Sucking the Plumber 4. The Massage
Sucking the Plumber 4. The Massage

We decided to have a massage, we were told of a good place in North Pattaya.
When we got there it was a large barn type building. We were given two towels each and were directed to separate male and female changing rooms. Joe and I stripped off our clothes and wrapped a towel around our lower bodies and slung the other towel round our necks.
We exited the changing rooms and entered the main building, It was huge, with tables and chairs in the open area with a pool at the side.
It was so hot it was like a sauna in the main area. The girls joined us at a table also wrapped in towels covering their tits but short, I could almost see their pussies. We ordered some lemonade drinks relaxing. A young Thai girl came over and asked us if we wanted a massage. We told her that was what we had come there for. She told us to have a sauna and she would be free in half an hour along with three of her friends.
We went to the sauna, there were two other people in the room, one guy about 25 and a young Thai girl who didn’t look older than 15, a small body but large tits. They were both naked sitting on the middle shelf. The guy had a hard on with a cock that was long but thin. The girl had her small hand around his cock and his hand was over her pussy, I am sure he had his finger in her hole. As we entered, they quickly took their hands away from each other and looked at us and said sorry. I replied that it was OK, it was good to see them playing with each other, they both smiled.
Nat, Abi Joe and I sat down on the lower shelf and decided if the other couple were naked we could take our towels of and enjoy the heat on our bodies so we removed our towels.
Thinking about the couple playing with each other when we had entered and her large tits on such a small body my cock was getting hard.
I looked at the youth opposite me, looking at her face and then down to her legs, she saw me looking at her, she looked down at my cock, my legs were open so she had a good view of my cock and balls, she smiled and opened her legs showing me her bald child like pussy, She moved a hand down and played with her clit and then opening her pussy lips showing me a bright pink inside.
Her boyfriend had his eyes closed so did not see her giving me a show, my cock was so hard. She played with her cunt sliding a finger in and out till she had an small orgasm.
A short time after, the couple left saying it was hot and they were going to take a shower. I was hot!
I said to Joe and Abi that this was great. Our bodies were sweating and we were covered in moisture. I reached over and rubbed Nat’s body washing the sweat from her. I stroked her back and worked my way to her front and her tits were so slippery I played with her nipples that were hard and like small cherries. I moved my hands down her belly. Her body was so gorgeous and slippery it gave me such a hard on. Putting my fingers between her legs she spread them a bit and I was able to slide a finger into her cunt. It was so wet I was able to slip two in easily. Nat took my cock in her hand and massaged it. Joe and Abi were doing the same thing, each of us playing with our partners bodies. We were in a world of our own in the heat of the sauna.
Nat said she wanted me to fuck her, I was not worried about the other two as we had already fucked all together. Nat got up and kneeled on the bench over my cock guiding it into her pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear that she loved me, moving her bum back and forward giving my cock an amazing feeling. Her cunt was so warm and wet it was as if I had already cum inside her.
After a short while I could not hold on any longer and filled her cunt with my cum. The heat was too much for us after that so we decided to go for a shower to cool off.
We left Joe and Abi and exited the sauna showering in the same stall washing each other.
After the shower we went back to the table and ordered some more drinks. The other couple from the sauna were on the table next to us, I invited them to loin us. He said his name was Lloyd and she was Jum. He was on holiday and he had met Jum in a bar in Soi Post Office 2 days ago.
I said she was young and very beautiful, He agreed. We exchanged small talk while Joe and Abi joined us. I left the table to go for a pee, As I was peeing Jum came into the toilet and said I had a lovely cock. I responded that she had a lovely pussy. She told me she had come from Korat and she had been in Pattaya for 2 weeks to join her sister who had been in the blow Job bar for 2 years. Her English was not brilliant but good enough to talk to. Jum took hold of my cock and held it while I peed, squeezing it, she told me it was nice and thick and enjoyed looking at it in the sauna. Jum said that Lloyd had a nice long cock but it was not as thick as mine thick, she enjoyed sucking cocks and taking them down her throat, Lloyds cock was long but she wanted a nice thick and long cock like mine. I told her I was married but my wife was OK with me enjoying other pussy.
I finished peeing, Jum got on her knees and sucked my cock to remove the last of my urine spitting it into the urinal. I returned to the table while Jum went to pee.
Back at the table, after 10 minutes the girl who asked us if we wanted a massage came to the table saying they were ready for us. Joe arranged to meet the other couple in our hotel for dinner that evening.
We were then lead into the massage area, there were two tables in the room so Nat and I could see each other being massaged. The girl told me to lay on my back. After a bit of small talk where I told them we were married and enjoyed holidaying in Thailand.
The massage started with massaging my arms moving down my body then legs and feet. I felt so good I almost fell asleep. The girl asked me to turn over. She then massage my back then got on the table and walked over my back using her small feet.
After she had done that she got down and continued on my back. I looked at Nat she was having the same treatment as I but was on her back. The girl was talking to her asking her if she was enjoying it? And did we want a full massage? I asked what that was?
My girl said It was really good and if we agreed they would show us. I looked at Nat and she nodded yes. My girl told me to lay on my back again.
The girl then removed the towel covering my lower body and poured some oil over my cock kneading it into my cock and balls. Nat’s girl did the same pouring oil on her crutch. Nat’s girl said she love looking at her as she had shaved all her pubic hairs off and that she also had also removed all her hair as it was a great feeling when fucking her boyfriend.
My girl took my cock in both her small hands and worked on it. I closed my eyes my balls enjoying the attention. Nat was moaning softly obviously enjoying the attention she was being given. After a short while my girl poured more oil on my belly and then got onto the table, There was skin to skin, I opened my eyes to see that she had removed her clothes and was naked. She laid on top me and rubbed her small body on mine. The feeling of her small tits and naked body on mine and the oil was fantastic, she reached back and put my cock between her leg. She pulled my cock to her ass and pussy then using her slippery crutch to wank me.
I looked at Nat, the girl was fingering her cunt, The girl looked at me asked me if I wanted to fuck my wife. I was feeling so horny after having my cock worked on by my girl I climbed off my table and on to the other table between Nat’s legs, One of the girls took hold of my oily cock and guided it in to Nat’s oily cunt. As I was fucking Nat one of the girls massaged my bum, she then poured more oil on my ass then proceeded to slip a finger into me. She slid two, then three of her small finger into my ass hole massaging my prostate, this made my cock so hard, The other girl slid her hand between us and massaged Nat’s clitoris.
Nat squeezing her cunt muscles It did not take me long to erupt. I climbed off Nat and lay back down on my table well knackered.
My girl then wiped me with a damp cloth spending time on my cock which stayed hard. She then took my cock in her mouth sucking out any cum that was left in my balls.
After we both came back to life, we thanked the girls giving them a big tip, we went back to the table, Joe and Abi were already there, they said the massage was great and wanted to do it again. Talking to them they had not had the same service we had.
We returned to the hotel for dinner with the couple we had met at the sauna.

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These stories make me wanna cum! Thank you so much I need to find somebody who gives out massages like these ones!! Your stories are amazing

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These stories make me wanna cum! Thank you so much I need to find somebody who gives out massages like these ones!! Your stories are amazing

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