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This is something I wrote a long time ago, and had forgotten about it. I'd like to pick the series up again where I left off. Feedback is welcome. I'll consider suggestions on sequels, too. Just tell me what you'd like to see. Enjoy!
I had been waiting on this package forever. I ordered it a good three weeks ago, and had started
to wonder if it had been lost in the mail. The
FEDex man handed me the package, gave me a,
"Have a good day," with a smile, and left me
standing in the door. "Yes, and you, too." I almost wondering if he had any idea what was in my package. At any rate, I closed the door behind me and looked at my purchase. It had been an internal battle; I was twenty-two years old, a college student, in a good relationship with my boyfriend, Justin, and I was still a virgin. To make matters worse, I had never masturbated in my life. When I was younger, I used to put the ball of my ankle under my foot and rock back and forth, but it was just play. I had no sexual sensations from it; it was just something to do to pass the time.

Justin had gone out to eat with some friends of his after class. I was home by myself when the box came. I took it to the kitchen table, grabbing a knife on my way over, and carefully tore into the package. A few tissues flew up, a few boards, and there it was; my brand new vibrator, the same one that Amy swore by. She was the one who suggested I try this in the first place. A very sexually-experienced person, if you know what I mean, dragged it out of me in the back of our class one day that I was an all-around virgin. She said, "There's no shame in trying it, Lacy! Here," and she wrote something down on a piece of paper next to her. "Go to this website," she pointed to the link she had written out, "and then get this." The Beginner's Pleasure Plus. Sure, Amy. I was embarrassed that we were even having the conversation, considering how I was raised. My father was the deacon of our church, and my mother taught Sunday school. God forbid they
ever found out what I was doing. I took my new toy out of its careful packaging, and caressed it curiously. It was smooth, made of rubber, with little "ticklers" at the end. It looked like a clothes hanger. I wasn't even sure, at first, how to use it. I was trying to reexamine my own anatomy in my head, and then laughed out loud at the thought of myself. Here I was with a vibrator, and no way of knowing how to use it!

I was going to wait, but I figured since no one was home, it was going to be now or never. I would figure it out when I got to the bed, I was sure. I wasn't sure how I should feel. I knew Justin kept some porn DVDs under the bed. The only reason I knew was because he had asked me before we moved in together, "Do you mind my having them?" and said it as though we would be
watching them one day together. We still haven't. But needing inspiration, I popped one out and put
it in the DVD player, one titled, "Hardcore XXX." I
fast-forwarded past the commercials and clicked
on the play button. While I waited for the movie to
get to the good part, I took off my shirt and pants,
let my hair down, and sat down on the bed. Removing my socks, I watched the setup of the
scene; a doctor examining his patient. Her nipples
were erect through her bra, and she pretended to
"accidentally" gently elbow his crotch. He gave her
a sensual look, and looked down at her chest. I
watched, eager. I had also never watched a porno. I was losing all virginities today... I watched the doctor take her bra off and suck on her tits. So I obliged in the same manner. I took my red lace 38C bra off and let it fall to the floor. The room was a tad cold, so my nipples were quick to erect before I had ever touched them. And I gingerly began to caress them, lightly pinching them, and rubbing them occasionally. Watching the doctor on the monitor, I salivated onto my fingers and let them stroke my nipples again. This continued for several minutes as my tits got harder, and somewhat sore.

Then, the doctor changed his tune. He took off his patient's pink thong and threw it to the floor. He then put two of his fingers inside her, three, then four. While going in and out of her with his fingers, she was clearly wet. He then put his mouth on her, aggressively sucking her clit, and she was making it obvious with her moans that she loved what he was doing. Well, it was my turn. I took off my red lace panties and let them fall next to my bra on the floor. I took one last look at the door and listened for any sign that Justin might be ready to open it. Nothing. So I progressed to my pussy with my fingers. I was wet! How could I have been? I never even felt it! I wasn't even sure I was completely turned on. At least, I wasn't, until... ...I allowed my fingers to caress inside the folds of my sex. And I knew it then; arousal. This must be what it feels like! I laid my head down to the side so I could still watch the movie, but I had very little interest in it anymore. I was too focused on my own body.

My sex was throbbing, pulsing with feelings I had never before experienced. I almost wanted to stop, but the other part of me wanted to continue on even more. I brought my other hand down then to meet my other. With that hand, I rolled my clit between my fingers, tickling and teasing it, much like I had my erected nipples. The sensations were too much. Gosh, how would I ever stand a vibrator? My vibrator? I had forgotten all about it. As the doctor began pounding his patient's pussy, making her moan and cry out in pleasure, I was almost thinking, wait for me! My shaking hands scrambled around to the end table for some batteries. The pleasure and arousal wouldn't allow for anything but haste. I had to keep going! I put them in the vibrator, and it wasn't hard to figure out.

The long part went into my pussy, sliding easily in from the wetness my excitement brought, but also painfully from my never having been penetrated. That made the ticklers land directly on my clit. I turned it on, and it turned me on, even more. I began moaning in synch with the patient and the pulses surging through my no-longer virgin body. I wanted as much of the rubber as I could get inside me, but I had to wait. As good as it felt, it was painful. But I had to try. God, it felt too good not to. Slowly, I glided the toy in and out of my sex, my pleasure making movement difficult. My head fell back to the pillow. I shut my eyes tightly, and tried to breathe. It was difficult to keep silenced, and I finally stopped trying to be. I let my groans and gasps of pleasure escape me as the pulses kept ripening. I brought my other hand to my tit and grabbed it, holding onto it as though the
vibrations would pull me apart. I couldn't bear it
anymore. I was falling deeper into that provocation all the time. The doctor began spewing his white seed all over the woman's face, and my own juices began flooding on the bed. The sensation was
indescribable. My whole body felt as though it was
floating, and my head was spinning with the
ambiance of my orgasm. My whole body shook as the feelings palpitated throughout every inch,
seeming to reach the top of my head and leave
from my toes. I was covered in sweat, and utterly
exhausted. But it was worth it. God, it was
incredible. I didn't have the energy to turn my vibrator off.

When I awoke, it was still vibrating in my newly-
penetrated pussy. I'm glad Justin didn't walk in
then. If he had, he never would have let me live it
down. The movie was still going, this time on a girl
getting her ass pounded into the ground. I turned it off with the remote on the end table and put it
back in its rightful place. I put my clothes on and
went into the living room as if nothing had
happened, but not before washing and hiding my
new toy. I put it under the bath towels in the
bathroom closet, and proceeded to my computer to work on my term paper. "Have a nice day," was what the FEDex man said. And it was. This was how I first started out; a little vibrator in
a mail-order package. And that day turned out to
be the beginning of a thrilling, satisfying, and
terrifying life.

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2013-04-02 23:09:05
that story was so good i wish i could order a toy to make me have a nice day you keep these good stories coming

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2013-04-02 19:50:02
Good story, your deions of your characters thoughts and feelings were very realistic. Things I would like to see would be anal, panty sniffing, and body hair. Combine that with vivid deions of how she smells and it would be a dream come true. For the storyline I think you should be in the drivers seat and take us wherever you think the story should go. That's definitily a ride I'd like to come along on. Do continue this its quality work and your ratings should be higher!!! Thanks for sharing and any consideration you may give to my suggestions. Looking forward to more of your literary talent!!!

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