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Zacks Mother needed Him
My Account Went Through! Posting all stories together

My Whole Family Needed Me 2

I felt like I was in the matrix. I was awake but I felt like I had to be dreaming. My beautiful younger sister was passed out next to me in her cum-soaked bed. Our Cum-soaked bed! I couldn’t believe how I had taken complete control of her last night and fucked her twice. I was never a stand-up guy but I’m starting to realize where they all come from. I wanted to be there for her and make her happy.

After my revelation I realized that it was already 6am and my mother would probably begin her morning rally of the troops and realize that I wasn’t in my room so I decided to get while the getting was good. It seemed quiet in my house like everyone was still sound asleep despite the time. Maybe I won’t have to go to school today I thought as I decided where I should go next to further my plan.

“Mom’s not stupid you know, and neither am I”, I heard a random voice that seemed to come from nowhere. I was still too groggy from sleeping to discern whether it was Nessa or Katie. I turned around and beheld a breathtaking sight. Katie dressed in nothing but paper thin shirt and a small blue thong that left nothing to the imagination, looked at me with a raised eyebrow and folded shoulders. I could tell she had nothing on underneath that shirt as her perky nipples were poking through the fabric.

“What do you mean”, I asked her knowing full well what she was talking about

“You slept in Nessa’s bed with her last night you idiot; you think I couldn’t hear her in there last night”? I began to confess, not truly knowing how much she knew exactly.

“Well she seemed really sad last night and I didn’t think that she should be sleeping alone, and honestly I didn’t want to sleep alone either. We have to be there for each other from now on since we’re not gonna be a full family anymore” I frowned. As I said that I got closer to her and hugged her. I half-expected her to just receive it and go to our mother but it seems all she really heard was Nessa crying and screaming out in “pain”. Bullet Dodged!

She hugged me back and said wow Zack I never really knew you were this strong or that you cared this much! It was a long and intense hug and when we pulled away I aimed to give her a kiss on the cheek and was surprised to feel my lips against hers!

We both pulled back and awkwardly said sorry I was trying to kiss you on the... yeah sorry. Then she smiled slyly at me and went towards the shower. She turned around and said just make sure you take care of all of us not just Nessa and winked at me. I still don’t know how much she really knows, but I can tell she is hiding something. At that moment I decided that I would leave her for last. It was time to pounce on my second prey, my mother.

She had somehow managed to get upstairs and halfway onto her bed. She was a sight to behold. Her blouse and bra were pulled up to her shoulders revealing her milky breast and large nipples. Her skirt was hitched up around her waist with her thong pulled to the side and her shaved mound was in full view. The only parts of her that could not be seen were either covered by her clothes or the cum from the 10 inch dildo that was crammed halfway inside of her.

I had my work cut out for me, and I had to do it quietly so she wouldn’t wake up thinking I had seen her in this condition. She never remembers anything when she drinks. She honestly goes blackout after a couple shots which I learned at my uncle’s wedding. Wow he just got married to Lucy and he was probably soon to be divorced I half chuckled and half felt sorry for the poor bastard. I decided to go for the dildo first and gently slid it out of her. She didn’t stir at all when I grabbed it so I assume she’s still knocked out.

Before I readjusted her bra and blouse and pulled her thong into the middle and her skirt back down to her knees, I marveled at how beautiful my mother really is and was baffled at how stupid of a man my dirtbag father is. I hated him at that moment but the pain subsided quickly as I realized what I needed to do for my mother. She had been such a good wife to my father. Always cooking and cleaning for him even though she makes nearly the same amount of money as him working a full time job, and did took care of us. He never did half of those things.

I was going to treat my mother right. I was going to be everything to her and take care of her as a person and mostly, as a woman. I reached out to begin my assault, but then I thought, this isn’t the way to do this. Nessa was fully aware of what I was doing to her and she consented. I should give my mother the same chance. So I backed away and went downstairs to make her coffee and sober her up.

“You’re gonna be late” Katie yelled as she came down the steps toward the kitchen.” I’m not going today and neither should you” I said.

“It’s junior year and there’s no way I’m failing my AP classes just because dad is an asshole. You have them too Zack you can’t miss a day or you’ll fall far behind trust me” she warned

“Don’t worry about me I’ve had straight B’s since pre k I doubt that’s going to change if I stay home one day. But of course the gorgeous straight A student has to go EVERY day” I teased

“Did you just call me gorgeous” she asked and I turned bright red. “Thank you no one ever calls me gorgeous they just like me cause of my body and they’re always trying to get into my pants. You know what Zack? You’re alright for a bothersome little brother” She joked as she went out the door. Nessa came just minutes after, kissed me on the lips and said morning Zack and went right out the door. Lucky for us, her school was right down the street, though I wondered why she was leaving so early. But I had bigger fish to fry.

I brought mother her favorite coffee and found that she was already awake and getting ready for work. I put the coffee down and asked her where she thinks she’s going.

“For your information young man I’m going to a place called my job, where I work and get money to provide for you munchkins” She said challengingly in response to my tone.

“I think you should skip today mom, a lot happened yesterday and I think you need to be taken care of. I’m gonna stay home today and cater to you and take care of you like you said I should yesterday”.

“I was talking about when you start to date son not now. Just make sure you take care of your wom…” I didn’t let her finish. I walked up to her and kissed her right on the lips. She tried to stop me but I held her close. Eventually she gave up the struggle and my tongue darted into her mouth. Her struggle turned into desire as she returned my kiss and slipped her tongue into my tongue in a 5 minute long dance.

She broke away and told me this isn’t right. You need to take care of your woman who’s your age when the time is right not me. I told her mom right now you Nessa and Katie are my women. I am the man of the house now and I am going to take care of you all the way dad never did. I’m going to be there for you and I’m going to love you the way a man should.

I could tell by her eyes that she wanted it so bad but couldn’t do it because it wasn’t right. So I made the decision to break her. I pushed her onto her bed and started to rip off first her blouse and then her work skirt. She fought me but I pinned her down to the bed and started to kiss her and lick her neck. I pushed into her crotch with my boxer-covered hardon and humped into her with all of my strength.

“No Zach you can’t be doing this to me. You can’t. You can’t please don’t”

“This is what you asked me to do mom. You told me to take care of my woman and I’m going to do it right now. You need this and you’re going to get it from me. Just submit to me and let me take care of you.” I reached down to pull her thong to the side and I couldn’t. She had gotten so wet from what I was saying and doing to her that it was almost stuck to her beautiful lips! I pulled on the least soaked side until I was able to push it to the side. I pulled my hard cock out of my boxers and forced them to my feet and stepped out of them. She was still struggling but her struggle was dwindling.

“Mom you’re so wet I know you want me to do this to you. I know you need this. Just be mine”

Tears flowed down her face and I was almost reluctant to thrust my entire length insider of her. But it subsided as I realized that she would soon thank me for setting her free and taking care of her the way she had never been taken care of before. I used my superior strength to spread her wide and I jammed my cock inside of her to the balls while she screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I hadn’t gotten her verbal consent to continue but her body was screaming yes please do this to me. Make me forget about him. Then I was surprised to realize that her mouth was actually the source!

“You’re such a good son Zack yes please fuck me with your hard cock! I haven’t been fucked in so long. Your father would never give it to me like this uhhhhh oh my god fuck me harder make me cum I haven’t cum in such a long tiiiiiiime”!

It seemed like it had only been minutes since I started thrusting hard and fast inside my mother and she had already cum all over her son’s cock. She was writhing under me and her hips were bucking wildly I could barely keep my rhythm inside her surprisingly tight pussy. All of her muscles were pulling on my hard cock. Sucking at it and trying to stop me from pulling out of their grasp. She threw her arms and legs around me as I continued to fuck her with all of my might.

My head fell to her chest and I began to suck and slurp at her big tits like I used to when I was a baby. I peeled her bra up and her voluptuous breasts came back into my view. I sucked and tweaked at her nipples while I pounded away at her mound. She screamed and moaned under me while I took complete control of her. I pulled out my cock and she yelled at me.

“Please put it back in” she begged as I got off of her.

“Turn around and get on all fours mom” I demanded. She was surprised by my tone but she was in no position to deny my request and she complied. Her unbelievably large round fat white ass came into view. I marveled at it and almost lost myself in it.

“Put it back in” She pleaded and I granted her wish. I thrust deep inside of her. The same cave that I had come out of 15 years ago. I was entering into it again as a man, as a lover, and as a caretaker. I grabbed all over her ass as I pounded away at her. She groaned and moaned as she thrust her hips back to meet me each time in perfect harmony.

“Zach don’t stop oh please don’t stop ohhhh you’re so much better than him uhhhh you’re fucking your mother so gooooood ahhhhhhhh” she erupted in her second furious frenzy of an orgasm and screamed into her pillow as I continued to pound at her. I could hold it no longer I had to cum and I released it deep inside of her.


I screamed as I came deep inside of her and my pounding eventually slowed down. I pulled out my still hard cock and rested near her perfect ass.

“Oh my god honey you were so right I did need that and I think you were the only one who could do it for me. Thank you so much you made me feel like a woman for the first time in so long! I just love the way you dominate me.”

“I’d do anything for you mom you know that” I said and added but we’re nowhere near done as I poked my cock at her tight rosebud of an asshole.

“Oh no Zack no way you can’t fuck me there. I’d never even let your father do that to me” she chuckled and started to move.

“Mother I’m not dad and I’m not going to be treated like him. I am me and I’m going to take your ass for the very first time. I won’t hurt you we’ll go slowly and I will take care of you.”

“You’ve already done enough for me Zack there’s no need for that”

“Mom this is going to happen. It needs to happen. I have to take control and you have to let me. It’s not gonna be like it was before. You’re going to let me do what I have to do to be in control and to take care of this family. Dad’s no longer a factor and you just have to submit” and with that sentence I stunned her which gave me the perfect opportunity to gather some of her cum from our last session and rub it onto my cock. Then I started to gently rub her rosebud and slowly poke my fingers in.

“Please Zack I’m begging you I mean the fucking is one thing but don’t take my anal cherry please son I don’t want to do this I swear I will be yours and only yours and you can take care of the family but don’t do this to me” she pleaded but it fell on deaf ears. I knew what I had wanted for so long and it was my way of taking control.

“You are mine and you will let me do what I have to do” I declared as two fingers suddenly prodded deep into her asshole. I moved them in and out slowly as she yelped and pleaded and begged me to stop. It was turning me on in a way that she was saying all of this but doing nothing to stop me. She knew I was in control now and with my other hand I spanked her on the ass.

“I don’t want to hear any more of that I said” and she nodded her head and stuck her beautiful face into her pillow. I added another finger and slowly prodded in and out of her expanding hole. She relaxed and was able to take them all in to the knuckle. With my other hand I began to slowly caress and smack the ass I had been dreaming about since before I could remember. It was time.

I lined my still rock hard cock with her beautiful virgin hole and I pressed against it. I don’t know what made want to do this but instead of going slow I violently pushed my cock inside of my mother’s virgin ass. She screamed at the top of her lungs!

“Zack no AHHHHHH that hurts too much please take it out oh please you’re hurting your mother ohhh OWWWWWWW UHHHHHH ohhhh oooooooh uhhh... Zack uhhh honey it hurts but it feels good. Oh honey I feel so full right now uhhh oh my god you know what I need more than I doooo ohhhhhhhh god Zack fuck your mother oh you’re so good to meeeee”

“OH mommy I’m always gonna fuck you. You’re so beautiful dad is an idiot for not fucking your ass long and hard every day like you deserve. That’s never gonna happen to you again I’m your husband now. I’m your master now. I’m gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.” I screamed as I spurted gob after gob of cum into my mother’s freshly fucked asshole. I pulled my cock out and watched the gooey white mess spurt and gurgle out of her gaping hole down to her cunt.

We collapsed onto her bed and I watched as, like a good whore, she lowered her head to my cock and licked it clean. She slurped and sucked away until all of my and her jizz was a distant memory gone down her throat. She crawled back up the bed and on top of me and said I love you Zack thank you for making me remember what it’s like to be treated as a woman instead of a caretaker like your father.

As she drifted off to sleep in my arms I reminded her that I would do anything for her if she needed me. I lay awake once again remembering that there was still one more conquest that I needed to complete. One more woman in my family that needed me.

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