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A true account of intense training for eight years
I want to start by saying that this is a true account of my experience being trained by my stepfather for eight years. It will take several submissions to go through all the years of "practice" that I had so bear with me. I will try to remember every detail and convey them as articulate as possible so that you may be able to relive my experiences as close to what I did.

It all started one day after school. I was a virgin( to men ) but got a hold of some gay porn magazines that really excited me. Little did I know that it would lead to the many experiences that I have encountered and endured.

I arrived home to my stepfather watching t.v. I said hi and went straight to my room to look at the magazine I had found the previous weekend in an alley near a dumpster. I was looking at the pictures and had just pulled my cock out to start jacking off when my room door suddenly opened. In my excitement to look at the porn I forgot to lock the door. I was so fucking embarrassed when my stepfather picked up the magazine and saw what it was. He said so that was what you were in such a hurry to get to. He said "So this is the shit you like boy?". I was too scared to answer. He started thumbing through the magazine for a couple of minutes to my surprise and then asked me if I had ever sucked cock. I said "No". Then he asked if I wanted to, after a long pause I answered him "Yes". The next thing that happened I could not believe, he pulled out his cock and said well get started boy. Well I have to go but this is just the beginning stay tuned for the rest. Please be patient I have a lot of information to tell. Thank you.Before I get into my first, but far from last, cock sucking practice with my stepfather's super sized cock I want to give you a little background on him.

First I will start with a general deion of him then I will go into more details about his past experiences that made him the "man" that he is.

He stands about 6'3 or 6'4 and weighs about 200 pounds. He has a pretty solid build and for a man that doesn't work out at all he has an amazing body.I mean he doesn't have a six pack or anything but still has a beautiful body to say the least. I never really noticed before this day but he is also extremely handsome. Now to the best part, his cock. Oh my fucking goodness! I never had a chance to measure it but if I had to guess I would have to say it was at least (and I mean at least) ten inches long and as for how thick well it was like a coke can. Maybe not quite that thick but it sure felt like it. And the head was like a mushroom in full bloom! Oh I forgot to mention my stepfather is a Black man. Many years later and many cocks later I still haven't found a man as well endowed as him or that knew how to use his cock like this man did. Now to tell you how he became such a tiger in the bed with women, I should mention. He said he wasn't gay the first time I sucked his cock but after he thought about it he decided to tell me the truth the next day. I should tell you about the experiences that he had with men so you can have a better insight into how his mind worked and how come he did the things he did to me and what he made me do. To this day I have never met a man, or any person, with such a methodical and calculating mind as his. This is the story he told me the day after I sucked his cock for the first time.

He grew up in Detroit, Michigan and lived there until he moved to the west coast. This is where he had his first and only experience with males, until me that is.Him and his cousin that was a year older than him "turned out" a hispanic boy that lived in his neighborhood. His cousin had already been having sex with this boy for a few months before he told my stepfather about it. Up until that point my SF(stepfather) had only been with girls so when his cousin told him about it he said he didn't know what to think. That was until he saw the boy sucking his cousin's cock! He was a hispanic boy and my SF said that he reminded him of me. Oh yeah I'm Asian. Anyway, he said that this boy was sucking his cousin's cock so deep and good that he immediately got hard. Better than any girl he had ever had suck him or even saw in the pornos. So when it was his turn he pulled out his cock and the boy just looked at it and then looked at his cousin. My SF didn't know why the boy did that but then he found out, he had to get permission from his cousin. You see the boy was already trained to know that he was owned and only did what my SF's cousin told him to do. My SF was amazed over the control that his cousin possessed and said he made a mental note at that point. So then his cousin said suck it and the boy started sucking my SF's cock. He couldn't take it like he did his cousin's cock but he learned. My SF would always say it is funny what things you could do when you don't have a choice or any say so. That was a motto that I learned to live by. There is so much more to this story and it holds an important significance to my training as well so maybe you( the readers ) can give me some feedback as to how in depth you want me to go with this part of the story. Keep in mind that until my SF left Detroit he used and continued the training that his cousin had already started. His cousin ended up moving after about a year after introducing my SF to this boy so my SF had him in training for 8 years, funny that's how long he had me. Believe me after 8 years of training by my SF and him
comparing me to that first boy I learned about everything that he ever did to that boy and why he did it because he did it to me but with much more of a methodical way and much more patience. So please give me some feedback as to how deep I should go into this boy's training because believe me he went through some shit! Until we meet again, soon hopefully!

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2016-04-13 18:04:28
I wish I could I am bi and want to suck a bbc. I would like to get gangbang by BBC one in mouth one in ass, I sucked only one cock in my life and he weasnt very big what a let down. I did suck him off and swallowed and loved the look on his face. put bare felt him in my ass it did feel good so I am hooked on being a bi bottom

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2013-04-03 17:13:27
Finish this Soon !! Please !!!!

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2013-04-02 18:49:10
How old were you when this first happened? Keep writing it is interesting to know what kind of training he did.

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2013-04-02 18:41:23
Keep going, I would like to hear more

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2013-04-02 12:24:05
I wanna know about the training for both of you

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