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My continued thanks to everyone for the feedback and my apology for the huge blunder on the boy using his hands. This is the concluding installment and I hope it wraps things up nicely. So please enjoy "Accidental Lovers" and let me know what you think of it.


Sue Roberts had only her family. Her two children meant more to her than anyone could
fathom. Raising them alone was hard and not the life she had expected. She had grown up in the prototypical Midwest family. Her mother stayed home and her father worked long hours to see that they were comfortable. She had gone to school, raised rabbits for the 4H club and spent every Thursday afternoon with the Girl Scouts in the hall at the Lutheran Church.

She had played dolls with her best friend and the two had secrets that they had promised
to never share – cross their hearts and hope to die. Some of the secrets were laughably
funny now, like the time they had gone shopping without wearing their bras. It wasn’t
like either needed a bra with their A-cup breasts just starting to grow. But some secrets
she still held to herself; secrets of exploration and discovery done behind locked doors
and under sheets.

Sue had not even told her husband of those. She felt guilty even today for holding those
back from him. He had been her everything and it pained her deeply to recall his
suffering as his strength drained away from the radiation and drugs used to keep him
alive. But in the end it hadn’t mattered as the cancer took him away, leaving her alone to
raise her two children.

Now they were all that mattered and she had vowed to protect them and raise them with
love. A devoted mother, Sue seldom dated and her sex life consisted of her fingers and a
toy tucked away in the back reaches of her bedside table.

On the nights when her yearnings became strong, she would usually pleasure herself
while recalling her husband’s touch and warmth. But sometimes those old secrets would
bubble up and she would find herself back in her childhood bed, a young teenager
discovering feelings and desires with the help of her high school love.

That her love had been her best friend, classmate and a fellow girl scout meant that it had never been out in the open mattered not. Even today, two decades later she could still
recall that first kiss. Her friend had been talking endlessly about the boys she dreamt
about but never acquired. Sue had finally reached over and kissed her just to shut her up.
It had been spontaneous and had caught both unaware.

That kiss had lead to another and then to a make-out session that had found both naked
and panting at the end, faces slick with each other’s pussy juice.

Even these many years later Sue could still recall the sweetness of the taste and how
much each had enjoyed those special times. That had been her only foray into Lesbian
love, but it had stayed with her as the secret she never told.

Now during those nights of self-pleasure, she often found herself fantasizing and reliving
the experiences. Perhaps it was due to the restrictions being so similar. As a teen she had always stayed quiet so as not to let her family hear, now she likewise had to stay silent due to the children. That was so unlike the wild abandon that she had experienced with her husband.

Now she had to bite her lip as she pinched a nipple or caressed her clit. The touches sent
visions and feelings of her young love. She could feel her lover’s touch; her girlfriends
tongue sliding between her folds and licking her. Her own taste on her fingers brought
back memories of her own moments with her face buried deep between her love’s thighs.
Of licking and slurping in her friends nectar. Feeling a nipple grow hard against her lips
or the muskiness as she pushed past the tight sphincter – the last act so intimate and
depraved that she had not even done it with her husband.

But now those memories flooded back and drove her passion and lust. She found herself
desiring to re-experience that time and yet afraid to venture there. If only she knew where her old friend had gone so many years ago.

But now she was a widow raising two teenagers and trying to maintain their home on a
secretary’s salary. She was dreading the bills that would soon show in her mailbox.
Where she would find the money to pay the doctors and hospital for her son’s accident
eluded her.

But he was safe and recovering from being hit by a car on his way to school. Both arms
and one leg were still in casts. She had cared for him after he was released but had to
return to work. That had left her with few choices but to keep his sister home from school
too in order to care for him. Sue had worried that she was asking too much of her
daughter; was it fair to ask her to be a nursemaid to her older brother? If it was
embarrassing for her to wash her son or help him go to the bathroom, how much worse
was it for daughter?

Then there was Tommy to consider, he was a normal 17-year-old boy with all the desires
that young boys possessed. It had been quite apparent to her that he was embarrassed and
frustrated by his own situation. No boy that age wants his mother to see him naked, much
less to have her hold or wash his penis. More than once he had involuntarily grown hard
as she cared for him. Both had tried to ignore the situation but it was difficult, as he had grown into a young man who so resembled her late husband. She had tried to ignore the
feelings he aroused in her but it had been difficult.

She had felt him hardening in her hand, growing ever more rigid. The touch had
rekindled long suppressed feelings. Feeling his rhythmic heartbeat as blood coursed
through his cock, seeing it grow harder as it reached it’s full six inches, nearly the size of his father’s. It had been all she could do not to stroke it or take it in her mouth when she saw precum oozing from its tip.

At night in her own bedroom, guilt racked her as she recalled that it was Tommy’s cock
that fueled her fantasies. It was images of his cock she saw while caressing her engorged
clit. Thoughts of it sliding deep inside her while her fingers played the role. Try as she
could it was Tommy’s face she saw, not her late husbands as she climaxed. Those images
had both satisfied her and disgusted her at the same time.

And then knowing that she had not been able to really help her son release his own pent-
up desire. Feeling guilty that she had left him hard and unable to care for his own need,
but to do so would have taken both to places that she was not ready to go to.

Sue had tried to explain some of these things to her daughter, but she really didn’t think
Lori fully understood. how could she expect the youngster to understand? Now she
could only hope that both had adapted. She knew that eventually she would be answering
questions from Lori and had been sure to let the girl know she was there for her. But so
far the girl had not opened up.

It had been a lifesaver when the school district had agreed to let a homebound teacher
work with both children. It should allow both to remain with their classes and not fall a
year behind. The free service also meant an adult would be in the house a few hours
every few days.

Sue had not yet met the teacher but they had exchanged notes and everything seemed to
be going well. Mrs. Cooper notes assured her that both children were doing just fine and
maybe even moving along faster than their classmates. Sue had wanted to meet the
teacher but her work hours had not let her get home early enough. However her boss was
out of town and she could likely leave early for the next few days. She just needed to be
sure everything was done on the day the school had her visit scheduled. Sue thought
about calling but since everything was fluid, she would just go home when she could.
Even if she missed the visiting teacher, it would still be nice to see her children.


Sue was pleased to see a car in her driveway as it meant the teacher was still with her
children. She parked her own car in the street and walked up to the house.

Slipping her shoes off so as not to track any dirt inside, she was at least three hours early and was looking forward to seeing her son and daughter. Sue quietly entered the house and headed towards her son’s bedroom where she knew everyone would likely be.

As she got closer to the room she could hear moaning. Fearful that something was wrong
she quickened her pace and walked right into the room- freezing in her tracks as her mind
tried to take in the scene before her.

The teacher was in the room as she expected but the lesson the children were learning
was definitely not one the school district endorsed. Sue’s son was on his bed but his
sister, her daughter, Lori was naked and astride him, eyes closed as she rode
her brother. Sue assumed they were having sex but couldn’t see for sure as the children’s
homebound teacher, Miss Cooper was also naked and had her head firmly placed
between her daughters legs obviously enjoying the taste of both.

To say that Sue was shocked would be an understatement. The 36-year-old redhead stood
silent in the doorway unable to fully grasp what she saw before her. Her mind raced in a
thousand directions at once. Should she scream and run? But if she ran, which way
should she go – towards them or away? Should she leave quietly and confront everyone
after the act was finished? Just call the police and let them deal with it; or perhaps her
most shocking thought – to shed her own clothes and join in.

In the end it didn’t matter as her daughter must have opened her eyes and seen her at the
door. With a cry of “Mom” pandemonium ensued as everyone scrambled.

Tears started flowing, excuses being made, apologies being said.

Sue stood straight and silent, staring directly into the eyes of the teacher who mirrored



The two adults broke from their trance and rushed into each other’s arms, holding one
another tightly, each sobbing uncontrollably.

The unexpected action silenced both teens as they stared confused at their mother and
still naked teacher. Neither had the faintest idea of what was happening or why. Then to
even further confuse the surreal situation the two women walked out of the room without
ever saying a word or looking back at the two youngsters.


After quickly getting dressed Lori promised her immobilized brother that she would find
out what was going on with their mother and their teacher. She went looking for the two
adults with some trepidation that she was simply looking for trouble.

She found the two sitting at the dining room table, Miss Cooper had put a robe on but it
was if her mother did not even notice her lack of clothing. The two were clasping hands,
alternating between crying and laughing as words spilled insensibly from each at the
same time.

Lori hung back unnoticed trying to sort out what was going on. It didn’t make any sense
to her. She had fully expected screaming and hysterics when she had first spotted her
mother in the doorway. But now what she had obviously witnessed seemed to be ignored
and she was deep in an animated conversation with an adult woman who had been
sexually involved with her children. None of it made any sense to the child.

Sue was aghast at what had taken place in the last 20 minutes. Her emotions were riding
the wildest roller coaster ever imagined. Words were spilling from her mouth and she
was barely aware of what she was saying. Then out of the corner of her eye she spied her
daughter in the doorway looking extremely puzzled. She motioned the girl over and then
not seeing any response, called her to her side.

Lori walked like a prisoner approaching death row. She expected the yelling and
screaming to commence in full force at any moment.

But it never did.

Instead her mother pulled her close and hugged her against her side. “Do you know who
this is,” she asked motioning towards Miss Cooper?

“My teacher,” the girl answered somewhat timidly.

“Well yes,” her mother answered, “but this is also my very best friend from when I was
your age. This is Alicia.

“We used to do everything together,” She continued but looking over at Miss Cooper and
giving a smile. “We haven’t seen each other since she moved away right after we
graduated from high school together.”

Turning her attention back to Miss Cooper, “I can’t believe you’re here, that we found
each other after all these years. That you were teaching my chil…..”

As her voice trailed off she looked at her daughter, back to Alicia, down the hall towards
her son’s room and then back to Alicia and Lori. “My children.. you were with my
children,” she said softly.

As Lori took in a deep breath expecting the overdue explosion, Alicia spoke up.

“Yes, I was and I owe you an explanation. I didn’t mean for it to happen but when I
found these two beautiful children together in Tommy’s bed I just couldn’t resist them. It
shouldn’t have happened and I understand if you never want to see me again.”

Tears rolling down her cheeks, Miss Cooper continued, “Your children are wonderful,
they are so very special and care so deeply for each other. But don’t blame them, they
were just curious and got carried away. I should have stopped them and didn’t. I am so
very sorry Susie, I never meant for this to happen and I truly hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me.”

Lori started to speak up but quickly went silent after a quick glance and upheld finger
from her mother.

“Before we discuss this any further, I think we should include everyone. Let’s all go to
Tommy’s room, this involves him too,” Sue said firmly.

The three of them walked into the bedroom together to a wide-eyed and visibly nervous
young man. He glanced from one to the next desperately trying to gather a clue about
what was going on.

Sue began, “Tommy before we go any further I want to bring you up to speed on what
has happened and exactly who your teacher is.”

She quickly filled her son in on the details and then got to the matter at hand.

“So I guess we should talk about what I found when I walked in on all of you. I won’t lie
– I was shocked when I walked in. I guess I had fooled myself into thinking that my
children wouldn’t be curious. I knew it was going to be difficult for both of you but I just put it out of mind.

“Now,” glancing at Alicia, “I will say I never expected you or any other school teacher to
be in the mix. My emotions went all over the place in the short time I was here but
ultimately I will also admit it was easily the most beautiful and erotic thing I have ever

“Tommy, you are more like your father than I ever realized. Lori you have grown into a
lovely young lady. That you are curious about your body and it’s feelings should not have
surprised me. I was your age once, longer ago than I care to admit, but still the same in
my feelings and desires.”

Looking at Alicia, Sue smiled and continued, “It seems that these youngster have the
same taste that I did at their age and you were there for them just as you were for me. I
can hardly blame them for their natural desires. If I deny or punish them, it would by the
height of hypocrisy since I find myself jealous ad want to rekindle our friendship that was lost so many years ago.

“However,” looking directly at her daughter, “you are becoming a woman and that brings
certain responsibilities. Chief amongst those is to ensure that I do not become a
grandmother anytime soon. So you will be visiting my doctor to ensure your health and to
go on birth control. Until it becomes active in about a month, you are not to have intercourse – is that understood.

Lori started to protest but realized the question was redundant as she received the same
look from her mother as at the table earlier, a look that ended any debate.

“I never said you weren’t to enjoy yourself – just that their was to be no intercourse.
There are many other ways to satisfy any desire you may have. Use your imagination, ask
Alicia, err Miss Cooper for help; as a teacher she has a wealth of knowledge to share and
is here to help. You can come to me anytime as well, I would never want either of you to
feel deprived or to go without.”

“That goes for you as well Tom, we are all here to help you recover. I denied your
suffering earlier while I cared for you. I saw that you needed release but didn’t do what
was needed to give you that release. Well that was selfish of me and for that I apologize.

Reaching out, Sue ran her hand along her son’s leg and up to his groin, “From now on I
will help insure that all of your needs are taken care of.” She gave his already hard cock a stroke eliciting a groan of approval from her child.”

Finally looking at her long lost friend and lover she said, “ Alicia, I can think of no one else that I would turn my children over too like this. I no I can trust you to always do what is best. I have missed you since we last were together. I never want the sun to rise again without knowing that you are close. I lost you once and I don’t want my family to lose you again.”

Still slowing stroking her son’s turgid cock, Sue reached out to her friend and drew her in for a long and passionate kiss during which her daughter embraced both women.

At the end, Sue looked at the others, “So where do we go from here?

With a smile, Alicia answered, “I think we are already on the way.”


Alicia stood and let her robe fall to the ground, walking nude to Sue she pulled her in and kissed her deeply, her hands roaming freely over her refound lover’s body. She wasted no time in removing Sue’s clothing.

Closing her mouth over an already hard nipple, Alicia let her fingers dance through Sue’s
trimmed bush recalling how her friend had liked it years earlier. A single finger traced
along the meaty folds, finding the head of her clitoris already emerging. She gently
pinched it between her fingers and stroked ever so gently. Her hand was already feeling
the moisture starting to flow out of Sue’s body.

Eyes as large as saucers, Tommy watched the nude forms of his mother and teacher
intertwine as they made love. His cock was harder than it had ever been in his 14 years. He needed to stroke it so bad but was unable to even move his cast-encased arms, still
healing from being hit by the car. He was so hard that it was almost painful, but what a
wonderful pain. His hips flexed as his cocked throbbed visibly with beat of his heart.

He almost exploded when his little sister came to him and engulfed his cock in her
mouth. Sliding her lips over the head and down the shaft in a single, wonderfully
excruciatingly move. Taking all of his six inches until her nose nestled in his fine hair
and then sliding back off before repeating the move. The warm moistness of her mouth as
it slid over him sending waves of pleasure throughout his body. The boy was unsure of
where to look – at his sister as she gave him intense pleasure or at his mother who was
now being licked by his teacher. Never had he or any boy he knew had such a dilemma.

Sue was reliving her youth and experiencing more joy than she had in her entire
marriage. A part of her felt guilty about that but a larger part wanted to cry out her joy.

Alicia slowly brushed her fingers up and down Sue’s lips, letting her thumb brush against
her now engorged clit. Still suckling a nipple, Sue gave an audible whimper when she felt
the gentle nip from Alicia. At the same time she felt two fingers slipping into her tight
hole, and she moaned slowly, her back arching and hips slowly thrusting as they began
sawing in and out of her. All the while a thumb still pressed against her sensitive nub.

Sue felt it start deep inside and build like a wave coming into the shallows. She couldn’t
say anything just moan louder and louder as it rushed through her body carrying her very
soul with it. Then it burst free and a primordial scream filled the room as Sue’s body
reacted to an orgasm that had been years in the making.

The joyful yell was all that was needed to trigger Tommy’s orgasm as well and he
pumped rope after rope first into his little sister’s mouth, then her face and body when
she could swallow no more.

The room grew quiet except for the sound of deep breathing and panting. Everyone
looked at each other not saying a word until Lori finally spoke, “Gee Mom, can I have
one of those to go?”

The voices immediately began laughing together while Sue simply reached out to her
daughter pulling her in close.

“Have I ever denied you anything,” Sue said simply as she pulled the girls cum covered
face to hers and kissed her deeply, thrusting a tongue into her mouth which the girl

Sue ran her hands over the girls developing breasts, rubbing and pinching each nipple
while never breaking her deep kiss. She felt the tiny hands of her daughter doing the
same to her tits, mimicking her mother’s moves. She could quiet talk and saw movement
out of the corner of her eye as her other child and his teacher, her best friend, moved
together as well.

Breaking the kiss, Sue began moving along her daughter’s body covering it with soft
kisses as she went. Moving ever lower she could feel the ribs under her daughters skin,
the torso moving up and down as she took deep breaths. Lori’s stomach quivered slightly
as Sue dipped her tongue into her belly button, the same place that had fed the child when
the two had been physically joined until birth. But that quiver turned to solid shaking
when Sues reached her goal and ran her tongue along the girl’s cleft.

The taste was sweeter and cleaner than Sue could have ever imagined, like a fine wine
that needed savoring. The desire to enjoy more of her daughter’s sweet nectar Sue started
to lick faster and then began thrusting her tongue deeper inside. She licked in the places
she liked and in other areas as well as she watch for any reaction indicating what Lori
liked best, where her greatest pleasure came from. After just a few moments it became
very apparent that Sue hit the right rhythm and place when Lori grabbed both sides of her
mother’s head and pulled her in tight while letting loose with language that Sue had never
heard from the girl before.

“Yes…fuck yes…that’s it, right there…don’t stop…yes! R-right there!” Lori groaned.
Having found the spot, Sue never slowed place or changed her location, she just kept
licking. All of her focus was on that one place.

Sue just kept on flicking her tongue over the girl’s clit faster and faster. As she sensed the youngster drawing close to cumming, she slipped a singer finger inside her cunt, working it in and out slowly and Sue heard her daughter’s moans increase in both frequency and volume. Then she curled a finger and began seeking out the spongy mass that would be
the g-spot. Locating it, she applied gentle pressure to the mass of nerve endings.

That was all it took, Lori cried out again. Sue could feel the girls vaginal muscles tighten and begin trying to draw her finger deeper inside. Load moans and tight muscles were joined by copious amounts of fluid were unmistakable signs to the more experienced
woman – she had just given her teen daughter a whole body orgasm.

Slowly Sue leaned back, withdrawing her finger and licked it clean. Looking up at the
limp form of her fully sated daughter, Sue could only smile. Then as Lori recovered the
transformation of her face was amazing to Sue. She could see her daughter grow into a
woman before her eyes. The look of pure bliss brought tears to the mother’s eyes as she
leaned down and kissed her baby deeply. That brought the girl back around to reality as
she returned the kiss. She could taste herself on my lips and tongue as we made out again.

Breaking apart a few minutes late, Lori looked up and said the only thing that could have
mattered before closing her eyes and drifting away to sleep, “I love you Mommy.”

Sue looked over at her son and then at her friend Alicia.

“So what are we going to do about this one?” as she crossed over to his bed where the
two were sitting together. “I think we need to make sure he is satisfied as well since he
can’t take care of his himself.

Tommy could only gulp as he looked at the two nude forms looking down at him.


Trussed up with both arms in casts from his bicycle accident, the young man could not
have been any less mobile if he had been tied to the bedposts. While he had been utterly
enjoying his newfound sexual activities of the past few weeks, seeing the two adult
women descending on him was a bit more than he ever expected. That one of the women
was his mother went beyond anything he could have imagined.

He had already cum several times that day, but like all teenage boys his stamina was
beyond compare. Despite the blowjob from his little sister just a short while ago, he was
already hard and ready. His homebound teacher gripped his shaft with a slow stroking
motion while his Mother lightly ran her fingertips along his sack as she bent forward and
kissed him deeply. While their tongues danced, he felt the moist warmth that could only
be Miss Cooper’s mouth slide down on him.

Sue felt her son moan into her mouth. Breaking from his mouth she softly kissed his neck
and chest while glancing down to see Alicia running her lips and tongue along Tommy’s
hard cock. Moving down, Sue joined the other woman in letting her tongue lick the boy
as well as her friend’s tongue. Each woman started taking turns bobbing their mouths
over the boy’s dick while running their hands on each others body.

Alicia looked at her friend and smiling told her to enjoy herself as she moved up and
kissed the boy on his lips. Standing she carefully stepped over his chest, lowering herself down so that her dripping cunt came down on his mouth while she watched her friend not only take his full length down her throat but also reach beneath and slowly insert a
moistened finger into his ass.

Tommy was licking Miss Cooper for all he was worth. When he felt the new sensation at
his backside he went from confused to uncomfortable to approaching an orgasm in mere
moments. Sue realized that her son was approaching sensory overload and backed off to
prolong his pleasure and hers. She had a definite plan and knew how to get to her goal.

As the boy raked his tongue through his teachers gash and tasted her flowing juice he felt
a hand tighten around the base of his cock. It didn’t hurt and wasn’t overly tight, what he didn’t know is that it would delay his ejaculation and that is precisely what his mother wanted.

Holding her hand tightly around her son’s cock, Sue mounted him and sank down feeling
his hardness press past her lips and go inside her. She could feel him going deeper and
deeper, stretching her. His was the first cock she had had since the death of her husband,
Tommy’s father five years earlier. Never had she expected that she would fuck her own
children, but now that it was happening she could not envision ever stopping.

As Sue bottomed out on Tommy’s cock she began to rhythmically grind against him,
feeling him inside her, setting off long forgotten feelings of lust. She leaned forward to
Alicia who had her pussy planted firmly on the boy’s face, his tongue lapping at her clit.
The two women kissed and as each enjoyed the stimulation for the youngster their
tongues danced together.

It was all that was needed to send both into orgasm as they started rocking hard against
the boy. Waves of pleasure went through their bodies as they simultaneously reached the
point of no return.

The frenzy of the two women was more than Tommy could take and he erupted sending
his cum deep inside his mother while drinking everything he could from his teacher’s
flowing cunt. He had never felt such intensity before and his body functioned on instinct,
pumping more of his seed then he ever had produced before.

As the three finally slowed, they collapsed together, panting and sweating from the
exertion. The room smelled of sex, the sheets were soaked with their combined fluids. All
were sated and could do no more. Holding each other tight, the four drifted off to sleep
satisfied and not knowing exactly where life would take them but determined to enjoy the voyage together.


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These kids have a great mom. Thanks for the 4 cummies. Yes, I'm a female and I think incest is best. Being "forbidden" only makes it better.

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