginative and open minds to hear the music inside the many strange electronic tones. I stood and stared my mouth open slightly agape as I took in the view before my eyes. These humans on the dance floor ground their bodies against one another almost violently to the music. Some of them were more of observers than partakers and they either sat in the lounge areas or stood against the walls and at the bar, just watching. That's when I noticed him staring at me.

He was leaning with his back towards the bar tender and his elbows propped up and resting on the counter. A woman sat on a stool next to him eagerly and desperately trying to win his affections, but he was ignoring her completely.His dark brown eyes boring into mine at first, before they wandered slowly down over my entire body and then back up to my face again and again. With a sudden and strange surge of confidence I started slowly walking towards this strange man. I could feel my hips swaying more sensually than usual from side to side as I walked towards; thinking about it now I'm sure I did this because I was insanely attracted to this human being. Either way, I was putting on a good show for him as I slowly approached, and he ate up every bit of it.

I could see it in his lust filled eyes, and in the way he licked his lips nervously as I got ever closer. He was very tall, at least 6 foot 3 inches with broad and strong looking shouders. Long muscular legs and what appeared to be an all over sculpted and fit physique. His hair was as black as night and cut relatively short, and his skin was a wonderful even toned light golden brown; a stark contrast in comparison to my ivory complexion. He wore all black, from head to toe and had an allover goth appearance. Though thankfully, he didn't wear make-up of any sort, but he did however have tattoos that appeared to look tribal; but I still couldn't pin point his nationality. Though it never mattered to me, I had never been nor never will be racist, but I was still curious as to his origins. As I finally reached him I realized I had stepped incredibly close to this man; to this stranger. The woman that appeared to be with him immediately glared at him and started to give me looks that revealed her insecurities and jealousy of my appearance.

I ignored her and simply stared him in the eyes and said, "Hello." And smiled at him, flashing my pearly white teeth. My incisors were only slightly more pointed than the average humans, but incredibly more sharp. Though it would take a very knowledgeable and inquisitive eye to notice this. He stared almost dumbfounded that I was speaking to him, before finally blinking twice, as if he couldn't believe I was really there before him and then he said, "Well, hello; and who might I have the pleasure of meeting?" He raised one eye brow and then slowly stuck out his hand towards me cautiously. "My name is Estelle, and yours?" I smiled flirtatiously up at him and took one tiny step closer, grasping his strong hand and slowly running my thumb over the tops of his knuckles. "Wow, Estelle. That's a very interesting and beautiful name; where does it come from? ... Oh, how rude of me. My name is Matthew." I could sense his temperature rising and realized he was blushing ever so slightly. "Well thank you, Matthew. My name is Latin, it means star. Though I am not Latin, I am Italian." He smiled then and was about to say something when I interrupted him and turned to the woman who was sitting next to us, still glaring.

"Oh how rude of me; and your name is?" I stared straight into her eyes and she just scoffed, grabbed her handbag and stood up and walked away, out into the dance floor. I'm assuming to find some other man to flirt with desperately. I watched her disappear into the crowd and then turned back to Matthew and he smirked. He said, "Thanks" and laughed. My brow furrowed, "For what?" I questioned him. "For getting rid of that woman. She sat here for over a half hour flirting with me. If you can call desperately throwing herself at me, "flirting"." He made quotations with his fingers to put emphasis on the word flirting and then laughed. I just smiled and took a seat on the stool where she had been sitting. "Oh nice, and she warmed it up for me too." I said sarcastically and winked. "Ah, and you have a sense of humor as well. Well aren't you a catch." He smiled at first and then his face fell. He raised his right arm and scratched the back of his head as he looked down at the floor. I put my finger under his chin and forced him to look me in the eyes."I'm a catch am I? Well I didn't realize you were fishing." I smiled at him warmly to assure him he hadn't offended me.

He then said, "Well of course I'm fishing. Single men in their early twenties don't come to night clubs just for the music and the alcohol..." He hinted. I let my hand trail down his chest to his belt, I grabbed hold of his belt and yanked him roughly towards me, spreading my legs at the same time so I could make him stand practically between my knees. His cock was all of a sudden in very close proximity and I could see it buldging and straining against his zipper. "Mmm yes, it's all about the ladies, isn't it?" I said as I absent mindedly played and tugged at his belt buckle, all while in plain view of the bartender and every other person at this club; though they were all intoxicated and didn't notice much. I could hear his heart beat start to race and as his blood pumped harder through his veins the potent smell of his blood hit me like a ton of bricks. My throat suddenly got very dry and I was filled with this burning aching need that needed to be quenched... not to mention the other aching need I was begining to feel between my thighs. I suddenly stood up, almost staring him in the eyes because of how tall my high heels made me. "Why don't you come home with me tonight, Matthew?" I reached my hands up and wound my fingers around the back of his neck; delicately twirling the hair at his nape. He looked surprised. He stumbled and stuttered over his words, "What, r-really? You just got here, aren't you going to at least b-buy me a drink first?" He laughed, but I saw right through it. I made him nervous.

I smiled because of this. It was the human instinct. No matter how attracted and drawn to me he was, I knew he could sense something was off about me. He could sense that I was dangerous. Oh I'm sure he tried to reason these feelings away, but that was very foolish of him. Humans should always listen to their gut instincts. "Oh my dear Matthew, you already know we're way beyond that..." I stared deeply and intensely into his eyes, and then I stood on the tips of my toes and pressed my lips against his. He was gaurded at first, but slowly his lips began to move and massage my own. I slid my tongue into his mouth, knowing all too well that once he tasted my saliva and it entered his blood stream, he would be powerless to my advances. My saliva would act as a aphrodisiac, an extremely powerful one at that. I kissed him a while longer, and then bit softly and nibbled at his bottom lip before I slowly drew back and stared once more into eyes. A devious smile spread slowly across my face as I watched him slowly fall under my spell. "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I breathily whispered into his left ear, gently nibbling at his ear lobe. His heart was really racing now, and that only made the smell of his blood stronger. It smelt tangy and almost sweet to me. I would not wait any longer.

"Come with me." I commanded, my voice sounding low and almost guttural but still very feminine. I grabbed his wrist roughly and started to drag him behind me towards the door. I'm sure he was extremely surprised at my strength but he was so high and dazed from my saliva he didn't protest, he just followed like the good slave that I was soon going to make him. We reached the back exit and I pushed him in front of me and out the door and then followed close behind; glancing quickly back into the club once to make sure no one had noticed us, and indeed they hadn't. I smirked and closed the door and then we stood in a back alley way. "This way, I'll call my..." I was cut off short by another man that stood up from beside the dumpster in the alley way, who I surprisingly hadn't known was there. I could usually hear the heartbeats of humans and smell their blood from at least two blocks away. "Hey there, pretty lady..." He slurred his words at me and now I knew why I couldn't smell him. He was hammered, his blood tainted almost completely with alcohol, and his heart beat low and soft; already dangerously supressed from the strong substance.

This drunken stranger looked my body up and down with lust filled eyes; licking his lips purposefully and stepping closer to me, that's when Matthew spoke up. "Hey man, can't you see she's with someone? And she's obviously not interested, ass-hole!" Matthew spit the words at this man and took a protective step in front of me. He had no idea that I needed absolutely no protection. I glared at the stranger and rolled my eyes, I began to shove past him. He grabbed my right arm by the elbow and pulled me back towards him while simultaneously grabbing a hold of my ass and giving it a squeeze and I suddenly saw nothing but red. “Hey where do ya think you’re fuckin goin, slut?” I swiftly turned towards this man and wrapped my slender bony fingers around his throat; this time Matthew didn’t have a chance to try and defend my honor. I was taking matters into my own hands; literally. I squeezed my hold on his throat and shoved him against the brick exterior of the club, all while staring him directly in his eyes. “And who do you think you are talking to a lady like that?” I hissed the words slowly in his face. He struggled to breathe, but manage to grunt out, “I don’t see no lady.” And he spat in my face. But I could see the fear in his face, in his eyes. He was nothing more than a cornered animal now, just prey, and I was the predator.

I smiled while I wiped his spit from my face with the index finger of my left hand and then stuck that same finger slowly in my mouth. Hesitating only for a moment before saying, “Mmm, you may be extremely intoxicated, but your blood will still taste sweet.” I grinned widely then and made a show of licking my teeth, as I dug my long nails further into the flesh of his throat. He let out a wail of pure terror as I lunged forward and sank my teeth deep into his jugular. I took gulp after gulp of his sweet nectar and I didn’t stop even when I heard his pulse grow quieter, and I still didn’t stop when I heard it go silent. I took every lost drop from his body, in only five minutes or possibly less time. I drew back my mouth from his throat and then let his lifeless body fall to the ground beside the dumpster. I realized somewhere in the back of my mind that as soon I started to feed on this poor sap, my dear Matthew had backed slowly away, not making one sound, and then ran from the alley way. “Shit, now I have to hunt him down.” I groaned quietly to myself as I licked my lips clean of the red sustenance and slowly made my way out of the alley as well.

I followed his scent for five blocks, all through downtown, until finally it stopped at an apartment building. I went up to the front door and jiggled the handle, “Damn it’s locked” I sighed quietly and went around the back of the building to where the fire escape ladder was. I pulled it down and it gave a deafening screech of metal on metal. I paused, looking around to see if anyone or anything stirred, and there was nothing. So I slowly began my assent up the ladder and then up three stories of stairs until I came to his window. His scent was extremely strong here, so I peered through the window and saw him lying on his bed, over the tops of the sheets, unconscious. I’m sure as soon as he made it home he most likely fainted from shock. If I left now, and never returned, he would wake in the morning and think the terror of his previous night was nothing but a nightmare… But that wasn’t going to be the case. Thankfully the window was unlocked, so I didn’t have to break it open and drag him kicking and screaming to my house. I just simply removed my high heels and slid the window up quietly and stepped into his home silently.

I stood there at the foot of his bed awhile and stared at his almost completely motionless body. All the movement I saw was the gentle rise and fall of his broad sculpted chest… I decided to make my move; now or never. I reached down to the hem of my dress and slowly pulled the garment up and over my body and then tossed it to the floor at my feet. I then reached up to the pin in my hair and quickly yanked it out and my long shiny locks fell down my back and tickled the tops of my bare ass cheeks. Now that I was completely nude I slowly crawled up the foot of his bed, softly and stealthily moving to straddle and hover over his still clothed body. I had placed both my knees on either side of his hips, but didn’t allow my skin to touch his just yet. I gently smoothed the back of my right hand against his left cheek, and he stirred, his eyes fluttering for just a moment, before groggily he looked at my face, and then stared deeply into my eyes. I smiled softly, and didn’t move my position, not wanting to spook him any more than I already had. Slowly, he came to the realization of who I was, and where he was. His full lips parted slightly and his breath caught in his throat. I could tell he was about to start panicking. I tried to soothe him, “Shh, Matthew, do not fear me. What you saw me do in the alley way…” I hesitated and he lay beneath me, almost paralyzed by fear; but he took this moment to glance down at my naked form.

His eyes widened as he gazed at my body like a young school boy. I smiled again and then continued, “What you saw me do in the alley, yes, it is part of my nature. But it is not who I am. You see Matthew, I am cursed with immortality.” I paused again, and he stared into my eyes with a look of complete confusion. I started again, “I am neither alive nor dead, stuck in between worlds, forever. My human soul and the blood of other living creatures keep my body alive, in a sense… I have lived for too many years to count, and all the while the loneliness has almost completely consumed me; until now. Now, I’m going to make you mine Matthew; I refuse to be alone any longer.” With my last words, a look of horror crossed his face. “Estelle, what do you mean? You can’t seriously believe you are cursed, that’s impossible.” He shook his head from side to side in denial, and closed his eyes tightly shut as if he thought he could just wish me away and I would vanish. “Oh but my dear boy, sometimes the most seemingly impossible things, are nothing but the truth.” I then rested my groin against his, and I could feel his swollen cock still straining against the zipper of his pants. He jumped in surprise at my advance, but I continued on. I brought my face the rest of the distance towards his own, and I breathed my icy breathe against his mouth as I stared into his eyes.

I reached down between our bodies with my right hand and started to roughly grope and squeeze his cock through his pants. He started to breathe heavily and he squirmed beneath me uncomfortably and unsure. I started to undue his belt buckle and he was about to say something in protest but I smashed my lips against his and jabbed my tongue into his mouth. He pushed and shoved against my shoulders, to no avail; I was too strong, and didn’t budge an inch, almost like stone. Our tongues danced and rubbed against each other as I kissed him passionately; I could feel his temperature rising and he no longer tried to shove me away. He broke the kiss though and turned his head to the side, gasping for breath; I continued my kisses down his jaw and to his throat where I felt his pulse beat rapidly against my soft lips. “No! Please Estelle, don’t kill me.” He yelled and almost sobbed. I pulled away abruptly staring into his eyes, “Matthew, I’ll never kill you. I promise you that.” I assured him and he breathed a sigh of relief. “Though, I cannot promise I won’t ever, hurt you.” I said softly and innocently, batting my eyelashes as a smile spread across my lips. His eyes widened in fear, and then I pressed my lips against his once more. I kissed him deeply and almost roughly, biting at his lips, as I finally undid his belt buckle. He made soft moans of protest as I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his rock hard cock. I massaged his shaft up and down roughly, and he whined because both my hand and his cock were completely dry. I just kept jerking his cock, not caring that he was uncomfortable; he was going to please me, whether he liked it or not.

As I felt his cock in my hand and kept kissing him, I realized that it was quite large, and still growing. I then stopped rubbing his cock and pushed myself up into a sitting position on his groin. I looked down at our touching groins and saw that his cock was pressed snugly between my pussy lips, but not entering me. The head of his cock pressed firmly against my throbbing clit. I looked down at him and ordered, “Take off your shirt; I want to see that body.” He paused only for a moment, but a moment was too long for me. I grasped both his nipples through his shirt and pinched and twisted them harshly. He yelped and groaned in pain quietly, biting his bottom lip. “What. Did. I. Say?” I spoke each word slowly, almost hissing them at him. He didn’t answer verbally, but he immediately grabbed and yanked his shirt off and over his head and tossed it off the bed to the floor. I gazed upon his hardened form of pure muscle and couldn’t help but moan quietly in appreciation. I smiled up at him and then bent my head down swiftly and I took his right, taut nipple in my mouth and sucked and nibbled at it slowly. His mouth opened in the shape of an O as he watched me do this to him. I assumed he had never had it done before. I then bit softly into his nipple and started licking and kissing up his chest, over his throat, and eventually back to his mouth. I kissed him forcefully and swirled my tongue all around inside his mouth, making sure he got a hefty dose of my “natural aphrodisiac”.

I then leaned back up into a sitting position on top of him, scooted back to sit more so on his thighs than his groin so I could reach back down to his cock and grasped it firmly in both my hands. This time slowly and sensually massaging his shaft and making sure to pay a lot of attention to the sensitive head. Slowly while staring into his eyes, I bent and scooted down even further so I could take the tip of his cock into my mouth. As soon as I did this, I began sucking hard and massaging my tongue all over the head. He groaned in pleasure and reached down to squeeze his bed sheets tightly between his fists and threw his head back against his pillow, and finally closing his eyes. I took the entire length of his cock, which I realized had to be at least 10 inches long, down my throat easily. Once his cock was nice and sufficiently wet with my saliva, I swiftly spun myself around so that my cunt and ass was now in his face and his cock still at my mercy. I turned my head back to look at him and arched my back, “Lick my pussy Matthew, and don’t you fucking hesitate, because if you do, I won’t hesitate to bite your cock.”

I grinned deviously at him and he immediately grabbed each my ass cheeks in his hands and started to squeeze and knead them with his fingers as he stuck his tongue straight up my tight cunt. I moaned quietly and just decided to lay my head down on his left thigh while simultaneously stroking his member. I moved my hips and grinded my pussy against his mouth and his nose hard. He licked softly and sucked my cunt lips into his mouth, massaging them with his lips, while still spreading and then squeezing my ass cheeks back together. This was all wonderful, but I needed it harder. I pushed myself up, using his knees for support and now I was completely straddling his face and my cunt and ass were smashed against his mouth. “Mmm, that’s better.” I said softly and continued my ride on his face. I realized he couldn’t breathe beneath my cunt when he started to slap and pinch at my ass cheeks. I just laughed and watched as his cock twitched, half with excitement, and I’m sure half because of fear. I let him up for air and I heard him gasp for breath. I only let him get two big gulps of air into his aching lungs before I sat back down roughly on his face, and continued to grind against his mouth. He must of realized that I wouldn’t let him come up for air unless he adequately ate my cunt; so he started to suck furiously at my clit and massaged it between his lips hard. “Oohh yes, honey, that’s how you get it done.” I giggled to myself and then began to moan loudly.

I rode his face for one whole minute increments and then I would let him catch his breath for 15 seconds before smashing my cunt back down over his mouth and nose. I used his mouth and tongue to bring myself close to orgasm over 6 times, but right when I was about to cum I raised my cunt off of his mouth and just breathed deeply; enjoying the sensation of teasing my throbbing pussy. Then finally I was ready, and I needed to cum badly. I abruptly crawled down of his face and spun back around to face him and straddle his pulsating swollen member. The head of his cock had turned a mean looking purple, and I knew he needed to cum just as badly. First I leaned forward though, and kissed him so passionately, and softly; I didn’t know what had come over me. I was starting to feel the stirrings of strange emotions, feelings I had never known to exist in my life for hundreds of years… I then tasted my own cunt on his lips and in his mouth and I grew even more turned on by that. Finally I positioned his huge cock at my tight entrance and without warning; I roughly slammed the full length of his 10 inch cock inside of me. “Mmm fuck!” He groaned and then like before, he threw his head back against his pillow and squeezed his eye lids shut. I scratched my nails across his chest, marking up his toned body as I rode his cock unmercifully. I slammed him inside me over and over again; all the way out until just the head teased my entrance and then back down all the way in to the hilt. I reached behind my ass cheeks and between his thighs to cup his balls in my right hand and I gave them a rough squeeze and slapped them once, as I grinded against him; his cock buried inside my cold body.

I rose up once more only to slam back down hard and that’s when I felt his dick spasm and twitch inside of me, and he released his load deep inside my cunt. He began shaking and writhing beneath me, moaning out loudly from the pleasure. His cum felt so red hot inside of my otherwise ice cold body that it sent me right over the edge and I began to cum right along with him. “Ah, yes, yes, Mmmm!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and dug my nails into the flesh of his chest roughly as I came. He didn’t even notice that I broke the skin and his chest was now bleeding from the tiny marks my nails created. Once my orgasm subsided I looked down at him, and saw that he was already staring back up at me, a smile across his face. I could tell he had no words, nothing to say to explain how he felt; I too was speechless. The relations I had just had with this man had stirred age old feelings inside of me, deep down in my ice cold soul. With him now slowly softening inside of me, I bent down slowly, still looking deeply into his eyes the whole time, and I flicked my tongue out against the wounds on his chest and greedily licked up every last drop of his blood before finally he stopped bleeding. My saliva not only acted as an aphrodisiac when it entered the blood stream, but it also could act as a coagulant once I stopped drawing blood from the wound.

He all of a sudden slipped out of my cunt, his cock now completely flaccid. I felt our mixed juices start to ooze out of my well fucked pussy and out onto his cock. I moved off of his body and then once more brought his cock to my lips, I sucked it easily into my mouth, cleaning away both of our juices from his body. I then licked my lips slowly, and lay down beside him on his bed. I curled up into his side and he, still without words, wound his right arm around my body and pulled the sheet up over both of us with his left. I slept the best I had in years that night,. and in the arms of a stranger no less; the arms of a human. I was too afraid to admit to myself that what I was feeling could quite possibly be love; though it was more plausible that it was infatuation, which could feel a lot like love. Either way, those were both emotions that were terrifying and foreign to me. Little did I know that this one night would change my entire existence forever.


2015-03-14 05:42:48
Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated to know my naughty twisted mind is not alone.

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2015-02-05 06:01:14
Thaaaank you! You definitely soothed a very lonely little itch. Especially appreciated was the part where she got hold of the drunk man's air-passage outside the club. Found this to be a surprisingly useful and fail-proof (up till now) tool against men more than twice my size; who thought it safe to take from a woman sexually at her expense (but you have to get your fingers right around and curling behind the pipe, and firmly pull, otherwise you're dinner.)
Please write copious amounts of stuff.
Ps. The clumsy half-bred-clone-defects did try to ensnare parts of nature and those parts are now fucking dead. The morons.

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This story I great• Just write more already

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Wow great story cant wate for part two!!! ;)


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Chapter 2 will be posted very soon. Thank you for reading!

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