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It contains femdom, CBT,. When my older next door neighbor lady taught me to be her toy.
Becoming my Neighbor’s Slave Toy (Part One)
This story is based on true events. It contains femdom, CBT,. When my older next door neighbor lady taught me to be her toy.

Since I was about 14 I was noticing our neighbor Deb Fisher and her 19-year-old daughter Megan. However Deb did a lot more for me. She was 42 and looked great, one look at her and my cock became instantly hard, and I think she knew it. She was about 5’10” and weighed about 140 pounds. She had long legs and a wonderful tight ass. She had red hair that went a few inches below her shoulders. She had that fair skin that redheads seem to have. Two years later I got to know them really well, and became theirs.
She was from the South and liked to wear those light cotton dresses. They were so light they barely hid her huge 36D breasts. I use to watch her sit in the shade and read, and pray for her tits to fall out, while I jacked off from my bedroom.
When I was 16 it was the first time my parents left me alone for an extended amount of time. They left for the Vegas on Thursday night and would be back Monday night. The rules were that I was to go to School and keep the house in order and NO PARTIES. And that our neighbor Ms. Fisher would be watching me. I thought my God if they only knew, what I wanted her to watch me do; they would not leave me alone. But anyways I thought I would use the free time to catch up on world history.
So I got back from the airport and about 7:30 PM Thursday night. I flipped on the TV and opened my algebra book. And then the phone rang, it was Deb. I thought my God is she checking up on me already. No I guess not.
“Hello I answered”
She Replied “Mark, I know your parents just left and I don’t mean to bug you, but the toilet in the basement will not quit running. Can you come home for and looked at it?”
My dad had taught me a lot about how to fix things. “I will be right over” I said
I went out the back door and through the fence. I kept thinking about at least seeing her would give me something of memory to masturbate to tonight…. If I would have only known.
I knocked on the door and walked in, that was kind of her policy.
“Ms. Fisher” I yelled
“Down here” came the reply
I had never been down in her basement. But I walked on down, all the while thinking how am I going to stop this water and get out of here. I didn’t want to have Ms. Fisher notice if my cock got hard.

I walked around the corner and there was Ms. Fisher in a bathrobe. Oh shit I thought like that will help anything. Just then she turned and smiled.
“Hi thanks for coming over” she replied
“No problem, I will see what I can do” I told her this
Her chest almost was almost visible through the robe. And that did it I was instantly hard. I was sure my cock was showing through my pants.
At that point I thought I saw her eyes dart down.
I said “where is the toilet?”
She walked behind in closed the folding doors in front of the stairs.
She gave me a devilish look and said “actually Mark, there is nothing wrong with the toilet. But I needed to talk to you.”
“Mark I have seen you watching me. Have you been watching me?”
I stuttered “wha- what do you mean Ms. Fisher?”
I asked a question “have you been watching me, do you find me attractive”
She walked behind me and reached around in front and grabbed my cock.
She whispered in my ear “do you find me attractive”
“Yes” I said sheepishly
She asked “have you ever thought about being dominated by a female?”
“Not really, it might be okay though” I replied, at this point I would done anything to get some sexual attention from her.

Well why don’t you strip down and we can try it for while
“Okay” I said. I could not start to strip fast enough.
“Well hold on there. Let’s go over some rules” she said

“Rules?” I questioned
She laughed “yes, rules silly.”
“Okay are you ready Hun?” She asked
“I guess” I told her “No. You will reply, yes ma’am or Ms. Deb.” She barked
I was shocked but I replied “yes Ms. Deb”
She smiled and said “Good, you’re a fast learner”
She sat down in a chair and crossed her legs. She said “rule number two, you do what I say or there will be a penalty.”
“What kind of penalty?” I asked
“Why did you not say yes Ms. Deb, slave?” She yelled “I will give you a penalty later”
“Yes Ms. Deb” I said thinking to myself what have I got into, do I really want to do this?
“The last rule is, after anything happens you say thank you.” She said.
“Yes Ms. Deb.” I said
With that she told me to strip. As I took my clothes off her took her robe off. She was in a latex teddy. And a belt that contained a ridding crop.
She walked over to me and touched my cock. Which was partially erect standing straight out. She looked me up and down sometimes touching my body. I was suddenly aware that this was the first time that a female was seeing me nude. My 5’8” thin frame that weighed 145lbs was standing there. She grabbed my ass and squeezed. My 5.25 inch cock standing strait up at this time.
“What a small cock” she cooed
I felt terrible but I replied “Yes Ms.Deb…I’m sorry “
She came in front of me and hugged me saying “Hun why are you sorry?”
“You sounded upset at the size of my penis” l said looking down
“No I’m alright with it, I can still…. Play with it.” she said
“We need to give you a shave. Come with me...”
She grabbed my cock and pulled me into the bathroom; she then took a set of hair clippers and shaved my pubic hair. She then took a can of shaving cream and a razor and shaved my ball sack. It felt wonderful. “I had never considered shaving it before.” I said
“That’s better” she said
“Thank You, ma’am”
“Am I allowed to speak” I asked
“If it’s important you may speak with you want. Just be careful if I don’t like it you may get a penalty” she said
“Well it feels wonderful Ms. Deb” I almost moaned
“You may tell me that anytime Mark” she said. She rose up right and kissed my forehead
“Now I need to make sure you are good and clean, we need to get rid of the germs right...” She said. Right then she placed a rag on my sack…
“Ouch … What the hell…” I started
“What did you say?” She demanded.
“I’m sorry ... Thank you ma’am” I answered quickly... Her tone was kind of a turn on. And so was the burning sensation on my ball sack. She poured more liquid on the rag and continued to wipe where I had been shaved.
“Ms. Deb” I asked.
“Yes Hun...” She replied
“What did to put on that rag, it burned a little?” I asked
“Did you enjoy it.?” She wanted to know.
“Yes it was a different fun feeling” I think the excitement carried in my voice
“Well good… It was just plain rubbing alcohol. Just to keep everything infection free.” She then asked if I had ever heard of CBT?”
“No” I said “what is it”
She laughed and said “you’re going to find out.
She said “your chest needs a shave too. But we will get to that a little later”
“That’s better; from now on you will keep yourself shaved and clean. Do you understand” she asked
“Yes ma’am” I replied with that she grabbed my cock and pulled me out into the other room. She gripped and pulled harder than before. She placed me in the middle of the room.
Now than you need to learn how to present yourself to me. “You will learn to stand in front of me with your legs shoulder width apart in your hands behind your back, is that understood” she barked
“Yes ma’am” I said
“Then DO IT!!!” She yelled
I then snapped into an attention
She then grabbed my cock and began to jack me off. I stood on my tip toes and let out a sigh.
“You need to not cum, and tell me if you get even close. Understand?”
“Yes” I replied
“Yes WHAT” she yelled
At that moment I said “better stop Ms. Deb… I mean yes Ma’am”
“Good slave…”
She rose and kissed me and pushes backwards… I laid down on what I thought was a bed. She went down on top of me and kept kissing me. She to my right hand and put it on her left breast. This was it I thought, I was going to get to sex with Deb. But then she kept raising my arm above my head. Suddenly I felt something go around my arm and I heard a click. Before I knew what was happening she placed my cock arm up over and placed a strap around my arm. I could not move either of my arms. She smiled at me. And said “now the fun starts.”
I was a bit worried, but I thought it was kind of fun to. Next she grabbed my legs and locked them down in a spread eagle position. She then ran her finger up my leg and the side of cock. She said “Do you remember the rule if I jack you off”
I replied “Yes Ms. Deb”
She smiled…” What a perfect slave you are being.”
She then started to jerk hard. I was enjoying it so much and then she stopped….
“You still can’t cum…” She barked
“Please... Please Ms. Deb let me cum.”
“I said no!!! You worthless excuse, you still have one penalty...two” she barked
She let go of my cock. And walked to a work bench, she grabbed a piece of rope came back and fed it under my back. She wrapped it around and came up and brought it over my dick just under the head. She then came around behind my head where I could not see her. She put her face over mine and said”you have been a bad boy it’s time for your penalty.”
At this point I was so excited I thought I was going to blow my load. She then moved one leg on each. I looked up and saw Ms. Deb’s bare pussy. “What’s going on” I asked.
I could see liquid coming off her pussy lips. I was nervous to do anything without her permission at this point.
“It is getting late and I think about work” she said calmly.
I said “I think about going home so I can go to school”
She began to chuckle “Hun you’re not going to school tomorrow, at least not at Jefferson. No I’m going to call you in, and you are going stay right where you are. I got someone coming to be with you.”
“But I have to ask. Are you ok with this?” She asked
I almost couldn’t yell yes “Ms. Deb” fast enough

But now it’s time for your punishment. I going to sit on your face, you are going to pleasure with your tongue and make it good. And I am going to introduce your cock to my crop. “
She lowered herself onto my lips. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could. She laughed saying “No honey, not like that. Lick the very front first, slowly and the work your way in.” She spent the next minutes explain to me how to eat her pussy, until she cued all over my face. She collapsed for work on top of me for a second. Then sat up again and started to slap my cock. “Keep working that tongue you little man.” She said.
She slapped me ten times and then she said, “What do you say” she asked
“Thank You, Ms. Deb.” I replied. I was thinking she was not hitting me very hard for a punishment and that worried me. I continued to eat deb enjoying ever lick, and I think she loved it. About that time she had another orgasm. She then started to smack my dick again, a little harder. 10 more times she stopped that’s my cue. “Thank you, for the punishment, Ms.Deb.” My cock was starting to really hurt
She laughed real hard really loud said “no that wasn’t it, I was just warming up the skin.” Just then she raised the crop above her and the hit my cock so hard the sound was deafening. I stopped what I was doing and screamed.
“Hey I tell you to stop eating me!!” She yelled.
“No Ms. Deb.” I said.
“Thank me, and get that tongue back inside me.” She barked
“Thank you, Ms. Deb” I replied, then all of a sudden…WACK. I bit my tongue every time she hit me. She hit me about the thirteenth and began to scream from another orgasm; it lease I’m doing something right I thought. She hit me two more times and said, “you’re getting off light tonight sweetie.”
With that she got off my face, bent down said “not a bad job, thank you slave”.
I didn’t know how to act after she gave me that complement. “Thank you, Ms. Deb” I said.
She said “I need to get you ready, it’s almost time for her. How is your cock baby?”
I looked at it; the head was still bright red from the beating. But I replied “just fine thank you, ma’am” I think she knew it was a lie.
“Good,” she said, and I did not even ask who was her way. I could have every guys dream, two females at once.
Deb untied the rope that was pinning my cock down.
“It’s time to make a present out of you.” She said in a sadistic tone.
She ran the rope around my balls and a lovely little bundle. She then ran the rope around both my cock and balls. She pulled the rope as tight as it will go, and wrapped it three times. Then she pulled the rope up the middle of my sack, separating my balls. Then she wrapped the rope around each testicle three times making each wrap tighter and tighter. She then hit my balls with the crop, very hard.
“Thank you, Ms. Deb. I like the feeling, of being tied like that; it does make my balls ache Ms. Deb.” I said
She laughed and said “Good that’s the way she likes it, and me to, you’re welcome slave.”
Finally I got the nerve to ask “ma’am who are you talking about”.
“You will see” she replied. She then ran the world around my waist and down my legs. It ran right next to my cock. Making it stand straight up in the air.
She lit a couple of candles on the wall and turned the lights off. I heard someone up in the kitchen.
A voice yelled “Mom I’m home.”
“Down here.” Deb replied.
Right then I felt pain from the top of my dick down. She then took a lit candle, and moved it over my cock. She had put a birthday candle in my piss hole. “Holy shit!” I yelled. The flame was burning my cock head.
Deb smiled as her daughter walked up beside me. “Happy birthday, Megan.”
End Part One


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