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Like I said before not my story the original author is JWDD I am just making a new twist of the story dont hate me and as always leave comments as I read all coments. I HOPE ITS MORE EASY TO READ.
I kept tossing and turning during the night. It felt hopeless and so I decided to read the old book. I turned on my lamped and started reading.

Summoning an elemental

Elementals can help answer any questions you may have most elementals have been alive since the beginning of mankind. But, be warned. Elementals always want something in return for their services. To summon one you will need to put a piece of their element in the middle of a circle drawn with salt. Most mages call the elemental of their class as to not cause rivalry between the elemental and the mage. After you have a piece of their element you must pronounce the fallowing words “elmanti” and say their element.

This would be interesting to use in the future. Too bad they were not among the living as I could just use my Infiniti talent and just take the information. I was getting tire so I decided to call it a night.

Somewhere else at the same time....
"What do you mean he was too powerful for you" asked the stranger." Sir we were in a tight spot he had an advantage over us, He had fire ready to use, all we could have do was flee" said one of the hooded strangers. “Is it true that there is a new world strongest mage out there in the world" asked another. "Don’t be ridiculous there is no way that such a person could exist he was lying and you idiots fell for it thinking he had 66 spikes, preposterous such a thing" said another hooded person. "Whether it’s true or not we need to make sure, if it is true we need him in our side or out of the way completely" said the first stranger as the others nodded in agreement.
Waking up the next morning I felt tired so I teleported to the living room. I found my parents in the kitchen eating breakfast. “Dad what are we going to do about my hands” He looked at me and smiled and said "I was searching during the night a way to cover up your hands and an idea popped in my head we are going to use an enchantment to create an illusion so that your hands look normal" I was dumb founded why didn't I think of that.

"So what we you going to enchant"
"The ring I gave you a few months ago, you still have it right"
“Yeah I still have it, do you want me to go get it"
"Yes get it so that we can get this over with" he said as I quickly ran up the stairs and came back down. He put the ring on the table and started saying the words "Ray ha melo illusione!" he pointed his wand at the ring and it started shinning a dark blue and then it faded. "Here we go try it on" said Dad. I put the ring on and my hands started to shimmer and then they turned to normal the only thing that could not be covered were the little onyx looking rocks at the back of each hand.

"Well that’s one less problem we don’t have to worry" said mum looking relieved. "So Jamie have you tried casting a spell yet' asked dad, I didn't have any time yesterday as I went to sleep after reading the book "No dad I haven’t let me give a try" I said while I pointed a finger at him "Levatus" I said in a firm voice, the onyx rocks I had at the back of each hand shimmered and my dad started floating to the sealing. “ Ha ha, it works" I said feeling happy about being the first mage in recorded mage history to cast a spell with my bare hands. For the rest of the day I kept practicing many spells at dinner time my mum called me and said "Jamie packed up your stuff because we are going to celebrate your departure with some friends" I was cool with it and teleported into my room, packing seemed such a hassle then I remembered this spell I raised both my palms pointed at my room "Empacio Sulus" and my stuff started floating and packing itself. It was fun seeing everything just get out of the closet and fold itself into the bag. While my bag was making itself I picked up the old book sat in my desk chair skimmed for something that caught my attention and started reading.

Electricity Talent

Electricity can only be used when you are a water mage or are with a water mage so that they can make a storm so that they/you could harness that power. This talent is usually given to water users but there is the rare chance that it could be given to someone with a different element. When such a thing happens the mage is usually at a disadvantage. A man by an unknown name created a form to overcome this weakness. The idea was simple create a charm that produced infinite lightning. This although genius could not be done by many as it required the core of a tree and not many trees give out their core so easily. You would have to talk to a wood nymph for this and they would talk to the three. Trying to steal a tree core can have bad consequences as the wood nymph usually kills you for killing a tree. But if you do manage to get the core the spell you would use is the following "Infiniti Electros" after this just be careful of where you place it as it is a really precious object.

I closed the book, put it inside the bag and went downstairs. "So dad where are we going tonight and with who"
" you remember Bethany and Jess from Bacra"
"Yeah" I said remembering how beautiful Jess was.
"Well I invited them to come over and we have dinner reservations at 8 pm"
"At what time are they going to be here"
" At 7 pm" said mum.

We started cleaning up around the house and around 7:05 pm the doorbell rang. I went to open the door as my dad and mum were right behind me. When I opened the door my jaw almost hit the floor, I thought Jess was beautiful before know she was stunning she had matured over the summer getting a nice handful in the breast department her hair was painted red which I found weird, her being a water mage and all. Her skin was a little tanned and her lips were rosy and so kissable I found myself staring until my dad cleared his throat to get my attention. I blushed at having been seen ogling Jess. "Hi, can we come in" said Bethany looking at me straight in the eyes causing me to blush even harder for being so dumb. They came in and started talking. Mum took out a bottle of wine and started drinking away when they sat down in the table to talk about their mage school years. Me and Jess went to the basement to just chill. "So, have you been practicing over the summer" Jess said trying to start some conversation "Yeah wanna try some out"
"sure" she said happily

"This is one I have been practicing" I pointed my finger at the table and said "Levatus" I don’t know what happened to me I was just trying to show off to her and forgot all about the fact that I just casted with my hands. When I looked at her she was looking at me with big eyes and her jaw was almost hitting the floor. I was thinking what I could have possibly done to get such a reaction when I noticed I had just casted the spell with my hands.
"H-H-How did you do that" she said stuttering from the shock "Don’t freak out I can explain, but you have to keep it a secret ok"
So I told her the hold story then she asked if I would take off the ring so that she could see my hands.
"Are you sure"
"yeah just take it off"
Trusting her I took the ring off and my hands went that light sucking black. She was staring at them intently." I will keep the secret if you go out with me" She said I could swear my jaw almost hit the floor at that moment. She started blushing too "it’s just that I find you attractive and you find me attractive so why don’t we go out" I didn’t know what to say "Just think about and tell me later" she said as she moved up the stairs. I stayed there thinking until my dad called me to get going to the restaurant. With all of us in the car and ready to go we left. I think you can imagine the car ride was kind of awkward with both of us sitting next to each other. When we got to the restaurant I had enough time to think about it and pulled jess to the side " I will go out with you" and kissed her there was no tongue on anything just a sensual kiss. When I pulled back both my parents were looking at me and smiling " See you two are getting along just fine" said dad almost laughing causing me to blush "Stop teasing him honey" said mum giving dad a small push on the shoulder, in all this Bethany stayed really quiet in the corner.

Throught dinner I could not help but notice Jess mum kept staring at me. Dinner was great. Everyone had their fun and we chated, althrought the evening I stayed close to Jess holding hands under the table and such. When we got home it was around 10 pm and everyone called it a night. I went to my room and just stared at the ceiling above my bed for about 15 minutes before when I heard a small knock on my door Prince was already sleeping at the foot of my bed so I got up slowly. When I opened the door I was suprised to see Bethany standing on the other side. "Stay quiet and come with me" she whisped at me. I fallowed until we were in the basement.

"Do you love my daughter" she asked with a serious looking face
"I do madam, although we havent gone as far as saying it to each other"
"Good, did you know most strong mages become playboys because they have so many girls all over them"
"No, I did not know that "
"Well they do, Jess is the daughther of one of those kind of strong mages who used me and then threw me away, and when I went to tell him I was pregnat he just told me to stop lying to get some fame" by now she was almost on the verge of tears
" Just promise me one thing, you will always keep my daughter safe no matter what, can you keep that promise Jimie"
"Yes madam I would put my life the line for your daughter I promise"
"Good now lets get to sleep you have a big day tommorow"

We made our way to our rooms I was at ease as I closed my eyes and went to sleep peacefully.

I Know the part is short but I wanted to know how I am doing and if you like were the story is going. For those of you that wanted the original here is the link to it .
Dont be shy to give me some ideas stuff you wanted in the original story but it didnt have them. I am adding more mythical creatures i am thinking about involving Gods in this or how about having him bind a powerful demon to become his loyal sevant eh. tell me what you think. For you readers that need a better image the rock on the back of the hand came from this manga called "BTOOOM!". I also wish to inform the reader that this story is a dark twist for those people that loved Voldemort and have a fuck up brain you are going to love it for those other normal people you are going to hate me alot. Working on part three trying to make it atleast 15 pages or more and working on spelling.

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