When I was fifteen I was really into roller-skating. Early one evening, I noticed a young girl sitting alone at a table in the corner of the Skate Park. I thought she looked kind of lonely so I grabbed my soda and walked slowly in the general direction of the girl. There were only a few people in the outside skate park including two teen girls that were obviously twins and a mother with a ten year old daughter who wasn't to steady on her skates.

She couldn't have been more than 12 years old and had long light brown hair and stunningly blue eyes. She had a very sexy body for girl her age. She was wearing skin tight shorts that revealed every curve of her tight little ass and the crease of her little cunt at the crotch. She was wearing a very small bikini top that barely covered of her tinny titties.

I was wearing cycle shorts that grabbed my ass and cunt and a thin little yellow bikini top that showed off my budding tits and hard little nipples

I walked over and leaned against the wall and watched hot girl. I couldn’t take by eyes off her sweet little body. Then a hot woman walked by the young girl as she took her dog for a stroll on the sidewalk next to the park.

The woman was maybe twenty four, a big busted, redhead in a tight pink skirt that showed off her full ass. She was wearing a short tank top that showed of her tummy. She had her golden lab on a leash. Suddenly the girl quickly turned to her woman and spread her legs wide. My mouth dropped open as the girl reached down and stroked the camel-toe in the crotch of her shorts to make the crease deeper. The woman must have seen the movement on her peripheral vision, cause she stopped and glanced at the girl. Her pretty face immediately broke into a wide smile and she squatted down and pulled her dog close to scratch him behind his ears stealing glances over at the hot little preteen.

My heart skipped a beat, the young girl’s head turned and her gaze took in the beautiful woman. I knew that look. I could hardly breathe with the tension of the two looking at each other, then suddenly the woman spread her legs wide and the skirt rose up her thighs. There for both the girl and I to see was a bright yellow thong that was so tight against her pussy that it outlined her cunt lips. I almost groaned but restrained myself.

The hot preteen’s mouth opened she instinctively licked her lips. I looked back at the redhead who held her fingers below her dogs chin and immediately the dog began to lick and slobber over her fingers until tey glistened in the declining sunlight. A wicked grin traced the redhead’s lips as she moved her hand between her legs and stroked the wet fingers up and down the slit in her panties crotch, and made a sexy hissing sound through her teeth.

My pussy was so wet I almost touched myself. Then I heard the mother and her daughter turning the corner and would have seen what the redhead was doing to herself had she not slammed her legs shut.
She stood up and took her dogs leash and continued walking as if nothing had happened, casting a sexy smile at the young girl as she walked on.

The girl’s eyes were wide and frantic. She looked at me almost scared, knowing I had also seen the entire exchange.

I smiled and walked over to the table the girl was sitting at.

“That,” I said, pausing for effect, “was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. Mind if I sit?”
The girl was obviously flustered, her face was flushed. She shook her head, and stared at my boobs in dumb disbelief. My nipples were rock hard after what I had just witnessed and I knew she was excited by seeking them poke out under the thin fabric of my bikini top.

“I love to show off my body to girls and women too, I think that woman really thought you were hot.”
I did most of the talking for the next ten minutes and it was so fucking hot flirting with the preteen exhibitionist, whose name, I found out was Lia. As I talked she was taking in my older body. The hungry gleam in Lia’s eyes was quite a turn on.

I asked her if she wanted to skate. She went red and said no; I pressured her until she finally admitted that she couldn’t skate. I laughed and told her that I would teach her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her out into the skating rink.

She nervously allowed me to pull her along. When we got to the floor I slowly led her along the wall, I enjoyed teaching her, torturing her by seemingly innocent touches, on back her back just above her perfect little ass or on her bare flat tummy to steady her. It was so fucking hot to the feel of her young body pressed against mine as I caught her in my arms when she fell. The second time it happened I was able to cup one of her firm little titties with my hand, and pinch her little nipple through her bikini top. I also took liberties by letting my hands wander over her ass. It felt so hot and firm against my fingers.

Eventually she was good enough to skate without the using the wall for support. I helped her the whole way, while innocently holding her hand.

Suddenly the music slowed and they announced that this song was for ‘couples only’. She started to try and get off the floor I laughed a bit and pulled her back, and pressed her against me.
"No stay" I whispered and held her as we slowly skated. She looked up at me, her eyes wide with shock and her face flushed. I smiled down at her and kissed her. Her eyes went even wider and she clutched me tightly.

Over Lia’s shoulder I noticed one of the twins looking our way as she was taking off her skates. She nudged her sister with her elbow and soon both of them were looking our way.
The mother and the young girl were skating hand in hand in front of Lia and I and didn’t notice we were making out.

Lia melted into my arms. She held on and kissed back a bit uncertainly. I slipped my tongue past her soft lips and then sucked her tongue into my mouth claiming it as mine.

I let one hand grab her perfect little ass and then suddenly she pulled away.
"I, I can’t…not here." Lia stammered.

"It is so much hotter when others can see... I know you are a fucking exhibitionist like me so chill out," I laughed. I kissed her again and she latched on to me holding me as tightly as she could. When she pulled back she rested her head against my shoulder. I looked and saw the two twins sitting on a bench looking right at us, with sexy grins on their face. I gave them wicked smile as we passed and licked my lips.
"Holy shit!," Lia muttered and tried to pull herself out of my grasp.

"What is it?" I asked

"My sister, Gina, " she said, I a girl a little older than Lia had joined the twins. She hadn’t seen us yet.
The song ended and I let her go. We skated next to each other for a while. Still holding hands. It would just look like I was helping teaching her how to skate, not holding hands for the other reason. Eventually she pulled me off of the skating rink and we removed our skates and got something to drink.

Laughing, we talked, while sitting across from each other. I reached a hand under the table and gently rubbed her thigh from her knee to the bottom of her skin tight shorts. The table was in I slightly more private area. I smiled because this way no one could see what we were doing under the table.
I realised after a moment that she was ready for more. The sheer lust in her eyes gave her away. I moved my fingers to the crotch of her tight shorts and let my fingers trace the outline of her little cunt lips, the way she had done for the redhead. The fabric of the shorts was damp from her juices. Suddenly Lia’s eyes snapped back to normal and she stiffened, looking behind me.

I turned around to see her sister standing there. She was taller than Lia, and maybe my age (15). She was hot, but not as hot as Lia, She had her arms crossed under her perky titties. She smiled at me and then looked at Lia.

"Lia, I’m going home now, it’s time to go" she said. I could tell she really didn’t want to go, and I didn’t want her too either.

"Hey, I’ll make sure she gets home, Gina," I said, with a big warm smile.
“I don’t even know you,” looking hard at my face.
“Sure you do I work at the Tasty Freeze, I see you in there all the time,” I said with my widest grin.

"Yeah, well I guess that’s okay, but Lia needs to be in no later than nine o’clock" she said and left.

Once we were sure that Gina was far enough away, I moved to Lia’s side of the table grabbed her hand and pulled her to me kissing her.

"You are such a hottie," I said and held her against me. And pulled her bikini top down and took her little tittie in my hand and let my tongue trace around the stiff little nipple.

I looked up and not fifteen feet away was the ten year old blonde girl leaning against the washroom wall and looking straight at us. I lifted my head and both Lia and I turned to face the cute girl who was obviously waiting for her mother.

I removed my titties from out of my bikini top and squeezed them a little right in front of the girl. Here eyes were wide as she took this in and as Lia did the same her eyes bounced from Lia’s little jewels to mine.
“You want to see our cunts,” I hissed loud enough for the girl to hear.

Then I immediately pushed my shorts off one leg and spread my legs. Lia was right behind me and we spread our legs together on the bench, and I reached down and spread my cunt lips for the cut little girl who responded by slipping a hand down her jean shorts. I noticed that Lia had started finger fucking herself so I did too. I leaned over and kissed Lia hard.

The girl’s free hand pulled up her tank top to reveal tiny nipple humps that looked pink and stiff. I moaned as she started to pinch and pull on one then the other.

I knew I had to taste that little cunt. I removed my shorts and walked over to her. I propped a chair against the door handle effectively locking her mother inside the bathroom.

The little girl was flushed and breathing hard as I took one of her precious little nipple humps in my mouth and sucked hard. The little girl’s whole body recoiled with pleasure, as I let my teeth scrape over the tender pink nub.

Lia was busy removing the jean shorts sliding them down her thin thighs and legs. As I sucked hard on the other nipple hump I saw the cutest pink bikini panties appear. The little girl was panting and whimpering as I kissed my way down her young body stopping to let my tongue swirl in and out of her tiny belly button.
Lia stood and guided the girl’s trembling fingers to her dripping pussy. I pushed my nose into the pink panties and smelled fresh young cunt. I watched as Lia guided the little girl’s fingers into her pussy and then grasping the wrist started to slowly pump them in and out.

The sound of the girls fingers fucking Lia made me moan. I nearly ripped the cute pink panties pulling them down the blonde’s legs. There before me was a hairless, pink pussy. The lips were thin but puffy around the edges. The girl gasped as I forced her legs apart and without hesitation I buried my tongue in her tender little cunt. The girl whimpered and squirmed against the wall of the washroom. I grabbed her tiny ass in both my hands and began grinding my tongue in and out of her slick, tight pussy hole. She grabed at my head and hair to catch her balance as she let out a high pitched moan.

I loved the sweet juices that flowed from her tiny cunt, and I replaced my tongue with a finger as I swiftly moved my tongue to her tiny clit. I circled it franticly as I slowly worked my finger all the way into her virgin cunt. The huffing and puffing and pulling hard at my hair.

Lia was getting the most out of the lovely girl`s fingers. The girl was now pumping fast and furious on her own as Lia lavished her tiny nipple humps with her relentless tongue.

The little blonde was going wild as I sucked her pea-like clit into my mouth and slammed my finger into her. I could tell by the way her young cunt was churning she was on the verge of cumming. Lia was biting down on her tender nipples as I sucked her tender clit between my teeth and nibbled the flesh gently.
It was as if the girl`s thin little body were suddenly on a trampoline as she rose on her toes and thrashed around like a wild cat. I felt a tiny squirt of cum enter my mouth, and then I felt Lia`s cum was over the side of my face as she pulled the blonde`s fingers from her convulsing cunt. I sucked hard on the ten year old`s cunt sucking all her sweet juices into my mouth. As she whimpered, and began to lose her balance, and began to slide down the bathroom wall.

We were all panting like wild animals, when we suddenly heard the toilet flush from inside the washroom. I crouched and kissed the girl hard on the lips, and her tongue licked at her own cum as she continued to whimper.
``You better get moving beauty, by the way your cunny tastes like strawberries!`` I said already grabbing my cloths and making a dash for the back of the washroom.
Once I was around the corner I peeked and saw the girl dressed and pulling the chair from the door just as her mother appeared.
``Sure was noisy out here,`` the mother said.
``It was just some girls…uh teasing me,`` the girl said softly.

Laughing and holding each other Lia and I were wild with excitement over what had just happened.
I pulled her into the shadows and pushed her up against the wall. I kissed her and finally allowed my hands to roam freely all over her young body. I kissed her neck and cupped her tiny titties in my hands. She was gasping for air, and moaning. I pressed my leg between her and used my thigh to grind against her wet cunt. She was shaking and her moans were really turning me on. I cupped her soft young breasts in my hands and twisted the nipples harshly.

"Oh god, is this really happening?" she gasped and shuddered as my I slid my hands down into her smooth tummy and cupped her dripping little cunt. She shuddered and moaned loudly I began to grind the heel of my hand on her slick little clit.

"Oh Lia, you’re so wet, I’ll have to clean that up" I said, my voice husky from arousal. I crouched and saw her eyes widen when she realised that I was about to eat her pussy. I got down between her legs and as she spread her thin young legs as wide as she could, leaning against the wall. I gently began kissing her thighs and blew lightly on her pussy. Lia let out a loud moan.
Suddenly my tongue was everywhere as I licked up and down her wet slit. I briefly sucked on her small throbbing clit then filled her tight cunt with my tongue. I loved how Lia trembled like the young blonde when I twisted my tongue deep into her young cunt.
Lia started thrusting her sweet, wet cunt on my tongue and mouth, as her thighs began to tremble. I knew she was close so I pulled back, planting kisses around her pussy on her stomach and thighs. I repeated the process until I had nearly driven her mad with desire.
"Oh, please, please, JUST FUCK ME and make me cum," she yelled.
I was done teasing her. Any ways all this hot action was making me thirsty. I dove into her pussy with abandon. Licking up and down her cunt. Flicking back and forth over her clit then, I jammed my tongue deep into her tight cunt. While I found her clit with my fingers, then trapped the slick nub between my knuckles. I began to roll her clit back and forth grinding it hard between my knuckles.

Lia`s whole body went into convulsions as a squirt of thick creamy girl juice entered my mouth. I continued to grind her throbbing clit between my fingers as Lia screamed out and a second torrent of cum hit the back of my mouth. I thrust my tongue inside her again and felt her pussy clench down on my tongue as the strongest and longest wave of cum cascaded into my mouth. I licked up every last drop, bringing her over the edge again, and again. Her hands were pressing my face deeper into her pussy. She had a total of four orgasms.

Panting a bit, I gently picked her up. Leaned her shaking form against the wall. I kissed her hard letting her suck her own juices from my tongue and lips

Suddenly the young preteen pushed me back on the grass and looked into my eyes. "We are alike, you and I’m not going home until I make you cum," she said panting.
Her hot little mouth devoured my stiff nipples. I arched my back to give her better access, I groaned as her teeth nibbled on my stiff nubs.

"I’m thirsty" she said as she kissed her way down my trembling body. I felt her tongue plunge deep into my pussy, licking every inch of my soaked cunt. Damn she was good; I asked her if she was sure she had never done this before. She licked harder in response. I moaned gyrating on her pretty young face.

This hot young girl loved cunt and I almost came when I felt her soft lips encircle my clit. Then it was her tongue flicking back and forth over my pink flesh button as she slammed two fingers deep into my cunt.
She was so eager to please me and she found a rhythm with her tongue and fingers that drove my to the brink. I grabbed the back of her head. Taking a handful of her soft, strait hair and began grinding my cunt on her tongue and fingers.

Cum shot out of my cunt washing over her face and her perfect little titties as my orgasm ripped through me. She opened her mouth wide and took the second creamy squirt in her perfect little mouth. Her lips clamped onto my cunt as she sucked another two climaxes out of my body.

We lay there panting in a passionate embrace for a long time, then I finally told her it was well after nine and she had to get home

I straightened her clothes, making sure that there would be no signs of what we had done, then got dressed myself.

Hand in hand I walked her home. When we got there I gently leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I wrote my phone number down on a spare scrap of paper and slipped it into her panties. I watched Lia walk up to the front door. I saw her sister open the door. Gina looked angry but Lia gave her a big smile as she went through the door.

Gina saw me standing on the sidewalk and walked out of the house, quickly moving across the front lawn. She was wearing pj shorts and a thin tank top and I noticed her lovely titties jump as she walked across the lawn.

"Okay what the hell is going on" she said "I told you nine. And I heard some things tonight that … well …let’s just say you should stay away from Lia from now on, " she said abruptly and turned and stomped back to the front door. She stopped at the door and turned back she stopped and looked back at me as if expecting me to join her. So I did.

"Lia told me your parents were away. They would not be happy if Lia stayed out till eleven, doing who knows what. " I said stepping into her personal space and noticing her nipples were standing at attention under her tank top

" I bet your pussy is just aching to know what Lia and I did together tonight. I bet you have been thinking about her too. Noticing how hot her little ass has become, so round and firm. And how she wears her shorts so tight the crotch sinks into that precious little pussy of hers. You touch yourself at night thinking of your sexy little sister, cuming hard wishing it were her tongue inside you instead of your fingers. You are wet right now just thinking about your hot little sister. Here lit me check," I said as I quickly slipped my hand down the front of Gina`s loose fitting pj shorts. She wasn`t wearing panties and as I slipped my middle finger into her slick cunt hole she showed now resistance.

"Oh, Gina, you are so fucking wet. Let me stay the night and help you get your tongue into Lia`s tight little cunt. She tastes better than you could ever imagine. Oh, did you know your sweet little sister is a squitter," I hissed into Gina`s ear, grinding my hand on her clit.
"Oh, fuck yes. I want her, you bitch, I want to taste her hot little cunt. Fuck kiss me, kiss me right here. " Gina groaned.

As we kissed I noticed a middle-aged woman open her door and let out her cat. She glance over to the lit porch where I was kissing and finger fucking Gina and froze. She was wearing a thin night gown.
Gina groaned and the woman jumped back as if startled, but closed her door and remained on the neighbouring porch with a clear view of what we were doing.
"Sit over here on the chair so I can eat you out, " I whispered insistently.
The chair was facing the neighbor voyeur, and I wanted to give her a little show. Before Gina sat down I removed her tank and pj shorts and she immediately sat down and threw her legs over the legs of the chair, her wet cunt lips glistened under the lights of the porch. I reached down and parted Gina’s slick cunt lips. Trapping her puffy clit between my fingers I lapped at it with my tongue as she squirmed in the chair.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the neighbor shed her night gown and her hands grabbed at her ample breasts as I slid a finger deep into Gina’s cunt.

"Fuck yes, fuck me. Put another finger inside me, fuck me hard you hot bitch, " Gina hissed.
I slipped to fingers inside her cunt, standing to the side to give the hot lady next door a perfect view.
" You horny bitch, you can’t wait till you taste your twelve year old sister’s succulent young cunt. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t help yourself you want your tongue deep inside her feeling her slick cunt flesh and tasting her sweet, sweet juices, " I spurred Gina on, and hopefully turning on our horny observer.
"Yes, I want Lia so bad I fuck myself every night thinking of tasting her pouty pink cunt. Oh fuck yes I want to tongue fuck my little sis, and make her squirt cum into my mouth, " Gina groaned.

I could hear the squishy sounds of the neighbor fucking herself fast and furious as she looked on and listened. She must have seen Gina and Lia grow up. Perhaps she her own lustful thoughts about the young girls and now she had her gaze fixed on Gina’s dripping cunt as she talked about eating out her little sister.
I decided to move into dangerous territory, "Lia tells me you both peek at the sexy lady who lives next door. She told me you took pictures on your cell phone when she sunbathed in her back yard. Do you really think she is sexy, " I leaned forward to take one of her hard nipples in my mouth.
"Mrs. Mills, is amazing. Fuck have a lot of pic of her in her bikini with her huge tits and her cunt pulling on the crotch of her bikini. I think she is the sexiest bitch I have ever seen. She’s divorced too and I bet she is so hot and horny, she would fuck me If I let her. Oh fuck I dream of her tongue deep in my cunt, " Gina was breathing heavy as she got the words out.

I could no longer here the wet cunt sounds from the next pouch then suddenly Mrs. Mills appeared below the porch and then crawled onto the porch. Gina’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see the beautiful big breasted woman crawl between her legs. I immediately withdrew my fingers and she quickly replaced them with her tongue. It was a beautiful site to see. Gina’s eyes flashed open and she groaned as Mrs. Mills tongue fucked her like crazy then sucked her clit into her mouth and rammed three fingers into Gina’s tight teen cunt.

It was more than the young slut could take, her whole body arched off the chair and she sent a stream of creamy cum deep into Mrs. Mills open mouth. Mrs. Mills sucked Gina’s entire cunt into her mouth and sucked hard and Gina came again, so hard that drops erupted from her mouth and I licked them off her chin. The neighbor’s tongue went deep again and Gina groaned as she convulsed one last time, filling the older woman’s mouth. I leaned in and kissed Mrs. Miller and she spit Gina’s sweet cum into my mouth. I moaned and thrust my tongue into her mouth wanting more.

Finally we realized that it was not a good idea to stay on the porch and Mrs. Miller smiled and said, "Shall we go inside and see what Lia is up to," she said with a smile

We both nodded and made our way inside the house.

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Yes i think it is true that the predilection towards exhibitionism can start at a very young age. My 12 yr old niece stayed with me for a week this summer and she loved my pool. every-time she used the diving board, she woulde climb out of the pool and her bikini bottom was askew, revealing her pubby pink cunt lips. At first i thought that this was just the force of the dive...but when it happened every time I began to wonder. After one dive i invited her over to my lpounge so i could dry her hair. she smiled and eased onto my lap. It wasn;t long before i let my hand stray to her wet firm thigh. and as I inched toward her pussy she parted her legs and sighed. When i pinched her cunt lips she buckled over with pleasure. I pulled her onto the lounge and brought her slick lil cunt to my face....she came in a matte3r of seconds as I sucked ehr clit and tongued her was too much for me i pull;ed my bottoms down and pressed her soft full lips to my cunt.and i came seconds later.

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